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  • Roger Seebald
    Roger Seebald Hour ago

    I think this was hardest match to watch as a fan of an underdog like roddick

  • RazielBorn
    RazielBorn Hour ago

    These were the days! Unmatched talent.

  • Mohammad Hoque
    Mohammad Hoque 2 hours ago

    ND's mental stamina is incredible. That is the key factor he won that many GS. He showed same on W 19.

  • Miller Peter
    Miller Peter 2 hours ago

    Anyone know what the outcome of the game right after this was? And if nadal won, how easily?

  • Bob Dobalina
    Bob Dobalina 5 hours ago

    THIS was tennis. Two men hitting back hands with one arm, not like today's pusseys hitting backhands with two arms like a woman.

  • Martin Quinn
    Martin Quinn 5 hours ago

    Stie de pas de classe le McEnroe, après un point décisif aussi mardeux à 5:35, ne s'excuse même pas....

  • Ivan Car
    Ivan Car 6 hours ago

    I dont believe he made 113 aces in one match

  • Daily dose of Awareness

    Federer is great, he treated defeat as same as victory.

  • tom schmitz
    tom schmitz 8 hours ago

    dang, talk about giving it away... evert from up 5-4, loses the next 2 games and 7 out of 8 points? and won only 1 point in the last 3 games?? and all except for about 3 of martina's points were evert's careless unforced errors... evert acting like "oh well" while martina was of course beyond hungry.. great win for martina, but evert simply checked out the last 3 games for whatever reason.

  • Felix Wittkamp
    Felix Wittkamp 10 hours ago

    I swear he could win a game just by getting points of a serve

  • Cuthbert Bracegirdle
    Cuthbert Bracegirdle 10 hours ago

    The only reason this was put up is because Andy is a Limey.

  • juan carlos martinez rincon

    Roddick, did not deserve to lose, one of the few titles that federer did not deserve to win, if it had not been for the volley of the minute: 6:18 would have won that tournament, that bad luck of Roddick.

  • howdyday
    howdyday 10 hours ago


  • Gumball Watterson
    Gumball Watterson 14 hours ago

    Not as bad as the Warriors in 2016 #3-1


    че не орет она?

  • howdyday
    howdyday 15 hours ago

    40-15 Chokerer in his absolute best. Scarred for life

  • Kezia Carolina Taruli Asi

    its epic. everytime this two met, it never less than 4 hr. with time difference with local time, hard for asia's fan to catch up.

  • Bhargav Khandige
    Bhargav Khandige 16 hours ago

    Just imagine if that was a fault 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • peanut McPherson
    peanut McPherson 18 hours ago

    Man that’s one lucky got to be the arms and sit down on

  • The No. 1 Judge
    The No. 1 Judge 19 hours ago

    Gwen stefani @ 6:42

  • Gin356a
    Gin356a 20 hours ago

    I wonder what people's opinion of Roger was at that time, like before this match. Did they think he was gonna be the greatest of all time? or just a talented young player?

  • karen barnard
    karen barnard 21 hour ago

    I have always loved John McEnroe! But what a baby back then! Still love him!

  • Aaron Yodo
    Aaron Yodo 22 hours ago

    Sorry, but this is already expired

  • J
    J 22 hours ago

    Babe at 3:05 mark.

  • per-axel jonsson
    per-axel jonsson 23 hours ago

    Andy murray at his best, he play to great and fast ,even for djokovic.

  • per-axel jonsson
    per-axel jonsson 23 hours ago

    Hartbreaking! so sad for Federer, he was the best player in the final.

  • Frodo H
    Frodo H Day ago

    Ellen brought me here

  • ed
    ed Day ago

    Competition is so weak today that’s why Federer has so many slams. Sampras era competition was fierce hence fewer slams.

  • ed
    ed Day ago

    Prime tennis age 26 was younger then than today 31 because courts were faster, rackets were heavier and string technology hadn’t evolved.

