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  • Siti Balqis
    Siti Balqis 47 seconds ago

    Cardi did so gooood! She was real and still stick to her 'attitude'. I live for it. But like you can tell the host was kinda 'uncomfortable' with her

  • W
    W Minute ago

    weird how she hasn't paid for her cousins school fees and tells her child not to brag even though all her songs are about her bragging about what she has. so over these celebrities acting like heroes when it's convenient to them on camera but they are all a bunch a hypocrites. PERIOD.

  • Don’t subscribe
    Don’t subscribe 2 minutes ago

    Confidence is bought with plastic surgery

  • Fendi Fact
    Fendi Fact 6 minutes ago

    She looks like a literal reptile.

    MR. NOBODY 7 minutes ago

    No offence to prianka but her hair looks like a birds nest...

  • Harald Frentzen
    Harald Frentzen 10 minutes ago

    oh he is an artist.. give the engineer some instructions and then posing in front of a private jet. this lifestyle fashion djs suck

  • Aya Cool
    Aya Cool 11 minutes ago

    Собака сутулая

    NINJA NH 11 minutes ago

    13:02 vc é o cara😎😍

  • Brooklynyc918
    Brooklynyc918 15 minutes ago

    I like her, she's down to earth.

  • Cozy Boy
    Cozy Boy 16 minutes ago

    Jackson knows what he’s talking about

  • juan Felipe Devia Beltrán

    He just named all The Beatles

  • Anthony woods
    Anthony woods 20 minutes ago

    Man accused of killing family over $200,000, Bulgarian call ... www.wftv.com › news › local › man-accused-of-killing-family-ove...CachedFeb 12, 2019 - Argument over $200,000 & a Bulgarian call girl led man to kill parents &… ... Deputies say Amato killed his family members execution style them white folks are very special

  • Jazzy World
    Jazzy World 20 minutes ago

    True so cute...

  • Dienstag um 12
    Dienstag um 12 22 minutes ago

    She is adorable. I like that she is REALLY showing her skin. in some of those videos you get the feeling they do it with foundation on or something.

  • The JSPH
    The JSPH 25 minutes ago

    Such a mood.

  • Yasmin Oliveira
    Yasmin Oliveira 25 minutes ago

    Vim pelo diogo parodias

  • Mikaela Valentine
    Mikaela Valentine 26 minutes ago

    She does not look Filipino she looks like a L.A. girl

  • Carlotta Mähler
    Carlotta Mähler 27 minutes ago

    She’s not that pretty tho

  • Pondtip L. Chantal
    Pondtip L. Chantal 28 minutes ago

    I want to be her kid, she must be really sweet and gentle mom

    VOLCANIA DREAD 28 minutes ago

    her jacket is real sweet 💛

  • Barbara Silva
    Barbara Silva 29 minutes ago

    AAAA Saudade dos seus cachos Débora ♥

  • Rhythm Chauhan
    Rhythm Chauhan 30 minutes ago

    "You know i wanna age well" Girl sameee

    VOLCANIA DREAD 32 minutes ago

    who saw the Joker, is it that goo?

    VOLCANIA DREAD 35 minutes ago

    how old is she?

  • Julia Branca
    Julia Branca 37 minutes ago

    Anna V..an ugly witch..she has no sense of fashion..and should been kicked out..ugly liberal..💩👿🤮

    VOLCANIA DREAD 37 minutes ago

    Rihanna looks like she just woke up ...still very pretty 💛

    VOLCANIA DREAD 40 minutes ago

    cool suite and choice with Bernie 💙

  • Lester Jun Lopez
    Lester Jun Lopez 43 minutes ago

    Looks like Maureen Wroblewitz at some angles.

  • Mônica levysk
    Mônica levysk 45 minutes ago

    Linda Camila

  • drfunnybones
    drfunnybones 47 minutes ago

    I read this title as miranda priestly met anna wintour and didn't even realize my mistake until the thirty seconds into the video

  • Esme Spring
    Esme Spring 49 minutes ago

    I like quirky but not deliberated, show offy quirky -- too attention seeking. The red lip though...

