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  • untold truths
    untold truths 30 seconds ago


  • sh es
    sh es 34 seconds ago

    Damn man she was back with a lot of energy ..look what they have done

  • ceda is de beste
    ceda is de beste Minute ago

    Why wouldnt you go to a stranger things birthday party??!! I would go!!!💕 go on boy!!

  • Lexi Santos
    Lexi Santos Minute ago

    I dont remember Scott being there when Taylor wrote the whole speak now album on her bedroom floor and in her math class. Therefore I don’t know why they think they have right to take it from her.

  • untold truths
    untold truths Minute ago

    Halsey do what she had to do💅periodt. She was the first to speak up

  • Chris Lawson
    Chris Lawson 2 minutes ago

    Beyonce isn't as great as many people say she is.

  • Arun Mishra
    Arun Mishra 2 minutes ago


  • myla theresa
    myla theresa 3 minutes ago

    I believe Taylor all the way. Of course they(those men) will deny everything Taylor said. Because Taylor is telling the truth. Did they mention in that letter how they blackmailed her, no they didn't. If only you waited a little time Clever News, Taylor's team have posted a letter from Big Machine just before her performance in China the 11.11 gala, where she is out to perform 6 songs(3 old and 3 new from Lover) telling her she couldn't perform those old song or else. Taylor ended up just playing 3 song from Lover. If that's not bullying or power-tripping I don't know what is. #IStandWithTaylor

  • annabelle
    annabelle 5 minutes ago

    shawn literally dropped a remix with her 2 days ago and now he is silent...

  • Qu AudioReact
    Qu AudioReact 6 minutes ago

    “America isn’t racist.” “The word isn’t racist anymore, black peoples are only complaining and being victims.” Also racism:

  • Samson Lei
    Samson Lei 6 minutes ago

    Definitely Jeffree !

  • Curtiss Gaga
    Curtiss Gaga 6 minutes ago

    Taylor Has Ever Right To Perform Her Songs Live And Award Shows Scot And Scooter Have No Rights To Take That Away. Taylor Swift Is A Queen Of Icon!

  • robert Ryder
    robert Ryder 6 minutes ago

    These constant attacks from men in the music industry will only fire Taylor up more, she deserves to own and perform her art, I Stand with Taylor!!!

  • Cherri Dickson
    Cherri Dickson 7 minutes ago

    Well the AMAs should schedule a special performance January 1st of next year just to rub it in their face and support Taylor Swift and give her the award then.

    RHOAZ 7 minutes ago

    They are fking with the wrong one.

  • Angela Merkel
    Angela Merkel 8 minutes ago

    Who came here after Swift exposed Scooter twice?

  • Alexandra Anita
    Alexandra Anita 8 minutes ago

    Wooow even gigi hadid team taylor i think only justin n hailey who tea scooter ( i mean hailey just follow juston cos she is unfamous notimportant artist).

  • Deeksha Rajpoot
    Deeksha Rajpoot 8 minutes ago

    If they don't let you sing your own songs just go live on Insta Tay we'll consider that as your concert. That's how many fans love and support you ❤️❤️ always and forever!

  • Ryann Olechow
    Ryann Olechow 8 minutes ago

    That is so wrong and messed up I just don't know what else to say about this.

  • Marilyn Antilla
    Marilyn Antilla 9 minutes ago

    She wrote the songs. Recorded the songs, therefore has every right to perform them. Borchetta & Braun are acting like a couple of 12 yrs old.

    RHOAZ 9 minutes ago

    They are complete morons for not letting her use her music for the AMA’s. Why? Because Taylor is clever af and she will call them out and come up with a way to show what complete morons they are with her stage time.

  • Kelly Michael Delgado Villalobos

    The power of sweatpants, if you know what I mean 😏🤫

  • Jo Fg
    Jo Fg 9 minutes ago


  • Jmyuwel Dillion
    Jmyuwel Dillion 9 minutes ago

    I'm not a fan of hers but I think she should just have everything cuz it's her songs lol

  • Miley Waters
    Miley Waters 9 minutes ago


  • Meredith Wilson
    Meredith Wilson 10 minutes ago

    YUCK 😣

  • Liam Scott
    Liam Scott 10 minutes ago

    i saw an interview with an employee of BMR who said she's completely able to perform her old songs and that they're concerned about what she's been said about the record cuz they never said her nor her team otherwise. It's a pretty weird thing to me something smells bad to me.

  • Harry's Bunny
    Harry's Bunny 10 minutes ago

    Why o why

  • Saud Mubarak
    Saud Mubarak 11 minutes ago

    People are dragging shawn mendes to

  • Itz_ kriistella
    Itz_ kriistella 11 minutes ago

    This is unfair They will pay for what thier doing!

