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  • TheDamienDX
    TheDamienDX 4 minutes ago

    ryu level 3 super with low health is better and captain america super is cool but way better with winter solider together .

  • YumiModZ
    YumiModZ 7 minutes ago

    Cyber subzero's first fatality reminds me of Chaultzu's death

  • dave waren
    dave waren 10 minutes ago

    Any chance of doing a Dan legacy?

  • TaviusTV
    TaviusTV 10 minutes ago

    We NEED more 30 mins. + episodes of these. Love watching this game, but it's way too hard to play myself. Lol. Super entertaining though.

  • leon lacroix
    leon lacroix 16 minutes ago

    Cant wait to see how the remake does the Phoenix / fort condor mini game :0

  • AmasonCreations
    AmasonCreations 51 minute ago

    Fighting the bazel with a fire chargeblade.. not the appropriate element choice

  • Jack V
    Jack V 55 minutes ago

    You guys remember Street Fighter 5? Yea me neither.

  • Da Demon Monkey
    Da Demon Monkey Hour ago

    Seeing you play monster Hunter really makes me wish she did a super with her palicos. Like she throws a flash bomb and 3 palicos go and fuck up the opponent and a fourth palicos comes in with a large barrel bomb blowing up all the cats then they all get up, smile, then throw a thumbs up and dig away

  • Chris Field
    Chris Field Hour ago

    This game was badass. I used to play it with my brother's. Was very fun and competitive.

  • Super WD
    Super WD Hour ago

    Where is DBFZ????

  • Wigglytuff
    Wigglytuff Hour ago

    Where's the original third strike intro?

  • chris ruiz
    chris ruiz Hour ago

    Capcom can make whole fighting roster like marvel but can only give shin akuma a damn double fire ball.. tf!?

  • MirrorWised
    MirrorWised Hour ago

    Wrong Intro again huh...Dislike.

  • JoJoStarFox
    JoJoStarFox Hour ago

    Caramel Glazed Ryu

  • Lord Ganma
    Lord Ganma Hour ago

    How much is this game now?? I gotta try it out lol

  • Fobi
    Fobi Hour ago

    2:26 Dudley wombo combo incoming

  • Blossora
    Blossora Hour ago

    10:51 it cracks me up every time I see this in 3rd strike and imagine it from the characters' perspectives, these elite fighters punching the air with deathly serious stares across a few meters of empty space

  • Kelvin Mitchell
    Kelvin Mitchell Hour ago

    Bring back MvC!

  • KB Brown
    KB Brown Hour ago

    I just want Sean in another fighting game! Is that too much to ask, Capcom?! or Maki?!

  • Nome
    Nome 2 hours ago

    i have a question, which is the better game SF5 or 3rd Strike?

  • Anime ManiaZ
    Anime ManiaZ 2 hours ago

    RaTe the ultimate a od Dragonball legends

  • tbailey264
    tbailey264 2 hours ago

    Holy shit that Urien color lol. Looking like the Grape Kool Aid man

  • Mark Brewer
    Mark Brewer 2 hours ago

    Ufc 3?

  • Johnny Silverhand
    Johnny Silverhand 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or the video is so fking dark

  • Yomi Knishes
    Yomi Knishes 2 hours ago

    What happened to the game soundtrack? O.o weird stage music

  • Juan Coleman
    Juan Coleman 3 hours ago


  • Yuuki Terumi
    Yuuki Terumi 3 hours ago

    Ye max Where is 3-rd Strike Intro?

  • 4 The producer
    4 The producer 3 hours ago

    10:06 what anime is that guy from?

  • Sora Izayoi
    Sora Izayoi 3 hours ago

    22:43 MAX: this is the sickest looking shit in the whole game Gogeta: hold my beer

  • Q.H.S
    Q.H.S 3 hours ago

    Frank West... they need to make a new Dead Rising in the Classic sense

  • Neocharm
    Neocharm 3 hours ago

    Can this game be played on PS4 and PS5?

