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Cormac Bluestone
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  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 4 years ago

    I do humbly hope I could brighten your day a little bit with my music =) Greetings from SG =)

  • David Curry
    David Curry 5 years ago

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  • IllusionSoundClips
    IllusionSoundClips 6 years ago

    Hughs from Germany ++thanks Have fun

  • Mark Freeman #408
    Mark Freeman #408 6 years ago

    What's up? Keeping busy? -Mark Freeman #408

  • I, Tay Stayness
    I, Tay Stayness 6 years ago

    Just gave a nice, crisp sub to ya, give me a nice, crisp one too if ya like!

  • RohilAniruth
    RohilAniruth 6 years ago

    Hecking AWESOME channel you have here ^^! I make funneh videos, how are u?

  • chris ganim
    chris ganim 6 years ago

    whats upp nice pagee! check mine outt

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    TryDeal Hide Plate 7 years ago

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  • Ambrosia Sen
    Ambrosia Sen 7 years ago

    lisa schwarts sent me :)

  • WilleWallinHerrdin
    WilleWallinHerrdin 7 years ago

    lisa sent me!

  • Reskrattie
    Reskrattie 7 years ago

    lisa sent me:)

  • WeeWorldTommy
    WeeWorldTommy 7 years ago

    Lis sent me

  • firebid1030
    firebid1030 7 years ago

    lisbug sent me dude

  • krkrsh2005
    krkrsh2005 7 years ago

    Hey It's Milly

  • Zuzu
    Zuzu 7 years ago

    I subscribed because of lisbug! GO LISA!!!

  • Jay "Insane" Maine
    Jay "Insane" Maine 7 years ago

    Nice music man!

  • JP
    JP 7 years ago

    creative stuff =) ... cool videos ;)

  • Jes Hudak
    Jes Hudak 8 years ago

    you are an enigma

  • wynnfilms
    wynnfilms 8 years ago

    BIG UPS for me having the same chair! Awesome little ditty of a song!