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  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 29 minutes ago

    1:22 gamera is the LAST thing I would expect to see in this

  • Drmator 0
    Drmator 0 30 minutes ago

    The Descent ... the best

  • Shrek V
    Shrek V 31 minute ago

    Mmmmm Warden How’d that work for you?

  • Thomas Gallagher
    Thomas Gallagher 32 minutes ago

    I knew all of this stuff🤔

  • Xiao Ran Li
    Xiao Ran Li 33 minutes ago

    But Bryce Dallas Howard WAS ABLE to run in heels. That itself is super amazing

  • James Tarr
    James Tarr 33 minutes ago

    #1 Donald Trump

  • help me get 50000 subs with 1 vid

    Wtf happened to quucksilver. He was perfectly fine at the end

  • Nothing nothing
    Nothing nothing 35 minutes ago

    what movie is that at 4:48 to 4:54

  • singleplayer review
    singleplayer review 36 minutes ago

    she is old

  • sentryogmixmaster
    sentryogmixmaster 36 minutes ago

    Jason gets married and his wife nags him to death. The End.

  • mysteriousgamer89
    mysteriousgamer89 37 minutes ago

    one of the shittiest movies series ever, only somewhat good ones are 4 and 6 that's it.

  • Boi
    Boi 37 minutes ago

    Literally none of the original it’s scenes were scary

  • Milly Simpson
    Milly Simpson 40 minutes ago

    In my world Ron split with Hermione ( cause they wouldn’t last) and Ginny and Harry also ( cause they seemed forced) so Hermione feel in love with Harry and they became a couple 😊

  • mina maged
    mina maged 43 minutes ago

    yeh falcon is stronger than ant man even if antman beat him in his movie

  • Sharath Nair
    Sharath Nair 48 minutes ago

    It's not good from an ethics point of view to end the series after revealing that Unicron exists in this universe and most above all earth is Unicron!!!!! If the series is turning out to be a disaster from a business point of view. Then atleast make one last movie to end it without introducing anything new.

  • Robobros 21
    Robobros 21 50 minutes ago

    7 and 13 are the most magical numbers in Harry Potter that’s why there are a lot of 7s in Harry Potter

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 51 minute ago

    You put "It follows" on a perfect horror movie list?... What an awful movie. "Supernatural STD" is the dumbest concept I have ever heard.

  • porime cristian
    porime cristian 52 minutes ago

    In Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith, when at the end he applauds himself!!!

  • Nadine Powers
    Nadine Powers 55 minutes ago

    really enjoyed it...made me laugh

  • Kate Brown
    Kate Brown 57 minutes ago

    I stopped watch in the middle of the 3 rd season. I tired watching hotel but lost interest.

  • Hamster Smash
    Hamster Smash 58 minutes ago

    This guy is awesome, huge fan of him specially in the office

  • Tina Youngblood
    Tina Youngblood 59 minutes ago

    Tender and juicy 🤣🤣🤣

  • Kaitlyn 234
    Kaitlyn 234 59 minutes ago

    For the 2017 movie I had to walk out of the theatre I was literally so scared 😭😂

  • knightowl50
    knightowl50 Hour ago

    Hollywood proving the words of Christ to be true. How ironic.

  • Desirée Kallenberg

    the countess sent away his son to a boarding school with the blonde non vampire child.

  • Ioan Popovici
    Ioan Popovici Hour ago

    Lots of things wrong with this show. Physics laws don't seem to apply neither does common sense, but... the cast is phenomenal and the story is solid. Looking forward for the next season.

  • John F
    John F Hour ago

    And Disney will make you pay and pay and pay. They better be awful good.

  • Tekkenbd26fan
    Tekkenbd26fan Hour ago

    I love Batman and his Rogues gallery. That bieng said this show INCREDIBLY spits upon everything that batman is . It offends me on many levels. This Writing of this show has way to many cringy , Men Bashing, Woke issues that ... yeah Operating on her own after Stealing all his stuff .. Not amused

  • David Carter
    David Carter Hour ago

    I got literally blown away.... By a hooker after failing to get blown away by this video!

  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman Hour ago

    Total BS... Speculation, blah, blah, blah... People love this show and the numbers were very good.

  • Dam Jackass
    Dam Jackass Hour ago


  • David Carter
    David Carter Hour ago

    Cast Chris Hemsworth as He-Man you fools.... He the perfect choice!

  • David Carter
    David Carter Hour ago

    The first movie was not a flop! They could have made a sequel introducing Battlecat & Orko.... Your being very picky!

  • sylas chase
    sylas chase Hour ago

    Actually enjoyed the gem the holographs Movie.

  • andile mbongwe
    andile mbongwe Hour ago

    Fox Ruined Xman, this movie was a flop even the effects were not that good i would choose a smallvile episode rather than watch this again yuk!

