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  • Tyke Man
    Tyke Man 48 seconds ago

    The eagles were masters only unto themselves. Wasn't it said that they liked to keep out of affairs of middle earth (in the books of course)

  • Recordingsky
    Recordingsky 49 seconds ago

    Stfu dantdm

  • Ry G
    Ry G Minute ago

    It’s a stand alone movie, a character portrait: there’s no need for a sequel.

  • Jerry Setlerr
    Jerry Setlerr Minute ago

    Sometimes returning to the place to conquer your fears , isn't such a good idea

  • Feedsomefood
    Feedsomefood 2 minutes ago

    5:57 what's its name

  • kayle loves melbell
    kayle loves melbell 3 minutes ago


  • Feedsomefood
    Feedsomefood 4 minutes ago

    The block bluster faith is for Netflix as well

  • New Prophet
    New Prophet 6 minutes ago

    I think he was worthy all along cuz in end game he reached for mojinr with confidence without any doubt

  • Mark Oglesby
    Mark Oglesby 10 minutes ago

    He was the worst actor on the show. All he did was state the obvious and spell out acronyms for the audience.

  • Joels_Creed141
    Joels_Creed141 12 minutes ago

    Now Simpson’s fans know the pain of dbz fans

  • Briar Esterline
    Briar Esterline 12 minutes ago

    Did I *really* just waste three minutes of my life to hear somebody bitch about red M&Ms? Looks like I'm gonna stop watching Stranger Things now and cancel my Netflix account! Oh well...

  • Ronald Roundy
    Ronald Roundy 13 minutes ago

    Hey George if you're so unhappy with your movie you have to edit it to make it better why don't you edit the Christmas special

  • only_ donna
    only_ donna 17 minutes ago


  • connor brennan
    connor brennan 19 minutes ago

    They got rid of the best episode Season 3 episode 1

  • Eliana Cox
    Eliana Cox 19 minutes ago

    I hope someone buys it out and they are able to finish the full 5 season plan that they had planned originally

  • ali Ubed
    ali Ubed 21 minute ago

    Don’t worry Netflix you’ll be sweet. This is what proves Disney+ ain’t gonna be worth it as they’re already breaking promises and the Simpson’s early episodes would’ve been my main reason to go with them

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 21 minute ago

    I still really enjoy the show.

  • Mr.knowitall Rants
    Mr.knowitall Rants 23 minutes ago

    Disney doesn't care if they already got your money 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mikus Madden
    Mikus Madden 23 minutes ago

    What bollox, the mains are still at occ. The fly by mechanics have been replaced which is totally normal....

  • jayce hardgrave
    jayce hardgrave 26 minutes ago

    It was inevitable Disney is too big .(Skynet)

  • Benita Panizza
    Benita Panizza 26 minutes ago


  • N7eptune
    N7eptune 27 minutes ago

    There is nothing questionable or abominable about this ... woman.

  • cbr9927
    cbr9927 28 minutes ago

    I went because of good word of mouth and I was not let down. Excellent movie.

  • Juana Be Healthy
    Juana Be Healthy 30 minutes ago

    I love this show.

  • Felix Brown
    Felix Brown 31 minute ago

    "Magunkey!" That was spread to other digital releases of the films. At least they were nice enough to put the 20th Century Fox logo back on the original six movies.

  • Terminatorfan 2016
    Terminatorfan 2016 33 minutes ago

    His bangs got singed off. If you notice he had more bangs in the beginning but after his eyebrows got singed off so did his bangs and had that punked out kind of haircut which kind of inspired his later hairstyles in the later movies.

  • Stephanie Sandlin
    Stephanie Sandlin 34 minutes ago

    It appears self terminator can occur. Thank goodness.

  • John Marker
    John Marker 37 minutes ago

    It was forced. Did I love it? Yes. I feel like they could have done a better job on the team up, but they worked with what they had. But these scene also shows how awesome and diverse the MCU really is, and how much it can expand.

  • ganggreen1983
    ganggreen1983 37 minutes ago

    This is very Boourrns.

  • Ember Games
    Ember Games 38 minutes ago

    bro but billy loomis- i cant help it

  • Tina Paxton
    Tina Paxton 42 minutes ago

    So love that southern drawl of his...gonna miss you lucas 😢😢

  • Eric BoomBoom
    Eric BoomBoom 42 minutes ago

    Kevin Feige: *Endgame will have post credit scenes* *DisneyPlus* :I'll be taking that

  • aidanbobhog
    aidanbobhog 43 minutes ago

    The book of life came first and they had the idea first that you die in the land of the dead again

  • The Cinema Cynic
    The Cinema Cynic 44 minutes ago

    I'm floored that it's doing so poorly at the box office. This is an AMAZING film.

