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Post Malone - Wow. (Audio)
Views 293K8 days ago
Post Malone - Circles
Views 26M19 days ago
Post Malone - Better Now
Views 248M11 months ago
Post Malone - Go Flex
Views 5M3 years ago
Post Malone - Go Flex
Views 327M3 years ago
Post Malone - Too Young
Views 122M3 years ago


  • Tsama Shrestha
    Tsama Shrestha 2 hours ago

    I'm among those who are here for ozzy!

  • Christian Aquino
    Christian Aquino 2 hours ago

    finally a mv without thicc girls, money and chains

  • 21Kenny
    21Kenny 2 hours ago

    We waiting on the video come on post 😍

  • Six6 Nix
    Six6 Nix 2 hours ago

    Holy moly.

  • Roni The Babe
    Roni The Babe 2 hours ago

    Travis scott ruined this master peace.

  • Max Aday
    Max Aday 2 hours ago

    Whoever disliked this song, they were caught cheating or G-Eazy fans

  • Jaywalk Jared
    Jaywalk Jared 3 hours ago

    Whoever it was in the comments that told me the "allergic" part sounds like a back to school commercial, you freakin ruined my favorite song cause I can't listen to it the same

  • Abel Rodriguez c
    Abel Rodriguez c 3 hours ago

    El mejor 🔥 the best

  • Philippine Drama
    Philippine Drama 3 hours ago


  • Philippine Drama
    Philippine Drama 3 hours ago


  • Philippine Drama
    Philippine Drama 3 hours ago

    wakoy bo.ot tag eya aneng acc

  • KillaKelz Mangold
    KillaKelz Mangold 3 hours ago

    Thank you so much Ozzy for be you! I'm so happy that you pick these too artists got thissong..well done.. #liveforeverplease

  • Philippine Drama
    Philippine Drama 3 hours ago

    Michael Dante love Ryan Dagsaan nagselos si rossel fortaliza

  • PolWalker
    PolWalker 3 hours ago

    This guy copy the song: Au revoir - azed stories

  • Philippine Drama
    Philippine Drama 3 hours ago

    wako ganahe ane

  • TheJamesMem
    TheJamesMem 3 hours ago

    Music Video: Post Malone stabbed News: Post Malone found dead on floor multiple stab wounds Me: 😮

  • Are you upset?
    Are you upset? 3 hours ago

    Not a massive fan of Post Malone untill this one. Really opened my eyes to his music. Amazing crossover song.

  • Robert Cote
    Robert Cote 3 hours ago

    Cut travis scott out and add some heavy guitars and you have a dope pop metal song.

  • P P Succ
    P P Succ 3 hours ago

    0:58 - 1:10 beat goes hard

  • PolWalker
    PolWalker 3 hours ago

    Someone copy this song his name is: Au revoir - azed stories

  • Ladarion johnson
    Ladarion johnson 3 hours ago

    Damn this was trash except for the guitar solo

  • Paul CampTV
    Paul CampTV 3 hours ago

    Toby M. Spiderman 3, Mary Jane - Love Is Wonderful, Post Malone - Allergic... you're welcome lol

  • 3rdy00
    3rdy00 3 hours ago

    There’s no way I can save you, cause I need to be saved too Every support in dota 2.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 3 hours ago

    I really am in love with this song, I grew up with rock and metal; Ozzy was the dude I jammed to the most, and to see him featured makes me proud of mixing of genres.

  • Zohaib Mazhar
    Zohaib Mazhar 3 hours ago

    Step 1: Go to google playstore: Step 2: Search money prank and install this app to impress gold diggers. Step 3: Laugh in Post Malone

  • TalibanDailyNews
    TalibanDailyNews 3 hours ago

    Future is da G.O.A.T

  • Windysaint
    Windysaint 3 hours ago

    I know I love this whole album 🥰

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez 3 hours ago


  • Francisco Apolinar
    Francisco Apolinar 3 hours ago


  • Kathy Henion
    Kathy Henion 3 hours ago

    "We do this every time..." Word.

  • Windysaint
    Windysaint 3 hours ago

    A thousand good songs 🎶🎶🎶💕💕 I love 💕 Post

  • Gvzmannn
    Gvzmannn 3 hours ago

    21’s entrance was god awful but the rest was pretty good

  • Windysaint
    Windysaint 3 hours ago

    Damn beautiful 🥰 song 🎶🎶🎶🎶 every artist phenomenal 💯

  • Chance
    Chance 3 hours ago

    Fuckin Lit Post 🔥🔥🔥

  • Omar Rochet
    Omar Rochet 3 hours ago

    Me on the way back from storming Area 51 wearing invincible armor but without the boys. 😭

  • Nyra Gaia
    Nyra Gaia 3 hours ago

    Here curious what Post and Ozzy sound like together and I am NOT disappointed! This is straight fire! Like damn I could really jam out to this! Could live without Travis Scott but beggars can’t be choosers.

