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Enfrenta tus miedos
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Enfrenta os Teus Medos
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LEGO Rebuild The World
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LEGO Rebuild The World
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  • The dude From europe
    The dude From europe 4 minutes ago

    OnlY 2000 KIdZ will ReMEmBer THis

  • praneet matkar
    praneet matkar 15 minutes ago

    Now Lego will sing you

  • Kajenthan Sriskandarajah
    Kajenthan Sriskandarajah 24 minutes ago


  • Kirat Tab
    Kirat Tab 46 minutes ago

    Your smile is beautiful

  • Forest link
    Forest link 46 minutes ago

    Wow very cool, like a cyborg

  • Exvalon C
    Exvalon C Hour ago

    this should be a commercial

  • faisal arafat
    faisal arafat Hour ago

    Kai just put lloyd in the bucket

  • Jon Mcintyre
    Jon Mcintyre Hour ago

    What Network would LEGO hidden side the series be on Like = Cartoon Network Reply = Universal kids or Discovery Family

  • Kalle S.
    Kalle S. Hour ago

    Can't wait to play TLJ

  • Gabriel Gvalia
    Gabriel Gvalia 2 hours ago

    Lego man! Lego man! Lego man!

  • Sheriff Bob
    Sheriff Bob 3 hours ago

    I wish i could purchase one of these for my grandfather but I am currently building my own for him and its going bad

  • Lego lightning animation

    ZANES the ice emperor I knew it

  • IrishNoodles
    IrishNoodles 3 hours ago

    I can make burnt toast.

  • Luke Caswell
    Luke Caswell 3 hours ago

    Those are not Lego bricks but rather Lego sticks

  • jaden707
    jaden707 4 hours ago

    i loved this show so much i wish i was younger again 😢

  • Dark Joe
    Dark Joe 4 hours ago


  • jerry delope
    jerry delope 5 hours ago

    I would like an underwater and a land obby

  • Frepzter
    Frepzter 7 hours ago

    i saw him from great big story

  • sigzor302620
    sigzor302620 7 hours ago

    Make the command module to match with this set. USC or whatever brand it is.too ridiculous a price.

  • Caleb Moffitt
    Caleb Moffitt 8 hours ago

    8:44 he’s turned everyone evil (Me) or really depressed

  • Xtian of Zodd
    Xtian of Zodd 8 hours ago

    YA SAM !!!!!!

  • Xtian of Zodd
    Xtian of Zodd 8 hours ago

    YA SAM !!!

  • 8-bit duck
    8-bit duck 8 hours ago

    13:57 Mr.krabs more More MORE meme = Thanos: more More MORE Me:🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • 8-bit duck
    8-bit duck 8 hours ago

    This short was awesome and filled with lots of personality and quickly became one of my fav Lego animation's 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Viresh Doobaree
    Viresh Doobaree 9 hours ago

    The anime thing is not cool. I don't like it. The original graphics are way far much better

  • Kpop King
    Kpop King 9 hours ago

    This man is incredible.

  • MeaganandMakeup
    MeaganandMakeup 9 hours ago

    Brilliant idea! Will be sending some LEGO off soon

  • OwlWise
    OwlWise 10 hours ago

    The dragons appeared and then they disappeared

  • Darren J Burns
    Darren J Burns 10 hours ago

    AMAZING to be given the opportunity to work on this great film with Lego Technic, Leibherr & Joel Black at Tommirock Films xoxo Director DJB

  • lego y cosas más
    lego y cosas más 11 hours ago


  • DriftGMD
    DriftGMD 12 hours ago

    Zane's naps take naps. So is he lazy? 😂

  • Shasha Ahmad
    Shasha Ahmad 12 hours ago

    I like

  • Ka Boom
    Ka Boom 12 hours ago

    Who else is shaking there screen, crying, and saying yes, YES

  • kingplayer 2099
    kingplayer 2099 12 hours ago

    Wait. All movies? Oh yeah, lego order 66

    -COLOMBIANCHANNEL-TM 12 hours ago

    When you are poor and hand-icapped

  • Kenia Suero
    Kenia Suero 12 hours ago

    💯💯💯🤯🤯🤯😃😱😱this is very cool LEGO Animay.

  • Komti
    Komti 13 hours ago

    legit video

  • Jennie Stumpf
    Jennie Stumpf 13 hours ago

    Rescuing Zane over again are we in season four

  • ThePikachuGaming
    ThePikachuGaming 13 hours ago

    Who survived without it getting suck in your head for all 10 hours

  • Riko Sakurauuchi
    Riko Sakurauuchi 13 hours ago

    I saw a rick and morty meme of zane’s dad’s robot 😂 the episode when rick built a robot that passes butter

  • willbricksproductions
    willbricksproductions 13 hours ago

    when I first hit this video I thought it was going to be about how to use green screens to make lego planes fly

  • Christine Mayard
    Christine Mayard 14 hours ago

    You are the best

  • Braydeen
    Braydeen 14 hours ago

    Who will be the next iron man? The community:Spider man David:I’m about to end this guy career

  • Marcus Ward
    Marcus Ward 14 hours ago

    I wish they showed a close-up of the mural, to see the individual bricks

  • Nametager 7
    Nametager 7 14 hours ago

    Them: you cant use a dead meme using a character from Ninjago and expect to get likes Me: 12:25

  • Coolsthisthat awesome
    Coolsthisthat awesome 14 hours ago


  • PhantomKiller76
    PhantomKiller76 15 hours ago

    Everybody gangsta til you shoot someone in the cantina

  • terry session
    terry session 15 hours ago


  • terry session
    terry session 15 hours ago


  • duke maxwell
    duke maxwell 15 hours ago

    Winter most definitely because I love the snow

  • untamedoffice
    untamedoffice 15 hours ago

    funny people

  • CanyourunlikeNarutoo 82

    He can't wear that when he turns 100

  • untamedoffice
    untamedoffice 15 hours ago

    this is nice, great ideea

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 16 hours ago

    To expensive

  • Kaitlyn Buck
    Kaitlyn Buck 16 hours ago

    " emily this will break the spell! " - throws important vial - YOU IDIOT!!! HE HAS A BIRD!!!

