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  • Trev0r98
    Trev0r98 10 hours ago

    Good gawd, what a pain all this is. It's probably easier to just figure out how to become a millionaire and just buy the best, highest-end Alienware, Asus or MSI gaming laptop money can buy, and be done with it.

  • Tlot Pwist
    Tlot Pwist 11 hours ago

    I hate this company, almost as much as the idiots doing camping in front of the stores when the new iShit is released

  • Jay H
    Jay H 11 hours ago

    The last few seconds of the video on that washroom ruin the entire video.

  • Carmine Persico
    Carmine Persico 12 hours ago

    I'm moving my Hp z400 workstation to the this case.

  • LSCA. Erick Romero Alvarez

    Thank's for your video, Greetings from Veracruz, México!!

  • Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 16 hours ago

    If anybody need a completely free eBook to learn Photography advance skills simply email me at ssstyle933 @ gmail. com (remove spaces). Plz mention about free ebook in email.

  • Adeeb Md
    Adeeb Md 20 hours ago

    IEM users just tapping their foots

  • Daniel Walbridge
    Daniel Walbridge 20 hours ago

    No Country For Old Men.

  • a a
    a a 22 hours ago

    If anyone's after channels that go a bit more in-depth into 'tech' than this channel check out iJustine, Austin Evans, Ryan's World, Lionel D*cktips etc

  • a a
    a a 22 hours ago

    If anyone's after channels that go a bit more in-depth into 'tech' than this channel check out iJustine, Austin Evans, Ryan's World, Lionel D*cktips etc

  • Rayson Jimenez
    Rayson Jimenez 22 hours ago

    The dpi for monitors now a days is way too high, You should go with the Windows recommended scale.

  • a a
    a a 22 hours ago

    Logan.. what are you doing seriously.. #MakeTSGreatAgain

  • Levy Roth
    Levy Roth 22 hours ago

    Got the Gaming OC version of the RTX2080 Ti from Gigabyte. It's fast enough that I don't care if there's a faster card out there. I'm already having the best gaming experience money can buy. The best thing I could do is get a second one and SLI it. But that would be overkill.

  • Gunj Chowwiwat

    Looking my hentai!

  • SuperRnine
    SuperRnine Day ago

    600k subscribers and only few thousand of views per video. Ghost accounts much ?

  • Bratislav Todorovic

    NIce video of upgrading laptops, but can you explain how we can find out a proper screen replacement or to search for. Thank you.

  • psiklops71
    psiklops71 Day ago

    Rtx 3080ti

  • calical26
    calical26 Day ago

    im waiting for the rtx 3080 10GB ddr6

  • Brian Bendiksen

    I was holding on to $1,300 for 2080 ti for a year now. It makes sense to buy this card at this price TODAY when 3080 ti and smaller 2080 ti replacements are right around the corner this year.

  • ninline2000
    ninline2000 Day ago

    I've got a Macbook Pro 2012 model and the touchpad on it is fabulous. I use a mouse with every linux and windows machine I have but on the mac I don't need one. It's easier to use the touchpad. I don't understand why touchpads on other machines suck so hard. Even the best ones I've used are nothing to the ones on the Macbooks. You'd think they could copy the damn Mac touchpads!!

  • Plamen M
    Plamen M Day ago

    Perfect review

  • SoloCamo
    SoloCamo Day ago

    Appreciate the video. I know you hate gpu reviews and I can't blame you after years of doing them but the funny thing is, this is the first 2080ti I've actually watched. Btw the fenek swift is the best mouse I've owned. It's taken so much abuse I have a second as a backup but never needed it..

  • antonio ceasar

    if you wanna listen music or watch a movie the monitor's speakers should be fine....i suppose

  • Ebenezer McD.
    Ebenezer McD. Day ago

    Logan got a forehead like Tyra

  • Moejahi3d
    Moejahi3d Day ago

    Using a inno 3d ichill black 2080ti. Looks cooler Imo, sick performance and comes with a 240mm aio..using it in a push pull config and it has a little lcd display which shows gpu speed mem speed temp and fan speed when horizontally mounted.

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates Day ago

    That desk is really nice!

  • オルソンフィリップ

    waiting for 3080ti

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates Day ago

    Logan's hair is really long now!!

  • DeanRendar84
    DeanRendar84 Day ago

    i wonder how this correlates to Fry's electronics "changing vendors" and being mostly empty as of late

  • C. Stanley
    C. Stanley Day ago

    Damn, IDK, there are Nvidia 3800 and AMD Navi cards right around the corner. Not to mention the PS5 and new XBox. I am saving my money, but if you need a card for right now, this will probably work.

