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  • rollcanja
    rollcanja Hour ago

    Logan of TigerDirect that you bruh? 😦

  • Night
    Night 4 hours ago

    Do more hardware reviews. Let go of the old days and deal with what’s in front of you. Feels like things have lost their way, least you’re still uploading but I know you can do better. Live to your potential man.

  • Dimitris Kougioumtzis
    Dimitris Kougioumtzis 13 hours ago

    can i install e-atx 12 inch x 10.9 inch ( 30.5 cm x 27.7 cm )

  • Ranbir Kaur
    Ranbir Kaur 14 hours ago

    Thank you so much for providing such cool information. It is really easy to understand. Thanks 😊

  • Majestros
    Majestros 15 hours ago

    Razer products don't last very long. That is the real difference

  • Pete Gregory
    Pete Gregory 15 hours ago

    I want to upgrade the GPU in my 2012 5,1 with a GTX680 metal in order do install Mohave. Can I simply use the existing power cable from the oem card or do I need another special cable. The GTX 680 I just purchased came with no cables.

  • Cameron George
    Cameron George 17 hours ago

    How much did it cost

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 18 hours ago

    how many idiots on the world will buy 3600x or 3700x to play on 720p low with high end cards especially !!?? this channel are stupid !! next time play on 240p or 480p too with rtx 2080/ti

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 18 hours ago

    buying 3600x ,3700x or 3900x only for gaming over r5 3600 are nothing then stupid move of foolish peoples!! as i see on many benches even 3900x give barrelly 2-5% more fps over r5 3600 on 1080p with high end cards

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 18 hours ago

    3600x are nothing then waste of 50$ more for X letter and for 50mhz more and you can oclock r5 3600 too or for that 50$ more you could buy preety good cooler for r5 3600 or more ram or more capacity storage and so on

    ELECTRO MEG 19 hours ago

    No egpu?

    ELECTRO MEG 19 hours ago

    1866mhz ram?is it compatible?

  • Peter Fitzwell
    Peter Fitzwell 21 hour ago

    I lather my sack with thermal paste and then tea bag my cpu.

  • peter pam
    peter pam 21 hour ago

    in 20yrs psych's will be very busy with personality disorders !

  • Joel Crocker
    Joel Crocker Day ago

    you have to make a police report that the item was stolen off your front porch, & give amazon the claim number to get your refund

  • Eduardo Quintero

    Is anyone else having problems muting the mic on ps4?

  • carson mayo
    carson mayo Day ago

    So fucking freaked out rn because I use TOR .

  • halistine jenkins

    good stuff

  • redraidermathias

    I'm probably gonna get the 3700X. By the time I start buying parts for the rig (December/January), the CPU's price will probably drop making it even a better deal.

  • dastardlyman
    dastardlyman Day ago

    ohh im liking this ! that 440p laptop video was great now another good video

  • Jonny B
    Jonny B Day ago

    Indeed. Corporations will take the place of governments here in a few generations at this rate. They already bought and paid for the federal government. They're even slowly taking over the government services.

  • Angie Linza
    Angie Linza Day ago

    thank you!!

  • Marco Cruz
    Marco Cruz Day ago

    The Best demonstration of each settings we need to take pictures, thank you guys.

    TYLER BATOR Day ago

    I am more focused on the picture on the right. Is that your dad's uncle's brother but half brother's dog's mom that is owned by a ferret?

  • crpains13 crpains13

    isplayPort Cable,Capshi 4K DP Cable Nylon Braided -(4K@144Hz, 4K@60Hz, 2K@165Hz) Gold-Plated DP to DP Cable Ultra High Speed Display Port Cable 10ft for Laptop PC TV etc- Gaming Monitor Cable

  • Shadow
    Shadow Day ago


  • Norman Rand Wolfe

    Where for Epic can I buy games at approximately 75% discount all year round (25% to 35% during the pre-launch and the first two weeks)? For Steam, I have G2A and Kinguin. Games for Epic are at most 10% off, even games which launched almost a year ago... That's my main issue. Also, your many "tourist" visits to PR China must only include the huge "double system" (4 or 5, not including HK) cities. You forgot to mention that around 70% of the Chinese People (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) live bellow UN's stated "Poverty Level", the huge pollution, which I didn't even see in the West during the 70s and 80s. You also seem to have forgotten that having a VPN (personally, I use two) is illegal and punished by prison time and that their fabulous "Social Shamming/ Social Credits" can destroy the lives of those who say something inappropriate, use an app they are not supposed to, or openly criticise the obnoxious conditions under which the vast majority of the population live under. But, of course, as a "tourist" who probably doesn't leave his hotel complex, you wouldn't know that.

