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  • DJ C
    DJ C 13 seconds ago

    He will never crossover

  • Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier

    Well you say that now.....But What happened when Triple C offered you the Rematch.....🤷‍♂️

  • Aidan Mclaughlin
    Aidan Mclaughlin 15 seconds ago

    The Goat 🐐

  • Charles
    Charles 24 seconds ago

    DJ most overrated midget. Lowest PPV in history. No amount of promotion can make people want to watch this guy fight

  • Chiyori Nakanishi
    Chiyori Nakanishi 28 seconds ago

    Clearly not though right? Cejudo beat him now DJ is in Asia in obscurity fighting decisioning fighters with no wikipedia entries

  • Old Uncle Bob
    Old Uncle Bob 41 second ago

    I had DJ winning against Cedoodoo.

  • robertg305
    robertg305 Minute ago

    DJ an all time great

  • Waani Waaani
    Waani Waaani Minute ago

    “U think u can take him” finishes him first round

  • Rajiv Laha
    Rajiv Laha Minute ago


  • Life is Peachy
    Life is Peachy Minute ago

    Nobody cares about a guy the size of a 5th grader. DJ got beat up by Brad Pickett and Dom. The flyweight division was literally made because he couldn't hang with 135lb fighters.

  • Ryan C
    Ryan C Minute ago

    Whoever made cuts in this interview needs to get slapped

  • Lewis Field
    Lewis Field Minute ago

    Absolute madness !! ✌🏻

  • BEN the cringe ASKREN
    BEN the cringe ASKREN 2 minutes ago

    Only reason dj lost the 2nd fight is bcuz his contract was up so Dana did a perfect undercut move like usual is obviously the GOAT ..WENT TO ONE AND DOMINATED

  • Glenn Heflin
    Glenn Heflin 3 minutes ago

    Do you think you can take him? Lol!

    NEVER ON TOPIC 3 minutes ago

    Don’t let Nick fight no more. His body looks bad too. Sad to see & hard to watch

  • Jose Gonzalez
    Jose Gonzalez 3 minutes ago

    “I’m not going to put look on I’m from stockton”-Nick Diaz 😂

  • TotallyNotBlade
    TotallyNotBlade 3 minutes ago

    I mean he won the last fight..

  • Israel A
    Israel A 4 minutes ago

    The mighty ONE 👊🐭👑

  • Santan
    Santan 4 minutes ago

    Who remembers Mighty Mouses flying Armbar 😂

  • Eli A
    Eli A 4 minutes ago

    Demetrius "I'm still out here" Johnson

  • Swindler0311
    Swindler0311 4 minutes ago

    He said he wants to help fighters "secure the bag" lol

  • zadegets faded
    zadegets faded 4 minutes ago

    DJ never lost that fight

  • Jon BrittleBones Jones
    Jon BrittleBones Jones 5 minutes ago

    Crappy title

  • Bryan Historia
    Bryan Historia 5 minutes ago

    Popular opinion: DJ beat Cejudo

  • ADHD
    ADHD 5 minutes ago

    Ufc wanted to get rid of DJ from the beginning

  • Maximum stromboli
    Maximum stromboli 5 minutes ago

    *insert I have been this early since **___** comment*

  • theonly man
    theonly man 5 minutes ago

    Worst and most boring champs in ufc history: Woodley, DJ, Khabib, GSP, Jones.

  • Cody "U.S marine hyde" Cigar

    Hes definitely better than cejudo

  • Hh Su
    Hh Su 6 minutes ago

    He has a speaking disorder, dont be fckd up guys

  • barry reilly
    barry reilly 6 minutes ago

    Jesus had bright blue eyes

  • Daniel Britten
    Daniel Britten 7 minutes ago


    CONOR NURMAGOMEDOV 7 minutes ago

    We’d maul both.

  • Bryan Figueroa
    Bryan Figueroa 7 minutes ago

    If this midget and triple C ever fought, this boy would get exposed. He’s lucky he fights bums in the backass of nowhere

    • hussein hussein
      hussein hussein 19 seconds ago

      @Bryan Figueroa I was going to say something, but i realized most casuals are in the closet as well.

    • hussein hussein
      hussein hussein 2 minutes ago

      @Bryan Figueroa I agree, the moment someone leaves the UFC they become trash. The moment they enter the UFC they become great, from organizations like Strikeforce, Invicta, Pride, Wsof, Bellator, and etc.

    • Bryan Figueroa
      Bryan Figueroa 3 minutes ago

      Fwi Conor is a much better fighter than khabib, he’s also much more handsome

    • Francisco Arenas
      Francisco Arenas 3 minutes ago

      @Bryan Figueroa they did fight though ... thats how Henry got the title...