  • Tshego Motshwane
    Tshego Motshwane 51 minute ago

    Was curious to hear if you still have the accent haha🇿🇦#DankieCandice

  • n
    n Hour ago

    .... Vogue needs to interview the interviewer. That would be so cool


    Relation between prostitute and bollywood heroine are same day do sec openly and heroine does secretly about priyanka Punjabi girl want British laar and she is aboustly kip

  • Kyleigh Katona
    Kyleigh Katona Hour ago

    We love you Cardi !

  • Daenerys was just Remodeling

    I twerk when I make my coffee too

  • Krys
    Krys Hour ago

    Mini Milla Jovovich🖤🖤🖤

  • lama lamloom
    lama lamloom Hour ago

    The navy is misssssing you Queen 😭❤️

  • Rosemary Haireka

    Is she blind?

  • Maryaam beauty channel Channel

    I like her

  • fortune david
    fortune david Hour ago

    Only God knows the amount of times I’ve watched this 😂

  • Ashley Young
    Ashley Young Hour ago

    Saint loves his mommy lol he's definitely a mommy's boy

  • Cristian Parra
    Cristian Parra Hour ago

    Aquí el comentario en español que buscabas

  • Kalia Nicole
    Kalia Nicole Hour ago

    And now youse all can’t judge Kim on wearing “to much makeup” or looking “orange” she has a skin condition people😊

  • sam_dan-ryan
    sam_dan-ryan Hour ago

    “Kanye, what is the best thing of this house?” Kanye - “ food “

  • Rose S
    Rose S Hour ago

    So true about Indian skin. I have never found a good foundation or concealer. My skin has yellow and red.

  • J C
    J C Hour ago

    1:45 me looking for Cole's comment

  • Bryan Cepni
    Bryan Cepni Hour ago


  • geetha perumal
    geetha perumal Hour ago

    Harry styles please

  • Dienstag um 12
    Dienstag um 12 Hour ago

    I wonder how Rihanna gets so much impressive things done at the moment. I am really proud of her fantastic achievements. But something seems to be off. She seems to look like she is really sick or under heavy drug use in all recent videos I watched. I analyse peoples behavior and "overall healthy look" a lot and in general it turned out that everyone who looked similar to her had severe medical, or sometimes even mental issues in some way. She didn't used look like this before. I can tell because I was a fan since day one, watched all the interviews and hung up all the posters that were avabable. I really wonder what is up or hope that it is just a "coinsidence" because of the lighting, lack of sleep or something.

  • _xox _
    _xox _ 2 hours ago

    I love zayn

  • josisleide flores
    josisleide flores 2 hours ago

    nao sei pq quando a Juliana Paes e Debora Nascimento foi fazer tutorial para vogue nao ajeitaram esses cabelos , meu Deus eu tomei um suto!

  • andromeda
    andromeda 2 hours ago

    I love that piano sound in the back.

  • Kanya Anindita
    Kanya Anindita 2 hours ago

    I'm obsessed with her (':

  • Mason Waller
    Mason Waller 2 hours ago

    She would never make it on a farm

  • Dancing Girly
    Dancing Girly 2 hours ago

    He’s a good actor, he’s handsome, but sorry no, if Shawn looked me in the eyes I’d drop dead though 😂

  • _xox _
    _xox _ 2 hours ago

    When will I get another interview like this I miss this mf's voice just talk bby😔

  • Leiannah Soriño
    Leiannah Soriño 2 hours ago


  • rf4life
    rf4life 2 hours ago

    Pretentiousness to the extreme.

  • CherryCola
    CherryCola 2 hours ago

    I feel like it’s just me but I really just wanna touch their heads after they put the foundation on...it looks so incredibly smooth

  • Karenagen
    Karenagen 2 hours ago

    She puts on make up like me...love it

  • Zyrabelle Sumatra
    Zyrabelle Sumatra 2 hours ago

    Mirandaaaaaa ❤❤❤❤❤

  • greta slease
    greta slease 2 hours ago

    How is she such a goddess?!

  • Zaho Ihany
    Zaho Ihany 2 hours ago

    i love the fact that she looks like she doesn't even know what she's doing. That's a fresh one !

  • Kentukycriedchicke1n

    why does riri looked like she kinda fried her brain w.hallucinogenics?

