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Sunday League Extra - NO DOGS
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  • gerard burton
    gerard burton 7 hours ago

    A poor game of football even for non League level. The goal was the only highlight. Maybe you could do Croydon Football Club.

  • D
    D 12 hours ago

    11:36 pass back? if he can slice a ball and know exactly where its going then hes playing at the wrong level

  • Finley Davies
    Finley Davies 15 hours ago

    Great video

  • Sam King
    Sam King 16 hours ago

    Man, hastag are actual scumbags ahaha.

  • actionpact
    actionpact Day ago

    is that the brownest football pitch ever?

  • Tony J
    Tony J Day ago

    fucking brilliant... Takes me back to Hackney Marshes in 1980 ! fucking brilliant! you know the best bit .. I was a YOP at Newcastle on £45 a week, went to Cambridge United on £45 a week.. knocked off a motor bike in 1983.. and that was it... I COULD HAVE BEEN THE NEW GAZZA... so my dad tells me !!!

  • M Mcfall
    M Mcfall Day ago

    Theme of the game “6’6” and Ugandan”😂😂😂

  • David J Roberts

    Don’t sign that keeper ffs

  • Capitano
    Capitano Day ago

    Who ?

  • Ciaran Burke
    Ciaran Burke Day ago

    Both kits are just gorgeous 🔥

  • Sean Hawkins
    Sean Hawkins Day ago

    I’ve been waiting soooooo looooonnnnng for this match to happen, so happy it’s here, and it’s in extended bite size version. Even better😂👍

  • Dave Greathead

    Keep your heads up lads! Need to go and have a few drinks and get the team spirit back! Looks like it lacking!!! Early days! Come on you Palmer's 💯👍

  • desktoppower
    desktoppower Day ago

    Give us another chance ;)

  • ItsGlitch
    ItsGlitch Day ago

    The goalies Messi

  • 8bit lion truck

    Jesus that keeper got unlucky

  • Luke Robertson

    Thanks smiv keep it up ❤️

  • trust the government

    Commentator is a nonce

  • Louis Lambert
    Louis Lambert Day ago

    thought you weren't uploading?

  • Luke Lewis
    Luke Lewis Day ago

    Keeper is shite

  • Tarz
    Tarz Day ago

    what happened to tommo as manager ?

  • Hinse Boi
    Hinse Boi Day ago

    Absolutely embarrassing from the boys today. How could you possibly make so many individual defensive mistakes in one match. How can you literally allow yourself to fuck up that bad when you are in a crisis period.

    • Hinse Boi
      Hinse Boi Day ago

      Palmers FC chill it was ironic;) love ur content boys!

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC Day ago

      What?? Calm down it’s a pre season friendly, means nothing

  • Palmers FC
    Palmers FC 2 days ago

    Plenty of questions about who’s in and who’s out for this season. You should have heard it in the commentary but we’re working on it. As soon as we know our definite squad for the season you will know 👌🏻 #PalmersFC

  • maxwell1885
    maxwell1885 2 days ago

    Smiv getting the excuses in early shock loool

  • Deborah Ord
    Deborah Ord 2 days ago

    Bitesize he says

  • Alistair Brownlie
    Alistair Brownlie 2 days ago

    Back 3 wasn't the play Henners, backline in disarray

  • CD
    CD 2 days ago

    Any news on Lewis smiv?

  • Jmesk6
    Jmesk6 2 days ago

    Any chance of a video updating us on current changes to the club, new roles and which players are in and out as it seems there's a lot !😅 Thanks for the bite size as well ;) 😜

  • donstrapzytv
    donstrapzytv 2 days ago

    Don’t care if it’s bite size. Just keep these vids coming. I need my weekly palmers.

    • Pyro
      Pyro 2 hours ago

      Anything for the TheXvid Football team pioneers!

    • lewis Hobden
      lewis Hobden Day ago


    • Tom Sheppard
      Tom Sheppard Day ago

      Anything for the Palmers?? Up the dons??

    • r33dymc
      r33dymc Day ago

      There u go smiv u have been told anything for the dons

    • calvinbaII
      calvinbaII 2 days ago

      Mate you guys gotta go to Saturdays and climb the football pyramid!