  • A c
    A c 12 minutes ago

    I don’t even like Taylor all that much but she does deserve the right to her music

  • L KM
    L KM 12 minutes ago

    Tired of this being called “drama”. This is NOT drama. This is manipulation, exploitation and a toxic Industry. This is about the working conditions of an entire Industry filled with young artist that has things like this happen to them all the time. Taylor is fighting for all artists right now.

    COLLIN ADAM 12 minutes ago

    Can she lip-sync them at the AMAs? That’s technically not recording them since she’s not singing...

  • nat lol
    nat lol 13 minutes ago

    HELL No

  • Ahmad Diab
    Ahmad Diab 13 minutes ago

    This is such a sad and utterly absurd attempt to make themselves look good. She literally spilled all the tea, something they definitely didn’t see coming, and now they’re trying to clear their image after being exposed... 1. Why would she complain about not being able to perform when she can?! It doesn’t make sense. She wouldn’t do that, there’s no point. and, she has actual receipts to prove all her “claims”, which are facts after you research and see what her team posted. 2. If she really owes them anything, I’m pretty sure they should’ve mentioned that in the first place when this whole thing started. What made them wait until now to say something like that?! Clearly just a made-up lie, they’re throwing false accusations made up on the spur of the moment to make her look bad. 3. I don’t see a point in them having a conversation, Taylor is only asking for the opportunity to buy her music. She is willing to buy it with money! There is no need for negotiations or conversations, they could resolve the whole situation in a moment if they were good ppl, but they’re too greedy to let go of the opportunity to own the music of the biggest star on the planet. 4. They are rambling and using very clear and obviously unprofessional excuses to make themselves look good. Like “working with her for 13 years” and “it’s putting the lives of our employees in danger”. A very see-through and lame attempt at changing the topic and shifting people’s attentions to something completely different and unrelated by using “lives” as an excuse. In conclusion, it’s disappointing to see this absolutely cringe-worthy and try-hard endeavor at playing the “heroes”. There is no need for any talk, it’s clear and obvious. The fact remains that/ - Taylor wants to buy her music - U are not selling it to her We seem to all agree on those 2 points. Then it’s clear whose side to be on Nothing they say matters at all All that matters is them selling her her music #istandwithtaylor And I’m very disappointed in you, clevver. Nothing personal tho, ily susan

  • IITheExiledII
    IITheExiledII 14 minutes ago

    Ew, no one cares

  • I am Blanco
    I am Blanco 14 minutes ago

    Didnt james say one of his old post was about relationships as well lmfaoo maybe im wrong but i feel like that was a major cop out

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose 14 minutes ago

    I don't mind the relationship. They're kinda cute together. I just hope it lasts quite a bit.

  • eline belle
    eline belle 14 minutes ago


  • Mini Miji
    Mini Miji 15 minutes ago

    She has the right to perform her own song keep fighting taylor we are with you.

  • Vlk Etto
    Vlk Etto 15 minutes ago

    Damn Pete has a good taste

  • drea delatorre
    drea delatorre 15 minutes ago

    Avan jogia is hot

  • Brooke Gardner
    Brooke Gardner 16 minutes ago

    Didn't Jeffree himself literally say that James Charles' Sisters merch was signed under Killer Merch in Shane's series? Does no one remember that??

  • I am Blanco
    I am Blanco 16 minutes ago

    N honestly if ur product isnt gonna be better (via mirror) then dont drop it yet lmfaoo

  • marwa hisham
    marwa hisham 16 minutes ago

    #istandwithtaylor 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Chelsea H
    Chelsea H 16 minutes ago

    Kourtney who? She’s irrelevant

  • wd zhang
    wd zhang 16 minutes ago

    #IStandWithTaylor !!

  • I am Blanco
    I am Blanco 17 minutes ago

    The difference between a shane robe and one from james is that shanes would most likely be super cozy af n james i would have to c a review first lmfaoo

  • Rinie massey
    Rinie massey 17 minutes ago

    That is called true friendship and she shouldn't be worry now every single person on Instagram, TheXvid,tumbler and Twitter are with our taylor!!!! But I was thinking whenever taylor find happiness somehow scooter and Scott just barged into it😡😡😡 I really hate the fact that she is always there for her fans and friends but why it happens to her!!! I guess good people always get stuck with these kind of guys !!!!😕🤔

