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  • Meme Parody Productions / Meme Sheep

    5 Days passed since the third album is out!

  • alex balliet
    alex balliet Year ago

    thanks for the awesome music

  • Black Ghoast
    Black Ghoast Year ago

    can i use your music in my videos?

  • joker00789
    joker00789 Year ago

    Les gars, il faudrait sérieusement penser à faire des nouveaux sons parce que votre music est simplement incroyable...

  • Caitlin
    Caitlin Year ago

    i don't know if you will ever see this but i just wanna say your music is beautiful and i have been listening to your music since i was little and listening to your music always makes me smile you guys are awesome. :)

  • Nathan Elston
    Nathan Elston Year ago

    Please make new music - take your time but promise us more. great soundtrack to my crazy life and I hope the future. If you ever wonder if anyone truly cares I can say that I do.

  • Lunamedia International Corporation

    can you show 20th centruy fox your cbs fox 1980s bumper for DVNO?

  • nússßaum
    nússßaum 2 years ago

    I'm not sure if you guys actually read this stuff, but if you do, please consider a collab with supreme clothing. The store just opened in Paris recently, and the collab would be so lit!

  • ben haney
    ben haney 2 years ago

    Justice best band 2016

  • vixz8
    vixz8 2 years ago

    Come to Portugal please!!!

  • Alexandre Bleton
    Alexandre Bleton 3 years ago

    Il est pour quand le 3 ème album studio ?

  • transce080
    transce080 3 years ago


  • KYCteve
    KYCteve 3 years ago

    Colombia wants Justice again!

  • Banned Skills
    Banned Skills 4 years ago

    I saw in the Stress clip black jackets, with the cross. Can i get in webshop somewhere? (Sorry for the bad english)

    • Banned Skills
      Banned Skills 3 years ago

      Only a T-shirt but cool. Thank you :)

    • DaveStirlingite300
      DaveStirlingite300 3 years ago

      www.redbubble.com/people/baldcypress/works/12313260-cross?grid_pos=4&p=t-shirt Just change the shirt color to black, change the setting to sweatshirt, change the setting to your size, and put the logo on the back.

  • gabriele pacheco
    gabriele pacheco 4 years ago

    pajeros!! saquen nuevos temas

  • MarioFinishers
    MarioFinishers 4 years ago

    A quand le prochain album, ça me tarde tellement !

  • FireBIaze
    FireBIaze 4 years ago

    thexvid.com/video/xYdn5s_2RrU/video.html Hey guys this one sounds a lot like your Waters Of Nazareth. I just think it sounds awesome and you might like it.

  • Darío Guerrero
    Darío Guerrero 4 years ago

    Come back to Colombia, ¡We Are Your Friends!

  • Justice
    Justice 4 years ago


  • DaveStirlingite300
    DaveStirlingite300 4 years ago

    Are u making a new album soon? Gee. the way you make music is a mystery.

  • natol gutierritos
    natol gutierritos 4 years ago

    soy mexicano y me encantasu musica

  • Keenan Corcoran
    Keenan Corcoran 4 years ago

    when will justice start producing again

  • Sporn ²3
    Sporn ²3 5 years ago

    Du gras du lourd et ça sonne juste, Justice doit continuer a être rendu sur le dancefloor! ^^

  • ToProcureOfficial
    ToProcureOfficial 5 years ago

    Justice Remix (We Are Your Friends vs Canon ) !! ... /watch?v=thWhOG6P06w

  • ToProcureOfficial
    ToProcureOfficial 5 years ago

    If you love electro , come here ! Daft Punk Remix, and a Justice remix coming soon !!! ... /watch?v=Qh3J5Q1lNzw

  • teo zid
    teo zid 5 years ago

    justice come to Greece

  • Paolo Allen
    Paolo Allen 5 years ago

    Great Work ;-) have nice day!

  • clement 1188
    clement 1188 5 years ago

    Salut! Je ne sais pas qui se cache derrière cette chaîne youtube, néanmoins, j'apprécie le travail fourni. Il manque juste quelque chose à la chaîne pour qu'elle soit complète: les remix de Justice. Par exemple le remix de Justice pour Mr Oizo, Daft Punk, Vicarious Bliss,... Bref ce serait cool de les ajouter...

