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Planet Zoo
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WillNE Is Uncancelled
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I took an L...
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The Wannabe Memeulous
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WillNE Is Cancelled
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the biggest r/madlads
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videos in my folder
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So this happened...
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  • Da Squish
    Da Squish 8 minutes ago

    This is the content we've all be waiting for, not LMTH, not Pokemon cards unboxing, Shiba Inu dog being playful for 10 minutes

  • Gayxlord 22
    Gayxlord 22 39 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice how Will called George “lewis”?

  • Gabe
    Gabe 48 minutes ago

    -play Club Penguin it’s a really good game- **cries in nostalgia**

  • T38
    T38 Hour ago

    only 10 minutes i could play with my dog for a whole hour

  • AlextheGreat545
    AlextheGreat545 Hour ago

    1) "I never played this mod when I was a kid" (I was never a kid when MC was out lol) 2) "I'm getting too old, I don't know half these pokemon" Me: =o

  • Zoned _JJ
    Zoned _JJ 2 hours ago

    i got fortnight scin and i am olny 9 age old

  • a chicken
    a chicken 4 hours ago

    stronk 101

  • katie acker
    katie acker 4 hours ago

    Can you give a link to a mod?

  • Solar
    Solar 4 hours ago

    At this point memeulous will just do a face reveal because he cba putting his mask on while recording 😂

  • Joe Millen
    Joe Millen 4 hours ago

    Literally the most adorable thing ever

  • LucasF13
    LucasF13 5 hours ago

    1:19 My guy was like 🖐🏼🐶🖐🏼

  • Ashley Scheib
    Ashley Scheib 5 hours ago

    Shiba puppy. Kenji.... kevin.... seems like something is going on here. MASSIVE LEGEND IS PLEASED.

  • Knoop Knoop
    Knoop Knoop 5 hours ago

    pt 2 when

  • Atx.Angel434
    Atx.Angel434 5 hours ago

    MaxMoeFoes shiba is way better😏

  • Eli White
    Eli White 5 hours ago

    my brother playing binding of isasc had the god heart sound play strate from the big guy

  • Sophie Phillips
    Sophie Phillips 5 hours ago

    anyone else get an ad for planet zoo lol

  • grom hazard
    grom hazard 6 hours ago


  • tired
    tired 6 hours ago

    thumbnail looks like roblox

  • Ninja Blaze
    Ninja Blaze 6 hours ago

    I am r/youngpeopleyoutube

  • Snowyy
    Snowyy 6 hours ago

    *i love my life*

  • Luffy Fangirl
    Luffy Fangirl 6 hours ago

    I want to shed tears this is so damn wholesome

  • PirateNought
    PirateNought 6 hours ago

    Pure softness for 10 minutes :D

  • Roger Reginald
    Roger Reginald 7 hours ago

    George looked like a wrongun when he was just stood watching the dog eat 😂

  • corgiandquokkas
    corgiandquokkas 7 hours ago

    He is the bestest boi

  • Charlie Gee
    Charlie Gee 7 hours ago

    anyone know the name of the fucking tune at the end of the episode

  • Xuizo -
    Xuizo - 7 hours ago


  • silvia
    silvia 8 hours ago

    please make a kenji x george channel

  • Random Squiggly line0861

    I was disappointed because I thought it was clickbait. But, I was so happily surprised

  • Beau TEA
    Beau TEA 8 hours ago

    Will : breaks the yugio card Will: breaks Alex’s laptop Will: flings kenji off the sofa onto the panda 🤣🤣

  • wyattpk
    wyattpk 8 hours ago

    i'm entering in a parkour competition on friday wish me luck

  • Clapped Cecilia
    Clapped Cecilia 8 hours ago

    favourite video

  • Mya Fewell
    Mya Fewell 8 hours ago

    I’m dying for a memeulous face reveal, please George

  • Shems cool
    Shems cool 9 hours ago

    pewdiepie goes in the s tier

  • Lauren Issabelle
    Lauren Issabelle 9 hours ago

    Not being funny but I would die for kenji

  • Zlousy
    Zlousy 9 hours ago

    This has made my day :)

  • Cool Empire
    Cool Empire 9 hours ago

    Does George vapes?!

  • iAreRonny
    iAreRonny 9 hours ago

    George finally meets an actual Alfa male.

  • Kali Ann
    Kali Ann 9 hours ago

    These boys get so excited with Kenji and it’s literally the cutest thing. This is such a soft and wholesome video!

  • Charlotte Baldwin
    Charlotte Baldwin 9 hours ago

    Thank you Lewis

  • Exotic Shadow _
    Exotic Shadow _ 9 hours ago

    When you show the compass I'm like ooh that's the thing I keep in my tie

  • QuakingGood ENT
    QuakingGood ENT 9 hours ago

    Kenji is probably going to think home intruders as friendly cos hell think of someone in a mask friendly.

