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Why Russia is Shrinking Fast
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  • Hime
    Hime 47 minutes ago

    we charge VAT for everything in the Bahamas now

  • Butterfly
    Butterfly 50 minutes ago

    aaah.. if only..

  • Adrian Martin
    Adrian Martin 51 minute ago


  • Caleb Boomer
    Caleb Boomer 55 minutes ago

    Loved the March of the Resistance playing in the background the entire time

  • Alexander Knight
    Alexander Knight 56 minutes ago

    I'm too fucking baked for this shit

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 57 minutes ago

    The KV 6

  • XD Galaxy
    XD Galaxy 58 minutes ago

    Me hoping my state gets better it says west coast will get a lot colder down snowier, Me: did the earth pull a uno reverse on my state

  • CSquared Films
    CSquared Films Hour ago

    that’s hotter than like 2 degrees

  • Jorge Pineda
    Jorge Pineda Hour ago

    Todo está bien menos que digan que 12 humanos estuvieron en la Luna, ni ca fueron hay muchas evidencias de que todo fue una farsa, un montaje, a la chingada con esa mentira

  • Kamil Abshir
    Kamil Abshir Hour ago

    It needs vibranium That worth it

  • Evil Paragon 4
    Evil Paragon 4 Hour ago

    Hey now. Invading Japan would have costed millions of Allied lives, but it would have costed even more Japanese lives. Their government lead a mass propaganda campaign which effectively made Japanese citizens terrified of coming into contact with American or Allied authority, and that it would be safer for you, and your family, as well as preserve your honour, if you just killed yourself. The US dropped nukes not just to save American lives, but to save Japanese lives too, since America realised setting foot on Japan would kill more Japanese citizens than any bullets or bombs ever could. That's also why during US occupation of Japan, and afterwards, Japan had a huge Pro-Americanism movement. Yes the US installed a more liberal government, but they didn't force changes like schools wearing US-Navy inspired uniforms, or anything like that. The Japanese people themselves did that. To say the US dropped the bombs, implying like it was just to save themselves is wrong. They did it to save Japan too. If you still want to twist the story to make the US sound selfish, you can do that too. They wanted Japan to surrender while still relatively strong so they could counter the Soviets in the coming Cold War. But they were still in the interest of saving Japanese lives by dropping the nukes.

  • Robbie Mazanetz
    Robbie Mazanetz Hour ago

    Yes the U.S.A is

  • Kaylagamingwith Ashley

    Africa people:Straving and thirsty and hot People who produce stuff:hey let’s do global warming People and me:the f*?

  • Abbieq11
    Abbieq11 Hour ago

    Oh no- he’s turning into Wendover!!

  • MrSiBrum
    MrSiBrum Hour ago

    I'm confused as to how Iceland & Barbados has a lower natural disaster risk than the likes of the UK.

  • philly bus wanker

    This is how were all gonna be living soon if u keep believing in that global warming bullshit

  • Federal Bureau of Investigations

    According to our agents at the bureau, if you built a road around the world, it would be longer than a 5k

  • Poopy Pants
    Poopy Pants Hour ago

    What do you think happens when you die 🧐?

  • lzy4202 J
    lzy4202 J Hour ago

    Mountains mean easy to defend,Island means easy to defend too,Japan have both,benefits alway come with disadvantage.

  • Nova
    Nova Hour ago

    TON-618: **laughs in big**

  • Ahsan Mobeen
    Ahsan Mobeen Hour ago

    But we Pakistanis want again merged india and Bangladesh in Pakistan and the name of this subcontinent is greater Pakistan and and completely Muslim empire again rule in greater Pakistan if Indians are agree then okay because last 1000 years subcontinent rule by Muslim empire and we don't want elections and selecting Prime Minister by population

  • Explosive Poop
    Explosive Poop Hour ago

    9 people in a 1200 square foot house,reminds me of college 🤓

  • Kirill Borovets
    Kirill Borovets Hour ago

    Looks comfy

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith Hour ago

    Annapurna is not as dangerous as K2. If you look at the mortality rate on Annapurna over the last 20 years, it is around 10%, while K2 remains close to 25%. A lot of these videos get it wrong because they don’t understand how to look at or read trends.

  • Arthur morgan
    Arthur morgan Hour ago

    No dip it was ww2 the best that the had was some missiles

  • Saffy B
    Saffy B Hour ago

    I like how he said many people died climbing the mountain and towards the end of the video he said we should go climb the mountain 😂😂

  • Feo Thyr
    Feo Thyr Hour ago

    It's almost funny, if it wasn't so sad and frustrating - religion makes people dumb. Time to get rid of it.

