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Nerf War 4: Infinitea War
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World Cup Trick Shots
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My Best Miss Ever...
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An EPIC FA Cup Final
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  • LX 1SeA1
    LX 1SeA1 4 hours ago

    I have just a little newer car

  • Dane Abbott
    Dane Abbott 4 hours ago

    the first questions answer is basically jurassic world evolution..

  • Dumme Ting
    Dumme Ting 4 hours ago


  • ohillip
    ohillip 5 hours ago

    Great video actually

  • Anthony and Chloe Gatzonis

    This came out on my birthday 2019 squad

  • Paxdog Plays
    Paxdog Plays 5 hours ago


  • Johnny
    Johnny 5 hours ago

    man why do all the players suck so hard xD

  • Kem24
    Kem24 5 hours ago


  • syam 361
    syam 361 5 hours ago

    I love the intro that you made ChrisMD

  • wifeofwij
    wifeofwij 5 hours ago


  • wifeofwij
    wifeofwij 5 hours ago

    the chip was the best

  • GavinTheBear 10
    GavinTheBear 10 6 hours ago

    Round 2 lol

  • DreadTiger40942
    DreadTiger40942 6 hours ago

    6:50 its Stephen tries

  • Reverse 3cho
    Reverse 3cho 6 hours ago

    6:08 when the ball hits the net it goes perfectly with the music

  • Faraz Seyed Mehdi
    Faraz Seyed Mehdi 6 hours ago

    Not even a sports car

  • Bobby Holden
    Bobby Holden 6 hours ago

    I’m watching an fifa 20 is out

  • sinozy 14
    sinozy 14 6 hours ago

    A like just for arsenal 😘

  • Neelema Toppo
    Neelema Toppo 6 hours ago

    U could have recycled it recycle bin

  • Sumron
    Sumron 7 hours ago

    Why exactly is Olli there ?

  • Levi KIRBY
    Levi KIRBY 7 hours ago

    where is the series

  • Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed 8 hours ago

    Ollie: *hits three boxes Ollie: "oH bAbY a tRiPlE"

  • Being Honest
    Being Honest 8 hours ago

    Chris wearing Ronaldo's pants and ronaldo wearing Chris's pants

  • Elijah Khaira
    Elijah Khaira 8 hours ago

    1:26 you two skate barsterds are twats also, 4 nil in your own back yard, 4 nil in your own back yard!

  • Jaiden Playzz
    Jaiden Playzz 8 hours ago

    How many times did he get varane duplicate

  • Patron Clips
    Patron Clips 8 hours ago

    Nah but for real, your sister could get it

  • Lisa Collins
    Lisa Collins 8 hours ago


  • CadeDaKing Gaming
    CadeDaKing Gaming 9 hours ago

    Ronny won Messi lost!

  • Mohi Sadeghi
    Mohi Sadeghi 9 hours ago


  • Jordan White
    Jordan White 9 hours ago

    Chris should upload in 2019

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 9 hours ago

    14:22 Ricegum be day dreaming

  • Joseph Goebbels
    Joseph Goebbels 9 hours ago

    Kingdom Hearts was my favourite ever game franchise

  • Ady Energie
    Ady Energie 10 hours ago

    ksi dont like toteham spars

  • ederouet74
    ederouet74 10 hours ago

    I was on a school trip to jersey yesterday and we walked past the fortress

  • Luke Ditchfield
    Luke Ditchfield 10 hours ago


  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez 10 hours ago

    Goal keeper is dog shit

  • jaswall
    jaswall 10 hours ago

    If you like this comment you will get 420 years of good luck

  • Doge Playzzz
    Doge Playzzz 11 hours ago

    u laugh at my Spanish 7 years later I laugh at your soccer

  • DK 964
    DK 964 11 hours ago

    As if

  • Deylan Stopford
    Deylan Stopford 12 hours ago


  • Aiden Crown
    Aiden Crown 12 hours ago

    For the sake of my life I’m gonna call this sport⚽️ soccer and this sport🏈 football

  • Book Of Ann
    Book Of Ann 12 hours ago

    When i watch this , it feel like watching Chelsea V Barcelona Final CL when FTorres scored last minutes 😂 i know your feeling bro 😂

  • Xxduccashi69xX Đųxëüř Łæ møņ

    I thought this was Mr Beast tbh.

  • Zombie slayer 96
    Zombie slayer 96 13 hours ago

    Like we don’t know Ronaldo is

  • Ebercito Channel
    Ebercito Channel 13 hours ago

    I thinked w2s died

  • Colin Dalangin
    Colin Dalangin 13 hours ago

    iPhone 11 in thumb nail has only 2 cameras

  • fried bacon
    fried bacon 13 hours ago

    ewwww shes a x box hater

  • TheConfidentialEnderman

    What's the song behind Kelly's goal at like 7:02

  • Sebas Portillo
    Sebas Portillo 13 hours ago

    Chris what happen with W2S

  • Nick
    Nick 13 hours ago

    Anyone know what football boots he bought him?

