The Big Narstie Show
The Big Narstie Show
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  • M Love
    M Love 7 hours ago

    Whoever don’t like this show is a neek

  • Double Az
    Double Az 7 hours ago

    Is that sj from ofb @1:01

  • Tim Cooley
    Tim Cooley 10 hours ago

    Why is this fat sweaty lump of zero talent on television.. Why does he need a backup host? Tell you why. Its because he's shit.

  • Carlos Henrique
    Carlos Henrique 11 hours ago

    You ate my sandwich ? 🤔😡

  • The taffia
    The taffia 14 hours ago

    She said she won half a mil then said she won a compo with a mill prize so what's the highest she,s won

  • J Dogg
    J Dogg 14 hours ago


  • bob star
    bob star 17 hours ago

    Old boot.🥾

  • Robert Reynolds

    Fair play the the fellas. Nice chat there. Good for a round at the pub now right!

  • Joonie_Got_Da_Jams Basic_Bangtan

    They should have included when she pulled out a massive joint😂

  • FatalDragon69
    FatalDragon69 Day ago

    Lmao, Has anyone seen Jimmy since he went on the Big Narsty Show.....They're just going to shoot him as soon as the camera's are turned off !?!

  • Marty Hancock
    Marty Hancock Day ago

    What language is the big guy speaking?

  • Eric Ekkerman
    Eric Ekkerman Day ago

    cant understand why it is so cool to be so shitfaced you do stuf you cant remember , such a rolemodel...

  • Vinit Chhabria
    Vinit Chhabria 2 days ago

    5:42 I swear he looks like a blowfish

  • Krigs Medisteren
    Krigs Medisteren 2 days ago

    Jimmy carr is funny as always, to bad i couldnt hear what the blob in the chair was uttering

  • Vladimir Bogdantsev

    Ocean mammal bit's hi la ri ous.

  • fiftyonenorth
    fiftyonenorth 2 days ago

    I’d love to see these guys attempt to interpret military slang. It’d be a total clusterf**k 😂

  • William Bell
    William Bell 2 days ago

    She’s a knob her Dad’s a knob never seen her mum but I bet she’s a knob

  • PlaneSpotter54
    PlaneSpotter54 2 days ago

    @1:55 REALLY HIT ME.... all jokes aside....

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 2 days ago

    Can't blame Liam... I can't lie!!

  • Z M
    Z M 3 days ago


  • James Collins
    James Collins 3 days ago

    I clicked a Jimmy Carr video. I thought that it would all be in English.

  • l1nds290
    l1nds290 3 days ago

    Liam scrote... my respect of lily allen just evaporated 🤮

  • Rainbow Yawn
    Rainbow Yawn 3 days ago

    “Being disabled” comes far too naturally to these two!

  • Crom
    Crom 3 days ago

    she was crying on Twitter about Brexit, that was hilarious!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 days ago

    Is it me or did jimmy look offended when he said you can't make life

  • Will N
    Will N 4 days ago

    What a crock of shit....this on my recommended., fuck off childish men

  • I am not who you think I am

    Why is this stupid cow even given a voice, she is everything wrong with society preaching her privileged bullshit.

  • pablo rages
    pablo rages 4 days ago

    Remove the laugh track .... no show

  • pablo rages
    pablo rages 4 days ago

    Victoria is HOT !

  • Chris Wood
    Chris Wood 4 days ago

    She's a cheap talentless skank pure and simple!

  • Jeremy Fisher
    Jeremy Fisher 4 days ago

    what a minger

  • AntiSocial214TEXAS
    AntiSocial214TEXAS 5 days ago

    Nasty bring this show to America! #RealrecognizeRreal

  • BoiledKettles
    BoiledKettles 5 days ago

    I love Richard’s reaction to Narstie cracking up

  • James Whitecomb
    James Whitecomb 5 days ago

    He’s 53years old now how cool he wscared my fucking life out

  • Paul Donohue
    Paul Donohue 5 days ago

    I love how he just had to accept he'd been bested with "you look like a clitoris"

  • LAHegarty
    LAHegarty 5 days ago

    Wow, this is horrendously bad.

