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  • Fak A Yu
    Fak A Yu Minute ago

    Can't see the difference between the 2. I've watched a bunch of videos. I tried a bunch of games on my rig. Back in the days when they improved something i was falling off my chair everytime. Now i'm constantly getting at nose lenght from my screen asking myself ''what/how/where?''. I think video games have peaked. Now the only thing that can make me fall of my chair is the fucking monetization.

  • Ak47
    Ak47 3 minutes ago

    too repetitive . same old story nothin really interesting

  • Ranjana Chand
    Ranjana Chand 5 minutes ago

    Actually I never got a terrible gift but my parents are buying me a ps4

    S7EALTHY 6 minutes ago

    This game-> “A Collection Of Activision Classic Games For The Atari 2600”

  • Ak47
    Ak47 6 minutes ago

    why ign not reviewing this

  • Lane Gaming
    Lane Gaming 7 minutes ago

    God, I wish nintendo actually put some love into the game, and not just effort. Fucking Asians, everything's math this, science that. Wheres the feelings? This game looks and feels so janky, so 1 dimensional, so... broken. *Sigh* yet another disappointment in the DBZ gaming franchise.

  • Rex 84
    Rex 84 10 minutes ago

    Vice City was the best gta

  • Derpytron84 Rocks!
    Derpytron84 Rocks! 10 minutes ago

    Wow. And I just thought my Xbox360 was just useful for Guitar Hero.

  • Adryen Blackmoon
    Adryen Blackmoon 12 minutes ago

    When u said we are sponsored by ray I thought it was raid shadow legends

  • Gengarnite
    Gengarnite 14 minutes ago

    Looks awesome! I'm looking forward to the Frieza saga and neologic music. Also, gotta get Master Roshi his porn, obviously.

  • Seiyuōkami Himura
    Seiyuōkami Himura 15 minutes ago


  • محمد العنزي EC3

    I played it on pc with a controller, it's the real way to play this game.

  • Darksider17able
    Darksider17able 17 minutes ago


  • LaMASIA 5611
    LaMASIA 5611 19 minutes ago

    Im not gonna lie. I was a little sissy and cheated when facing against that dam frog. I looked up some tips online to beat him. I cant be the only one 😭.

    JEFF THE MOOSE 19 minutes ago

    The second I see trashcan carla in my settlement I blast her with a gatling gun. :D

  • Flyingspide gaming
    Flyingspide gaming 22 minutes ago

    76 is not bad

  • Terry Tewell
    Terry Tewell 22 minutes ago

    F#$K Borderlands 3

  • robbie davis
    robbie davis 23 minutes ago

    This guy just threatened me time to drop down a quick save

  • sinofsanity
    sinofsanity 25 minutes ago

    I’m hearing: expect deep mechanics like many of the fighting games in the past? No Expect a legacy of goku type experience with a truly open world? Yes! And a game that uses it’s in game graphics to render that scene of vegeta getting hit with the spirit bomb, is a buy from me

  • 何懷恩
    何懷恩 26 minutes ago

    u just have to think twice, maybe 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 times, before buying a game from EA & Ubisoft. And i am quite sure now, i have to think twice before buying Bethesda's next game.

  • Ryan Schrager
    Ryan Schrager 28 minutes ago

    I got my double blade in Kashyyk

  • Dayton Koch
    Dayton Koch 30 minutes ago

    I love going to Namek and watching Goku become a Super Saiyan for the first time. I get goosebumps every time.

  • Socherbal
    Socherbal 31 minute ago

    I don’t know why people are hating on this game. It is one of the best DBZ games I’ve played in a long time. Better than xenoverse imo...

  • Wabbaffet Channel
    Wabbaffet Channel 32 minutes ago

    me and my brother had only one good working memory card, so what i use to do is load up the game, get to the save, load it and then take out the memory card. it saved so much time and hassle trying to get through the game to get to the areas that you wanted and now that i think about it i become a better gamer then my brother cause i could beat all the levels he struggled with.

  • Xristofer Bker
    Xristofer Bker 32 minutes ago

    Oblivion was better and had better mods. Just my opinion.


    I went to Dathomir first, explored until I literally couldn’t anymore. Fought all the enemies.

