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How We Built an ATM
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  • Jakob Sundl
    Jakob Sundl 2 hours ago

    This cringy laughter at 10:28😂

  • Horror Quoz
    Horror Quoz 2 hours ago

    I'm very uneducated when it comes to China but I heard they were going through a serious virus problem. Hopefully you are faring okay!

  • sicirorvs
    sicirorvs 2 hours ago

    Scotty! I pay for TheXvid Premium. Does that show in the analytics? Does that effect your revenue? My adblocker has youtube whitelisted. I do have it for other sites though.

  • Soap Killerz
    Soap Killerz 2 hours ago

    Brave is a great browser and I have been using for a year too. It's honestly amazing

  • Brice Johnson
    Brice Johnson 2 hours ago

    Build a semi-automatic injection moulder!

  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris 2 hours ago

    giaco whatever did a photoshoot with a full sized robot quite cool 😎 and the hacksmith did a mech arm made from raw materials somewhat under stated

  • Michael Gara
    Michael Gara 2 hours ago

    I don't see ads because I have TheXvid Premium... Do creators get anything from premium customers?

  • dragade101
    dragade101 2 hours ago

    I know mcmaster carr is pricy af but 100 fold to important??!??! geez

  • TheHighlander
    TheHighlander 2 hours ago

    Cracking videos mate, keep up the good work.

  • dfgdsf dsfggf
    dfgdsf dsfggf 3 hours ago

    nationalist uniform, globalist enterprise.

  • Oliver Guy
    Oliver Guy 3 hours ago

    9:15 these are used extensively in theatre on set pieces that are on wheels to stop them from moving around

  • c4pt1n54n0 c4pt1n54n0

    Everything is chromium based now. For that reason I feel obligated to support Mozilla as much as possible, they're down with security as well! Not to mention Chromium crashes more often for me and eats RAM like it hasn't been fed in a month

  • 人情味儿没有
    人情味儿没有 3 hours ago

    You'll need those finger condoms when messing around with the wire strippers.

  • Andreas Yufrizal Salida

    Must go there someday

  • charlie B
    charlie B 3 hours ago

    I really want to get some stainless steel business cards but all the ones I can find are really $$$ I know there are not cheap but at over $2.00 each for a hundred is way over my budget.

  • alberto robinson
    alberto robinson 3 hours ago

    Have a good

  • Brian Bakker
    Brian Bakker 3 hours ago

    What lifestyle must one have to be able to say: 'This is one of my favorite places to look at warning labels'.

  • NTB
    NTB 3 hours ago

    @ your little Brave / Ad Blocker message. I don't see ads, i have TheXvid Premium; everybody wins :D

  • Mase Mason
    Mase Mason 3 hours ago

    Imagine just one of these style shopping centres in the UK. Men would actually want to go shopping.

  • witenitenz
    witenitenz 3 hours ago

    Hey Scotty, I need a couple of andons...

  • Scott Waldron
    Scott Waldron 3 hours ago

    I've got the same situation with around half of the views I receive getting ad placement. There are probably various factors involved. Anyways, great video as usual!

  • Char 787
    Char 787 3 hours ago

    The girl on the right at 9:30 asked “What do you need?” and they just ignored her and kept on talking ouch.

  • LEXUS-RX300
    LEXUS-RX300 3 hours ago

    I need to find a genuine iphone battery

  • Void Jester
    Void Jester 3 hours ago

    These are always the highlight of my day. A lot of these videos don't pertain to my profession or even my hobbies, but it is so fascinating to see Shenzhen up close, personal and in detail. I love seeing your new videos and your enthusiasm for the markets, and I just love seeing the markets themselves. Let's start importing andons & tape, amirite? Thanks for the vids, Scotty.

  • David Williston
    David Williston 3 hours ago

    12:39 😂😂😂

  • Ludicium
    Ludicium 3 hours ago

    not all kapton is created equal

  • sammy cardoso
    sammy cardoso 3 hours ago

    This is a Disney land I want to go. I'm a future mechanical engineer and possibly a mechatronics engineer

  • Flojoe6274
    Flojoe6274 3 hours ago

    Great video

  • mistercohaagen
    mistercohaagen 3 hours ago

    Does the U.S. have anything even remotely approximating this? Is there anywhere like this in North America?

  • 12BKLmySHOO
    12BKLmySHOO 3 hours ago

    This was so interesting!

  • Accio
    Accio 3 hours ago

    There's a virus in China bro

  • Ben Marshall
    Ben Marshall 3 hours ago

    And to think I used to browse the RS catalogue and drool, this is crazy. Just as well it's not local to me, I'd never come back out!

  • Papa Robotnik
    Papa Robotnik 3 hours ago

    Thanks for the update !

