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I Failed a Test (NancyPi)
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Power Rule... How? (NancyPi)
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  • Jessica P.
    Jessica P. 30 minutes ago

    thank you!

  • K.k Ubana Bassey

    beautiful and intelligent.i will adopt you as my DAUGTHER,role model.

  • yarabamba
    yarabamba 2 hours ago

    Where are you? The million dollar question.

  • Triskaideka thirteen

    Do you work on Statistics?

  • beverly francis
    beverly francis 3 hours ago

    LOL. Nancy story. Thanks.

  • Fola Shade
    Fola Shade 4 hours ago

    thank you

  • Teddy harawa
    Teddy harawa 7 hours ago

    You are fantastic. I am in love with Calculus because of you

  • Luiz França Martins

    I’ve been wondering all through my math classes, “there has got to be an easier way to learn these things”. Thankfully, youtube made it possible for us students to see those ppl who found a simpler way to explain math!

  • M D
    M D 12 hours ago

    10:40 ON THE TOP U CAN FACTOR 3....

  • jansen macabangun
    jansen macabangun 14 hours ago

    i cant concentrate on the problem i concentrate on her face :D

  • Tristan Hurley
    Tristan Hurley 15 hours ago

    Writing backwards so naturally is the most impressive thing about this.

  • tlamelo sebopelo
    tlamelo sebopelo 16 hours ago

    you are beyond my teacher even.i understand more when its you teaching.

  • Hidaya Nisha
    Hidaya Nisha 17 hours ago

    Very nice 👍👍👍

    NARKFLY 18 hours ago

    could pause this video at any point and she still looks gorgeous, huh-dayum!!!

    HARESH RATHOD 19 hours ago

    I know how you write....... Mirror effect by camera recording...... although you write on transparent glass..... Guys if you check this effect see video in normal mirror.......

  • Sebastian Michaelis
    Sebastian Michaelis 20 hours ago

    I failed this test

  • Chong Wei Yan
    Chong Wei Yan 20 hours ago


  • Arturo Presa
    Arturo Presa 21 hour ago

    Is NancyPi left-handed or right-handed? This is the key to understand how they prepare a video like this. Well, the answer is that she is right-handed, even though, she seems left-handed in this video.

  • Bud Petrey
    Bud Petrey Day ago

    These videos are great. I can actually understand them. My professor can get really deep into theory and misses a lot of basic explanations, but I'm getting it all here now. Thank you!

  • Burke Becklund

    Great videos. Multi Color and Writing backwards is amazing. Oblique Asymptotes Please

  • MRO
    MRO Day ago

    was that Mathbff a contract channel, I mean some kinda contract to make videos for them. Or it was your own channel and you just changed it's name?

  • Yusra Aftab
    Yusra Aftab Day ago

    You are amazing at explaining! Thank you so much and please keep making videos! :)

  • pedro barnito
    pedro barnito Day ago

    0:36 about write backwards, just wanna give people a clue. ;) Nancy use the right hand here , but in the videos she use left hand, ( if you people have just a little IQ you can find out how she can do it ) sorry Nancy , but nice trick

  • Anthony Gato
    Anthony Gato Day ago

    I know the way u write backwards.

  • Muhammad Arslan

    it is not important that you teach me.but it is important i appreciate your beauty. good looking.

  • Kishore Subramani

    0:42 how did she managed to say the left & right with viewers perspective 🤔🤔

  • Trevor Weir
    Trevor Weir Day ago

    Your explanation of derivatives in your other video "Derivative... What?" appears to be subjectively "more clear" than your precise definition given in this video. Love your work, btw. Your use of the clear, writable surface is far better than other videos here in youtube that use a voiceover along with a paint program.

  • Palaboy Trader

    I dont know why I subscribe here, but shes just like a magnet to me. I love mathermatics but since i had some brain hemorrage or something, i had a hard time remembering things. But I really do love mathematics and would like to get back at it some day. Now just using the math in Stock Trading, fun and easy...

  • Qishi Li
    Qishi Li Day ago

    One of the greatest mysteries of mankind is - how the hell does she write backwards?

  • Way Cool
    Way Cool Day ago

    "Blame the teacher"? All this time, I believe I was the only one thinking this.

  • Abdul Wadood khan

    i want to make you my girl and love u so much you solve all of my problems and i also write with left hand

  • Way Cool
    Way Cool Day ago

    Your handwriting backward looks better then my normal handwriting. Sign me up for your handwriting class.

