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Why Japan's Geography Sucks
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Why Iran's Geography Sucks
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Why Russia is Shrinking Fast
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  • BioChemoPhysio Science

    What’s with the hate on people who eat dogs? It’s okay to eat a baby sheep(lamb) or a baby cow(veal), but dogs are off limits?

  • Manny Bruce
    Manny Bruce 4 hours ago

    Sometimes my body reacts like a dead whale when I eat a bean burrito and drink a glass of milk .

  • James Oketch
    James Oketch 4 hours ago

    Use Kim Jong Un’s house

  • gavin fuchs
    gavin fuchs 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the shotout

  • Damien Maymdien
    Damien Maymdien 4 hours ago

    “ Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Douglas MacArthur

  • Random Channel YT
    Random Channel YT 5 hours ago

    No you’re wrong, the mass of the “Ultra-massive” was 1,566,068,977,897,877,185,233,126,962 Toyota Corollas.

  • Former Marine
    Former Marine 5 hours ago

    I bet he did some serious praying while under water!

  • Carter Bilbro
    Carter Bilbro 5 hours ago

    Physically impossible

  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar 5 hours ago

    Hello to those, who scrolls through comments looking for comments with K likes 😍😎

    RITIK DELHITE 5 hours ago

    You show the wrong map of india

  • B8848NP
    B8848NP 5 hours ago

    In 2020 world war 3 will be sparkled by trump

  • Veronique Marland
    Veronique Marland 5 hours ago

    i love how the background picture is minecraft 🤣

  • Hydra FR
    Hydra FR 5 hours ago

    RLL making a video about France. The french:Let's hope that this time the Americans will do *ORigInAL* jokes about our homeland. The USA:Did somebody said something ?

  • Hanna Bass
    Hanna Bass 5 hours ago

    What about work? What do people do up there to afford those high expenses? What about utilities?

  • Star Scream
    Star Scream 5 hours ago

    2044, hillary will finally be elected president

  • ilbomber s
    ilbomber s 5 hours ago

    why you have to go to school for geograpy if you can learn on youtube

  • Melvin The Rooster
    Melvin The Rooster 5 hours ago

    ISIS is just rigging whales

  • The PeePee Man
    The PeePee Man 5 hours ago

    ?? Theres already been a Trillionaire before dumbads

  • Elder 987419
    Elder 987419 5 hours ago

    When humanity discovers the real way for interdimensional travel and time travel hit me up

  • Sean Abram
    Sean Abram 5 hours ago

    Thanos be like

  • ilbomber s
    ilbomber s 5 hours ago

    me: i think i'm the most biggest person in the universe me after watching this video: sorry i'm the most smallest person in the universe

  • Jay D.
    Jay D. 5 hours ago

    China is the worst country on earth.

  • Kohl
    Kohl 5 hours ago

    "Hey bro, watch your jet. Watch your jet, bro... WATCH YO JET!!!" - One of the pilots

  • Al-Chemist
    Al-Chemist 5 hours ago

    How could we possibly even know most of these things? People just listen to anyone with a white coat and a calculator.

  • ilbomber s
    ilbomber s 5 hours ago

    ahh i saw you scrolling in the comments

  • Olga Cvetkovic
    Olga Cvetkovic 5 hours ago

    kosovo is not a country, its part of serbia like it has always been:)❤

  • RolloxRA 2020
    RolloxRA 2020 5 hours ago

    What if the Americas was one single country?

  • Juan Pablo Garcia Marulanda

    Was ass-hole Hideki fired at least, or did he contunue on his job after jail time?

  • ilbomber s
    ilbomber s 5 hours ago

    guys think if there is another planet with humans

  • JAVIXcr
    JAVIXcr 5 hours ago

    I hate when youtube translate youtube Titles... And the worst it's that I can understand english xD

  • wr1jongin
    wr1jongin 5 hours ago

    But CO2 does not get absorbed that fast and sharks do not like the taste of human flesh..?

  • Lached Spoon7
    Lached Spoon7 5 hours ago

    Being in Maryland. I hope Yellowstone erupts first

  • Possum
    Possum 5 hours ago

    Killer queen has already touched that whale.

