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Single VS Relationships
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Disney's Mulan Trailer Parody
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We Haven't Met Yet
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But, How Asian Are You?
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Don't Give Up.
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Right Person Wrong Time
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Am I Pretty Enough?
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Asian Cinderella Parody
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  • exstazius
    exstazius 2 hours ago

    I am gay but for miriam I go str8

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 2 hours ago

    Why is this SO TRUE!!

  • Định Nguyễn Khắc

    There 2 type of mainlander. From middle class families and from CCP's member families. One's actually good at school and one's just rich.

  • Baby Kangaroo
    Baby Kangaroo 5 hours ago

    Love the dramatic reactions, bahahahaha

  • Chloe Koh
    Chloe Koh 5 hours ago

    Your sound is beautiful!

  • Roxy Lipz
    Roxy Lipz 8 hours ago

    Same girls? They all look alike

  • Carlitox b
    Carlitox b 8 hours ago

    they are all super hot

  • Sweet Trap Magi
    Sweet Trap Magi 9 hours ago

    I actually don't get in relationships (of the old way anymore.) I guess since now I'm on such a high level frequency and through much experience , I don't have girlfriends anymore . Fuck that toxic shit , I don't want anything from you girl . We're just friends , you just like and wanna hang out with me , but don't restrict me for any reason. You also just met me, you don't know me, my goals in life and missions . And I don't wanna bother , slow you down with yours . We can work on projects together , yeah sure freaking dope. But do know , whom ever the girl I'm knocking up , were taking care of our children as a healthy family bitch 😛 jk you're not a bitch , you're a fuckin goddess slut

  • Sweet Trap Magi
    Sweet Trap Magi 9 hours ago

    Yo so I must be from under a rock but wtf is a promise ring ?

  • Song
    Song 10 hours ago

    first time i heard mainland Chinese girl? i thought they call International?

  • Kai Luo
    Kai Luo 11 hours ago

    Chinese people are so rich

  • Pamela the Bossy Office Girl

    So true lmao.

  • tenderloin87
    tenderloin87 13 hours ago

    Man I gotta follow for the girls only

  • reveluvmochi uwu
    reveluvmochi uwu 16 hours ago

    isnt megan american born korean? 😂😂

  • Vincnence Nguyen
    Vincnence Nguyen 17 hours ago

    Im a Nguyen as well >w<

  • Stephen Memelord
    Stephen Memelord 18 hours ago

    Ah, the song of my people.

  • Aisen Mikhailov

    0:58 I felt that

  • awkward potato

    You should definitely make a seperate channel and post many song covers

  • queenzy choo
    queenzy choo Day ago


  • Lars Chue
    Lars Chue Day ago

    Thank goodness Gastown and Punjab market are in different zip codes.

  • Samira
    Samira Day ago

    So basically the mainlanders are just lazy and boring?

  • Clayton Thomas

    Only thots and narcissists fishing for attention use tinder.

  • Janice Flower
    Janice Flower Day ago


  • _T. aesthetic_

    Did not expect that voice from Leenda

  • Ahadur Rahman Alif

    2:45 Real weeb: If you bend this, omae wa mou shindeiru.

  • Ahadur Rahman Alif

    1:11 Sorority girl: Noooo...? Was I supposed to? *makes sad face* Me: OF COURSE YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO!! THAT'S PART OF YOUR PRESENTATION WORK!! NOW HURRY UP *whistles* YOUR DEADLINE IS CLOSER TO YOUR GRAVE! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!

  • tall32guy
    tall32guy Day ago

    So funneh! 😁😁

  • Stevosaur
    Stevosaur Day ago


  • 甄霸道
    甄霸道 Day ago


  • reality check
    reality check Day ago

    I think it depends on the person Not about their origin

  • 1989Nihil
    1989Nihil Day ago

    Sooo okay I should be doing something entirely else right now, like, you know... studying. The clock ticks by to fast this time / not a moment to be lost A stack of books surround me /and it looks like it's the day Finals are coming and we all must try our best / but I've given up / I'll just wing that test No fun today no fun at all / no more talking on the telephone / read this write that and learn it all Can't learn it all Fuck it all [2x] Can't study this anymore Fuck it all [2x] All my classes are a bore / I don't care if I fail this test Let my mom rage on / my grades never bothered my anyway Fuck it all [2x] Don't give shit anymore Fuck it all [2x] Flip the table / screw you all I don't take this bullshit anymore / I don't give a fuck My grades never bothered my anyway... please correct me if I made a mistake somewhere

  • virusmaker506
    virusmaker506 Day ago

    That tragedy part though😂

  • Oscar Ma
    Oscar Ma 2 days ago

    My guy peter

  • Milot Khan
    Milot Khan 2 days ago

    The lost day will not be lost again and now, but the day that you lost the flower will be remembered on this day but as of now, the sadhu montai will be depressed ..... !! "" So take care of your time now ""

  • C. C.
    C. C. 2 days ago


  • Renz_HD
    Renz_HD 2 days ago

    1:10 nasty asf, do that to me and it's game over, a bitch better hit the reset button.

