Jumping Places
Jumping Places
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  • Breno animations stick

    Ho yeah .

  • Noah Clark
    Noah Clark 4 hours ago

    A filthy country.

  • Paul S
    Paul S 4 hours ago

    Why would anybody choose to go to London? Ripoff miserable shithole

  • Amal V P
    Amal V P 7 hours ago

    Come to kersla

  • vivek pandya
    vivek pandya 11 hours ago

    sry from india

  • Arpit chauhan
    Arpit chauhan 13 hours ago

    In India , foreigners trying to get things done in cheap... Use Uber or ola instead of local taxi , stay in a recognized hotel or hostel ... In India , tourists actually come to pin - point on it's poor face as if they had a early mind set. 🤷😩

  • parabsiddhesh
    parabsiddhesh 13 hours ago

    Everyone here comparing Goa with Andaman. Lets understand that Goa is not just about beaches. No doubt Andaman has Turquoise Waters and pristine beaches, but Goa is more that just beaches. Its more about the vibe in Goa that offers something to everyone !

  • Ketan Patel Malav
    Ketan Patel Malav 14 hours ago


  • Shouvik Roychoudhury
    Shouvik Roychoudhury 14 hours ago

    After anjuna, visit baga and calangute too. Hire a bike, it will be more convenient.. visit vagator beach as well. Its close to anjuna.

  • Bhavesh Sutar
    Bhavesh Sutar 15 hours ago

    mumbaes GDP is more than pakistan hole country 😂😂lol

  • akhil chinthamalla
    akhil chinthamalla 16 hours ago

    Best time to visit goa creatorak1.blogspot.com/2019/11/best-time-for-goa.html

  • rahul borse
    rahul borse 21 hour ago

    Superb drone view

  • Pleplems Fun
    Pleplems Fun 22 hours ago

    Bat parang malumot?

  • Anthony Gomes
    Anthony Gomes 23 hours ago

    This is the most beautiful beach in goa , away from crowded area

  • COOL Lime TV
    COOL Lime TV 23 hours ago

    Very cool!!!

  • COOL Lime TV
    COOL Lime TV 23 hours ago

    Happy wedding anniversary guys!!!!Awesome video!!🎉🎊🥂🍾👍

  • IND 007
    IND 007 Day ago

    Freakin Hippis, searching for fireflys in broad day light.

  • Geetesh Rana
    Geetesh Rana Day ago

    Plzzz go to andaman islands..

  • Rahul Bisht
    Rahul Bisht Day ago

    Come indore madhya pradesh bro

  • Firos Khan
    Firos Khan Day ago

    Please dont leave , come to kerala...sorry for what you faced in delhi...

  • Sea Warrior
    Sea Warrior Day ago

    U should visit also in the top of armbol beach near banyan tree thr is a baba ji .. place of smoke n peace

  • Bsn vlogs
    Bsn vlogs Day ago

    Wooooow, these Goa Shots are mind blowing !!!!! BOOM !!! CRAZYYYY !!!!. I will love if you check mine and suggest me.

  • indian HMSC
    indian HMSC Day ago

    Israelians and russsians love staying there...wonderful beach but candolim beach is best beach what i think

  • Change Your Frequency

    Love that you guys are always in swim suits! Just got back from Taiwan, you must go there :)

  • Manjeet Soni
    Manjeet Soni Day ago

    Those fucking guys making India's image bad, sorry guys for what happened to you.

  • M M
    M M Day ago

    Paharganj is where the sleaze of Delhi is ... there's a red light area very close by. So there's always a few sleazeballs around in that area. Even as an Indian man, I feel scared to go there. Running after the guy would have been a big mistake.

  • anonymous D
    anonymous D Day ago

    Goa is not considered southern India the states south of Goa are the southern states!!

  • Udiet Kumar
    Udiet Kumar Day ago

    Your hut name ?

