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The Origins of Memes
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  • Winter60
    Winter60 3 minutes ago

    2020. The T.V. show. It sucks

  • Alem Čelik
    Alem Čelik 8 minutes ago

    I was at 6mins and I thougth the video was over

  • Tim TheLegend
    Tim TheLegend 33 minutes ago

    Wow I wonder what will happen if seth was on that plane

  • TheJooomes
    TheJooomes 59 minutes ago

    Since basic geometry is always the same, that must mean other intelligent life is obsessed with the universal S. Think about that, it's truly universal.

  • Alyssa Hoeltke
    Alyssa Hoeltke Hour ago

    i love the subtle sarcasm and jokes casually thrown into every video, they make this channel that much better. definitely one of my favorites. 🤍 the half life franchise, and ur mom comments 😂😂

  • Otto Björkland
    Otto Björkland Hour ago

    Half Life 3 = Half Life: Alyx

  • James Kirk
    James Kirk Hour ago

    Fact No. 1, the ocean is wet.

  • BakaPancake
    BakaPancake Hour ago

    I bet I know all of these

  • Willtakemorethan_

    the caller was bogus

  • pweter351
    pweter351 2 hours ago

    Correction- the world will be fine its human that will die off

  • pweter351
    pweter351 2 hours ago

    China and India are filthy people disgraceful hygiene and throw rubbish straight into the ocean

  • Ast 123
    Ast 123 2 hours ago

    när man är så bra på att återvinna att man behöver köpa skräp, för att i sin tur återvinna det

  • Yellow Calx
    Yellow Calx 2 hours ago

    4:50 lol no

  • Yellow Calx
    Yellow Calx 2 hours ago

    2:36 is the what?

  • Slim Pickings
    Slim Pickings 2 hours ago

    Everything that the ‘ Military industrial complex’ do regarding hiding top secret projects is all underground. Miles deep, networks of tunnels that spread throughout

  • Jeffrey Robbins
    Jeffrey Robbins 2 hours ago

    If you want to know where the Aliens are and want to see Real Alien ships just watch the "Tether Incident" NASA can't lie that one away...

  • an Italian boy
    an Italian boy 2 hours ago

    How dare you using the nes porting (the is porting Is fucking horrible) instead of the original One for MSX. (Dont make me talk about Snake Revenge)

  • mauaph
    mauaph 2 hours ago

    My school started with an S so we all thought it was a symbol for our school. I was so shocked to see other people talking about it

  • Byter
    Byter 3 hours ago

    I like how you don't rush through your Facts but rather take your time and speak with a moderate Speed of speaking.

  • SpooN MaN
    SpooN MaN 3 hours ago

    holy loins.. hahahaha

  • TheJooomes
    TheJooomes 3 hours ago

    I think corrupt politics are the great filter, and we might not make it.

  • Caldera
    Caldera 3 hours ago

    As someone who has worked with tools using large (Truly, LARGE) lithium-ion batteries, I am somewhat puzzled why so little attention is given to these batteries. Even a relatively light bump can break a cell and if one cell breaks, it can lead to a chain reaction. A Li-Ion battery fire produces toxic gas, which clearly is not ideal in an airplane. These gases could quite quickly spread into the cockpit and even with full ventilation, it might not be enough to provide enough oxygen and flush out the gas. Meanwhile, no low cabin pressure would be indicated and everything would appear relatively normal outside of the slight scent of something burning.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 4 hours ago

    The Happening happened

  • KoolBlueOceana
    KoolBlueOceana 4 hours ago

    And here I thought that it meant the southside in my city because that's what I was told in elementary school. This S is wild.

  • Mike Wazowski
    Mike Wazowski 4 hours ago

    No different than drawing any other 3d cube where you draw two squares overlapping then using four straight lines to create a 3d cube. You also have to consider all the other doodles people make and then toss in the trash because they do not make any sense.

  • Deiver Loría Morales

    please make the video for 2019!

  • Deiver Loría Morales

    please make the video for 2019!

  • Deiver Loría Morales

    please make the video for 2019!

  • Raven Does art
    Raven Does art 4 hours ago

    okay so either this a group of people trying to be edgy and mysterious by culturally appropriating wiccan runes or some really unoriginal cult

  • Darren Craig
    Darren Craig 4 hours ago


  • Average_User
    Average_User 4 hours ago

    Seriously? I don't know what it's called in English, but in Hungary students use square patterned exercise books for math, so we ALL drew all kind of patterns in those books, including this one. I have drawn this symbol a million times in the 90s.

  • blake garner
    blake garner 5 hours ago

    3:18 lol

  • blake garner
    blake garner 5 hours ago


  • Mario Metaj
    Mario Metaj 5 hours ago

    What if nokia 3310 has a puzzle?

