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Supreme Corpse - A Rant
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Death by Debate: A Rant
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Godspeed, Rutger Hauer!
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007: The Woke is Not Enough
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The Cortez Conundrum
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The Masochism of The Media
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Kotaku in Kollapse
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Metal Mythos: KING DIAMOND
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Mueller's Day Off - A Rant
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The Great Patreon Purge
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Godspeed, Stan Lee! (R.I.P.)
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  • Војкан Селаковић

    22:47 and 25:30 The original Metal Mythos episode did this epic moments better.

  • Necrotic Carnage
    Necrotic Carnage 44 minutes ago

    I honestly thought Razor was gonna pull a gotcha during the end there but wow that was really heartfelt man

  • Pan M
    Pan M Hour ago

    The Great War is good shit

  • The N7 Spartan 111

    Even though I like all 3 games, I respect how you felt about 3. (Still better than Andromeda if you want me to be honest)

  • TearofLyys
    TearofLyys 2 hours ago

    You convinced me. Michael Jackson is innocent. Just like Mike Tyson.

  • William Jordan
    William Jordan 2 hours ago

    Damn Props!!! Respect!

  • WereWolfWoody
    WereWolfWoody 3 hours ago

    "Remember the Time" Performed by #MeToo movement's first victim 🤣

  • firedrone111
    firedrone111 3 hours ago

    aint goonna lie.. i prefer the ozzy era

  • CorvinDallaz
    CorvinDallaz 3 hours ago

    God, it's pretty sad to come back and watch the end section of this video, and realise that the Left across the Western world only went further into the madness and rage, and that the press lost any principles it might have had left...

  • F P
    F P 4 hours ago

    YO ---> This is what you're looking for

  • Chris la due
    Chris la due 4 hours ago

    Why are a bunch of the videos in this series region locked in the United States? I need more man.

  • Chris la due
    Chris la due 4 hours ago

    DS9 was the first star trek I ever watched I just got done rewatching the whole series and I was still craving more when I found your videos and binged them all. Please keep making these man I love the analyses and breakdowns. Its helping with the post binge depression and itches.

  • Ikrani
    Ikrani 4 hours ago

    Pretty obvious the lockpicking was NOT designed with consoles in mind.

  • Spam Box
    Spam Box 5 hours ago

    This is my first time hearing your voice without the exaggerated rage, it's very soothing.

  • Ultimate Heresy
    Ultimate Heresy 6 hours ago

    Antifa is the biggest disappointment since the Crucifixion.

  • Bruce Laborin
    Bruce Laborin 6 hours ago

    "Remember to keep comments respectful and to follow our Community Guidelines"? This entire video VIOLATES said sentiment. Never mind his meth-head demeanor, his SOUL is just FUGLY.

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis 6 hours ago

    Ba-dee ba-dee ba-dee ba-dee. Uhuhuhuhbama

  • Monty2289
    Monty2289 6 hours ago

    I think the thing is...I wouldn't want someone that can make a top down decision with Biden's recollection ability as POTUS. That sounds fucking terrifying. If you're gonna shit on Trump for doing something bad at the very least you don't have to assume he's mentally defective

  • Avoan Black
    Avoan Black 6 hours ago

    I identity as someone who cares if there is a slider or not. Which in reality I am not. Cuz I don't care if a dude calls their genitals as non important to their gender. It's Battletech! I want mechs. My Decker died during the first mission by being shot by a tank. I identify them as dead weight. And I can say that - cuz his last name sounds Polish.

  • GunBlade
    GunBlade 6 hours ago

    Everything from affirmative action, to japanese internment, to focusing on illegal immigration rather than mending the legal immigration policy to this now, the DNC hates us Asians

    • GunBlade
      GunBlade 6 hours ago

      Bahahahahahaha @ the driving dig at the end

  • Dustin Toland
    Dustin Toland 8 hours ago

    The defense rests

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen 8 hours ago

    Every movie you brought up was loved by critics and audiences. Look. You can't change history and you can't change Hollywood by spreading misinformation. Get over it.

