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  • trung pham
    trung pham 5 years ago

    are you guys gonna make frozen 2?

  • Faisal Memon
    Faisal Memon 6 years ago

    Hello can you upload alladin movie :)

  • The Rational Man
    The Rational Man 6 years ago

    I hope the best for John Carter, it appears to be the best movie thats been released in a long time. And I hope it's as big as Avatar was, because it's possible.

  • CustomerFlowVideo
    CustomerFlowVideo 6 years ago

    Yaaaaaay - love the muppets!

  • Mellow9 Productions
    Mellow9 Productions 6 years ago

    Fantastic channel, has the new stuff with the originals! Come & check out our channel, Keep it Mellow 9!

  • Mass Vue
    Mass Vue 6 years ago

    Hey, WaltDisneyStudiosUK That Was A Really Nice Video. Keep It Up.

  • Maria Retz, singing covers

    Thank you for the magic, happiness, love and laughter - I will never get too old for Disney :) May your weekend be blessed with inner sunshine.

  • WaltDisney4Life
    WaltDisney4Life 6 years ago

    the lion king is the best disney movie ever! ;) A lot of people think so. greetings from germany :)

  • Fede Hernandez
    Fede Hernandez 6 years ago

    Disney ♥

  • Eden Advertising
    Eden Advertising 7 years ago

    Hey, cool channel. See my video, you might think it's funny :) Eden Advertising

  • Danielle Ruiz Roynon


  • masatokunn1
    masatokunn1 7 years ago

    This is a wonderful channel.

  • cleavergurl29
    cleavergurl29 7 years ago

    hello,, there, i subed. pls sub back mandy

  • Zeba Koli
    Zeba Koli 7 years ago

    HIYAAAAAAAAA!! I AM ZEBA! :) Check my videos out and subscribe! <3<3<3

  • Faizan Abbasi
    Faizan Abbasi 7 years ago

    Now i Seriously cant wait for the investment to my long term entertainment...!! really looking forward to 2012 for John Carter...!! Loved the trailer ....like anything...its fantastic..!!

  • EvilHotDog328
    EvilHotDog328 7 years ago

    three words THIS IS EPIC

  • conner genge
    conner genge 7 years ago


  • habitsnquirks
    habitsnquirks 7 years ago

    The John Carter trailer is really breathtaking - Disney's just brilliant as usual!

  • Андрей Даркович ByBLuk

    Lion King Its Mega-hit 94's

  • Preya Menyangbo
    Preya Menyangbo 7 years ago

    great trailer 4 John Carter..... Can't wait 4 it 2 come out.....

  • Dis411
    Dis411 7 years ago

    Love this channel. Thanks!

  • iva639
    iva639 7 years ago

    I was there last week - absolutely blew us away!

  • Natalie Davies
    Natalie Davies 7 years ago

    I love disneyy!! :D x

  • Anna Yannaka
    Anna Yannaka 7 years ago

    unbelievable quality on videos and my favourite movies too!! I <3 LOVE your channel!!

  • gerardo o
    gerardo o 7 years ago

    i like disney so much you guys realy have the trued star

  • Protecluv1
    Protecluv1 7 years ago

    You Have A Nice Channel☺

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 7 years ago


  • jakedp100
    jakedp100 7 years ago

    Do you Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan?

  • Meme T.
    Meme T. 7 years ago

    i like cars 2 i have it in dvd now

  • TheBestGregorio14
    TheBestGregorio14 7 years ago

    Hello Disney

  • Cleo Patra
    Cleo Patra 7 years ago

    liking the page

  • Heidi Luckham
    Heidi Luckham 7 years ago

    like marmite - love or hate it....?

  • Emma Azúca Santos Mora

    hola ..quiero decirles que me gusta mucho este canal..asi que espero que cada vez que suban videos nuevos me manden notificaciones..

  • Crystal Pink
    Crystal Pink 7 years ago

    i love this game im getting it im so exicited its only one player

  • Victoria
    Victoria 7 years ago

    i love disney SO MUCH! iv loved ut ever since i was a little girl :)

  • Kelly Ling
    Kelly Ling 7 years ago

    I only kick off on Thursdays

  • Smiley Miley
    Smiley Miley 7 years ago

    i love disney! <3

  • Helen Cote
    Helen Cote 7 years ago

    has been a long time coming, but I'm glad..

  • eve5033
    eve5033 7 years ago

    Excellent page here – lovin’ the vibe!..how are you?

  • Justice Calo
    Justice Calo 7 years ago


  • Beyonce Cera
    Beyonce Cera 7 years ago

    I'm great, thanks - how are you?