  • Mr.Wellington Von Duke III

    Moar tea!

  • Mark Savage
    Mark Savage 16 hours ago


  • Pikel Plays
    Pikel Plays 16 hours ago

    Well the problem is everything about this game is going to be worse then the one that is already the best game ever

    • Pikel Plays
      Pikel Plays 16 hours ago

      I'm predicting it now, all the cheats you will have to buy, most of the humor is going to be way over done making everything sarcastic, and they are going to try to make it so you can't buy the better old game when this comes out

  • E bricks
    E bricks 17 hours ago

    Do a video whit chase plis.

  • Cryptic ?
    Cryptic ? 17 hours ago

    So young and smart! Lego! Get this guy in your corporation! Could help you to do a lot.

  • E bricks
    E bricks 17 hours ago

    Where is chase mcain?

  • dxadly death
    dxadly death 17 hours ago

    How did you lose the arm?

  • The Tipper the Slipper Show

    Lego is not food..i

  • Cade Boi
    Cade Boi 17 hours ago

    Itz in Meadowhall

  • Ethan Darkmate
    Ethan Darkmate 17 hours ago

    Wait if he went home then why didn’t cole,jay,Kai,and Zane see ultra when they went to the first realm

  • Matthieu Smekens
    Matthieu Smekens 17 hours ago

    What a legend. Mad respect

  • Chauncey Morton
    Chauncey Morton 18 hours ago


  • SBC Gaming
    SBC Gaming 19 hours ago

    Im beyond impressed at what my childhood toys could do!

  • vip Max
    vip Max 19 hours ago

    This is going to be INSANE!!!

  • magda wąsowska
    magda wąsowska 20 hours ago


  • DobberZilla
    DobberZilla 20 hours ago

    Your buying this for the 4 foot star destroyer quit complaining about the minifigures for gods sake

  • Vendetta Gaming
    Vendetta Gaming 21 hour ago

    In avengers : endgame -tony stark dies Then in real world - this man got tony stark soul.

  • Android Oyuncusu - Çağan

    Yav bende o var 100 liraya aldık

  • vicent Adam
    vicent Adam 21 hour ago

    Ok but you need two hands to build that

  • Ayoob El bouzidi
    Ayoob El bouzidi 22 hours ago

    Testa di cazzo

  • Nametager 7
    Nametager 7 22 hours ago

    After this episode came out me and my friends debated on what happened to Pythor

  • Brandon Black
    Brandon Black 22 hours ago

    WOW........ just wow

  • Kwanda Hlatshwayo
    Kwanda Hlatshwayo 22 hours ago

    I've always wanted to go to Lego land . Is it true everything there is made of logos?

  • Mary Osorio’s Cake 503


  • Sean Beads
    Sean Beads 23 hours ago

    Will there be a co-op option?

  • Darcie
    Darcie 23 hours ago

    2 weeks later: David: yea I built this Lego Ironman suit in 2 hours

  • Cactus maniac
    Cactus maniac 23 hours ago

    Jabba the savage!

  • Noir [Assassin]

    Great job,now I can give my legos to my friends so they can enjoy it

  • Dylan Diosalyn

    Its means replay the vidio was replay like going back words

    THE GAMING Day ago

    Aim sad 😫😫😫

  • Pascal Maier
    Pascal Maier Day ago

    Haaa he is a masterbuilder👌👌👌

  • Pascal Maier
    Pascal Maier Day ago


  • DINO 1
    DINO 1 Day ago

    fix caps face

  • IKEA BIRD #2 • 54 years ago

    Is that a Campfire from 1.14? I'm starting to think that this was recorded from 1.13.

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy Day ago

    This dude is so inspiring. 👀Expect a visit from nick fury....

  • Sathasiless
    Sathasiless Day ago

    16:58 I just realized where I've heard that music before :(

  • Drumonymus
    Drumonymus Day ago

    Making Lego cheaper would make it available to more children also...

  • Rowlet Playz10

    So yea i want the cantina. The ghost firgures. The episode iii chapter 6 boss to be great. Voice acting to the original cast exect the ones who are well, dead And do bolwing in the cantina.

  • PureFear
    PureFear Day ago

    So it’s complete saga... but better!?

  • Joshua Isnard
    Joshua Isnard Day ago

    Bravo il est trop fort bon courage 💪👍🎉🎊

  • 조일용
    조일용 Day ago

    만약 레고가 호텔 델루나를 나왔다면 얼마나좋을까?

  • Elmerto55
    Elmerto55 Day ago

    I am Buying this at my Birthday (12.12)

  • Greg Nulik
    Greg Nulik Day ago

    You need technic pieces to play mini-golf. Any true lego fan knows that.

  • ARBRO31
    ARBRO31 Day ago

    Я один тут Русский?