  • Devendra Pratap Singh

    Ignore the people's who try to make u feel uncomfortable..Such kind of people's you will find every part of the world. In Delhi, peoples from whole of the India are settled for work and this create a mess for behaving with tourist as well. Ignore such people's and move on the way you are going ahead. Don't go in the interiors of delhi or any part of the India after evening or in day well in very small places and where less people's stay. Stay Positive and Have a Pleasant Stay in India. Keep Exploring and Live Large..

  • tomate
    tomate Day ago

    q u a l i d a d e


    Happy Anniversary 💐

  • Cavi Wipes
    Cavi Wipes Day ago

    Drone shots superb as usual!!! 3rd beach was the best 👍...trash on that beautiful lake so sad...dance moves approved by all who are not sober 🙃

  • jucimar De jesus ferreira

    nice men welcome !

  • Sarat Chandu
    Sarat Chandu Day ago

    Bro be there ..I m on the way to goa..I.join with u

  • Rodger Campbell

    Let me start by saying Happy Anniversary to you both 🥂🍾 Know about the beachcombing. I love the lava rock formations along the shoreline and the lagoon 🏝was beautiful "minus the trash" and added an extra beauty to the surroundings. The sand and the cliffs with the foliage reminds me of California beaches but these have a beauty that stands out nicely. 🏖As always Chris, great drone footage of the beaches and hills plus the lagoon. It also captured the nice long hike you both made to get to the last beach. Loved the sunset at the end🌅 by the way breakfast looked real good, it made my wife say "YUMMY"😆 Again are best wishes Chris and Carolina, may your heart love strong, may your love link your souls, and may your souls know no end in your life together. Cherish one another eternal💝 take care until next time, peace✌

  • Fahim Fahim
    Fahim Fahim Day ago

    India is really great country

  • Kash Jklf
    Kash Jklf 2 days ago

    Second beach for you is actually part of arambol beach with its sweet water lake its pity this lake has shrunk now,there is also a bananyan tree there dont know if it still exsists. This part was famous for acid parties because police coundn't reach there with cars. There used to be parties 3nights 4 nights non stop tecno parties back in 80's till mid 90's.

    THUMBSUPBITCHify 2 days ago

    First meal he has in thailand is a waffle.. fin moron.

  • Vera Danson
    Vera Danson 2 days ago

    My beautiful babes having a great time and enjoying their anniversary.

  • Thomas JR.
    Thomas JR. 2 days ago

    Rio de Janeiro, vergonha do Brasil. Os gringos acham bonito porque não moram nas favelas nem dependem dos hospitais cariocas. Rio tem o povo mais sem educação e grosso, o povo mais malandro e os politicos mais corruptos do pais (e quando nao tem, importam trastes como o Bolsonaro.) Esse Rio eh uma vergonha pro pais, olha esse tanto de favelas, a criminalidade absurda, arrastões são comuns nessa cidade, eu presenciei um em Ipanema: depois que eles roubaram a gringa, varios locais vieram defender o meliante que foi dominado pelos frequentadores. Nojo desse povo carioca, parece que eles próprios são mancomunados com a bandidagem.

  • Thomas JR.
    Thomas JR. 2 days ago

    40 dolares por um apartamento de frente pra Copacabana, puta que pariu. Aqui nos EUA nem uma stay em albergue em NY eh tao barato. Quartos de hotel eh uma media de 150 pra mais. E esse apartamento parece muito bom. Brasil eh muito barato, mas eh porque os precos sao em dolar, e o povo ganha muito pouco.


    I am from that area 😍😍❤❤❤❤


    It's keri beach bro

  • Allwyn Mendes
    Allwyn Mendes 2 days ago

    Idk how much time you guys have, but check Palolem Beach and maybe if you really like secluded the Cola Beach in Goa 🌴🌴🌴 Enjoy 🤗 And happy wedding anniversary ❤️

  • Joaquim Fernandes
    Joaquim Fernandes 2 days ago

    Our Tourism minister worhless

  • ajaycan
    ajaycan 2 days ago

    cool! great video

  • majab612
    majab612 2 days ago

    Very chilled place !:)) Enjoy your anniversary guys! <3

  • Kiran Shriyan
    Kiran Shriyan 2 days ago

    Guys u shd hv visited peace garden near the sweet water lake. There u can find a baba who s famous for yoga n acrobatics

