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what my summer looked like
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bad guy - billie eilish cover
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ew feelings
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what my 2018 looked like
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the worst interview ever
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i got invited to the amas??
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W O M E N - tate mcrae
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boston vlog! // tate mcrae
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  • Belle Sofie
    Belle Sofie Hour ago

    YOUR VOICE IS AMAZING YOU ARE SO TALENTED AND I GET GOOSE BUMPS EVERYTIME I HEAR YOUR VOICE keep doing what your doing keep making smiles on people’s face you have such a great future ahead of you!!!🤩😱💜

  • Janey Padilla Reyes

    I lost my boy best friend and now we don't talk because of one girl, I don't hate her but she's not the best person to try to be with. I was friends with her and we stopped being friends because she did something stupid and like when I found that she was trying to get with my best friend I told him what had happened and he just didn't believe me so now we just act like if we were never friends and he's like best friends with some of my friends so we try to keep our distance but sometimes it's hard for me to not talk to him because we always were like the leaders of the group and now we still are but we aren't talking at all so it's awkward between us so we try to get along but when she's there we like hate each other but if your reading this I love you so much you are the best best friend I have ever had, I love you.

  • Adanna Anigbgou
    Adanna Anigbgou 2 hours ago

    I dont make things dramatic but my friends make things SO dramatic they lie so they have a reason not to be my friends. So for the past 3 months i have been dealing with fake friends all the time. I never could actually find real friends so I shut people out when they said "do you want to be friends". And like a year went by and slowly I started to make new friends so so i definitely know how it feels to have friends. So my advice is to just get to know them before you start being there friends. That advice really helped me through a lot of situations i had with my so called "friends". till this day I still have a problem trusting people . It is so hard letting people in my life sometimes but my goal is to really try,so i understand how it feels.

  • Amber ColvIn
    Amber ColvIn 2 hours ago

    that was alsom i love you($$

  • Faza Nabila
    Faza Nabila 2 hours ago

    What'S chord on this song

  • Liv Just Me
    Liv Just Me 2 hours ago

    You are a talent ❤️

  • Kasi Tryonas
    Kasi Tryonas 2 hours ago

    Who else loves her singing voice just to let you know I can sing just like that and you’re probably better😊😊😊

  •  2 hours ago

    i love you so much

  • Amber Rodriguez
    Amber Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    My fav son is ex bestfeiend i listen it 20 times i got lots of ex best friends

  • Amber Rodriguez
    Amber Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    I can feel the power in her song

  • sensei _
    sensei _ 2 hours ago

    When you try to be Billie eillish

  • Zeus Maranan
    Zeus Maranan 2 hours ago

    bestfriend kita, bestfriend mo ba ako? hirap pag unrequited yung friendship natin :(((

  • Mallory Hansen
    Mallory Hansen 2 hours ago

    Omg I hate Tate, Always making me cry and shit😭❤️ you’re such an amazing lyricist!!

  • sensei _
    sensei _ 2 hours ago

    No way it's not a voiceover

  • Alondra Hernandez
    Alondra Hernandez 2 hours ago

    All of my best friends moved and left me with a fake friend

  • Philippa W.
    Philippa W. 3 hours ago

    omg i feel this so hard i wish i could send this to her but she wouldn not even answer

  • Fun Times
    Fun Times 3 hours ago

    We know more than what we tell you. Sadly we do know more than what we tell our parents

  • Lysha Da Gacha Gurl
    Lysha Da Gacha Gurl 3 hours ago

    About 5 years ago, I had to move away from all my friends, 1 year later I found out that my bestie died in a car crash... At least she’s in a better place now. And you’ll never, ever, be forgotten.

  • lorenzo puocci
    lorenzo puocci 3 hours ago

    Spotify pls

  • ItsDaydreamGirl
    ItsDaydreamGirl 3 hours ago

    I kinda wanna send this to an ex best friend, but then it'll seem like I'm a baby. Can I do a cover on this, I'll give you credit

  • Amanda Mackey
    Amanda Mackey 4 hours ago


  • sad bitch hernandez
    sad bitch hernandez 4 hours ago

    Omg your voice is so beautiful I love every song you make and they always seem to make me cry but still your songs are relatable and heart warming and ugh I just love you and your songs 💕❤️♥️♥️

  • Thomas Round
    Thomas Round 4 hours ago

    if this comment gets 250 likes i will tell my crush that all the gifts from her secret admirer was me

  • Idkwhothehelliam
    Idkwhothehelliam 4 hours ago

    No ones truly ur friend 8f they replace u with someone else

  • Najal Nakahus
    Najal Nakahus 4 hours ago


    KITTEN LOVER XoXo 4 hours ago

    Roblox players: *snatches weave* WEAVE SNATCHED Tate: *snatches hoodies* HOIDUE SNATCHED

  • Lena R. Does youtube

    I used your song on my channel! You are amazing!