  • Brent Ford
    Brent Ford Day ago

    I'm an IT Administrator. I'm sorry...

  • P.Y Lulandala
    P.Y Lulandala 2 days ago

    Thank you, I got something

    BOOM ERANG 2 days ago

    sweet intro

  • Matthew McConico
    Matthew McConico 2 days ago

    *OH GOD WHY*

  • S31Syntax
    S31Syntax 2 days ago

    I know I'm late to this show but I can't get over you using a GPU as a DAMN COASTER

  • On Air Mastering
    On Air Mastering 2 days ago

    Nice Dragon from Golden Axe in the intro.

  • FrantikDisarray
    FrantikDisarray 2 days ago

    Saw some Windir on your playlist, hail Death.FM

  • joebakb
    joebakb 2 days ago

    I'm guessing the 3400G doesn't get the 13% better IPC since it's built on last gen's architecture? That might be some of the reason for the disparities your seeing in the gaming benchmarks instead of the core count.

  • HuskyTech
    HuskyTech 2 days ago

    Thank you for the Ryzen Showdown! Reminds me of the 8350 to 3570k comparison video. I also have fond memories of Logan's coverage of all the 8800 GTs back in the day. :')

  • JJ 101
    JJ 101 2 days ago

    I got the 3700x cuz I felt since I already had a r5 1600 and the new consoles being 8 cores I didn't want to update again for 5 years if possible. Also I do some other things that do like threads occasionally

  • the one you dont see

    4666 would be an epic licence plate!

  • Ryan Pruske
    Ryan Pruske 2 days ago

    Is this stock? Turbo mode? Custom overclocked?

  • Sarge Speaking
    Sarge Speaking 2 days ago

    Are any of these going to bottleneck a 2080?

    • Mr11ESSE111
      Mr11ESSE111 18 hours ago

      3400G maybe and others bottleneck rtx 2080 same as 9900k or 9700k

  • EresTremulant
    EresTremulant 2 days ago

    I wish Starcraft 2 was featured more often in benchmarks. It's an old game at this point, but it's still incredibly taxing on the CPU.

  • Michael Tschuertz
    Michael Tschuertz 2 days ago

    Still on 6700k. Waiting for 2020.

  • Liam Johnson
    Liam Johnson 2 days ago

    First Tek Syndicate video in a while that's made it to my subscription box!

  • kingsizemedal
    kingsizemedal 2 days ago

    Comparing the 3400G to the 3600X and 3700X is kind of weird, though, as it's still based on Zen+ instead of Zen2. I understand, since there are no quad-core Zen2 CPUs, but it would've been fairer to compare 2400G, 2600, and 2700.

  • Tauorca's Channel
    Tauorca's Channel 2 days ago

    This video was very helpful. Might be finally upgrade my good ole Intel i7 960... Putting a 2070ti on it was overkill to say the least lol

  • Michal Slavík
    Michal Slavík 2 days ago

    When the best gaming cpus got barely 30fps in many games, those were dark times.

  • Luke White
    Luke White 2 days ago

    You and Paul from Pauls hardware are the sexist techtubers on youtube, not even Lauren from Tasty PC is as sexy as you two!

  • ArJuN AJ
    ArJuN AJ 2 days ago

    can you please more details about that other trackpad, and it's config in linux because i use mainly Linux on my laptops, would be awesome

  • Alexander Yordanov
    Alexander Yordanov 2 days ago

    Witcher 3 always loved cores and threads lol. It just depends on where you test it.

  • Bilal Khan
    Bilal Khan 2 days ago

    Logan needs to do more reviews! 😁

  • Ricardo Zapata
    Ricardo Zapata 3 days ago

    I bought mine today on Amazon for 25.

