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  • izoyt
    izoyt 2 hours ago

    they should make a sequence of this. a lot of bs apple did after 2012..

  • Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews 3 hours ago

    How do you guys have 610K subs but have like 10K views a video?

  • CyLo
    CyLo 3 hours ago

    Dude, what just went wrong that you had to send that great channel to hell... I still love watching old video, this was one of the, if not the best tech channel, with great videos and very usefull content, made that way that even longer videos (10+ min) were easy to look and interesting all the way till end...

  • glurak
    glurak 4 hours ago

    Hi the Superlux 681 still recommended in nearly 2020? Im looking for nice headphones for gaming and casually music/youtube

  • Kwakib Monaf
    Kwakib Monaf 4 hours ago

    i still believe in you Logan

  • Ciprian
    Ciprian 6 hours ago

    thanks, it worked

  • AlphaPhiOmega99 A
    AlphaPhiOmega99 A 10 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Tesfalegn Tadesse
    Tesfalegn Tadesse 11 hours ago

    thank so much for your brief explanation !!

  • cheater feet
    cheater feet Day ago

    My funny senses are tingling. Something tells me this guy doesnt game 8+ hours a day.. hmm

  • FeelingShred
    FeelingShred Day ago

    idea for a video: is it possible to switch an entire motherboard in a laptop to obtain a different CPU socket? I have a 10 year old laptop that works insanely great but I'm stuck with socket PGA 478 incredibly restrictive when it comes to upgrades

  • John Ji
    John Ji Day ago

    Out of loop What's up with the hair?

  • Suuperflie
    Suuperflie Day ago

    What is the point of 11 fans if none of them can breathe?. I don't see a single vent on that case except for the rear exhaust. What a horrible design!

  • FeelingShred
    FeelingShred Day ago

    1st time on this channel.... Respect for mentioning Linux =D

  • Aide Amaya
    Aide Amaya Day ago

    Is Canon a good camera for good photography?

  • Sardor Play
    Sardor Play Day ago

    How much you pay hyper x beach blu yety best moda fucker

  • TheHeavyshooter

    I'm colorblind and these cables are a living hell for me

  • MrBroxMan
    MrBroxMan Day ago

    1.4kg. oof

  • Andreas Najdovski

    bro it is PMW not PWM

  • journeyquest1
    journeyquest1 Day ago

    No, no not another bearded hipster photographer?

  • Scholar Deville
    Scholar Deville 2 days ago

    god i miss this fucking show.........

  • dastardlyman
    dastardlyman 2 days ago

    good video

  • Judahgames
    Judahgames 2 days ago

    3:20 HUH finalmouse air 58 is not 100 WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT 0:00 HUH NINJA AIR 58 IS LIGHTER i got the model o bc i couldnt afford the freaking ebay ninja air 58s or i would have gotten that bc i think it looks cooler ive never had any other colored mouse but black so having cbb or cbr Cherry blossum Blue Or cherry blossem red would be cooler bc i can look on my desk and i just see black and white so having a different color would be cooler.

  • Masheen
    Masheen 2 days ago

    Been using that case for a while. I do love it. freedom comes with a price haha.

  • Steven
    Steven 2 days ago

    This just goes to show how a good thumbnail can give so many view to a garbage video.

  • bandgeekforever100
    bandgeekforever100 2 days ago

    I'm looking at getting the wired version with the Creative Labs SoundblasterX G6. I'm play mostly FPS games. Is there anything else you would recommend? I don't play in a noisy environment and its pretty much mostly for gaming and watching TheXvid

  • Eric Bell
    Eric Bell 2 days ago

    Once you install it and see how robust it is... you'll wonder why it's not more popular. If you're in IT... 10 seconds in you can tell your looking at the real deal. Windows + Android for me... I wonder abut the iOS version because of high tight apple holds cards to vest but. Independent review, I'm nobody but a bored security/IT/professional. A lot of this stuff ppl like me do anyway... just manually. This makes it so I can just throw it on say my Grandma's computer and I know she won't click something silly and get her credit card stolen(She's notorious, luckily they're good customers and always get everything back once reported :]...)