  • Scott Hunter
    Scott Hunter 2 days ago

    Don't rate any of the trailists tbh can't you just get some of the 2nds

    • Josht432
      Josht432 Day ago

      Can't you just have 1 team again if your struggling this much smiv

  • SaNdO luke
    SaNdO luke 2 days ago

    Trails at West ham ... Chat shit their

  • Michael Barrymore
    Michael Barrymore 2 days ago

    Cheers Smiv. Keep up the good work.

  • Ruben Davila
    Ruben Davila 2 days ago

    Thanks for the hard work Smiv!

  • Rory Thomas
    Rory Thomas 2 days ago

    The problem is the vids are gonna keep getting longer then we'll have the same problem as last season

  • Sean Kane
    Sean Kane 2 days ago

    gonna need a history of players in n out last 5 years (players who played more then 5 games)

  • Kian Barrett
    Kian Barrett 2 days ago

    What the fuck has happened to palmers collage they certainly haven’t kept that collage pitch tidy!!!!

  • Jj Gg
    Jj Gg 2 days ago

    "listen lads. I can't keep doing the vids. Only bitrsize vids, quick goal highlights, very little effort ect" Proceeds to upload 15 minute fully edited quality vid. Can't complain! Coyp

  • D T
    D T 2 days ago

    Is Lewis and nick still on the team?

  • TheBarnster1008
    TheBarnster1008 2 days ago

    Cheers Smiv, been missing these vids Loving your on the road series!!

  • Ben Wilson
    Ben Wilson 2 days ago

    Wheres all the players man? we need an update on the socials where everyone has gone!

  • Ethan Gilsenan
    Ethan Gilsenan 2 days ago

    Played on that pitch straight after this game it was a nightmare

  • StretfordEnder
    StretfordEnder 2 days ago

    Been here since the 'a cup of Capri Sun' video in 2014/15 and I literally love this team and channel. It does make me nervous when I hear 'rumours' about a lot of the team leaving and a few 'originals' (or OG'S as the youth say) also parting ways. The squad quality looks a shadow of what it was last season (at the moment) and I really hope Palmers can get a good start to this season because if we don't (and the fact numbers have already seemed pretty thin in pre season) then this is usually the start of the folding process with a lot of Sunday League teams. Really hope I'm overthinking all of this and Palmers never dies! COYP

  • Troi
    Troi 2 days ago

    'what happened to Garron?' is the 2019 'what happen to big Lee?'

    • Conrad W
      Conrad W Day ago

      Big Lee plays for tower hamlets fc

  • Carl Wigg
    Carl Wigg 2 days ago

    Keeper is not to palmers standards!!

  • Devon Wallwein
    Devon Wallwein 2 days ago

    How weird is that your talking about lion king and I have just got back from watching Lion king (First time ever watching it)

  • Villa On Tour
    Villa On Tour 2 days ago

    2:33 Tell me that new keeper doesn't look like 2011 Messi ahahahaha

  • Bear
    Bear 2 days ago

    ⚽️ Up The Palmers ⚽️

  • Jay S.Binning
    Jay S.Binning 2 days ago

    Great vid as always smiv

  • Razard
    Razard 2 days ago

    Surprising to see 2 new strikers join when Conor couldn't get a look in last season, not the same without the boy on camera

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 2 days ago

    As long as Knowlesy is still there, my family's happy 👍

  • Kieran Argent
    Kieran Argent 2 days ago

    What happend to garron

  • Mitchell Byrne
    Mitchell Byrne 2 days ago

    Where’s tommo

  • Regan
    Regan 2 days ago

    You guys seem very demotivated to play since giving up TheXvid, maybe the players want the videos back as much as we do

  • Ballack 12
    Ballack 12 2 days ago

    It's a shame players are leaving I'd hope it has nothing to do with the TheXvid exposure not being part of the deal anymore hahaha

  • Callum Will
    Callum Will 2 days ago

    Tommo Charlie Assa Connor Kieran Garon German Blossy Brad Lewis All those have left?

