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  • BenOnWheels
    BenOnWheels 8 minutes ago

    I came to see the Sterling v Gomez comments, now I'm here for the comments about Maddison's bag.

  • Sam Ha
    Sam Ha 8 minutes ago

    Haven’t seen henderson yet

  • Illyrian Prince
    Illyrian Prince 29 minutes ago

    No one likes the international break but i cant lie i do look forward to england training videos

  • Alban Peja
    Alban Peja 32 minutes ago

    #KOSOVO 🇽🇰🇽🇰👊👊

  • Joe Morelli
    Joe Morelli 34 minutes ago

    I love how literally every player is featured except Gomez and Sterling

  • Jiya
    Jiya 39 minutes ago

    Rose🌹💟 1:41

  • ReDa SD
    ReDa SD 46 minutes ago

    0:43 wasted

  • Bill Mwika
    Bill Mwika 47 minutes ago

    England= Raheem Sterling Fc 😭😭😭😭

  • Snipez Clan
    Snipez Clan 48 minutes ago

    Not fair that gomez is still there

  • Ether Nas
    Ether Nas 51 minute ago

    Give the public what they want! This isn’t Brexit

  • MSC TheGamer
    MSC TheGamer 52 minutes ago

    Came to see Gomez scratch by that little rat

  • Ritesh Dash
    Ritesh Dash Hour ago

    Chelsea lads lighting up...

  • Iyad Hassan
    Iyad Hassan Hour ago

    Why is Gomez mentioned 🤭

  • Ghem Johnson
    Ghem Johnson Hour ago

    Who else noticed rashfords expressions the previous training and now😂difference!!😂...the guys happayyyyy... he been scoring goalssss😆

  • Ghem Johnson
    Ghem Johnson Hour ago

    I clicked like when I saw rashyyy😁😁😍😍

  • AL
    AL Hour ago

    I swear Rooney didn’t get this much attention when he was caught at the brothel ffs. Anything to keep the drama going just a little bit longer right?

  • 남성훈
    남성훈 Hour ago

    Hey, English guys I wonder do u support your rival team’s players in national team? like Arsenal fan but supports Harry kane in national team

    • GXORGE
      GXORGE 19 minutes ago

      Yes that's fine bro when it's national I like everyone but when it comes to club I hate arsenal

  • Mpoh Ambe
    Mpoh Ambe Hour ago

    I really feel like vardy deserved a call up or did retire from national football

  • British Patriot
    British Patriot Hour ago

    Tomori 🔥🔥🔥

  • itl _
    itl _ Hour ago

    Tammy cant stay off the nets even during trainings sessions 😎

  • Hamza
    Hamza Hour ago

    fed up of seeing that girls face

  • John Evans
    John Evans Hour ago

    Mate Stering xbox controller weren't even turned on. How Trent not realise😂

  • ArminCaprii
    ArminCaprii Hour ago

    Can somrene explain the fist bumps and not handshakes?

  • yuandi valevi
    yuandi valevi Hour ago

    Big Man Gomez 💪💪

  • Daniel Wong
    Daniel Wong Hour ago

    Why do the players bring their own boots from their club? I thought England will provide it for them?

  • Taison5
    Taison5 Hour ago

    Convinced Nick Pope had a PS4 and a Flat-screen in there.

  • Callum Arresz
    Callum Arresz Hour ago

    Fik was on fire! 🔥💙

  • Matthew 1
    Matthew 1 Hour ago

    All over pay wankers

  • Realist
    Realist Hour ago

    Aidy Boothroyd shouldve been sacked a long time ago.

  • leon Wang Chen
    leon Wang Chen Hour ago

    5 out of 24 are Chelsea players, life can’t get any better

  • EmiL A-ov
    EmiL A-ov Hour ago

    Hope our young blues shine for the national team 🔥🔵🔵🔵

  • Mayank Bawari
    Mayank Bawari Hour ago

    I dont wanna be hateful, but Tom Davies looks like a 14 year-old child molestor

  • Andrew Joyce
    Andrew Joyce Hour ago

    'Hi joe hows the neck?' 'Huh?' 'How was the treck?'

