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twice cutie
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  • Yanira T
    Yanira T 2 hours ago

    Fuck she really did it infront of her parents. Lmao I'm pretty sure that's the exactly way lisa's family felt when she did swalla. lmao

  • Marie Juliene Almazan

    Tzuyu is being dahyun now she can find cameras in a flash to

  • David Moses M. Bisda

    I love ITZY 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • JJ Cute Marzan
    JJ Cute Marzan 6 hours ago

    Chearyoung and ryujin has a nice accent

  • JJ Cute Marzan
    JJ Cute Marzan 6 hours ago

    Did she just say f*ck you? Or just a wrong hearing

  • TanzilaAfrin
    TanzilaAfrin 6 hours ago

    Rv bp twice: friends Meanwhile Onces and blinks: RV has no talent and they have no StAgE PrEsEnCe!!! Reluvs: shut up bp mr removed makes me wanna die and twice have no talent whatsoever like both groups need to make way for queen rv Reluvs and blinks : twice and talent don't deserve to be in the same sentence like their "nayoen's" only talent is lip sync Onces: oh please as if jennie and irene are better Reluvs and onces : I'd actually be glad if bp sang live instead of lipsynced This is how world war three will start I stan all

  • Princess Plays
    Princess Plays 8 hours ago

    Sana oil

  • Hax.
    Hax. 10 hours ago

    What's the song tho whenever the context show up been looking it for a while

  • Butterfly
    Butterfly 14 hours ago

    and kpop stans are like: "nayeon is cold irl" "other idols dislike her"

  • millie hidalgo
    millie hidalgo 15 hours ago

    I feel like she had a Singapore accent

  • santino ventesingco
    santino ventesingco 15 hours ago

    When I first saw her, I know that she is kind and a good person..

  • south korea
    south korea 18 hours ago

    Yuna so cuuute~!!!😍😭

  • Pili - Kun ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    Nayeon has good Friends❤️ i can imagine a party between Twice , Red Velvet, Blackpink and Gfriend they are happy❤️ While , fans are un a war :v

  • Nico nico nii
    Nico nico nii Day ago

    8:6 Dahyun chaeyoung jumping is the cutest

  • chihyfr
    chihyfr Day ago

    i’m someone who only knows twice’s title songs whenever they have a comeback (in other words, i don’t stan but i occasionally listen) but for some reason i’m drawn to nayeon. this video just put the cherry on top for me, she’s now my favourite member even if i don’t stan 🥰

  • Betül Bozdağ

    I ship NaYeri now 😍❤️

  • TTTE Official
    TTTE Official Day ago

    No one : Literally No one : Los Angeles : Boston : Atlanta : Georgia : New York : Washington : California : Florida : Arabia : Venezuela : Brazil : Carribean : Hong Kong : Japan : Osaka : Tokyo : Nagoya : Tzuyu : *A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O*

    JL REALITY Day ago

    Mina can speak English.....but She to sha sha sha .....she can understand what the girl said 3:21 but she doesn't have confident on herself

  • gion advincula

    mina be like: NANI?!?!?!?!

  • Gacha_ Pizza
    Gacha_ Pizza Day ago

    i have to say, tzuyu’s a very good actor. she should be one

  • Gacha_ Pizza
    Gacha_ Pizza Day ago

    i have to say, tzuyu’s a very good actor. she should be one

  • Seungmin's Voice in YW is my New Aesthetic

    *Yuna's Follow Me is so Cute 😭* *Eye -*

  • Seungmin's Voice in YW is my New Aesthetic

    *Lia is so good at English* *Why ??? 😭😭😭*

  • Seungmin's Voice in YW is my New Aesthetic


  • Seungmin's Voice in YW is my New Aesthetic

    Senpaiiiii notice me Someone cut off a part in your video and re-uploaded it It's this video ↓↓ BTW This feels wrong that I'm asking for your permission after just reporting someone to you for taking your part but do you mind if I use the same clip from your video and add it in my video ?? Don't worry I'll add credits and I'll also put your channel in the end 😊 I hope you don't mind , Thank You

  • L E M O N A I D E R

    Yall Nayeon is rlly extrovert.

