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What WWG1WGA Means To Me
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Bye, Bye Epstein
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Just Q it!
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In God’s Hands
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Trump says 17 is VERY REAL!
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Watch TRUMP Destroy Mueller!
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  • Tris Megistus
    Tris Megistus Minute ago

    I'm a subscriber and have watched quite a few of your videos. When I saw your video of the accident my heart sank. I'm so happy you're doing better. Thank you for the videos and being a true patriot.

  • AC DQ
    AC DQ 2 minutes ago

    Great news! YOU are a walking miracle. Much love to bro in Christ! 🇺🇸

  • Jack Watt
    Jack Watt 3 minutes ago

    Great to hear about your healing ! I want Q to come back online.

  • dmcook333
    dmcook333 3 minutes ago

    Thinking about ya bro, your appearance at General Flynn's hearing will be grand and noted. Love Peace and Tranquility.

  • Stella Sirman
    Stella Sirman 6 minutes ago

    I'm so glad for your grea medical report! I'm still 🙏 for you!! Please check out Santa surfing with John here to help!! You will be glad you did great information!!

  • Fredi Shaffer
    Fredi Shaffer 6 minutes ago

    Forgot...glad you are better. You sound much more with it. I have had a collapsed lung and also broke my neck in 2012 at C-1. I can feel your pain brother. I hope you get to support Gen. Flynn. Ms. Sodney Powell is going to hand CIA Justice Dept, FBI and Muellers crew - their asses. Between Powell and Judicial Watch, Tom Fenton, I hope there is enough ASS left to kick and send to GITMO. Glad to see our prayers worked. I never doubted..

  • Jason Richards
    Jason Richards 7 minutes ago

    Hey Patriots it's Soo funny seeing the size of Trump's rally crowds and the difference between Trump's and the Demonrats!! The Destruction of the Democrat Party 💯%

  • 1 Chihuahua Mama
    1 Chihuahua Mama 7 minutes ago

    Things are heating up! Corn Pop is a story by 😲😵Biden! Wait till you see the videos of him telling this! Maybe the best video is IPOT on this subject! 🤗 And get well, God bless you, Sean! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🍂🍁🍂🍁🍃

  • Almost Heaven
    Almost Heaven 9 minutes ago

    A BIBLICAL Explanation of Q & Q+ Video has to be finished .... The story needs to be told !

  • 1 Chihuahua Mama
    1 Chihuahua Mama 11 minutes ago

    Thank you for the P.O. Box!! ❤️

  • Fredi Shaffer
    Fredi Shaffer 13 minutes ago

    Corn Pop was the street name of a black teenager who Joe Biden threw out of a mostly black pool (swimming pools were strictly segregated in late 1050's early 60's) when Joe was 15 yrs old and a lifeguard there. Corn Pop bowed up to Joe but Joe made him leave. Corn Pop is like" Dude I'll get you in the parking lot after you close and I'm gonna cut you". Apparently Corn Pop was not wearing a bathing cap required for anyone with a kind of gel in their hair (1950's DooLap (?)so Joe said put on the bathing cap or you are out! Biden called him "Hey Esther William's (1050's era actress who did water ballet every movie) because he didnt know the kids name. So after closing, sure enough 3 teens out in the parking lot. Joe walked up to Corn Pop and said, "Look. I apologize for calling you Esther William's. That was not ok. But I don't apologize for making you leave. The rules apply to everyone". Corn Pop decided not to slice him with straight edge razor because Joe showed respect. So Joe tells this story to a group of black people at a rally to show respect for everyone, color doesn't matter (unless you are white and a male)...trying to prove he can be their President by respecting them etc. Etc. That is the CORN POP STORY...