  • Shake n Bake 2020
    Shake n Bake 2020 3 hours ago

    america needs more places like this

  • Relo
    Relo 3 hours ago

    The PC floor is super intresting. Been looking myself for some server/machine motherboard from the late 90's.

  • JavierCav
    JavierCav 3 hours ago

    Does youtube premium users affect your income? i´m suscribed to youtube premium, just to not see ads but i didn´t wanted to use an ad blocker because of how that can affect my favourite creators.

  • Sryously
    Sryously 3 hours ago

    Me: Why would I want to see industrial markets in China? *25 minutes later* NEAT!

  • Victor de la Rosa Sano

    Careful with the corona virus

  • Fulcrum Labs
    Fulcrum Labs 3 hours ago

    It’s like the eBay Matrix!!

  • Δημήτρης Κουτσάκης

    Hey Scotty,as a mostly mobile user of TheXvid there's no real way to block ads on the TheXvid app,so I'm curious if you actually get any revenue from mobile viewership.

  • Bruno Andrade
    Bruno Andrade 3 hours ago

    Just came here for the CORONA!

  • David Parker
    David Parker 3 hours ago

    Just tipped you. Been using Brave for several months. Great vid!

    URANINITE81 3 hours ago

    Can u make a video on the aquarium markets?

  • Nathan Zhou
    Nathan Zhou 3 hours ago


  • Jason Mills
    Jason Mills 3 hours ago

    I would love to see a tech-food collab between scotty & Xiaomanyc.

  • Nick Moreno
    Nick Moreno 3 hours ago

    Good to see an update from you, Scotty! Hope you're doing well. Happy 2020 - Year of the Rat :)

  • What I'm Working On
    What I'm Working On 3 hours ago

    Where is this in Shenzhen? Address? I'm planning a trip...

  • Grumm HD
    Grumm HD 3 hours ago

    I would die for going there at least once...

  • gazzacroy
    gazzacroy 3 hours ago

    cool I do like your videos :) top stuff

  • mac 269
    mac 269 3 hours ago

    The only way to know now a days if your battery is legit is to either go to the dealership but will pull your legs for a price. You have it replaced in China, then it is fake. Good luck.

  • The Amazing Penguin
    The Amazing Penguin 3 hours ago

    Brave is awesome!

  • عاش الشعب
    عاش الشعب 3 hours ago

    i love electronic videos we waiting a video in texas instruments or or other components factories

  • The Earth History’s Confusing.

    16:35 I’m with premium, I thought they still paid the creators?.

    • Strange Parts
      Strange Parts 3 hours ago

      Yep, they do! But TheXvid Premium subscribers are also a small percentage of viewers.

  • Abricos4440
    Abricos4440 4 hours ago

    No more RadioShack ...

  • nil by mouth
    nil by mouth 4 hours ago

    i've next to no interest in the inner workings of any electronics really but found this fascinating!

  • katie_incredible
    katie_incredible 4 hours ago

    I feel like a pneumatic pinball machine would work and be super fun.

  • Petter Bruland
    Petter Bruland 4 hours ago

    ooooo I want to go there.... so many goodies. Thanks for sharing!

  • william morin
    william morin 4 hours ago

    Make a 3 in 1 prototyping machine like (3D printing/laser engraver,and a 3D scanner.

  • charlie B
    charlie B 4 hours ago

    Dude, I am going to try out brave as well Love your channel. I use to work for Liteon and spent time in in guandong.

  • Electric Sway
    Electric Sway 4 hours ago

    12:21 “Non-Professionals Do Not Open” Me: “okay” and walks away with head down in defeat

    • Stephen Rich
      Stephen Rich 3 hours ago

      Electric Sway a little bit of colored electrical tape over the “non” will solve your problem.

  • Taylor Guziewicz
    Taylor Guziewicz 4 hours ago

    19:42 hits capacitor overload

  • Curtis Harp
    Curtis Harp 4 hours ago

    You need to build a remote control Johnny 5 from Short Circuit...

  • Phil
    Phil 4 hours ago

    Love brave. Big fan, perfect sponsor for this channel. First time I've sat through a sponsor.

  • John Elkins
    John Elkins 4 hours ago

    make a plc pneumatic organ... that you program with a song... with a light for each note.

  • Jahongir Mahammadjonov

    Hey man, go home to US, there is a Corona Virus spreading in china

  • Coltuneac Armand
    Coltuneac Armand 4 hours ago

    Where is the USB-C on an iPhone video? We’re waiting for it! Haha

  • BadKarma 714
    BadKarma 714 4 hours ago

    Good video can you make a pneumatic camera slider?

  • Junn Kit Wong
    Junn Kit Wong 4 hours ago

    we need google street view inside that building. seems a interesting place to visit.

