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Grid - Before You Buy
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Code Vein - Before You Buy
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  • Luke Pawlowski
    Luke Pawlowski 4 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that a game that takes >30 hours to complete is too long?

  • Sweet Chickens
    Sweet Chickens 4 hours ago

    Not gonna lie, if the only 2 options for customization is head piece and everything else... I’m gonna be let down. In games, I am incredibly vain. I want plenty of customization.

  • BeastMode20516
    BeastMode20516 4 hours ago

    I see where you say Gen 0 was bad, but i disagree. Well, so far.

  • darkshadow Unknown
    darkshadow Unknown 4 hours ago

    One time my dad had went to gamestop and bought farcry 3 for ps3 fpr Christmas for me and so i open the case. No disk. I show my parent and we go to that gamestop witch got robbed two days after my dad bought the game and so it was closed for a month. And i love farcry so this pissed me off. LOL

  • Gleb Voloshyn
    Gleb Voloshyn 4 hours ago

    division... division.... division

  • intense_pickle
    intense_pickle 4 hours ago

    PC master race is still a bunch of tight-ass elitists...and alot of them are moochers, so...yeah...sounds like you don't like being called out on your bullshit.

  • nyseK
    nyseK 4 hours ago

    Neither Destiny game?

  • GamingWith CTE
    GamingWith CTE 4 hours ago

    When your making a Christmas list and they say you need to put at least 5 books on your list -_-

  • Hi5Flex
    Hi5Flex 4 hours ago

    you only played this game once, by the katagawa last phase comment, once hes glitched hes done, no shot needed

  • Harold TheHerald
    Harold TheHerald 4 hours ago

    2 endings, good or bad. Got it

  • KINGofkings49er
    KINGofkings49er 4 hours ago

    Do I buy a ps4 for black Friday or I wait and save my money and buy a ps5??

  • Ninfu.
    Ninfu. 4 hours ago

    Only 11/10 were relatable

  • Quinn Hurst
    Quinn Hurst 4 hours ago

    Testing every weapon even if you know its a suckey one just to see what it does... AND then finding one that actually has a secret firing mode

  • BrianN
    BrianN 4 hours ago

    Didn’t really explain too much, more like just commentary

  • Dalyus BMG
    Dalyus BMG 4 hours ago

    100% true

  • paradoxdesigns
    paradoxdesigns 4 hours ago

    every bunny needs to wang chung tonight.

  • Ryan Dundore
    Ryan Dundore 4 hours ago

    Jesus looks like a ps2 game

  • The Meme Shark
    The Meme Shark 4 hours ago

    Since the first one takes place in 1999, there will be no excuse if there’s no Korn and limp bizkit graffiti on some walls. Just wouldn’t feel like 1999

  • ZOMBRO 115
    ZOMBRO 115 4 hours ago

    I like colonial marines.....don't judge me....

  • Enward Blackman
    Enward Blackman 4 hours ago

    I know I'm literally the only one but I think Duke Nukem 3D kicked ass.

  • عاصم ابوزيد

    where is the final fantasy 7 remake news update that you promised off

  • J J
    J J 4 hours ago

    Any Call of Duty ever after a month. Except for Black Ops 2

  • Davart
    Davart 4 hours ago

    What a IDARATION? It's iteration. Please learn how to pronounce the words before you record these please, this is one of many examples I could cite.

  • Benoit Bergeron
    Benoit Bergeron 4 hours ago

    So if I can't die in video game then I can't die in real life too? Nice!

  • Mike Sannitti
    Mike Sannitti 4 hours ago

    The length is really my greatest concern. When I play an RPG I want to build my character continuously, not start over just to do the same stuff over with a different approach. I like everything im seeing anout this game, except the length.

  • Jonathan Soko
    Jonathan Soko 4 hours ago

    before you head out to buy it, dont forget your wallet and debit card because its a must buy. GO GET IT NOW!