  • Piotr Zuchowski
    Piotr Zuchowski 3 hours ago

    Do you know what version is he playing? Is it worth it to buy anniversary edition on steam?

    • No Good
      No Good 31 minute ago

      This looks like OE, maybe the PS3 ver

  • Beowulf Macbethson
    Beowulf Macbethson 3 hours ago

    Max's fear of Hugo stems from Hugo tanking the Metsu Hadoken

  • No Name
    No Name 3 hours ago

    I played Third Strike using this ONE wierd TRICK. Gamers HATE it.

  • Nelo
    Nelo 3 hours ago

    The webcam feed can be in a corner? It feels less intrusive that way and I like looking at feet.

  • Enkh-Erdene Tuvdendorj

    What happen to nightwolf and the soul taker

  • Unknown Being
    Unknown Being 3 hours ago

    Eww creepy twelve is creepy.

  • Fernando Tafur
    Fernando Tafur 3 hours ago

    Poor life is Strange, they didn't stand a chance lol

  • Cloud Guardian
    Cloud Guardian 3 hours ago

    I love the weird characters in fighting games stuff like twelve or shuma gorath are just fun to me especially with all the transformations

  • Aiden Michaud
    Aiden Michaud 3 hours ago

    Whoever said that Z-Gouki looks like a JoJo character has obviously not seen JoJo lmao also: 23:10 SPACE HELICOPTER

  • GrandAbolisher
    GrandAbolisher 4 hours ago

    ++ video, one issue though. Sean's super III only combos from TC on a crouching Makoto.

  • xxnike629xx
    xxnike629xx 4 hours ago

    When is Capcom going to update Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection? The games we have are the ver 1.0 o the arcade ROMs and I think they should update all of the games.

  • MrTheophenes
    MrTheophenes 4 hours ago

    A Spidey/Venom super should end in "Are we cool now?" "We're still not friends, Eddie."

  • Crimson X
    Crimson X 4 hours ago

    But wait till you see that teo armor

  • Aiden Michaud
    Aiden Michaud 4 hours ago

    2:30 Fuck me, whenever I play (traditional) fighting games, the inputs always seem so difficult and I can never actually pull off any combos. Max is basically a god in my eyes lmao

  • dasuberpanda
    dasuberpanda 4 hours ago

    what is with the ora ora ora ora ora ora thing

  • Simple Complexity
    Simple Complexity 4 hours ago

    I wanna see a rematch against that purple Urien.

  • Simple Complexity
    Simple Complexity 4 hours ago

    DAMN this was a good video. All of these matches were good. Most of your opponents had a good chance of winning.

  • biohazard724
    biohazard724 4 hours ago

    I like how many times Max accidentally matched his opponent's color

  • Pejman Hassanian
    Pejman Hassanian 5 hours ago

    This game has to be brot to the PS4 Pro

  • Phat Donk
    Phat Donk 5 hours ago

    Leon should of been playable instead of Chris.

  • Carpet Bombing
    Carpet Bombing 5 hours ago

    " I don't fucking believe it " Maximilian Dood 2019

  • Asser Morgan
    Asser Morgan 5 hours ago

    God you’re so noisy 🤮

  • Christian Villada
    Christian Villada 5 hours ago

    Max I have an idea, for Halloween play this game as a boss rage

    LOODSS 5 hours ago

    Brisik bacot lo kontol

  • Zoe Mendez
    Zoe Mendez 5 hours ago

    Great video! But wouldn't it make more sense to have the camera on the sides, since the game aspect radio is already 4:3? Like, the sides are just grey, they are perfect for putting the camera there.

  • ladyaceina
    ladyaceina 5 hours ago

    if you dont mind me asking why the dress not that there is anything wrong with you wearing it just curious

  • GatchetCore4120
    GatchetCore4120 5 hours ago

    I was laughing so hard watching this.

  • ClexYoshi
    ClexYoshi 5 hours ago

    I actually JUST made the jump from Pad to stick and yeah, the destroyed muscle memory is hard, not to mention that I'm very quickly learning that the way I'm doing things is wrong? there's a video from Gootecks that he did that's helped a bit.