  • Henny fransisca hasibuan

    Can you make crying moment

  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara Day ago


  • Maria Clara
    Maria Clara Day ago


  • Jeongyeon’s Lil Once



    They have such good friendships and their fans don’t

  • Lina Miko
    Lina Miko Day ago

    5:01 killed me😂😂

  • Ashley Moom
    Ashley Moom 2 days ago

    3:08 has me diying 😂😂😂😂

    MEMEME LALALA 2 days ago

    really love how u edit the vid huhu

  • koh yuanzhi
    koh yuanzhi 2 days ago

    1:17 chaeng: fEibUry mina: _february 17 to february 19_

  • shin yuna is my queen

    1:01 yuna: what time is it? ryujin: *iT's sHoWTiMe~*

  • Blanca Martinez
    Blanca Martinez 2 days ago

    3:40 My brain cells at 3am thinking when will it be morning again

  • More Park
    More Park 2 days ago

    Bunny is my bias💕

  • Miaplayz
    Miaplayz 2 days ago

    When tzuyu said stress lol

  • Dianne Gonzales
    Dianne Gonzales 2 days ago

    Twice:....... Blackpink: sO BiTcH wHaT iS ThE fUcKiNg qUsTiOn??? But i love twice and Blackpink

  • Mary Martinez
    Mary Martinez 2 days ago

    I don't know why suddenly 1:40 jeongyeon looked liked jimin(bts)😋

  • IndoThink
    IndoThink 3 days ago

    4:32 - 4:43 Best Part 😂

  • Mikie E
    Mikie E 3 days ago

    Keen itzy. Lmao.

  • Marcella Alves
    Marcella Alves 3 days ago

    What is name of Song from the moment 1:33 to 1:41? Please, someone answers me. I already tried with and App that I have but I can't

  • ChanChan Vergara
    ChanChan Vergara 3 days ago

    Who's here after seeing Mina's new teaser in Feel Special? Anyone?

  • Rowena Patrimonio
    Rowena Patrimonio 3 days ago

    Hahaha this is crazy hahahaha abcd

  • Literally BLACKPINK

    3:57 Chaeryoung's "oh my god" changed my life

  • Potato 52
    Potato 52 3 days ago

    Chaerrrryeong is clearly Yuna's fave member to tease hahaha cute

  • M s H a n n a h P
    M s H a n n a h P 3 days ago

    Sana's cute sneeze VS Kim Taehyung's Over Dramatic Sneeze

  • Yasmina Rahme
    Yasmina Rahme 3 days ago

    The pink lamborghini part 😂😂😂

  • lee y.n
    lee y.n 3 days ago

    i want a compilation of twice speaking french *"bOnJuRu"*

  • Minari
    Minari 3 days ago

    please tell me the name of the intro song

  • Ava Peralta
    Ava Peralta 3 days ago

    what’s the song at 13:17?

  • Twice I S Gay
    Twice I S Gay 3 days ago

    Now there are no reason to start a fanwar

  • Anarerdene Saikhnaa


  • LOLLIPOP Center
    LOLLIPOP Center 3 days ago

    All 5 of them are more fluent than my English teacher

  • sexysapphire2012
    sexysapphire2012 3 days ago

    When momo said i love you that it me hard Sana sneezing is funny lmao

  • Rayneesa Saravanan
    Rayneesa Saravanan 3 days ago

    Chaeyoung is so cute

  • Rainy Rebbeca
    Rainy Rebbeca 3 days ago

    0:38 :O

  • Marcella Alves
    Marcella Alves 3 days ago

    What is name of the song from the moment 1:33 to 1:41? Please, someone answers me. I already tried with and App that I have but I can't

  • Corin BSNE
    Corin BSNE 3 days ago

    2:38 ThanQ very macho... 😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 사회평론TV
    사회평론TV 3 days ago

    와. 아무리 트와이스라지만 이건 너무 못한다.

