Claw Craziness
Claw Craziness
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  • Arcade Kaos
    Arcade Kaos 4 minutes ago


  • Scarlett Lee
    Scarlett Lee 10 minutes ago

    Just received my mystery gift from the claw machine today. Thank you for the two cute kitten printed coin purses!!!

  • Carson Claws
    Carson Claws 15 minutes ago


  • RetroCade
    RetroCade 16 minutes ago

    Great video Trevor! Cant believe that machine took your game 😂

  • 2thankyou4watching
    2thankyou4watching 20 minutes ago

    You keep wait listing me! This sucks!

  • 2thankyou4watching
    2thankyou4watching 31 minute ago

    You should have gave these as gifts or took used games to a pawn shop. Sale these on ebay or amazon.

  • Chris Miralles
    Chris Miralles 35 minutes ago

    Simply unbelievable what happened video

  • Linda Wolff/Kashmir27

    I just don’t trust those machines, they way underpay you.

  • Travis 'n Joy
    Travis 'n Joy Hour ago

    Hahaha you had fun!

  • Cameron Heidelauf

    Is that's the code from frys butt cheek

  • Cameron Heidelauf

    Hi trevor Cameron here mate in Australia here I sign up to your app I didn't receive a email from you about the app mate cheers from Cameron in Australia here

  • brian kelley
    brian kelley Hour ago

    Wow man games not open go for 20.00

  • John Scott
    John Scott Hour ago

    Idea for a new video. Make the click bait title “OMG I WON A CAR” then in the video just walk into your garage

  • SEMOjackpotpro19

    How dare the steal from my three heros

  • TheCool Cube
    TheCool Cube Hour ago


  • Hammy Pack
    Hammy Pack 2 hours ago

    Hey Trevor your treasure box claw machine doesn’t seem to be online right now

  • Arcade Arcade
    Arcade Arcade 2 hours ago

    Freakin genius

  • PrestigeWorldWidePWW

    I like your other intro better

  • Bella monster grinds cyborg Vlogs

    Yeah first try right you did the first try and you didn’t do it so it’s basically lying to your viewers sorry sorry for being this rude but I’m just saying it’s something to get you more subscribers views and other things that you probably want more money

  • SuperCarder Jake
    SuperCarder Jake 2 hours ago

    HOLY CRAP I WON THE BAG!!!!!!!! I ACTUALLY DID IT! Edit: I bet i wont get pinned TBH

  • Stroh Time
    Stroh Time 2 hours ago

    Great video my friends

  • Stroh Time
    Stroh Time 2 hours ago

    $1.36!!! I would've gave you at least $3 for that!! 😂😂

  • Lapiewpiew Entertainment

    I won my first keymaster machine the other day thanks to you Trevor! I was so excited when i finally sensed the “it’s ready” moment where it didn’t jump.

  • ??
    ?? 2 hours ago


  • The Germanic American88

    Love the "No Binary choice , I'm sueing" ,joke. Super funny and accurate! 🤡🌍

  • Aiden B LoL
    Aiden B LoL 2 hours ago

    Pls like my comment Haha don’t do that But you cared enough to click read more so that makes me happy 😊

  • Amazingly Awesome
    Amazingly Awesome 2 hours ago

    It’s Claw Crazzinessssss 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😎😎😎😎😎😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • xxxFF7xxxGIRLxxx
    xxxFF7xxxGIRLxxx 2 hours ago

    Please unblock me from Ticket Time 😭 can't chat during livestreams or send money with superchat. Dunno why i got blocked in the first place.

  • Seco4800
    Seco4800 2 hours ago

    Huh.. I didn't know there's a machine that's worse than selling to Gamestop directly. Yikes...

  • ExoticAlpha YT
    ExoticAlpha YT 2 hours ago

    Amazing vid man!

  • lolo•battlelands royale


  • Santoro Aquatics
    Santoro Aquatics 3 hours ago

    6 comment awesome video Trevor your so cool bro 💪

  • Fireball17 -
    Fireball17 - 3 hours ago


  • Henri Zimenoff
    Henri Zimenoff 3 hours ago

    BRUH... FOR REAL!?!?!?!

  • Kingx 64
    Kingx 64 3 hours ago

    Thanks to you guys I learned how to get better at claw machines thanks guys!😎🔥

  • Alice Amaya
    Alice Amaya 3 hours ago

    I got lucky and got 100 dollars

  • Cj Marugg
    Cj Marugg 5 hours ago

    delete his chanle

  • Adam Shanko
    Adam Shanko 7 hours ago

    36.75 dollars

  • Dave Chappelle
    Dave Chappelle 7 hours ago

    So awesome! So glad you could win all those free quarters from your own machine in your own house. Thats so cool said no fucking one ever!

  • Nicholas Friend
    Nicholas Friend 7 hours ago

    106 back

  • Mary Simpson
    Mary Simpson 9 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks they have a Peter Griffin accent?

  • 2thankyou4watching
    2thankyou4watching 10 hours ago

    I want to play in the sweepstakes.