    OBSESSED BLINK 5 days ago

    *Mental Geller***

  • Dean Beckerley
    Dean Beckerley 5 days ago

    Not going to lie, this was more cringe than lol funny

  • Needs More Cowbell
    Needs More Cowbell 6 days ago

    I feel like I've just done drugs watching this.

  • Creigo 10
    Creigo 10 6 days ago

    Mandem? Chrips??? Fuckoff Well shit.

  • Jeremiah Carlos
    Jeremiah Carlos 6 days ago

    Bet he was directing that what the fuck man to his agent why am I on this show

  • frankie todd
    frankie todd 6 days ago

    She's allowed to be human

  • GreyArea
    GreyArea 7 days ago

    That was funny as

  • A P
    A P 7 days ago


  • Nate W
    Nate W 8 days ago

    Going from left to right on the lineup is like starting in Hackney and driving out towards Windsor it’s great 😂

  • azorah
    azorah 8 days ago

    I love how nastie dont give a shit about offending channel 4 and the fact channel 4 are cool enough to just laugh

  • Laura Fear
    Laura Fear 8 days ago

    Jaw swinging like her trousers go up and down. Make a noise like a self entitled cultural inept chipmunk.

  • Box of Demons
    Box of Demons 8 days ago

    Liberal talent less cow. Only famous because of daddy..

  • Abdi Balboa
    Abdi Balboa 9 days ago

    ... Tory Lanez does not want to be there 😂

  • Pluto
    Pluto 9 days ago

    Pack yo shit 😐

  • Joshua Woodbridge
    Joshua Woodbridge 9 days ago

    I'd be scared to be up against Lily Allen fuck that 😂😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 days ago

    Sigh... Black "culture"

  • Weedeemo Buckets
    Weedeemo Buckets 9 days ago


  • BiG Al
    BiG Al 9 days ago

    That black girls fit boy

  • Yapchung Bhutia
    Yapchung Bhutia 9 days ago

    Equal ups act 😂😂 big ups narstie

  • Mi Poorboy
    Mi Poorboy 9 days ago

    He just burped. That’s the most disgusting thing ever. Next...

  • Ridz
    Ridz 10 days ago

    .. never pick a fight with jimmy carr

    BIGGZ SHAN 10 days ago

    Lol I'm taller & and bigger then both of them & I'm flat. My... #purplevest12+inchflaccid

  • Abdallah Jd
    Abdallah Jd 10 days ago

    Ha.. Ha. Haaaa

  • negrier1
    negrier1 10 days ago

    the crowd remind me why i love England, diversity is so beautiful.

  • negrier1
    negrier1 10 days ago

    Mr Fry, the golden nugget of British intellect, the facf that he sat there tell me how kool he is.

  • music by Ali J
    music by Ali J 10 days ago

    Mans from donny wtaf

  • terry roberts
    terry roberts 10 days ago

    i like stephen fry

  • Jason B
    Jason B 11 days ago

    Ewww he ate the fries and gravy WITH CHEESE?!? thats naaaasty

  • Lerub Skars
    Lerub Skars 11 days ago

    Notice girl jeans never wanna joke on the guests! I don't like him because he DL

  • Lerub Skars
    Lerub Skars 11 days ago

    Men are happy to have to tuck their nuts to squat in jeans? Do women know tight jeans are bad hygiene for men ESPECIALLY in hot weather? We have stuff that hang duh! Meanwhile you wondering why you pussy stink and he ain't even cum in you😂😂😂

  • Lerub Skars
    Lerub Skars 11 days ago

    UK sometimes hate hard on U.S but All I see is them tryna imitate or play our Black American music!

  • Ism Ism
    Ism Ism 11 days ago

    Parents must be so proud 🙄

  • Ryan Lorch
    Ryan Lorch 11 days ago

    Understanding Big Narstie is hard work. I need a nap.

