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[DOXTAPE] Maddox - Engine
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  • Giftz B
    Giftz B 3 minutes ago

    So ATEEZ is dropping their album October 8th apparently....., pray for our souls ATINY We will have lots of competition but we have to try and get them a win so plz collect points on idol champ and StarPlay Get a melon,genie and soribada account so we can get them so digital points And be ready to but the album and vote and STRE3M

  • in*** k
    in*** k 47 minutes ago

    노래 좋타 수지노래는 다 좋타 이번 겨울에 들으면 웬지 슬플것같애

  • 문예봄
    문예봄 49 minutes ago

    병재 너무 사랑해!!!!!!

  • Hana Nurchasanah
    Hana Nurchasanah 49 minutes ago

    i like this song😍

  • Victoria Marino
    Victoria Marino Hour ago

    I think I got a new favourite kpop group.

  • Willa Aulia
    Willa Aulia 2 hours ago

    Tau boyband ini pas nnton di sctv dan akhirnya ku kepo+suka 💙🥰

  • just fluff
    just fluff 3 hours ago

    ya'll leaving aurora after giving her a million huh..smh aurora deserves better

  • just fluff
    just fluff 3 hours ago

    let's str3am the new comeback mv to 3M atleast within 24 hours..fighting atiny!

  • just fluff
    just fluff 3 hours ago

    vocals √ rap √ dance √ music √ talent √ stage prescence √ visuals √ personalities √ content √ rookie legends? ateez √

  • just fluff
    just fluff 3 hours ago

    save votes on idolchamp and starplay for ateez's upcoming comeback pls ♡♡♡

  • ruluish
    ruluish 3 hours ago

    asjflasdf someone stealing my computer and formatting it would literally be my worst nightmare but hongjoong FINISHED THE SONG ANYWAY HE'S SOOOOO *chef's kiss while crying* anyway la sucks lock ur cars carry pepper spray protect urself

  • Eve S.
    Eve S. 3 hours ago

    Tbh they did my man Yeosang so dirty. He was like "Hold my hand" and he done. That's 3 words! KQ don't deserve him 😤

  • Ailis Finnegan
    Ailis Finnegan 3 hours ago


  • My Joyful
    My Joyful 3 hours ago

    Ateez Comeback on Oct 8 @ 6PM KST. Atiny, how are we feeling? XD

  • GotBang Ft. Say The Name EXO

    So I just got into Ateez, so why was the last guy not in final lineup?

  • v
    v 4 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the name of the one in the hat pls i need it for research purposes 🤭

  • My Joyful
    My Joyful 4 hours ago

    Ateez comeback is Oct 8 @ 6PM KST. Rest up, everyone. It's almost time to lose a lot of sleep again. XD

  • Octavia Ewelina
    Octavia Ewelina 4 hours ago

    Who is watching this while waiting for All To Action?

  • Aleecia Welch
    Aleecia Welch 4 hours ago

    Army forever omg this is fucking amazing the beat and the sound everything is awsome

  • Aleecia Welch
    Aleecia Welch 4 hours ago

    Too think that music couldn't get any better I've listened too this more than 15 times I love ateez best Korean group besides bts love them there songs and and music is so amazing ateez forever

  • I AM Stela
    I AM Stela 5 hours ago

    Ah the song make my heart shaking 😍 Suzy voice suit this kind of song 😙

  • Suki Kirai
    Suki Kirai 5 hours ago

    Ateez Comeback October 8th!!! And supposedly this album continues/finishes (?) the Treasure storyline omg

    • just fluff
      just fluff 3 hours ago

      we need to save votes on idolchamp and starplay!

  • Suki Kirai
    Suki Kirai 5 hours ago

    Ateez Comeback is confirmed to be October 8th!!!!!!

  • Suki Kirai
    Suki Kirai 5 hours ago

    Ateez Comeback is this October 8th!!!!! Omggg mark your calendars everyone. That's literally in 16 days ;-;

  • Sra .JM_Hoseok
    Sra .JM_Hoseok 5 hours ago

    I like it ^^

  • Yuri Hdez
    Yuri Hdez 5 hours ago

    I still haven’t overcome this and they’re gonna comeback in two weeks ;-;

  • qxvz
    qxvz 5 hours ago

    Suzy ❤️❤️

  • Berlyn Chandria
    Berlyn Chandria 5 hours ago

    Can someone tell me the title of the intro song??