  • redneck1st
    redneck1st 2 days ago

    That looks like the Coolermaster case for which I bought

  • Rumple
    Rumple 2 days ago

    What's that keyboard you have? The lights are mesmerising.

  • tHaH4x0r
    tHaH4x0r 2 days ago

    I had SE215s and although the sound quality is excellent, and for me the earplugs were actually pretty good, I wouldn't recommend them. That is purely because they are not robust. The connector gets dirty after use with some sort of oxide, and its nearly impossible to get off. Because the plugs themselves can rotate around the cord, this can give super annoying intermittent sounds and scratching too. My current set of in-ears (and the next ones too) are with non detachable cables.

  • Matin Malik
    Matin Malik 2 days ago

    Dont fall for this he is Pennywise the pc technician.

  • tcntad
    tcntad 2 days ago

    Crack Windows? Lol

  • Kalenna
    Kalenna 2 days ago

    OMG, this is an amazing keyboard, not only perfect for coffee time, but also drive away people we don't like by turning on those annoying sounds.

  • BushwickBill
    BushwickBill 2 days ago

    nice soccer mom hairstyle

  • BushwickBill
    BushwickBill 2 days ago

    same keys are sold on ebay for $3

    • tcntad
      tcntad 2 days ago

      You're probably lucky if it works

  • Brett
    Brett 2 days ago

    I very much didn't want to spend an entire Saturday afternoon just to flip that motherboard tray around, but it looks so good. If this video was out 6 months ago I might have went with another case. That said I do really like this case and it makes my system extremely quiet. Also my fan controller was DOA from Amazon, I RMA'd it and they sent me a working one.

  • Old Wes
    Old Wes 3 days ago

    Oh jesus you live in Portland. I'm so sorry.

    ASRENR 3 days ago

    Is this keyboard mechanical?

    PEPERONI XD 3 days ago

    PLEASE, can someone tell me how can I put working the three rotarys switches ?

  • Deathignator
    Deathignator 3 days ago

    I miss the old Tek Syndicate...

    • Silky_
      Silky_ 2 days ago

      Geraint Davies same here

    • Geraint Davies
      Geraint Davies 3 days ago

      lol, i just came here to check out wtf is going on and the dude has Kat williams hair.

  • BrysNightWorld
    BrysNightWorld 3 days ago

    Been looking at new cases for my PC. I've been using the nzxt gamma case since 2013. But I've seen the Xbox one x go for the price of this case xD

  • CoffinKid1
    CoffinKid1 3 days ago

    You can't just open the video with the entire peel! You gotta cut the video a third of the way through to keep people watching!

  • redux
    redux 3 days ago

    pls pls pls shave your head

  • Alexander Popov
    Alexander Popov 3 days ago

    I use Version 1 of this case reverting it completely. Very nice solid case, but requires patience when building inside it.

  • ZachFB Studios
    ZachFB Studios 3 days ago

    The $1.50 WIN 10 pro keys on ebay work well too just sayin

  • Craig Lillie
    Craig Lillie 3 days ago

    Shouldn't this case be called Be Asphyxiated? ;)

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 3 days ago

    Nice case!

  • ادع الی سبیل ربك

    internet explorer

  • Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson 3 days ago

    Is it the lighting or are those highlights in your hair?

    • Ward Hale
      Ward Hale 3 days ago

      We have a fancy light behind me

  • 6 Max Grinder
    6 Max Grinder 3 days ago

    Bloody brilliant!

  • Edward Balboa
    Edward Balboa 4 days ago

    Great presenter

  • Neil Carvalho
    Neil Carvalho 4 days ago

    Is there a 15.6 inch laptop that we can upgrade like this?

  • Scott D
    Scott D 4 days ago

    Excellent video! After 10 years of being "dormant" I made a few cables the other night and surprised myself! Only thing I did wrong was use Cat-5 ends on Cat-6 cable (still worked though).

  • H930
    H930 4 days ago

    Thank you for the review. You was very informative but if you were to recommend a 1080p 144hz monitor for a streamer who is always into competitive which monitor would you suggest? I need something fast. I’ll be running a 3900x and 2070 super.

  • Felix Green
    Felix Green 4 days ago

    Who is the tool wearing sunglasses inside. (Probably because he doesnt like ring lights or whatever, but. Cmon.)