  • Andrew Joyce
    Andrew Joyce 2 hours ago

    Please start tomori maddison sancho and rashford. Or maybe odoi.

  • PENGUINS 101
    PENGUINS 101 2 hours ago

    I can see the club divisions starting again, that was the death of the last generation

  • David Dring
    David Dring 2 hours ago

    Like watching a division 2 game from the 90s! No wonder the stadium is empty.

  • khalid ali
    khalid ali 2 hours ago

    Imagine this line up. Pickford Arnold maguire tomori chilwell Ox Henderson maddison(mount) Sancho abraham(kane) odoi

    • King Armish
      King Armish 17 minutes ago

      Lol Liverpool fanboi?? Henderson is dreadful lately, TAA is ok. Can't say much about OX though..

  • Anthony Ausitn
    Anthony Ausitn 2 hours ago

    Maguire, life and soul of the party! 🤘

  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker 2 hours ago

    “Excellent Sterling right hook and Gomez trash talk”

  • BigHead
    BigHead 2 hours ago

    13 dislikes. Man City starting XI, Pep and sheik 😂

  • Jameel Yasin
    Jameel Yasin 2 hours ago

    John stones is dreadful

  • Ejike Nwachuku
    Ejike Nwachuku 2 hours ago

    £100 Sterling won’t score against Montenegro 😂

  • Lex Jones
    Lex Jones 2 hours ago

    Heskey was soo under rated, he did the bullying and the hard work and occupied defenders which allowed others around him to shine,

  • Ryan Payton
    Ryan Payton 2 hours ago

    Sterling should be playing! He’s one of our best players! All because of a 5-10 second scuffle! Football is getting beyond a joke now, wish we could take it back to the olden times! Football has changed dramatically over the past few years! Surely they made up?

    • George Dodzy
      George Dodzy 21 minute ago

      Cant have him grabbing other players by the neck because he's one of the best in the squad. You saying it's ok for him but not ok for someone who's worse? 😂

  • Callum Williams
    Callum Williams 2 hours ago

    Mings and tomori > maguire and anyone else

  • Rhys Sutherland
    Rhys Sutherland 2 hours ago

    Who gives two about Gomez

  • We won it Six times
    We won it Six times 2 hours ago

    Don’t cause any injuries to any of our players like yous have done in the past its only ever seems to be Liverpool players who get injured away with England almost as if England are doing it on purpose to spite Liverpool. And people wonder why we don’t support England

  • The MC
    The MC 2 hours ago

    Stop with the fist bumps!!!

  • Barney Sutcliffe
    Barney Sutcliffe 2 hours ago

    Where’s sterling??

  • Daniel Njuguna
    Daniel Njuguna 2 hours ago

    Sancho the late comer

  • Daniel yellowthunderbird

    Gomez inspired by Fabinho

  • scott poulsen
    scott poulsen 3 hours ago

    feel like dean henderson was poor in this one. at times it looked like he wasnt even trying. maybe just a bad day.

  • Aria Strwn
    Aria Strwn 3 hours ago

    2019 : TheXvidr Boxing - KSI vs Logan Paul 2020 : Footballer Boxing - Joe gomez vs Sterling

  • Max Mitchell
    Max Mitchell 3 hours ago

    Rumour has it Kane spat all over the cameraman at the end

  • Kelvin Lee
    Kelvin Lee 3 hours ago

    I see Gomez’s name and I pressed like (:

  • Ayive Mpulu
    Ayive Mpulu 3 hours ago

    7:26 he literally just said😂 Abrahams

  • Thianar Junior
    Thianar Junior 3 hours ago

    Callum 😊

  • My Sports
    My Sports 3 hours ago

    simply, the wizard

  • Tommy Sawyer
    Tommy Sawyer 3 hours ago

    these camera angles are awful can barely tell what's happening happy for Tomori doing well in training though.

  • Firdaus Maulana Abdillah

    I miss Sterling!