  • The Great 100
    The Great 100 45 minutes ago

    So I guess they're not going to introduce Adam Warlock he was integral part of the story

  • BiccusD
    BiccusD 45 minutes ago

    I bet that Mandalorian gets really stinky wearing that suit 24/7.

  • C-
    C- 45 minutes ago

    how hard can it be to make a movie about humans bombing the ever living crap out of a planet from orbit ?

  • Gr3asycrap
    Gr3asycrap 50 minutes ago

    Too many endings in lord of the rings? Get real. Lord Of The Rings was flawless in ever millisecond of execution.

  • Le chevaucheur de jambons

    But why a movie like that don't escape to have romance! An anti block buster don't have useless romance.

  • Elizabeth Nicole
    Elizabeth Nicole 55 minutes ago

    I think Netflix will be fine. However, some of the new services will flop because there's too many,

  • 4glorysake 1988
    4glorysake 1988 56 minutes ago

    I think Marvel/Disney have started a nightmare

  • Mike Parsegian
    Mike Parsegian Hour ago

    Baby Yoda is too cute wish he really existed he would be a real cool companion.

  • Fran Olaguer
    Fran Olaguer Hour ago


  • Misty Spate
    Misty Spate Hour ago

    The reason why there's no half life 3 it's because there's team fortress 2 and left 4 dead 2 it never went to the amount of numbers that's why people

  • delfin7461
    delfin7461 Hour ago

    JOHN Hughes not JACK!!! Geez, get your facts straight --- Anthony Michael Hall will be remembered for his teen films, NOT his role on the Dead Zone. Shelley Duval was already well-known when she made The Shining. And while these are all Stephen King stories, what made them breakout roles had a LOT to do with the directors too. Seriously harsh forgetting Kathy Bates, she was NOT well-known before Misery, that really launched her career.

  • Raven -The Mess-

    Great video! It's surprisingly informative, and it's obvious that you've done your research and that you actually care about the topic!

  • angelynee May
    angelynee May Hour ago

    "BfF oF cApTAiN aMeRIcA" sure. If only cap act like one and stay with his so called bFf 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Paul Knight
    Paul Knight Hour ago

    I think that Jake needs to be killed off in the first minute of the next movie, for no particular reason, and be replaced with a mexican woman. Otherwise it just wouldn't feel right in this day and age.

  • Sapiens Strength

    Other than a few specials like Dave Chapelle or occasional documentaries, it’s pretty boring . I’ve always watched Hulu for Simpsons, Southpark, Family Guy, Fresh Off Boat & other episodic shows . I call Netflix “movies made by college film students” .

  • theonetwistedking


  • Tapabrata Sur
    Tapabrata Sur Hour ago

    Can't wait to see chapter 4

  • Mario Q
    Mario Q Hour ago

    Pretty much all these questions boil down to bad film making.

  • W1cked RcL
    W1cked RcL Hour ago

    The reason the movie failed is the same reason every movie like this fails: it's too busy pushing a Mary sue social justice feminism agenda to actually be a good movie. And no one wants to watch this kind of bullshit outside of California and New York.

  • reezlaw
    reezlaw Hour ago

    All-female Marvel movie. What could possibly go wrong

  • Cori Tillman
    Cori Tillman Hour ago

    His sister sued him because a light fell? Damn

    • deasttn
      deasttn Hour ago

      Homeowners insurance

  • Michael Hudgins
    Michael Hudgins Hour ago

    I learned nothing from this video. Seems filler to me

  • David k
    David k Hour ago

    Did anybody actually like that Dark Tower movie?

  • Ruchir Rawat
    Ruchir Rawat Hour ago

    i don't think he found his "happiness" killing people who were nice to him

  • Chris Tucker
    Chris Tucker Hour ago

    I went to grade school with his wife his mother in law was my Jr high teacher. An his father in law was my high school art teacher.

  • Mya E.
    Mya E. Hour ago

    The movie is darker for a reason, it's for the people that were the first movies target age (6-11) who are know in highschool and grown up, so of course it's going to be darker there is a different target age.

  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris Hour ago

    I don't give a flying fuck what anybody has to say. I liked the movie

  • broham 2013
    broham 2013 Hour ago

    Box office for the weekend openings better be big because the studio actually listen. to the people who were complaining you better go see it

  • Robert Jones
    Robert Jones Hour ago

    After the OG trilogy ended in the 80s Star Wars has only taken advantage of fans......

  • Neurotic Arts
    Neurotic Arts Hour ago

    Unless science makes more dinosaurs than the ones running around will never be a real threat as the authorities would catch them.

  • Leon
    Leon Hour ago

    Get Woke Go Broke

  • Jayden
    Jayden Hour ago

    Imagine people being offended by jokes

  • Jesse Masters
    Jesse Masters Hour ago

    But Hedberg wasn't funny. Sad story, but dude WAS NOT FUNNY.