  • Anthony Chavez
    Anthony Chavez 11 days ago

    I'm the skinny bitch

  • Amorphis Bob
    Amorphis Bob 12 days ago

    Is this even English?

  • Russell Anderson
    Russell Anderson 12 days ago


  • KW Animations
    KW Animations 12 days ago

    My man looking like Leonardo DiCaprio

    SKG NATION 12 days ago

    Big Narstie is a national treasure 💚

  • Jamie Jackson
    Jamie Jackson 12 days ago

    The jokest ting big narstie didnt want no more about 3 mins into it jimmy didnt let it go 🤣🤣🤣 m because he white n not from the ends its limited shit u csn get at him abt

  • Kickor Sidumain
    Kickor Sidumain 12 days ago

    10 mins flew right by... That’s epic mate

  • MindlessSelfGuitar
    MindlessSelfGuitar 12 days ago

    "I'm naturally gifted bruv" If only your metabolism could say that

  • Creed Bratton
    Creed Bratton 12 days ago

    I love Jimmy he frequently visits

  • huckamuckahoitoi
    huckamuckahoitoi 13 days ago

    Jimmy and his girlfriend can't have children. The way they do it.

  • huckamuckahoitoi
    huckamuckahoitoi 13 days ago

    I cannot understand a word the fat guy is saying.

  • Wideband Atlanta
    Wideband Atlanta 13 days ago

    11:57 Narstie got him forever right here, the comeback was futile compared to what Narstie said.

  • Kyle939
    Kyle939 13 days ago

    Probably the best interview and show there is!

  • Brita Ahonen
    Brita Ahonen 13 days ago

    Message Jimi Carr to please go and put Antivirus programs up at higher levels, above all this lot.

  • whatthe
    whatthe 14 days ago

    That black dude was hilarious.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 14 days ago

    *hahahahahaha a wee bumbaclart hahahaha*

  • Katie Abe
    Katie Abe 14 days ago

    London's very pretty

  • toppa toppa
    toppa toppa 14 days ago

    Butters baggers lol.. not really she ain't that raw

  • toppa toppa
    toppa toppa 14 days ago

    Even with make up.. lol

  • We are vr Virtual Reality

    I rate this guy 💯💯💯

  • Neil Desperandum
    Neil Desperandum 14 days ago

    I like Lily Allen. There, I’ve said it. She was interviewed by Jonathan Agnew on Test Match Special of all things (for those who don’t know, that’s a radio programme covering cricket!) and she was really nice - and quite well informed. Her father wasn’t exactly a guiding influence and I think the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle has chewed her up and spat her out a few times. I hope she doesn’t end up doing a Paula Yates.

  • moy pablo
    moy pablo 15 days ago

    That chair; Stephen Fry, Ian Wright, Guz Khan and Tory Lanez. What a line up.

  • Yodahe Adnew
    Yodahe Adnew 15 days ago

    13:34 is that unknown t It looks like him tf he doing backstage

      DAAA TRUTH 5 days ago

      i thought it was only me that saw him

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 15 days ago

    How many times does the fat one say cuz jesus christ..

  • Your Average Otaku
    Your Average Otaku 15 days ago

    I think Jimmy Carr is extremely well spoken compared to them... bruv

  • Black Cage
    Black Cage 15 days ago

    Aussie, Kiwi and UK sense of humours Lol Do this in a different countries you probably get called a bully or dong in the face

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas 15 days ago

    Jesus how fricking stoned is she sorry may come from a middle class family but fuck me she's just common dirty ho from the estate I'm from but I wouldn't touch her with a pepperoni

  • Jason Waltman
    Jason Waltman 15 days ago

    These guys I can relate to. That's how we grew up. If you have a chance to skewer a guy and you don't then you fail as a friend. Good times.

  • Ox4TuneTeller
    Ox4TuneTeller 15 days ago

    Jimmy Carr doesn’t pay his taxes because you can’t get Botox on the NHS

  • Ox4TuneTeller
    Ox4TuneTeller 15 days ago

    At least Big Narstie is still big when he goes overseas. Without sucking off Jimmy Fallon