  • peter parker aka Spider-man the hero

    I would get a T530 thinkpad with usb 3.0

  • SanteeNL
    SanteeNL 3 days ago

    Need 1% and 0,1% lows!

    • Christian Perez
      Christian Perez Day ago

      @madmax2069 I never said it did. I was just agreeing with the OP

    • madmax2069
      madmax2069 Day ago

      @Christian Perez the 1% and 0.1% doesn't paint a full picture either.

    • Christian Perez
      Christian Perez Day ago

      Yeah Average fps only paints a fraction of the picture

  • North Southy
    North Southy 3 days ago

    Great video, thanks

  • Mr. Some Gamer Dude

    If my computer decide to kick the bucket (which I'm hoping it doesn't yet). I'm leaning toward the 3800x (due to a sale at my local computer store (small mom & pop like store) where 3700x & 3800x is only $50 difference compare to $80, plus a small discount on selected compatible MB)

  • Dollar Bill
    Dollar Bill 3 days ago

    NOBODY should follow this ametuer guide. Please note that the entire process for cat 6 termination is 95% incorrect and 100% moronic

  • ShiggitayMedia
    ShiggitayMedia 3 days ago

    I recently upgraded from an Intel Core i7 3770k (4C/8T) to an AMD Ryzen 5 3600X (6C/12T) and it's night and day in terms of performance. As TheCouchTripper said about his 3600 my 3600X works great for everything I do. I don't really game, but I occasionally edit video and it chews through that task. I sort of kicked myself in the balls for not spending the additional $100 for a 3700X, but I can get one of those later down the line if I want to. I'd love to have a 3900X for its beastly 12C/24T prowess, but that'd be more overkill than the 3600X is for me as is. Lastly, I've hackintoshed this baby as well. AMD Hackintoshing has gotten to the point where basically all you need to do (besides having the proper kext files in place) is patch the kernel at boot time, and BOOM to macOS it's like any old generic Intel system. It's beautiful. Anyway, great video as always.

    • ShiggitayMedia
      ShiggitayMedia 2 days ago

      @Bo Shumok So true, but I really want a 3900X for its 12C/24T prowess... I guess I'll wait for it come down in price a bit.

    • Bo Shumok
      Bo Shumok 2 days ago

      You might even find a new 4900X in a couple years at reduced prices after the 5000 series comes out.

  • Gixxer983
    Gixxer983 3 days ago

    Finaly a GOOD video ! Gj

  • Peso Mistic
    Peso Mistic 3 days ago

    i'm getting the 3400g for my camera system

  • ColtaineCrows
    ColtaineCrows 3 days ago

    I'm probably getting a 3900X or 3950X when I pull the trigger on my next upgrade, since I'm currently using a 2700X those are the only two that offer any significant upgrades in performance.

  • Captain Yapper
    Captain Yapper 3 days ago

    Smokey finish.

  • Eric
    Eric 3 days ago

    I saw you at Ground Kontrol last week lol. What cpu should I pair with a Quadro P5000 btw?

    • Tek Syndicate
      Tek Syndicate 3 days ago

      @Eric The 3700X will be a huge upgrade and still leave room for you to get a motherboard. amzn.to/32G0CQa If you need ram too, get the 3600X, 16 GB of ram (or 32 if you can), then a motherboard. amzn.to/2O2DOGh

    • Eric
      Eric 3 days ago

      @Tek Syndicate I am a Maya user and the budget would be about 400 ish for just the cpu. My build is horribly un-balanced currently with an FX-8350 and a P5000 and 16gb of ddr3

    • Tek Syndicate
      Tek Syndicate 3 days ago

      Awesome! I remember. So, what's the budget and what programs will you be using mostly?

  • CyAaron Nava
    CyAaron Nava 3 days ago

    You know you can take the gpu heatsink off right??? Just saw the age of the video. Nvm

  • MetallicBlade
    MetallicBlade 3 days ago

    Will you be also testing the 3900X/3950X in the future?

  • thiscouldntblowmore

    Answer is Ryzen 5 3600, not with the X.

