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  • Nathan Forde
    Nathan Forde 2 hours ago

    Let me introduce u to redd pepper.

  • Noddy Roddy
    Noddy Roddy 2 hours ago

    I Love Stupid People. I wanted to see the Man get eaten.

  • Mr Weber
    Mr Weber 3 hours ago

    Humanity catastrophe where many individual people of our troops were we send in through a direct order because we are controlling them to be a better soldier where we are controlling our borderlines for a desperate need as brexit is kicking off notifying that there are going to be certain attacks occurring around certain places around the world where we have conquered and structured over the lands around the world we are being invaded by a counsellor on behavioral people and we selected that Putin is going to be invading certain areas showing his controlment because he has more general people to be obeyed by his authority so we target him assuming that we are able to implicate certain Tactics as they are replying in their love thing but the world is all getting together anyway

  • MY OB
    MY OB 3 hours ago

    Watching BoJo grinning like the Cheshire Cat and bouncing on his toes as the Queen says yes, indeedy, bye bye EU pie on Halloween.

  • Dr Bewtourotoe
    Dr Bewtourotoe 3 hours ago

    What's the secret , and wasn't he supposed to be married to Julia C ....

  • ganaumau
    ganaumau 4 hours ago

    fkkn idiot, deserved to get fkkd even further for a lesson

  • Descendants Of Grayskull

    Could clearly see that the Queen couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. And I don't blame her.

  • Mr Weber
    Mr Weber 4 hours ago

  • Tammy Wines
    Tammy Wines 4 hours ago

    Global immigration system Ummm hmmm !!

  • The Hype
    The Hype 4 hours ago

    If she was deaf for her whole life, then how can she understand what the doctor is saying? And how can she form words? I don't buy it, this video is fake.

  • michael heron
    michael heron 4 hours ago

    Only in New York

  • Justin McClure
    Justin McClure 5 hours ago

    haha, some of those horses were struggling

  • TJ
    TJ 5 hours ago

    Beautiful. That was the kind of award speech I can get behind.

  • Boris Farage
    Boris Farage 5 hours ago

    The Republic of Scotland!

  • Boris Farage
    Boris Farage 5 hours ago

    What a load of embarrassing claptrap. Britain is so far up its own arse that it hasn't noticed that the 18th century has finished!

  • Steve Mackins
    Steve Mackins 5 hours ago

    Kick Judas Turkey out of NATO, they are already partnered with Russia, buying their Missile systems instead of Western systems..

  • Brucie-Magik
    Brucie-Magik 5 hours ago

    Can anyone explain why the horses yank their heads up and down at around the 5:00 time?

  • SommyBliss Nriama
    SommyBliss Nriama 5 hours ago

    The title made it hard for me to breathe

  • lucian voinea
    lucian voinea 5 hours ago

    long live the QUEEN !

  • first last2
    first last2 6 hours ago

    He didn't drop his drink

  • Sheila Hughes
    Sheila Hughes 6 hours ago

    What an idiot ... Yep stay in there and think its playin ..what a dumbazz

  • De Sh
    De Sh 6 hours ago

    Need to abolish the House of Lords , what's with them all dressing in red robes, useless waste of space these people are. Being paid to sit in a building and fall asleep, and they can make our laws, unbelievable. Look at the politicians can't wait to get rid of the majority in the next election. Such an outdated process.

  • jon fletcher
    jon fletcher 6 hours ago

    God bless he likes

  • pranvera tafa
    pranvera tafa 6 hours ago

    eli eli sa te dua mos me mundo moj eli pse tallesh me mua aman qysh at dit moj aman kur te mora nje dit te lumtur me ty skalova eli eli sa te dua mos me mundo moj eli pse tallesh me mua erdhi pranvera celi qershija o kush mi qan o hallet e mija eli eli sa te dua mos me mundo moj eli pse tallesh me mua

  • Eric Charles
    Eric Charles 6 hours ago

    Her majesty is clearly displeased with her government. I've always said our monarch deserves more power to control the house of commons and lords. They are nothing but a squawking bunch of lying birds. God save the Queen.