  • Carlos Ganjabang
    Carlos Ganjabang 11 hours ago

    Four eyes

  • Carlos Ganjabang
    Carlos Ganjabang 11 hours ago

    For eyes

  • Edward Mantanico
    Edward Mantanico 12 hours ago

    I don’t know if you can help me but I have a treasure chest and the joystick wires are connected to the board but not the switches on the joystick and I don’t know what color wire goes where and I don’t know what to do I don’t want 900 dollars to go to waste pls help

  • Jason JJ Cruz
    Jason JJ Cruz 18 hours ago

    Love this video - Winning is cool, please consider me as a candidate for the online claw Machine app I not only want to try it any thing I win will go back to you to help build and make the online claw apl be thee best yes

  • Jason JJ Cruz
    Jason JJ Cruz 19 hours ago

    I'm all.about having my own aracde's like Aaron- I be willing to be a candidate for the online Claw machine App and tell others how awesome you are, now I'm not sure how it works

    • Claw Craziness
      Claw Craziness 13 hours ago

      Just go Too and sign up and we'll get you in:)

  • xcorecte
    xcorecte 20 hours ago

    You have now life

  • Hiakuri Chan
    Hiakuri Chan 21 hour ago

    Couldn't you just shake the coin machine?

  • Diego_Gamer 13
    Diego_Gamer 13 22 hours ago

    Its 2500 quarters

  • Whistle Bird Productions

    nice staged at home coin pusher

  • Whistle Bird Productions

    the claw machines are the biggest rip ever! bummer.

  • Fan of Bones
    Fan of Bones Day ago

    Lmao I’m watchin in 2019 nigga

  • Fan of Bones
    Fan of Bones Day ago


  • ExoticAlpha YT

    Keep up amazing work bro

  • ExoticAlpha YT

    amazing video man!

  • ExoticAlpha YT

    Cool vid man! Keep up good work

  • Jack the gamer 66

    Almost 1 million subs

  • Keith Davis
    Keith Davis Day ago

    Your web claw game is a ton of fun. Got into the beta a day ago and won a mystery bag with my first play! Can't wait to get paid so I can play some more. Keep up the fun!

  • Ziez Stuager
    Ziez Stuager Day ago


  • Plush Monger
    Plush Monger Day ago

    Getting in the loops never works for me 😭😂

  • ProMasterV2
    ProMasterV2 Day ago

    About the Video this is an iPhone X!

  • Nighty gamer
    Nighty gamer Day ago

    I could of won but yet some kid broke the joy stick

  • Gamer Trade
    Gamer Trade Day ago

    7:08 it’s funny because there like accusing you of stealing all there toys

  • Gamer Trade
    Gamer Trade Day ago

    5:10 they saw a girl what

  • Renae Lovett
    Renae Lovett Day ago

    That was cool to watch

  • Renae Lovett
    Renae Lovett Day ago

    I think he will get 380 back

  • Renae Lovett
    Renae Lovett Day ago

    Love these videos!

  • Kian Harvey
    Kian Harvey Day ago

    Oh my days mr Donner never fails to impress me

  • Rogério Carvalho

    *_Se eu soubesse inglês..._*

  • Linda Wolff/Kashmir27

    Yay for Buggy! And a surprise owl! Cool!

  • Luca
    Luca Day ago

    Hier ist der deutsche Kommentar den ihr sucht!!!🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

    • _JASON_
      _JASON_ Day ago

      Haha ich bin auch deutscher😂

  • anuginagawamue TV

    why didnt u tape the magnet at the measuring tape so it would be easier

  • stuart balchin

    Go Buggy Go Go Buggy Go

  • Michelle Grundy


  • T Byrd
    T Byrd Day ago

    Buggy looks like Sarah from Land Before Time

  • RetroCade
    RetroCade Day ago

    Awesome wins Trevor! I need a laptop so I can play your online claw machine website lol Looks dope!

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    Rosés are red violets are bleu i that that i ugly was and dan i see you

  • Brandon Driggers


  • Alessio Daga
    Alessio Daga Day ago


  • PrestigeWorldWidePWW

    I don't really like your know it all short friend. He needs to shut up

  • Braylon Williams


  • Lance Miller
    Lance Miller Day ago

    Did you forget the tricerotop

  • Chris Miralles

    What a out of this world discovery video

  • Jimmie Evans
    Jimmie Evans Day ago

    Good luck guys

  • alex ballard
    alex ballard 2 days ago

    get the raccoon

  • alex ballard
    alex ballard 2 days ago

    hi buggy cool fact about tricertops tricertops means three horn face

  • Landonfirewing
    Landonfirewing 2 days ago

    I hear seth mcfarlane

  • Mary Grendahl
    Mary Grendahl 2 days ago

    awesome video. cool wins

  • kailyn vlogz Spence


  • Victoria F
    Victoria F 2 days ago

    cool vid broski

  • Ashli Loween
    Ashli Loween 2 days ago

    The intro was great lol!

  • Orange You Glad You Dont Know Me

    I wish the Fairly Oddparents pillow was gettable 😥 good video though lol

  • Carson Claws
    Carson Claws 2 days ago


  • Kathy solo
    Kathy solo 2 days ago

    Cool video thanks for sharing

  • Chuck E. Cheese 2
    Chuck E. Cheese 2 2 days ago


  • PrestigeWorldWidePWW

    Vote #trump2020

  • Captain Namco
    Captain Namco 2 days ago

    Awesome video Trevor keep up the good work and thst is Sara the 3 horn from land before time