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Honest Trailers | Shazam
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Honest Trailers | Waterworld
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Honest Trailers | MCU
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Honest Trailers | Con Air
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Honest Trailers - Glass
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2019 Movie Year Preview
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Best Villains of 2018
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  • cnxcv
    cnxcv Hour ago


  • vik saggu
    vik saggu 2 hours ago

    Lol Marvel Issued black friend

  • Vitalis Wesh
    Vitalis Wesh 2 hours ago

    Do "Nairobi Half Life" (Kenyan Movie)!!!

  • Vitalis Wesh
    Vitalis Wesh 2 hours ago

    Do "Nairobi Half Life"!!!!!!

  • Sarah Fields
    Sarah Fields 2 hours ago

    That's the shittist looking film ever

  • PuppetMasterLLC
    PuppetMasterLLC 2 hours ago

    Do beavis and butt head do America.

  • lbreaper17
    lbreaper17 3 hours ago

    whoever writes this is a genius,,, the voice is astounding,,, i laugh so hard in every video i cry 😂 😂

  • Tousif Shaikh
    Tousif Shaikh 3 hours ago

    Do life of pi

  • Senie Brummet
    Senie Brummet 3 hours ago

    The 'smelly smell' on is the one we nurses use to describe c.diff. Thanks for acknowledging that, Screen Junkies! ^_^

  • No One
    No One 3 hours ago

    Has anyone else here seen the episode of King of the Hill where Peggy inadvertently abducts a little Mexican girl because her Spanish is so terrible, and to prove her innocence in court, they just put her on the stand, so the judge can hear just how terrible it is? Like, they give you the subtitles, so you can see that what she's saying is so broken it barely makes sense? That's what this video makes me think of.

  • Camilla Scanlon
    Camilla Scanlon 4 hours ago

    *I'm Mary Poppins y'all*

  • Cad Bane
    Cad Bane 4 hours ago

    I'm actually proud of my self for knowing about this show before this video

  • Braeden Hamilton
    Braeden Hamilton 4 hours ago

    Endgame was a lot more boring than King of The Monsters. A lot more. KOTM is the best movie of 2019 no debate, hands down.

  • Camilla Scanlon
    Camilla Scanlon 4 hours ago


  • Camilla Scanlon
    Camilla Scanlon 4 hours ago


  • Eph Colores
    Eph Colores 4 hours ago

    Why is Yondu not in the multi-hit combo?

  • Wouter Moerman
    Wouter Moerman 4 hours ago

    Whoops, no bullets!

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen 4 hours ago

    Agree DC rules

  • Joshua Rosen
    Joshua Rosen 4 hours ago

    Do Ironman 1970 or what ever

  • Camilla Scanlon
    Camilla Scanlon 4 hours ago

    4:38 Look closely...... Tell me what you see....

  • idont wantcorporateretaliation

    let's be honest, that movie was garbage.

  • Camilla Scanlon
    Camilla Scanlon 5 hours ago

    Anyone realize it took Thanos a thousand years to decide to kill 50% of humans, but it took Ultron less than six minutes on the Internet to decide to restart the world?

  • Sol
    Sol 5 hours ago

    Honestly I liked the movie

  • Camilla Scanlon
    Camilla Scanlon 5 hours ago

    YES Disney Princess Avengers. Like have you seen the part in Wreck It Ralph 2? The only condition is they have to include Megara from Hercules

  • mechazookie
    mechazookie 5 hours ago

    bring Honest Action back

  • Ciara Hampton
    Ciara Hampton 5 hours ago

    *oh no*

  • martin diaz
    martin diaz 5 hours ago

    Logan Paul in clown face. LMFAO.

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson 5 hours ago

    Spot on 👍 they look like made for tv movies after Origins Woverine.. Excluding deadpool 1 & 2 ..for now

  • Mama- -Rua
    Mama- -Rua 5 hours ago

    Giant turd of a movie... I can tell.

  • Benjamin Abramowitz
    Benjamin Abramowitz 5 hours ago

    For your next Honest Trailer, please say "And the Emmy goes to...Game of Thrones."

