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    MADWORKTV 54 minutes ago

    It's your duty to give the fishy floppy the blicky glocky.

  • 2019 Ram 1500
    2019 Ram 1500 Hour ago

    This is awful content

  • Eugene KindaDoesAnimations

    Teacher: the test isint going to be that hard The test: Intergal of x

  • SkyphFrom Yt
    SkyphFrom Yt 2 hours ago

    When are we are get the terraria series? Bitch 🗿


    Whales explode because of the gases inside them

  • Scar
    Scar 2 hours ago

    In all honesty it's way better than the toxic comment section of today

  • Bre
    Bre 2 hours ago

    Absolutely no one: Alex: *but where’s THE BRAIN go*

  • jjsnipacat
    jjsnipacat 2 hours ago

    Alex looks like the pedophile from that one black mirror episode

  • NCR Trooper
    NCR Trooper 2 hours ago

    Comedy hell?

  • vendetta807
    vendetta807 3 hours ago

    2:20 wheat thiccs

  • OutToLunch
    OutToLunch 3 hours ago

    Sive is here? Since when did pewds’s editor meet memeulous?

  • My Brain.exe. Has stopped working


  • george ignatiou
    george ignatiou 3 hours ago


  • Freya N
    Freya N 3 hours ago

    Lmao whales actually explode

  • Ohad Balash
    Ohad Balash 3 hours ago

    3:54 its ya boy justinrpg. if you would like to know more, there is a thread on a farming site.

  • Vivian Bown
    Vivian Bown 3 hours ago

    Best day of my life. My bestie of 2 years became my girlfreind. I became 3 months clean of s.h. Was able to decorate my room the way I wanted. And the cherry on top, this vid

  • Mike oxlong
    Mike oxlong 4 hours ago

    I never thought I would hear “poo poo head” used as an insult I’m amazed but disappointed at the same time

  • Com-e Kem.p
    Com-e Kem.p 4 hours ago

    Can In ball

  • oliviax
    oliviax 4 hours ago

    best video of 2020

  • wildflowrr
    wildflowrr 4 hours ago

    I chuckled

  • Ellie Monaghan-Philp

    They explode cuz of the gas

  • classic gamer
    classic gamer 4 hours ago

    It's like these videos has something against people with the name gamer

  • Norah Bishop
    Norah Bishop 4 hours ago

    Please review Love Island The Game

  • Eden313 :3
    Eden313 :3 4 hours ago

    Ay Memeuless u be playin' trash bro

  • ArxyUK
    ArxyUK 5 hours ago

    I woke up to this Nice

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 5 hours ago

    Actually it is believed that Neanderthals were smarter than homo sapiens

  • CurlyEpicFace
    CurlyEpicFace 5 hours ago


    • CurlyEpicFace
      CurlyEpicFace 5 hours ago

      i aghgree 😚😋😍😉😍😙😍😊😙🤗😉😃😂😘😎😉😍☺😙😥😏😶😲😯😫😯🤤0

  • Rory Taylor
    Rory Taylor 5 hours ago

    I play battlefield. I now have liver failure thanks to Alex. Thanks Alex.🤣

  • TheBlueDoggy
    TheBlueDoggy 5 hours ago

    * Chuckles * You’re in danger

  • GiMMiXXX
    GiMMiXXX 5 hours ago

    5:05 I don’t get the joke

    MANN FRANK 5 hours ago

    The inmates food is nutriloaf it’s a form of punishment in us prisons where they remove food privileges and just mush “ingredients” into a loaf ingredients vary from state to state. Guess the guy got a taste for it lol 😂

  • i have no clue
    i have no clue 5 hours ago


  • jezusmina
    jezusmina 5 hours ago

    i dont get the colon one pls explain

  • daniel gill
    daniel gill 5 hours ago

    I use my gills to breathe underwater

  • abi x
    abi x 5 hours ago

  • 례이Xingmis
    례이Xingmis 5 hours ago

    I’m disappointed you guys don’t know who Ron Perlman is - the original Hellboy bitches

  • Jack Blasi
    Jack Blasi 5 hours ago


  • WolfyGrlYT
    WolfyGrlYT 5 hours ago

    I did not chuckle.

