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One Life
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We Haven't Met Yet
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The Asian F*kBoy Bachelor
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The Text I Never Sent You
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But, How Asian Are You?
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My Boyfriend's Bromance
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The One that Got Away
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Can We Do the Distance?
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So, You're On Tinder?
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Girl, Don't Catch Feelings
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I Can't Adult Today
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I Think We Are Dating?
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I Am Not Over You
Views 809K2 years ago
Don't Give Up.
Views 322K2 years ago
Right Person Wrong Time
Views 1.8M2 years ago
Am I Pretty Enough?
Views 6M3 years ago
Asian Cinderella Parody
Views 911K3 years ago
15 Types of Karaoke Singers
Views 360K4 years ago
Uh, Is This a Date?
Views 1.6M4 years ago