  • blake garner
    blake garner 5 hours ago

    18:43 it says theſe, and ſ is the long s

  • yoonnation
    yoonnation 5 hours ago

    what if something was chasing the plane... and then shot it down

  • StrangerMusic
    StrangerMusic 5 hours ago

    The prize: -everythingincomments- getting joe keery's hair

  • Mary Jane Parks
    Mary Jane Parks 5 hours ago

    i wish there where ∞ trees

  • Casper Cx
    Casper Cx 5 hours ago


  • Антонеску Ротару

    Petition to make hoopy the hoop a meme

  • Albert Varghese
    Albert Varghese 5 hours ago

    You still have those eyebrow piercing???

  • rojeezee
    rojeezee 5 hours ago

    everytime the pilot is heard on radio identifying the flight # it’s as if he has to double check every time. MAS(um)370 MAS(err)370 MAS...370

  • ends_dood
    ends_dood 6 hours ago

    the winner gets a hot anime babe

  • Ryde Mk
    Ryde Mk 6 hours ago

    "Third world countries, like Denmark." *LMAO*

  • LucasWerewolf
    LucasWerewolf 6 hours ago

    Yennefer is not pronounced Jennifer.

  • InfernoPlus
    InfernoPlus 6 hours ago

    I bet Silk Road 2.0 and 3.0 is to cover up their actual second silk road

  • GAMING abyss
    GAMING abyss 6 hours ago

    well watching this in 2020

  • Mav14
    Mav14 6 hours ago

    At 10:17 it says: Behind 10 signs an image you will find. Scour the timeline to locate the signs. At least I think it does, I reversed it and slowed to down.

  • Ed Jo
    Ed Jo 6 hours ago

    Do QAnon

  • Ed Jo
    Ed Jo 6 hours ago

    Now i know he's a shill

  • nightmare vision
    nightmare vision 6 hours ago

    I love how he says that over 50,000 years have passed but still suggests that Ratman may still be alive.

  • Ryde Mk
    Ryde Mk 6 hours ago

    When will Lemmino learn to pronounce bomber?

  • Ck Ben
    Ck Ben 7 hours ago

    love your docs, love the tone and humor... but flight 19 was recovered... 10:43 "never recovered" ?

  • Estevan Valladares
    Estevan Valladares 7 hours ago

    Everyone who talks about privacy in the "internet scene" is hypocritical.

  • azrul aiman
    azrul aiman 7 hours ago

    Feds busted their ass

  • I'm unarmed Tho
    I'm unarmed Tho 7 hours ago


  • jetlir lajqi
    jetlir lajqi 8 hours ago

    At about 12:23 you can see the painting of Nashandra in the background. Why is that? I wonder who painted that picture and who put it there.

  • Shubhankar Singh
    Shubhankar Singh 8 hours ago

    Now reupload this video so everyone else will see it one year later.

  • tesla possie
    tesla possie 8 hours ago

    the instar emergence is a nice song

  • Brett Cooper
    Brett Cooper 8 hours ago

    Everything I need to know about dreams I learned from Inception. Prince dreamed the tune to "Manic Monday" and woke up and wrote the song.

  • Thrasha Productions
    Thrasha Productions 8 hours ago

    "Half-life was made in GoldSrc" *shows gameplay of Half-life SOURCE*

  • Creepstyle
    Creepstyle 9 hours ago

    Hey bro, give us the name of the song after at 10:20

  • HooHoomanlol
    HooHoomanlol 9 hours ago

    Well now theres a TV series on netflix...

    YUNGSIOMAI 9 hours ago

    I was inspired by Lemmino. Been watching his videos since college. Now I make my own videos on my free time. I even used his compositions on some of my videos.

  • superm530
    superm530 9 hours ago

    whay if : independent discoveries all over the world??? I believe that i should exist a version of "universal s" in 1700ss o 1600s

  • felix zenit
    felix zenit 9 hours ago

    the bald pilot seems very suspicious

  • Rashmi Gautam
    Rashmi Gautam 9 hours ago

    I recently started watching your videos. And I'm very grateful that I stumbled upon this channel (about 2 weeks ago). And I love the way you share all the information. Your voice is like a therapy. It's very relaxing to listen to you. The content is so correct and informative. Things like these aren't taught to us in school. I'm learning a lot. It's clear that you do a lot of research and hardwork before posting any video. So a very big Thank You. Infact you inspire me to research on interesting topics and learn. I have recommended your channel to my sisters and my boyfriend. They love it too. God bless you for doing all this hard work. 🙏

  • Music Bearz
    Music Bearz 9 hours ago

    11 nice fact Russians are still using ak47u in future look the sombra boob monent

  • Goldie Crackrocks
    Goldie Crackrocks 9 hours ago

    You'll get a bullet at the end of the tunnel.

  • Prites Bas
    Prites Bas 9 hours ago

    I'd like to beleive that Maths is not the universal language, I'd like to beleive that HUMOUR..is

  • keyburns
    keyburns 9 hours ago

    FNAF should've been a one time thing. Lore is so complicated now, it took away all the mystery behind it. But hey, thats just me.