  • Yuri Finn
    Yuri Finn 5 hours ago

    Ooh Ro Ra

  • Yuri Finn
    Yuri Finn 5 hours ago

    This song is kinda....... FUN?

  • The chosen One
    The chosen One 5 hours ago

    Some people don’t listen to this song and that’s a problem.

  • B fox
    B fox 6 hours ago

    Why this song isn't spotify this is so good 😥

  • Suga Snowflakes
    Suga Snowflakes 6 hours ago

    Why is this so underrated????

  • Karen Ortiz
    Karen Ortiz 6 hours ago

    I FRIGGING LOVE THEM! I am ssoo excited for their new album. AHHHH!

  • 매디
    매디 6 hours ago

    No one: Atiny: *HAKUNA MATATA YA*

  • 매디
    매디 7 hours ago

    I've been listening to this song everyday lol it's a MASTERPIECE

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  • fauzan asraf
    fauzan asraf 7 hours ago

    Ateez in sgt underrated

  • a proud supporter of gay kings and queens

    Demonitization: Exist Ateez: I don't speak that language

  • Nicole Marrero
    Nicole Marrero 7 hours ago

    I’m a newbie here and I’m already in loveeee

    • Ailis Finnegan
      Ailis Finnegan 3 hours ago

      Welcome to the fandom! You should check out their other songs like wave, hala hala, twilight and dancing like butterfly wings. There are some more but they're some of my favourites ♡♡

    • just fluff
      just fluff 6 hours ago

      welcomeee~ ♡

  • its elliot
    its elliot 7 hours ago

    my filipino ass flipped out when i saw the title until i saw the meaning..

  • Artimis Xena
    Artimis Xena 7 hours ago

    Yunho has caught my eyes, good luck hope to see you soon turn a king from Prince

  • its elliot
    its elliot 7 hours ago

    ISTG rookie groups are really slaying the game wth

    DAIKI_ KAJIME 7 hours ago

    Amo está canción.

  • Olivia Walls
    Olivia Walls 8 hours ago

    I miss Mingi :(

  • Blink Qualquer
    Blink Qualquer 8 hours ago

    Estou com esperança de que este grupo irá bombar! Torço mto por esses Idols tão talentosos! 👏❤

  • t̴R̵a̷S̶h̵I̶e̵ ̴ G̴a̸C̶h̷A̵

    My baby Seonghwa.

  • 지젼
    지젼 9 hours ago

    이거 진짜 광고 때려라 ㅠㅠㅠ 노래 개좋은데 광고하면 다 들을거라고 ㅠㅠㅠ!

  • strongpowerthankyou
    strongpowerthankyou 9 hours ago

    This song really really makes me want to karaoke

  • Kidy Lee
    Kidy Lee 9 hours ago

    Este video debería de tener más de 100M de vistas 😌😍 es genial no me canso de verlo.

  • LiviLoseALot
    LiviLoseALot 10 hours ago

    Guess who's back watching this for the 100000000th time

  • color changing soup
    color changing soup 10 hours ago

    Mark my words this group will be THE kpop band in the future don’t forget

  • color changing soup
    color changing soup 10 hours ago

    I didn’t know this was their debut song until I read some comments. Tbh I thought it was a newer song lol

  • uwu jasmine
    uwu jasmine 10 hours ago

    Can we talk about 1:19 tho

  • Grace Wang
    Grace Wang 10 hours ago

    maren liat ateez pas dateng ke jkt tanpa tau samsek mrk siapa terus iseng coba kepoin salah satu MVnya ternyata lumayan jg byk viewsnya ya mreka~ kirain bener2 nugu kpopidol

  • Maibeen
    Maibeen 10 hours ago

    how to overcome this

  • Gabriella Topez
    Gabriella Topez 10 hours ago

    Why can’t I stop watching this?!😩

  • lore ta
    lore ta 10 hours ago

    Heo Young saeng forerver mi lindo Prince

  • Kjetil Håland
    Kjetil Håland 11 hours ago


  • Дарья Бондаренко

    사랑해요 💓💓😍😍

  • sad spongebob hours
    sad spongebob hours 11 hours ago

    that was a year ago 🥺 ?