  • DinoBub 7777
    DinoBub 7777 5 hours ago

    And today I learned that there is a road in Russia called The Road of Bones

  • Abhinav Premkumar
    Abhinav Premkumar 5 hours ago

    Stalingrad is hell. If you have a semi or bolt primary you're dead. Play world war polygon but imagine that but die In 2 bullets or 1 artillery shell. The ppsh was important as hell there.

  • White tiger !
    White tiger ! 5 hours ago

    How do you know it was a bomb?

  • Billy Alvarado
    Billy Alvarado 5 hours ago

    God is big!

  • Nikodem Kowalski
    Nikodem Kowalski 5 hours ago


  • Gediminas Handzel
    Gediminas Handzel 5 hours ago

    If you put Antarctica in Africa it will melt

  • CrazyPascal
    CrazyPascal 5 hours ago

    1:14 the Jedda Tower stands 300 meters high for about 6 months now, sooooo 😂

  • Aleksandr
    Aleksandr 6 hours ago

    f*** she's lucky woman shiiiiiit

  • Alan Mont idk i hate this aa

    Montenegro is good at smoking. Being sleepy. Being pyschopaths and protesting on online games. And also being unknown and weird. yay montenegro my country!

  • Aidan McCain
    Aidan McCain 6 hours ago

    what if it was not an asteroid?

  • Aniket x PUBG Mobile

    4:27 THIS IS AMERICA!!!! 😂😂😂

  • UniMo
    UniMo 6 hours ago


  • NotBranch
    NotBranch 6 hours ago

    so is this why australia is on fire?

  • ksuubi
    ksuubi 6 hours ago

    this sounds an awful lot like the basis of the diamond casino dlc addon in gta

  • Alvaro Gomez-Mena
    Alvaro Gomez-Mena 6 hours ago

    The stat about the asteroid being 1 billion times stronger than the nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima is false. 100,000,000 tons of TNT is 100,000 kilotons of TNT. The bomb that dropped on Hiroshima contained 15 kilotons.

  • Immag Nome Andu beeng Nomed

    Someone in the comment section: I bet your country is better than mine Me: (Sees my country was skipped) Well, we are good at existing

  • Ingvar Hallström
    Ingvar Hallström 6 hours ago

    Looks at the title. Me: "Must be Action Park?"

  • Burt Burt
    Burt Burt 6 hours ago

    In 100 Trillion years,Slowpoke will still be talking about how Pluto isn't part of the solar system now

  • GeTheDog
    GeTheDog 6 hours ago

    This makes me really want to play no mans sky

  • Myles Pinto1300
    Myles Pinto1300 6 hours ago

    Wtf did I just WATCH!

  • Dragon Of The West
    Dragon Of The West 6 hours ago

    They have a right to exist

  • stlmtndew
    stlmtndew 6 hours ago

    I don’t think they should call the not returning to the sea a Phobia for him because a Phobia is an irrational fear and I would not call his fear due to his experience, irrational

  • XGrizzleX
    XGrizzleX 7 hours ago


  • XGrizzleX
    XGrizzleX 7 hours ago

    Ey atleast Einstein will figure the way to stop global warming

  • Lordkey
    Lordkey 7 hours ago


  • XGrizzleX
    XGrizzleX 7 hours ago

    Time to play fortnite guys

  • Doly Kuri
    Doly Kuri 7 hours ago


  • Jay Mizzy
    Jay Mizzy 7 hours ago

    I dont live on earth but my whole planet knows about you guys it seems like you guys are a replica of my planet called Aganor because both of our planets are super similar my planet is working on a way to get to your planet but we are 90.78 light years away and we have access to all those things floating around your planet that give us a connection to everything you guys have our planet i believe is much smaller than yours but our technology is way more advanced not to be a show off

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 7 hours ago

    You didn't account for all defects to the Confederate states. Trust me, there's gonna be a lot more than you think

  • Mario man the MiNeCrAfT mOdErAtOr

    “New Jersey has the lowest rated short-term fiscal stability.” What does that mean?

  • Amine Johnson
    Amine Johnson 7 hours ago

    king morocco fuck us already

  • Preston Trump
    Preston Trump 7 hours ago

    Ww3 will just be a nuke fest

  • F Jackson
    F Jackson 7 hours ago

    its just scary to think they can lose a plane. It should not be possible to lose track of a plane. With today's technology its unacceptable.

  • Justin de Vos
    Justin de Vos 7 hours ago

    Just a quick question that came to mind.. but how did they observe so much?