  • justin lowe
    justin lowe 8 hours ago

    I remember the shadow movie

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen 8 hours ago

    Salt of the earth is also a fantastic film according to critics. Maybe you're just butthurt.

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen 9 hours ago

    Crossfire got good reviews so maybe their critisisms hold water Razor.

  • Duncan Harrell
    Duncan Harrell 9 hours ago Might wanna give this a look. Sadly, I doubt this will shatter the Kult of Kojima.

  • Religious Otaku
    Religious Otaku 9 hours ago

    I play dishonor still, mainly because it is fun and after playing through trying to be peaceful and still getting the chaos ending, I always say screw it and became an assassin that is able to basically kill everyone because it is amazing to just let loose. Although I do agree with you on most of your points and wow those promises got screwed over

  • jesusknight72
    jesusknight72 11 hours ago

    Where was lynch when New Black Panthers were pushing Obama?

  • ErickRedbeard
    ErickRedbeard 11 hours ago

    Totally agree that killing off Kai Opaca was wasteful. That could and should have been done more meaningfully. I would have particularly liked if she had died under somewhat suspicious circumstances and suddenly Winn shows up to start assuming the role. Maybe right after Opaca discovers something about Winn she hasn't revealed to anyone since she doesn't want to openly discredit a fellow cleric. That could have opened the door to Winn being involved with Ducat or some similar villainy a lot earlier adding some more tension with her annoying presence.

  • Venomorph
    Venomorph 11 hours ago

    11:36 till 13:16 being a thrash head i can say u fucking nailed it xDD damn right

  • Raphael Ponzi
    Raphael Ponzi 11 hours ago

    Awesome stream, lads. Cheers.

  • Starman
    Starman 12 hours ago

    4:04 he was taken to soon

  • Talia T
    Talia T 12 hours ago

    As a parent, I would always err on the side of caution, and as a child I assumed he must've been guilty. Looking at it now with the actual evidence presented it's very clear that MJ was innocent.

  • Hero Historian
    Hero Historian 12 hours ago

    I'm so glad that my dad introduced me to characters like Solomon Kane, Elric, Conan, and the Shadow when I was a kid. I'm almost 22 now and have a collection of all those character's stories, and love all of them.

  • ThatsRight
    ThatsRight 13 hours ago

    "complete piece of shit" - sounds like psychological projection. "Terrified" - LIAR "More compassionate" - virtue signaling

  • Starman
    Starman 14 hours ago

    The first TWD was good The Wolf Among Us was good and borderlands was good but they made so much fucking garbage that is unwatchable I completely gave up when I heard they were going to milk TWD for whatever content it might have after the shithole of season 3 the death of TTgames was way overdue

  • Matthew Bedford
    Matthew Bedford 14 hours ago

    Damn those fucking Casio's

  • skyesfury
    skyesfury 14 hours ago

    "Progressives are more compassionate people" At first I want to laugh at how absolutely brainless and intentionally ignorant this is. Then I remember that the lack of brain activity is not intentional, they aren't consciously deciding to be so incredibly dumb. Their stupidity is just part of their being. The intentionally ignorant can at least be educated and helped to see their ignorance.

  • TominBach
    TominBach 14 hours ago

    Surprised he didn't call them "Deplorables" during his interview. But I guess the call of his share of the gate far outweighs his moral principles.

  • Starman
    Starman 14 hours ago

    Wow?? Teen mom ad?

  • Angela
    Angela 15 hours ago

    This is hilarious but informative

  • Lou B
    Lou B 16 hours ago

    What a boomer cuck

  • Artur Eff
    Artur Eff 17 hours ago

    cant watch it for the narration….