  • liFE 707
    liFE 707 4 hours ago

    Anyone that made fallout new Vegas has my trust and faith in any rpg for a lifetime

  • ZOMBRO 115
    ZOMBRO 115 4 hours ago


  • Sebastian Dalessandro

    Loving people taking the piss out of Bethesda, but this looks and sounds worse then anything Bethesda have ever made .

  • jbsosa100
    jbsosa100 4 hours ago

    W'e'll see.

  • TM ToneyMoney
    TM ToneyMoney 4 hours ago

    Underground one my favorite of all time, there will never be another 🤦🏽‍♂️😭🤮

  • Eddie Jackson
    Eddie Jackson 4 hours ago

    Also just recently purchased fallout 76 and its fun but it doesnt feel like fallout

    D B VIDEOS 4 hours ago

    Yep got band twice with the Xbox 360. Call of duty November ban wave and playing ghostbusters 6 months before the uk release date 🤦‍♂️ so in the end I had 2 xb360’s 1 for online only, the 2nd for “offline use” 😁🤐

  • Andrew Van De Velde
    Andrew Van De Velde 5 hours ago

    I hate jump puzzles, I quit destiny because of it after years of playing it.

  • Otaku King28
    Otaku King28 5 hours ago

    Did this guys just say that the criminal chatter is annoying? They’re basically one of the best parts of the game because they have some funny conversations

  • The Brownie Man
    The Brownie Man 5 hours ago

    I just hate shotguns in most FPS

  • Knight Vesco
    Knight Vesco 5 hours ago

    Hovering mouse..... the world laughs EVERY VR COMPANY EVER.... Hold my beer

  • Shreducator0187
    Shreducator0187 5 hours ago

    oh you forgot MAG lol

  • Filip Grabiec
    Filip Grabiec 5 hours ago

    Leshen is a guardian of the forest

  • Ninja Sushi
    Ninja Sushi 5 hours ago

    PS2 is the best console of at time period. It has the best library.

  • Jack Torrance
    Jack Torrance 5 hours ago

    Only shit games

    ALLIED PRODUCTIONS 5 hours ago

    I got banned from joining party because one of my friends went into my account and set my profile pic to a dildo he did this through the app so I was playing halo 5 not knowing what was going on a literal second after seeing what had been done I was removed from party and received a message saying I was banned for a week. I did the same prank to my friend who didnt relies after a week and he still didnt get banned (we were playing custom games on halo 5 when this happened)

  • Jgoldie318
    Jgoldie318 5 hours ago

    Best cod hype since bo2.

  • Ukyo82
    Ukyo82 5 hours ago

    awful chart, I like gameranx videos a lot but this chart is shit, Dino Crysis... what century we live

  • Vanilla Coke
    Vanilla Coke 5 hours ago

    Can you stfu i’m trying to eat my goddamn grilled cheese!

  • Kendaz420
    Kendaz420 5 hours ago

    Seems a bit short imo.

  • V3n0m X P0w3r
    V3n0m X P0w3r 5 hours ago

    Colecting everything just so i can say ohh yea i got that already like a month ago

  • Urbane Soul
    Urbane Soul 5 hours ago

    I also enjoyed Bound by Flame If this is the same developer I'll probably like this one too Thanks, great review!

  • Pixel Bit G
    Pixel Bit G 5 hours ago

    State of decay 2 is a better zombie game than anything on this list... That is all

  • JazzTheDogOfWar
    JazzTheDogOfWar 5 hours ago

    I don't want proprietary ssds that are overpriced, like they did with the ps vita and the memory cards. I want to be able to expand the harddrive without selling my kidnee or a cornea.

  • Thor Sparks
    Thor Sparks 5 hours ago

    Hmm, Fallout with color

  • Nick Hoover1979 Wride

    I went in expecting EA to have the top spots of shame, and I wasn't disapointed.