  • Dustin Smartt
    Dustin Smartt Hour ago

    Can’t ever find anything to watch....sick of they’re agenda driven content in most of the originals. NETFLIX SUCKS.

  • thesamedison
    thesamedison Hour ago

    The moment you killed the John Connor with in first 10 minutes and replaced with a Hispanic Midget girl. It was all over for me. If thats not enough, you get a tall skinny white Bionic women who needs energy boost in the middle of every fight, Total Disaster..... SJW liberal Bull Shit.

  • prof shad
    prof shad Hour ago

    What did you think was gonba happen?

  • stinkyninja
    stinkyninja Hour ago

    This is the best version of my favorite childhood super bad guy... period

  • Col Hosking
    Col Hosking Hour ago

    Well I'm pretty disappointed with that wonder woman and aquaman seem to be best bit I know batman always changes face and superman but I want more justice leagues

  • Carnage 2018
    Carnage 2018 Hour ago

    It’s November 16, And I’m still suprised it has a 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. I thought it would get a 50% or even lower. One of the few times I am happy to be wrong

  • Johnny5clowna
    Johnny5clowna Hour ago

    If you REALLY want to watch the episodes AS INTENDED, there are Simpsons DVD's at any wal-mart... LOL

  • Mama Pink
    Mama Pink Hour ago

    That. Was. Awesome! Best video in a while!

  • Iagoth
    Iagoth Hour ago

    Netflix is just worried about the numbers, but, eventually, the clients will have to choose which streaming company they want to fund, and sure as hell won’t be one that treats the audience with such disrespect.

  • Allan Peda
    Allan Peda Hour ago

    I didn't know Bochco died

  • Cesar Ossa
    Cesar Ossa Hour ago

    Resident bad boy? That's a reach...

  • Frank Jones
    Frank Jones Hour ago

    How they get those res suits and how they know the sizes

  • RN Misty
    RN Misty Hour ago

    Anthony Michael Hall likes to hit on extras on movie sets. He really is Farmer Ted.

  • V M
    V M Hour ago

    I thought Joaquin 's father was him

  • thememekid 69420

    So Kermit and the pig work for jigsaw

  • matty -
    matty - 2 hours ago

    Swear you already made this video

  • W. R.
    W. R. 2 hours ago

    On his deathbed...Lucas will change it again....

  • merces47letifer
    merces47letifer 2 hours ago

    Excellent film

  • Shadowstorm5000
    Shadowstorm5000 2 hours ago

    Imo X-Men Origins would be above everything but Logan, X2, Dofp, and The Wolverine.

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis 2 hours ago

    Feminist WOKE METOO Disney agenda out in full force I see. Its rather hysterical how some on Wall Street mention the great Disney to ruin Netflix. Very young kids will want Disney but the rest is basically nothing. Just have to give it awhile to figure out nothing to watch on Disney and what is there is mostly agenda driven feminist Wahman comedy. I guess certain types of manginas & white knight might watch awhile though. Disney isn't going to hurt Netflix in the long run no matter how hard Disney promotes its lies. Just like they promote their feminist woke movies that ruined franchises. They control so much media reviews are useless and funny. Crazy to give that crowd one cent.

  • William Holm
    William Holm 2 hours ago

    Seems like a centered guy, I’ve always like him, sounds like a good husband and dad!

  • Erik Keller
    Erik Keller 2 hours ago

    Oh please..this is a fucking commercial for things like Disney plus...exc. stop trying to lie looper you are a bunch of sell outs

  • Repo Recon
    Repo Recon 2 hours ago

    I like the version I saw in 1977... Han wasn't going to give Greedo a chance to shoot at him first. He had already pointed a weapon at Han, so Han was already justified in using deadly force. George Lucas needs to go sit down somewhere.

  • Django & Me
    Django & Me 2 hours ago

    Masters of the Universe wasn't a disappointment. That's my childhood you cold-hearted prick.

  • duane oldsen
    duane oldsen 2 hours ago

    You missed "The Ninth Gate."

  • Anna-Maria Van Dyck
    Anna-Maria Van Dyck 2 hours ago

    I like only sleeping pills 💊 Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪 🐄 🐂 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍺

  • Jack Brooks
    Jack Brooks 2 hours ago

    At the very first it scared the crap out of me lol

  • fcentauri8
    fcentauri8 2 hours ago

    I like epilogues, so all the LotR endings were appreciated

  • Brains McGee
    Brains McGee 2 hours ago

    It takes unbelievable bravery to be an actor, probably more courage than anything. Actors are special, different, and better than average people. It is ALWAYS sadder when an actor dies.

  • Alan sikes
    Alan sikes 2 hours ago

    The worst is yet to come.

  • Adela Lax
    Adela Lax 2 hours ago

    You have to ask, why!! 😏

  • blues watchin
    blues watchin 2 hours ago