  • EvilJagan
    EvilJagan 3 days ago

    I just bought the 3700x. I just rendered a 45 minute video in handbrake in like 6 minutes. That would have taken HOURS on my i5 4690k.

  • GoblinPhreak
    GoblinPhreak 3 days ago

    this video brings me back to 2011 you, when you did 8350 vs 3770k also, waiting for 3850x, reeeee

    • Michal Slavík
      Michal Slavík Day ago

      @GoblinPhreak Exactly. Appreciate the ending, spot on brother.

    • GoblinPhreak
      GoblinPhreak 2 days ago

      @GallopingWalrus to be fair, it did. it was only slightly behind the 3770k and was 150 bucks cheaper.... not to mention multitasking was better for having 8 real cores vs 4 cores 8 threads.... the 8350 in 2012/2013 was a beast. it was after that when people starting meme-ing how bulldozer sucked. at its launch, it was a fantastic product. 8350 for 200 bucks? CHEAP. along with a CHEAP motherboard, and CHEAP ram, yeah the 3770k was faster, but 150 more, plus about 75 bucks MORE for a quality intel motherboard, and about the same for ram.... it was just cheaper. to me it did disrupt the market. all these shills online who love intel and hate amd will call bulldozer a failure, it was great. the main issue is, the 8350/9590 was the LAST mainstream cpu AMD had until ryzen in 2017, so for 4-5 years AMD had nothing to play with on the high end, as they were doing mostly APU releases at that point.... for the time of the cpu, it was great. sure 2-3 years later if you picked up the 8350 over an i5/i7 4000 or 5000 series you were a moron..... always get whats newer and faster and at that point there were intel similar priced that had similar if not better performance..... people just wanna bash on AMD instead of living in the real world, like liberals not living in the real world.

    • Michal Slavík
      Michal Slavík 2 days ago

      I just rewatched the video and the high end cpus/gpus at that time were struggling to get 30fps at 1080p? We really take for granted today's gaming performance, wow.

  • José Roger Tintaya Quispe

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my ryzen 3400g processor and my ASUS Prime b450m motherboard. And when I turn on my PC, the Mouse and keyboard freezes

  • James Smith
    James Smith 3 days ago

    This SOB has a huge forehead.

    • Tazboy
      Tazboy 2 days ago

      Long time i have not watch his video

    • Ryan Pruske
      Ryan Pruske 2 days ago


    • kt cool
      kt cool 3 days ago

      Nah, that's just receding hair line.

  • Shinukage
    Shinukage 3 days ago

    I have a 3600 x paired with a vega 64 nitro on an x 470 f gaming

  • jwdickieson
    jwdickieson 3 days ago

    Were you running Doom in vulkan?

    • Tek Syndicate
      Tek Syndicate 3 days ago

      Yes, forgot to mention that. Vulkan is the ONLY way to run doom.

  • Valter Baessa
    Valter Baessa 3 days ago

    How about the 3800x? O.o

    • Valter Baessa
      Valter Baessa 2 days ago

      I actually wanted to say 3900x cuz it has even more cores. Woups

    • Ryan Pruske
      Ryan Pruske 2 days ago

      @conyo985 I want to see the numbers

    • ColtaineCrows
      ColtaineCrows 3 days ago

      Performance gains over the 3700X is at best 3%, the 3800X doesn't make sense in the consumer space. It does however have two better binned CCDs when compared to the 3700X. That might in theory make it better for overclockers, but since Zen2 is already right up there against silicon limits, it's only really for LN2 OCing.

    • conyo985
      conyo985 3 days ago

      That's lame. You pay more with a little performance gain over the 3700X.

  • thecouchtripper
    thecouchtripper 3 days ago

    I recently got the standard 3600 and it's great for everything.

    • thecouchtripper
      thecouchtripper Day ago

      @Negative Zero That's what I guessed when buying. It's so good on its own that another 5-10% on top is basically meaningless.

    • Negative Zero
      Negative Zero 2 days ago

      Because $50 mark up on the cost of the cpu for the performance over the 3600 isn't worth it.

    • Manuel P.
      Manuel P. 2 days ago

      ​@Negative Zero why? Did you not activate PBO?