  • Herv
    Herv 4 days ago

    I noticed that a lot of people use the B standard (Orange white, orange,ect.) but I always use the A standard(Green white, green, orange white, ect.) Are there any advantages to the B standard compared to the A?

  • gameboy881
    gameboy881 4 days ago

    For the T450 trackpad issue, I followed this and had the driver installed within a couples of minutes! It's perfect! blogs.ethz.ch/heim/2017/01/02/enhance-a-thinkpad-t440p-with-physical-trackpoint-buttons/

  • LAKings99
    LAKings99 5 days ago

    How would you compare this to the 570. Is it worth the extra $400?

  • Mike Wong Hong Kee
    Mike Wong Hong Kee 5 days ago

    Great company with great products ☝️😎

  • Nixie Pixel
    Nixie Pixel 5 days ago

    Logan Juliani 2020 Edit: Skelator is life

    ZAICROME ZERO 5 days ago

    yo dude its been 7 years you still alive or what ???

  • Aut Tark
    Aut Tark 5 days ago

    Nice! I got one here in europe as new for €225 :1080p, 8gb, 4300M, backlit keyboard. Installed my old 256gb plextor ssd and voila . happy. The dual core is fine for me i run linux n working with gimp its fast. I am always mobile with it so a quadcore upgrade meh isnt a good idea i guess. The T440p is a monster with a 35 watt haswell that kills anything in its path even in 2020. cheers :D

  • James Morrison
    James Morrison 5 days ago

    Are you the illegitimate son of Alex Jones?

  • James Morrison
    James Morrison 5 days ago

    1:04 dude, your house is on fire...

  • James Morrison
    James Morrison 5 days ago

    "in tents"...hardy har..i get it.

  • Looney L
    Looney L 5 days ago

    you should remake this video in engish

    • Looney L
      Looney L 5 days ago

      Its cuz im absolutely new at this and i dont know what your talking about

  • Jules Gifford
    Jules Gifford 6 days ago

    What is your obsession with satanism?

  • TheBoxfitter
    TheBoxfitter 6 days ago

    I'm thinking about buying this case. However, I believe he has the dimensions wrong in inches, (@ 0:38 he states 22.4 x 9.7 x 2.2 inches). That would make it a very odd case indeed.

  • No Tracks
    No Tracks 6 days ago

    So is streaming the games from another computer the only way to play games on a Steam box?

  • House Bellator
    House Bellator 6 days ago

    These fucking comments 😅😅😅

  • Hermetic Dragon
    Hermetic Dragon 6 days ago

    The wrist rest is there for using the keyboard on your lap.

  • Amyprof
    Amyprof 6 days ago

    Watching it in 2019, nice explanation, thanks!

  • Green Keegan
    Green Keegan 6 days ago

    I got a job as a photographer for my local ford dealership. I really have very little to no experience with photography, so this helped me so much. I took notes, this could be my career now 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • BB Guitar
    BB Guitar 6 days ago

    I am trying to add the Transcend 512GB M.2 SSD as shown here. The t440p recognizes the drive, but once it is installed, the wireless adapter seems to disappear. Removing the SSD gets the wireless back. Any thoughts?

  • Maxim Carrier
    Maxim Carrier 7 days ago

    I put in the display. I checked the model and it's the same in the video. My screen is very dim and I need a flashlight to barely see the screen. How do I fix this?

  • thameera rohan
    thameera rohan 7 days ago

    Best tips for photograpers thexvid.com/video/K522RjPybXk/video.html

  • MyrKnof
    MyrKnof 7 days ago

    That motherboard only got HDMI 1.4 though.. I want 4k60 HDR in my mediacenter, at the least :/

  • Jason Manning
    Jason Manning 7 days ago

    Did anyone else notice, but at 21:18, when he is talking about upgrading the keyboard he said "small indentations at the bottom of the keyboard that are just big enough for a small Phillips head screwdriver" then proceeds to use two small flathead screwdrivers to remove the keyboard.

  • BrooklynDay
    BrooklynDay 7 days ago

    The edifier?

  • Joey Jeanes
    Joey Jeanes 7 days ago

    Do you think that a stock one of these with an i5 and 8gb would play d3 solo on 720 with decent fps? Just wanting to be able to play again while I wait on upgrades.