    • Danny Smith
      Danny Smith 2 days ago

      Can’t understand why people left after such a good season

    • Callum Will
      Callum Will 2 days ago

      ChazzaV always liked you with the firsts, offer something different than what they already have in the middle, keep going mate ⚽️

    • ChazzaV
      ChazzaV 2 days ago

      I haven’t left as such just with B team again just wanted a chance for more game time 👍🏻

    • Callum Will
      Callum Will 2 days ago

      Bradley Webb good man!

    • Bradley Webb
      Bradley Webb 2 days ago

      I’m still there, was out injured with my groin for that one 🙈

  • Jack Kennedy
    Jack Kennedy 2 days ago

    Garron :(

  • iEnVy Swarm
    iEnVy Swarm 2 days ago

    I love you palmers

  • Juan C
    Juan C 2 days ago

    Did anyone else watch this on both channels or just me?

  • Zeeshaan Hussain
    Zeeshaan Hussain 2 days ago

    Has Lewis left or not

  • South Essex United #ballerS

    Smiv I live I'm basildon I score you some goals #foooootbaalll

  • Terry Spencer
    Terry Spencer 2 days ago

    Don’t want to sound too harsh on palmers but in my opinion the standard they was playing in last two seasons is not great and I think it shows when they play other TheXvid teams.

  • Gareth 1971
    Gareth 1971 2 days ago

    Smiv mate I have lost a bloody leg and I'm still a better keeper than James bless him 😂😂

  • Huggsmd 1
    Huggsmd 1 2 days ago

    I thought Garron said he was staying in one of the videos?

  • robert .1
    robert .1 2 days ago

    Hold on bill scored first time Clearly a new era for him

  • Nicholas Gonzales
    Nicholas Gonzales 2 days ago

    Love the vids 😩🧡

  • chapinfire 19
    chapinfire 19 2 days ago

    Fuck that goalkeeper, he’s fucking trash

  • Aiman Rifqi
    Aiman Rifqi 2 days ago

    2 most humble youtubers m8

  • oguzcan nallidere
    oguzcan nallidere 2 days ago

    15 min bytsize video? Geeee :D

  • George Webb
    George Webb 2 days ago

    Keeper just stands there 😂

  • Ascension
    Ascension 2 days ago

    James Pearson my guy used to train with him back at Southend 🙅🏾‍♂️

  • Gabs Hands
    Gabs Hands 2 days ago

    Need a list of arrivals and outgoings as I’m bloody lost at this point

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC 2 days ago

      When we know the squad we’ll confirm 👌🏻

  • Rody Teulings
    Rody Teulings 2 days ago

    Can you do like a transferupdate? All the new names and the players gone is confusing

    • Rody Teulings
      Rody Teulings Day ago

      @Palmers FC Awesome! Thank you for replying❤

    • Palmers FC
      Palmers FC 2 days ago

      It’s confusing for us too. When we know we’ll let you know

  • tosborn 04
    tosborn 04 2 days ago

    Where's tommo

  • Ciarán Vaughan
    Ciarán Vaughan 2 days ago

    Why do UTR and SE Dons both celebrate a goal in a friendly like they have won the World Cup?

  • Nicholas Holland
    Nicholas Holland 2 days ago

    How many have left smiv

  • Matt Hart
    Matt Hart 2 days ago

    Is that a 16s padlock securing the goals 👀

  • Snaily
    Snaily 2 days ago

    11:20 We don't usually have specific linesmen in Pembrokeshire either. It's usually just whoever isn't playing and is the least unwilling to do it.

  • Bek Howell
    Bek Howell 2 days ago

    Is 15 minutes bite size? I’m not moaning though!! Palmers groundsmen certainly haven’t been keeping palmers college beautiful

  • Jamie Newell
    Jamie Newell 2 days ago

    Why’s tommo not manager?

  • Alan Butt
    Alan Butt 2 days ago


  • michael ovenden
    michael ovenden 2 days ago

    nice job Smiv 👍

  • Saqib Hussain
    Saqib Hussain 2 days ago

    You should play rising ballers easily the best team on TheXvid

    • Pyro
      Pyro 2 hours ago

      Dons are the best team UTR are getting some well deserved recognition but they did lose to Dons in a close fought match Rising ballers are good and there needs to be another game between Dons and RB since both teams have improved since Dons beat them 1-0

    • Don Knife
      Don Knife 2 days ago

      Don’t underestimate UTR, they just started but can actually go to the top with the way they’re playing

    • Gekko Wizard
      Gekko Wizard 2 days ago

      SE dons or Hashtag probably best atm. Palmers are the most awesome though.