  • Vijay Nazareth
    Vijay Nazareth 7 years ago

    Hey WaltDisneyStudiosUK!

  • EverythingFilm
    EverythingFilm 7 years ago

    Wicked channel. I'm definitely subscribing. Be sure to check mine out.

  • Aaendewy8D
    Aaendewy8D 7 years ago


    TheHITTALAFAMILIA 7 years ago


  • Chelsea Barnes
    Chelsea Barnes 7 years ago

    like marmite - love or hate it....?

  • Palkia792
    Palkia792 7 years ago

    cars 2, can't wait to see it

  • kn0xv1ll3
    kn0xv1ll3 7 years ago


  • Mark Starks
    Mark Starks 7 years ago

    Great channel!

  • Bre'Anna Cage
    Bre'Anna Cage 7 years ago

    toy story 3 movies

  • Jing Jing E.
    Jing Jing E. 7 years ago

    angry birds

  • Adsapaps
    Adsapaps 7 years ago

    I wouldn't be the person I am today without Disney.

  • Beloved Uncle Ho
    Beloved Uncle Ho 7 years ago

    Is favourite channel of my kids! Thank's Walt Disney Studios UK

  • BF Network
    BF Network 7 years ago

    this is probly going to get nombinated for best animation in the oscars.

  • Monte Willis
    Monte Willis 7 years ago

    Just dropping by to say hey, hope all is well with you and yours. Best Wishes, Ben Robinson

  • Alex Reeks
    Alex Reeks 7 years ago

    disneys is the best!

  • Claudete Marinho
    Claudete Marinho 7 years ago


  • Jesús Grey
    Jesús Grey 7 years ago

    espero cars 3 en mi paiz saludo desde venezuela

  • dulcezie
    dulcezie 7 years ago

    cannot wait for the winnie the pooh movie!

  • DJJerincoGoldenArts
    DJJerincoGoldenArts 7 years ago

    Walt Disney wouldn't have been famous with out it's true hero and Director - Walter Disney - I'd truely admire him and follow in his footsteps... : )

  • DigitalcakeJoannaJoy

    Greetings!!!!!!! Do you like my last movie? Best wishies from Swiss. Ciao, Joanna

  • Maria Inês Pardal
    Maria Inês Pardal 7 years ago

    i love Disney

  • ciciliciousnyc
    ciciliciousnyc 7 years ago

    Even Craig couldn't compile a list so robust and entertaining. Good job!! Woohoo!!

  • nyniyu
    nyniyu 7 years ago

    tangled <33

  • nika marie
    nika marie 7 years ago

    love DISNEY all your films are great.. :)

  • The Almighty Crash
    The Almighty Crash 7 years ago

    disney will you please make something that lets you watch disney movies or episodes pl

  • Gunzcasper
    Gunzcasper 7 years ago


  • julia S
    julia S 7 years ago

    Tangled <3 all time fav <3

  • SuperJacko0
    SuperJacko0 7 years ago

    hey nice channel really cool vids i have sum vids u might like check me out

  • Emelie Wåhlin
    Emelie Wåhlin 7 years ago

    Great channel :-)

  • Ana lomjaria
    Ana lomjaria 7 years ago

    love this channel

  • amurillo24
    amurillo24 7 years ago

    i hope disney makes a toy story 4

  • luis felipe medina zegarra

    God Bless you.

  • elisabeth72100
    elisabeth72100 7 years ago

    Thank you for friendship

  • Pedro Gomez
    Pedro Gomez 7 years ago

    i likiet it so much it i so beutiful i love it so so much much much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it so much i cant stop saing that and my name is mariana alviso i love saing alviso and mariana so i was saing thet i loveb that vidioe so much and my frend is andrea ramirez i love saing her name to so much it is so cool to say names and lasnames too i love saing it

  • Ali Ahmed
    Ali Ahmed 7 years ago

    it,s will be great movie

  • MrJoshbumstead
    MrJoshbumstead 7 years ago

    Movies Magic & More

  • CosmeticsByCortney
    CosmeticsByCortney 7 years ago

    Hey guys, don't forget to check out my Fruit Facials & Haul video. XOXO

  • fred lero
    fred lero 7 years ago


  • ONT music Channal By Aonsung69


  • Bonnie Fontana
    Bonnie Fontana 7 years ago

    OMG! Sure!! I love the video, I love Tangled, I love Flynn I love Rapunzel, I love you Mandy and Zachari ♥ The BETS DISNEY MOVIE EVER!! ♥

  • grown kiDD
    grown kiDD 7 years ago

    I like this channel ! I sub ! :) Mike

  • ewe.linko
    ewe.linko 7 years ago

    hi I wish you all good luck on your next movie ^-^

  • Desmeulesful
    Desmeulesful 7 years ago

    Excellent !!! Disney For Ever !!