  • Mohammad Hoque

    ND is the master of mind game. His mental resilience is incredible. RF was in his best 2010 to 2015 but he won only 1 GS. He just couldn't win many majors mainly due to lack of mental toughness and unable to handle the pressure. The last example is W 2019, he played superb but at the collapsed under pressure. If RF would be a mental giant like ND/RN he would have won nearly 30 GS by now.

  • Fritz Lang
    Fritz Lang Day ago

    Who's that Federer bloke?

  • Fritz Lang
    Fritz Lang Day ago

    Embarrassing for FEderer losing to a claycourter.

  • Juan Pablo Perez

    Lol Fedtards!!! Hahahaha relol, trololol LMAO hahahaa

  • ed
    ed Day ago

    Very disrespectful celebration by Federer

  • ed
    ed Day ago

    Not good first volleys from Sampras. Fed took advantage

  • Lynn Turman
    Lynn Turman Day ago

    Who else remembers seeing this on yt about five seconds ago? Great memories.

  • Laverne
    Laverne Day ago

    Women should make the same amount of money as men..... when they play best 3 out of 5 like the men do. Women play 1-2 hours....and men play 3-5 hour matches. That means the women are making a hell of a lot more than the men!’ Just saying.....😱

  • Needing Less
    Needing Less Day ago

    So glad Nadal won. It would have been terrible to lose to this total A-Hole of a jerk!

  • UFO
    UFO Day ago

    It was the longest match in tennis history

  • Nadal Tribute
    Nadal Tribute Day ago

    1:02:00 What an idiot. Glad the umpire gave him a warning.

    • Enrico Macciotta
      Enrico Macciotta 7 hours ago

      Imagine thinking the umpire was fair during the whole match

  • Md Shafi
    Md Shafi Day ago


  • Mzumal Chaudry

    How middle class is this sport?!

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye Day ago

      Absolutely Old Chap and most frightfully English as England USED to be.... I am terribly sorry but I simply must be away as I have "8" coming for Supper tomorrow in The English Suburbs where one resides... Toodle-Pip....

  • Victory
    Victory Day ago

    Extended highlights please?

  • Sushant Surwase

    I can see humiliated Nadal. 😷

  • Boris Lemeshev

    Was it Roger Federer at 4:25 holding his runner up trophy and clapping for Djokovic. If it was him then it's incredible sportsmanship from Federer. Djokovic is obviously a magnificent champion - both of them, what a match.

  • Nicolás Palma

    Djokovic definitely has more mental strenght than Federer.

  • Boris Lemeshev

    4:11:09 - stupid women.

  • prakash sv
    prakash sv Day ago

    Crowd didn't hate Nole. They Over loved Roger which eventually transformed into hating Nole's (Or probably even if anybody else in place of Nole) victory!

  • gX8RAYmPM2zJ
    gX8RAYmPM2zJ Day ago

    6:29 highlight of this clip

  • howdyday
    howdyday Day ago

    When Womens game were on their peak. LONG, beautiful, nerve-wracking games with money worth spending for. Not some 55 minutes beat up jokes lmao

  • Awesome Andy
    Awesome Andy Day ago

    Gross crowd kama come then Djokovic saved two match points than won the match in the tiebreaker. One more point? Try one more choke by federer. Fake goat) Nadal+ Djokovic are real goats for sure.

  • theboss
    theboss Day ago

    It's not just a British crowd who hate him. Maybe if he behaved with class and dignity he wouldn't be so detested on a tennis court. I've been to many tennis tournaments over the years and I have a lot friends/ family who are involved with the sport too.. yet I'm still to find a die hard Novak fan. He's just not that likeable, sorry.

  • theboss
    theboss Day ago

    I'm still a little bit lost of words at the result of the final. I can't quite fathom it. It brings a whole new meaning to 'don't count your chickens before they've hatched'. I already had tears in my eyes and the champagne popped at 40-15...

  • Thunderwoman Odinson

    Everytime I see roger in tears....my heart cries with him too!!!!!!

  • Ocainam Dukkha

    2:38 Jesse Pinkman???