  • griver007able
    griver007able 33 minutes ago

    I hope they make it 100% survival horror and 101% action

  • Young Marckson
    Young Marckson 34 minutes ago

    i thought the game shouldve been 50-60gb and reach up to tournament of power thats all but no they want to do the buu saga

  • James
    James 35 minutes ago

    Some of these things the game definitely tells 😂

  • Marcus Yeates
    Marcus Yeates 38 minutes ago

    Just want to correct that the magnavox odyssey came out in 1972 NOT 1978 and the controller was a downgrade from the Atari

  • Steven C
    Steven C 41 minute ago

    No HALO?! HALO 1-3 were awesome couch co-op games. 👌

  • Chris Raffo
    Chris Raffo 43 minutes ago

    They definitly cheaped out on vegetas gravity training...dissapointed the shit outa me

  • Tom Pinske
    Tom Pinske 44 minutes ago

    Skyrim was good except now Bugthesda has dropped the ball with Fallout 76. The pc version mouse and keyboard stutters make the game unplayable and now people question/don't trust them. If Bugthesda can't fix these stutters in Fallout 76 what makes you think they will do elderscrolls 6 justice? and seeing as how it will be too large to put on a ramdisk like you could with skyrim, the new pc stutters it will most likely have wont be compensated for. they need to release a flawless playing game with no mouse and keyboard stutters or no one will buy their games anymore.

  • Meh
    Meh 45 minutes ago

    I don't even own this game, but hey, Dragon Ball!

  • TitoniumYT
    TitoniumYT 47 minutes ago

    Does this man know how to wall run and slide

  • Gery Leger
    Gery Leger 48 minutes ago

    Cod mw2 airport mission. They just did that to be spicy in the media and boomers get offended by it so they hate videogames. This Mission is not even fun. Shooting at people who dont defend them self is boooooring

  • Saltydogs1973_
    Saltydogs1973_ 50 minutes ago

    My family played mk11 for the first time and my sister couldn't figure out the directions changing every time we swapped sides it was hilarious

  • Evin King
    Evin King 51 minute ago

    That terrible white backdrop keyboard man

  • Smurfadoodle The Wise
    Smurfadoodle The Wise 51 minute ago

    I just think it's annoying that you're only allowed to progress the character you're playing at at the moment. If they already share things like orb progression, is it too much to ask for, say, being able to put orbs in Goku while I'm still Gohan?

  • Harmless Cake
    Harmless Cake 52 minutes ago

    As for z orbs, i just doing story and side story , now i have 80k+ each color orbs.

  • Pc Console Gamer
    Pc Console Gamer 53 minutes ago

    the car episode is one of the best ! It was fun to watch back in the day piccolo driving

  • Alex Shelton
    Alex Shelton 57 minutes ago

    I love DBZ... but xenoverse 2 will be my last DB game. It’s seriously the same exact game over and over again. Until they make a game that doesn’t force us to relive the same sagas, with the same characters, I ain’t about to waste my time and/or money on another one. Smh. 😔

  • Surgeon Surgo
    Surgeon Surgo 58 minutes ago

    so is the otherworld tournament in the game or what? should be, that would be a fun thing to play through.

  • Stoney ya Blazed Homie

    And my original Pokemon Red version I had all 150 Pokemon on... my Ps1 memory card with FF 7,8 and 9 saves with over 100+ hours into each... :(

  • Icy Plays
    Icy Plays Hour ago

    I don’t think anyone else does this but I close TheXvid on my computer because I get bored then I open TheXvid on my phone even tho I just got board of TheXvid

  • a marshmellow
    a marshmellow Hour ago

    Wow are People really that bad at this game?