  • Mala Tiwari
    Mala Tiwari 2 days ago

    Is your wife is indian

    • Mala Tiwari
      Mala Tiwari 2 days ago

      Opps sorry I live in Goa also happy married anniversary

    • Carolina Danson
      Carolina Danson 2 days ago

      Mala Tiwari no, Brazilian 🇧🇷 😁

  • Santanu Jana
    Santanu Jana 2 days ago

    I want to meet you both now I'm also in Goa

  • Mr.Young Power
    Mr.Young Power 2 days ago

    10$ ))))) Why not 100?

  • Roland Williams
    Roland Williams 2 days ago

    I enjoy watching your PR videos....I'll be back there in January

  • junickh
    junickh 2 days ago

    20,000!!! Wow congrats!🎊

  • Welington Liberato Santos

    I was there last week and is the most beautifull city in the world and the atmosfere is great...

  • P Master
    P Master 2 days ago

    Are you both vegetarians/vegan?

  • Terence Luis
    Terence Luis 2 days ago

    hi , please come Jaipur (rajasthan ,india) i want to meet you , when u comming

  • Daniel Nguyen
    Daniel Nguyen 2 days ago

    Have a nice day, love from Vietnam😍

  • Ricardo Tongol
    Ricardo Tongol 2 days ago

    Awesome aerial and beautiful place. Great blog. Happy anniversary and many more🥰❤️

  • Tetea Zadeng
    Tetea Zadeng 2 days ago

    Happy Anniversary🥳

  • vishal Kothawade
    vishal Kothawade 2 days ago

    Don't know are you there or not there in goa but if you're try to book tickets for sunburn music festival which is going to happen in goa

  • Dennis Daniels
    Dennis Daniels 2 days ago

    You also said you visit two beaches called Kalacha Beach & Querim Beach as well?

  • Dennis Daniels
    Dennis Daniels 2 days ago

    You said you explore North Goa?

  • Homendra Verma
    Homendra Verma 2 days ago

    Happy marriage anniversary

  • J.R tantiado
    J.R tantiado 2 days ago

    Wow nice video guys👌👌💖💖:)

  • Vasu Rajawat
    Vasu Rajawat 2 days ago

    Visit andman and nicobae same like indonesian whit beaches.

  • Amit Chodankar
    Amit Chodankar 2 days ago

    Please visit chapora fort , Vagator beach and anjuna Beach.It is very close by.

  • Nishant Sharma
    Nishant Sharma 2 days ago

    Only jaipurite knows how to have fun on nahargarh fort😎😎😎

  • Nishant Sharma
    Nishant Sharma 2 days ago

    These scammer's called 'lapke' in local language...you can report them or fuck them... They are like stain on jaipurite

  • Lance Franklin
    Lance Franklin 2 days ago

    Congrats on hitting the 20K guys, MUCH deserved! I'd not been able to stay interested in India Vlogs previously. Jumping Places makes everywhere interesting - through an honest viewpoint.

  • sushant sawant
    sushant sawant 2 days ago

    10 dollars a night? You got scammed! Could have stayed in a 3 star in that cost

  • AmyPree M
    AmyPree M 2 days ago

    Love ur India vlog, keep more coming. Go to the Andaman Islands too.

  • Sharad Dixit
    Sharad Dixit 2 days ago

    Jumping faces 😍 #HappyAnniversary

  • Rocket chakraborty
    Rocket chakraborty 2 days ago

    Keep traveling, Happy anniversary 😊 #Freesprit

    WANDERING DOCTOR 2 days ago

    Love your India series..n Goa is my favourite place..spent lots of time exploring few of these trails..both of u so cute..n love those drone shots ..hope u cud do some color grading 🤩😊

  • Murali G
    Murali G 2 days ago

    Drone shots are awesome, Good work keep it up

  • Vijaylaxmi Sodhani
    Vijaylaxmi Sodhani 2 days ago

    You should visit andaman and Nicobar island of India ....It's magical .......Much. better and less crowded than Goa

  • U r a JoKe
    U r a JoKe 2 days ago

    Visit gurgaon cyber city plz thexvid.com/video/ktBWxbJ28Hk/video.html

  • mitul vashi
    mitul vashi 2 days ago

    Women can wear bikini on all beaches of goa.. Dumass.