  • Liav Malka
    Liav Malka Hour ago

    Israel has the most time spent on social media I'm israeli so i can't say no to that but 11.1 hrs per month that's that's too low to believe

  • SteelShield21
    SteelShield21 Hour ago

    I've been there in Black Ops 1

  • temporarysanity
    temporarysanity Hour ago

    Of course there's a limit to how much energy we can put into heating something up. Who the fuck writes this stuff?

  • Muhammad Hussain

    If Pakistan was not created by the Muslims then we Muslims will be the slaves of the hindus after the britishers because hindus are in majority in India 70 % thanks to Muhammad Ali jinnah

  • Marjo
    Marjo Hour ago

    Electing a mayor would be impossible.

  • juan adames
    juan adames Hour ago

    Tfw Rusia gdp < south friking Corea

  • Natalia Xoxo
    Natalia Xoxo Hour ago

    Poland and South Yemen were parts of the USSR :/

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark Hour ago

    Why would you POSSIBLY need 30 of these 🤦‍♂️

  • tird108
    tird108 Hour ago

    Lmao 7 sailors one who can swim😂😂😂

  • Dominic La Rosa
    Dominic La Rosa Hour ago

    A Billion years is a delusion

  • Bridget Elise05
    Bridget Elise05 Hour ago

    4:20-4:22 tHiS FrEaKy lOoKiNg WoRm

  • Dominic La Rosa
    Dominic La Rosa Hour ago

    Try World War three

  • Black Screen
    Black Screen Hour ago

    Normal Conversation: 50 Decibels Indian wedding music: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Decibels

  • I K
    I K Hour ago

    Bring them to six flags they’ll change

  • Little Mice
    Little Mice Hour ago

    Area 51

  • strawberry bob
    strawberry bob Hour ago

    and this is why i will never set foot on a boat

  • Skylocker
    Skylocker 2 hours ago

    8:42 Bruh wtf

  • vatechie21
    vatechie21 2 hours ago

    Democratic* not Democrat country. Aye

  • Lithunoisan Hussars
    Lithunoisan Hussars 2 hours ago

    A good invasion plan

  • Emmett Sites
    Emmett Sites 2 hours ago

    So it will take 5000 years ? So why you telling kids 12yrs. ? And scarring them into having mental health problems. You alarmists are the real monsters. And this Carbon Tax what is it used for but to line the ones in power pockets. Tell is the tax used for and prove it to me.

  • Rainy World
    Rainy World 2 hours ago

    I want to live there

  • Angel Vasquez
    Angel Vasquez 2 hours ago

    Is Mississippi's porn rate good or bad I dont know

  • Great Ninja
    Great Ninja 2 hours ago

    They should have stopped at korea and taiwan tbh

  • Albert Jacobson
    Albert Jacobson 2 hours ago


  • Pink Redbull
    Pink Redbull 2 hours ago

    I’m done

  • KingJay
    KingJay 2 hours ago

    Im gonna drop them some dank kush off a drone

  • Norah Miriam Chehab
    Norah Miriam Chehab 2 hours ago

    Did u just call me a homo?? 🤬

  • Jonny8316
    Jonny8316 2 hours ago

    RealLifeLore is that u brother

  • James Tyree
    James Tyree 2 hours ago

    We waz APEs!!!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jonny8316
    Jonny8316 2 hours ago

    So Alabama is happening all around us

  • Bryan Koch
    Bryan Koch 2 hours ago

    Ya this is just what we need more foreigners in my country if u aint american meaning if u weren't born here get the fuck out ur worthless and bringing the economy down pieces of shit

  • Payam yazdi
    Payam yazdi 2 hours ago

    IRAN will be the envy of the world someday.

  • Filipe Pessoa
    Filipe Pessoa 2 hours ago

    TIL Japan's female

  • NetherTaker
    NetherTaker 2 hours ago

    "China must be destroyed" 自由香港2019年!Freedom Hong Kong 2019!

  • Edward Bouchard
    Edward Bouchard 2 hours ago

    Australia isn’t a country

  • Science First
    Science First 2 hours ago

    The US can defeat those defenses in a day.