  • Evil_ Boi
    Evil_ Boi 2 days ago

    He he he he he like he like boy

  • mcheshirem
    mcheshirem 2 days ago


  • Renz_HD
    Renz_HD 2 days ago

    The blonde hella cute need her name, number and insta strictly for research purposes.

  • Noor Jamali
    Noor Jamali 2 days ago

    Nice of you to assume that anyone wants to date me 😂😂😫

  • teddi barret
    teddi barret 2 days ago

    especially hong kong chinese are like this🇭🇰

  • 김대영
    김대영 2 days ago

    typically playboy or womanizer image,such a disgusting man from Korea

  • Cliff Y
    Cliff Y 2 days ago

    This is just the worst and most inaccurate video ever. So bad lol

  • Renz_HD
    Renz_HD 2 days ago

    So we're just gonna ignore the fact that Bruce killed Clark for a chic.

  • Renz_HD
    Renz_HD 2 days ago

    Hao hao and gong gong so thirsty.

    MARLEN 2 days ago

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  • katherine burleson
    katherine burleson 2 days ago

    These guys are freakin hilarious

  • Gab Riel
    Gab Riel 2 days ago

    is her Sunny from Make It Pop???

  • Alisa A
    Alisa A 2 days ago

    I love your voice Leenda! 😍

    • MARLEN
      MARLEN 2 days ago

      thexvid.com/video/m41Kafa14ro/video.html thexvid.com/video/dkPS6t84qg4/video.html you will like it

  • Hannah
    Hannah 2 days ago

    Omg I cried so much! I like this calm style. I'm listening to this song ,,all day, all night" PLEASE do a whole cover of this

    IMMANUEL .k 3 days ago

    Waiting.......................................... .. ..........

    IMMANUEL .k 3 days ago

    Plzz upload

    IMMANUEL .k 3 days ago

    I wanted to hear

    IMMANUEL .k 3 days ago

    Where's the all song

  • Norma Ramirez
    Norma Ramirez 3 days ago

    What are the piano notes?!?

  • Daisy Hendriks
    Daisy Hendriks 3 days ago

    This broke my heart in the most beautiful way

  • Weird Artist
    Weird Artist 3 days ago

    This is the most accurate thing I have ever seen in my life.

  • iiAngxeii
    iiAngxeii 3 days ago

    This makes my laugh 😭 NOOOOOOO I DON'T WANNA LAUGH RN 😭😭

  • itsminah
    itsminah 3 days ago


  • Judith Fangirl01
    Judith Fangirl01 3 days ago

    Me right now with final projects 😭

    ALICE 3 days ago

    And people ask why i am still single?

  • Broccoli Fan
    Broccoli Fan 3 days ago

    Just fries....by the time when I ate it, I was already full.

  • Lebanese_falafel
    Lebanese_falafel 3 days ago

    What kind of asian girl are you: Me: well I am actualy an international student irl, I'm asian even if i am not socialy considered Asian because I am ethnicaly Arab even though my country is in Asia... I must not be in the video then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Wait... wtf I'm not even a girl

  • Vincent
    Vincent 3 days ago

    Some of them were legit true, especially the splitting bill scene. If we have family gathering and dine outside, you'll be expecting they will fight to pay for the bills. 😆

  • David Bill
    David Bill 3 days ago

    The Mainland Chinese Girls have a unique style, you can date more chinese girls on "Asiansinglefinder".