  • Loey 2k11
    Loey 2k11 10 hours ago

    He sounds like my dad because my *kOreAn* dAd that tries to bE a fAncY *aMerIcAn* just adds a buch of word in between words. Like "Board of Keys." No offence because you sound cool saying in but dad says it as "Lord of bEes" because of him not really being able to pronounce english words properly. Bye

  • Solomon The Great
    Solomon The Great 10 hours ago

    The winner gets a chance to become an Illuminati

  • i_is liek_lulipoop
    i_is liek_lulipoop 10 hours ago

    *The winners got Rick rolled*

  • Jen Bishop
    Jen Bishop 10 hours ago

    wait so Dipper and Mable are 21 if they were born in 1999

  • Spino Ooo
    Spino Ooo 10 hours ago

    Mangle is a yes.

  • Lapu Gamer
    Lapu Gamer 11 hours ago

    Honestly this would make an intresting anime

  • LilSmoky92
    LilSmoky92 11 hours ago

    I respect the research done for this mystery, please don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this video. But I think the approach to solving it is flawed. Look, if something is universal within pretty much all of humanity, chances are it has to do with human nature. Here's what I think: When people explore their early drawing skills, drawing this S serves the same function as drawing a three dimensional cube on cross-lined math paper. It's a very simple exploration of 3D drawing. You put one layer of the symbol over the other. Just a tiny piece. To me, this is natural evolution of the understanding of geometry, which got boosted by a lot of kids drawing on cross-lined paper during math class out of boredom. It wasn't some "sign" that spread because kids thought it was cool, it spread because each kid came up with it individually because that just happens when you explore simple drawing with lines.

  • unionjackess
    unionjackess 11 hours ago

    China is DISGUSTING

  • Inferno exe
    Inferno exe 11 hours ago

    Imagine one of the links leading to a rickroll

  • pineapple gacha
    pineapple gacha 11 hours ago

    i feel like the captain must of commited suicide or it got hijacked because why else would he just randomly fly in different directions?

  • Kaif Qais
    Kaif Qais 11 hours ago

    0:34 Lol that shit be looking like dovahzul

  • themicki
    themicki 11 hours ago

    Man, this phase of history is so interesting!

  • Jerbinstien
    Jerbinstien 12 hours ago

    Wendy is ice because she’s cool Lmao

  • Brutal Assmaster
    Brutal Assmaster 12 hours ago

    One thing I saw when looking into the manifests of the settlers was that, whilst John White isn't listed, a John Wright is; perhaps that is him, just badly recorded at a time when literacy wasn't fantastic, and there was yet to be a standardised written form of English spelling. I've had to look at news articles and court documentation from the period, and the inconsistency of spellings in official documents could easily explain this.

    • Brutal Assmaster
      Brutal Assmaster 12 hours ago

      As an example from this video, which I failed to mention above; the second colony was going to be named (as written in documents from the period) the City of Ralegh. Sir Walter Raleigh's name was spelt with an I, and as a well-known and much publicised member of the Queen's court, you wouldn't expect them to get that wrong. But as I said, spelling and grammar were pretty much D.I.Y at the time.

  • NC
    NC 12 hours ago

    Mandela Effect is another Flat Earth click bait

  • Sameer Sahu
    Sameer Sahu 13 hours ago

    11:44 read the user name

  • SquareHead64
    SquareHead64 13 hours ago

    I had a dream that I had low fps eyes... Basically I can see things but the image gets paused a few times it. it felt weird I can see things get paused but still able to feel movement

  • Chalyrb
    Chalyrb 13 hours ago

    “Barry I’ve told you not to mess with the timeline”

  • Starday
    Starday 13 hours ago

    Its amazing how videos from 2014 are still better than some in 2020

  • phil boy
    phil boy 13 hours ago

    Why does every lemmino video scare me

  • Denzen
    Denzen 13 hours ago

    Is DDS positive?

  • FAHAD 9_
    FAHAD 9_ 14 hours ago

    So what about the missing eyes ??

  • Alejandro Moreno
    Alejandro Moreno 14 hours ago

    Hey but what about japanese records about their forces on that night??? I've seen many videos about this subject but none has ever show that part of the puzzle

  • Engineer
    Engineer 14 hours ago

    wait portal is released in 2007, TF2 is released in 2007 too, what the hell

  • __ EPICSODE __
    __ EPICSODE __ 14 hours ago

    The winners get FrEe V- bUcKs

  • Aleksandr Usovich
    Aleksandr Usovich 14 hours ago

    I gotta say that it is amazing watching such a well put together video that revolves around the actual facts instead of conspiracies. What a fantastic video from the visuals to the audio! I can't wait to learn and watch more of your videos.

  • Fennikk
    Fennikk 14 hours ago

    Hello from 2020! Poise still isn't fixed, those hidden armor pieces also aren't in. Suxks to Suxk

  • Shark ey
    Shark ey 14 hours ago

    Dipper's real name is Mason, as stated in a certian book, probably real-life journal 3