  • CriticoolHit
    CriticoolHit Day ago

    hi from 5 years in the future. proxmox ZFS file system wont install on raid arrays managed by the PERC 6i controller. However. If you're reading this and are me 36 hours ago. Fear not. That sweet-ass generation 10 dell server you have there is not a brick. For 10-15 dollars you can buy: Dell PowerEdge SAS 6IR on ebay. Swap over the cables CAREFULLY; this shit's 12 year old now. Mine dropped right in and everything works. You're mileage, firmware, luck, karma, knock:wood ratio, may vary.

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Day ago

    What happened to your Friday shows?

  • Zel Den
    Zel Den Day ago

    Just subscribed bro, straight to the point. Thank you.

  • Coleman Geiger

    This was a great review, awesome stuff LOGAN!

  • 71janas
    71janas Day ago

    Excellent vid! If you just woke up from a 6 month coma.....

  • Szilárd Hrabovszky

    Cannot wait for the watercooling video! This was great, thanks for that!

  • Roy Bodin
    Roy Bodin Day ago

    Your lady hands make me feel uneasy.

  • Jordan Palmer
    Jordan Palmer Day ago

    I have a Zotac Amp 2080 Ti and I love it. Big mfer, had to get a GPU support bracket. Limited RGB, though. Planning to watercool it when I upgrade my CPU/mobo.

  • BushwickBill
    BushwickBill Day ago

    who here who watches these videos can afford one of these cards?

  • pluton
    pluton Day ago

    So, i have this card, and when it was new in October i played battlefield 5 with 130 fps with everything maxed out, now its struggling at 90 fps, can this be fixed?

    • Paul
      Paul Day ago

      @Indigo Foxx That never been proven and it has been proven many times that it does not.

    • Indigo Foxx
      Indigo Foxx Day ago

      Planned obsolescence

    • Tek Syndicate
      Tek Syndicate Day ago

      It definitely can hit that in certain places. We just benchmarked in a complex area.

  • Sage
    Sage Day ago

    K|NGP|N is best card. See ya.

    • Sage
      Sage 13 hours ago

      @Levy Roth Kingpin is better is because it can supply even more power than a lightning and it has updated unlocked drivers ss well as beefier power delivery to make use of all this. All those RGB lights dont add horsepower kiddo. You can hope your card has been binned too. EVGA is light years ahead of MSI in only the best of GPU cards. Trust me, i'm a navy seal.

    • Levy Roth
      Levy Roth 22 hours ago

      Actually it's the MSI Lightning Z, but thanks for playing.

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat Day ago

    Not even close.

  • KraIord
    KraIord Day ago

    nice review, fun stuff

  • TruthHurts
    TruthHurts Day ago

    This video is a year too late.

  • Go Ca
    Go Ca Day ago

    You are the best Logan. Miss more content like this. Hope 2020is full of tech content from you

  • Lyle Wiley
    Lyle Wiley Day ago

    I just got my 2080ti OC 2 weeks ago pared with my Ryzen 3600 and it has been worth every cent! VR gaming is now off the charts!!

  • Sasquatch Guy
    Sasquatch Guy Day ago

    bout time a vid came out. do you do this just as a hobby now?

    • Tek Syndicate
      Tek Syndicate Day ago

      No. It's a job and the money I make goes into creative projects (game dev, music, etc.)... Just like always.

  • Björn Dahlberg

    Tech Satan back with an review. The half painted nails really sells the semi-pro vibe.

  • Bubulus Lustikus

    No msi gaming x trio is the best. We know that 1 year already. There are some exceptional cards which are a bit better but cost way more but at normal prices msi is the way to go. Its silent, cool and comes with 300watt powerlimit out of the box.

    • Paul
      Paul Day ago

      Most benchmarks out there shows the Strix cools better and produces lower power consumption than the MSI such as this one: thexvid.com/video/gVMlNG549Lk/video.html Also the VRMs in the ASUS is better since its a custom PCB, reviewers have shown that the board gets less hotspots than MSI's, most people ignore VRM designs which are important to the lifespan of your GPU. The only advantage of the MSI is that it is slightly more silent by 1-2dB but at the expense of it being 10C degrees hotter on average and more hotspots on the PCB despite being physically bigger. Overclocking you'll face a hard wall on Turing because of power-limit even if you use a flash custom mod BIOS that goes beyond 300W (at that point you need water/LN2), so better cooling out of the box is more valuable for the majority of users.

