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What Happened To Seungri
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BTS Plagiarised By EXO?
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  • crabtastic
    crabtastic 6 hours ago

    NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can beat the 7 adorable goofs now. Making their fame impossibly large and difficult to beat. TxT won’t be able to get to their level of fame any time soon. Sorry not sorry.

  • crabtastic
    crabtastic 7 hours ago

    Simple. TxT *isn’t* taking over BTS because BTS is very well known and nothing can really beat them now.

  • Kate Dizon
    Kate Dizon 17 hours ago

    The thumbnail 😖😍

  • sanduni fernando
    sanduni fernando 2 days ago

    Why did u cit ur hair DO?Don't colour ur hair.I like ur black hair.Colouring frequently is not good to hair and i like natural black hair.

  • Elvira Haydter
    Elvira Haydter 3 days ago

    Take care of yourself D.O. while you are serving in the Military.

  • Asia Starlight
    Asia Starlight 5 days ago

    Where is the "speaks English fluently" part?

  • Kim Jyun yes I’m Korean

    They are bts first meet in the mall they had like only 30 people txt getting hundreds bts had to work for these millions of fans while txt getting handed them on a silver platter bts are handing them fans though they feel it is right as they are there big brothers but yeah txt are getting handed fans

  • Betsy Spellman
    Betsy Spellman 7 days ago

    Just look at Nayeon’s expression thats the same thing with kang and Jihyo

  • Yellow Fever
    Yellow Fever 8 days ago

    Its a really old song but I forgot the name of the song played at the very end, what is it?


    That outfit was stunning. She performed like a QUEEN. If anyone will say something bad about her outfit then I just want say that "FIGHT ME"

  • EpicTom GLM
    EpicTom GLM 9 days ago

    YG just want to used them for their talent and money he don't care about how they feel at all and I'm happy to see this guy being in jail forever

  • Nàà Noou
    Nàà Noou 9 days ago

    0:35 - 0:52 Fame changed english

  • Amy Rosanova
    Amy Rosanova 9 days ago


  • Yas H
    Yas H 10 days ago

    Miss you😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Melisande Salas
    Melisande Salas 10 days ago

    What's the song at the end???

  • trash since birth
    trash since birth 10 days ago

    love you kyungsoo

  • metria chose
    metria chose 11 days ago

    My d.o

  • Exo L
    Exo L 11 days ago

    His Spanish is perfect too ! He is the best !

  • Muffin the fangirl
    Muffin the fangirl 11 days ago

    This is awful! Guys BTS and EXO are really friendly to each other and all the fan wars of EXO-L and ARMY are so wrong this is not BTS fault nor EXO. BTS made one because of how many mistreated them on normal variety shows and EXO is doing it since SM listened to the fans (for once sorry I still have an issue with SM as entertainment of how they treat their idols) SO STOP THE FAN WARS!

  • Aakanksha Kshirsagar

    Even I am an army but the thing is that we should proud and happy that they will not go through a lot of hardships from which bts went. It is not always that hardships only brings success, determination can also bring succes. Txt has debut on march 4 and they almost have 10 songs its not even 1 year after the debuted. It is possible that many armys will follow txt just because txt is from the same company. But guys they have been working very had. Please watch their mma 2019 performance it is just like an old group performing. Even bts is proud of them (reaction of bts to the performance). We should not fear any other group taking over bts. Bts has laid their foundation and that foundation is so so so strong that even if the kpop industry is finished bts will always be remembered. Even bts supports txt so we should also not give any hate comment. We should follow txt not because they are from the same company as bts but becaise of txt's talent. Bts can never be overtaken. We should proud of both of them. (P.S. This is my opinion, not to offend anyone.)

  • Gigi Calder Tomlinson Cry Baby

    D.O = sings in korean, english, spanish HE'S FUCKING AMAZING DO KYUNGSOO IS FUCKING PERFECT

  • Bangtan Daengg
    Bangtan Daengg 12 days ago

    0:36 bro what’s this song? Lmao

    • Thiare
      Thiare 6 days ago

      Bangtan Daengg sabor a mi

  • That Tteokbeokkisoo
    That Tteokbeokkisoo 13 days ago

    Hey, i miss him a lot

  • RUEL Tobias
    RUEL Tobias 13 days ago


  • Kami Maria
    Kami Maria 14 days ago

    0:36 "PLEASE, STOOOOP!" O M G 🤤😱💖

  • Yashwini grace
    Yashwini grace 14 days ago

    Ok but what's the last song?

    OHZZA CH 15 days ago

    I miss you i Really wanna be your wife. D.O. will you marry me please.

