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Slipknot - Red Flag (Audio)
Views 2.2M4 months ago
Slipknot - My Pain (Audio)
Views 825K4 months ago
Slipknot - Orphan (Audio)
Views 2.3M4 months ago
Slipknot - Spiders (Audio)
Views 1.5M4 months ago
Slipknot: No. 9 Iowa Whiskey
Views 385K5 months ago
KNOTFEST Colombia 2018
Views 259KYear ago
KNOTFEST México 2017
Views 96K2 years ago
Views 104K2 years ago
Views 197K3 years ago
KNOTFEST México 2015
Views 290K4 years ago
Views 507K4 years ago
Slipknot - Custer (LIVE)
Views 19M4 years ago
Slipknot Execute (Audio)
Views 2.3M5 years ago
Slipknot - Gently (Audio)
Views 2.3M5 years ago
Slipknot - Eeyore (Audio)
Views 1.1M5 years ago
Slipknot - (515) (Audio)
Views 1.8M5 years ago
Slipknot - Iowa (Audio)
Views 1.6M5 years ago


  • big B
    big B 4 minutes ago

    I cant even believe how happy i am i bought this album

  • Alan Sabino
    Alan Sabino 5 minutes ago

    BR - 2019

  • Luisa Fernanda dos Santos


  • bossboy191919
    bossboy191919 29 minutes ago

    This makes me want to pour the milk in the bowl before the cereal

  • Sweatloafz
    Sweatloafz 35 minutes ago

    🤘🏻 🤘🏻 \💀/ | | /\

  • Kadir Behic KILIÇ
    Kadir Behic KILIÇ 48 minutes ago

    this is Worst music i have been hear

  • JesterWDE
    JesterWDE 48 minutes ago

    "you want the real smile? or the one i used to practice, not to feel like a failure?" damn.

  • Oliver Paco
    Oliver Paco 51 minute ago


  • Austin Van Hamme

    most people- mick Thomson mask is so scary me- look at those beautiful blue eyes

  • Felipe Leandro
    Felipe Leandro Hour ago

    music with a mysterious footprint 🥁🎸😉

  • Jackalope plays drums

    All these masks here are my favorite

  • Felipe Leandro
    Felipe Leandro Hour ago

    Sinistra essa máscara, por sinal que porrada de música Rede Flag.

  • Basri Bass
    Basri Bass Hour ago


  • Афанасий Гюго


  • guitarboy4000000

    which song did the breakdown better, this or psychosocial?

  • Cock A Doodle Doo

    Classic Boomer music.

    DUSTIN WILLIAMSON 2 hours ago

    Normal persons dad: Turn that down!!!! My Dad: you disgust me by not turning it on full volume. your little brother needs his lollaby.

  • Jak Kennedy
    Jak Kennedy 2 hours ago

    They said their new album was gonna be heavier than Iowa but I think that Iowa is heavier but I’m not saying the new album isn’t shit or not heavy it is one of my favourite albums by slipknot

  • Dave Levensworth
    Dave Levensworth 2 hours ago


  • Y301A
    Y301A 2 hours ago

    roses are blue so are tulips when i listen to slipknot people do stuff idk end me now

  • nao 10969
    nao 10969 3 hours ago

    日本の同士よ ここに集まるのだ

  • Mike Ivy
    Mike Ivy 3 hours ago

    Love this band..hope all goes well. They have been through wishes and kudos to all the band and RIP to one of their brothers and other member of the band.

  • your fellow maggot
    your fellow maggot 3 hours ago

    This song went from piano to metso forte real fast

  • Rose Mysterious
    Rose Mysterious 3 hours ago

    Why do some parts sound like the sound of silence? (Not hating on band or song luv there music, this is just an observation)

  • Michael Teale
    Michael Teale 3 hours ago

    yeah,???? one of we are not your kinds best efforts?

  • Gato Esponja
    Gato Esponja 3 hours ago

    Fat cj

  • Mitko Dimitrov
    Mitko Dimitrov 4 hours ago

    I wrote/edited some Lyrics for you, so get prepared for the fu*n Holidays! LYRICS: My Deers and My Elves - never sell me short - always listen to me And My Gifts and my toys - are always unique - for girls and for boys But the longest hours you'll have in your life Are the ones you sit there and wait me to arrive So I'll check If you are naughty or nice In both of the cases you will get a fucking surprise So Let Me Get This Straight...I'll come during the night I'll come thru the chimney - oh, it feels so right All the letters - I've read 'em - I know what you expectin' You want the present of your dream But you won't get it - to you I'll be mean You've been naughty and we both know it is true Merry Christmas 'fucker- Santa is coming for you! STAY - You don't always know where you stand 'Til you know that you gave all the presents away There's something inside me that feels Like Eating some cookies... My Job is undone - I gave most of the presents, but I still have some And these cookies and milk - make me fat, make my beard as silk And the longest hours I've had in my life Were the ones I read those letters during the night So now I know, that you've been nice I'm gonna leave you a gift that fell from the skies STAY - You don't always know where you stand 'Til you know that you gave all the presents away There's something inside me that feels Like Eating some cookies... LIKE EATING SOME COOKIES STAY - You don't always know where you stand 'Til you know that you gave all the presents away There's something inside me that feels Like Eating some cookies... LIKE EATING SOME COOKIES Note: If someone can make a cover with these or similar lyrics, I need no other present for Christmas! :D

  • Damon Hardy
    Damon Hardy 4 hours ago

    My neighbors consider this as devils music so turn the subs on full blast and go inside my house to listen to it.