  • brad delaney
    brad delaney 3 hours ago

    Are we going to ignore the fact that this song is spitting ... straight . Facts.!

  • Rohan Biker
    Rohan Biker 3 hours ago

    *Listening this with my $50 creative sound blaster*

  • Aaron Dacanay
    Aaron Dacanay 3 hours ago

    who handled the production for this album? bruh they killed it

  • EpicMelons
    EpicMelons 3 hours ago

    2:43 now this part caught my attention, good job Post 👌

  • bluetrip
    bluetrip 3 hours ago

    this ozzy guy has potential lol

  • Nik Baret
    Nik Baret 3 hours ago

    Hated when Aerosmith done the same fukn thing with those rappers.... Ozzy SOLD OUT too

    • Wow Such Gaming
      Wow Such Gaming 3 hours ago

      oh shut the fuck up. collaborations bridge the gap and allow people to have a little fun. stay stuck in the past brother.

  • eyecanbeghostly 47
    eyecanbeghostly 47 3 hours ago

    He is mind controlling everybody now a days

  • northman logging
    northman logging 3 hours ago

    I was here for Ozzy, I'm out for the auto tune crap fest

  • Eonesty World
    Eonesty World 3 hours ago

    He reminds me of Jamie Kennedy episode “boy band”

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 3 hours ago

    This my shit honestly 😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • Matthew F
    Matthew F 3 hours ago

    Crazy I hope this Ozzy guy blows up and has a great career... Don’t kill me plz it’s a joke

  • Lucid Dreams
    Lucid Dreams 3 hours ago

    This was a good song

  • Waqar Ali
    Waqar Ali 3 hours ago

    There is an old song of a band from Pakistan named Vital Signs "Jaana Jaana" which gives similar vibes.... probably its in the same scale..... Loving it!

  • Jason Crockett
    Jason Crockett 4 hours ago

    Stop that auto tune bullshit. You can sing Post fuck your managers.

  • schmickeyΔ86
    schmickeyΔ86 4 hours ago


  • Charles Jacknife
    Charles Jacknife 4 hours ago

    Ozzy is here! Batman left the chatroom... 😂🦇

  • _donnieXdrako _
    _donnieXdrako _ 4 hours ago

    Don’t know if anyone’s said this but Kanye would’ve been nice on this

  • Ds_Analysis
    Ds_Analysis 4 hours ago


  • Seto Kaiba
    Seto Kaiba 4 hours ago

    I would PAY so much just to hear Ozzy alone sing this whole song.

  • Eric Olsen
    Eric Olsen 4 hours ago

    "What is this? A crossover episode?"

  • austin veilleux
    austin veilleux 4 hours ago

    Attention to all the idiots who thinks post discovered Ozzy Osbourne he did not Ozzy Osbourne has been around way before post started making music

    • James Brown
      James Brown 3 hours ago

      I literally have not seen a single person who doesn’t know who Ozzy Osbourne is in this comment section lol. You’re not cool for knowing him or “calling out” those who don’t

  • Emma
    Emma 4 hours ago

    claire novak? what are you doing here??

  • Zambie
    Zambie 4 hours ago

    Young thug couldn’t find a way to end his part so he just want yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • xMădălin
    xMădălin 4 hours ago

    romania cnv ??

  • Sai Kiran Netha
    Sai Kiran Netha 4 hours ago

    Still bleeding in my veins!!⚡

  • Seng Kue
    Seng Kue 4 hours ago

    Eyyy she’s from Supernatural!!!!

  • Shadow Noob
    Shadow Noob 4 hours ago


  • Emma
    Emma 4 hours ago

    honestly not really sure what’s going on in the video but austin looks adorable and i love the song so 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Jeltas
    Jeltas 4 hours ago

    Can we just a second and appreciate young thug in this

  • Pailenful
    Pailenful 4 hours ago

    You and Mike Shinoda should do a collab

  • Richest Lyrics
    Richest Lyrics 4 hours ago

    I promise i swear to youu i'll be okayy!!

  • Aaron Amirul Haqim Bin Mohamad

    I love you postyyyy.

  • Emiliano Gutierrez
    Emiliano Gutierrez 4 hours ago

    When you can't find the bonfire and ur about to fight Artorias

  • Eric Olsen
    Eric Olsen 4 hours ago

    Ozzy has done collaborations with a lot of people. Motorhead, Rob Zombie, Slash, plenty of other metal acts. So this doesn't surprise me all that much. But the question I'm asking myself is: Do I want to hit the play button? Do I want to hear Post Malone and Travis Scott in my Ozzy Osbourne song? Not particularly. I'd want to hear Lemmy Kimister, Rob Zombie or Philip Anselmo. But I've made bad decisions before. I gave myself a concussion from punching myself in the face, I've microwaved unopened cans of soda, I've shot bottle rockets in my room, I've glued my head to my shoulder, the list goes on. Never had any regrets. How bad can this be?