  • Veeti Santamäki
    Veeti Santamäki 9 hours ago

    Thank you for this video. It made me happy

  • Baron Black Dragon
    Baron Black Dragon 9 hours ago

    Came for the doge, stayed for the gay threesome

  • Sideways
    Sideways 10 hours ago

    Will: im gonna leave. Will five seconds later: KILL HIM KILL HIM

  • h e l l o
    h e l l o 10 hours ago

    "Come on pussio, jump"

  • Leo Cooper
    Leo Cooper 10 hours ago

    Suffolk gang were are you

  • FlopperPHD+
    FlopperPHD+ 10 hours ago

    That bread-cube thing is proper relatable

  • DaShibe
    DaShibe 10 hours ago

    Kenji wonder where you got that name

  • hunted gamer kid
    hunted gamer kid 10 hours ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • LipsByAsh Darbz
    LipsByAsh Darbz 10 hours ago

    Thank you Lewis 💙

  • zilurz z
    zilurz z 10 hours ago

    Kids version: Kenji fricks the panda adult version: YUM PANDA PP

  • Todd Howard Explains The Joke

    4:29 james thats not a snake im pretty sure its a gecko

  • Faith Townsell
    Faith Townsell 11 hours ago

    I got a planet zoo ad before the video

  • Phoebe Trown
    Phoebe Trown 12 hours ago

    WillNE shouting kill at a puppy for ten minutes

  • Sam Hammersley
    Sam Hammersley 12 hours ago

    *H*e*Y* *G*u*Y*s

  • Jodie Manning
    Jodie Manning 12 hours ago

    Easily your best video george

  • Sam Hammersley
    Sam Hammersley 12 hours ago

    I got an ad for it *HOW IRONIC*

  • Little Mixer
    Little Mixer 12 hours ago

    Memeulous trying to piss off a dog for 10 minutes straight

  • Haribo 244
    Haribo 244 12 hours ago

    We want the rip game jk I DONT CARE

  • MCA MasterChip
    MCA MasterChip 12 hours ago

    lol, like if you agree

    THE RISING KING 12 hours ago

    I got a planet zoo ad while watching this

  • Tortoise The Cat
    Tortoise The Cat 13 hours ago

    What an adorable shibeeeee

  • Leanne Smith
    Leanne Smith 13 hours ago

    So whens the collab with Kenji merch coming out

  • FishLettuce _
    FishLettuce _ 13 hours ago

    I assassinate people for fun Like if u agree

  • Thim Wennerström
    Thim Wennerström 13 hours ago

    Joshy is an asshole

  • Crispybiscuits
    Crispybiscuits 13 hours ago


  • muggedinmadrid
    muggedinmadrid 14 hours ago

    just realised that memelous and a muslim woman have a lot in common.

    FaZe OOMPA LOOMPA 14 hours ago

    "grizzy bear" -George Memeulous 2019

  • Mayrio
    Mayrio 14 hours ago

    A easy way to stop the biting is to make a short but loud noise everytime he bites you, it simulates the sound other dogs would make that help teach him that it hurts when he bites people

  • galacta_ cat
    galacta_ cat 14 hours ago

    Wonder if kenji will get eaten by a coyote as well

  • Gamers Edition
    Gamers Edition 14 hours ago

    This has got to be the best like dislike ratio on a any memeulous or memeuless video ever

  • Patrick Cauton
    Patrick Cauton 14 hours ago

    Beats spinarak I got a string nice!

  • Aurinn N
    Aurinn N 14 hours ago

    if you thought those dragons were bullshit then you haven't seen them before the 1.8.0 update because they were nerfed in that update lmao

  • Fortnite bad Minecraft good

    When do they put peanut butter on themselves and let the dog go at them

    LGE_RAFAEL 15 hours ago

    1:17 The big S c o o p

  • happy nightmare monster


  • Twelve
    Twelve 15 hours ago

    The back of that trim, awful, kenji puts it too shame

  • Rohan O-J
    Rohan O-J 15 hours ago

    He is a good boy

  • \\Emo Lord //
    \\Emo Lord // 16 hours ago

    this is what i subscribed for

  • Ceeebrrrplays
    Ceeebrrrplays 16 hours ago

    *put PewDiePie at C tier* How could you say something so controversial yet brave?

  • Itzyaboiampez Gamer4000

    I was playing call of duty the guy said boom and josh said boom at the same time

  • xSniper x Galx
    xSniper x Galx 16 hours ago

    This person is nice | | | \/

  • Libby Williams
    Libby Williams 16 hours ago

    This is so fucking wholesome

  • Random Stuff :P
    Random Stuff :P 16 hours ago

    seeing george and josh not knowing about minecraft gives me crippling anxiety

  • triple waffle
    triple waffle 17 hours ago

    Just base this whole channel off kenji from now on, this is golden content

  • Random Stuff :P
    Random Stuff :P 17 hours ago

    that is the cutest thing ever. George, not the dog

  • Martha R
    Martha R 17 hours ago

    will when he has a kid: KILL KILL KILLLL

  • beepbeep letuce
    beepbeep letuce 17 hours ago

    Next vid: will it blend?

  • Katie Mercer
    Katie Mercer 18 hours ago

    I’ve watched this video abt 10 times now

  • nug man
    nug man 18 hours ago

    thats fucking adorable

  • A N X I E T Y
    A N X I E T Y 18 hours ago

    I'm still waiting for the Beyblade battle from the "videos in my folder" vid lmao

  • Stefan Koster
    Stefan Koster 18 hours ago

    Is that hoodie shiba atraction material i need to get it!

  • I crave the sweet release of death From this earth

    This is content I subscribed for

  • Daisyøxø
    Daisyøxø 18 hours ago

    “George memeulous being a soft boy for ten minutes”

  • yeoJ kuotaaM
    yeoJ kuotaaM 19 hours ago

    Watching George have a soft spot for the dog is breaking my heart more than the dog 😂

  • シuqp0
    シuqp0 19 hours ago

    The e girls can’t resist big george

  • Mr Yeehaw
    Mr Yeehaw 19 hours ago

    Shibas are the best type of dog

  • Courtney McIlkenny
    Courtney McIlkenny 19 hours ago

    Is that star trek... It's Catholicism 😂😂😂

    SNAPPYDOG21 19 hours ago

    The moon is a moon not a satellite nor a planet