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  • birds the freakin word

    Ants rule

  • Michael Nzau
    Michael Nzau 5 hours ago

    Hes commenting like a compodition in junior school

  • Cooldog1234 Dd
    Cooldog1234 Dd 5 hours ago

    me is big sad

  • Ed
    Ed 5 hours ago

    Gummy worms

  • Xero
    Xero 5 hours ago

    why am I watching this even if I'm disgusted?

  • Jade Designs
    Jade Designs 5 hours ago

    I voted for two rhino beetles, Poisiden and Hades, Do the beetles I vote for automatically win??????? Sorry for the bad grammar,

  • Wills
    Wills 5 hours ago

    Do at least ONE live feeding

  • Mam Man
    Mam Man 5 hours ago


  • Agario Player
    Agario Player 5 hours ago

    I think the name should be Queen Solar or Queen Phonetix

  • Span ky
    Span ky 5 hours ago

    *Trophallaxis is the name of mouth-to-mouth food transfer in eusocial insects, this helps distribute the food.*

  • Everything You need to Know

    After watching this video I will never kill a single ant again..

  • Oscar Zabel
    Oscar Zabel 5 hours ago

    Queen Solis the II Should be the name of the Queen

  • DracoZ
    DracoZ 5 hours ago

    Ha you rlly sounded like connor.


    @AntsCanada It’s SOOOOOO fitting that @TED-Ed would do a video on fire ants, following the death and birth of the Fire Nation and the Phoenix Empire!!! Here it is, if you haven’t gotten notice yet! (Which I’m sure you’ve been sent it a hundred times now haha).

  • Irrational Charisma
    Irrational Charisma 5 hours ago

    Jesus, there are more dislikes than comments

  • Reverse Nyancat
    Reverse Nyancat 5 hours ago

    John connor

  • Jason Seou
    Jason Seou 5 hours ago

    I wonder does Ant Workers ever get tired... Hmm...

  • Oscar Zabel
    Oscar Zabel 5 hours ago

    Hit the like Boton

  • Nova Gaming
    Nova Gaming 5 hours ago

    awesome channel

  • Ella W
    Ella W 5 hours ago

    When are you going to feature the crabs again

  • BJ Colwell
    BJ Colwell 5 hours ago

    What is the end result? Release into the wild? Kill them? They need natural predators or the colony will just grow and take over everything .

  • not it chief
    not it chief 5 hours ago

    theres a ez fix. get a better door that actually seals your room off.

  • ryvr madduck
    ryvr madduck 5 hours ago

    This is like Aliens.

  • Squash Bash
    Squash Bash 5 hours ago

    call them The Enkindled

  • adorablush
    adorablush 5 hours ago

    I feel like a grade schooler again, the way you show off your exhibits TwŤ you make everything seem so magical

  • Haden
    Haden 5 hours ago

    This shall be interesting

  • Kennedy Aase
    Kennedy Aase 5 hours ago

    The Phoenix nation (fire nation) rises from the ashes

  • mathiam d
    mathiam d 6 hours ago


  • The Soviet Doggo
    The Soviet Doggo 6 hours ago

    I really like the process of this video he was especially educational and had a very nice vibe to it 👍

    RICHARD LOPEZ 6 hours ago

    I have got myself into the gan project

  • Jordy Jonatan
    Jordy Jonatan 6 hours ago

    U said u want to keep them forever,but how can u do it?does the queen can give birth another queen?

  • The Innovation Exploration Team TIET

    Why did it have to be appolo

  • Donald Lewis
    Donald Lewis 6 hours ago

    watching last weeks episode then this made me go through more of emotional journey then id like to admit. I cant wait for more!

  • Enthrall2006
    Enthrall2006 6 hours ago

    JFC dude they're just ants. You aint morgan freeman or the discovery channel. Also wtf youtube recommended me this. I couldn't stop laughing after the dabs I took.