  • Kishen Parekh
    Kishen Parekh Day ago

    The greatest of all time

  • Tan Phung
    Tan Phung Day ago

    I come here just to say 40-15 and never forget

  • In CogNito
    In CogNito Day ago

    One of the few times Serena seems to have been truly happy for the one who beat her. She likes Simona.

  • Mike Chan
    Mike Chan Day ago

    what a lucky win by djo

  • 패왕중희
    패왕중희 Day ago

    I luv wimbledon!!!!!

  • Hilal Salahudeen

    I wish i can have that good of a back hand like federer...

  • perfectionbox
    perfectionbox 2 days ago

    All those unforced errors must've haunted McEnroe for a while... it was like only McEnroe could defeat McEnroe

    • ZyX
      ZyX Hour ago

      Well borg beat him fair and square.

  • PierreC2
    PierreC2 2 days ago

    but its true SHE IS COMING BACK !!! YEAH !!!

  • woody woodys
    woody woodys 2 days ago

    Simona THE BEST!

  • Lance Burley
    Lance Burley 2 days ago

    Really wish venus didnt let the "let" call go...

  • eva pui
    eva pui 2 days ago

    Revenge is a dish best served cold...NO MELDONIUM serena no more undeserved titles-

  • Zachary Hall
    Zachary Hall 2 days ago

    I respect Nadal a lot but I'm no fan of.his..the only reason I watch mens tennis is because of nick and taifoe and one or two others of the young guys...other wise I would only watch womens tennis it's way more interesting.

  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 2 days ago


  • Arun Kumar
    Arun Kumar 2 days ago

    All time great

  • Diego Garza
    Diego Garza 2 days ago

    the TRIFECTAA!!

  • Omkar Panicker
    Omkar Panicker 2 days ago

    Massive respect to Djokovic. The day he beat Federer, biased commentators and disrespectful crowds at Wimbledon.

  • Snowvdo
    Snowvdo 2 days ago

    🗣 C’mon!!!!

  • W S
    W S 2 days ago

    Intelligently crafted and classy answers from Venus. She doesn’t play with the press and gives them NOTHING. It’s hilarious. They just want to make a ‘good’ headline using her name and she knows it. That’s why she seems ‘cold’ to the press. Take note people. She is DONE. ❤️ Venus

  • super chenel
    super chenel 2 days ago

    Хороший матч заслуженная Победа халеп. А Williams время закончилось.

  • Anurudra Verma
    Anurudra Verma 2 days ago

    After this Wimbledon was never dominated by a single player. After from federer, no one dominated the world of tennis.

  • Football Manager
    Football Manager 2 days ago

    Please date Asian guys 👲

  • Your nan on toast
    Your nan on toast 2 days ago

    Serena Williams batters her husband

  • ashleigh gore
    ashleigh gore 2 days ago

    Serena fell on his lap I bet the husband was pretty mad 😠

  • MrAvocado
    MrAvocado 2 days ago

    Everything reminds John of playing Borg in '80

  • Frank G.
    Frank G. 2 days ago

    It was so good the umpire didn't even see it

  • Darragh Ruddy
    Darragh Ruddy 2 days ago

    11:38 😂😂😂

  • Paavo
    Paavo 2 days ago

    That ”OMG!” when Andy dropped the ball sounded so pathetic, its sad

  • Mako S
    Mako S 3 days ago

    Fed would’ve killed him at the us open. Rafa always lucky.

  • isobe ferrero
    isobe ferrero 3 days ago


  • Srikanth Narahari
    Srikanth Narahari 3 days ago

    I can't imagine higher quality of tennis!

  • 전호성
    전호성 3 days ago

    Novak's mental, concentration is very great. congratulations Novak!

  • Ejaz Ahmed
    Ejaz Ahmed 3 days ago

    Super collection of Tennis moments.Thanks for sharing.