  • Jacob Dillon
    Jacob Dillon 7 years ago

    i love thevidos

  • elazar79
    elazar79 7 years ago

    Hey can I adding you? Invite or something?

  • V@ibh@V
    V@ibh@V 7 years ago

    alice in wonderland in 3d is super watch it TOday !!!!!!!

  • nk2611
    nk2611 7 years ago

    Thank you for sharing the videos - I really love watching this!

  • Dëz
    Dëz 7 years ago

    Even if I grow older and older I'll never ever stop believing in my dreams & fantasy...THANK YOU DISNEY!

  • Corey Packer
    Corey Packer 7 years ago

    you wish i liked the new movie tangled i hated that movie it is stupid :/

  • Markku Pekkala
    Markku Pekkala 7 years ago


  • 0Elise0Dozzy2
    0Elise0Dozzy2 7 years ago

    anything on lion king ='[ is there gonna be another movie?!

  • osemusic
    osemusic 7 years ago

    Beautiful voices, beautiful pictures, beautiful world. I'm a child again. Thank you WD

  • Lavinia MW
    Lavinia MW 7 years ago

    I wanna be a star on disney channel soo bad :)

  • v a l e n t i n e
    v a l e n t i n e 7 years ago


  • v a l e n t i n e
    v a l e n t i n e 7 years ago

    luv the vid

  • Harprit Singh Kang
    Harprit Singh Kang 7 years ago

    cool stuff.. nice channel

  • Zahradníčková Zaira

    Hi disney is just a pity that the best of them is not done by the spyro movie had to be canceled but I do not know why. It would be fantastick if you did it right you:)

  • TheGangstarTY
    TheGangstarTY 7 years ago

    Disney is epic! I've seen tangled and it is brilliant. I like the movies you make. Please keep on making as many videos as you can.

  • Lianne Rodrigo
    Lianne Rodrigo 7 years ago

    I LOVE THIS CHANNEL!!! ♥ I also love Tangled! Such a CUTE CUUUUTE movie!!!!!!!! :"D

  • Maria Retz, singing covers

    Wonderful! You never get too old to love everything Disney. Thank you for all the joy you bring :)

  • Woody
    Woody 7 years ago

    I love your voice, Rapunzel couldn't have better voice for her.

  • TheAeroflair
    TheAeroflair 7 years ago

    Tangled is really an amazing movie! Its so lifelike. I just loved it ★★★★★

  • Gisselle Saavedra
    Gisselle Saavedra 7 years ago

    does she cut her hair

  • JackHopperTV
    JackHopperTV 7 years ago

    love the channel! how goes it with you? I subbed..

  • grown kiDD
    grown kiDD 7 years ago

    awesome channel !!! Mike

  • Karam Musleh
    Karam Musleh 7 years ago

    amazing channel really..

  • jb pain
    jb pain 7 years ago

    I love tangled so much!...^::^

  • SnapSmartKids
    SnapSmartKids 7 years ago

    Love Tangled!!!

  • Hoang Hai Vu
    Hoang Hai Vu 7 years ago

    Good :) I like you :X

  • Amalia Vacaru
    Amalia Vacaru 7 years ago

    lol..... i have 25years and i see Mickey Mouse :) DISNEY ROCKS!!

  • Fitness Frontier
    Fitness Frontier 7 years ago

    cool channel

  • Nataly Cuello
    Nataly Cuello 7 years ago

    hii i love this channel =D pliss give me ur opinion for my video HURT thanks and kiss♥

  • Saif GadWad
    Saif GadWad 8 years ago

    WoW I Love Disney :)

  • xskittlesxgirx
    xskittlesxgirx 8 years ago

    disney is my inspiration love ya!!!!!!!!

  • Leo Guzman
    Leo Guzman 8 years ago

    sub back put me in subbox

  • R&C
    R&C 8 years ago

    The magic never dies

  • JackHopperTV
    JackHopperTV 8 years ago

    Love the channel...great content - I've subbed. The new Pirate Interview's on my channel now (dan le sac, scroobious pip on the mike, in a lift!). Check it out if you like..