  • heektor kabreera
    heektor kabreera 5 years ago

    ¡Real Fucking Music!

  • CHIS
    CHIS 5 years ago

    justice do u remember me im that kid in the oct 24 congress theater and i was the only 10 year old kid and gaspard shook my hand. thanks gaspard and please remember . and write back please

  • Peanut Skippy
    Peanut Skippy 5 years ago

    "Et justice pour tous" petite référence a Metallica ^^

  • alejo alvarez
    alejo alvarez 5 years ago

    sup Justice?

  • monica grillo
    monica grillo 5 years ago

    desce a letra

  • vicente garcia
    vicente garcia 5 years ago


  • JB17Wagna
    JB17Wagna 5 years ago


  • IrvingTatanka
    IrvingTatanka 5 years ago

    I'm very excited about the new video, you guys always impress me! Look Listen Learn!

  • kalleb
    kalleb 6 years ago

    jus added new music to my page if u got a min can u plz go check them out

  • amara tria
    amara tria 6 years ago


    Dj ELFRAXO 6 years ago

    Magnique visuel sur ce clip mais la version avec Monica Bellucci est tout aussi trippante....

  • feshall agunzhada
    feshall agunzhada 6 years ago

    can anyone help my. I'm looking for a song. I remember the video clip. In the beginning you will see many comic book. Then you see a thin young who are themselves at the mirror. then he goes a superhero outfit other word he suddenly teleported. I still wwety this song came out in 2008-2009. a.u.b you want my help

  • 2010Astoria
    2010Astoria 6 years ago

    Justice are coming to Boston! :)

  • ZehMurilo
    ZehMurilo 6 years ago

    In the music videos playlist is missing the video for Stress, directed by Romain Gaivras

  • joliesad
    joliesad 6 years ago

    daft punk

  • mario ruggieri
    mario ruggieri 6 years ago


  • VictoriaSobocki
    VictoriaSobocki 6 years ago

    Xavier and Gaspard - I love your music, your videos, your style and you. Thanks for inspiring me to more rock'n'electro! <3 - Lé Vici

  • Absolux
    Absolux 6 years ago

    c'est moi le nouveau messie

  • Estefanía Sánchez
    Estefanía Sánchez 6 years ago

    Are you coming to colombia?

  • marc v vinman sing
    marc v vinman sing 6 years ago


  • gerardo de lira
    gerardo de lira 6 years ago


  • Gillow
    Gillow 6 years ago

    Salut, félicitations pour ton talent de fou ! J'adore ce que tu fais, j'ai des projets avec un gros partenaire sur TheXvid, il faut que je t'explique en privé, vas voir mes interviews sur ma chaîne. Ta musique est géniale, Enjoy ;)

  • Rock History Channel

    And JUSTICE for all.

  • YozCreative
    YozCreative 6 years ago

    Thanks Justice for the contest, it was fun taking part. Good Luck to all the great finalists!! :-)

  • Jane Price
    Jane Price 6 years ago

    Hoping to get some content uploaded soon

  • Joseph Quinn
    Joseph Quinn 6 years ago

    Does anyone have any clue as to when they will announce the winners?

    XEFUZION 6 years ago

    I couldn't and still can't submit, what is going on? how do i do this?

  • DigitalcakeJoannaJoy

    Nice by you! Check out my new video! Greetings, Joanna

  • missSunriseK
    missSunriseK 6 years ago

    I've just submit mine! can watch it also on my channel

  • YozCreative
    YozCreative 6 years ago

    OMG you cant submit? I have also worked very hard on my video....

  • June Analog champ
    June Analog champ 6 years ago


  • Juan Alfonso Sosa Pérez

    Great music!

