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Countdown to Disaster
Views 246 19522 days ago
Pie on The Police
Views 213 964Month ago
A Special Corner of HELL!
Views 283 328Month ago
Brexit & The Spayed Parliament
Views 265 165Month ago
We've Reached Peak Nazi
Views 478 2842 months ago
The trouble with WOKE comedy
Views 621 9372 months ago
"But she IS a stupid woman!"
Views 301 3793 months ago
Brexit: The Final Straight?
Views 324 9643 months ago
Cameron's Brexit
Views 261 0564 months ago
Trump and The Horseface
Views 141 1325 months ago
Jonathan Pie LIVE: USA
Views 48 8855 months ago
Jonathan Pie LIVE:USA
Views 32 5265 months ago
Free Speech Police
Views 325 5835 months ago
The Dancing Queen
Views 148 6125 months ago
Brexit: Deal or No Deal?
Views 187 5515 months ago
President Mushroom Dick
Views 143 5086 months ago
The Amazon Tax Scandal
Views 215 2306 months ago
Jonathan Pie LIVE:USA
Views 32 0226 months ago
Banning Bannon
Views 160 8256 months ago
The President & The Porn Star.
Views 199 6277 months ago
Murdoch & Trump vs The World
Views 169 8427 months ago
Boris and The Burka
Views 286 4657 months ago
Pie on The Tories.
Views 78 0617 months ago
UK in a Permanent Vegetative State.
Views 179 1657 months ago
Jonathan Pie: Back To The Studio
Views 41 7017 months ago
Putin's America
Views 216 6568 months ago
Brexit is Dying
Views 286 3578 months ago
Oppression Obsession
Views 797 0138 months ago
Trump's America
Views 196 5029 months ago
From Russia with C**ts.
Views 212 3199 months ago
Wedding of the year
Views 253 95810 months ago
Trump Diplomacy
Views 202 89410 months ago
Peace in Korea
Views 229 49510 months ago
A Hostile Environment
Views 252 60611 months ago
The Cold War Returns
Views 267 62011 months ago
Tory Idiocy
Views 270 96211 months ago
The Gender Pay Gap
Views 820 581Year ago
It's a JOKE!
Views 1 169 503Year ago
It's snowing!
Views 223 274Year ago
Comrade Corbyn
Views 184 958Year ago
Just Another School Shooting.
Views 537 348Year ago
Trump on the NHS
Views 250 812Year ago
Football OUTRAGE!
Views 163 372Year ago
Views 189 488Year ago
Oprah For America! Really?
Views 284 856Year ago
The NHS is on its knees!
Views 171 099Year ago
Pie's end of year review
Views 282 592Year ago
The Sport of Politics.
Views 147 167Year ago
Enough is Enough.
Views 289 166Year ago
Animal Pie
Views 175 130Year ago
Australia: Fair!
Views 194 928Year ago
OUTRAGE in Paradise!
Views 196 762Year ago
Scandal in Westminster
Views 209 377Year ago
Liar in Chief
Views 199 049Year ago
Time to F**k off Theresa!
Views 649 169Year ago
May Weathered.
Views 191 984Year ago
The Labour Elephant House
Views 164 566Year ago
The Big Brexit Speech
Views 165 421Year ago
Mogg Pie
Views 255 913Year ago
The Brexit Problem
Views 187 989Year ago
Festival Pie
Views 153 529Year ago
Over to Westminster
Views 160 181Year ago
The U-turn That Never Was.
Views 179 527Year ago
The Patsy Prime Minister
Views 191 989Year ago
The Suggestion Box
Views 199 757Year ago
Trump vs Putin
Views 304 563Year ago
The Bung Parliament
Views 216 617Year ago
The Queen's Speech.
Views 238 256Year ago
Papering Over Poverty
Views 402 670Year ago
Jonathan Pie - The Weekly
Views 206 709Year ago
Election Carnage
Views 274 449Year ago
Socialism Strikes Back!
Views 828 497Year ago
It's Make Your Mind Up Time!
Views 241 902Year ago
Vote for Policies
Views 172 682Year ago
Hate & Anger
Views 272 444Year ago
The Pie Manifesto
Views 88 533Year ago
The Pie Manifesto
Views 144 176Year ago
Hey Kids: Voting's Fun!
Views 297 555Year ago
The Trump Regime
Views 209 778Year ago
Strong & Unstable
Views 491 989Year ago
This Dull Election
Views 191 185Year ago
Election Rubbish
Views 139 632Year ago
Populist Politics
Views 205 035Year ago