  • Deep Joshi
    Deep Joshi 3 hours ago

    They are having best possible facilities for a national football team .but still no world cup it's shambolic

    • King Armish
      King Armish 12 minutes ago

      Cause most of the players focus on their individual glory not on Team's result. Day when the perform as a unit, England should be a force to reckon

  • Armaan Akhtar
    Armaan Akhtar 3 hours ago

    Just came to see gomez is volley

  • del boy
    del boy 3 hours ago

    Send sterling home

  • Jens Sejbjerg
    Jens Sejbjerg 3 hours ago

    Hey England (or should i call you Liverpool?) How is your day going? oh! How my day is going? yeah i think i got a new trent today!!! first you should take the ball with hands 2 times, then push an other play to the ground!

    • River Run
      River Run Hour ago

      @Jens Sejbjerg yea you are right its handball and its 3-1 hahahaha

    • Jens Sejbjerg
      Jens Sejbjerg 2 hours ago

      Liverpool fans nowadays just 10 year Old kids....

    • Barca 1999
      Barca 1999 2 hours ago

      Jens Sejbjerg I just like liverpool more then man city since i live there and some of my family support them.

    • Aria Strwn
      Aria Strwn 3 hours ago

      Yeah i think call Liverpool is more better

  • YB ONE
    YB ONE 3 hours ago

    Gomez vs Sterling the under card for the next KSI vs Logan fight 💀

  • Miguel Salcedo
    Miguel Salcedo 3 hours ago


  • DEAN Runs
    DEAN Runs 3 hours ago

    so we ain't gonna talk about madison's backbag...

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 3 hours ago

    This Team overrated asf

    • King Armish
      King Armish 15 minutes ago

      @Tom Davis ikr🙄😔 still enjoy the moment while you can.

    • Tom Davis
      Tom Davis 2 hours ago

      @HarrisonFIFA England will never win anything mate trust me

    • HarrisonFIFA
      HarrisonFIFA 2 hours ago

      U have no clue about football 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • CI3anAtk
    CI3anAtk 4 hours ago

    Where’s sterling....oh wait

  • SweetBoi
    SweetBoi 4 hours ago

    Harry kane isnt that old but I get the feeling he's got the mentality of someone on the edge of retirement

    • Kris
      Kris Hour ago

      Well, if I came to this training in 14th position I'd also be on the verge of retirement. At least he hasn't scratched anyone's eyes out.


      SweetBoi think he just comes across that way off the pitch, on the pitch he always comes across as one of the most passionate players

    • SweetBoi
      SweetBoi 2 hours ago

      @King of the Daddy's Just in his energy as a player recently, he seems two steps behind the game and i'm not seeing as much passion as someone his age should have.

    • King of the Daddy's
      King of the Daddy's 2 hours ago

      Why do you think that??

  • Oli Wilson
    Oli Wilson 4 hours ago

    Sancho is late for everything🤣🤣🤣

  • Jimmy white
    Jimmy white 4 hours ago

    Sterling is a c**t

    • Ryan Payton
      Ryan Payton 2 hours ago

      Still one of our best players, they had a 5 second scruff, its pathetic

    • Shaz Memphis
      Shaz Memphis 3 hours ago

      you have problems kid

  • XRageX10
    XRageX10 4 hours ago

    Release gomez vs Sterling footage

  • Mein Kampf
    Mein Kampf 4 hours ago

    La Cobham's going to help bring the Euros home

    • Anthony Alex
      Anthony Alex 3 hours ago

      Mein Kampf wait till the OG don dada Loftus-Cheek get back..

  • Cryphto
    Cryphto 4 hours ago

    Can we see the scrap?

  • anny 11
    anny 11 4 hours ago

    It takes more two people to have a fight. Why not remove Gomez aswell southgate 🤔

    • River Run
      River Run Hour ago

      If fight really happen sterling must be on hospital now

    • TITUS 3V5
      TITUS 3V5 4 hours ago

      It wasn't a fight sterling apparantly grabbed unto gomez...