  • Luigi Vagnozzi
    Luigi Vagnozzi Hour ago

    0:16 I get goosebumps every time I hear that many good memories

  • Steve
    Steve Hour ago

    This game grows on you, is the best way to describe it lol

  • Stoney ya Blazed Homie

    Cleaning out the mouse ball ^_^

  • Zababster
    Zababster Hour ago

    When you say the combat sucks but you don't even use it right. From what I saw on the video, he is spamming his attack buttons and not filling up his combo bar properly. You don't spam your attacks, You combo into another hit after your previous hit by attacking at the end of your swing with either a hard or light hit. The better you time the more your combo meter fills and you end it with a powerful strike that feels oh so satisfying. You usually only need 3 or 4 hits to end with a powerful finishing attack and it doesn't even take up all of your starting stamina bar to do so. I know this review is a couple years old but I'm still playing this game today and thought I'd look up some videos about it :)

  • Adam
    Adam Hour ago

    I've noticed that on the N2DS and the N3DS, the rubber nub that looks and acts as a rubber stopper on the right side of the console can act as the left stick/D-Pad when in the home menu and possibly for some games, who knows.

  • BattlePage5
    BattlePage5 Hour ago

    I had the phone call internet problem in 2014. My online friend decided to troll me and send this annoying squeaker my number and called me over and over again. I was so happy when we got that taken care of...

  • Sgt Acid
    Sgt Acid Hour ago

    Been saving for the Index, just waiting for availability. I can't wait to see what they've done with HLA.

  • Wedro
    Wedro Hour ago

    You know its a japanese games when it has menus over menus over menus

  • goku black
    goku black Hour ago

    *What?* *Is that we can play original xbox and 360 for free and that we have Halo 3/reach while sony gaylords cant and don't have good stuff X-D*

  • Sam
    Sam Hour ago

    No.1 real life tomb rider

  • HBC423
    HBC423 Hour ago

    I never heard about turning it upside down

  • PandemicLui
    PandemicLui Hour ago

    If youre ever stuck, or frustrated in any situation rub one to free your mind, or take a dump. rejuvenate

  • Deven Dean
    Deven Dean Hour ago

    You gotta have read or seen dbz to know the side quest start and end me at least

  • Patrick Rasmussen

    Gamestop in Denmark is closing All their stores.

  • TurtlesPW
    TurtlesPW Hour ago

    Friend: dude why haven’t you completed botw yet? My brain: don’t tell him I reload my save every time I miss a shot with my bow Me: ummm

  • SuperTime2Change

    I'm OK with waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. I rather they get things right than release a lemon.

  • Killjoy
    Killjoy Hour ago

    I think a more IMPORTANT one is beam struggles mid battle.

  • Troy Lewis
    Troy Lewis Hour ago

    I'm a hands on learner. I do better learning on my own than by the tutorial.

  • Isaiah Skipper
    Isaiah Skipper Hour ago

    The earliest stim chest that you can get isn't on zeffo, it's on bogano. You can get it right after you get the wall run ability.

  • Sergio Guzman713

    Dose did dbz game tell you db story or just dbz

  • Harper Evelyn
    Harper Evelyn Hour ago

    splendid Games

  • redpanda416
    redpanda416 Hour ago

    Let's be real, I'm not getting the game for its gameplay, I'm getting the game to relive my childhood.

  • Raptor Swire
    Raptor Swire Hour ago

    look how many of these are needed for console players and nothing for PC, because PC has it sorted

  • TheComedy Ketzer

    Me right after Bogano seeing that Zeffo is the next main in the quest line: Welp better go to Dathomir! Me after slaughtering everthing on Dathomir: Ah yes, puny imps! Quiver before the wrath of my dual sword!

  • Scott Shott
    Scott Shott Hour ago

    I made it to fortnite being called a good game.... Then I got my ass outta here.

  • CsSwagaG3
    CsSwagaG3 Hour ago

    They not even online racing

  • BoozleTown
    BoozleTown Hour ago

    still waiting for persona 5 pc.

  • machina188
    machina188 Hour ago

    "A game that starts after the end of Dragonball that recounts the origins of Dragonball" What the fuck lmao

  • Jackson Mitton
    Jackson Mitton Hour ago

    Soooo excited for cyberpunk 2077!