  • Jawad Mohammed

    Amazing. Thank you for the great job. Best math channel ever

  • Malak Khalifa
    Malak Khalifa Day ago

    You are a great teacher i can understand every word you said although iam from arab country i can understand everything from you

  • Billy K
    Billy K Day ago

    I subscribed and I have no idea why.

  • fan pubg de mortal team

    Your so beautiful

  • fan pubg de mortal team

    Please you make this video in Punjabi or hindi,, i don't understand Your English

  • George Lander
    George Lander 2 days ago

    I was wondering how they made super rollercoasters safe, now I see the applications. Thank you.

  • Qishi Li
    Qishi Li 2 days ago

    wait a second... how do you write everything mirror-inverted?

  • Bi Huỳnh
    Bi Huỳnh 2 days ago

    Thank for your wonderful video! You're such an amazing, beautiful and mathematics youtuber!

  • Anubis
    Anubis 2 days ago

    I use log in programming from time to time, but had no idea what it was actually for. This was pretty much the only way I ever used it: int(log(n)) + 1 = x. I didn't know what it was doing, but I know that it would give me how many places 'n' was. (ie. int(log(2542)) + 1 = 4)

  • ro king gurls
    ro king gurls 2 days ago

    After watching this video 10 times now I got it Maybe...

  • Lowrence pireira H.A Lowrence

    1] Show that 9^n+1 -8n -9 is divisible by 64 whenever `n` is a___________integer...? [Explain in a saparet vedio] {if u can not solve this...I will unsubscrib u and i will dislike u. } and lost one is i am waiting alw

    ANUP KUMAR 2 days ago

    Mam aap London se lagti ho

  • Omkar badhe
    Omkar badhe 2 days ago

    Very helpful

  • Lasse Nielsen
    Lasse Nielsen 2 days ago

    You have shown me how difficult math really is, and have helped me in my decision to drop out of high school. I want to thank you for your help ;).

    • Christian Raasteen
      Christian Raasteen 2 days ago

      I agree dude, This video has really given me a revelation. I wish I had known that math would be that hard. I should drop out aswell.

  • CAHI
    CAHI 2 days ago

    This is so confusing for someone who doesn't know anything about this.. is her left my left or right?????

  • fadia a.wahab
    fadia a.wahab 2 days ago

    Thank youuuuu

  • fadia a.wahab
    fadia a.wahab 2 days ago

    First I was bad at trigonometry but after this video I go an A+

  • Shakir Dorand
    Shakir Dorand 2 days ago

    What's your ig, can I marry youuu??

  • Allen Glienz Miralles

    tomorrow is our exam on calculus cant even focus what shes saying coz shes gorg as fck HAHAHAHAAHHAA

  • ǝpoM
    ǝpoM 3 days ago

    She gives me asmr lol

  • YuukiRbrn LeClavier

    I live on the east coast (i.e. probably near you, if you still live within daily commuting distance of MIT) but you can't have my pasta :0. Rather, I'll buy you your own : )

  • The-T Channel
    The-T Channel 3 days ago

    Thank you for this video it was very helpful 👏🏽

  • shylingg
    shylingg 3 days ago

    0:16 "And now it's come back to haunt you in highschool" Me, in junior high: :')

  • Leansifer
    Leansifer 3 days ago


  • Leansifer
    Leansifer 3 days ago


  • Shubham Pandey
    Shubham Pandey 3 days ago

    Finally I concentrate in study

  • Jim Capone
    Jim Capone 3 days ago

    Wow, finally someone who can explain this to me! Thanks for SHOWING the algebra: other videos assume you already know it..

    PRAMOD KUMAR YADAV 3 days ago

    nahi samja

  • Melissa Moussa
    Melissa Moussa 3 days ago

    Ok wow

  • Sepahe
    Sepahe 3 days ago

    was this the last video ?

  • Abram Joshua Bardon

    I really focus on your eyes only. not in what you are teaching me :D .. so gorgeous and smart :)

  • メSusan
    メSusan 3 days ago

    Salute this lady.. She knows something that most people don't know

  • Kristy Wilday
    Kristy Wilday 3 days ago

    Hi Nancy, you make it all seem so simple. What if you have cos times pi t sin pi t. I don't know how to put in the pi sign.

  • Wisdom Munangisa
    Wisdom Munangisa 3 days ago

    am crushing on her

  • Lakshveer Saini
    Lakshveer Saini 3 days ago

    I cant understand mam please explain again plzzzz 🤔😕

  • Vsk
    Vsk 3 days ago

    What happened at 1:15?

