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  • Pure Music
    Pure Music 8 days ago

    I'm about to watch the Walmart Yodeling Kid EDM Remix. I don't think I'll be disappointed!

  • Pete Jones
    Pete Jones 12 days ago

    Fucking beat and a half mate :)

  • Tenika Garteiz
    Tenika Garteiz 2 years ago

    Hello, I tried downloading the photoshop for free using the first video that popped up (it sounded like an Indian man instead of a British kid). However, I have a mac and it keeps saying the installation failed. Do you know what I should do?

  • ZsaberGoneCrazy1
    ZsaberGoneCrazy1 2 years ago

    Your channel Clean man

  • GalacticFusion
    GalacticFusion 2 years ago

    Guys we just hit 99 subscribers who will be the 100??

    • TheLanyablo
      TheLanyablo 4 days ago

      congrats on the Hit. I bet your shitting yourself over the views and Subs man truly congrats everyone thinks this Track is Fire. Hope you can keep it up.

    • JJ Current
      JJ Current 13 days ago

      Hey, I was looking to advertise on your channel, do you have a business email?