    • lilly pulp
      lilly pulp 3 hours ago

      Eric Charles I wonder if Charles will try and play a more “hands on”role in government affairs once he sits on throne

  • Christopher Cory
    Christopher Cory 6 hours ago

    Painfully waiting in line yet ✂ off By someone smarter...yet dumbass Too. Evil !!! In country there plenty of room.... Wide open space. Bonfire at night.

  • Catsnmi2
    Catsnmi2 6 hours ago

    Love the woman who shouted: 'Get rid of Markle!' as the queen was ascending the throne. It made Camilla smile at least!

  • Павел Петров

    Я вашь голос ебал

  • mnhklose
    mnhklose 7 hours ago

    No thanks. I saw The Wicker Man.

  • gary proffitt
    gary proffitt 7 hours ago

    Cor blimey governor [ Sea of seagulls at the ready ]

  • as0t
    as0t 7 hours ago

    And then what...

  • Senor wheatley
    Senor wheatley 7 hours ago

    God the quality!!!

  • Sean Sean
    Sean Sean 7 hours ago

    He indiscriminately wanted to kill police officers and people below are saying "legend". Go after the people that deserve it but not innocent people.

  • warren Stephens
    warren Stephens 7 hours ago

    So, in effect, what I'm saying is that my research is very strongly pointing to the fact that the extraterrestrials are not coming, they're not going to invade, they've actually been controlling this planet, increasingly, for thousands of years.

  • bobbollard
    bobbollard 7 hours ago

    Having read many comments here I now understand why there are so many shootings in America.

  • Jon Johnson
    Jon Johnson 7 hours ago

    Be great if she just whipped out an iPad with the speech on

  • The Gingerbread Man
    The Gingerbread Man 7 hours ago

    Next time carry tickets put one on the shield and call the towing place. Make them suffer.

  • Curry Creatives
    Curry Creatives 8 hours ago

    Did somone say get rid of Markle " ???

    • Is This For Real
      Is This For Real 6 hours ago

      @Holly Boddy it was great, lol, cant believe more people aren't shouting it.

    • Is This For Real
      Is This For Real 6 hours ago

      @Holly Boddy 46:33

    • Holly Boddy
      Holly Boddy 7 hours ago

      Yes - at approximately 46:30 a woman yells: “Get Rid Of Markle.” 😂🤣

  • Joe Radler
    Joe Radler 8 hours ago

    Who cares... dont like it? Move to the country and stop complaining.

  • Elliot Sodergren
    Elliot Sodergren 8 hours ago


  • SlicerJen
    SlicerJen 8 hours ago

    Street justice will solve that, easy.

  • shalom bhatta
    shalom bhatta 8 hours ago

    Junk science is the best interpretation.

  • Hello There
    Hello There 8 hours ago

    Good Stream lads

  • MyLiveAs Laura
    MyLiveAs Laura 8 hours ago

    Lions can smell millenials.

  • bau
    bau 9 hours ago

    Dont forget

  • bau
    bau 9 hours ago

    Praise bob

  • Deep Heat
    Deep Heat 9 hours ago

    The trolls left over from the election are picking up a bit of overtime on this one!

  • Syed Mehdi
    Syed Mehdi 9 hours ago

    As per hadeeth they’ll be in deepest part of hellfire

  • Israel Ramirez
    Israel Ramirez 9 hours ago

    This a real COD mission

  • Jiimy
    Jiimy 9 hours ago

    People say insurance but the best way is to spray paint it, block the car from coming out or just steal it

  • Marcko
    Marcko 10 hours ago

    Always obese people

  • Glyn
    Glyn 10 hours ago

    Has anyone else noticed that pg tips pyramid bags have different amounts of tea in them??? All from the same box. 😕

  • Working Hard Groom Lake, NV

    Idk why the officers didnt shoot back.

  • Sir Robert The Bruce
    Sir Robert The Bruce 10 hours ago

    Fuckin idiots man

  • Dre NekroMantik
    Dre NekroMantik 10 hours ago

    Wow. Just Wow.

  • Marva Pickmac
    Marva Pickmac 10 hours ago

    Thauaght blue whales would be bigger

  • Reaper's END
    Reaper's END 11 hours ago

    Such a pagan atheist whom falsified as agnostic to proclaim he was a part of a religion.