  • Tresha Enriquez
    Tresha Enriquez 17 days ago

    How is 0:36 English? 😂😂😂

  • Urooj Fatimah
    Urooj Fatimah 17 days ago

    the eve made me stan exo

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 18 days ago

    fuck u for telling him can speak english fluently..such a liar

  • Suraiya Salleh
    Suraiya Salleh 22 days ago

    As a dandanie, i think he CAN speak English fluently but he choose not to show that side of him.

  • Aaron Christian
    Aaron Christian 23 days ago

    So what the fuck are u worried about. Tyga is a very polite and humble person.

  • adj barrien
    adj barrien 23 days ago


  • Isa Dana
    Isa Dana 24 days ago

    EXO always First

  • officially sofiii
    officially sofiii 24 days ago

    Yall’s , even if Tyga were to have some interest in Lisa , doesnt mean that he hasnt changed ever since his history with Kylie , okays ? Come on , everybody deserves a chance. LEARN how to FORGIVE and FORGET. But another thing , even if they were flirting , it is probably because Lisa is a big fan of Tyga. I’m a Blink myself and i, for one, know that if some spread rumours , it will sabotage Lisa and Tyga’s career , it could even destroy their career despite the damage. So it is wise and MATURE that it is okay to assume that they are flirting AS FANS nothing else more.

  • Thgeiskinanyn Nnnanan


  • zarry curls
    zarry curls Month ago

    Wondok is that D.O🤣🤣🤣#100daysmyprince❤️

  • zarry curls
    zarry curls Month ago

    Wondok is that D.O🤣🤣🤣#100daysmyprince❤️

  • zarry curls
    zarry curls Month ago

    Wondok is that D.O🤣🤣🤣

  • Lyric Wørld
    Lyric Wørld Month ago

    0:36 godd am dying!

  • Sadhuna Ahmed
    Sadhuna Ahmed Month ago

    Bts and txt are a family so are the fandom so I believe that no such thing is going to happen and if txt wins awards that would definitely make bts proud and plus txt loves bts like their brother and also respect them

    OFFICIAL LOVE Month ago

    Luckily ROSÈ said "lucky girl"or else the hater will start their business

  • Agung Widi Prasetyo

    Tzuyu savage moments.. lol..

  • Aila Janessa Loyola

    My kyungsoooo ❤️

  • muskan gupta
    muskan gupta Month ago

    Everyone knows bts is the best boyband in the world and will always be

  • muskan gupta
    muskan gupta Month ago

    No one can take over BTS

  • MaryKhyzel 999
    MaryKhyzel 999 Month ago

    OMG...don't tell me kill this love is their last song😢😭 ..........

  • DayByDae 21
    DayByDae 21 Month ago

    Hei! Where is his "Hi guys! We have so much fun today and hope you guys like it" clip??

  • Mary Angeline Tan


  • Shinelle Ramdath
    Shinelle Ramdath Month ago

    I cant even think about the fact people are comparing them. BTS are literal legends and in my book the best and i will always support them even though i just became ARMY. They deserve true and loyal fans💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Ly Pham
    Ly Pham Month ago

    See he speaks English but not obnoxious about it like RM from BTS

  • Anna .Z
    Anna .Z Month ago

    Message behind the song is nice .Thank you for this beautiful song Jimin 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Rana afzal Afzal
    Rana afzal Afzal Month ago

    D.O smile is so cute

  • Have you ever been to a restaurant?

    The closest to fluent would be Yixing, hands down

  • Trizzer Shebby
    Trizzer Shebby Month ago

    What is the name of the song in the background playing at the end of the video ...anyone please

    • Trizzer Shebby
      Trizzer Shebby Month ago

      @K-Noise aww thank you i got it

    • K-Noise
      K-Noise Month ago

      Chanyeol and Punch - Stay With Me/ it's a soundtrack for a korean drama called Goblin

  • Fatimah Rufai
    Fatimah Rufai Month ago

    I want jisa ( Jennie and Lisa)

  • Jay Ann D.
    Jay Ann D. Month ago

    what event??? 0:10

  • RUEL Tobias
    RUEL Tobias Month ago


    CARMELA Month ago

    on the first video, my babi looks jang dong yoon argh 😍

  • ՏօմӀ -KuN
    ՏօմӀ -KuN Month ago

    Jenny is married already with Lisa,right?