  • Arnel A
    Arnel A 2 days ago


  • Supreet Singh
    Supreet Singh 2 days ago

    Happy marriage anniversary.. God bless you both! 🙏 💓


    Nice bro what's place

  • Supreet Singh
    Supreet Singh 2 days ago

    Awesome !💓

  • Asim Choudhury
    Asim Choudhury 2 days ago

    Blessed Weeding Anniversary 👌💐

  • M
    M 2 days ago

    Madhu here, from Chennai. Wish you both, a Happy Wedding Anniversary 💐💐. Wish you both a lovely life ahead 🙂. Happy traveling 💐💐.

  • Bhagirath Panja
    Bhagirath Panja 2 days ago

    Happy anniversary 🎉❤️ !!!! You both really look very cute and a lovely couple !!!

  • Abhisek Swain
    Abhisek Swain 2 days ago

    The lady looks like Indian

  • Dante Pal
    Dante Pal 2 days ago

    was waiting for this video from last week

  • Rajat Goswami
    Rajat Goswami 2 days ago

    In your opinion..which beach is Good in Goa to make honeymoon best

    • Rajat Goswami
      Rajat Goswami 2 days ago

      @Jumping Places I'm waiting 💝

    • Jumping Places
      Jumping Places 2 days ago

      Palolem for me for sure, will have videos from palolem up soon

    AKSHAY G 2 days ago

    Bro uploaded daily videos as soon as possible this is 1.3 billion subscribers planet 😂

  • Badal Das
    Badal Das 2 days ago

    I know this beach🤣🤣 The other ones you visited I never heard of them, enjoy ur stay here the prices are very very low

  • rainbow
    rainbow 2 days ago

    you can ask waiter what the restaurant's special food or what the locals eat . each place in india have their speciality in food . like in rajasthan it's dal bati churma , in kerala its porotta .

  • darren
    darren 2 days ago

    nice video✌ . Hampi, Gokarna, Coorg in Karnataka ; Munnar, Wayanad, Kovalam in kerala are some cool places you can go to .

    • ellie,muffasa and others
      ellie,muffasa and others 2 days ago

      @Mathieu Tallard donot worry , terrorist has no place in india . as for nude beaches that concept started in india 2000 year back before islamic invasion on india . in india we had concept of nude river banks .

    • Mathieu Tallard
      Mathieu Tallard 2 days ago

      There are none,zero cool places in India. Since a few years, India retrograded as being as prude and ridiculously conservative as mudslum shit countries are. Even Mexico, among other many places is better. At least, it has nude beaches where you can enjoy freedom and nice allover tanning....

  • AmyPree M
    AmyPree M 2 days ago

    Wow you're the first foreign vlogger show Mumbai skyline. Its coming out nice and modern. Beautiful view during sunset and night. ❤

  • Rose J
    Rose J 2 days ago

    You should visit Kochi; it's a great melting pot of cultures including Portuguese, Dutch, British and Jewish to name a few.

  • Kavya Panday
    Kavya Panday 2 days ago


  • Jumping Places
    Jumping Places 2 days ago

    - Watch all the India videos in this playlist: thexvid.com/video/7Y1lKn9wU8M/video.html

  • Abhijeet Patil explore

    Western media show India durty And show black indians

  • Erni Yang
    Erni Yang 2 days ago


  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 2 days ago

    Arambol mein agar videshi maal chaiye to contact me, Russian virgin mojitto, 2 petti

  • Bay Work
    Bay Work 2 days ago

    Excellent video. The English skills here are very nice. The old man who made the Poha, his English was very, very good. Very impressed.