  • Christopher Akerley
    Christopher Akerley 11 hours ago

    I will harvest Bethlehem Pennsylvania...……….today

  • Tony the poodle Blair
    Tony the poodle Blair 11 hours ago

    Prince William is gonna be a great king for sure!

  • Mason Passmore
    Mason Passmore 12 hours ago

    The xbox party at 3 am

  • Don24
    Don24 12 hours ago

    My goodness if katie was fire and i had a glass of water i would glass her

  • Kenzo Toledo
    Kenzo Toledo 12 hours ago

    Guy:”it’s ok I’ll come back for your tires..”

  • Jake Dean
    Jake Dean 12 hours ago

    Wish the stop owner killed that piece of trash.

  • D B
    D B 12 hours ago

    Gone to meet his Maker, before heading downwards!

  • David Crossman
    David Crossman 12 hours ago

    All those Santa Clauses and only one elf!

  • bbbespo
    bbbespo 13 hours ago

    Thank God things didn't get worse than that.

  • D H
    D H 13 hours ago

    Very Cool

  • ::
    :: 13 hours ago

    Get these treasonous traiTory cuntzzzzz OUT! VOTE BREXIT PARTY!!!!!

  • Sylvia Haokip
    Sylvia Haokip 13 hours ago

    They are still hiding the truth..!!!

  • rexflexall30044
    rexflexall30044 13 hours ago


  • Alexander KA
    Alexander KA 13 hours ago

    Is this guy a Canadian? He didn't react at all, almost said he is sorry.

  • Lohkie2_ _3
    Lohkie2_ _3 13 hours ago

    Take the plate call in for abandoned car have it towed

  • chuck norris
    chuck norris 14 hours ago

    Bling bling!

  • My Self
    My Self 14 hours ago

    She is not happy at all and foreced to do that that mean

  • Leo Lannister
    Leo Lannister 14 hours ago


  • Lemonnadetv
    Lemonnadetv 14 hours ago

    Her majesty. I understand the situation of brexit is bad but still, nothing to be depressed.

    • Catsnmi2
      Catsnmi2 6 hours ago

      Lemonnadetv, For her it is. She's NWO and Brexit will be disastrous for her agenda!

  • MrRedeyedJedi
    MrRedeyedJedi 14 hours ago

    Isn't it strange how on every live stream feed for parliament, comments are banned? Soon itl be our real free speech. A reflection of democracy dying in many ways, not least with these gravy train riding mp's denying the people that pay their wages their wishes.

  • Alan Godden
    Alan Godden 14 hours ago

    The Royal family have a lot to answer for why are they entertaining peadophiles, Saville and Epstein, Elton John got nighted Ralph Harris was nighted too another peadophile, MI5 don't miss much and these extreme peadophiles slipped through the net i don't think so they are all rotten and should be removed from all positions of authority and all monies frozen they can live on unemployment benefits until the investigation is finished...God save the queen was never more true, they will all stand in judgement by the almighty the filthy wolves...

  • iLLya ise
    iLLya ise 14 hours ago

    Jesus she is so old yet still elegant and powerful kinda wish i was british

  • Stu Crossland
    Stu Crossland 14 hours ago

    TheXvid UK Column news,14th Oct.

  • Stu Crossland
    Stu Crossland 15 hours ago

    3 occasions the Queen has failed to wear the correct crown to the state opening of parliament.Can someone enlighten us as to the significance of this breach of protocol.

    • Dare You To
      Dare You To 7 hours ago

      Stu Crossland Maybe it’s connected with her giving her Royal Assent to all those treaties made with the Eu, therefore handing our sovereignty over to a foreign power? At least she isn’t wearing the EU colours like she did last time.

  • gol keeper
    gol keeper 15 hours ago

    go back to hogwarth

  • mukesh kumar Singh
    mukesh kumar Singh 15 hours ago

    Naya Pakistan to nahi banaya, par nayi biwi banayi . Subhan allah kya bushra hai Maze me Imran, aur bhookha Pakistan

  • Soulja For God77
    Soulja For God77 15 hours ago

    So he suppose to be evil. His country is worse now then ever.