  • X.Miracle_Winter
    X.Miracle_Winter Month ago

    She was their to buy twice merchh hahahaha

  • lindsay tuazon
    lindsay tuazon Month ago

    miss this baby boy😢💖

  • Gabalex Nav
    Gabalex Nav Month ago

    Stop thinking about TXT taking over BTS just support them both that's all we can do, no matter what happens their family too, BTS will forever be in our hearts that will never change, Dont worry about BTS going to military, BTS will surely give a message to TXT to take care of bighit when their away. Give love and support everyone💕

  • 민 기Gina
    민 기Gina Month ago

    His pronunciation is really good💚

  • Yu_uiie토끼
    Yu_uiie토끼 Month ago

    Bruhh this comment has gone to far:(( I stan txt and bts😭 They both have a really good music and ik no one can't replace bts So i'm just gonna say that bts is the king and txt is the prince Well that's my opinion if you don't like it sorry then😅 I just don't want army and moa fighting:) Stan them😭😔✊️

  • Yamotero
    Yamotero Month ago

    100 days my prince

  • Cheska Aila
    Cheska Aila Month ago

    When you hear him sing in english you will not know that his korean

  • Dr. Vag
    Dr. Vag Month ago

    Imagine pouring your heart out to her ready to live together as one happy family and she just takes your ring and walks away

  • •Ashley Cookie•

    I hope he dies.. Welp idk but.. New YG ceo came! I hope he isn't same..

  • Ameerah SP
    Ameerah SP Month ago


  • Virginia Soria
    Virginia Soria Month ago

    Let me tell you that the spanish song its just amazing, not only kyungsoo but the others members too. For someone who truly speaks spanish listening to something like this its awesome

  • Marie Plaisir
    Marie Plaisir 2 months ago

    No way TXT IS TAKING OVER BTS.😐😐😯😵😱

  • Andreasx
    Andreasx 2 months ago

    0:36 that's spanish lel

  • Carl Diaz
    Carl Diaz 2 months ago

    I love D.O.❤ And i love the fans of d.o.😂

  • Jeran rai
    Jeran rai 2 months ago

    1:57 I am daying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eta Liku
    Eta Liku 2 months ago

    Anyone know the outro song please do let me know

  • Nathalie Zirpolo
    Nathalie Zirpolo 2 months ago

    OK wtf? The titte is that "he can speak English" but there are videos that have nothing to do with the title Hahah

  • Felix
    Felix 2 months ago

    It’s not that he speaks it fluently but his pronunciation is very clear and also when people who don’t speak English sing English songs there pronunciation can be clearer or sound fluent as they have practise and are focusing how to pronounce the words

  • Simona Felice
    Simona Felice 2 months ago

    Kyung-soo is such a sweetheart. 💚

  • Basch Rivai
    Basch Rivai 2 months ago

    Some of those who are born with silver spoon are tend to have more strict rule at home to be a perfect jack-of-all-trades being. Its not unusual if they are actually good at something, people who bash them for being born rich and have good looks are just jealous poor bastard. As a Noble being, this is why i don't like peasants.. they judges and always will.

  • The Rizu
    The Rizu 2 months ago

    No one: Me: did kyungsoo sang Revenge?

  • Emmy Fannie
    Emmy Fannie 2 months ago

    0:08 what is the name of the song????? 💖💖

  • Jhovie Angayon
    Jhovie Angayon 2 months ago

    SING nlang sana hindi SPEAK kaloka,,,,

  • Juan Ngullie
    Juan Ngullie 2 months ago

    The one speaking in English is Lay not DO

  • hongfushun
    hongfushun 2 months ago

    Jennie:*puts on the ring* Me:Nah,girls wanna have some fun(forever young)

  • Army Bangtan
    Army Bangtan 2 months ago

    If jungguk attend a lot in school..... I'm sure he would be one of those abused students

  • Vess.Finesse 64
    Vess.Finesse 64 2 months ago

    The Spanish part literally SHOOK me!!! 😍😍😍

  • Marjorie Canlas
    Marjorie Canlas 2 months ago

    I miss you huhu 😢😭

    IAM FOREVER A.R.M.Y 2 months ago

    Me don't know English too good

  • Lady Owl
    Lady Owl 2 months ago

    I can never be over the ending song 😭

  • RUEL Tobias
    RUEL Tobias 2 months ago


  • Savana
    Savana 2 months ago

    Wait so if he’s in jail now, what will happen to the YG company and all the artists in it? If he’s gone HANBIN can go back to the group right?

  • Omotayo Ayelade
    Omotayo Ayelade 2 months ago

    His voice!!!!!!!

  • Ciara Davis
    Ciara Davis 2 months ago

    What was the first song

  • so geek
    so geek 2 months ago


  • Julia Federico
    Julia Federico 2 months ago

    Does anybody know the shipping cost to the us?

  • Sarada Routray
    Sarada Routray 2 months ago

    I also want to marry jennie

    MJ NEUB 2 months ago

    Korean people to much problem, problem park bom drug medication,now hwasa outfit..My GOd korea!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Zaya Binderya
    Zaya Binderya 2 months ago

    oh hell no jennie only mine and only i can give tae 😅😍

  • Wonho’s Ramen
    Wonho’s Ramen 2 months ago

    his english is better than mine wtf. we stan a talented king