  • MissFunkuh
    MissFunkuh 6 years ago

    because I haven't been playing guitar for such a long time and I don't know how to play the songs then (most of the time it goes way to fast for that, atleast most music I listen to) and with tabs I can study them in my own tempo and learn to play it faster

  • MissFunkuh
    MissFunkuh 6 years ago

    can i find guitar tabs of your new album any where? I would like to enter the contest, but I can't find anywhere the tabs. Preferably from the song newlands. thx :)

  • Yvan Evstratev
    Yvan Evstratev 6 years ago

    +1 avec AcidDnx, peut on faire un cover avec son groupe par exemple ? Merci d'avance pour la réponse.

  • Phil Collins
    Phil Collins 6 years ago

    heres my attempt at a cover /watch?v=0ws8An5bB2w

  • Milena M
    Milena M 6 years ago

    I love you man.

  • LittleBuddhaTV
    LittleBuddhaTV 6 years ago

    Hi There, what a fab channel you have.

  • MANSIONmusic3000
    MANSIONmusic3000 6 years ago

    your new album - audio, video, music is great! 8.5/10

  • XxSpodexX
    XxSpodexX 6 years ago

    Justice je vous aime <3

  • Мирон Прилепский

    I like it

  • czekersPL
    czekersPL 6 years ago

    by the way, how are we supposed to send vid to YOUR channel?

  • czekersPL
    czekersPL 6 years ago

    if only I had a HQ camera...

  • eatmywords
    eatmywords 6 years ago

    Jeez, I haven't heard such a pile of shit since I stopped going to that flea-pit of a nightclub. It seems the world is devoid of innovation.

  • gregdarkjedi
    gregdarkjedi 6 years ago

    first album is legend. don't like the new one.

  • Mariola Buszta
    Mariola Buszta 6 years ago

    i like it. good work.

  • afrack
    afrack 6 years ago

    good job

  • ZacharyFadil
    ZacharyFadil 6 years ago

    Please come to indonesia

  • 123MrBiggg
    123MrBiggg 6 years ago


  • Life Is Music Entertainment

    Ed Banger!

    KAPRION 6 years ago


  • Nickoaofficiel1
    Nickoaofficiel1 6 years ago

    verry verry good music . tres bien les gars

  • Retinas Queimadas
    Retinas Queimadas 6 years ago

    Greetz from Brazil!

  • Nickoaofficiel1
    Nickoaofficiel1 6 years ago

    very good

  • Bard To The Future
    Bard To The Future 6 years ago

    dude mind if i use one of your songs in one of my montages?

  • os hardcores
    os hardcores 6 years ago

    Justice dance reminds me of my 4 years of experience in Europe, my travels lisbon amadrid listening to this music, congratulations ... Brazil loves justice

    FLAVIO G 6 years ago

    have a question for justice group why do you have a cross as a sign are you mocking christianity ?

  • Francesco Pellegrino

    cool channel, go on

  • XxSpodexX
    XxSpodexX 6 years ago

    Salut Justice!! Vous lirez probablement jamais mon commentaire mais sachez que votre musique est d'un niveau qui écrase tous les albums uniquement commerciaux du moment! Continuez dans cette voie! Spode

  • tidyaron
    tidyaron 6 years ago

    C'est superb!

  • Madame Shine
    Madame Shine 6 years ago

    Hello, nice channel ;) Good vibe! - Miss Shine

    SNACKILL RAWSHITZ 6 years ago


  • Tanishq Dubey
    Tanishq Dubey 6 years ago

    The music has changed with Audio, Video Disco, but the epicness is still to the max

  • 89DestroyA
    89DestroyA 6 years ago


  • Nickoaofficiel1
    Nickoaofficiel1 6 years ago

    trops bien les musique

  • Rudy Alvarez
    Rudy Alvarez 6 years ago


  • achille thin
    achille thin 6 years ago

    j'ai envie de dire nos dj frenchie ils gèrent!

  • Hasklet
    Hasklet 6 years ago

    Your awesome, Im so happy that you added me!

  • Helen Cote
    Helen Cote 6 years ago

    This channel rocks! ...have a great day! x

  • AndroidTheButtdroid
    AndroidTheButtdroid 6 years ago

    I love how you make songs, specially the "soft" way like now !!!

  • Ciao Fran :)
    Ciao Fran :) 6 years ago

    Hello ça c'est de la fucking GooD ElekTroPoP !....