    • somegrill
      somegrill Day ago

      David Bill this is so sad delete this mess

  • Alden P'ng
    Alden P'ng 3 days ago

    I don't give a f*ck

  • miss meow
    miss meow 3 days ago

    *Emilyghoul is so pretty jshdbdgdh!1!!1!1!1!*

  • Jane
    Jane 3 days ago

    Since when was leenda a singer? I LOVE ITT

  • hiensr
    hiensr 3 days ago

    PLEASE MAKE MORE COVER VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Band Aid
    Band Aid 3 days ago


  • When I say Lady in red

    Don't know what's the point. But this channel is making some US $$$ for sure 🙏

  • OAT351
    OAT351 3 days ago

    Same thing happened to me. I met this woman in England when I was studying there. It was like two parts of the same soul were joined together. But I was engaged, and was leaving for home in three weeks. My final year of college was going to be crazy busy so I could graduate on time. Then I was going to have to work right away to pay off school and everything. So the timing couldn't have been worse. It was hard to believe the bad timing, and I wondered if we were meant to be together or not. So we had unprotected sex many times, and in every position imaginable, in those final three weeks, and then I went home to my fiance. The cheating bitch had been with another dude the whole time I was gone. I was devastated.

  • Elma
    Elma 3 days ago

    ”The goal is to be rich not to look rich” -unknow

  • Xi6 Cario
    Xi6 Cario 3 days ago

    Y u know what..i prefer the ABC

  • Arzoo Gul
    Arzoo Gul 3 days ago

    Whenever I see this video I just start crying .... Sometimes I think the same way .. No one loves me I'm not pretty and in the end I just hate my self ... I don't know how to love myself ...whenever I'm with other people I feel insecure ... I think I'm boring ,,.. I just want to be happy but I don't understand how it works😢😑😭

  • Animal
    Animal 3 days ago

    cute profile picture ~

  • Animal
    Animal 3 days ago


  • just a kpop fan
    just a kpop fan 4 days ago

    0:00 did he wear Romanin merch

  • Rayna Wu
    Rayna Wu 4 days ago

    Hahahahaha so funny!!! Leenda you are a fucking genius!

  • hello stu p i d
    hello stu p i d 4 days ago

    lmao weaboo

  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl 4 days ago

    I'm not exactly in the best mindset and I tend to watch and read really sad things and I'm kind of just breaking down at this point... It's an amazing video tho. I love it

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 4 days ago

    Ever been to Vancouver BC? My 2018 M5 is a piece of shit on the streets. Mainland Chinese are rich as fuck and young.

  • jeremy bolaños
    jeremy bolaños 4 days ago

    jason chen?

  • nichniggel vincent
    nichniggel vincent 4 days ago

    Okay. That's legit.

  • SpringyNoodles
    SpringyNoodles 4 days ago

    i like the mainlander's sport

  • Lily Lau
    Lily Lau 4 days ago

    I love shorts like these. I always come back to it. Again in 2019

  • thedoneeye
    thedoneeye 4 days ago

    "Hey MIriam you ever been mistaken for a man?" "No, have *you?* Bonus points if you can remember what movie that's from!

  • Roo vanchhawng
    Roo vanchhawng 4 days ago

    Pretty voice🥰

  • wingedgecko
    wingedgecko 4 days ago

    Everything always happens for the best. You may not see it then, but you will know it later.

  • DerpEye
    DerpEye 4 days ago

    European here. I've been to a US university campus, and each time you see an expensive car (like, very expensive, Lambo, Ferrari etc) there's a 100% chance a chinese girl/guy is driving. 0_0

  • Raise a Glass to Freedom

    1:25 "Batch"... *Spelled Bach* *piano lessons coming back to haunt me*

  • yup nope
    yup nope 5 days ago

    1:47 is it wengie?

  • 王浩懿
    王浩懿 5 days ago


  • Andreas G
    Andreas G 5 days ago

    So the joke in every single skit in this video is just that Mainlanders are rich and American born Chinese girls are poor? waaauw very clever...

  • Ozzy Bauce
    Ozzy Bauce 5 days ago

    This is soo true, soo funny , specially when the girls take out their credit card to pay, hahaha

  • vuyokazi sodinga
    vuyokazi sodinga 5 days ago

    Ughhhh if just for ONE DAY we didn't have to go through pain- When we lose our virginity When we have our time of the month WHEN WE GIVE BIRTH someone give us a break🤣🤣🤣🤣💔💔😢

  • themoonmunchkin {poohana}

    I have my math test tomorrow 😵😑

  • Mikee22ification
    Mikee22ification 5 days ago

    This is hilarious

  • Mikee22ification
    Mikee22ification 5 days ago

    "lets use the sink" xx

  • Mikee22ification
    Mikee22ification 5 days ago

    110% go for the American - Chinese girl, sweeter, smarter and more real and therefore more sexy