  • Starman
    Starman 18 hours ago

    If I was nailed by Michael Jackson fuck the police I wouldn't suck him like a parasite more then twice but enough to move out of whatever shithole I might live in into a little more then average home

  • Ryan Head
    Ryan Head 18 hours ago

    Where is part 1-3?

  • Starman
    Starman 19 hours ago

    Well I was lied too.. MJ was still weird tho like holy shit

  • Dros
    Dros 19 hours ago

    I've been waiting 14 years. I don't care what platform its on, I dont care if the dev's ate babies while they made the game.

  • boobio1
    boobio1 20 hours ago

    Don't feed the people that hate you.

  • Mrboy21ful
    Mrboy21ful 21 hour ago

    With Pussyhat combat and Tekken just plain old sucking. Lmao I’m done.

  • Brandon Jenner
    Brandon Jenner 22 hours ago

    lol the predator eats hot dogs!

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown 22 hours ago

    Garbage... Hollywood is done... Kinda like the NFL only assholes care about that liberal dog shit,.,

  • Phil Ouze
    Phil Ouze 23 hours ago

    The CMS rules. That's all there is to it. H&K!

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese 23 hours ago

    McCain threw a temper tantrum on his navy vessel from being told he wasn't allowed to fly that day, and in his imputance, fired a jet rocket in the side of the ship's upper deck, killing 3 men. His father being a senator covered it up.

  • Bryan Becker
    Bryan Becker Day ago

    Burzum- s/t debut, Immortal- Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism, Bathory- Under The Sign Of The Black Mark, Emperor- In The Nightside Eclipse, Infernal Majesty- None Shall Defy, Darkthrone- Transylvanian Hunger. Honorable mentions to: ABSU, Gorgoroth, Drudkh, Arckanum, Taake, Abigor, Summoning, Fin, Arkona (I know they are listed as pagan metal, but their early work and recent release, Khram show their blackened roots), Marduk, Satyricon (demo &first 3 releases), early Graveland (Under The Glare Of Burning Churches and Carpathian Wolves-before their shift to Epic Pagan Metal), Behemoth, Watain, Behexen, Samhain (horror punk to many, but Black Metal bands should take note of their eerie atmospheres on some of their tracks), Venom and honestly-Deicide, Morbid Angel, Immolation, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate, Vader, Vital Remains, SepticFlesh, are bands that I have categorized as BM too.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian Day ago

    I have believed for some time that this whole thing (and really everything in the media) was used to deflect and avert attention from real news worthy material. Michael also posed a threat to those in the business. He had even stated in a phone call "They are going to kill me. They could say it was drugs, or an accident, I don't know. But they're trying to kill me." The news is used to keep people's attention while the banksters are destroying everything. They will release the most sensational and ridiculous crap to keep you going "Oooooo AAhhhh." while they ruin everything around you. How people STILL can't see this is beyond me. I'm gonna go ahead and quote Anthrax here: "The REAL world is outside your door!" Turn off the tv and wake up.

  • Philip Bradbury

    King Diamond disappears then reappears!?..

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight Day ago

    if you look up Walt Disney's testimony at the hearings you'll see comments from simps claiming that he was a liar

    • Artie Rupinen
      Artie Rupinen 7 hours ago

      @Black Knight Wha?

    • Black Knight
      Black Knight 8 hours ago

      @Artie Rupinen the comment section is full of big government hacks and anti capitalists

    • Artie Rupinen
      Artie Rupinen 9 hours ago

      And their wrong. He was a hardcore Capitalist.

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese Day ago

    Alice In Chains gave RJD his award?! My favorite artists, giving another favorite artist an award made my day.