  • SpaxeFN
    SpaxeFN Hour ago

    I f**ked my Xbox one

  • matthew church
    matthew church Hour ago

    it's like how cable tv channels are making there own site's like netflix so now all games companies are doing what steam make there own and do like the tv channels did to netflix take there stuff off them site and have it just on there own like disney has done so to put it short all the own of the stuff want to make more money of there stuff by making it the only way to get there stuff is just from them killing things like netflix and steam and so on and so on

  • rae g.
    rae g. Hour ago

    biggest mistake starting a new game with no memory card thinking you wont make it very far then getting the furthest youve ever gotten and now you cant turn off the console for fear of losing your progress haha

  • MVegetto1
    MVegetto1 Hour ago

    The mounted gun has infinite ammo because they are surrounded by magic sandbags

  • Red's sinful snek

    The same thing that happened to the OUYA

  • Anthony Anderson

    Never mentioned the playback for the PlayStation. That was awesome play my old out of date games on my new console. PS 3 and PS 4 doesn't have it but some how, somehow ps 2 had it. The good old days.

  • Nate Schlueb
    Nate Schlueb Hour ago

    The animation and dialogue for opening crates doesn't bug me so much, but Cal saying the dialogue while BD1 is already in there bugs me. The crate will be shaking and he'll go, "BD1, in here!" Another thing I'm not a huge fan of is the ending. No spoilers, but I didn't really like it.

  • Majik Messiah
    Majik Messiah Hour ago

    #10 Never played Control but I know that character is from a Gorillaz music video

  • Joshy D. Gadey
    Joshy D. Gadey Hour ago

    What dragon ball z kakarot teaches us is that it is possible to fish with a butt plug.

  • PuR3 G0LD
    PuR3 G0LD Hour ago

    That headset he showed at the beginning was the first headset I had😂 Best 12 dollars I’ve spent.

  • Death Scythe
    Death Scythe Hour ago

    I mean same fucking story over n over again

  • Hikaru shidou
    Hikaru shidou Hour ago

    I was hoping this game would been co-pp so me and a friend could go tho this together

  • Lord Infamous
    Lord Infamous Hour ago

    i loved that episode honestly.

  • Vereginny
    Vereginny Hour ago

    You just sold me this game !

  • David Lane
    David Lane Hour ago

    I never understood the whole "hey this switch port of a previous generation game plays surprisingly OK!" mentality... The switch is more powerful than previous generation consoles. It shouldn't be surprising at all that a last get port runs well Also, a wonderful little barely-mentioned bonus to Skyrim on Switch is that lockpicking actually feels like an engaging mini game due to HD rumble. And the gyro aiming, of course. Does that make it worth ANOTHER 60$? kind of a hard sell, but I did buy it. Begrudgingly.

  • Atsuko Kagari
    Atsuko Kagari Hour ago

    "You know that filler episode of DBZ that everyone hates?" ... Excuse me? Hu-what?!

  • Skylayne won
    Skylayne won Hour ago

    Snacher from gears of war 4 so op

  • Matthew Butts
    Matthew Butts Hour ago

    I have the hardest time deciding which set of events I should unfold first. Is it better to choose a side in the civil war early in the game and play that through or is it better to wait that part out?

  • ShadowReaper21
    ShadowReaper21 Hour ago

    I love how they implimented zenkai into the game

  • Jackson Mitton
    Jackson Mitton Hour ago

    Ik spoilers in thumbnails SO OBNOXIOUS Like I DONT CARE you reaction to jar jar: sith Lord eternal (don't worry not real final boss) final boss twist, most of us are still working on the game!

  • Isaac
    Isaac Hour ago

    Highly realistic racing game: Shows Forza Motorsport 7

  • John Capobianco
    John Capobianco Hour ago

    The more I play the game the more i like it. It starts very basic and continually adds more depth to the gameplay. However.... As much as i love this...this game would be so much better ad an MMO. I love the world, the fights, the graphics, the story. I just wish I could use this world as a seamless map and with tons of people flying around. I also use to play dragon ball online and flying around with others is just a blast.

  • Bmzcabana
    Bmzcabana Hour ago

    What's with thr mr Rodgers thing i was wondering if he was gonna ask me to be his neighbor.

  • Trayvon Alston
    Trayvon Alston 2 hours ago

    I downloaded it today and spent hours just exploring and collecting unecessary things and i just got to namek love the game Wish the its over 9000 was in ths game lol

  • Lexi
    Lexi 2 hours ago

    "Go out. Attack. DO IT!" Alright, if you say so.