  • Benjamin Abramowitz
    Benjamin Abramowitz 5 hours ago

    For your next Honest Trailer, please say "And the Emmy goes to...Game of Thrones."

  • cruz loera
    cruz loera 6 hours ago

    I waited forever for this. How’d I miss it for 3 months?

  • Kenneth Uyabeme
    Kenneth Uyabeme 6 hours ago

    Do an Honest Trailer for The Boys!!

  • J J
    J J 6 hours ago

    I actually like Dark Phoenix

  • Jake Depwe
    Jake Depwe 6 hours ago

    Hey, Kaya Scadalario rocks!

  • __ RoomyD0m1n1c __
    __ RoomyD0m1n1c __ 6 hours ago

    The part at the beginning where he made fun of people watching the show for it being addicting. That was me exactly when I first finished the show

  • Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones 6 hours ago

    It wasn’t even ok it was terrible

  • Spooneru
    Spooneru 6 hours ago

    1:59 Wait wtf ? Wow Hollywood, just wow.....

  • Phuah Eu Jin
    Phuah Eu Jin 6 hours ago

    Respectful is not the word or action of the day on that day.

  • David Cosloff
    David Cosloff 6 hours ago

    I forgot all about it after I came out of the theater. I prefer Infinity War Thor. I wished the Russos did all the sequels. WE NEED MORE RUSSOS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Enigma 0205
    Enigma 0205 6 hours ago

    Do Mötley Crüe's the dirt

  • Preston Irvin
    Preston Irvin 7 hours ago

    My God I could have just watched this video, and save2 hours of my life!

  • Jason Tan Wei Lin
    Jason Tan Wei Lin 7 hours ago

    Actually, Sony Pictures TV own Funimation now. So...

  • Víctor Vargas Ch.
    Víctor Vargas Ch. 7 hours ago

    Oh, come on! Don't tell me the Van Gogh episode didn't make you weep!!!

  • Ormagodon Online
    Ormagodon Online 7 hours ago

    Yep, terrible movie.

  • Jacey Neubauer
    Jacey Neubauer 7 hours ago


  • mary ann mariano
    mary ann mariano 7 hours ago

    What do you mean "Midge got whipped in the bitsies" is not real?!!

  • Romrapaara
    Romrapaara 7 hours ago

    Wait... why is Joe wearing Dani's shirt in the thumbnail? Where can I get that shirt?

  • SteveCrafts2k
    SteveCrafts2k 8 hours ago

    Fox calls the shots, not Disney.

  • Romrapaara
    Romrapaara 8 hours ago

    CinemaSins is generally too negative for me. I don't know why people think that just because both channels review movies, they're all that similar.

  • Alexander Rines
    Alexander Rines 8 hours ago

    Named Chris

  • Nick Saso
    Nick Saso 8 hours ago

    I don’t like every comment but, keep putting this show out there. This was before super Sentai I think

  • BloodGuzzler
    BloodGuzzler 8 hours ago

    Will someone explain to mw how harry survived the teeter-totter?

  • almightytallestred
    almightytallestred 9 hours ago

    4:04 He-hey, it's Hopper

  • Ryan Carichner
    Ryan Carichner 9 hours ago


  • MrGreensweightHist
    MrGreensweightHist 9 hours ago

    Clint and Widow are both trying to be the one that sacrificed themselves. Clint lost what he loved. He lost his attempt at saving her. He lost being the hero.

  • Jarl Lillebø
    Jarl Lillebø 9 hours ago

    So much star power, so little movie power..

  • Ahmed EL-Koucha
    Ahmed EL-Koucha 9 hours ago

    I'am still waiting for Ghost dog the way of the samurai

  • Norhafizan Mohamed Zain

    Wakanda forever

  • Taran
    Taran 10 hours ago

    1:29 dafuq?