  • Miroslav Kaiowas Lukin

    One of the best Slipknot songs ever to me !!! Like the death march right in to hell

  • tantoxer
    tantoxer 4 hours ago

    the mask at 3:10 looks so cool and terrifying

  • Kalomoira Christodoulou

    Am the only one who is here bc of the devil's night series?

  • divakaran a k
    divakaran a k 4 hours ago

    Poison phadua

  • Enzo Gusano
    Enzo Gusano 4 hours ago

    Is true 🇦🇷

  • Hɪɢscøʀє ツ
    Hɪɢscøʀє ツ 5 hours ago


  • PAVEL 43
    PAVEL 43 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Me after hearing Slipknot music: why the hell am i in hospital?

  • vin
    vin 5 hours ago

    📂Documents └📁Music └📁 Slipknot └📁 Bad Songs └⚠️ This folder is empty

  • exe.!Osaki
    exe.!Osaki 6 hours ago

    I wonder why this video gets age-restrict...

  • จอบ จอบ
    จอบ จอบ 6 hours ago


  • Rendy ariawindana
    Rendy ariawindana 6 hours ago


  • John Connor
    John Connor 6 hours ago

    When I fight the devil

  • GhostlyHoney Badger's R Us

    My butthole is clean and stink free. Just thought you all needed to know.

  • Roi andrean
    Roi andrean 6 hours ago

    Big tits

  • Graham Clark
    Graham Clark 6 hours ago

    Chick at 2:46 "this gig is amazing, glad I called in sick, oh shit there's a camera!"

  • Vasil Georgiev
    Vasil Georgiev 7 hours ago

    We are Nacho Kind,We are Nacho Kind,We are Nachoooo.. Kind

  • 飛べねぇ猫はただの猫だ。

    声が素敵です✨ 音楽そのものが素敵です✨

  • 飛べねぇ猫はただの猫だ。

    やっぱり、声若いな😅 『E』な! 最高にいい曲です✨

  • 飛べねぇ猫はただの猫だ。


  • 飛べねぇ猫はただの猫だ。


  • Stephen Marshall
    Stephen Marshall 7 hours ago

    Does anyone else notice the butterfly/moth in Micks mask... I can't unsee it now.

  • Fabio Bizzotto
    Fabio Bizzotto 7 hours ago

    Try not to headbang motherfuckr

  • Gio Pyrgos
    Gio Pyrgos 7 hours ago

    This makes me wanna break into someone's house and take all the toilet paper ....

  • 飛べねぇ猫はただの猫だ。


  • Not What you think
    Not What you think 7 hours ago

    When you get too addicted to these kind of stuff

  • GhostlyHoney Badger's R Us

    How can I let the government kill me?

  • GhostlyHoney Badger's R Us

    Kill....Pop....Kill.... Cancer.....

  • PsyRaf
    PsyRaf 7 hours ago

    0:29 dan reynolds?

  • klr51992
    klr51992 7 hours ago

    I might be fragile, but not that fragile.

  • Tyrone Tyrone
    Tyrone Tyrone 8 hours ago

    Who’s here after juice wrld died 😭

  • Benjiman100
    Benjiman100 8 hours ago

    Im addicted the whole track but 3.01 onwards is

  • Владимир Хотько

    Очень круто сочитается музыка с вокалом.

  • master skull
    master skull 8 hours ago

    So fucking metal

  • khult queen
    khult queen 8 hours ago

    Listening to this is basically an energy drink + an antidepressant

  • IceveinsProductions
    IceveinsProductions 9 hours ago

    I don't listen to this genre of music at all but I clicked off on a few vids, wound up here, watched the whole vid and love this shit.

  • Zachery Wilhite
    Zachery Wilhite 9 hours ago

    I usually don't telling my sob stories to everyone, because I don't like people feeling bad for me, but I just wanna get this off my chest. I've always suffered with depression, no matter if its just small, sad thoughts, to wanting to feel nothing and do nothing. And when I was talking to this girl, it seemed like it went away. Like when I talked with her, I was a different person. We were best friends for around 2 years, and I started to grow emotional feelings for her. When I told her, she had a boyfriend at the time, which I didn't know, but she said she had some for me as well, or used too. So after about a month passed, they broke up, and she started talking about us getting together, and what we would do and what not for 8 hours on a phone call. Then, suddenly, she gets "grounded" and didn't talk for around 2 weeks. Which I was fine with, because I understood why. And I did some things, like text her when she was grounded, which I didn't know at the time she was. But afterwards, she said she wanted to take a break from us, which she never told me why. So I asked, and one day she told me "we're toxic and can't be together," and not even a week after that, my other best friend told me she was already dating someone, and was dating someone else when me and her were talking. And the most Fucked up part was she knew I had depression, and was feeling low, and yet she still did it. And me recently, after 4 months it happened, we started talking again, and foolishly I started to trust her again, but at that moment, my depression was at a max, and I told her that. And said, "don't come back into my life if you're gonna hurt me again," and she said she wouldn't. Then.. She got this boyfriend, and apparently he didn't like me. So she blocked me on snap and ignored me on Insta for 2 weeks. Then sent me a happy birthday message like nothing happened. So i confronted her and she said she was sorry, but didn't say anything after that. I know it's a long ass story, and sorry for wasting your time. But this song, its the only thing I can really explain how I feel. I wish I would've never let her back in my life. All she did was use me. Well, thank you, this has been my tedtalk.