  • Megha T
    Megha T 17 minutes ago

    Why are all Camila's pictures with Shawn? He hasn't said anything about this yet

    • 20110sasha
      20110sasha 16 minutes ago

      true...only her shows her support to Taylor

  • Munings Life
    Munings Life 18 minutes ago

    the lyrics, melody, the idea - the whole is Taylor's but here are thieves claiming her hardwork and the US gov't doesn't even have laws that can protect these music artists.. is there really equality & democracy? i say let's put up a petition lol

  • Lie Lastino
    Lie Lastino 18 minutes ago

    Do more research clevvernews, the news you provide is incomplete. Such a shame

  • C K
    C K 19 minutes ago

    Taylor Swift is such a mediocre artist to even be winning artist of the decade

    • Jdean Winchester
      Jdean Winchester 21 second ago

      Yah. 10x Grammy award winner..and she won multiple AMA awards too. .right... such a mediocre.😒🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 #recognizethesarcasm

  • Stefania Costa
    Stefania Costa 19 minutes ago

    Stop supporting Taylor I’m tired of liking all of these comments

    JUSTIN WILSON 19 minutes ago

    People love to say Ariana moves on too fast and say nothing wen he does. Meanwhile she’s still single and he’s been in like 3 since they broke up.

  • Jus A Little Faith
    Jus A Little Faith 20 minutes ago

    I don’t get it how this guy get those type girls.🤔😏

    • BAD
      BAD 2 minutes ago

      He doesn't put them on pedestal

    • eline belle
      eline belle 13 minutes ago

      He's a major manipulator obviously

    • Shareef Anas
      Shareef Anas 17 minutes ago

      Just say he ugly

  • erin corinne
    erin corinne 20 minutes ago

    @1:11 wow she looks just like her mom. I thought it was Cindy

  • Desiree Laine
    Desiree Laine 21 minute ago

    Taylor needs to grow up!!! Talk with them like adults!!! Stop pouting be the mature woman you claim to be!! You are a brat! 30 year old woman in the industry. Act like it talk with them and iron things out. You just want MORE attention and sympothy!!! Any other artist.... ANY, would have taken care of business with them by now! Stop making it public for your stupid Swifties to go on social media and bash these men!! You literally act 5 years old!!!😒 Smh!!!!.....Btw, I'm willing to bet Taylor is already writing songs,working on an album,and WHOLE new stadium tour...(just like the pitiful victim did all SNAKE geared up against Kim and Kanye)...about these men,her,old record label, and this dragged out situation!! Bet...

  • Casi un Angel
    Casi un Angel 21 minute ago

    This is fucked up , Kaia sweetie you could do so much better

  • TheJanimator
    TheJanimator 21 minute ago

    I’m inclined to believe Taylor here. She gains NOTHING from building this narrative when it’s a stage that’s going to be about nothing BUT HER anyway... also my question I’ve had all morning is if they told her she can’t perform old songs unless she promises not to re-record them later, and she says no, what’s the legal ramifications of her just performing old songs anyway?

  • Deborah Battel
    Deborah Battel 21 minute ago

    Why the hell would she go to Cleveland & cook her ass off for him!?

  • Selina Acosta
    Selina Acosta 21 minute ago

    That’s disgusting 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢, she is half his age!!! He is going to dumb her, quick, just like all of his relationships .

  • Athira Dinesh
    Athira Dinesh 21 minute ago

    Also just genuine down Everyone’s talking about how Liam Payne is dating a 18/19 year old and calling him pedo But what about this , she legit just turned 18 in September 🤨

    • Brooke McCarthy
      Brooke McCarthy Minute ago

      Yeah people are talking about it just Let them be sh is 18 she can think for herself.

    • Anniesha K.
      Anniesha K. 8 minutes ago

      @Vlk Etto even if she would've been under 18 that wouldn't make him a pedofile lol a pedofile is someone who is attracted to boys or girls who didn't hit puperty yet.. People gotta watch out with the words they're using

    • Vlk Etto
      Vlk Etto 15 minutes ago

      And they dated after she turned 18

    • Anniesha K.
      Anniesha K. 19 minutes ago

      Do people even know what pedofile means tho?

  • CRYPTO owens
    CRYPTO owens 22 minutes ago


  • girlfessionzz z
    girlfessionzz z 22 minutes ago

    and he’s 26

  • Carine D
    Carine D 22 minutes ago


  • Isabella Harrison
    Isabella Harrison 22 minutes ago

    what about ari lol?