  • Loftus Blake
    Loftus Blake 4 hours ago

    The last video title : " He's on Fire the Boy!"| Sterling No Look Goal & Three Lions Ready For Czech

    I DELIVER L's 4 hours ago

    Callum Hudson odoi don’t take training seriously 😒

  • eng-Mahamed said
    eng-Mahamed said 4 hours ago

    Picford Jemes maguire Tamori chilwel CHO Rice mount sancho ABRAHAM KEAN (c)

  • anny 11
    anny 11 4 hours ago

    Sterling wud of been proud of that volley from Gomez

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders 4 hours ago

    The dislikes are from pep sterling arteta and walker😂😂

    • Mira S
      Mira S 38 minutes ago

      There’s 27 dislikes tho

  • lunga lunga
    lunga lunga 4 hours ago

    Nice unity black people one side white people the other side

    • TITUS 3V5
      TITUS 3V5 4 hours ago

      Well sterling was speaking with winks and other white players in the vid point that out too then. They are not always gonna mix 24 7. We are all one race the Human Race.

  • NotOXiDiZE
    NotOXiDiZE 4 hours ago

    Chelsea future 😍

  • Billy Bacon
    Billy Bacon 4 hours ago

    What’s with the scarfs? Ffs you’re going football training

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle 4 hours ago

    Maguire just has the look of someone who's playing for United right now.

    • sid mas
      sid mas Hour ago

      Tomori should replace him.

    • hp fm56
      hp fm56 3 hours ago

      Travis Bickle wdym

  • Newgenwrestling -
    Newgenwrestling - 4 hours ago

    Only here to see Gomez face

  • Semore Kants
    Semore Kants 4 hours ago

    Why isn’t Kyle walker in the squad anymore? He’s a beast.

    • King Armish
      King Armish 13 minutes ago

      @Ronald Joseph nah bro, not anymore. Now they have Trippier, TAA, Reece James and AWB, so no Walker now.

    • Memeology
      Memeology Hour ago

      @inzagee Reece James lad

    • Ronald Joseph
      Ronald Joseph 2 hours ago

      @Loftus Blake are you mad how he is average he is the best RB for England

    • inzagee
      inzagee 3 hours ago

      because they would rather have trippier and also trent. Theres simply to much competition. AWB might get in the squad soon as well so theres no point of walker being there

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 4 hours ago

    If you’re not going to include sterling for the Today’s game, you should of sent him home then

  • Cobrook Studios
    Cobrook Studios 4 hours ago

    Ay Tammy im a TDM guy too

  • someone
    someone 4 hours ago


  • fiasko dollari
    fiasko dollari 4 hours ago

    Chelsea players getting the call up to England squad you love to see that

  • Thommas
    Thommas 4 hours ago

    Kevin hart in the thumbnail 😂

  • KC
    KC 4 hours ago

    Can't wait for the game tonight, 1000th England game should be a belter, come on England!

  • Daniel is here
    Daniel is here 4 hours ago

    How are England going to beat the mighty Montenegro without Sterling! 😋 Maybe he refused to play as name of Country is Racist 🧐

    • Daniel is here
      Daniel is here Hour ago

      @anny 11 thanks for the clarification 😋

    • River Run
      River Run Hour ago


    • anny 11
      anny 11 4 hours ago

      Daniel is here he didn’t refuse he got removed from. The squad

  • Mohamed
    Mohamed 4 hours ago

    Get Eddie Hearn to promote Sterling v Joe Gomez

  • Ibrahim Mahmoud
    Ibrahim Mahmoud 4 hours ago

    Lets go england❤

  • Tobias K
    Tobias K 4 hours ago

    Wheres Rice?

  • Yannis Libanje
    Yannis Libanje 4 hours ago

    How ironic that Gomez is the headline on the video!

  • Liam Chapman
    Liam Chapman 4 hours ago

    Offcourse they show a gomez goal after he got our best player kicked out. #JusticeForSterling

    • King Armish
      King Armish 6 minutes ago

      @Liam Chapman dude Sterling is on the wrong end of the fight! He should've just left that 3-1 defeat behind him and should focus on internationals rather then busting with joe

    • River Run
      River Run Hour ago

      @Liam Chapman maybe sterling doesnt want to play anyway

    • Liam Chapman
      Liam Chapman Hour ago

      @River Run if they cant sort issues out without having to not allow him to play, then questions need to be asked about set up

    • River Run
      River Run Hour ago

      @Liam Chapman you act like you are in the same room when thats happen lol The Coaching staff know how important sterling for the team, and if he get droped there must be something realy bad about him

  • Homeless man
    Homeless man 4 hours ago

    Crowd can't help england team Huùum 90k