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    LOSTMINDZ 4 hours ago

    Haha Kevin Lee

  • Vibratory Rhythms
    Vibratory Rhythms 4 hours ago

    Conor and Khabib are gonna fight for the 155 belt at 170

  • Gabriel Philpot
    Gabriel Philpot 4 hours ago

    Because Conner calls the shots and wants the title. More money fighting kabob.

  • Scott Walker
    Scott Walker 4 hours ago

    Boycott all Ali fighters. Dont let Ali make any red panty night money

  • Thomas Noël
    Thomas Noël 4 hours ago

    « Hey you just broke my nose with your shoulder can you please stop? It’s annoying » - Mike Bisping

  • Dad Bad
    Dad Bad 4 hours ago

    Bisping has gotten knocked out more then I can count he can not say shoulder strikes don’t hurt lmao

  • Albert Swearengen
    Albert Swearengen 4 hours ago

    Why don't you make sure we can actually hear the guests properly? It's happening more and more often. Sloppy and amateurish, Corporate Jake.

  • Scott H
    Scott H 4 hours ago

    John having the TIME of his Life. Keep Conor Focused and the world is yours!

  • Brad Walker
    Brad Walker 4 hours ago

    Jorge is tough and an elite level fighter, but he gets beat off both Usman and McGregor in my opinion, they are both too skillful in my eyes and on another level to Masvidal.

  • T Higgins
    T Higgins 4 hours ago

    The real money fight to make right now is notorious vs gamebred im surprised the ufc didnt announce it after Conor won at the weekend.. they could fight for the 165lb moneyweight championship

  • Dr. Kahouli
    Dr. Kahouli 4 hours ago

    I like John Kavanagh but I don't think he really believes this was a real fight. Conor was cherry picking Cowboy or Edgar instead of high level fighters in their prime because he knew there was no risk of losing. I predicted this when they announced it. Cowboy is old, slow and has no chin. He should have retired a year ago.

  • Sports Fan_91
    Sports Fan_91 4 hours ago

    170 isn't smart... Usman & Masvidal would destroy him.. please go back to 155 & go witb Gaethje then Khabib

  • Harun Lari
    Harun Lari 4 hours ago

    4:52 This is the only part of this interview I agree with. The rest was pretty amusing.

  • 04bosox •
    04bosox • 4 hours ago

    Bisping we all like ya. But since you’re in the business of discrediting fighters, let’s not forget that your career ended with consecutive stoppage losses to welterweights. And 2 of your “legendary” decision wins were controversial at best.. and on home soil And Luke had a glass jaw

  • ianoneill12
    ianoneill12 4 hours ago

    Hahaha, lmao I love jorge mas

  • Joshua
    Joshua 4 hours ago

    Jorge needs to beat Usman. Then Conor will fight him for both belts. After he takes the lightweight belt from Khabib

  • Cody Ross
    Cody Ross 4 hours ago

    Connor vs justin.. Usman vs masvidal.. connor needs that kabib fight back.

  • C NearWheel
    C NearWheel 4 hours ago

    Broke his nose messed his eye up....seems like more of then just an annoyance

  • ibrahim hassan
    ibrahim hassan 4 hours ago

    i remember when khabib said i will humble your boy guys haha and he did it wow!

  • DTB88
    DTB88 4 hours ago

    Stepped out of bed this morning and I got plowed by a bus

  • AM G
    AM G 4 hours ago

    I can't stand Ariel. Always with the dull personality of a lifeless goldfish and so predictive with the questions the fighters already answered 10 times. He tries to kiss up to them and stroke their ego for half of the interview and jokes about being Buddy-Buddy with them but you know he's dying for them to compliment him and say he's cool. I wish Bisping and Sonnen did all of these interviews. Imagine the two of them having their own segment

  • Enrique D
    Enrique D 4 hours ago

    Jorge realness can sense Usman fakeness that's why he has that feeling. I really hope he wins that one.