  • Benoit Bergeron
    Benoit Bergeron 5 hours ago

    They could have called this video "15 reasons why greed ruins the video game industry"

  • Nathan Bullock
    Nathan Bullock 5 hours ago

    I hate seekers

  • Mycelium Knight
    Mycelium Knight 5 hours ago

    this is why i NEVER buy a game on release, i always wait a little first to test the waters. saved me hundreds

  • Dazed
    Dazed 5 hours ago

    ... did you play the original? The controls might not have been as refined but story wise and even content wise the game was miles better than this.

  • Robelin Phillips
    Robelin Phillips 5 hours ago

    Prince of Persia the two thrones was my favorite Bring back the Prince! ✊

  • GhostTechGaming
    GhostTechGaming 5 hours ago

    Open world games ruined games. Change my mind

  • Ttv Btw
    Ttv Btw 5 hours ago

    Whene i get up super early to play:TURN THAT SHIT OFFFFF!!

  • Mylyfeya101
    Mylyfeya101 5 hours ago

    Oh I really dislike weapon or any durability. I know it is meant to make things realistic and stuff, but seriously. You CAN'T break the Hylian Sheild. That's uncannon to break it.

  • Corey Brown Gaming with commentary

    Why are there hearts in people's houses

  • Trace Taylor
    Trace Taylor 5 hours ago

    Firing one round and reloading so you can pick up that box of ammo that you couldn't get because you're at maximum capacity.

  • Hunter of Gunmen
    Hunter of Gunmen 5 hours ago

    I've seen more of my "pc enthusiast" friends shorting components or parts of the mobo because they want to be comfortable and work on their pc barefoot in their carpeted gaming space with no anti static bracelet or just throwing all the standoffs they can into the case

  • da_ swagkage
    da_ swagkage 5 hours ago

    So we just gonna act like FFXV didn't happen

  • Alexander Budd
    Alexander Budd 5 hours ago

    So basically valve is a very extreme way of communism

  • Mind Of The Broken
    Mind Of The Broken 5 hours ago

    Also looks like it has zero charm in world building. It don't come close to Fallout 3 or 4

  • Lofote
    Lofote 5 hours ago

    I disagree on Duke Nukem Forever, that Gearbox did. What you said holds true for the original Duke Nukem 3D, which was completely outdated when it came out (still stupid flat 2D sprites, in a pseudo 2,5D world, when games like Descent and later Quake showed, that the time for 2D already had passed). DNF however was just funny, they kept the irony, the non-serious fun but it finally looked good ... good enough for comic relief, which is enough for DN. Daikatana should have been on the list however...

  • Nick Hoover1979 Wride

    2:54 Beastiality in a Sonic game was more cringe than I could handle.

  • Gears of War
    Gears of War 5 hours ago

    Blhahahahahahahahaha why I don't play gta 5 online in the servers, I only play invite only, you want to play awesome if not fuck ya

  • Jamin Walker
    Jamin Walker 5 hours ago

    Vault Dweller/Colonist I like how they put a twist on that, I'm not expecting New Vegas but I do expect a much better experience and filling the lack of Bethesda's interest in making a great Franchise they once held.

  • Simple LG
    Simple LG 5 hours ago

    im not a kid anymore im going to be 12 :(

  • Gabe Oliger
    Gabe Oliger 5 hours ago

    I actually like the criminals being so chatty. However it would be nice to have more diversity in the voice actors and more lines and them being more unique for example one of the the militia members talks about how Batman was “working for the CIA” his theory was interesting and very rare do I hear lines like that. Also it would be nice to see the criminals have more respect for you and fear you more. Also the could personalize the lines for example if you are aggressive in your play through they could have lines personalized for that, or if you are more sneaky the criminals could become more paranoid and carry flashlights and things to counter your strategies specifically (like how they did in Metal Gear Solid 5).

  • Frosty King
    Frosty King 5 hours ago

    I am really looking forward to GTFO, looks really promising!

    • Frosty King
      Frosty King 5 hours ago

      Surprised it wasn't on the list

  • Mind Of The Broken
    Mind Of The Broken 5 hours ago

    Hopefully it's better than New Vegas. Very dull Fallout game. This looks like a generic Fallout so far. Hope story is good and combat. RPG mechanics can only get you so far if everything else is mediocre (New Vegas)

  • slick ahh boy
    slick ahh boy 5 hours ago

    Im glad its coming with the gamepass!