  • C Dub
    C Dub 6 hours ago

    Phoenix empire reminds me of fire lord Ozai aka someone i dont want to root for lolllll. So i propose District 12 & Queen Katniss :)

  • ForkUp
    ForkUp 6 hours ago

    If this man ever brings a girl home, she’s gon be like, “damn, those ants are fire”

  • Tamashi88
    Tamashi88 6 hours ago

    Ah man, I'm sorry, the very first episode of AC I saw was their move in date. I've been watching avidly as their home shifted and changed over time. It might be a good idea to pull everything out and scrub down/air out both the aquarium and vivarium section. After that you will have a clean slate to reinhabit however you see fit.

  • Yah Yeet
    Yah Yeet 6 hours ago

    He just used a Mantis to attempt to Thanos snap his ant colony......

  • Rhea Isobel Muros
    Rhea Isobel Muros 6 hours ago

    Ghost island name:chiller from a killer. Ghost ant names:slimers. Tarantulas name:snake eyes baby tarantula name:little eyes

  • Christopher Yauger
    Christopher Yauger 6 hours ago

    what is that song playing while the female is trapped in the ant hole?

  • Greg Bennett
    Greg Bennett 6 hours ago

    I'm more of a dog person

  • Span ky
    Span ky 6 hours ago

    We all are mourning for the Selva de Fuego

  • Trevor Criswell
    Trevor Criswell 6 hours ago

    #Poseidon go Poseidon

  • Kyle GamerxTron
    Kyle GamerxTron 6 hours ago

    Antcanada in vid: This turtle will make me vomit Antcanada later: This turkey is the worst one yet

  • Paradox Unknown
    Paradox Unknown 6 hours ago

    after seeing your videos, when i get an ant sting, I think of how bravery plays a great role because it drives the ant to protect what they love (their queen). This causes me to push more and be more brave as well. In other words, thank you so much for everything you have done. I so regret stepping on ant hills as a kid. I also used to get mad at ants when they stung me but now i realize that they are just trying their best to protect themselves and their queens. Ant Love Forever!!! ❤️

  • ToBeHonestIDontKnow
    ToBeHonestIDontKnow 6 hours ago

    Knew it was a frogggg/toaddddd

  • Lenni Leem
    Lenni Leem 6 hours ago

    Let's tie Antscanada up and put him in a bulldog ants nest and see if he still likes ants

  • Chris Ludwig
    Chris Ludwig 6 hours ago

    Skip 50 minutes and you’ll get the gist...

  • TheAlpha
    TheAlpha 6 hours ago

    Ok here's a nice name suggestion in my opinion. What if we call it the "Neo Flame"? Like it's a revival of a new and better fire colony.

  • Donald Lewis
    Donald Lewis 6 hours ago

    I'm crying too. I didn't watch every episode but i watched the rise, and now the fall of the fire nation. Please create a Phoenix Nation!

  • Capeta
    Capeta 6 hours ago


  • Chris Ludwig
    Chris Ludwig 6 hours ago

    Another episode of clickbait, glad I downvoted

  • Lillipup 21
    Lillipup 21 6 hours ago

    Name the queen Karen. She looks like she wants to have a word with your manager.

  • Mattie
    Mattie 6 hours ago

    Can you make a video of you making a new home for the "pheonix empire" when that time comes

  • Zachary Boronka
    Zachary Boronka 6 hours ago

    Order of the Phoenix

  • The_Mr_Bacon
    The_Mr_Bacon 6 hours ago

    My first experience with the fire nation was when he made there new tank. Its what made me pick up the hobby.

  • ezra bridger
    ezra bridger 6 hours ago


  • Tricia Bryana C. Tan


  • The Innovation Exploration Team TIET


  • John O’Dowd
    John O’Dowd 6 hours ago

    Very sorry for you loss. Been watching for a while now

  • Kyle Nordstrom
    Kyle Nordstrom 6 hours ago

    Yo I’m hyped haha

  • Samuel Mele
    Samuel Mele 6 hours ago

    How about Alucard Island.