  • Ricky Huang
    Ricky Huang 4 hours ago

    He looks like vampire

  • Bobby Sweeney
    Bobby Sweeney 4 hours ago

    Does it get better than Kavanagh for a HC?

  • Eduardo Gomes
    Eduardo Gomes 4 hours ago

    One eye Bisping. Best Bisping.

  • Finn Redmond
    Finn Redmond 4 hours ago

    Masvidal is so cool and real

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 4 hours ago

    how is mike's eye moving ?

  • Peter Petigrew
    Peter Petigrew 4 hours ago

    I'd rather read the Bible

  • Rupert Waterhouse
    Rupert Waterhouse 4 hours ago

    That huge left hand at the start, he wanted Masvidal's KO record

  • Juuso Veikko West Side

    Cant hear any thing

  • Jeff
    Jeff 4 hours ago

    Mcgregor should work his way up in the welterweight, no vip treatment

  • Sarcastic Kitty
    Sarcastic Kitty 4 hours ago

    Jorge’s feelings were hurt when Conor didn’t call him out 😢.... he got all dressed up for nothing

  • TICO
    TICO 4 hours ago

    Chael talked about hanging out with you,you 2 need to start your own podcast it would be the 2 biggest egos ever and I would subscribe for sure

  • Devin Morrison
    Devin Morrison 4 hours ago

    A very humble Mcgregor here.

  • jm apple
    jm apple 4 hours ago

    We want Jorge Conor

  • Daddy Dana
    Daddy Dana 4 hours ago

    he looked awesome but i miss mcgregor at 145. There was something about the process of him cutting to 145 seemed to make him more primal

  • Roland Peltier
    Roland Peltier 4 hours ago

    If anyone could take out Conor it’s Jorge

  • SpadedTV
    SpadedTV 4 hours ago

    What a great coach he is

  • Melissa Ortiz
    Melissa Ortiz 4 hours ago

    Plain and simply, Connor is in GREAT shape now...but he knows even in his condition that Jorge is an uphill battle he can lose. And at this point in his comeback it's too risky.

  • Jamie Williams
    Jamie Williams 4 hours ago

    Mr Lee, please pass the salt.

  • Karim
    Karim 4 hours ago

    Should be in trash this garbage 😹

  • Anomy
    Anomy 4 hours ago

    start violet end violet

  • Joshua
    Joshua 4 hours ago

    He got that robe from some chick that was messing with Conor? 😆

  • Amber Powell
    Amber Powell 4 hours ago

    I think it's silly he wants something to fight for the belt. When a person challenges for act belt it's to prove you deserve it and you are actually the champ. You can't claim to be the baddest if you refuse to fight for the belt. Also, Connor didn't call anyone specific out. He said whoever and when asked about this fight he said he would.

  • Paddy Knuckles
    Paddy Knuckles 4 hours ago

    Won a world title on 2 weeks notice with 1 eye. The real BMF

  • Zeafer Jones
    Zeafer Jones 4 hours ago

    I'm glad to see the Conor fans are back. I've missed them I had nobody to argue with for a while.

  • Slip Knot
    Slip Knot 4 hours ago

    He wants the EZ fight to pad that bank account, Mas sees too much risk w/ Conor, Usman for an easier win

  • Paddy Knuckles
    Paddy Knuckles 4 hours ago

    You guys forget conor was close to finalising a fight against RDA for interim title at 170 literally days before the bus incident. Conor has always wanted that 170 belt.

  • Justin
    Justin 4 hours ago

    Now Jorge doesn't want it after seeing Conor fight lmao

  • Declan McCartney
    Declan McCartney 4 hours ago

    There could be a 10lb weight increase limit from weigh ins to fight night...that would stop alot of these fighters cutting from a crazy weight and then going up again on the actual night

  • whiteronaldj90
    whiteronaldj90 4 hours ago

    There’s a reason guys usually don’t leap when they use shoulder strikes. It’s a Cardinal sin in Greco to leap while in the clinch because you allow your opponent free hip positioning and you essentially give him a free body lock/waist sinch and in most cases you will be thrown to your back. Cowboy just failed to punish Conor for making the same mistake 3 times in a row. And yeah, I don’t see how a shoulder strike would rock you or break bones in your face unless you’ve been fighting for nearly two decades and your shopworn. And I’m pretty sure Donald is just that

  • It's too late
    It's too late 4 hours ago

    bisping is one of the best... not only fighters but just in general... really entertaining

  • Milk Man
    Milk Man 4 hours ago

    i dont usually hit the dislike but wow.