  • Sebastiano Giardina

    2:28 AWWW Look at Dahyun

  • Sebastiano Giardina

    4:25 PAH PAH PAH PAH

  • Sebastiano Giardina

    0:18 mim coso?? What? Hahaha

  • Julia. BTS
    Julia. BTS 3 days ago

    My name is Julia !

  • anje everything
    anje everything 3 days ago

    5:07 boo and yoda

  • bailey
    bailey 4 days ago

    i love her

  • XxAmazing_HuskyxX
    XxAmazing_HuskyxX 4 days ago

    Nayeon:Im A True Life Saver I just cant say the name sorry:Thanks you nayeon *hugs SANA:Im turning to tzuyu Tzuyu:Im samna guys Sana:im hiding this bow ugh i had enough!!

  • Tasheena Scarth
    Tasheena Scarth 4 days ago

    This is one of the reasons y I love her

  • Erin.a
    Erin.a 4 days ago

    If I Was Nayeon I Wouldn’t Stop Bragging About Myself.

  • billie.
    billie. 4 days ago

    lana del rey*

  • Nining Sukardi
    Nining Sukardi 4 days ago

    2:40 lol jihyo ekspresion

  • loofty
    loofty 4 days ago


  • Yulieta Ayu
    Yulieta Ayu 4 days ago

    Pretty girls hang out with others pretty girls 😍

  • Alpha Tipicial
    Alpha Tipicial 4 days ago

    Our Angels know how to speak English, o_O

  • syuhada shii
    syuhada shii 4 days ago

    2015-2016 Twice say to other group (senior) Now?? We are senior

  • CA 2026Pangelinan
    CA 2026Pangelinan 4 days ago

    2:53 nayeon is so cute!!

  • Mxla.danon
    Mxla.danon 4 days ago

    The look momo gives her at 1:19 😂

    ONCE LOVELY 4 days ago

    MOMO 😂😂

  • Lourdes Tanfelix
    Lourdes Tanfelix 4 days ago

    chaeryoung is good in english!!

  • biased blink
    biased blink 4 days ago

    yuna’s “step one, step two, step sadee” was the cutest thing ever

  • Anime Nico Also loves kpop

    I think about Sana’a Ohyo ohyo ohyo

  • Mina Jackson
    Mina Jackson 4 days ago

    My name is mina☺️

  • Mikee Tirol
    Mikee Tirol 4 days ago

    sana: greeen tea is green

  • Yeon Yoo
    Yeon Yoo 4 days ago

    queen of speaking in englishhhh

  • ジェニTeaKup
    ジェニTeaKup 4 days ago

    Holy mina oof- sHe Is SoO pReTY 💞

    SAMUEL STAN 3 4 days ago

    5:53 the things she does to take care of her daughters 💕✋🏼

  • liquorstory
    liquorstory 4 days ago


  • liquorstory
    liquorstory 4 days ago

    6:21 the song please.

  • rama ramarahan
    rama ramarahan 4 days ago

    cute twice

  • TWICEfanTyler
    TWICEfanTyler 5 days ago

    2:32 my face everytime someone questions why i watch TWICE moments

  • kylie Alis
    kylie Alis 5 days ago

    1:31 momo's voice and nayeon's voice fits together

  • Zach Francis
    Zach Francis 5 days ago

    I think members from ITZY, TXT, BLACKPINK, and BTS who speak english should make a video together of them just talking to each other in english. Call it "English line" 😂😂


    Nayeon is the key to end all fanwars

  • Zero KenYT
    Zero KenYT 5 days ago


  • Falah Alfarizi
    Falah Alfarizi 5 days ago


  • •Kawaii Banana•

    nayeon is like Jin lmao

  • unpleasant
    unpleasant 5 days ago


  • sampoernahijau meletop

    Jin (Im handsome) Nayeon ( Im beautiful) Same person different gender