  • Caitlin Callaghan
    Caitlin Callaghan 3 days ago

    Oh, my word...I Iove you so much after the whole of 2019 has passed I finally understand how to factorize.

  • Shaburu
    Shaburu 3 days ago

    shouldn't the written stufff be flippped

  • Michael Rakestraw
    Michael Rakestraw 3 days ago

    Wow! I think you finally made all the pieces click. Thanks.

  • lame ellen
    lame ellen 3 days ago

    you make maths easy and lovable...wish you were my lecture

  • Duckydave464
    Duckydave464 3 days ago

    I am 12

  • Brianna Longdo
    Brianna Longdo 3 days ago

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chase Pearson
    Chase Pearson 3 days ago

    It tool me forever to figure it out. Shes actually inverting the footage so she can write regularly Irl.

  • Avdhut Mahadik
    Avdhut Mahadik 3 days ago


  • Tom Fortin
    Tom Fortin 3 days ago

    Wow! A beautiful young lady who can explain calculus so clearly! Nicely done!

  • Puff Dragon
    Puff Dragon 4 days ago

    Damn, I wish I had had a math teacher like you when I was taking Calculus. I'd have been the most motivated kid in the class. Anyway, the way you give the definition of a derivative is exactly the way our textbook and professor explained it but they added a couple of things. He said the derivative had three basic interpretations that were all correct. First, the derivative is algebraically the limit of a difference-quotient. Second, the derivative is geometrically the slope of a tangent-line. And third, physically the derivative is the rate-of-change of one variable with respect to another. I think you alluded to all three but didn't spell them out. Subscribed.

  • Custom Coach Works
    Custom Coach Works 4 days ago

    Well, this is the first time I’ve subscribed to a math channel.

  • Elijuah Penn
    Elijuah Penn 4 days ago

    are you writing backwards ??

  • ABunchOfSmallAliens

    Thank you so much!

  • Jason Jolarpersad
    Jason Jolarpersad 4 days ago

    Thank you for showing me the correct and easy way in doing trigonometry

  • David Lacziko
    David Lacziko 4 days ago

    Wow. No way! I finally understand! Now I won't fail my test tomorrow. Thank you so much!!🤗

  • Kyle Starr
    Kyle Starr 4 days ago

    Can you do a video on Vectors please?!

  • Disected Frog
    Disected Frog 4 days ago

    Related rates? That would be super helpful!

  • Andrew Gutierrez
    Andrew Gutierrez 4 days ago

    Thank you Nancy the right handed teachers make me feel like I'm doing it wrong now I know I'm not thank you

  • Faded.x_
    Faded.x_ 4 days ago

    I could not remember how to do this to save my life, despite the fact I'm in a physics class and should really remember how to do this. Thanks for the refresher.

  • Reynaldo Limbaga
    Reynaldo Limbaga 4 days ago

    Miss Nancy, can I ask you something about Mathematics?

  • Reynaldo Limbaga
    Reynaldo Limbaga 4 days ago

    your explanation is very clear.

  • Christopher Cabintoy

    thank you

  • Israa Fawze
    Israa Fawze 4 days ago

    This video helped me alot thanks ,😍💞

  • Israa Fawze
    Israa Fawze 4 days ago

    This video helped me alot thanks ,😍💞

  • Aladdin Ba
    Aladdin Ba 4 days ago

    You r AMAZING!

  • Arjun Jain
    Arjun Jain 4 days ago

    I love it when she says substitution... and all those other things

  • Abed M
    Abed M 4 days ago

    You are the best! I can only show love through subscription and likes 🤗

  • Anthony Gato
    Anthony Gato 4 days ago

    Hot nerd. 🍑🍆

  • CatiaProjects TV
    CatiaProjects TV 4 days ago

    Another thing is that these math problems should be considered as a warm up for students. In real world we should use Matlab!

    • Vesa S
      Vesa S 3 days ago

      I think that a lot of students consider these problems as the necessary evil😅 But yeah Matlab is great when the s**t is getting real.

  • CatiaProjects TV
    CatiaProjects TV 4 days ago

    I think you've spent a big portion of your time practicing writing right to left. Well practice makes perfect.

    • Jey O.
      Jey O. 3 days ago

      She writes normally (from left to right) on a glass board and then flips the video in her editing software. So unfortunately, I don't think she knows how to write from right to left 😂😂😂

  • Anthony Gato
    Anthony Gato 4 days ago

    Such a soothing teacher.