  • Jeffrey Hovinga
    Jeffrey Hovinga 8 minutes ago

    Love mighty mouse incredible athlete

  • barry reilly
    barry reilly 8 minutes ago

    Mcnugets will destroy this back yard p...y

  • Jon BrittleBones Jones
    Jon BrittleBones Jones 8 minutes ago


  • John Michael Perla
    John Michael Perla 8 minutes ago

    First comment

  • Jesus Christ Saves
    Jesus Christ Saves 8 minutes ago

    Henry Cejudo’s gold medal is alive and Henry is the parasite being controlled by the gold medals

    • Life is Peachy
      Life is Peachy Minute ago

      Nobody cares about a guy the size of a 5th grader. DJ got beat up by Brad Pickett and Dom. The flyweight division was literally made because he couldn't hang with 135lb fighters.

    • Surf Acid
      Surf Acid 4 minutes ago

      Yeah he seems to forget DJ stopped him in the 1st round as well

  • ZEAL Customs
    ZEAL Customs 8 minutes ago

    Dj got robbed their second fight

    • King Carnage
      King Carnage 29 seconds ago

      You must be new to the sport if you think he won that

    • Life is Peachy
      Life is Peachy 37 seconds ago

      no he didn't. Learn to score a fight. I hate Cejudo but it was obvious he won that.

    • Kevin Lewis
      Kevin Lewis 2 minutes ago

      @Tech Ride of his soul

    • Tech Ride
      Tech Ride 3 minutes ago

      Ben Askren was robbed when he fought Masvidal :v

    • Don Quixote Doflamingo
      Don Quixote Doflamingo 4 minutes ago

      definitely, i don't know how you could score that for Henry.

  • Maximum stromboli
    Maximum stromboli 8 minutes ago

    Does it have spinners....

  • SANDEEP650
    SANDEEP650 8 minutes ago

    dj is GOAT

  • John Michael Perla
    John Michael Perla 8 minutes ago

    First view b*tches! Achievement unlocked

  • Jeffrey Hovinga
    Jeffrey Hovinga 8 minutes ago

    Boom first

  • Dana White
    Dana White 9 minutes ago

    Cejudo didnt beat mighty mouse

      DANA FANBOY 5 minutes ago

      Liban Ahmed They should’ve made it a tie though at the very least. Demetrius landed more strikes, and Henry got more take downs.

    • Nothing Nobody
      Nothing Nobody 6 minutes ago

      Liban Ahmed they should have a trilogy cause cejudo got ktfo first fight n then won a split

    • Liban Ahmed
      Liban Ahmed 7 minutes ago

      Dana White I respect DJ more then the next guy but I honestly feel Cejudo won that fight even though it was razor close.

  • Zac Mrkle
    Zac Mrkle 9 minutes ago


  • Brandx 1000H.P-V
    Brandx 1000H.P-V 10 minutes ago

    As one once said there’s beast’s out there you don’t wanna wake up be carful of what you wish for this

  • Able Sanchez
    Able Sanchez 11 minutes ago

    Stipes a big puss... We want to see dc win back his title and retire already

  • EpicReelz
    EpicReelz 21 minute ago

    24:35 Ariel might have a stain in his pants or the beginning of one. 24:51 He definitely has one because afterwords he begins to massage his ego lol

  • RedoranGuard's-SkyrimBattles

    Where I'm from..... People like that get slapped! :^) Nick to Ariel.

  • 정재영
    정재영 38 minutes ago

    The cringe king. LOL

  • Barbara Anderson
    Barbara Anderson 39 minutes ago

    Ronda got Nick drinking. He claimed it didn't affect him at first. And it didn't seem to other than happiness. But now, he's a wreck. He actually looks pudgy here. He's gone soft (in both head and body). This interview is so loopy, even amongst Nick interviews, that I fear he's doing more than toking and drinking. Get help Nick. Give up the drink and get healthy.

  • JG Ro
    JG Ro 43 minutes ago

    Im so confused.

  • Stuntman247
    Stuntman247 43 minutes ago

    Tony is my favorite fighter no one comes close

  • Azazel [EX] Semesta
    Azazel [EX] Semesta 49 minutes ago

    Go to the world

  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak 51 minute ago

    Honestly bro, if he just said like the last 2 words of every point he was making he’d make perfect sense. He was literally like a word or 2 from making his full point but kept fucking it up.

  • Willie Puga
    Willie Puga 51 minute ago

    He probably has some black air forces on 😂🤷‍♂️

    • T 1
      T 1 48 minutes ago

      His brain is done

  • J D
    J D 51 minute ago

    Unless Im blind, Johnny Walker "the homie with the mohawk", never threw a punch in this fight. Not one punch. And was TKO in less than a minute and a half or so. Someone please tell me I"m incorrect. I'm lonely with no life. I'm not looking for new friends either. Homie

  • SolidSnakeLRRP
    SolidSnakeLRRP 52 minutes ago

    @38:00 “What is this guy talking about? We’re supposed to get dinner.” That my be the funniest thing I have ever heard Nate say 😆 😂

  • Glasgow chris
    Glasgow chris 54 minutes ago

    Respect for the Diaz brothers 🤘

  • Mathew Wakefield
    Mathew Wakefield 55 minutes ago

    In a previous life Nick was known as Nostradamus.