  • Zebra Dun
    Zebra Dun 2 hours ago

    Readers would like Brian Aldiss Non Stop, Heinlein and Time for the Stars as well as Orphans of the Sky for Generation ships.

  • Papodopalis Waata
    Papodopalis Waata 2 hours ago

    They forgot in 2019 ppl will raid area 51

  • Zay Bd
    Zay Bd 2 hours ago

    Easiest way to stop it is to make a -500m wave to cancel it out

  • Benjamin Meade
    Benjamin Meade 2 hours ago


  • Crash Corrigan FPV
    Crash Corrigan FPV 2 hours ago

    That was one slick Segway at the end! 👏

  • Mkmed Khaled
    Mkmed Khaled 2 hours ago

    Wanna know if this Forest will make Arabs a bit more peaceful

  • pastasam
    pastasam 2 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure Iceland was inhabited by Irish monks before the vikings settled there iirc

  • Sonya B.
    Sonya B. 2 hours ago

    Doesn't sound like the best one I can possibly imagine.

  • AndyR072
    AndyR072 2 hours ago

    The fastest possible time between me and my in law family is 40 hours, In reality it's more like 50+

  • CattailGamer
    CattailGamer 2 hours ago

    1:20 and you wonder why people always forget you

  • Smalll sizeed Shaq
    Smalll sizeed Shaq 2 hours ago

    June 3rd 2025 is my graduation date most likely

  • noob araf
    noob araf 3 hours ago

    no bangladesh! as a bangladeshi i'm scared😢

  • Empridon
    Empridon 3 hours ago

    Why can't they just fly a helicopter there and drop down...

  • Nargrakhan
    Nargrakhan 3 hours ago

    If you ever run into a problem nukes can't solve, it just means you haven't used enough nukes.

  • sanitized Mob
    sanitized Mob 3 hours ago

    We can worry about this now but we will all be dead anyway °´`°

  • Far From Local
    Far From Local 3 hours ago

    You suck

  • Derpinator 3000
    Derpinator 3000 3 hours ago

    I look at the thumbnail and the first thing I think is... a giant space penis?

  • Campbell Quire
    Campbell Quire 3 hours ago

    USA would kick there ass

  • Maurice Pridgen (Orr)

    i ride the short bus tho :(

    ARMOR PIERCER 3 hours ago

    5 bucks per month in rent

  • elige brown
    elige brown 3 hours ago

    People who build these types of weapons should be put on death row along with the president or dictator who allows it. If governments weren't pieces of shit maybe they would not to worry so much that they think they need to build such weapons.

  • Ichsuka
    Ichsuka 3 hours ago

    Isnt this literally what Russia's doing right now?

  • Pohatu Nuva
    Pohatu Nuva 3 hours ago

    This is probably as cyberpunk as we've gotten

  • Fort Drew Drew
    Fort Drew Drew 3 hours ago

    8% of people live in America! It feels like 60% live in America and 8% in Asia

  • IIXTemperzz 复活
    IIXTemperzz 复活 3 hours ago

    Instead of buying iPhones we gonna buy astroids.

  • John Marston
    John Marston 3 hours ago

    Yea.... No thanks

  • Brice Cid
    Brice Cid 3 hours ago


  • NameTaken1191
    NameTaken1191 3 hours ago

    Existential dread: the video

  • Israelball
    Israelball 3 hours ago

    Uhhhhh h.... There is littaraly lots of water up north

  • Lee McElhinny
    Lee McElhinny 3 hours ago

    I've done that drive. From Buffalo to Anchorage (approx. same distance 4,500 miles each way) In 2006 with a 1995 Geo Prizm that was given to me. It had no AC or cruise control. It took every bit of 4.5 days to get there. It was legitimately one of the best times I've ever had. I think everyone should do that drive. I saw the most amazing things and I wouldn't give that experience up for anything.

  • 莊姵紫40124
    莊姵紫40124 3 hours ago

    Taiwan: has the best overall student performance in mathematics. Me and my low ass algebra grade be like: 😶

  • Father Boris
    Father Boris 3 hours ago

    Yeah it's got nothing to do with the gulf stream...

  • CurbstompedTM
    CurbstompedTM 3 hours ago

    Toyota Corolla the greatest and most reliable car in the world!!!!

  • josue WR
    josue WR 3 hours ago


  • josue WR
    josue WR 3 hours ago


  • josue WR
    josue WR 3 hours ago


  • IWonByDefault
    IWonByDefault 3 hours ago

    Which is all exactly why it won't be sold.