Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything
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  • Ivonne Perez
    Ivonne Perez 24 minutes ago

    Que feas que daron las Hitachi

  • Erik Vajbar
    Erik Vajbar 27 minutes ago


  • Mango
    Mango 30 minutes ago

    2:34 I love this one! 😍😍

  • Ninfa Ompad
    Ninfa Ompad Hour ago

    The guy in 0:09 said oh yeah

  • Omosa D
    Omosa D 2 hours ago

    These are awesome!! Just too much glue tho😣😟

  • Jay Mark Christian Lizada

    Can you please namey you material used.

  • ออย'ย ย ลี่

    I think it probably won't happen to me.

  • Clara Salomon
    Clara Salomon 3 hours ago

    Asymmetrical faces are not because of habits or fault. This man has done incredible research (link below). Layering jaw surgery over this is so dangerous. Surgery in general is dangerous and doesn't treat the issues.

  • bee bee
    bee bee 3 hours ago

    What is the grass product's name ?

  • Lunarmoon06
    Lunarmoon06 4 hours ago

    i want parents that, that will except me but if i tell them its going to be negitive reactions

  • Diana H
    Diana H 4 hours ago

    Wish all of these wonderful couples a joyful life filled with happiness. Please God give me a man like them😢

  • Puppy Paru
    Puppy Paru 4 hours ago

    I got my teeth (4 of them)pulled out and got drilled in to the gum. It was a torture.

    OFFICIAL REKOILZ 4 hours ago

    Weird. Such anamolys is so addictive. Further unorthodox included hahah

  • krystal coffin
    krystal coffin 4 hours ago

    this is so cool!!!

  • AG Entertainment
    AG Entertainment 5 hours ago


  • AG Entertainment
    AG Entertainment 5 hours ago

    I am asian and I want a dad like that. Sadly he's not.

  • Emine Öztürk
    Emine Öztürk 5 hours ago

    Bu videolar bu kanala ait değil kii

  • P A T R I C I A A N NE Y A P

    0:35 I have that kind of jaw and it I feel conscious whenever I talk to the people who have a normal teeth

  • Lina Marlina
    Lina Marlina 6 hours ago


  • Dennis Garcia
    Dennis Garcia 7 hours ago

    Foley did the sounds.

  • Lisa Jarvis
    Lisa Jarvis 7 hours ago

    Would 💗 to know how to get the leather to look like the two colour spotted brown book effect!!

  • Amaia Kawaiii3
    Amaia Kawaiii3 7 hours ago

    Qué extraños acabo de ver !

  • Jackisha Gonzalez-Garcy

    The blood dripping sounds like typing

  • Little Miss Jennyfer

    Wow, when was the last time I fell in love?

  • Jayjay Labi
    Jayjay Labi 8 hours ago

    Wow just wow

  • Jerissa Snovelle
    Jerissa Snovelle 8 hours ago

    The lag throughout the video is fucking annoying. Not satisfied

  • Octavia Boone
    Octavia Boone 8 hours ago

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  • Jeff Wilkens
    Jeff Wilkens 8 hours ago

    cousin fell asleep watching this lol

  • Lyxavier Rydell
    Lyxavier Rydell 8 hours ago

    my OCD be like..... NOOOOOOOOO!

  • Wall
    Wall 8 hours ago


  • Octavia Boone
    Octavia Boone 8 hours ago

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  • Octavia Boone
    Octavia Boone 8 hours ago

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  • Thomasina Wiggins
    Thomasina Wiggins 8 hours ago

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  • Kaylen Is smol
    Kaylen Is smol 8 hours ago

    nah you just go straight to the minecraft nether

  • Joyce Napoleão
    Joyce Napoleão 9 hours ago

    I am from Brazil! 😀😀😀 I would never do that.

  • By Jewels - On Poshmark

    Wow! This is a fantastic process.

  • Moon light
    Moon light 10 hours ago


  • Sweetie Flower
    Sweetie Flower 10 hours ago

    No offense but this is dumb weird so I disliked this video

  • Punshiba Ningomba
    Punshiba Ningomba 10 hours ago

    wow that's amazing

  • Rafat.52
    Rafat.52 10 hours ago

    I rejected getting braces like 5 months ago and recently i started regretting my decision, now that I've watched this, *I REGRET NOTHING*

  • Super Cool69
    Super Cool69 10 hours ago

    My teeth is best I just want to Knew what Is it

  • Mark Dixon
    Mark Dixon 10 hours ago

    This is by far the best wood working book I have ever read, “Bαzοmο Tdy Plαn” (Google it). My woodworking trainer even proposes his learners to learn the book. I am astounded by the amount of information the authors go into topics. The tutorials are clear and simple to follow, the material is fascinating. .

  • R J
    R J 11 hours ago

    Stopped watching after the eyeball. Nope!

  • XxSilvaFishstickz Gacha xX

    ur username says it all (U.U )

  • July Rocha
    July Rocha 11 hours ago

    Oh my God

  • Goha Rabbit
    Goha Rabbit 11 hours ago

    My hands could never

  • Carlos Marinho oficial

    Fica bem legal

  • Jean Potter
    Jean Potter 12 hours ago

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  • Lisa Melin
    Lisa Melin 12 hours ago

    If you want to die your hair,this is a good video for you (-: #hair die

  • 10,000_SubscribersChallenge

    This is how many epoxy resin projects you’ve seen on this channel ⬇️ ⬇️

  • Chris Carter
    Chris Carter 13 hours ago


  • Yani’s World
    Yani’s World 13 hours ago

    6ix9ine sisters

  • Laila and nala
    Laila and nala 13 hours ago


  • Good Tips
    Good Tips 13 hours ago

    i feel so inspired now :)

  • TrustMeImAScientist1
    TrustMeImAScientist1 14 hours ago

    The anesthetic really hit the red head hard.