  • Joy Demise
    Joy Demise 9 hours ago

    the drummer gives me a reference about a new style

  • Lindo Dladla
    Lindo Dladla 9 hours ago

    When he tosses that drum in the fire!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Prasetyo
    Prasetyo 9 hours ago

    Ayo warga +62 mana suaranyaaa... "headbang headbang headbang"

  • Zequinho
    Zequinho 10 hours ago

    Keeps getting better and better each i listen

  • Armin C4
    Armin C4 10 hours ago

    Me and the boys on our first day of preschool.

  • l3u l3ack
    l3u l3ack 10 hours ago


    GHOSTBOYERICK 10 hours ago


    HAZZA 10 hours ago

    Do da comments speak a engrish

  • Adam C
    Adam C 10 hours ago

    The ID in SPIDERS kinda resembles a 10 and this is track 10 lol ( my conspiratorial mind at work lol) SP10ERS

  • Enzo Gusano
    Enzo Gusano 10 hours ago

    Sexy video

  • Mario Adhitya
    Mario Adhitya 11 hours ago

    Then i realize this videoclip looks like dr.sleep movie

  • ghs5up и тупая система именовки

    I played this to my friend with broken neck Now he headbang forever.And his neck...bigger

  • Kaitlyn Milton
    Kaitlyn Milton 11 hours ago

    This Video is Age-restricted for me but I managed to find it on the internet...and now I know why it's restricted

  • german imperial gasmask

    This song makes me want to kick my pregnant wife to death and castrate a cute boy and make him the empress of Rome

  • MaDonna Wheeler
    MaDonna Wheeler 12 hours ago

    Love it

  • André Lucas
    André Lucas 12 hours ago

    Name film?

  • Grandmaster Ironwill
    Grandmaster Ironwill 12 hours ago

    This song is how you break your neck

  • Yoga Bule
    Yoga Bule 12 hours ago

    ini pocong go international...

  • luis duran
    luis duran 12 hours ago

    0:28 that kid looks dead inside

  • Big_DADDY_Bert
    Big_DADDY_Bert 12 hours ago

    People like this?

  • Necro Nyne
    Necro Nyne 12 hours ago

    Mom: play with the neighbor kids The neighbor kids:

  • Juve Xd
    Juve Xd 12 hours ago

    Awuevo prros xd

  • Yohan Esquivel Arguedas

    I fucking love the girl of the minute 2.46

  • shop at ayylien clothing

    Other slipknot fans: joey was the best. Jays legs: am I fucking joke

  • Andrew
    Andrew 13 hours ago

    This song is fucking epic

  • Ahmad Mostafa
    Ahmad Mostafa 13 hours ago

    0% nudity 0% Bad Language 0% comment originality wait

  • Eric Molina
    Eric Molina 13 hours ago

    The 1st part and 2nd is about corey taylors wanting to be able to come out the closet. Listen carefully without prejudice

  • Leidy Solis
    Leidy Solis 13 hours ago


  • Iamlenin _
    Iamlenin _ 13 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Corey. Sorry am late.

  • Eduaro Caceres
    Eduaro Caceres 13 hours ago

    I liked your mask

  • Tiernan Wilkinson
    Tiernan Wilkinson 13 hours ago

    Heavy Rip and Tear vibes

  • Springer
    Springer 13 hours ago

    this song is fucking beautiful

  • Maxwell Blackburnadeaux

    There were looooooooooooots of interesting subliminal visuals scattered throughout this video... I'm glad we have an option to slow the speed down to .25, I see a freaking ton of images that must pertain to the band in significance... recording studios where albums were made, homes where bands were signed on, apartments where members lived, all sorts of scenery and fields and bridges and my god there's so much interesting subliminal meaning behind the visuals!! Look closely, especially at the very beginning... the unfaithful blonde woman's face merges free from the grandmother's pleading expression, as a way of saying true love can never be killed or duplicated into something unfaithful and untrustworthy. She's being exorcised of that which has held him down for so long... then holy hell. My god. Brilliant. (look closely)

  • Mojang OFFICIAL
    Mojang OFFICIAL 14 hours ago

    10 Million Views = Slipknot - Nero Forte [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

  • Jerry
    Jerry 14 hours ago

    Ngl the fruit salad remix hits differently

  • Tea Time
    Tea Time 14 hours ago

    Who would win The police Or Some head banging mthrfckrs