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  • turbobuick33
    turbobuick33 2 minutes ago

    Who the fook is that guy?

  • C-los Montes
    C-los Montes 2 minutes ago

    George Masdival got his own church!

    SCOOPS TRAINING GROUP 4 minutes ago

    Do you guys realize we just watched a dude who use to fight in random back yards...get INTERVIEWED ON ESPN??!!! What a time to be alive

  • Rya N
    Rya N 6 minutes ago

    He looked like a little kid trying to swipe a bug off of someone

  • Bo Ho
    Bo Ho 9 minutes ago

    Yair was robbed? Perhaps don’t poke eyes. He was not robbed

  • Ravishing Beast
    Ravishing Beast 11 minutes ago

    This guy needs to go into entertainment the minute his fighting career is over. He is so sharp, colorful, and interesting that the possibilities are endless.

  • Anthony Hallberg
    Anthony Hallberg 14 minutes ago

    He gonna cry in car.

  • Tilly Willy
    Tilly Willy 16 minutes ago

    Crazy that Tony’s face broke pettis hand

  • C S
    C S 16 minutes ago

    Yair is complete vermin just like the mexican fans. Hope the scumbag gets beat whoever he faces

  • Amine Ouali
    Amine Ouali 17 minutes ago

    Ben you not a reguler Guy you igor from the notredam

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 20 minutes ago

    Tony The type of guy to carry the choppa back to Arnold!!!

  • Mabi Mogavi
    Mabi Mogavi 21 minute ago

    "Tony Ferguson" "Badass Hombre Sent From Mexico."

  • Jaimito Is The Shit
    Jaimito Is The Shit 24 minutes ago

    Chael Sonnen wouldn't even look at Jones.

  • Peoples Hernandez
    Peoples Hernandez 32 minutes ago

    This is what happens when there's only one good fight on the card. They'll never learn.

  • frajer313
    frajer313 36 minutes ago

    He reminds me of one punch man

  • Dennis Reynolds
    Dennis Reynolds 37 minutes ago

    The Tony and Khabib "rivalry" is the healthiest kind of rivalry. They both respectfully make fun of each other like siblings lol, but they maintain the professionalism and competitiveness that's required. I cannot stand feuds like the one with Conor vs Khabib; it takes things too far and turns a sport into a culture war, and rips all the fun right out of it.

  • Seizon Sha
    Seizon Sha 39 minutes ago

    Yair is a complete idiot...they should take a point for every eye poke and DQ after the third one. Eye pokes are illegal and he stalled and got very very very lucky with zombie.

  • 1Sinaloco
    1Sinaloco 43 minutes ago

    The only thing missing was a Gold chain!!

  • LynnJrMusic
    LynnJrMusic 44 minutes ago

    Wait....why did he use a translator@ the post fight if he could speak English

  • Olaf Olaf
    Olaf Olaf 47 minutes ago

    After the Nate fight he will be Scarface.

  • King Khoda
    King Khoda 49 minutes ago

    Keep your hands closed for at least the first round man. If Jeremy got poked later, meaning if some strikes were exchanged he’d most likely have so much adrenaline he wouldn’t stopped. But having it happen within 15 seconds and less than 4 strikes exchanged its gonna phase someone

  • Kris Skora
    Kris Skora 49 minutes ago

    Conor went from an Icon, massive fan favourite to Justin Bieber 2010 level of hate. Escalated quickly.

  • Genius
    Genius 50 minutes ago

    Connor will make a good comeback ... loosing means to recognize your blind spot.

  • Combat Vet
    Combat Vet 50 minutes ago

    Travis Brown fucked up Matt Mitrione's eye, this is nothing!

  • Mark Gaitan
    Mark Gaitan 52 minutes ago

    Whos gonna win or what.

  • TrooperJoe73
    TrooperJoe73 54 minutes ago

    Who would have thought that inadvertent eye swipe would bring out all the stupidity of the fans.