  • Sw-Jichumochi
    Sw-Jichumochi 22 minutes ago

    Thank u,next

  • Tatiana Ragland
    Tatiana Ragland 22 minutes ago

    Who cares! Two basic and random White people together....groundbreaking🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • lilly true
    lilly true 22 minutes ago


  • Educational Services
    Educational Services 22 minutes ago


  • girlfessionzz z
    girlfessionzz z 22 minutes ago

    she literally just turned 18

    • Vlk Etto
      Vlk Etto 9 minutes ago

      girlfessionzz z I think you need to focus less on a consensual relationship between two strangers. There are worse things in life than a 7 year age gap.

    • girlfessionzz z
      girlfessionzz z 13 minutes ago

      Vlk Etto still weird

    • Vlk Etto
      Vlk Etto 15 minutes ago

      girlfessionzz z still legal

  • Isabella Harrison
    Isabella Harrison 22 minutes ago

    hey!!!!!!! i love clevver news!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elsa Vasquez
    Elsa Vasquez 22 minutes ago


  • i michel
    i michel 22 minutes ago

    Selena is the best and truly Taylor's friend. 💕

  • wd zhang
    wd zhang 22 minutes ago

    I BELIVE IN TAYLO! #IStandWithTaylor hat big machine did in past.. i never gonna believe big machine.. taylor is saying truth.

    BUSSYTINGZ 22 minutes ago


  • meMint
    meMint 23 minutes ago

    Now we know BM legally can't stop her from performing her, nor others songs. Apparently Taylor, her team and BM are all aware of this, so honestly idk what's going on.

    • Tahira Abbasi
      Tahira Abbasi 11 minutes ago

      They can stop her from performing stuff being recorded for national television like the amas and netflix. Because that means that she is licensing the music catalog that scott owns for other purposes, like how you can suffer a copyright if you use someone's music in your mashups or vedios that you post on youtube, like she would be doing on the Netflix doc and the ama performance which will be recorded and played on live television. They can't stop her from playing music on tours and live concerts.

  • Athira Dinesh
    Athira Dinesh 23 minutes ago

    Too early oml

  • anna oop
    anna oop 23 minutes ago

    stream pete davidson now

  • Karma Gad
    Karma Gad 23 minutes ago

    And how much did scooter pay you for this video? Not enough clearly as we can see from those shitty graphics and poor reporting

  • girlfessionzz z
    girlfessionzz z 23 minutes ago

    wait a minute

  • Sash W
    Sash W 23 minutes ago


  • T4533 Semaj
    T4533 Semaj 23 minutes ago


  • Crista Kampert
    Crista Kampert 23 minutes ago

    How is Taylor's statement affecting safety of BMLG employees? Like what logic is that???

  • Christine
    Christine 24 minutes ago

    i am honestly so disgusted by scooter and scott and i can’t wait to see karma strikes on them:)

  • Marmar Haidari
    Marmar Haidari 24 minutes ago


  • KayKovo
    KayKovo 24 minutes ago

    I hope this ruins scooter's career. Now the world sees what a dick him and Scott are. How dare them take away her right to celebrate her decade of performing and singing with her fans. Its sick and messed up and they're doing it because they dont want her to re record her stuff. They wont make money off her songs anymore and that's the problem. They can go screw themselves. #teamswift

  • Addy C
    Addy C 24 minutes ago

    Take this pathetic excuse of a video down! Your information is inaccurate! 🗣🗣🗣

  • twt: gwsnesque
    twt: gwsnesque 24 minutes ago


  • Jaime Lopez
    Jaime Lopez 24 minutes ago

    Thats the best song ive ever heard, it moved my soul, like an angel is in that song somewhere

  • Berihan Abdelsadek
    Berihan Abdelsadek 24 minutes ago

    imagine having 'all too well' stolen from you...

  • twt: gwsnesque
    twt: gwsnesque 24 minutes ago


  • Hafsah Bano
    Hafsah Bano 24 minutes ago

    It makes me so angry wtfff

    • Yani yani
      Yani yani 8 minutes ago


  • Sky Sora
    Sky Sora 25 minutes ago

    This is all just so unfair ITS HER MUSIC, they only care about 30 mil they don't care about Taylor's feelings at all-

  • Annabelle Lavin
    Annabelle Lavin 26 minutes ago

    MEN need to speak up

  • Fatima A
    Fatima A 26 minutes ago


  • Eli Anthony
    Eli Anthony 26 minutes ago

    You guys need to update your facts because this is extremely misleading and people are going to watch this and run with it

  • any one
    any one 26 minutes ago

    Taylor literally gave a career boost to Shawn & Ed.And yet,their ungrategul ass will never publicly stand out for their friend! MEN without BALLS!

  • Addy C
    Addy C 27 minutes ago

    This video is all types of lies and Clevver is obviously misinformed. I’m really disappointed. #IStandWithTaylor 💕