  • sofiaaa
    sofiaaa 4 hours ago

    I hate that I can relate to this song so much

  • Emilia Borg
    Emilia Borg 5 hours ago

    I need you to know this, you are my role model, my idol, the best singer,the prettiest person ever❤️

  • Rand Alsheheri
    Rand Alsheheri 5 hours ago

    My best friends where gossping about me and they told me this"we dont wanna be ur bestfriend ur the worst we hate u go away from us

  • TEE Howard
    TEE Howard 5 hours ago

    100 likes and ill sing this to my ex or crush

  • kaeli caldwell
    kaeli caldwell 5 hours ago

    You sound like An angel! 🥰

  • kaeli caldwell
    kaeli caldwell 5 hours ago


  • Hejhej leverpastej Lol

    This is amazing😵🥺❤️

  • layla peat
    layla peat 6 hours ago

    All I want is a " are you okay"

  • hino hinoka yepzzz yepzzz

    piano tutorial please ? I wanna cover this song 😭😭

  • Courtney Lewis
    Courtney Lewis 6 hours ago

    Everyone of these lyrics is actually happening in my life and I’m actually kinda depressed

  • Wanda Hardin
    Wanda Hardin 6 hours ago

    Tate: take 779. Hehehe Me: 😂

  • Wanda Hardin
    Wanda Hardin 6 hours ago

    Tate: "I've understood that you will never be mine. And that's fine. I'm just breaking inside" Me: when I got rejected by my crush Camren, my heart shattered

  • Wanda Hardin
    Wanda Hardin 6 hours ago

    Tate: *swings leg around* Me: how are you that flexible?

  • Queen_Of_Savage 313
    Queen_Of_Savage 313 6 hours ago

    Im 13 and this song describes exactly what im going through especially the part when yous said that people think im crazy and useless even tho i try my best im allways useless to my parents they are allways yelling for no reason but i come here to feel understood i ♥️ u

  • ReBeCcA rAbBit
    ReBeCcA rAbBit 7 hours ago

    My friend Makayla has art with my crush i asked her to tell him on Monday. Im scared

  • iiconic haniya
    iiconic haniya 7 hours ago

    THIS SONG IS MY FAV TATE! 😁😁😁LYYSSSMMM 🥰🥰💋💋💋😍😍😘😘😘💖💖💖💖

  • Wanda Hardin
    Wanda Hardin 7 hours ago

    I can't stop listening to this!

  • Ruby Daykin
    Ruby Daykin 7 hours ago

    Those 1.1k people who disliked probably accidentally pressed it whilst crying their eyes out

  • Ruby Daykin
    Ruby Daykin 7 hours ago

    You actually sound like Billie Eilish or Emma chamberlain (not her singing)

  • Sara Baines
    Sara Baines 8 hours ago

    11:11 is my favorite song so far

  • Fire Fox And Snow Wolf

    You remind me of billie

  • Gamer/Sports Dude
    Gamer/Sports Dude 8 hours ago

    Do you want a boyfriend

  • Lore Hermans
    Lore Hermans 8 hours ago

    I love this soo much!😍 is there anyone interested in watching my cover?

  • Mila Yakimoska
    Mila Yakimoska 9 hours ago

    Yea i wonder if my name has crossed your mind even for a second, know it's been a second Since we ever talked or face each other eye to eye, know it been it's been hectic ya i shoulda said this It kinda hurts cuz it's insane yea we walk by and if like i don't even know you, like I've never met you I see our pictures on my phone and question why we didn't try but we were just habits, thought we'd always have it So to my ex best friend i thought I'd know till the end sorry i know things aren't going as we planned To my once ride or die, the one who always knew me right we would swear it'd will always end up You and I We really messed up this time We really messed up this time What about all the nights Where we'd talk about our lives We were just wishing, Wish i would've listened It kinda hurts cuz it's insane yea we walk by and if like i don't even know you, like I've never met you I see our pictures on my phone and question why we didn't try but we were just habits, thought we'd always have it So to my ex best friend i thought I'd know till the end sorry i know things aren't going as we planned To my once ride or die, the one who always knew me right we would swear it'd will always end up You and I We really messed up this time.