  • comanche moon Q
    comanche moon Q 15 minutes ago

    Sean your are our Patriot MIRACLE!!We love you so much. Rock on brother!! WWG1WGA

  • Adrienne Tochter
    Adrienne Tochter 15 minutes ago

    You seem SO much more yourself. That’s great to see. Stats are excellent. Thank you for the update and PO box. If I remember, I’ll get a postcard to send to it. Keep on healing, I’ll keep on praying. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • maree newman
    maree newman 16 minutes ago

    Thanks for the update Sean. Godspeed with the continued healing. All Anons are with you. God protects you. 🙏

  • Nelda Smith
    Nelda Smith 18 minutes ago


    LIBBY V 20 minutes ago

    Absolutely incredible how quickly you're healing up. We're thankful for that, and all you do. 💖🙏👍😀 Stellar BP reading.

  • Cheryl Doss
    Cheryl Doss 20 minutes ago

    You look and sound great today! So happy for you! Praise the Lord!

  • Dixie C.
    Dixie C. 21 minute ago

    God bless you in your healing.

  • kelly keller
    kelly keller 25 minutes ago

    You are healing so well and super fast...God bless always....😃 ☺ ❤

  • Marie Langemeier
    Marie Langemeier 26 minutes ago

    This was really cool!! Getting the news out there in a fun way!! Awesome work!! Keep em coming!!

  • james farmer
    james farmer 28 minutes ago

    I’m not shilling or hating I’m just asking

  • james farmer
    james farmer 29 minutes ago

    And man your face healed very fast. How old are you

  • GSDs4Ever
    GSDs4Ever 30 minutes ago

    I've been praying for your full recovery. You are very loved.

  • shannon scott
    shannon scott 30 minutes ago

    You're a good man, keep it up! God is great!!!✨🌈✨

  • cynthia gatto
    cynthia gatto 30 minutes ago


  • Mel G6
    Mel G6 33 minutes ago

    God Bless You!. Thank God your doing so well. Straight and Peace to you.

  • Virginia Preston
    Virginia Preston 34 minutes ago

    Praise Yeshua!!!!!!!

  • Ellie Ellsworth
    Ellie Ellsworth 36 minutes ago

    Looking awesome Sean, ur very blessed & protected, from a nurses pov absolutley a miracle ur up & about!!!! ThankQ for all the newzz updates, so gr8tful, continuing to pray 4 u man😇😇😇😇💙💙💙💙

  • Ursula M-H
    Ursula M-H 37 minutes ago

    You look great, what a terrific recovery, good on ya and our thoughts will be with you for a while!

  • Brenda McNeely
    Brenda McNeely 38 minutes ago

    Glad to find you here! Thinking about you today! Praise the Lord for the miracles I’m hearing here!!! ❤️🙌🏻

  • Granpa C
    Granpa C 38 minutes ago

    Glad to see you are doing well. Godspeed bro ✌️🇺🇸

  • Lana Reed
    Lana Reed 38 minutes ago

    Wonderful report.

  • Marie Langemeier
    Marie Langemeier 38 minutes ago

    This update just made my heart so happy!! Love & Prayers to you Sean!!! 😊

  • Linda Estey
    Linda Estey 39 minutes ago

    Wonderful testimony!! Your healing has been awesome and amazing to witness!!

  • tinfoilhatter
    tinfoilhatter 41 minute ago

    dang, playah! go easy on that lung, it's not made of cast iron, son! ajajaja! and don't be vapin' that popcorn stuff i keep hearin' about! hey, what is it about michigan, it seems it's a blessed place to be~

  • Urbara Scott
    Urbara Scott 44 minutes ago

    I say we sent all that hate back to the haters! Their time is up and they know it - they are cowards and they are scared. God has their number. Sean, thank you for the videos and thank you for your strength and bright spirit.

  • will robinson
    will robinson 44 minutes ago

    Corn Pop is a bad dude...🤣

  • Maria Flores
    Maria Flores 44 minutes ago

    Wow Sean every vid you look healthier, stronger, and more passionate for good. We're praying for you...GOD bless.

  • stella bradshaw
    stella bradshaw 44 minutes ago

    God bless you 🙏🙏🙏

  • Daughter of The Most High GOD

    WHOOT , WHOOT 🙌🏼Thank You 🗣JESUS for answering healing prayers in Jesus Name.. Jesus has ever thing under control 😇

  • Dannny Boy
    Dannny Boy 46 minutes ago

    You need a comfortable brake .. YT .. RUSH Live fr Rio YYZ .. Remember to breathe..