  • Marcus Maximus
    Marcus Maximus 16 hours ago

    so that's how santa delivers all those presents, lol 3.40 minutes in,,, its all a bit old fashioned

  • RearedThree
    RearedThree 16 hours ago

    Why they skipped Dennis Skinner's joke???? That is also a tradition

  • Dat Leever
    Dat Leever 16 hours ago

    We should just overflow lake St Clair to make Detroit Atlantis

  • Shane Torgerson
    Shane Torgerson 16 hours ago

    Lol Michelle Obama is a man. Look it up and see the proof for yourselves

  • Taasin Bin Hossain Alvi

    Who are the lady and man that enters in Black attire around 48:30? What purpose do they serve?

  • kayla sadowski
    kayla sadowski 17 hours ago

    When she said "we're having a baby girl and thats not convenient for us right now" I thought this was a joke and by the end of the video my faith in humanity went out the window. God is looking down from Heaven in sadness that these are the things we're doing with all he's given us

  • Rebecca Mireles
    Rebecca Mireles 18 hours ago

    Please have a blessed Thanksgiving 🙏🙏🙏

  • Rebecca Mireles
    Rebecca Mireles 18 hours ago

    And ot is honored in democracy here and there

  • Rebecca Mireles
    Rebecca Mireles 18 hours ago

    She has aid to the people's voices that's why

  • Rebecca Mireles
    Rebecca Mireles 18 hours ago

    I pray more can be done in these efforts today and always because there is much to be required much to be diligently delivered

  • bigfellaoo7
    bigfellaoo7 18 hours ago

    How about jail time.

  • Ray Patima
    Ray Patima 18 hours ago

    World the best president Is President obama Very respectfull man Frm malaysia

  • Phil Lynch
    Phil Lynch 19 hours ago

    Seems there's a lot of criminals here willing to slash tires.

  • Paul Isbell
    Paul Isbell 19 hours ago

    The first lock is the transition period, which lasts until at least 2021. We must hand over an estimated £39 billion for nothing, be bound by EU law and take orders from an unelected Joint Committee operating under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice. Will the EU27 agree an equitable free trade agreement before the end of 2020? Unlikely, since all the goodies they want in the “future partnership” are set out in the Northern Ireland backstop, which kicks in automatically on 1st January 2021 unless superseded by a partnership” agreement. Full ratification by all Member States is required before any such agreement can come into force. Achieving this in time to avoid entering the backstop would be nothing short of miraculous, even if the EU agrees to extend the transition period for one or two years. So it is more pay with no say and a likely doubling of the Brexit bill to £80 billion, to be paid with no reference to British MPs.Not only does the backstop carve out Northern Ireland a an EU province and set a border in the Irish Sea, it creates a partial “customs union" that requires us to implement EU trade tariffs and with no decision making powers. Under highly restrictive “non-regression clauses”. the UK also agrees to implement all EU emimnmental. competition, state aid and tax harmonisation laws, with the unelected Joint Committee and the ECJ once again able to punish us for any perceived backsliding. British farmers will be locked into a subsidy regime well below support received by EU27 farmers , who nevertheless retain tariff-free access to the UK. British agriculture would be decimnted. It means we could not support British businesses, give ourselves a competitive edge in new technologies where we excel. strike independent trade deals or diverge in key policy areas Such as good regulatory and tax Free EU access to UK fisheries to sit down as a marker for negotiation future “deal” The Political Declaration replicates all the onerous “non-regression” clauses of the backstop and requires even more surrender of sovereignty via participation in and funding of the EU’s aerospace and defence programmes, free access to UK waters for EU fishermen, a full customs union and common trade policy, free movement by the backdoor under “mobility” clauses, EU control of UK agriculture via the state aid rules and in general full adherence to the acquis communautaire in all policy areas.

  • Mushroom Mark
    Mushroom Mark 20 hours ago

    It's just formality and a ruse, she knows the big one (Apophis) is on the way but must continue to avoid suspicion and panic.

  • Mushroom Mark
    Mushroom Mark 20 hours ago

    Comments not disabled, wow that's risky. How many seconds before someone says something truthful the govt don't like? 👇🏻