  • Marci Leatherboots1
    Marci Leatherboots1 10 hours ago

    "Indumbpendence Day" never has a humorously fake title ever fit a movie so well. 😂😂😂😂

  • Sydney Parker
    Sydney Parker 10 hours ago

    I just love how Dan and Spencer are clearly geeking

  • CharlieRashi
    CharlieRashi 10 hours ago

    Saying “super easy, barely an inconvenience” is TIGHT!!!

  • PandaGal 3000
    PandaGal 3000 10 hours ago

    I other words, if you hate the movie, read the book...... Actually it explains a lot more than this silly movie

  • TheCumberCoIlective
    TheCumberCoIlective 11 hours ago

    "Nerds are easy marks" way too true

  • Dorion Garcia
    Dorion Garcia 11 hours ago

    I went to watch quicksilver’s part but I reach to the cinema too late

  • Avigaeil Moskovitz
    Avigaeil Moskovitz 11 hours ago


  • lonelydxnce [Joshua Elise]

    i am in tears

  • Zaphod Beeblebrox
    Zaphod Beeblebrox 11 hours ago

    Do 'Every Tarantino Movie'

  • flameroad123
    flameroad123 11 hours ago

    Phases 1-3: time travel Phase 4-6: reality wrapping Phase:7-9: Loki saves everyone with time reality wrap travel.

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith 11 hours ago

    Do an Honest Trailer for "LOST"

  • dcamron46
    dcamron46 11 hours ago


  • dcamron46
    dcamron46 11 hours ago


  • Firetornado 6969
    Firetornado 6969 11 hours ago

    Um.. is this a Smosh copy or did Smosh steal this..

  • Daniel T
    Daniel T 12 hours ago

    Almost spewed my drink over "Taserface"

  • Peter Rowland
    Peter Rowland 12 hours ago

    "I Dream of Jiggy"

  • Rory McIntosh
    Rory McIntosh 12 hours ago

    Do avatar the last airbender nicalodeon series

  • Charlotte Horlock
    Charlotte Horlock 12 hours ago

    'The Disney vault!'

  • Sania
    Sania 12 hours ago

    When will you do Kung Fu Panda series????

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 12 hours ago

    The fridge was lined with lead

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 12 hours ago

    The world's most annoying sound? That would be Hal Rudnick.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 12 hours ago

    In a galaxy far far away........Hal Rudnick wasn't quite so annoying.

  • Elorine
    Elorine 12 hours ago

    Yes that's what hope feels like

  • nizar boukhari
    nizar boukhari 12 hours ago

    I will be back

  • Kids D
    Kids D 12 hours ago

    Please do more honest action and do John wick

  • Rodolfo Rodriguez
    Rodolfo Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    Say “Timmy!!!”

  • mina maged
    mina maged 12 hours ago

    a cried from laughing when you said "hulk is love hulk is life"

  • Silver Fang
    Silver Fang 12 hours ago

    Do Hobbs & Shaw plzz

  • Pepsi C
    Pepsi C 13 hours ago

    “That time when girls had already hit puberty and boys were still years off” 😂

  • Lucky•TV Central
    Lucky•TV Central 13 hours ago

    This is literally my favourite film of all time

  • Durgadas Chamunny
    Durgadas Chamunny 13 hours ago

    Do margin call

  • NERD News
    NERD News 13 hours ago


    P G CHERIAN 13 hours ago

    Do Hobbs and Shaw

  • Lotfi Adghir
    Lotfi Adghir 13 hours ago

    Zilla si a noob

  • Random League of Legends (Thresh) games

    Everything was great about this movie except Christian Bale talks like he has a retainer in his mouth... or a dick.

  • Ah just fuckit
    Ah just fuckit 14 hours ago

    Right in the Bulk ans Skull - best line ever

  • Jakheerhussain D
    Jakheerhussain D 14 hours ago

    Do Detective Pikachu

  • Jakheerhussain D
    Jakheerhussain D 14 hours ago

    Detective Pikachu pls

  • Myeshia
    Myeshia 14 hours ago

    On pooiinnntttt

  • AlexTox
    AlexTox 14 hours ago

    3:06 Circle Of WHAAAT???