  • aly kim 27
    aly kim 27 9 hours ago

    to my ex bestfriend i know im not a perfect friend that time, i was also being immature and clingy and all but it's just because i wanted your attention. We met because you and your bestfriend fought, and I was there to help you two get fixed, but it didn't happened(well atleast your still talking to each other), we became close that year yet even you have your other circle of friends and i have mine too. But i think i could say that i was there when you needed me, anytime, any situation, i was there to help, and at first it was fine. Until the next school year, we had different sections, we were apart, everything changed. I slowly noticed how it became quiet, how it was just me who will chat you first cause if not, we wouldn't talk for the whole day. I noticed how your happy with others, while me, im still holding onto you cause you're my only bestfriend that time. Then you had a boyfriend, and i was there when you cried because of them, but you never remembered me when you're in good terms haha. And there, i started to get tired. I confessed to you about that and you said sorry, but nothing changed, you're still the same.Until it was two, three, four times that i gave you chances but never worked. Maybe it was a good decision to leave you even if I don't want to, but im hurt. So if ever I'll see you again, i don't think I would want some closure.

  • I D O L S
    I D O L S 9 hours ago

    She looks like a fusion of camila a cabello and billie eilish

  • My World
    My World 11 hours ago


  • Hayriye Karaca
    Hayriye Karaca 11 hours ago

    When parents are so rude and dont understand what we are saying why do you dont go away and live allone ? Why cant you left your mother or father behind you ? Be happy with what you have because what would you do without your parents ? Without your mother who born you without your father ?

  • Mishca Doobree
    Mishca Doobree 11 hours ago

    I related to this a little bit too much... It’s like my life explained in a song...

  • Airyn's World
    Airyn's World 12 hours ago

    "everything I love I lose" omg so relatable 😭

  • Tayyiba Iqbal
    Tayyiba Iqbal 12 hours ago

    I havent seen my best friend 3 months and whenever i try to call her she never answerd we were just happy girl i hope i can meet her again😭😭😭

  • Just DIY
    Just DIY 12 hours ago

    She looks like Sommer ray and Emma Chamberlain

  • Giulia C
    Giulia C 12 hours ago

    You sound a lot like billie eilish ! Very nice voice and style!

  • ITS kuuma
    ITS kuuma 13 hours ago

    You're better than for 1million subscribers! Even if Billie eilish is the star right now, I'm sure you will be at her level soon!😍😍

  • Supreme Sister
    Supreme Sister 13 hours ago

    The auto tune is really bad

  • Jaelyn Monroe
    Jaelyn Monroe 13 hours ago

    I wanna die omg

  • fabulous chay
    fabulous chay 13 hours ago

    i got an ex bestf who has fck'ing two faces, these 1 year and 3 months r literally for nothing. she said that she hated a girl that's one of our classmate but then she just left me and be friend with that girl. i was a bit hurted but not for so long after i heard that she always talks behind me about my behavior to everyone. i was lonely, depressed, heartbroken, feeling useless after i heard all of those, i cried the whole night and there's something on my mind "ur tears aren't worth it for that bitch" / well then i got a new 2 friends that would always helped me and supported me not like that dumb bitch. this is a real story of mine, now that dumb bitch is still a friend of the girl she used to hate. they kinda made me jealous but now idfc bout' that.

  • party favor
    party favor 13 hours ago

    Fun story imma make it super short if I want more details then ask but I had a best friend sense I was 2 around when I was 7 I moved far away and always wanted to see her but couldn’t I did once but it wasn’t the same I finally moved back at 10 and I went to her house and said hi we hung out but she was different and she almost broke my neck and didn’t care but whatever the next day went to school looking for her and she was with someone else and she was hanging out with a “new” best friend and didn’t wanna hang out with me because she’s “cool now” and I’m not

  • Millie Dowdall
    Millie Dowdall 13 hours ago

    11 years.. 11 years of taking care of you when you were hurt, 11 years of calming you panic attacks, 11 years of putting fucking no one above you. followed by 1 year of me blaming myself, crying most nights and slitting my wrist because of one simple text messages ‘we cant be friends anymore’ i want to say to anyone who is going through some thing like that stop right now. the reason i did it because i thought it was me who was the problem and my life got worst and worst until i had no one piece of self confidence left. it gets better ❤️

  • party favor
    party favor 13 hours ago

    Yes mother I like a boy he’s now my boyfriend he cares about me get over it I’m fine I have my own mind I need love too.