  • Pixelated Pop Reviews

    Ur a nonce

  • Yoda dad _
    Yoda dad _ 5 hours ago

    Just heart my comment already *please*

  • Nicol and Nicola
    Nicol and Nicola 5 hours ago

    Why does Alex sound so unenthusiastic whatever he says

  • primarkburgers
    primarkburgers 5 hours ago

    whales can actually explode because the gas inside their bodies build up and build up if the spout is blocked. there was an incident when there was a whale being transported through a sea town and it blew up all over the street

  • emily ghee
    emily ghee 5 hours ago

    hi big boy

  • George Burrows
    George Burrows 5 hours ago

    Day 4 trying to get pinned comment from memueless

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson 6 hours ago

    Whales explode because gases build up in the body whilst it’s decomposing and can cause then to “explode”

  • CallMeKingz
    CallMeKingz 6 hours ago

    Only boomers use the laughing crying emoji 😂

    • Pyror
      Pyror 2 hours ago


  • Beth Stevenson
    Beth Stevenson 6 hours ago

    George saying ‘pussy’ omg okay sir

  • ilylenney
    ilylenney 6 hours ago

    get fainted back on memeuless pls !!

  • Aj's allotment garden

    The real life law is a gooood yt

  • Aidan Parrott
    Aidan Parrott 6 hours ago

    Oi George I think this video might flop because I scrolled past it in the recommendations because the thumbnail looks like an AD like the colours and shit

  • Lawrence Chapman
    Lawrence Chapman 6 hours ago

    Can I have likes

  • seb959
    seb959 6 hours ago


  • Real Seamus
    Real Seamus 6 hours ago

    I saw all these memes myself on Reddit :(

  • obi won jones
    obi won jones 6 hours ago

    No get colon joek wiht dokter removieng it. Somwon expaline

  • Beardless Matt
    Beardless Matt 6 hours ago

    With the thumbnail I looked up 1700s Sea Shanties, thank you, I’m addicted.

  • obama bin laden
    obama bin laden 6 hours ago

    whales could explode because of a buildup of gas inside the carcass of the whale that can sometimes result in an explosion.

  • BlueRoxX
    BlueRoxX 6 hours ago

    Kids when they hear the f word: for the first time hearing the f word forever

  • Anime Ramen
    Anime Ramen 6 hours ago

    Him : said he will like 4 comments Also Him : likes 7 comments

  • Plushzy
    Plushzy 6 hours ago

    funny memes that will make your chuckle?

  • estrxlla
    estrxlla 6 hours ago

    Gorge memeolas pin this comebt or else you eat poo xDDDDD 😂😂😂💀💯🔥

  • Nv_Delay3d
    Nv_Delay3d 6 hours ago

    Summary of this video Me: oh that ones crap Will: OH MY ITS SHINY

  • Moon Flame
    Moon Flame 6 hours ago

    Funnily enough, dead whales do actually explode. I'm pretty sure it has to do with gasses bloating it up once it's dead, like methane. But hey, you're not on the Memeuless channel to learn, so feel free to ignore this lmao

  • Nikita Wilson
    Nikita Wilson 6 hours ago

    I don’t get the colon joke oml am I the only one

  • FireSniper
    FireSniper 6 hours ago

    By golly I do want to see some funny memes that will make me chuckle

  • Austin Rogers
    Austin Rogers 6 hours ago

    My password is poopfart69

  • Aaron Duffy
    Aaron Duffy 6 hours ago

    The alexx commentary is annoying

  • Infinite Legacy
    Infinite Legacy 7 hours ago

    3:30 maybe because he supposedly lives at the North Pole 😂😂😂

  • Lucas Bennett
    Lucas Bennett 7 hours ago

    Real life Lore is a great channel

  • Joe M
    Joe M 7 hours ago

    Didn't George once say they wouldn't become as lazy as Annoying Orange with the still images?