  • Sam Swift
    Sam Swift 5 hours ago

    All of you complaining about the intro have autism

  • S∀⊥∀ ᴎ ! Ↄ 😈S∩ ᴎ D ∀ ʎ $

    80% of them look like doodoo

  • PredatorCentral97
    PredatorCentral97 5 hours ago

    3 years on and still my favourite boss rage. With all the demons at the end!!

  • Rob Perez
    Rob Perez 6 hours ago

    Great game for what it offers and is..... but if you play real fighters lol StrtFighter MK Injustice lol don’t play it lmao I’m legit at those games but my 7!year old manages to beat and give me a hard time lmao so I play very rarely cause it’s so broke at times 😂

  • lazer man 749
    lazer man 749 6 hours ago

    3:37 I love how during that move Hugo looks like a big kid like he’s going WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Nael Mohammed
    Nael Mohammed 6 hours ago

    Man, Cyberbots brings back so some memories

  • Justin Murphy
    Justin Murphy 6 hours ago

    This actually has strong vibes of dead island crossed with dead by daylight

  • Igor Damasceno
    Igor Damasceno 6 hours ago

    Can anyone help me. I just bought 3rd strike on X360 and i can't find any match,what can i do to find any match please

  • Lewis Sears
    Lewis Sears 6 hours ago

    10:13 to bypass clickbait

  • Glennyboiiii
    Glennyboiiii 6 hours ago

    Let's be honest... You're here for 5:50 :)

  • ClexYoshi
    ClexYoshi 6 hours ago

    my favorite Jab/short KO is Alex's. "Jesus...!"

  • Joel Sidan
    Joel Sidan 7 hours ago

    The PS4 version of street fighter 3rd strike sucks !!! You playing sf3 online edition on Xbox 360 or PS3 ?

    • Tre M.
      Tre M. 5 hours ago

      He’s on the PS3, I know some of the players he’s facing on there

  • guitarshredz666
    guitarshredz666 7 hours ago

    More 3s!!!

  • Martin Ferenczi-Houlden

    I remember being pretty jaded with games at the time ... i didnt even watch it live. My favourite games are FF7, Shenmue and Shadow of the Colossus. I woke up the next morning with a few text messages telling me to 'check the internet' ... I dont think i'll ever get that moment of disbelief and elation again

  • heyboobsniceGirl
    heyboobsniceGirl 7 hours ago

    2:50 as a johnny / cassie cage main, i find that SUPER kinda familiar...

  • heatguyg
    heatguyg 7 hours ago

    Way to keep a dead game going

  • Ari Jappendi
    Ari Jappendi 7 hours ago

    Wow i don't believe it. they all died now. RIP everyone is in this video.

  • 19HajimeSaitou91
    19HajimeSaitou91 7 hours ago

    It's so sad you didn't get that Superman role. Well Con Air is still the best movie ever

  • DarthMegatron202
    DarthMegatron202 7 hours ago

    I can watch this all day

  • Cpt Quinn
    Cpt Quinn 8 hours ago

    I always loved how this game completely over exaggerated the amount of damage you're doing. Instead of having the counter say you did a 7 hit combo it has to have that *15.8775 BILLION DAMAGE* underneath it

  • Wolf Doggie
    Wolf Doggie 8 hours ago

    Never thought I'd see Firebrand randomly put into a fighting game, or even ever exist again. Demon's Crest is cool, rare they let you play a monster in a video game anymore though.

  • TheBeLuvdTRex
    TheBeLuvdTRex 8 hours ago

    It's funny cuz I remembered that he said he was going to bring back the old intro...