  • Jamie Davies
    Jamie Davies 13 hours ago

    When Chris is the smallest person there

  • Captain Yuu
    Captain Yuu 14 hours ago

    Ah yes the amazing anikan skywalker (Darth Vador) 2:01

  • Boxa Sitohang
    Boxa Sitohang 14 hours ago

    Hey look like Brooklyn Beckham

  • Afghan Lion
    Afghan Lion 14 hours ago

    Fam bellerin is one of the few foreign players to not speak in their accent, but the local one

  • Andrew Luong
    Andrew Luong 14 hours ago

    Can I get some subscribers

  • Omar Gonzalez
    Omar Gonzalez 15 hours ago

    😮 😮 🤯🤯🤯🤯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮 wowwwww

  • Joseph Rink
    Joseph Rink 15 hours ago


  • SorryImKryptic
    SorryImKryptic 15 hours ago

    olli be having som trobl

  • Bacon Hair Kiing
    Bacon Hair Kiing 15 hours ago

    Nice soccer skills

  • Andrew Piroli
    Andrew Piroli 15 hours ago

    How come he didn’t film the last opsticle where you have to run through electricity wires and he missed and skipped so many opsticles

  • Prometheus Gamer
    Prometheus Gamer 15 hours ago

    Worst on was Morgs shop 😂

  • Jameszeboss
    Jameszeboss 15 hours ago

    I love how ALL other players like sidemen and stuff who have scored great goals and stuff don’t just talk about their goals and Chris scores a SUPER scabby goal and makes like 10 videos on it including the one the year before that match

  • Jude Bobinihi
    Jude Bobinihi 15 hours ago

    why are you soo shit at ping pong man? those questions needed answering

  • Hcafc Highlights
    Hcafc Highlights 15 hours ago

    Beautiful 2008 Hull City kit🔥🔥🔥

  • Soquinten
    Soquinten 16 hours ago

    Haha nice video bro keep it UP

  • Charlie Slawnikowski
    Charlie Slawnikowski 16 hours ago

    Favorite part was watching little Chris struggle to climb the two feet on to the podium Top Shagger Will was robbed

  • Soquinten
    Soquinten 16 hours ago

    Haha nice video bro keep it UP

  • Carlos Mayo-Jimenez
    Carlos Mayo-Jimenez 16 hours ago

    back when i actually enjoyed watching chrismd videos and he smiled and laughed and had fun a lot

  • Nematullah Ahmadi
    Nematullah Ahmadi 16 hours ago

    You are the best. ❤

  • gabriela balderas
    gabriela balderas 16 hours ago

    That went in

  • Mark Foley
    Mark Foley 16 hours ago

    What fucking steroids was Simon on when doing his throw ins

  • PJ Woboril
    PJ Woboril 16 hours ago


  • Harry Hogan
    Harry Hogan 17 hours ago

    Wow Chris wow😣

  • Brayden Pischel
    Brayden Pischel 17 hours ago

    The sub is SV2

  • Josh Verbeeck
    Josh Verbeeck 17 hours ago

    At the start when it shows the person getting the pumpkin on head i already new it was Chris

  • Alma Correa
    Alma Correa 17 hours ago


  • this boi.
    this boi. 17 hours ago

    11:22 442oons Ronaldo sound effect.

  • M Afaq
    M Afaq 17 hours ago

    Hi Chris.

  • liam sargeant
    liam sargeant 17 hours ago

    Kieran brown is there just noticed

  • jackyfor youtube
    jackyfor youtube 17 hours ago

    5:38 he could have been killed Me:*flips over and breaks his ankle* OH GOD

  • ZigTv Playz
    ZigTv Playz 17 hours ago

    *when you have all shots on target but fifa won’t let you score any*

  • CJS2K15
    CJS2K15 17 hours ago

    Paint balling with nerf guns and bullets 🤔

  • Jesse Quinones IV
    Jesse Quinones IV 18 hours ago


  • Britt Weinstein
    Britt Weinstein 18 hours ago

    This is joe with tonsillitis👇🏻

  • ColeHW
    ColeHW 18 hours ago

    Charlie next to Chris is like KSI next to George Memelous

  • vlog RITS
    vlog RITS 18 hours ago

    123 he clip bared their was a iPhone 11

  • Rohan Garg
    Rohan Garg 18 hours ago

    Chris where is the fourth video u promised us!

  • Shazia Rizwan
    Shazia Rizwan 18 hours ago

    The goal was fake at the last attempt of crossbar chellenge

  • Rafi Yule
    Rafi Yule 18 hours ago

    im still confuesed of who chris supported joe or jj

  • Alejandro Padilla
    Alejandro Padilla 18 hours ago

    Do you hate mexicans

  • Just a guy who likes anime


  • Pastor Anthony Nix
    Pastor Anthony Nix 18 hours ago

    Sub to pew die pie

  • Tracy Lowe
    Tracy Lowe 18 hours ago

    Is this FIFA 18?

  • Coconut and Water
    Coconut and Water 19 hours ago

    But is she still single?

  • MiniMinter 1
    MiniMinter 1 19 hours ago

    5:37 Chris swears on camera The power of no sleep

  • Carter Johnson
    Carter Johnson 19 hours ago

    That Harry potter joke is just classic “silence” 2:31

  • Baby Towerspr
    Baby Towerspr 19 hours ago

    What’s the point of having a goalie if you’re not going to move

  • Xx-TTV_Illumi8Zeni3x_BTW -xX

    This is soo cringe like I can’t describe it.

  • Berin Koldere
    Berin Koldere 19 hours ago

    and kevin de brunye is here y

  • Obey Swert
    Obey Swert 19 hours ago

    21:06 dat free kick do