  • Mr Sleptya
    Mr Sleptya Hour ago

    Punk gunna git smashed

  • The Double Champ

    Goldie would not have gone underneath the table😂

  • Brandon Weaver
    Brandon Weaver Hour ago

    He has to live with this for this the rest of his life YET your the one who eye poked him.. Ok.

  • Albert Alvarez
    Albert Alvarez Hour ago

    You're poking my eyes out Mike!!

  • Super FURIOUS Gamer


  • Nobody Unknown
    Nobody Unknown Hour ago

    Dana please cut this clown again. Jeremy Stephans has 30+ fights in the UFC if he can't continue the fight than it's something serious.

  • Asif Mirza
    Asif Mirza Hour ago

    This guy is pure evil and full of lies

  • tom wynn
    tom wynn Hour ago

    Did yair just admit he scratched his eye because he didn't originally want to fight Stephens and wants someone higher in rankings or the title. He won't rebook this and this was a very interesting way of negotiating

  • Inspectah deck
    Inspectah deck Hour ago

    He lost some fans behaving the way he did

  • Khoa Bert
    Khoa Bert Hour ago

    Jeremy doesn't have to live with anything yair u the one who poked HIM In the eye, this is on u mate 🤦🤦🤦🤦.

  • A Cook_MI
    A Cook_MI Hour ago

    In 38 years old. Can Chael P. Sonnen and Michael Bisping accompany me everywhere and talk life to me?

  • Mehwi Asif
    Mehwi Asif Hour ago

    His punching is so strong.

  • bigdinosaur70
    bigdinosaur70 Hour ago

    This aged well

  • aaron collier
    aaron collier Hour ago

    why chael? WHY ARE YOU TELLING A STORY THAT HAS NO PAYOFF ? Dana didn't get him out of jail, he didn't get Jeremy to the fight, it's a pointless story !!

  • U tube Addict
    U tube Addict Hour ago

    lost all respect for thos yair.. you poked his eye man. show some respect! Jeremy is a proven vet.

  • Mr Fantastic I am
    Mr Fantastic I am 2 hours ago

    I don't like J Stephens but to say he faked it is full of it. JS was extremely pumped for the fight, I would think JS is much more frustrated the Yadigar because JS was poked and was forced out the fight.

  • JRandofficial
    JRandofficial 2 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to poke himself in the eye

  • Golden Shot
    Golden Shot 2 hours ago

    1:22 he said Melbourne like we say it MEL-BEN.

  • Jaime Alonzo
    Jaime Alonzo 2 hours ago

    The great white nope!

  • Golden Shot
    Golden Shot 2 hours ago

    Anyone from Australia, I’m from Brisbane but I’m in Melbourne for work.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 2 hours ago

    Yair "Moe" Rodriguez

  • Erik R.
    Erik R. 2 hours ago

    Eye Poke Ya Rear -Shael Connen

  • Blessed
    Blessed 2 hours ago

    I appreciate how Jorge Masvidal is doing media and living up the moment with fans

  • J Probst
    J Probst 2 hours ago

    These two idiot hosts know nothing about MMA and apparently don’t know they were friends.

  • Steve Schmidt
    Steve Schmidt 2 hours ago

    I just binged watched all your fights you are an out of control Savage animal get it under wraps and you are the king of the jungle. You are the highlight reel. I also got to give credit to your competitors cuz you f****** hit them with bombs and they took it. Talking pre UFC. Those are awesome fights to watch. I thought I watch a five-round fight. Its only the second round But in the end You Were King

  • habibbi alikafe
    habibbi alikafe 2 hours ago

    The Diaz brothers took out Scarface in the movie ...

  • Armando Guerrero
    Armando Guerrero 2 hours ago

    Yair didn't even poke his eyes look close Stephens had his eye lids closed SMH he faked it fo the pay cut

  • Pablo A Vega
    Pablo A Vega 2 hours ago

    Jeremy, is a great fighter,. Yair did apologize in the ring and should accept that it was an accident. It would have been a great fight to watch

  • TheMusikryder
    TheMusikryder 2 hours ago

    I'm sorry but Jeremy would have won this had it went on.