  • kellie Kins
    kellie Kins 8 years ago

    Disney I love you to death! You're my inspiration I mean seriously, and I bet alot of others out there too. Thank you a million for such wonderful movies! Harry Gregson Williams I bow down to you.Thank you so very much for making The Movies Chronicles of Narnia possible. No one could have done it better. The movie swept me off my, one of the most breath-taking movies I have ever seen. The music was amazing. Thank you on behalf of all Chronicles of Narnia Fans. You are truly amazing and I pray to god and hope a part 4 of Narnia would soon be out,, <3 Kelly

  • kellie Kins
    kellie Kins 8 years ago

    Disney makes the best movies ever!!!! Chronicles of Narnia was like heaven! Thank you so very much Disney for everything!!!

  • ClearDesigns
    ClearDesigns 8 years ago

    Love Your Channel

  • thetranceknight
    thetranceknight 8 years ago

    Toy Story 3 was epic!

  • jacibobs6666
    jacibobs6666 8 years ago


  • Rusweld Canaza Bautista


  • 3Dstreaming
    3Dstreaming 8 years ago

    Great channel...need 3D trailer from you!!!

  • kaylie jacobs
    kaylie jacobs 8 years ago

    i saw tangled it was so awesome

  • tomtomtv1
    tomtomtv1 8 years ago

    subbed please sub back

  • aan satria Daa Jaan
    aan satria Daa Jaan 8 years ago


  • judemagnet
    judemagnet 8 years ago

    I can't wait to see the new film tangled because i'm sure Disney will have another hit on their hands.

  • John Egbert
    John Egbert 8 years ago

    please sub me :3 i work for disney

  • Jessica Couser
    Jessica Couser 8 years ago

    MY NAME RAYMOND, but ppl in the bayou call me ray! THANKS DISNEY!!!! :) Gotta love Ray!

  • Jeneli
    Jeneli 8 years ago

    Please let me sing a song for disney hihi :D

  • GreyWarden
    GreyWarden 8 years ago


  • Ben PL
    Ben PL 8 years ago

    wao!!! ..genial tu chanel

  • mi88ful
    mi88ful 8 years ago

    want a goofy movie 3 with the same quality as the first in theaters

  • Leena
    Leena 8 years ago

    I'm sorry, can You send music from it's remix to me to the e-maill: alina_k_alina@mail.ru . Please!

  • Emma Dockeray
    Emma Dockeray 8 years ago

    I love disney! Check out my channel (:

  • dottiedots221
    dottiedots221 8 years ago

    love the new trailer 2 tangled! much better than our version (The American one -.-)

  • katy
    katy 8 years ago

    timmy time rules this world!!!!!!!!!!!

  • captainfury2007
    captainfury2007 8 years ago

    Hey WaltDisneyStudiosUK, stop by and check out some of my videos, if you get a chance. If not, thats cool too. Later!

  • Zoey Vicente
    Zoey Vicente 8 years ago

    Where can i get the alice video by avril lavigne? I really love her but can not find the video?

  • Kacey Dean
    Kacey Dean 8 years ago

    Wow... Amazing. I love your "Alice" Avril Lavinge Video, and This channel is Breathtaking!! I wonder How you get that playlist at the top. You know, where it says 'sorcerer's apprentice'.

  • luis felipe medina zegarra

    God Bless you.

  • Kirsten
    Kirsten 8 years ago


  • amandapandabear1999
    amandapandabear1999 8 years ago

    cool cool i llovz disney land i go evry to yers so subscribe ples

  • fluffypillow916
    fluffypillow916 8 years ago

    omg my friend is obsessed with the mad hatter from 2010 she loooves him! i just wanted 2 say that the crew on alice in wonderland did such an amazing job on the movie!!!!

  • Raj Abraham
    Raj Abraham 8 years ago

    Nice channel..... !

  • Nurul Amira Shafiqa
    Nurul Amira Shafiqa 8 years ago

    Heyyyy..I subbed and added..!!I love The Sorcerers Apprentice..!!!

  • wizardgirl810
    wizardgirl810 8 years ago

    Alice in Wonderland was AWESOME! Its ny favorite movie!

  • iron232
    iron232 8 years ago

    Disney Is My Life! If there was no Disney, I'd be dead!!

  • 3d167
    3d167 8 years ago

    sub me!!!!! lol

  • TimeWarpExplorer
    TimeWarpExplorer 8 years ago

    Awesome Channel!

  • Rowyn Falls
    Rowyn Falls 8 years ago

    i love the groovin with ken video

  • Rowyn Falls
    Rowyn Falls 8 years ago

    how'd u get the toy creator to ur channell?

  • Rowyn Falls
    Rowyn Falls 8 years ago


  • Rowyn Falls
    Rowyn Falls 8 years ago

    dunno, but if it is, my brother would go crazy. it's his fave movie.