  • cj's youtube
    cj's youtube Day ago

    I grew up listening to my dad’s 70s Queen tapes - News of the World, Night at the Opera, A Day at the Races, Queen 1 and 2. He was a huge fan back in high school and continues to be. I remember he bought Innuendo when it came out and we played the shit out of that tape. And as amazing and seminal as Innuendo is, I admit to liking The Miracle just a *smidge* more. Both are my favorites, don’t get me wrong. It was a sad day when Freddie died, even though I didn’t quite understand what had happened (I was only six at the time). Fast forward years later, my two-year-old loves Queen as well. I had the Greatest Hits album on when he was fussing at just a few weeks old, but he stopped crying to listen. Something about Freddie’s voice that calms him down and even soothes him to sleep.

  • Edward st.antoine

    rage on brother

  • Mr.Garbage_625

    I still will never understand how its ok for kojima and only kojima to put his name everywhere and not credit writers only him though if half life 3 said a gabe production he would get shit on because not only him made it but for kojima everyone supports his ego and seems fine with it

  • Dr. Medic
    Dr. Medic Day ago

    Graham was going off on them hard. Go go Graham!

  • Nazyair sengikar

    Trump is way smarter than we all give him credit for.

  • Blackstar
    Blackstar Day ago

    2:02 T-T-T-Today Mr Obama

  • Weaver Games
    Weaver Games Day ago

    Toronto rave scene in the 90s was the best time to be alive man. I will always have nostalgia of that time.

  • kittehdrawrs
    kittehdrawrs Day ago

    I may not like Queen, but goddamn I can listen to razor do a music mythos on any band

  • Matthew Phelps

    I'm almost half tempted to say "fuck it" and have the country go commie, just to see these people get everything taken from them. It would suck for me too, but I have less to lose, but man would it hurt for them. Never mind, they ain't worth it.

  • katey1dog
    katey1dog Day ago

    Raphael Adolini on the pistol?

  • katey1dog
    katey1dog Day ago

    Alan Silvestries score in this was epic, but I got whiffs of Back to the Future.

  • ErickRedbeard
    ErickRedbeard Day ago

    Discovered you because of Crowder, but this is going to be some of the best geekery I’ve engaged in for some time, I can tell.

  • HyperDimension Bliss

    "How many celebrities swore up, down, left, right and sideways they'd ship off to Canuckistan if T-rump won in 2016?" When the name Canuckistan hurts more because it's absolutely true than because it's an insult. What has my country become.

  • A E
    A E Day ago

    Great vid! Might check this out! Will wait for the steam release scince ps4 doesn't heve enough good fighting games to justify getting a fight stick for it.

  • lingbloodelf
    lingbloodelf Day ago

    its 2019 and i found this guy not long ago... he has come a long way!

  • slack blabbath

    shez a narcisstic travesty to this nation republican democrat libertarian green etc party aside. she is not the intention of the american peoples needs. she barely weighs 80 pounds soaking wet ppl this is such a slap n the face of America and its republic!!!

    • slack blabbath
      slack blabbath Day ago

      we should not b in a position where we arent even sure if a critical representative of our government can even wipe their own arse without assistance,! end of story

  • Artie Rupinen
    Artie Rupinen Day ago

    14:45 Man fuck you! On the Waterfront was an amazing film and holds up spectacularly! You just hate it because it was highly critical of Capitalism and various cultures, such as the hypocrisy of Christianity in the modern day. Critisisms that still hold water today!

  • Sean Ashmead
    Sean Ashmead Day ago

    I'm tired of voting for dinosaurs.

  • Craig Hooker
    Craig Hooker Day ago

    I watched this movie last night just so I could watch Razorfist's take on it.

  • Mj_ lives_on
    Mj_ lives_on Day ago

    Thank you so much...🙏🙏🙏

  • 3K Martial Arts Shihan Erika

    The American people believe everything they see on the screens, like Chuck Norris is going to save them, or Rambo can fight a thousand enemies without any bullet killing him. What a way to manipulate the mind, the entertainment industry is creating true idiots that are easy to manipulate in the world. If you let this injustice against MJ happen, all artists will be exposed to being falsely accused of money. All artists should fight for justice.

  • Gay Mexican With a Lisp

    The symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome are eerily similar to Rabies.