    • Negative Zero
      Negative Zero 2 days ago

      as a 3600x owner. The 3600 is the better choice.

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 3 days ago


  • Victor Jimenez
    Victor Jimenez 3 days ago

    Hey! Just wanted to let you know thanks for getting me into PC gaming finally was able to buy my first gaming rig with an i7 2600 and GTX 1060 for 470 bucks, it runs like a champ and it's a beast of a system here in Venezuela, I used your channel to learn English too, I remember watching it with a dictionary by my side haha, watching this while the power comes back on

    • Victor Jimenez
      Victor Jimenez 3 days ago

      @Oni Joe well watching this in ups powered wifi at 360p... So not that well

    • Oni Joe
      Oni Joe 3 days ago

      Hows that socialism bro?

  • Tiny Bolt
    Tiny Bolt 3 days ago

    Finally the video I was promised on twitter!

    ADRENELINEDUDE 3 days ago

    Static on the intro was distracting.

  • Matt Jensen
    Matt Jensen 3 days ago


  • Hazardteam
    Hazardteam 3 days ago


  • WebbyNZ
    WebbyNZ 3 days ago

    Please stop calling them anti-vax as it makes it sound like they are fighting for something good. Call them Pro-Disease

  • bad boy69 yt
    bad boy69 yt 3 days ago

    i was useing torch how do inmop my bookmark

  • KoFay
    KoFay 3 days ago

    a very informative video. thanks guys!

  • robert thomas
    robert thomas 3 days ago

    I felt the beginning sequence in my soul.

  • Kyle s
    Kyle s 4 days ago

    4:07 that's what she said...right before she broke up with me.

  • Soto Aivalis
    Soto Aivalis 4 days ago

    Great video guys!

  • someguy onyoutube
    someguy onyoutube 4 days ago

    i heard of vivaldi, and never really cared but when i installed a linux distro which came with it pre-installed i started using it and now im debating changing completely.

  • Fright F0000
    Fright F0000 4 days ago

    1. Optical Drive (Bluray RW) required 2. TV Tuner required (DVR)

  • Forever Computing
    Forever Computing 4 days ago

    TV licence is for the BBC services, BBC1, BBC2, BBC4 (BBC3 is internet only), and BBC radio channels. There have been adverts about "detector vans" which don't exist and using scare tactics and bailiff tactics to get in your home to prove you have a TV to pay them money. When you buy a TV, there is a form to fill in with your details for TV licensing, but not much comes back from it. They may use that to "prove" you have a TV. You can still watch TV without a licence.

  • AlvaroC17
    AlvaroC17 4 days ago

    AwSm Vid! Thanks for the help!

  • Pizza Milf
    Pizza Milf 4 days ago

    I really don’t think you should talk about vaccines when you haven’t actually done any research on it, besides edgey internet catchphrases and memes.

  • RighteousBruce
    RighteousBruce 4 days ago

    This podcast is needed for some of humanity to be sane. I thank you two.

  • RighteousBruce
    RighteousBruce 4 days ago

    Fall out Seventy Dicks

  • RighteousBruce
    RighteousBruce 4 days ago

    I took 3G of shrooms the first time i did shrooms.... I had conversations with the universe that were beyond me loooking down upon me like a 3rd person. It was life changing in a good way only done it once.....

  • RighteousBruce
    RighteousBruce 4 days ago

    You guys need to make Karen Royale

  • IronBuddhaGaming
    IronBuddhaGaming 4 days ago

    I remember fighting foodons

  • agl1
    agl1 4 days ago

    Vaccinations is the way to go, once you vaccinate you are protected - no matter what those idiot anti-vaxers do - so no need to worry about them... hmm wonder why California is still FORCING vaccinations on kids?

  • Idris Elba's Ninja
    Idris Elba's Ninja 4 days ago

    This is very helpful. I'm into pursuing photography as a career and needed something that I can understand, this video does exactly that. Great job

  • psiklops71
    psiklops71 4 days ago

    hey i wanna be a superhuman i want all the implants to be a plant

  • SysQuatch
    SysQuatch 5 days ago

    System shock 3 looks dooope!

  • SysQuatch
    SysQuatch 5 days ago

    The name chad is like the name kyle