  • Eliana Clemente
    Eliana Clemente 8 years ago

    I wish there was a Love it button rather than a like. I love everything about Disney Pixar! XD

  • sotjamz
    sotjamz 8 years ago

    wats your next film gonna be

  • Hugh Mann
    Hugh Mann 8 years ago

    Toy Story 3 is LEGENDARY!! make more!!!!

  • GuestOfGregoryHouse
    GuestOfGregoryHouse 8 years ago

    oi oi

  • callumk94
    callumk94 8 years ago

    @TheDisneypins is there a cars 2 cuming out or r u jus asking to c if it will exist ?

  • Linsay I
    Linsay I 8 years ago

    Toy Story 3... 11 YEARS i've waited for it :L Going today (: i looove it x3

  • Samuel O
    Samuel O 8 years ago

    walt disney FTW!

  • Kayleigh Natasha
    Kayleigh Natasha 8 years ago

    Brill channel

  • TheMetavas
    TheMetavas 8 years ago

    You OFFICIALLY make THE BEST movies in the world!!!

  • Alexa B
    Alexa B 8 years ago

    u guyz rock :X

  • l2aiSamonG
    l2aiSamonG 8 years ago

    อ่า อยากดู toy story3 จังเลย

  • bobbirozann
    bobbirozann 8 years ago

    alice in wonderland was the best movie i evr saw!!!

  • Hằng Lê
    Hằng Lê 8 years ago


  • misal
    misal 8 years ago

    I think PRINCE OF PERSIA is an amazing movie! I love it! Thanks for sharing! Regards, from Argentina!!!

  • Amira Hunter
    Amira Hunter 8 years ago

    i love the prince of persia its such a good movie

  • 张燕
    张燕 8 years ago


  • TheRabidSox
    TheRabidSox 8 years ago

    Tron looks so amazing. I can't wait to see it.

  • titanicpiano14
    titanicpiano14 8 years ago

    Check out my rendition of Love is a Song from Bambi!

  • Beth Graham
    Beth Graham 8 years ago

    Hiya, i love disney movies! check out my videos and sub!

  • 4thcoming
    4thcoming 8 years ago

    God bless.

  • Guy Mercier
    Guy Mercier 8 years ago


  • stopmotionmaker217
    stopmotionmaker217 8 years ago

    I like "Prince of Persia", Amazing movie.

  • Jillian Warman
    Jillian Warman 8 years ago

    Hello! I want to thank all involved with Disney UK for working so hard to provide such wonderful entertainment! You all are a great blessing :-)!

  • SuperNvt
    SuperNvt 8 years ago

    Thank you for your channel! It is Wonderful!

  • AL Reballer
    AL Reballer 8 years ago

    the aprentice thing, seems good cant wait

  • Latifah M.
    Latifah M. 8 years ago

    i hope there's a prince of persia sequel

  • CrystalMurphyMusic
    CrystalMurphyMusic 8 years ago

    Hey, great channel! Hope you can check out my some of my videos when you get a chance, and sub if you like my voice. I'm uploading 2-3 videos every week. Some of my latest videos are better in time by Leona and obsessed by Mariah. Thanks! :)

  • poo bare
    poo bare 8 years ago


  • anna vio
    anna vio 8 years ago

    love Disney movies!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Kim van Geloven
    Kim van Geloven 8 years ago

    love the disney movies

  • rcfan042
    rcfan042 8 years ago

    Thanks! :D

  • s h a t a j
    s h a t a j 8 years ago


  • Josh Burns
    Josh Burns 8 years ago

    Woah, they got David Belle and 3Run to work on Prince of Persia? That sounds promising :)

  • Kari Ong
    Kari Ong 8 years ago

    ooh gosh!!! can't wait to watch TOY STORY 3!! :)

  • Thorne
    Thorne 8 years ago

    i love alice in wonderland *__* <3

  • Christa Patricia
    Christa Patricia 8 years ago

    please add me .. and dont forget to watch my video ..

  • HannahEliine
    HannahEliine 8 years ago

    I would like to work at Disney

  • HannahEliine
    HannahEliine 8 years ago

    I love teen Disney Channel !

  • Ashley Lusk
    Ashley Lusk 8 years ago

    i love your channel!!!!

  • Nida Asghar
    Nida Asghar 8 years ago

    cool! :) love disney!

  • Eskee
    Eskee 8 years ago

    toy story 3 is so funny thanks disney

  • Skyler Jackson
    Skyler Jackson 8 years ago

    omg i want to be in a hannah montana show please

  • rcfan042
    rcfan042 8 years ago

    When is Alice in Wonderland coming out on dvd?

  • Monaliza Cardoso
    Monaliza Cardoso 8 years ago