  • Gay Mexican With a Lisp

    TDS has fried more celebrities brains than drugs.

  • Patrick Theisen

    6. Hellhammer - Satanic Rites // 5. Burzum - Hvis lysett tar oss // 4. Darkthrone - Under a funeral moon // 3.Bathory - Bathory // 2. Burzum - Filosofem // 1.MGLA - Exercises in futility

  • Abe TheArtist
    Abe TheArtist Day ago

    YANG 2020

  • Mr. Mayhem
    Mr. Mayhem Day ago

    All of these sound the same, not saying it’s bad just because I don’t care for it but you can just buy 1 album and you’ll be fine.

  • J Hall
    J Hall Day ago

    Thanks for the education RF - One more terminal TDS wanker exposed.

  • justin lowe
    justin lowe Day ago

    Styx recommend you so here I am and I'm not disappointed 👍👍👌👌🤘

  • The Purest Form of Cancer

    6:47 source material please... for research purposes

  • rminitials
    rminitials Day ago

    Unfortunate that entertainers feel they need to push their agendas. Know your place..

  • me notyu
    me notyu Day ago

    Metalheads used to pride ourselves in looking like outsiders and non conformists so its a bit disheartening to see Bruce Dickinson lamenting that people treat us the way we have presented ourselves for 4 decades. Its not preconceptions, its a valid interpretation of the way your present yourself.a If you unironically use the word microaggression, you are not metal.

  • DL 5
    DL 5 Day ago

    Metal Mythos: Venom make it happen

  • Rocker01ndomablE

    They were Heavy Metal in their youth. Now, they're just another bunch of alcoholic/cokehead rich guys. Get their 80s recs & piss on the rest of them.

  • Daan Passé
    Daan Passé Day ago

    I keep holding off on this game because it seems too hard for i enjoy SF5 and MK11 but it took me a while for them to ''click'' and i started to learn, Then i tried Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragonball Fighterz amd i couldn't do those paragraph-lengh combos no matter how long i practiced. Maybe this game is a nice middle ground.

  • Wyman Lew
    Wyman Lew Day ago

    Did you know MJ’s nephew Taj Jackson has a GoFundMe to make a documentary to clear MJ’s name??

    • Big K
      Big K 14 hours ago

      He made a video where he talked to tai Jackson about that if I'm not mistaken.

  • Fat Skeptic
    Fat Skeptic Day ago

    As a Canadian, im glad you kept your progressive authoritarians superstars. Cus honestly we already have enough, we don't need anymore.

  • HardBoiled1871

    The audacity on this guy (Kojima, I mean)... "On 2015/12/16 I became independent. No office, just a tiny room, no staff, no machines nothing. All I had was this KJP logo, notepad & pen and my own PC. I started to work on the concept while recruiting staffs, finding office & game engine. Had dream and connection that's all.👍" (taken from Kojimbo's twitter). He forgot about his $30 million net worth, numerous connections and what not. A senior moment, perhaps?

  • Dina N
    Dina N 2 days ago

    The thing I find disturbing is that charges of negligence were never brought against the parents and that these kids should have been removed from the family. My reasoning: What loving, caring parent EVER, would allow their kids to go spend the night with a grown man? EVER!!!?

  • Dina N
    Dina N 2 days ago

    I remember that shortly after his death, the first 2 boys (by that time, men), came out and apologized for having lied about Michael. The first guy said that his dad had sent him to Michaels’ with the intention of extorting money from Michael.

  • RS Music
    RS Music 2 days ago

    57:42 ZAOs biggest issue was their use of electric drums in the studio.

  • RS Music
    RS Music 2 days ago

    22:03 GamerPoop reference!!!

  • Paul Jordan
    Paul Jordan 2 days ago

    Why don’t you review Tombstone? I know it’s not really your typical style of motion picture, but it has Snake Plis... Kurt Russell. One of my favorite flicks of all the times.