  • Wayne Graham
    Wayne Graham 56 minutes ago

    Grow your hair back already rose 😝😘

  • SolidSnakeLRRP
    SolidSnakeLRRP Hour ago

    God I gotta be honest, Diaz McGregor 3 is something I’d would pay a thousand bucks to see.

  • Glenn Mcpherson
    Glenn Mcpherson Hour ago

    my 4 year old is eloquent compared to nicks jibber jabber

  • tonytigervarley
    tonytigervarley Hour ago

    The big homie

  • Kelvin Leal
    Kelvin Leal Hour ago

    Good move Ben

  • Robbie Edwards
    Robbie Edwards Hour ago

    That is some good cola

  • nate cote
    nate cote Hour ago

    Is it the cali weed or the hits to the head? Man great fighter always liked him and nate but man I hop they can both get a retirement fight like next fight no more hits to head or they wont be able to put a sentence together yikes!

  • Kenneth Bynum
    Kenneth Bynum Hour ago

    Demian Maia is such a class act. Much success moving forward

  • Glenn Mcpherson
    Glenn Mcpherson Hour ago

    weed + brain injuries

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye Hour ago

    how’s it hawaiian you one hammah

  • T 1
    T 1 Hour ago

    I think he's punch drunk.

  • GolD-GoL QQQ
    GolD-GoL QQQ Hour ago

    3 бомжа на рекламе .

  • izzy berro
    izzy berro Hour ago

    I feel like he could have a fluent conversation with chuck liddell

  • Oprah sides chair

    5:20 change the way u fight for different fighters lol that’s what makes u great

  • Michael Perks
    Michael Perks Hour ago

    I believe Nick when he said he didn't do very well in school


    Soy el comentario en español que busca?

  • Jonah Marquis
    Jonah Marquis Hour ago

    Masvidal finally not getting looked over. About fucking time.

  • Eric Hammer
    Eric Hammer Hour ago

    I kept waiting for him to bust out Chris Farley's "remember when you..."

  • Rob S.
    Rob S. Hour ago

    he wants Izzy? Lol he'll get slept

  • E.C.E el poeta de cuba

    Blood sports can really mess up your life, I love UFC but I really feel sorry for this type of damage it produces on fighters, masvidal will beat you to nick , I know him and he is better then you and your brother together , he can really fight fu so do yourself a favor don't mess with him

  • serialchiler
    serialchiler Hour ago

    Francis vs Fury in the cage would be a murder

  • LosAngelesWeedSmoker

    Triathlete. The OG. Fyi, yes hes drunk. 😂

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon Hour ago

    "Where are your others?" Classic Nick quotable 🥊

    WaRLoKWYATT Hour ago

    Nate won the second McGregor fight too. Fact.

  • Team TVisionary
    Team TVisionary Hour ago

    Does he have brain damage or is this just decades of too much weed?

  • Victor Rosas
    Victor Rosas Hour ago

    I think the 2 of you fags sold out.

  • Ли Сергей

    Kudos to Ariel

  • Super Aquatic
    Super Aquatic Hour ago

    10 minutes in and I am completely LOST!

  • Jason Brantley
    Jason Brantley Hour ago

    why is masvidal playing dumb? i thought his name was gamebred? whats the deal?

  • IT3 Z
    IT3 Z Hour ago

    She got the stand up down, bet she worked on that slam defense big time. She was easily winning what it is.

  • Ricardo blerp
    Ricardo blerp Hour ago

    Terrance and Philip

  • TheArtist 9_6
    TheArtist 9_6 Hour ago

    I don’t think he is dumb or anything I feel like Nick’s brain is moving faster than his mouth and that’s why he can’t fully articulate himself to everything he wants to say

  • joe shmoe
    joe shmoe 2 hours ago

    Is he down to fight jorge or not?

  • Titties Bigglesby
    Titties Bigglesby 2 hours ago

    Love this dude. Absolute animal, no talk necessary.

  • 808slowly
    808slowly 2 hours ago

    This chair??!!

    FREESTYLE FIGHTING 2 hours ago

    Out of shape and getting sauced up on the reg.

  • James Simpson
    James Simpson 2 hours ago

    I started keeping up with MMA about 3-4 years ago.... I never thought I would say this buuuut....... So nate is the smart one 😂😂😂

  • Alex Suaste
    Alex Suaste 2 hours ago

    If you open your stupid mouth live with the consequences anything else is bullship talk

  • Tennis932000
    Tennis932000 2 hours ago

    One of my most anticipated rematches of next year.

  • Bill Mercer
    Bill Mercer 2 hours ago

    Started listening and ended listening and I still know nothing 😂 love the Diaz bro’s