  • N Teekens
    N Teekens 2 hours ago

    Bispings eye looking good!!! That eye took some damage! Good to see!!!

  • Papa McCheese
    Papa McCheese 2 hours ago

    Also.. Um... Conor fights at 155 and Masvidal fights at 170 so it wouldn’t work.. duh... lol.. Conor is too small to fight at 170.. He can obviously make weight but he would definitely be under sized against other 170 fighters.. Oh and also he’s retired.. lol Trust me, I would love to see Conor get his head rocked but it ain’t happening.

  • Jacob G.
    Jacob G. 2 hours ago

    This dude is an airhead. Haha Stephen's could not open his eye so clearly, he could not lie about "being able to see".

  • Boom Cube
    Boom Cube 2 hours ago

    If anyone was at fault it was Yair Rodriguez. The casual fans are stupid.

  • timo 418
    timo 418 2 hours ago

    ariel is a jackass

    SAN FRAN MISSION 2 hours ago


  • Jesus Eduardo
    Jesus Eduardo 2 hours ago

    🤣 Askren lost ZERO stock in his record breaking loss!!

  • Adventure Fishing
    Adventure Fishing 2 hours ago

    11-6 jorge, lol people are blinded by a 1 ina million knee. Askren kills this guy 9.9/10 times.

    • Huginn's Sight
      Huginn's Sight 27 minutes ago

      @Adventure Fishing GSP/Serra: Fedor/werdum, Diaz/McGregor, Weidmen/Silva... I can go on and on. Louzon/Pulver

    • Adventure Fishing
      Adventure Fishing 59 minutes ago

      @Huginn's Sight askren would smash this guy in a rematch

    • Adventure Fishing
      Adventure Fishing 59 minutes ago

      @Huginn's Sight name 1 time in history records didnt matter.

    • Huginn's Sight
      Huginn's Sight Hour ago

      @Adventure Fishing fighters evolve. Records don't tell the tale buddy. 5 second KO says it all

    • Adventure Fishing
      Adventure Fishing Hour ago

      1-1 is better % than 11-6, reality again.

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson 2 hours ago

    Anyone that hails from a nation conquered by the Spanish cares to enlighten me on what Yair screamed like a petulant child at bisping when he touched him on the shoulder post fight/pre interview?

  • Luke Robinson
    Luke Robinson 3 hours ago

    The *ONLY* thing I've learnt coming away from this situation is that Mexicsn fans are *AS* bad if not *WORSE* than Brazilian fans, and that their fighters aren't humble and will blame the victim for their own mis-actactions...

  • Ira Watson
    Ira Watson 3 hours ago

    Smash a pair of clippers to his forehead.... even Brad Pitt knows better. Unprofessional to say the least. Yair and jones should go have some beers and lines over a cheating conversation.

  • dennis bryan
    dennis bryan 3 hours ago

    Why ask him about connor?? Should you be asking him about Khabib

  • Mohd Issa
    Mohd Issa 3 hours ago

    Your a fake and an ugly bully!!

  • Bill Goodman
    Bill Goodman 3 hours ago

    Bro... you eyepoked him... you have to live with that you did that...

  • Greg E
    Greg E 3 hours ago

    who put this idiot Ariel on ESPN...

  • exterminador de casas norte amerocanos

    Yair Rodríguez ciempre as cido un excelente peliador un excelente rival para quien sea estoy muy ancioso esperando tu próximo rival lo que pasó con estephens fue un error pero recuerda que todos cometemos errores ánimo yair Rodríguez animo

  • primetime5000
    primetime5000 3 hours ago


  • Shroud
    Shroud 3 hours ago

    Yair is a scumbag. Lost respect for him after this. Basically saying a veteran ufc warrior is faking it. How about this, dont paw at peoples faces like a fucking girl. Screw Yair

    POOTIE TANG 3 hours ago

    How to drop your entire stock.