  • Mitch Masias
    Mitch Masias 3 days ago

    this is in slow mode, boring

  • Massimo Cosma
    Massimo Cosma 3 days ago

    Forte quel becker

  • hiwayman981
    hiwayman981 3 days ago

    As a Federer fan, I'm nothing but impressed by Djokovic; he showed that he's up the challenge of attaining the "GOAT" status so hotly discussed by fans of each of the top three male players for so long. While I've bought into Roger having laid claim to that title, it would have been even more tempting to say "GOAT = R.F.!!!!" had he won this match. Yet, at his age, and with all of his "failings" over his career (he is human), what I've come to accept is that, even if Roger was sitting pretty with 21 slam titles, Novak is not going away. He would still have enjoyed a positive H-2-H against Roger, as does Rafa, and at some point, probably through both Roger's retirement and Novak's continuing dominance, will break Fed's slam record, be it 20 or 21. Roger will not be able to make up for past deficiencies against his two primary rivals (the aforementioned head to heads will, I think, always be in Novak's and Rafa's favor), and Novak will be playing for a good while longer than Roger, and probably Rafa (meaning a good chance at an overall greater singles titles haul). He may break the overall number of weeks sitting atop the rankings at #1, and may take even more year-end tournament trophies. However, I still feel that Roger's place in the GOAT debate is tangible. He turned the tables on his arch nemesis, Rafa, about three years ago in an epic Australian Open final, really what Wimbledon 2019 could have been given one or two more groundstrokes going Roger's way (as a fan, I won't dwell on that.) He continues to make deep runs at slams, and win meaningful titles. His style of play, as I see it, is the purest, and most technically proficient; it is the style I'd try to teach a prospective student. While Rafael Nadal has just chalked up his 19th slam at the open, father time is creeping up on him as well; it's also been a while since he's beaten Novak in a big match. Were Nadal to win 20 or 21, he's still pretty likely to have less overall singles titles than Roger, and the preponderance of clay court success on his resume does little for his place in the greatest overall player in the men's game. With Roger and Rafa gone, and Novak firmly at the top, the path seems open for Djokovic to overtake many records set by the other two greats. Herein lies a potential "catch-22"; when the Swiss and the Spaniard are retired, does Novak not run the unavoidable "risk" of winning his future titles and earnings in an era eerily similar to Federer's heady days? Who will Novak's chief competitors be on the tour? How will "the record" regard such challenges by the likes of the "NextGen" players vying for big titles against the Serbian great? Many who are not in Roger's "GOAT" camp quickly point out that his many of his slam titles were against lower ranked players in the final matches, but what about the road to those finals? Players "get hot" all the time, and Fed was in many instances the one to cool them off at the biggest stages of the largest tournaments. I think it's important to look at a player's consistency throughout their career as well as their finals and titles to gain a better overall picture of who's best, and who they beat on the way to the final match as well. I'm not saying Novak is unworthy of future GOAT status, but the future holds in it a bit of a vacuum for him; each of the big three's greatness is largely based on a winning comparison of the other two...

  • 扛麦狼73
    扛麦狼73 3 days ago

    ugly djo

  • Cheeky Nham
    Cheeky Nham 3 days ago

    Slow-motion exhalation of an imaginary joint. Must be an American with legalized marijuana/cannabis.

  • Luis Antonio Becerra Bahamonde

    Que partido unos grandes

  • Giacomo Cuspidi
    Giacomo Cuspidi 3 days ago

    Incredible from Halep! Not taking anything away from her but.. Serena was just a mess, not coordinated, not finishing forehands on her left shoulder, falling during shots and not closing easy points!

  • Venko Tech
    Venko Tech 3 days ago


  • Venko Tech
    Venko Tech 3 days ago


  • Jonas Jonsson
    Jonas Jonsson 3 days ago

    Serena said this match doesn't count 😌

  • TheLeadersTeacher
    TheLeadersTeacher 3 days ago

    White people do have fun sometimes. Amazing

  • asian art of living

    One of the best moments.. He really admired jokovic that day....jokovic was just brilliant.. I think roger is just beyond human rt here

  • hakan baris ildan
    hakan baris ildan 3 days ago

    roger,king of the Tennis...