  • Dommie Lama
    Dommie Lama 4 hours ago

    If kings of Leon got shot in the knee with an arrow in front of a fan, id imagine it would sound something like this

  • owen kruse
    owen kruse 4 hours ago

    tf is with the zombies tho?

  • EGO MrWick
    EGO MrWick 4 hours ago


  • gutxel
    gutxel 4 hours ago


  • Rose _4D
    Rose _4D 4 hours ago

    True royalty I am in tears ozzys voice has always been healing to me ...I can’t wait to see the music video💜💜 ozzy we love you and will always support the prince of darkness 🦇🦇

  • Ren C.
    Ren C. 4 hours ago

    This song was fine until the auto tune kicked in.

  • Alex Cardenas
    Alex Cardenas 4 hours ago

    Music video doesn't match the song , should be chilling on the west coast with the homies

  • Gerson Morales
    Gerson Morales 4 hours ago

    Am here cuz am trying to get over this break up am so damm emotional breakdown

  • JS2036
    JS2036 4 hours ago

    More artists Post needs to make songs with in my opinion: Juice Wrld Billie Eilish Khalid The Weeknd Ed Sheeran Tech n9ne Corey taylor Serj tankian

  • cheshirecat707
    cheshirecat707 4 hours ago

    Ok this is awesome. Ozzy is amazing and I grew up listening to him and I never thought I'd like a post malone song

  • Katherine Marino
    Katherine Marino 4 hours ago

    Love love love this

  • Dedric Kelly
    Dedric Kelly 4 hours ago

    has post malone ever made a bad song

  • Drag Racer
    Drag Racer 4 hours ago

    99% comments are about ozzy *happiness metalhead noise*

  • J B
    J B 4 hours ago

    I bought his Sneakers 50% off at TheWorldDiscountStore dot com!

  • Maria Julie
    Maria Julie 4 hours ago

    He's hot af

  • Daniel Nowka
    Daniel Nowka 4 hours ago

    Ik everyone else is saying the same thing but I'm only here for Ozzy Osbourne

  • maxlouz
    maxlouz 4 hours ago

    Who felt MJ in this song?

  • hamdanie comadug
    hamdanie comadug 4 hours ago

    Masha Allah

  • Sara Dang
    Sara Dang 4 hours ago

    I'm in love with this drum and bass feeeellllzzzzzzzzzzzz. 😍

  • lilmario0
    lilmario0 4 hours ago

    That's what he gets for listening to the Lord of Bud Light.

    SHINYxCHROME 4 hours ago

    *_I wish Post's merch had him wearing that glorious Skyrim armor instead of that leather jacket_*

  • Anna Martinez
    Anna Martinez 4 hours ago


  • Lola Prak
    Lola Prak 4 hours ago

    Post Malone’s voice is so amazing. 🤗

  • Isai Almaraz
    Isai Almaraz 4 hours ago

    I actually like this song

  • Feddy von Wigglestein

    Keep bleeding, Hollyweird!

  • Magical unicorn Super hero

    man this is so amazing i have always loved ozzy my mom use to blast his albums and him n post mesh well and even travis sounds good there def rockin with this song

  • Alyssa Garner
    Alyssa Garner 4 hours ago

    I swear htis is one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME thank you!! I played ths over and over for almost two hours straight...

  • Alex Chen
    Alex Chen 4 hours ago

    Lyrics: Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh, We couldn’t turn around Til we were upside down I’ll be the bad guy now But know I ain’t too proud I couldn’t be there Even when I tried You don’t believe it We do this every time Seasons change and our love went cold Feed the flame because we can’t let go Runaway but we’re running in circles Runaway, runaway I dare you to do something I’m waiting on you again So I don’t take the blame Runaway but we’re running in circles Runaway, runaway, runaway Let go, I got a feeling that it’s time to let go I said so I knew that this was doomed from the get go You thought that it was special, special But it was just the sex though, the sex though And I still hear the echoes, (the echoes) I got a feeling that it’s time to let it go Let it gooooooo Seasons change and our love went cold Feed the flame because we can’t let it go Runaway but we’re running in circles Runaway, runaway I dare you to do something I’m waiting on you again So I don’t take the blame Runaway but we’re running in circles Runaway, runaway, runaway Maybe you don’t understand what I’m going throughhh It’s only me, what you got to looooosee Make up your mind, tell me what are you gonna do It’s only me, let it go Seasons change and our love went cold Feed the flame because we can’t let it go Runaway but we’re running in circles Runaway, runaway I dare you to do something I’m waiting on you again So I don’t take the blame Runaway but we’re running in circles Runaway, runaway, runaway Let me know if there are any mistakes!

  • Red Baron
    Red Baron 4 hours ago

    Why the video hit so hard tho