  • dan darth
    dan darth 2 hours ago


  • Jeremaezing
    Jeremaezing 2 hours ago

    Just by the thumbnail, I'm 100% sure this is where the devil wears prada got shot! 😍

  • Ahmed Ismail
    Ahmed Ismail 2 hours ago

    Things that will never happen: 1. TheXvid recommends something right. 2. I get an A+ in chemistry. 3. Miranda Kerr speaks for a couple minutes without mentioning Kora Organics.

  • allel malika
    allel malika 2 hours ago

    I was wondering about the method u follow for fondation to keep this beautiful face colour u have... it’s good to be special and beautiful ❤️

  • memo A
    memo A 2 hours ago

    She clearly pretty without make up. She look lime really beautiful and natural without make up

  • The Porcelain Plum
    The Porcelain Plum 2 hours ago


  • Belinda Ng
    Belinda Ng 2 hours ago

    Kim looks drop dead gorgeous but in all seriousness, is this look really camp though?

  • Dominique McQueen
    Dominique McQueen 2 hours ago

    I love how subdued she is, but you can tell she's got a fantastic sense of humor underneath!

  • Haley Faragalli
    Haley Faragalli 2 hours ago

    Wow my favorite couple

  • Lauryn Martins
    Lauryn Martins 2 hours ago

    Anna: Do you want a baby? Rihanna:God’s plan Drake:

  • Skilledllex IOS
    Skilledllex IOS 2 hours ago

    Why isn’t he meme till now

  • smiley taehyun
    smiley taehyun 3 hours ago

    she’s gorgeous

  • Regina Mwangi
    Regina Mwangi 3 hours ago

    Hiyo ugali itatosha katoto kamoja kagonjwa kaluhya 😂😂 This video is so beautiful. A perfect representation of a piece of Kenyan culture.

  • salma bannouri
    salma bannouri 3 hours ago


  • Natalia Sikora
    Natalia Sikora 3 hours ago

    This video is so gorgeous

  • Moonlight Bae
    Moonlight Bae 3 hours ago

    Her voice makes me wanna clear my voice ahahah i love her

  • myloveforkpopandpop
    myloveforkpopandpop 3 hours ago

    I'm legit breathing heavily for her as that outfit is too tight

  • Japhiahchrstv 201824

    no wonder justin's so inlove with her. she's so sweet and humble🥺❤️

  • Angela Nix
    Angela Nix 3 hours ago

    You would be amazed at the toxins in most skincare.

  • Michael Oliveira
    Michael Oliveira 3 hours ago


  • Tinni Mendiola
    Tinni Mendiola 3 hours ago

    how many people think that she looks beautiful without makeup?

  • Araf Moni
    Araf Moni 3 hours ago

    Khud plastic hay...natural tips dene ayi hay....

  • Aisha Sharma
    Aisha Sharma 3 hours ago

    She is so cute

  • Miisa Liimatta
    Miisa Liimatta 3 hours ago

    Aw She is so sweet

  • Aisha Sharma
    Aisha Sharma 3 hours ago

    Omg nice

  • Arlene Ameerali
    Arlene Ameerali 4 hours ago

    I couldn't survive in that, can't hold my pee for that long.

  • Alimarhab official
    Alimarhab official 4 hours ago

    Next kylie jenner too Yg Setujui like yoohh

  • Syeda Zainab
    Syeda Zainab 4 hours ago

    He answered all the questions in such a calm and collective manner and was so natural lol. I think my answer to most of these questions would begin like "Ummm...I don't know...." They look so cute together by the way 😍

  • high choice
    high choice 4 hours ago

    People taking about Bella's beauty and I am like: *Yolanda tho*

  • Alexa Moonlight
    Alexa Moonlight 4 hours ago

    I love how happy RiRi is now!

  • gillsterein 3.0
    gillsterein 3.0 4 hours ago

    CardiB is really likable and down to earth. I'm happy Bernie's campaign has such a powerful figure/ambassador to spread his message.

  • Mallory poop
    Mallory poop 4 hours ago

    What si a L A???

  • Syafa Azuraa
    Syafa Azuraa 4 hours ago

    step no. 1 : effortlessly being beautiful

  • Guillen Pauline
    Guillen Pauline 4 hours ago

    She is very beautiful 😭💕