  • J.P. Nery N.
    J.P. Nery N. 14 hours ago

    Song/music list?

  • Ediuilson Medeiros
    Ediuilson Medeiros 14 hours ago

    Sem palavras para expressar o talento.

  • Messr's kitchen
    Messr's kitchen 14 hours ago

    The trick is having a sharp ass knife

  • oli playz
    oli playz 15 hours ago


  • oli playz
    oli playz 15 hours ago


  • Natural Fantasy Gacha
    Natural Fantasy Gacha 15 hours ago

    Im scared of that but on other side I think that they are adorable

  • fred wilson
    fred wilson 15 hours ago

    nice work,, but i really dislike videos that do not tell which products they use. ,,,sorry,, but wonderful work

  • G k
    G k 15 hours ago


  • Ramnaresh Verma
    Ramnaresh Verma 15 hours ago


  • Smol Dorito
    Smol Dorito 15 hours ago

    First one is by far the best

  • Mikołaj Kondonikolau
    Mikołaj Kondonikolau 16 hours ago


  • Kurniawan Rusdianto
    Kurniawan Rusdianto 16 hours ago

    Potongan an gk sopan cakk, jembut deleh ndokor

  • Mikołaj Kondonikolau
    Mikołaj Kondonikolau 16 hours ago


  • Mikołaj Kondonikolau
    Mikołaj Kondonikolau 16 hours ago


  • Mikołaj Kondonikolau
    Mikołaj Kondonikolau 16 hours ago


  • Ethel Bunda
    Ethel Bunda 17 hours ago

    Wow.. So cute... And nice...

  • Preethu 100
    Preethu 100 17 hours ago

    super Sir

  • Marylu Maldonado
    Marylu Maldonado 17 hours ago

    I might get mine off, I’m soo excited to get them off

  • Sammy Forbes
    Sammy Forbes 18 hours ago

    i LOVE the demogorgen

  • Sammy Forbes
    Sammy Forbes 18 hours ago

    the bat is so cute

  • Хадиджа Асратова


  • Крч Человек
    Крч Человек 18 hours ago


  • Rachel Visagie
    Rachel Visagie 18 hours ago

    does this mean poop is actually white?

  • Toni Lee
    Toni Lee 19 hours ago

    Wicks and sticks .... lol

  • Kristin Copeland
    Kristin Copeland 19 hours ago

    Your a great artist

  • Kristin Copeland
    Kristin Copeland 19 hours ago

    I know that is scary what if u saw that in your house

  • YASMIN Pandinha
    YASMIN Pandinha 20 hours ago

    Amo cabelos coloridos 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Alejandro Vanegas
    Alejandro Vanegas 20 hours ago

    for tecnic be in acrilic paint o in olio

  • Sherrael Brayboy
    Sherrael Brayboy 20 hours ago

    Love is beautiful

  • Sweetpea
    Sweetpea 20 hours ago

    I see we have 979 Morons Disliking This Guys Talent🤷🏾‍♀️ , we all should feel sorry for them Because , They Can't See Talent when it's in Front of Them !! Must be Jealousy They are Suffering , From I Guess !!🙂

  • Sweetpea
    Sweetpea 20 hours ago

    WOW WOW WOW 😮 Beautiful !!

  • Airis Arrisa Murnizam
    Airis Arrisa Murnizam 20 hours ago

    I need to wear braces, My teeth is now an Underback, but the thing is im too young.

  • Samson Hong
    Samson Hong 20 hours ago


  • JOAN Mislang
    JOAN Mislang 20 hours ago

    Hahaha so funny and cool

    RAHIM TECH SKILLS 20 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 lol shave it off 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Madeline Miller
    Madeline Miller 21 hour ago

    I’m crying real ugly tears right now 😭😭😭

  • Viridiana Huitron
    Viridiana Huitron 21 hour ago

    Wow que padre tus artes aplausos aplausos 👏👏👏👏

  • Derek Schell
    Derek Schell 21 hour ago

    Whats street about it?

  • suraj gupta
    suraj gupta 21 hour ago

    It seems easy but when we try we said OMG how they made 🤣🤣😂😂

  • asim raza
    asim raza 21 hour ago

    Which glue you can use

    • Sēūs
      Sēūs 15 hours ago

      If you are talking about the thing they put inside it's called resin !

  • Evelyn Ottaviani
    Evelyn Ottaviani 22 hours ago

    Que es lo que le pones detrás? Cola vinilica??? Es para que no se deshilache?

  • Qhawe Hakwane
    Qhawe Hakwane 22 hours ago

    Where are master

  • yasin shaikh
    yasin shaikh 22 hours ago

    It can be sold at high value

  • Noriezah Asrie
    Noriezah Asrie 22 hours ago

    Berdoa moga bertemu jodoh ikhlas menerima dan mencinta moga bertemu lelaki yg sudi mengalir kan air mata demi rasa cinta dan kasih di hati..aaminn

  • Kushmita Pukkalla
    Kushmita Pukkalla 22 hours ago

    Who else watched the video with a wide teeth smile the whole time, like this😀😁