  • Duane Lawrence
    Duane Lawrence 47 minutes ago

    God bless you brother patients is a virtue!! Hang in there Wwg1wga!!✌🇺🇸

  • Tracey Rodenbach
    Tracey Rodenbach 47 minutes ago

    Praise to our Heavenly Father for your recovery!! You’re doing great, Sean- the haters are gearing up because they are feeling backed in a corner. Tells us we are over the target!!

  • Jean Holt
    Jean Holt 48 minutes ago

    Prayers for you and all patriots😇🇺🇸😇

  • Tricia Wynne
    Tricia Wynne 48 minutes ago

    Get some CBD oil...It's good for the pain and not addictive!!

    • Marie Langemeier
      Marie Langemeier 37 minutes ago

      Amazing stuff!! But do get it from a reputable dealer!!

  • Brigit B
    Brigit B 48 minutes ago

    Such a blessing that your health is being restored.🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻

  • Mike Eldreth
    Mike Eldreth 49 minutes ago

    Get well soon Patriot

  • Tricia Wynne
    Tricia Wynne 49 minutes ago

    Good to see you feeling better Sean!!

  • Terri Noble
    Terri Noble 49 minutes ago

    God bless you sir, keep your spirits up.🙌 May the Lords Angels of healing surround you.🙌

  • I Want Facts
    I Want Facts 49 minutes ago

    Cordicon, you are amazing! How you have bounced back so fast is truly a miracle! Best wishes to you & your family!

  • Suzanne
    Suzanne 50 minutes ago

    Bless your Heart ... so glad your on the mend

  • Lorie Geschwill
    Lorie Geschwill 51 minute ago

    So happy for you Sean. We've been praying for you every single night. I thank GOD that he heard all the Patriots prayers. WWG1WGA!!! GOD bless you and keep you safe!

  • Cheryl Andrews
    Cheryl Andrews 51 minute ago

    God's Amazing !!! You look Aewsome Sean !! Praying for you and your family. +🙏♡ God bless !!!

  • FishinTeddyBear
    FishinTeddyBear 51 minute ago

    Glad they didn't get you honey! Keeping you and your family in my prayers! Hope your pain is minimal! 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻💕🦅🇺🇸💕🙏🏻💕🙏🏻

  • Dannella Thomas
    Dannella Thomas 51 minute ago

    Faith of a Mustard Seed Jesus Christ loves you wwg1wga Thank you Father for your Grace and Mercy.

  • lpthomas4
    lpthomas4 51 minute ago

    ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! Keep on Truckin! God has Plans for You Truly! Much Love, God Bless ;)~

  • seroskie
    seroskie 52 minutes ago

    look at that P.O. Box number?! God is with you. amen!

  • Maggi Rae
    Maggi Rae 52 minutes ago

    You are lookin good and sounding great. Hang in you will be ok, faith driving you.

  • FishinTeddyBear
    FishinTeddyBear 53 minutes ago

    Rest and get well! Praying for you!

  • Linda Perez
    Linda Perez 53 minutes ago

    I'm so happy, everytime you post I am so happy! So thankful to have you with us...🕊🙏🏽🕊💖

  • jetsers jets
    jetsers jets 54 minutes ago

    Great news! Glad you're doing better! Still praying for ya! I love the meme videos!

  • Debbie Babarskas
    Debbie Babarskas 54 minutes ago

    Sean, you look and sound Amazing . Every day in Every Way you Are Better And Better. 😘

  • Mbz Thoughts
    Mbz Thoughts 54 minutes ago

    Thanks..better every day! Corn Pops started on IPOT76.....other cereal serials have followed.

  • james farmer
    james farmer 55 minutes ago

    Who exactly tried to get you?? Remember you said it in the hospital bed??

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 55 minutes ago

    You look fantastic my friend..