  • DopeRAPHitz
    DopeRAPHitz 3 hours ago

    fake eye poke, yair barely tapped his nose rewatch the fake eye poke but see this was ufc whole plan & jeremy was in on it .ufc had jeremy quit because theirs a slight beef with u.s & mexico so the ufc cancelled the main fight everyone paid their money in mexico to see

  • Culican Soto
    Culican Soto 3 hours ago


  • Haggar Great
    Haggar Great 3 hours ago

    Let’s see if he’s telling the truth when Dana white agrees to give him the money he wants. To be honest I think he’s telling somewhat the truth because Dana white is a greedy cheap asshole that only pays douchebag mctapper his money but everyone else gets fucked. I honestly think both guys a scared to lose this fight knowing it will be a high hill to climb with all the talent now

  • Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52

    I refuse to click any Colby Clitlickington video.

  • Raiyan Golam
    Raiyan Golam 3 hours ago

    Yair is slowly becoming one of the most disliked fighters in the ufc lol

  • W Smith
    W Smith 3 hours ago

    0:07 - the birth of Askren's ghost

  • alex 805
    alex 805 3 hours ago

    was that the guy under the table 😂?

  • Michael Rostine
    Michael Rostine 3 hours ago

    💪Gotta love Nate Diaz☝️

  • The Sonoran Desert Grower

    Yair totally lost me as a fan when he was ducking Zabit. I feel like this is more of the same bullshit from Yair. Questioning Stephen's heart is BS. You poked his eye and it seemed like you did it on purpose.

  • Benbhoy9
    Benbhoy9 3 hours ago

    God Bless you Conor .... ☝️🇮🇪⭐️

  • Sa' ud Jan
    Sa' ud Jan 3 hours ago

    KFC is presenting to you, the slaughtered McChicken!

    GABRIEL 3 hours ago

    This Kids delusional

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison 3 hours ago

    Well Mr Rodriguez, if you kept your fingers out of people’s eyeballs, you wouldn’t be coming across like a complete jackass right now.

  • jm apple
    jm apple 3 hours ago

    Sooooo when is Trump building that Wall????

  • Thom smith
    Thom smith 3 hours ago

    Chael looks like he's hanging from a rope around his neck

  • Brian Frumps
    Brian Frumps 3 hours ago

    Ya hes scared of yiar the liar

  • GGed_
    GGed_ 4 hours ago

    Overhyped and will be forgotten soon enough.

    • David Navarro
      David Navarro 2 hours ago

      Overhyped got derailed after Frankie took his soul

  • Nick Ford
    Nick Ford 4 hours ago

    You have to beat Nate first Jorge climb that ladder first.

  • Chris Topher
    Chris Topher 4 hours ago

    This guy is so immature. ITS YOUR FAULT. Have some respect ffs

  • Nate Jones
    Nate Jones 4 hours ago

    Conner would enjoy that fight, it would be dirty, ugly, mean, I would like to see it

  • superflex23
    superflex23 4 hours ago

    why isnt this under the table

  • La6Slow Castillo
    La6Slow Castillo 4 hours ago

    I think it would be a good fight with gamebred vs the old McGregor, he dont have that drive any more..

  • The One Who Knocks
    The One Who Knocks 4 hours ago

    Fittingly the "Baddest Mother Fucker" belt is taking place on the DAY OF THE DEAD. 🤯😵💀👻

  • Torque
    Torque 4 hours ago

    lol yair already taking opportunity to skip jeremy stephens fight

  • Baltasar83
    Baltasar83 4 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to poke himself at the start of first round so he can sharpen the other eye

  • Osama Al Harbi
    Osama Al Harbi 4 hours ago

    book it again for the nearest next card i hope this guy gets KO'd now