  • Panzerino02
    Panzerino02 7 days ago

    Your Linux driver's problems with the trackpad are solved in this way: Creating a file at /etc/modprobe.d/psmouse.conf containing the single line: options psmouse proto=imps After rebooting the buttons would now work as expected, I then needed to set up middle button scrolling. To do this I created a file at /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/90-evdev.conf with the contents: Section "InputClass" Identifier "Touchpad/TrackPoint" MatchProduct "PS/2 Synaptics TouchPad" MatchDriver "evdev" Option "EmulateWheel" "1" Option "EmulateWheelButton" "2" Option "Emulate3Buttons" "0" Option "XAxisMapping" "6 7" Option "YAxisMapping" "4 5" EndSection

  • Grové Erasmus
    Grové Erasmus 7 days ago

    I bought a 144hz monitor and for the life of me can't notice the difference between 60Hz vs 144Hz. ViewSonic VX2758. Tested in Destiny 2, and some other games. Gfx card Geforce 1660Ti + Ryzen 1600X + 32Gb Ram + M.2 drive.

  • gregoriodia
    gregoriodia 8 days ago

    Cable management thou...

  • ccricers
    ccricers 8 days ago

    I have a T430 and you can use the same LCD panel, but you need a $60 controller board to make it work :o

  • John Loeung
    John Loeung 8 days ago

    Just bought and tinkered with one of these. DEFINITELY worth. It was 200$ t440p with a 4900mq and the 730m. Proceeded to throw a 256gig m.2 and 1080p screen for another 100. BUT looking recently, the only t440ps on sale now are base models or overpriced "refurbished" models. If you could find a 4 core t440p for less than 250, you want something to tinker with, dont mind a thiccc machine and are looking for a machine capable of playing skyrim then this would be something to consider, not to mention the prodock and the keyboard. ( though the fn and ctrl keys should be switched and it urks me so very much)

  • Lars Hollander
    Lars Hollander 8 days ago

    This must be the most bug-littered app I have ever used

  • Willie Fufu
    Willie Fufu 8 days ago

    I appreciate your Video, thinking about learning this actually made my head hurt, but not I see the light, thank you.

  • amazdrm
    amazdrm 8 days ago

    My first comment under this channel. Thank you for you detailed video! In terms of using 4910MQ, what kind of power adapter to use, 135w or higher? Please advise.

  • Regan On Wheels
    Regan On Wheels 8 days ago

    The best explanation I've ever seen. You guys are the best

  • Mohd Abrar
    Mohd Abrar 8 days ago

    Hello everyone. Just now, I cleaned the cpu fan. I take out the fan from the cpu, but i forgot to apply thermal paste on that plate. Then i turned on my pc. Is my processor possibly to damage?

  • GG bayyy
    GG bayyy 8 days ago

    2:55 teamtrees.org/

    • PGB ,
      PGB , 8 days ago

      also thought about that

  • Juice Pouch
    Juice Pouch 8 days ago

    Is it the 4gb version of the rx 550?

  • M.D. Beltran
    M.D. Beltran 9 days ago

    Bokah? It's Bokeh, pronounced "Bo Kay."

  • Alexander Min
    Alexander Min 9 days ago

    Thank you bro..without your proper guidline. I could not be doing that by myself. You helped me!!!

  • Sdref
    Sdref 9 days ago

    i went to comment section to read jokes

  • Tiago Henrique
    Tiago Henrique 9 days ago

    da muita diferenca entre o i5 eo i7 amigo

  • Dylan Maxwell
    Dylan Maxwell 10 days ago

    Chef Syndicate.

  • schmudge
    schmudge 10 days ago

    so wanted to hear the rest of the intro music of Ep 0152 completed :( hint hint Logan ),

  • Adam Dunne
    Adam Dunne 10 days ago

    Great video!

  • Danny L
    Danny L 10 days ago

    I used the asrock windows 7 usb 3.0 patcher on my deskmini 110 and it worked to allow me to install windows 7 OS, however once it was installed then none of the usb ports worked anymore. Do you have any ideas how to get the usb ports working?

  • ccricers
    ccricers 10 days ago

    So either this or the AOC C24G1, what to buy