    J-HUNTER 8 hours ago

    7:22 could've been it's own video 👌😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • TJ
    TJ 8 hours ago

    aint nothing like max playing third strike man... thanks max

  • hank hill
    hank hill 8 hours ago

    how does this game look so fucking good? and the musiccc

  • melodic symphos
    melodic symphos 8 hours ago

    Its funny that this game offers more than most full price games and this costed only 20 Euros at the beginnig :'D And as a power ranger addicted as i am, this game is a glory . :3

  • Drunkefox
    Drunkefox 8 hours ago

    Max when are you gonna make another boss rage? what happend to the bloodborne bossrage?

  • Nc Camus
    Nc Camus 9 hours ago

    your intro is so goooooood

  • There's a starman waiting in the sky

    Can we talk about how great the sprites in this game look?

    • TheRealJayJax
      TheRealJayJax Hour ago

      @Robert Moore Then you and I are some of the very few that are actually allowed to ask for another DS title lol.

    • Robert Moore
      Robert Moore Hour ago

      @TheRealJayJax I bought it... (Cries a little.) I bought it.

    • TheRealJayJax
      TheRealJayJax Hour ago

      @Robert Moore Unfortunately that time has come and gone. They re-released Darkstalkers for xbox 360/PS3 in the same way that they did 3rd strike and NOBODY bought it, so the odds of them trying again are virtually zero. Simmons puts it best when he describes Darkstalkers as "that game you all love but won't pay any money for".

    • Alex Keenan
      Alex Keenan 2 hours ago

      Holy shit, a Darkstalkers that looked like SF3 might have been the best looking sprite based fighter ever...

  • DrGeneralkumar82
    DrGeneralkumar82 9 hours ago

    Game input reads nearly every button... priority over supers... 60% damage with a single combo... getting wrecked from the 1st fight onwards.. Max: "meh 8/10 difficulty" Me: Max come on bro.... you can 10/10

  • Grimus of Kokoto
    Grimus of Kokoto 9 hours ago

    "DAMN RYU!" lol I'm cracking up

  • spencer mcbride
    spencer mcbride 9 hours ago

    Yang's walking animation is so wack

    SOLŌMON-Z z 9 hours ago

    Black Jesus skin leggo

  • Vauche
    Vauche 9 hours ago

    Watching this made me upset... Why the hell does the Monster Hunter get the Brachy dual blades in this game but we get bone clubs in Iceborne...

  • throwbackgaming
    throwbackgaming 9 hours ago

    Idk whay happened to benny

  • Shamar Soule
    Shamar Soule 9 hours ago

    You can heal your self but this fucker takes it right back.

  • The Great Fozzie
    The Great Fozzie 9 hours ago

    10:51 Is this the 3rd Strike equivalent of Wave Dashing back and forth?

    • Thomas Rozhon
      Thomas Rozhon Hour ago

      @The Great Fozzie Its definitely goofy bullshit, but its good bullshit. Look up footage of any 3rd strike tournament, and youll see players do the same thing. Though its usually not as long in tournament settings, just the intentional whiff here and there. Its much more common for people to goof off doing it while playing casually. I've done it myself a lot playing online matches.

    • The Great Fozzie
      The Great Fozzie Hour ago

      I know that throwing out attacks in 3rd Strike build meter. But still, there aren't many other fighting games where neutral begins with repeating the same actions in one spot while the enemy could be approaching any second. It looks funny

    • Thomas Rozhon
      Thomas Rozhon Hour ago

      Mashing mediums and heavys build pretty good meter, so 3rd strike is this weird game where whiffing normals is a really useful tactic for most characters.

    • oreganoilet
      oreganoilet 3 hours ago

      no they use it for EX and Super Arts

    • Black Pants
      Black Pants 8 hours ago

      This is actually used to build meter, so not quite.

  • ThunderPaladin
    ThunderPaladin 9 hours ago


  • Donald Eckert
    Donald Eckert 9 hours ago

    20:57 wait, wouldn't shera be burned to death?

  • Goofis
    Goofis 9 hours ago

    Steve out here looking like "how do you do, fellow kids?

  • Hex Mac
    Hex Mac 10 hours ago

    I've seen Jin inside Akuma before....but they were not robots :(