  • scouse InDaHouse

    What's with the happy music am confused

  • scouse InDaHouse


  • Andrew Reynold
    Andrew Reynold Hour ago

    Yup can't think of anything new so they repeat themselves actually history repeats itself

  • matu fin
    matu fin Hour ago


  • Yousef Al-Ghussain

    Never heard of the Bond villain Le Sherif

  • Fla-bushcraft Prepper

    BIZARRO WORLD🤣👍 He did not destroy his career. He made himself valuable to normal people. Racists Kramer is his alter personality... everyone has it.

  • Rampo'o Rampo'o
    Rampo'o Rampo'o Hour ago

    Rip chewy

  • Lost Love
    Lost Love Hour ago

    Who cares about Rotten Tomatoes and Razzies?

  • Aimee T.
    Aimee T. Hour ago

    This guy makes the show sound nothing like it actually is. Not binge worthy? I’ve binged this show season one to season 2 about 6 times and I’m still finding details that I missed

  • Bab3lfish
    Bab3lfish Hour ago

    Films should be films and TV series should be TV series and not interwinded with each other. If you load the audience's schedule with too much content you will eventually drive your viewers away. In the end people just get tired if the have to follow a whole media universe packed with content also from video games, comics and other stuff to get the whole picture.

  • MCMan101
    MCMan101 Hour ago

    He was able to pick it up cause stormbreaker doesn't have the curse Odin put on it

  • Aimee T.
    Aimee T. Hour ago

    I don’t accept this video. The OA is for everyone. I encourage everyone to watch it

  • jasmae sepida
    jasmae sepida Hour ago

    Days run too fast my gosh 20 yrs ago my fav movie never ending story

  • standup andbcounted

    Bevs victim of incest

  • Maz2bi
    Maz2bi Hour ago

    The Signal, A Tale of two sisters, Goodnight Mommy had a great plot twist.

  • Mr Hawkhawk
    Mr Hawkhawk Hour ago

    Hopefully I'll b a good show.. Go CW

  • Ricson Sison
    Ricson Sison Hour ago

    Now i know why jaws the revenge ignore the time line of jaws 3d

  • Ally Kawaii Wolf

    Wait is pennywise wearing a clown skirt? 😆😂 Edit: also pennywise is really creepy especially his billions of rows of teeth

  • M M
    M M Hour ago

    The real reason is because, he was taken to an empty house with two Italian sharpshooters and and was shot in the back of the head 😂

  • Michael Exman
    Michael Exman Hour ago

    Im sure its not easy to run a business with a camera shoved up your forth point of contact and intentionally causing family tension makes for a damned if you do damned damned if you don't environment !!!

  • Davey Badman
    Davey Badman Hour ago

    No horror movie ever scared me ever, even as a kid man.

  • Mathew Mcrae
    Mathew Mcrae Hour ago

    M I S E R Y

  • Richard Sutton
    Richard Sutton Hour ago

    Yep I wish I get to see sweet Jesus”s smiling face when Jim shows up at the Pearly gates .

  • sappyfoot
    sappyfoot Hour ago

    there’s no ‘ranking’ here

  • Buddah Kris
    Buddah Kris Hour ago

    If you knew anything about Howard, you'd know that is a thing in the comics.. js

  • Justin Bonnitcha

    2027 for the final Avatar movie? I could be dead by then.

  • Chadley Allen
    Chadley Allen 2 hours ago

    Song 4 The Occasion from Jimi Hendrix "Hey Joe"

  • hoosierwood
    hoosierwood 2 hours ago

    The good show are scheduled in 2021. 2 years talk about these shows.

  • Cloveice Colemen
    Cloveice Colemen 2 hours ago

    Thanks on his update. A handsome young man. Love his quick wit humor. The older we get the more we have to work on our body, like fighting against gravity. Just good to know he's still in the game of life, pushing, pulling, and reaching toward our goals. It's a journey, for sure.✌❤🙏

  • Wild Leghorn
    Wild Leghorn 2 hours ago

    Daniel Craig is the real life on screen Witcher. He's perfect for the role...not this idiot!!

  • Peter Ford
    Peter Ford 2 hours ago

    so many mistakes

  • Gamerboys Productions

    I didn’t like it, hellboy always fought tired and out of breath and when he got the sword he didn’t even do anything exciting

  • Rando Person
    Rando Person 2 hours ago

    What if all this is a true story happened with Stephen King or someone close to him long, long ago. 👀 Haha jk... Unless....