  • FinHazel
    FinHazel 7 hours ago

    just give them that golden disk

  • Psychiatrysts
    Psychiatrysts 7 hours ago

    But if the space is curved then won't that make it all much smaller than suggested?

  • Gray_Angus
    Gray_Angus 7 hours ago

    Normal humans: "Wow, the sun is massive!" Science bois: "hmpf, pathetic"

  • Alvaro Lara
    Alvaro Lara 7 hours ago

    Actually, most cities located in the mountainous region of both Ecuador and Colombia would survive the flood since they are located roughly 2000 meters above sea level (like 6560 ft above sea level). However, the tropical forests of the Coast and Amazon regions would probably sink completely.

  • xq6r
    xq6r 7 hours ago

    Me: Easy Black mamba:

  • Alex Haynes
    Alex Haynes 7 hours ago

    Or maybe you can walk around the entire ferry when your on it and just continue.

  • Benny's Brilliant Broodcast

    bruh we should of bought it when we bought alaska . missed opportunity

  • khalil Heat and air conditioner repair

    2020: R22 refrigerant is phased out so your old air conditioner will need a replacement soon

  • The United States
    The United States 7 hours ago

    Ah yes, France loves white so much they used it as their flag in 1940

  • City Pop Translations

    wow.. what could be down there!!

  • Shaka
    Shaka 7 hours ago

    "We're all so unbelievably small, but you shouldn't worry because all that means is that there is so much left out there for us to discover together." Great, who's ready?

  • Mr. Mewtwo
    Mr. Mewtwo 7 hours ago

    That island looks like camiguin island from Philippinesin 3D view. Especially the volcano. I'm from there by the way.

  • Dolphinstax
    Dolphinstax 7 hours ago

    He’s looking a bit bloated today.

  • Infinitely Abundant
    Infinitely Abundant 7 hours ago

    If ww3 comes in my lifetime, I’m running to Antarctica

  • sebastianberg1
    sebastianberg1 8 hours ago

    We are nothing

  • Dave H
    Dave H 8 hours ago

    In the dark at that. That guy had a lot of faith and had already accepted his fate.

  • Dustin 2017
    Dustin 2017 8 hours ago

    The Chinese claim looks just outrageous. So greedy.

  • Maia Hull
    Maia Hull 8 hours ago

    David attenburugh needs to narrative this

  • Joseph Rowe
    Joseph Rowe 8 hours ago

    *A wild Wailord appeared!* *Wailord used Explosion!* *Wailord fainted*

  • Darks Fidil
    Darks Fidil 8 hours ago

    This video was like watching the power levels of characters during the Frieza saga in DBZ

  • Deborah Oates
    Deborah Oates 8 hours ago

    Why would anyone want to live here? I've seen enough.

  • William Brasky
    William Brasky 8 hours ago

    1:49... that shyt is scary, if ur pee is that yellow

  • EEpic thanos jr. Epic

    The only thing that will happen before 2050 is we will all die alone and depressed

  • Naps Maps
    Naps Maps 8 hours ago

    India and Pakistan combined have more pictures shooter than Africa

  • Mr. Mime
    Mr. Mime 8 hours ago

    Yeah, because people are all over beaches touching dead whales

  • Fūrioniru
    Fūrioniru 8 hours ago

    I've experienced having 3 shadows. One was dark, the other 2 weren't. I thought it was normal?

  • DrummerMax27 27
    DrummerMax27 27 8 hours ago

    It’s just a story it’s not real, there’s no chance that you just survive the fall by landing on the right side because no matter who you are your body can stay together after any impact from that height it will just explode.

  • Carsten Kuehn
    Carsten Kuehn 8 hours ago

    They do have the advatage of having coasts on the Caspian and the Persian Gulf

  • Conan Omonk
    Conan Omonk 8 hours ago

    Oregin 😂 it’s oregOn dumbass 😂

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson 8 hours ago

    Yeah I actually wasn't planning on touching a dead whale anytime soon so I'm good.

  • Jayce Neptune
    Jayce Neptune 8 hours ago

    Imagine walking by a dead whale on the beach and the whale just randomly blows up and you get covered in guts and blood 😖

  • Faicc
    Faicc 8 hours ago

    The government is watching.

    MEOW COW 8 hours ago

    Nope. My brain wasn’t prepared for this one.