  • TeeCerberus - [The FN Great Guild!]

    I only play hand held so you just sold this game to me

  • ethan almeida
    ethan almeida 6 hours ago

    I wanted watchdogs sense it came out. but I knew it was going to be hella expensive. so i didnt bother. it came free with my xbox 1 gold. am downloading it right now. OF COURSE IT DID!!!

  • Regie Ferrer
    Regie Ferrer 6 hours ago

    slides? Again...almost all obsidian game ending show me slides Why not actually show me a cinematic

  • Iwannagethighrightno

    Only thing I'm not happy about with this game is no 3rd person

  • Robert T
    Robert T 6 hours ago

    Problem with the game rental scheme is that it would minimize profit margins for the ability of steady cash flow.

  • grxxx0 1604
    grxxx0 1604 6 hours ago

    Voliters from dying light

  • Robert T
    Robert T 6 hours ago

    I had said since about 2002, that they should have started an online game store for PC.

  • Maclane Keohane
    Maclane Keohane 6 hours ago

    Shooting, battle intensity, and AI looks weak from gameplay I’ve seen

    SIEEPY 6 hours ago

    8:00 I did this just other day

  • Rilakkuma
    Rilakkuma 6 hours ago

    The Warriors remake would be sick.

  • Mohammed Nahid Rahman

    Why can't EA just do a remake of this??? there are so many other remakes made with old Ps2 games. why can't this be one of them! :(

  • Rob K Music
    Rob K Music 6 hours ago

    I was a HUGE CoD fan since Cod2. Haven't played since I returned Advanced Warfare. This looks REALLY promising however, I NEVER pre-order anything (since Advanced Warfare).

  • Christian-E. Latte
    Christian-E. Latte 6 hours ago

    I bet the Google stadia controller just uses mind reading technology to achieve negative latency. All the buttons are just placebo buttons.

  • Robert T
    Robert T 6 hours ago

    This channel seems to confuse revenue with profit margin or tries to use it interchangeably.

  • DGneoseeker1
    DGneoseeker1 6 hours ago

    You must have picked the worst possible footage of The Black Masses. All that talking about parkour and physics based puzzle combat or whatever. *player walks malcoordinatedly into zombies one after the other and repetitively hits them with pointy object in super awkward slow boring combat*

  • Daniel Elder
    Daniel Elder 6 hours ago

    Skyrim---da best

  • Rocky Goldsmith
    Rocky Goldsmith 6 hours ago

    Fight night 2004

  • Sam Brazerol
    Sam Brazerol 6 hours ago

    What about the original thorn from D1

  • Frank Gallagher
    Frank Gallagher 6 hours ago

    Only reason why people are hype about this game is because Microsoft acquired Obsidian. Therefore when people learn that it's "not" a exclusive. People will not care about this game.

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 6 hours ago

    What's "Deus Gone", Falcon?...

  • Matt Odlum
    Matt Odlum 6 hours ago

    I loved the music for dire dire docks though, very calming. all the music in mario64 is great.

  • DamageIncM
    DamageIncM 6 hours ago

    Why the crap does World War Z have no shadows?... It can't handle it with all the characters?...

  • lincore
    lincore 6 hours ago

    Thank god impressionable teenagers are a renewable resource or the AAA industry would have collapsed years ago. I'm sure it's going to be a good game, maybe even great. But it can only iterate, so either you can partially explore a few dozen buildings that serve specific purposes, or we get another Daggerfall. I think it will be the former.

  • Peter Stark
    Peter Stark 6 hours ago

    Hey Joe you wanna play a nother ZOMBIE GAME ?!?!?

  • Cem Cingil
    Cem Cingil 6 hours ago

    Back in the time, Turkish government banned Pokemon cause a kid thought he was pidgeotto and jumped off balcony.