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  • Danny The Spider
    Danny The Spider 2 months ago


  • larry the loser
    larry the loser 2 months ago

    ahhhhh my pant

  • Madeleine PH
    Madeleine PH 2 months ago

    Congrats on trending. don't forget us chief

  • TauOverlord
    TauOverlord 2 months ago

    we've come to suckle at the teat of greatness

  • CptJagger
    CptJagger 2 months ago

    i just simultaneously got jew'd and yamaka'd

  • BungSam
    BungSam 2 months ago

    when I heard you made another channel I got scared that 123 got deleted. Please don't fuck up and lose all of those stupid videos forever Sam I really liked a few of them. I am excited to see what other racial stereotypes you can exploit for youtube revenue in the future.

  • Chuching 124
    Chuching 124 2 months ago

    Hey Sam can I get unbanned from your Discord please, I don't know why I was banned.

  • ItsKMT
    ItsKMT 2 months ago

    Creamed a little when i saw a 2nd Channel. You owe me new pants.

  • Misterthatman
    Misterthatman 2 months ago

    50th Subscriber. Hell Ye boi