  • Jody Akers
    Jody Akers 55 minutes ago

    Praise the Lord! You’re looking much better!

  • Sherry Lenski
    Sherry Lenski 55 minutes ago

    we love ya ❤

  • J Karns
    J Karns 55 minutes ago


  • judy slen
    judy slen 55 minutes ago

    Great News...God is indeed with you

  • Michael Cox
    Michael Cox 56 minutes ago

    Hudsonville? You're closer than I thought... I work Downtown GR... Speedy recovery patriot!

  • Carol Kingsafer
    Carol Kingsafer 56 minutes ago


  • Gladys Mohr
    Gladys Mohr 58 minutes ago

    Take care of yourself Cordicon.

  • swizzy bk
    swizzy bk 58 minutes ago

    what happened?

  • Lyn Clegg
    Lyn Clegg 58 minutes ago

    Thanks for all you do.....

  • bill demmon
    bill demmon 59 minutes ago

    cheers Friend!... please support him patriot's!...❤️

  • Spiceydame
    Spiceydame 59 minutes ago

    I'm so glad you're better. Very good blood pressure, too.

  • Lyn Clegg
    Lyn Clegg 59 minutes ago


  • Lynne Quinn
    Lynne Quinn Hour ago

    All great news Sean You are amazing. Prayers still coming your way

  • Lisa Cyr
    Lisa Cyr Hour ago

    You look much better

  • Mark Semler
    Mark Semler Hour ago


  • Kathleen Herschbach

    Love it Sean..but please take care of takes time to heal from within first..

  • Brent Schmidt
    Brent Schmidt Hour ago

    Thanks Sean. We do not hardly ever hear about the Holy Spirit. Occasionally the Trinity is mentioned. To me everybody falls into being a part of the Holy Ghost, as a member of God's family. Eventually having the power of God also, along with divine wisdom, which is inherited. Everything conceivable is within the Bible. A great how-to Book!

  • Boomer Williams
    Boomer Williams 3 hours ago


  • Remetski2401
    Remetski2401 3 hours ago

    Love you babe! Always thanks for the reminders!

  • Kathleen Parr
    Kathleen Parr 3 hours ago


  • Kathleen Parr
    Kathleen Parr 3 hours ago

    Loving that Space Force!

  • Sunny Phillips
    Sunny Phillips 6 hours ago

    I just gotta’ say You Da Man!

  • Judy Fountain
    Judy Fountain 7 hours ago

    Wooo Bro i tried to like this on my iphone but it would not let me. Nor would it let me subscribe, and i was already subscribed a long while ago!!! ROFL! Silly demons!

  • Murphy Legion
    Murphy Legion 11 hours ago


  • Awakened One
    Awakened One 12 hours ago

    ThanQ! Another good one! Hope you’re on the mend! ❤️

  • Leslie M
    Leslie M 12 hours ago

    David Adair is going to be an interesting player in our future in space.

  • Robert Christmas
    Robert Christmas 12 hours ago

    Praying for your healing and protection. Was it an attack? Jesus protect your truth givers.

  • Jeremy Hicks
    Jeremy Hicks 13 hours ago

    ThanQ for sharing!

  • Crypto Beast
    Crypto Beast 16 hours ago

    Love it!

  • tom johnston
    tom johnston 17 hours ago

    the polygraph was to make sure he wasnt a trump plant, he then wore a wire into the white house, flynn has been swamp for many years, do your research

  • scubalady2
    scubalady2 20 hours ago

    LOL, this was great!

  • Shirley Coffman
    Shirley Coffman 20 hours ago

    lol Trump dancing with those chickens.... he's sooo funny... LOVE OUR PRESIDENT ❤❤❤

  • Annette Cinquemani Falbo

    Thanks Sean sent this to my son in the Air Force! Hope you're feeling better everyday!

  • Sheryl Capone
    Sheryl Capone 21 hour ago

    That was fun! Thanks! God bless you lil brother! Love ya! (((((((Hug)))))))

  • Sharon Watson
    Sharon Watson 21 hour ago

    Good to see you. Thanks for your insight.