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone 4 hours ago

    13:13 ARIEL you know exactly what that means hahahahahaha

  • falcor200
    falcor200 4 hours ago

    "when I saw the damage the shoulders did when they separated I was....... pleased." hahah god I love this man

  • Shed Hunting Worldwide

    Kevin sounds jealous

  • Jonah Marquis
    Jonah Marquis 4 hours ago

    Keep going rack in that money!!

  • Oo oO
    Oo oO 4 hours ago

    McBum don't want it with these killers they ain't paid actors.

  • Maple007
    Maple007 4 hours ago

    John kavanagh talking about Tony robbins with a hard on, he couldn’t even be decent enough to name Phil sutcliff instead calling him “the lad from crumlin boxing club”. John kavanagh is not fit to tie Phil’s boots and Conor mcgregor would tell you that in private

  • Daniel Parkes
    Daniel Parkes 4 hours ago

    why does masvidal always eat on camera. don't talk with you mouth full smh.

  • Simon Masson
    Simon Masson 4 hours ago

    She could fight for the nmf belt

  • Don Moore
    Don Moore 4 hours ago

    Kinda sound like he was throwing shade when he said the fight was good all 40 seconds of it.....::: like u didn’t have a fight that ended that quick with that flying knee

  • Taoken Hanma
    Taoken Hanma 4 hours ago

    Majin Roxy!

  • Vin Prado
    Vin Prado 4 hours ago

    Financial wise, masdival vs connor will make alot of money but it wont be a good fight...masdival is a beast...respect Thee Mexican....masdival will destroy everyone in the next 3 years..

  • Rory Fulton
    Rory Fulton 4 hours ago

    I love the humble McGregor, he’s made his name being a bad boy but it worked. His names out there but now he’s focused a family man and passionate and a winner. He’s focused. Wish he was like this his last few fights.

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 4 hours ago


  • Joseph Perez
    Joseph Perez 4 hours ago

    Bisping got mad when Ariel kept mentioning Conor

  • Trolln 420
    Trolln 420 4 hours ago

    Dana White wants Jorge to beat Usman for the Title So He can Hype up the Mcgregor Vs Masvidal As a Title Fight or Maybe Even a Double Title Fight but Either way Dana knows he'll make alot more money from Mcgregor and Masvidal If it's a Title fight

  • Uneek Ninja
    Uneek Ninja 4 hours ago

    Kevin Lee had his chance to prove himself against RDA and Al, and he lost both times. Hes acting like he deserves to call shots.

  • chris george
    chris george 4 hours ago

    You know Conor was partying when his agent says he behaved himself and got home at 3:30am.

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper 4 hours ago

    Barber sucks and she is disgusting. Another overhyped UFC athlete.

  • Kenneth Powers
    Kenneth Powers 4 hours ago

    Johnny "Ya' no ah mean?" Hendricks

  • Dale Wilson
    Dale Wilson 4 hours ago

    Let masvidal have usman that will be a war! Conor still needs another 1 or 2 fights before he gets in with the likes of masvidal/ usman. Justin gaethje should be next for conor

  • Mac Daddy420
    Mac Daddy420 4 hours ago

    Jorge ducking mcgregor

  • Benjamin Colón jr
    Benjamin Colón jr 4 hours ago

    Conner is a money fight. Conner knows he will loose badly. But Masvidal is his own superstar without fighting Conner

  • Jack Hunt
    Jack Hunt 4 hours ago

    It didn't hit his chin you idiots, the shoulder strikes hit his nose. Big difference between being pummeled in the chin and in the nose. The nose will make the eyes water. It was his nose that bled, not his chin. Kevin Lee is an idiot

  • Brian Tejeda
    Brian Tejeda 4 hours ago


  • LahLahMan
    LahLahMan 4 hours ago

    what a lovely lady

  • Sane St. James
    Sane St. James 4 hours ago

    Masvidal vs McGregor would be the best selling fight right now. It makes the most sense too.