  • krixtixd
    krixtixd 11 hours ago

    ai että

  • kaylyn
    kaylyn 11 hours ago

    mingi looks so hot omfg.

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim 11 hours ago

    I only came here for Mingi's rap followed by Dazzling 4x!

  • Amandalyn
    Amandalyn 12 hours ago

    Whose voice is doing the adlib at 1:08? Please help this person's voice is haunting my dreams

  • Agatoo Kim
    Agatoo Kim 12 hours ago

    I saw this video on tvN a few days ago and it became the reason why I became an Atiny. Atiny since 9.19.19 💕💕

    • Suki Kirai
      Suki Kirai 5 hours ago

      Welcome fellow Atiny!! Please look forward to their new comeback this October 8th!! Also if you have any questions about Ateez in general feel free to ask!

    • Infires And jams
      Infires And jams 7 hours ago

      Welcome ❤️❤️

    • Giftz B
      Giftz B 10 hours ago

      cool, welcome to the fandom fellow atiny!

  • Laykikay TV
    Laykikay TV 13 hours ago

    OMG!!!!!! SO TALENTED!!!

  • Nikki
    Nikki 13 hours ago


  • AL FA
    AL FA 13 hours ago

    الأغنية ادماان ❤❤

  • Ariana R
    Ariana R 13 hours ago

    yeosang's voice is so beautiful, i hope he gets more lines for the next comeback

  • _Andrea_
    _Andrea_ 13 hours ago

    Omg okay you have new fan🙋

    • My Joyful
      My Joyful 4 hours ago

      Welcome. :) They are also having a comeback on Oct 8 with a full album.

    • Flamflan 101
      Flamflan 101 10 hours ago

      Welcome Atiny :)

    CMDR-WOLFEKRAB 13 hours ago


  • eliana perez
    eliana perez 13 hours ago

    Seguimos EquipoDoubleS501 !!

  • kimberly prayzia
    kimberly prayzia 14 hours ago

    cant take my eyes of you hongjoong😩 ur such a talented guy and i love u for that💓

    MEGAMI SAMA 14 hours ago

    Esse mv parece com "ela é do tipo" skkskakakska

  • mile ferrer
    mile ferrer 14 hours ago


  • mile ferrer
    mile ferrer 14 hours ago


  • mile ferrer
    mile ferrer 14 hours ago

    omgggg yesssssdd

  • Tamera Mason
    Tamera Mason 14 hours ago

    I've watched this performance video for the trillionth time and I never get tired of it

    KRAZED DARNEDGERL 14 hours ago

    Watching dis instead of sleeping for school. 😓

  • Claire Fleming
    Claire Fleming 14 hours ago

    Hole my hand

  • Rho Parraga
    Rho Parraga 15 hours ago

    wish i stanned them earlier

  • Shirron Jeffries
    Shirron Jeffries 15 hours ago

    I’m here courtesy of AOMG Sign here. That boy can SANG!! OMG

  • abrokenthing
    abrokenthing 15 hours ago

    *the one in black is pretty cool*

  • Izzy
    Izzy 16 hours ago

    someone said something very smart “u don’t choose ur bias, ur bias chooses u” so i think Seonghwa is calling my name

  • Infires man
    Infires man 16 hours ago

    I'm obsessed with Ateez OMG

  • Infires man
    Infires man 16 hours ago

    This deserves more views

  • Limbert Pérez
    Limbert Pérez 16 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Zhong Dolphin
    Zhong Dolphin 16 hours ago

    I coughed

  • eliana perez
    eliana perez 16 hours ago

    EquipoDoubleS501 TripleSChile SS501Comeback :)


    0.48 love this part👊🔥

  • binnie
    binnie 16 hours ago

    2:54 seonghwa no-


    Wow already 4 million vi3ws..they really good dancers..their facial expression when dancing..so priceless!awesome!!!

  • k-POP Fan
    k-POP Fan 16 hours ago

    Ateez are so underrated let’s show them love by watching there videos and getting more fans Who agrees 1like= 1person

  • yamazaki
    yamazaki 16 hours ago

    This is officially my first time listening to ateez. Can't say I'm not impressed.

  • Koo Junhoe
    Koo Junhoe 16 hours ago

    I love this song! It's really a good song🔥💛