    • Bubulus Lustikus
      Bubulus Lustikus Day ago

      @Go Ca did you read my post? As i said said there are some better cards but they are too expensive for what they offer. 200 to 300 dollars more for bit better thermals. At normal price msi is the best. Looks are argueable....

    • Go Ca
      Go Ca Day ago

      There is lightning, HOF, strix, Kingpin all better than that little crippled ugly AF fan they put on the trio X. In my opinion it look horrible

  • carlos Castro
    carlos Castro Day ago

    Hola Crack. La STRIX RTX 2070 OC 8GB. CUANTO ES EN UN 100% A LA 2080 Ti?

  • tommy aronson
    tommy aronson Day ago

    At what cost?

  • Jérémy Refoia

    Ah oui c'est totalement bien

  • dazzlerweb
    dazzlerweb Day ago

    I love retro tech reviews.

  • thenoorer
    thenoorer Day ago

    I remember you from tiger TV. Wow. You have turned hippy mode on

    • Sonic_1000
      Sonic_1000 Day ago

      Not sure you understand what a hippy is.

  • bob ross
    bob ross Day ago


  • Walter Eikrem
    Walter Eikrem Day ago

    how is logan not using arch and i3. is like the perfect nerdy distro and wm for him

  • Warlock 06
    Warlock 06 Day ago

    I am working on upgrading a Dell Inspiron 1525 with a Core 2 Duo to run Linux. I upgraded RAM, it has an empty express slot so I am putting in a 2 port USB 3.0, I bought a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle and a faster AC wifi antenna. I wish I could do something with that CPU, 2 cores/threads is killing me. I bought a 4 port 3.0 USB hub for extra ports.

  • Brick Tamland
    Brick Tamland Day ago

    What color screw driver do I need to use though?

  • Broly Kael
    Broly Kael Day ago

    10:44 bruh sorry

  • John Mathias
    John Mathias 2 days ago

    Why do you show only 4 pair and I have five pair? Confusing!

  • A little trouble in big China

    I think for the type of stuff im doing i dont usually want a blurry backround. But if i set a higher aperture wont it get dark because im letting less light in?

  • Araxnus
    Araxnus 2 days ago

    Old school Tek Syndicate style video, please keep this format up!

  • hicobra
    hicobra 2 days ago

    Just need to check is this USB C or is it Thunderbolt 3 and when in use how hot will it get I'm after a dock

  • daul
    daul 2 days ago

    I just realized who you remind me of, JuzOborn from Electric Wizard.

  • Mikhail Leonov
    Mikhail Leonov 2 days ago

    This mb already end of sales!

  • Y M
    Y M 2 days ago

    Mine is noisy as hell even at idle

  • Charles Sexton
    Charles Sexton 2 days ago

    sold! If they didn't sponsor this video they should lol. Thanks for the video this is great! And I was no joke just looking for a faster card reader.

  • Peter Keränen
    Peter Keränen 2 days ago

    Pretty nifty little thingy!

  • David T. Ashley
    David T. Ashley 2 days ago

    I just noticed the Walter Koenig photo. So cool!

  • Eric Winn
    Eric Winn 2 days ago

    Nice review! I cant help but imagine him fanning the smoke during that last shot though haha

  • ran man
    ran man 2 days ago

    dude whats up with the hair

  • Björn Brinkmann
    Björn Brinkmann 2 days ago

    It is sad how this channel ended, if you see this vid from 2014.

  • whoshotya
    whoshotya 2 days ago

    Liked for the tree

  • John Dough
    John Dough 2 days ago


  • Shawn Walker
    Shawn Walker 3 days ago

    Dude. You totally assaulted that usb type c port.

  • Nicholas Miller
    Nicholas Miller 3 days ago

    My question for these Thunderbolt docs is will it support single display 100+ Hz. The only thing I've seen so far to advertise that is the Seagate Firecuda gaming dock

  • Ibraheem Productions

    i uSe brave

  • Jennifer Alindato Lozada

    Thank you guys-!

  • Agent LokVokun
    Agent LokVokun 3 days ago

    3:53 -- This clip is being played in reverse for the demo. He controls the cables with his mind!

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates 3 days ago

    This is cool!

  • mickhick95
    mickhick95 3 days ago

    Hmm not enough type c ports

  • Lucky Chappy
    Lucky Chappy 3 days ago

    Best review so far. The blue yeti really adds an artificial type sound to it doesn’t it. HyperX it is!