  • DueceVision
    DueceVision 4 hours ago

    Al beats lee twice, cowboy beats al, Conor beats cowboy Nobody: Lee: I’m not impressed, it was a tune up fight, cowboys over the hill

  • DelBoy K
    DelBoy K 4 hours ago

    I love Jorge but he sounds so salty!! Come on Jorge mate, snap out of it!!

  • Vedette32
    Vedette32 4 hours ago

    Masvidal sounds desperate man He shouldn’t be doing that

  • The Shape
    The Shape 4 hours ago

    PICK ONE! Usman vs Jorge McGregor vs Jorge

  • Slick JUJU
    Slick JUJU 4 hours ago


  • bruicy juicy
    bruicy juicy 4 hours ago

    Dana wants the money fight with conor & khabib first He knows theres a possibility that jorge could end McGregors career

  • Gmail Account
    Gmail Account 4 hours ago

    Shocking? - em. No not really. lol

  • D V
    D V 4 hours ago

    Ariel said ( the last time you were here you pulled out you eye, I did not realize it was fake. Then he said does it work at all. Wow!!!

  • BoogieBomb _JJ
    BoogieBomb _JJ 4 hours ago

    Bring back the old Conor the trash talk the cocky bring him back plssss

  • Dr. Kahouli
    Dr. Kahouli 4 hours ago

    I commented on it right when they announced the fight. I predicted it wouldn't last 2 min. Cowboy is too old, slow and has no chin. He was still under medical suspension until December 18th from the Gaethje beat down. He should have retired a year ago. This was a cherry picked fight for Conor to shine.

  • colmwatulike dedazio

    Whag a great interview again..Ariel..How come that in the whole spectrum of fighters ftom all over the eorld , snd with big trsining gyms and Top coaches in msny disciplins , there are NO coaches anywhere comming onto your show , or any shows really and putting themselves out there anything like both John Kavenagh , and striking coach Roddy who it also must be said give amazinhly good ,warm likeable interviews where you know thers nothing but frankness and honesty in abundance...and you never have to force the intriguing narrative ..and yoj also must be applauded for allways asking the great questions and never forcing the flow...always the best ..kudos to all. It seems that Conors whole team and camp are special people too..

  • William Chris Kenny
    William Chris Kenny 4 hours ago

    Nobody dislikes this dude but the other fighters

  • Michael Harrison
    Michael Harrison 4 hours ago

    no-one wants Aldo McGregor 2...

  • Pete Prince Beats
    Pete Prince Beats 4 hours ago

    Conor squeezed Ariel's hand too hard at the end 😂

  • Frank Valdi
    Frank Valdi 4 hours ago

    Ariel strokes Jorge's ego to milk him for information. Lmaooo

  • michael donaldson
    michael donaldson 4 hours ago

    That shoulder strike will help conor beat khabib

  • Oh3Productions
    Oh3Productions 4 hours ago

    How come nobody is talking about Conor vs Diaz 3, would be the perfect bout to really get rid of the “ring rust”

  • Enrique D
    Enrique D 4 hours ago

    Antics aside I dont think Conor really wants the fight at least not right now.

  • Bryan Church
    Bryan Church 4 hours ago

    It's amazing to see Ariel come full circle from the days of being banned from UFC events......definitely the best in the business!

  • Murray Hill
    Murray Hill 4 hours ago

    Does anyone else find her so annoying like I don’t care about her beating some unexperienced hype job like hope they give her a killer next who puts the lights out for good

  • StephanLamar81
    StephanLamar81 4 hours ago

    Conor vs Masvidal is the fight to make smh. Conor took no damage vs Cowboy!!! Dana White is scared for Conor’s life lmao