  • Andromalius :P
    Andromalius :P 2 hours ago

    I thought they're boycotting Mulan is because the teaser have no Mushu, no Cricket, no Reflection, no other songs, and most importantly, Mulan isn't covering her gender on the battlefield

  • Chris Surfcrab
    Chris Surfcrab 2 hours ago

    Okay I guess I'll be the one to say it. Simbad never uttered one funny syllable in his life. I don't know how he lasted as long as he did in the first place he makes Carlos Mencia almost seem listenable

  • Dave Danza
    Dave Danza 2 hours ago

    Supposedly Rey kills Chewie ACCIDENTALLY while using force lightning and destroys a ship that chewie is on,.... then she goes into hiding and calls herself a skywalker. When they get her back into the fight, thats the “rise of skywalker”

  • Thirumeni Elavazhagan

    You don't need to watch this video before you see Joker Just watch the trailer its enough The Joker trailer has more details than this video😂😂

  • brians
    brians 2 hours ago

    the 10k dislikes are the people that still watch the god awful show

  • Tyler Will
    Tyler Will 2 hours ago

    I’m not saying it should be on the list but 2013’s Man of Steel scene when Superman breaks General Zod’s neck is the perfect with Superman’s inner turmoil of doing what’s right. Killing someone (General Zod) or letting GZ kill a family of three. Superman’s emotion through the scene is gut wrenching and his decision, though controversial to himself was relieving. It was perfect.

  • Lee Byung jun
    Lee Byung jun 2 hours ago

    Big black johnson in your boy's goddam throat

  • DE Fiverr
    DE Fiverr 2 hours ago

    Pennywise is a space creature, in line with Venom, but picks only after kids, and is scared of bullying himself. Crash landed on earth millions years ago. What a crock of a story. Give me my money back.

    MOHIL KARANGIA 2 hours ago

    Actually, it's from best to bestest.

  • Matt Thornton
    Matt Thornton 2 hours ago

    An interesting theory. Ben Solo was a product of the light side of the Force who went to the dark side. Rey was a product of the dark side of the Force who went to the light side.

  • al katraz
    al katraz 2 hours ago

    So Neeson is just a normal human being? Everything is racist

  • William Evans
    William Evans 2 hours ago

    Putting Tim Burton's Movies above Christopher Nolan's is only something a raving lunatic could think of. Shocking.

  • Echo 922
    Echo 922 2 hours ago

    4:18 "The historic soldiers are no match for cannibals."

  • Brawling Driizzlle
    Brawling Driizzlle 2 hours ago

    Is adult bill the actor from split?

  • Action Monkey
    Action Monkey 3 hours ago

    Omg you mentioned person of interest I started watching that the other day and Finch (Ben Linus) has a lot of similarities of Ben and I think it’s funny. The similarities probably aren’t as good as I think they are but I like it lol

  • Connor O'Donnell
    Connor O'Donnell 3 hours ago

    You're not a 'famliy' You're a bunch of actors that work together

  • Mister Danner Comedy

    Now that Tony stark Is dead I pray gwenyth Paltrow never shows her face on any film I'm watching ever again

  • gabe
    gabe 3 hours ago

    stan lee morning pretty much created marvel

  • vexboy
    vexboy 3 hours ago

    The zombies were slow asf like I can take a whole shit before a horse catches me and I even have enough time to spray air fresheners in the middle of the field filled with zombies

    IIIpARxIII 3 hours ago

    I didn't expect Tolkien to do very well. Love the books, but I really don't give a shit about author's personal life. Like Stephen King for example. I love a lot of his books, but I don't view Stephen King as a very interesting person.... kind of a douchebag, really.

  • really big biscuit
    really big biscuit 3 hours ago

    90s/Early 2000s was the best. - Matrix - WWF/WWE Attitude Era | Ruthless Aggression Era - Spiderman (Tobey Maguire) Ahh so many memories!!!!

  • proxy mid
    proxy mid 3 hours ago


  • Rylan Macdonald
    Rylan Macdonald 3 hours ago

    Bcuz they all have $ now. Wake up

  • Tammy Osborne
    Tammy Osborne 3 hours ago

    Would have liked to have watched this video, but I am turning off all videos that insist on showing me political ads as price of admission. You can't turn them off and I'm not interested... just fyi...

  • Chadley Allen
    Chadley Allen 3 hours ago

    Mizure Mr. T I am convinced is a hero (12 year war veteran of cancer & living proof God still works miracles), a man of conviction (stopped wearing his signature massive amounts of gold chains N view of the victims of Katrina hurricane N 2005), & is A-team (TV sitcom minus death as a resolution 4 problem solving!!) icon along with Murdock & HannibuL

  • ShiniGami AD
    ShiniGami AD 3 hours ago

    02:13 where did his shades go from hand?

  • Captain Sweden
    Captain Sweden 3 hours ago

    The 1990 version is so lame.

  • deepti kapoor
    deepti kapoor 3 hours ago

    Looper, hi, your videos are just great . But you should do a video on explaining 'no smoking', an indian movie that is truly perfect but kinda confusing.

  • Andrew Gerety
    Andrew Gerety 3 hours ago

    Hollywood stop casting Edward Norton or did Edward Norton stop casting him self

  • Mad Dawn
    Mad Dawn 3 hours ago

    it may be too artsy fartsy. I'll just wait for it on Netflix

  • Philgamer_ 309
    Philgamer_ 309 3 hours ago

    7:57 Gordon is pennywise

  • JackNance22
    JackNance22 3 hours ago

    Sinbad was always just bad, he never should have been famous.