  • Rohan Leander
    Rohan Leander 3 days ago

    Logan why don't you review the eluktronics max 17 laptop you will really love it.

  • SparkySlow
    SparkySlow 3 days ago

    Ill use it as to my Main rig

  • BitBlaster
    BitBlaster 3 days ago

    I could see this being very useful for anyone getting one of the upcoming Linux smartphones.

  • MillerMedia
    MillerMedia 3 days ago

    Does it use the gpu of the computer or does it use a graphics chip in the dock itself?

  • yannic riesebos
    yannic riesebos 3 days ago

    To be number one, with these features they might!

  • Tihamér Szabó
    Tihamér Szabó 3 days ago

    Tobeone? More like Tobenone. Fix the typo.

  • bobbobolo
    bobbobolo 3 days ago

    200 IQ Move: use cum as paste.

  • mlhm5
    mlhm5 3 days ago

    no need to upgrade the internet card?

  • Frank Fredsen
    Frank Fredsen 3 days ago

    3:50 - when you talk about plugging in, but only have footage of unplugging stuff :X

  • Samuel Maier
    Samuel Maier 3 days ago

    These Displaylink USB-C docks are like sand on the beach, it's nothing special at all. Using the Lenovo Hybrid Dock (without a Lenovo :)) for about a year now. It doesn't actually need a USB-C connection, it works over USB-A too (just no charging), and for me supports both a 1440p@144Hz and a 1080p@60Hz Screen. Has 5 USB A connections, one USB C, and an integrated sound card and networking like yours. This variant doesn't support 3 displays at once like yours, and also doesn't have a card reader, but I'm sure your dock isn't really alone with support for that. I would prefer if you would instead of highlighting this docks (not at all unique) strengths would highlight its problems. Like that Displaylink doesn't support copyright protected content (Streaming services and Blu-ray etc gone), and more importantly that it's Linux support is... Problematic to say the least. The dock worked fine with Windows, but for Linux they only have one official Ubuntu driver, with other distros you're on your own. For me on arch-based the ported (AUR) proprietary driver (which btw conflicts with the Nvidia driver) completely glitches out if I have my dock plugged in, with whatever settings I try. So, these things are fine if all you're doing is work with these displays on windows, but when you want to use them with Linux or for content consumption you should look on.

    • Levy Roth
      Levy Roth 3 days ago

      In every comment section there must be a Linux neckbeard like you. Give it a rest, still no one cares about Linux. A real Linux user would simply write his own driver and stop complaining. So get to work dude.

  • NuggRunner
    NuggRunner 3 days ago

    you are starting to look like the undertaker xD

  • Nenad Kralj
    Nenad Kralj 3 days ago

    [QUESTION] does my onboard (laptop) USB-C need to support "image / video transfer" over the same USB-C to be able work w/ device which you represent? 1. why I'm asking that? Bsc. manufactures will say that you have a USB-C on device as marketing trick when in fact that same USB-C will not support image / video transfer 2.will "DisplayLing" Manager salve "problem" if so w/ 1.? ⭐nice video ⭐product ⭐

    • Nenad Kralj
      Nenad Kralj 3 days ago

      ​@Samuel Maier if that is true what you say (and I hope that you understood my question) then you just solved my burning problem! I have a laptop w/ USB-C (which does not support from factory picture /video transfer on it's own) but it was sold to me like it does. And if you are correct you just gived a solution to me (to be able have couple of monitors(2) + laptop monitor). I'm not bothered so much w/ "copy protected content" .

    • Samuel Maier
      Samuel Maier 3 days ago

      Displaylink works with any USB-C connection, in fact there is variants that work with USB-A too. But with Displaylink you won't ba able to watch copy protected content (Netflix, Blu-ray etc).

  • fallingpizza11
    fallingpizza11 3 days ago

    This was the first video in a while that felt like the classic TekSyndicate. Very cool!

  • limneosgreen
    limneosgreen 3 days ago

    8800 ultra

  • Milkysaurus
    Milkysaurus 3 days ago

    Does it support charging the laptop via usb c?

  • Franky B
    Franky B 3 days ago

    Dell has 4k + two 1080p

  • drifter4training
    drifter4training 3 days ago

    Rad.. battle angel alita ova in the background..

  • mamamia88
    mamamia88 3 days ago

    I'm trying to live a more minimalist life. But, I love building desktops. This seems almost perfect if I could ditch my gaming pc. But, which is more minimalist? A desktop setup with a laptop in a backpack for when I need it? Or only a laptop that I can just pick up and throw in the bag? Hmmm.