  • Matthew Wright
    Matthew Wright 2 days ago

    Camera very good

  • TheGingerNut
    TheGingerNut 2 days ago

    Oh dear... that second utr goal :/

  • Leishy
    Leishy 2 days ago

    You don’t get linesman in Scotland

    • Jack Kennedy
      Jack Kennedy 2 days ago

      Most refs in Scotland have centre circle syndrome where they can't leave the centre circle at all.during the 90 mins

  • Ruben Berry
    Ruben Berry 2 days ago

    where is tommo the manager ?

  • NOVA - Pro Club Lookalikes

    My team have never played with a proper linesman. Never knew it was a thing at Sunday league

  • ThatOtherDrummer
    ThatOtherDrummer 2 days ago

    this sure didn't feel like a bite size edition lol, but still a good video nevertheless :)))

  • Luke's Life
    Luke's Life 2 days ago

    Yeah that keeper is fecking brutal , I wouldn't bring him back

    • Luke's Life
      Luke's Life 2 days ago

      He looked dodgy all game , positioning was bad , seemed very slow in general , he almost didn't seemed arsed

    • Jack Kennedy
      Jack Kennedy 2 days ago

      One mistake leave it be

    • lager than life
      lager than life 2 days ago

      Very harsh, only at fault for one goal and made some good saves. And anyway who cares if players make mistakes in Sunday League? It's just a bit of fun

  • Ralph Whiteman
    Ralph Whiteman 2 days ago

    New keepers a bit shit

  • Maddie Beer
    Maddie Beer 2 days ago

    Ok. Please can someone tell me where garron went. Why did he leave? He was an awesome keeper.

    • Maddie Beer
      Maddie Beer 2 days ago

      Thank you for letting me know but boo. Damn scruttons for luring them back.

    • sam
      sam 2 days ago

      Maddie Beer went back to scruttons with german

  • Jack of all trails
    Jack of all trails 2 days ago

    Always good to see the Palmers. Kick on boys!

  • Anthony Long
    Anthony Long 2 days ago

    The pitch condition though :(

    • Jack Kennedy
      Jack Kennedy 2 days ago

      Wouldn't even call that a pitch it's that bad

  • Tito McFlimp
    Tito McFlimp 2 days ago


  • Nikolai Jackman
    Nikolai Jackman 2 days ago

    'James the keeper' looks like a clean shaven Messi

    • Jean-François Goffioul
      Jean-François Goffioul 21 hour ago

      I was gonna say the same thing as Nikolai... then I was going to give the same reply as Tony...

    • Tony MacDonald
      Tony MacDonald Day ago

      Nikolai Jackman haha init! Was gunna say the same thing 😂

  • Martin Burch
    Martin Burch 2 days ago

    Enjoyed the video. Shocking pitch to play on. Good luck for next week.

  • The ParadoX
    The ParadoX 2 days ago


  • Sam King
    Sam King 2 days ago

    Where is Lewis

    • Ewan O’brien
      Ewan O’brien 2 days ago

      Tyler Rolfe fairs Lewis is doing well then

    • Tyler Rolfe
      Tyler Rolfe 2 days ago

      @Ewan O’brien saffron top of the league atm so

    • Ewan O’brien
      Ewan O’brien 2 days ago

      Tyler Rolfe fair enough hopefully Lewis scores a few goals and beat hashtag

    • Tyler Rolfe
      Tyler Rolfe 2 days ago

      @Ewan O’brien just googled it, theyre playing hashtag on Wednesday, should be a good watch

    • Ewan O’brien
      Ewan O’brien 2 days ago

      Tyler Rolfe saffron waldon fc

  • Andy Mclelland
    Andy Mclelland 2 days ago

    Wheres tommo

  • Dayve Nammour
    Dayve Nammour 2 days ago

    Wait when did Garron leave? :(

  • Mislav
    Mislav 2 days ago

    this is a pretty big bite for a bite size huh 😂😂 i like it

    • Tarz
      Tarz Day ago

      no one is complaining though