  • Tsunami Games
    Tsunami Games 6 hours ago

    Get new fire ants

  • Tarrell Phillips
    Tarrell Phillips 6 hours ago

    The queen is huge I didnt know they were bigger than its eggs I never saw a queen before

  • Yuvraj Madan
    Yuvraj Madan 6 hours ago

    I remember a few years ago when I clicked on this channel and the first video was on this colony. This was such an amazing experience and it basically made me fall in love with this channel and this colony. I will pay my final respects with a heavy heart to the og fire nation. Farewell old friends 👋😢

  • Chris Ludwig
    Chris Ludwig 6 hours ago

    Downvoted. Clickbait sucks.

  • gotrun cucha
    gotrun cucha 6 hours ago

    Wen a ant passes food through ther mouth it's called trophallaxis

  • Mr. FrostyIce
    Mr. FrostyIce 6 hours ago

    I dont know why but looking at the maggots really disturbs me

  • ashley budahazy
    ashley budahazy 6 hours ago

    i have a female gooty saphire too , ive had her for 2 years now , i even have a big tattoo of her on my hip lol

    • ashley budahazy
      ashley budahazy 6 hours ago

      when i got her she was only a little sling no longer than about 2 inches but now shes about 4

  • Mitch Newara
    Mitch Newara 6 hours ago

    The Red Army rises

  • markochips markochips

    Trump 2020

  • Jay Low
    Jay Low 7 hours ago

    My dog just died today😣😣

  • Yuvraj Madan
    Yuvraj Madan 7 hours ago

    Can we bring back the terminators, really miss them 😢

  • Mike Albertsen
    Mike Albertsen 7 hours ago

    Mexican Fireleg Tarantula could by called Fire Opal after Mexican Fire Opal.

  • Buddha_XxX
    Buddha_XxX 7 hours ago

    Should definitely upgrade the place and move in a new fire nation colony!!! Just to make it a little different

  • Edwin Sanchez
    Edwin Sanchez 7 hours ago


  • Paradox Unknown
    Paradox Unknown 7 hours ago

    The Terminators

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 7 hours ago

    AC: woah, look how cool the ants look up close! Me: aaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!

  • Julissa Corona
    Julissa Corona 7 hours ago

    Take a shot every time he says beasts 🥴🥴

  • aaron mack
    aaron mack 7 hours ago

    "who's there!!!" "Huh... Must have been the wind."

  • MessyRTK
    MessyRTK 7 hours ago

    Thumbs up for Kerbal music! Trophallaxis btw ;)

  • Aido 1098
    Aido 1098 7 hours ago

    Question of the week: Trophallaxis

  • tury13137
    tury13137 7 hours ago


  • Sarah Austin Kitchen

    Queen Ember!

  • The Phoenix Dragon Gaming Channel

    This was a great vid! Also what does it look like when the larva change every stage?

  • D S
    D S 7 hours ago

    How do you check how many queens they have?

  • Jacob G
    Jacob G 7 hours ago

    New name : Volcanic Valkyries

  • The Phoenix Dragon Gaming Channel

    Hope you will do well new ones 👏 help the ants survive!

  • Josef Handler
    Josef Handler 7 hours ago


  • Dragon Reely hungry
    Dragon Reely hungry 7 hours ago

    You should call them the Fire Legion

  • Edwin Samonte
    Edwin Samonte 7 hours ago


  • Azu Chacon
    Azu Chacon 7 hours ago

    New fire nation

  • crazy music owo
    crazy music owo 7 hours ago

    How about empire of ashes?

  • Zesper1019 ,
    Zesper1019 , 7 hours ago

    When you go and get Dinoponera ants ??

  • larisalsimington
    larisalsimington 7 hours ago

    5:58 did he just say the n word

  • ToneDeaf GD
    ToneDeaf GD 7 hours ago

    ive never watched anythibg closely related to this but i guess this is my life now

  • NirvanaFuckYes
    NirvanaFuckYes 7 hours ago

    Sooooo you're getting a new termite colony right?

  • Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    That worker is lucky to damn near kiss their queen

    SF X SLEEPY 7 hours ago

    The Phoenix nation