  • P Pascal
    P Pascal 7 hours ago

    The guy at 4:32 is an actor who plays in Sons of Anarchy, a really awesome show that you should watch, just thought everyone should know

  • Kqyote •
    Kqyote • 7 hours ago

    Weeheeheehee, dee heeheeheehee, weeoh aweem away Weeheeheehee, dee heeheeheehee, weeoh aweem away A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh A-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh, a-weema-weh

  • taehyungs yeontan
    taehyungs yeontan 7 hours ago

    Why does this have so little views 😂

  • taehyungs yeontan
    taehyungs yeontan 7 hours ago

    George is moist. Alex is moister together they are mostus

  • taehyungs yeontan
    taehyungs yeontan 7 hours ago


  • Sploosh
    Sploosh 7 hours ago

    Who else had an epelectic seizure at the end

  • Miss Sunny
    Miss Sunny 7 hours ago


  • Speshkulm
    Speshkulm 7 hours ago

    I unsubbed Alex

  • light905 Ray
    light905 Ray 7 hours ago

    0:45 tye whales eat mines which get stuck in there throat which is what kills them i guess

  • Random Opinion
    Random Opinion 7 hours ago

    Who else thinks Alex talks too much?

  • Angelh103
    Angelh103 7 hours ago

    The fact that the dead whale video is in my recommended after this

  • James Jammy
    James Jammy 7 hours ago

    wagwan piffting whats your bbm pin

  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer 7 hours ago

    Girls with bowl cuts are cute so stop giving me evils u-u

  • TheBotBuilder
    TheBotBuilder 7 hours ago

    To be fair, I did chuckle

  • asowe
    asowe 7 hours ago

    This was a baaaad thumbnail i thought it was a ad

  • AJ or something
    AJ or something 7 hours ago

    4:54 reference to the expression wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • ItsViper
    ItsViper 7 hours ago

    the wale thing basicly the gasses build up in them and they have no way to be released because the skin is to tick and if its not got a team to help the gasses get out it can explode, short version

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 7 hours ago

    whales explode because of excessive methane build up after death, so touching it could cause the methane to blow the whale up

  • Oforid222 Official
    Oforid222 Official 8 hours ago

    Whales actually do explode it's caused by the build up of methane in their systems

  • illy1985
    illy1985 8 hours ago

    A whale can explode because of gas build up from decomposition. Because of it's thick blubber the gas can't escape and it will build up till the whale explodes.

  • Joie Manning
    Joie Manning 8 hours ago

    I can always tell when Alex has just smoked before making a video

  • LocoBreezy
    LocoBreezy 8 hours ago

    “12 year olds” “handjobs” *demonetization has entered the chat*

  • Dorian
    Dorian 8 hours ago

    l think they still don't understand that the point of that sub is memes that are so bad they're funny

  • Soham btw
    Soham btw 8 hours ago

    Yes gorge I chuckled a lot

  • InkyNightmares
    InkyNightmares 8 hours ago

    Awww it’s a shiba Inu I love shiba inu’s

  • rvh
    rvh 8 hours ago

    hi dogesquad boiz

  • Øśçär ŵ
    Øśçär ŵ 8 hours ago

    0.46 yes whales actually explode look it up

  • Rohan Siddon
    Rohan Siddon 8 hours ago

    Whales explode because of the buildup of gas in their bodies after they die, touching/ incising one has caused deaths I think

  • StryderXVI
    StryderXVI 8 hours ago

    The thumbnail is my meme :(

  • Nico Yazawa
    Nico Yazawa 8 hours ago

    Bronys are making a comeback