  • Lawrence Cuthbert
    Lawrence Cuthbert 4 hours ago

    Build a Rubik's Cube solving robot!

  • R. A.
    R. A. 4 hours ago

    Everything built to fail

  • Ken Purcell
    Ken Purcell 4 hours ago

    Man I need some andons for my project. Kidding :-)

  • Klaufmann
    Klaufmann 4 hours ago

    I need this in my life!

  • Gamers Ahoy
    Gamers Ahoy 4 hours ago

    neumatic masterbation machine

  • charlie B
    charlie B 4 hours ago

    A can crusher.

  • Christopher Finn
    Christopher Finn 4 hours ago

    Trey Anastasio!

  • mays9185
    mays9185 4 hours ago


  • Robert K
    Robert K 4 hours ago

    would love to get a shipping container so i can just visit, waste my money then bring everything i bought back home would end up with a lifetime supply of components, equipment, who knows what else

  • Øyvind Nilsen
    Øyvind Nilsen 4 hours ago

    I could watch this for hours!

  • High Shaun
    High Shaun 4 hours ago

    That thumbnail 😂

  • Jim A
    Jim A 4 hours ago

    This is the VERY FIRST "advertisement" that I've purposefully clicked on after 25+ years on the internet. I'll give the Brave browser a shot, if for no other reason than to support your awesome channel, but also because I've been thinking of switching back to Firefox for privacy issues now that Google has gotten so big that it parted ways with its original "Don't be evil" motto. Thanks for your informative content

  • Andi Archer
    Andi Archer 4 hours ago

    A very interesting look at their electronics markets ,thanks. Maybe you would consider doing a 360 video so viewers can pan round in such places?

  • NautyEskimo
    NautyEskimo 4 hours ago

    Packing and shipping centers on amazon have andons but instead of machines it’s for people having problems on the packing line so I guess amazon thinks of them as machines

  • Coke Maan
    Coke Maan 4 hours ago

    I would spend so much money in these markets. A really cool place!

  • Kenzer 161
    Kenzer 161 4 hours ago

    I find it interesting how in America a lot of people are xenophobic about Chinese manufacturing being cheap (quality) and a lot of people don't realize how it is American companies ordering cheap products, and that they are more than capable to make great stuff. Not saying there is not cheap (quality) stuff, rather anyone can make good stuff and garbage.

  • Noobtube
    Noobtube 4 hours ago

    No addblocker here wish you all the money to make more and beter content let's try brave for u :)

  • Lucas Esquivel
    Lucas Esquivel 4 hours ago

    Hi, I'm Lucas from Paraguay. There is a possibility that you can translate your videos into Spanish, I'm very interested. At school we only give basic English. Anyway thanks for your time

  • onurolce
    onurolce 4 hours ago

    Please be careful about that virus which has become very dangerous last few days man !

  • d4n93r
    d4n93r 4 hours ago

    24:28 hold up, whos this pretty lady?

  • rarecheesecake
    rarecheesecake 4 hours ago

    Thanks Brave for sponsoring this vid!!!! :D

  • Vintagemotors Always

    glad to see brave sponsoring things, I use their browser as my main because their new tab animation is faster, built in ad block, tab muting, and it uses a bit less ram generally.

  • Elliot Dicker
    Elliot Dicker 4 hours ago

    U should make a pneumatic crimper

  • Tien Dat
    Tien Dat 4 hours ago

    such a great place to learn about hardware/software or build new stuffs.

  • Zipp4Everyone
    Zipp4Everyone 4 hours ago

    Yeah, i would love to live in Japan or S Korea and import all of those things. Not for the re-sell value but for private use. Its really cool having your own warehouse full of engineering supplies. Imagine making the sorting system for it all... *drooling*

  • Electronics Workshop

    For my final project in industrial pneumatics I made an automated log cutter and in industrial electropneumatics I made automated safety room but some of the other projects included a pneumatic engine with a starting sequence.

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 4 hours ago

    I pay for TheXvid premium, no ads and you ge a share of my membership cost

  • Felipe
    Felipe 4 hours ago

    25:21 I'm Scotty from Strange Parts your Andon dealer hit the....

  • Hene193
    Hene193 4 hours ago

    LED market please! Would be so cool to see all kinds of led things. Like signs and stuff

  • Explore With Me
    Explore With Me 4 hours ago

    i could watch a full 3 hours of this

  • JustDigIt
    JustDigIt 4 hours ago

    Hey man.... Great videos you make....i really enjoying them every time. As i am an audio gearhead. So other words crazy for portable Hifi And especially ChiFi. Can you arrange some visit to a IEM workshop. Such as Moondrop, KZ, TWS. Always wanted to know how Professional, or not they are.