  • Valerie Carrasco
    Valerie Carrasco 14 hours ago

    i feel like every song Tate writes its something that i would write and sing i love her songs and I relate so much to a lot of her songs

  • Avery O'Dylan
    Avery O'Dylan 14 hours ago


  • Rawr Meh dino
    Rawr Meh dino 14 hours ago

    I want to cry but I'm eating m&ms

  • Nur Aisyah
    Nur Aisyah 15 hours ago

    She will never comeback😪

  • XJasX MSP
    XJasX MSP 15 hours ago

    dear alex, you will never ever ever read this, but i just want you to know that i don't blame myself for our break up. i don't hate myself for not being your idea of a perfect girlfriend. because your idea of a perfect girlfriend is a girl who would be totally okay with being controlled and abused. i hope you change, because i'd hate myself if i let another girl feel the same way i did when you cheated on me with my best friend. i hope you stop ruining your relationships, and stop thinking it's okay to put girls down. no girl deserves the treatment you give them. but i hope you know that you broke me, and if you do, i don't think you'll care. but i hope that some part of you feels guilty for pushing me to become this depressed and broken little girl who does nothing but write sad songs in her room all day. it's really sad because there are some days where i want nothing more than to just be held by you again, but i know that it would just result in having to feel that awful pain again. you stabbed me in the back, and you do it continuously to every one of your victims. we are not objects for you to bid on. you did not win us. you had the privilege of getting to know us and be with us. yet somehow you still think it's okay to go around breaking our hearts and your promises. i hope you learn. i hope you stop. because feeling absolutely shattered is the most awful feeling in the world. -kenzie

  • crazy _1
    crazy _1 15 hours ago

    So how can I download this song in my playlist without downloading any app? I am so addicted to this song

  • Ariana Brainard
    Ariana Brainard 15 hours ago

    U have a beautiful voice and I like u song

  • Bloody Mary
    Bloody Mary 15 hours ago

    Beautiful talent

  • emmer
    emmer 16 hours ago

    in elementary school i had a group of best friends. we always played together on the playground and sat next to each other at lunch. once i got to middle school that circle really died down and it consisted of two girls from elementary and a guy we had met in 6th grade. it was okay though. i never thought anything of it. fast forward to summer and i reunited with my elementary school best friend. we practically spent the whole summer together. sleepovers for days straight, vacations, swimming, etc. now she barely even talks to me because its all about her new best friends. now school’s back and i’m separated from the main three. i do have some friends in my class but i know i’m never the first choice. i don’t have a number one best friend who i can go to for everything. or i can have sleepovers with all the time. my mains have met new people that they call their bff. i have friends, but no best friends. i just hate not being able to trust anyone. i want my best friend back.

  • WEIRD BOI 9321
    WEIRD BOI 9321 16 hours ago

    Fuck you write somthing that means somthing, this means nothing

  • Jaden Carmicheal
    Jaden Carmicheal 16 hours ago

    Me and my ex bestie used to be stuck together like glue. In 3rd grade we formed our friendship. We were in the same class. In 4th grade we were still besties but I had alot of other friends as well. In 5th grade one of my friends were in her class and I wasn't in there with them. We just dont even talk anymore

  • Lyric lee
    Lyric lee 16 hours ago

    This song made me cry it's so good...I've been through allot of shit and this brought back some memories that are undescribable to me...this is my new favorite song...I love you

  • Taylor Renee
    Taylor Renee 16 hours ago

    Go on America’s got talent

  • Susan Wells
    Susan Wells 16 hours ago

    This song makes me cry every time and I’ve listened to it millions of times. The parts that really get to me are the habits part and the nights where we’d talk about our lives

  • Extreme girl Miner X
    Extreme girl Miner X 16 hours ago

    You look like Billie Eilish

  • Swaggy Maddie
    Swaggy Maddie 17 hours ago

    this made me cry because this just happened to me😢

  • Marella Redek
    Marella Redek 17 hours ago

    Wait, you sang this?!?!

  • Vanessa Tenoriovelez
    Vanessa Tenoriovelez 17 hours ago

    Why do i always listen to this and i cry 😖😢

  • Lucy V
    Lucy V 17 hours ago

    My favorite song is this one and one day i love that song ❤️ 💕 and i love you to 💗

  • Hi I'm Niangfries
    Hi I'm Niangfries 18 hours ago

    Imagine. Introducing. Your. Bestfriend. To.Your.Other Friend. And.Your just happy.That.They're getting along. But, deep down, you just missed hanging out with that person alone. Watching them inviting you after school, but ya'll really never talk and you.Just.Feel.Left.Out.

  • After all this time? Always

    Before I found Tate, I could never describe the kind of music I wanted to/ tried to write, I just always called it “like if Shawn Mendes Illuminate album and Dodie collabed but only played piano and it was all acoustic”. Now I can just say “like Tate McRae”, and it’s awesome. No one knows who she is, but all that means is I’m sharing Tate with new people who will love her 😍.

    MANNY THOMASSON 18 hours ago

    hiii tate love your vide