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    RUBY NGUY廙N 24 minutes ago

    My Idol

  • all time hit RRP
    all time hit RRP 3 hours ago


  • M. bislimi
    M. bislimi 9 hours ago

    U could show kosovo shots too .. Nice play for both teams btw

  • ciaran purdy
    ciaran purdy 10 hours ago

    Pity James and McAteer didn't carry that form into the final, utter heartbreak.

  • Hong Cong Phan
    Hong Cong Phan 10 hours ago

    Very exciting Game,beautiful scored Goal,#11 Ellen White,English Girl.

  • Calum Welbourn
    Calum Welbourn 12 hours ago

    Hear that crowd roar like lions

  • lexi's world
    lexi's world 14 hours ago

    Burnley fan starts watching "dwight" burnley: dats my boi

  • Bravo Fantastic
    Bravo Fantastic 14 hours ago

    0:01 - 0:10 Whats name of song?

  • Ikhwal saimima
    Ikhwal saimima 15 hours ago

    But Germany and england defeated by brazil in world cup 2002

  • T Brooks
    T Brooks 15 hours ago

    It was set up. Look at the shot, it's too soft.

  • Ming Hooi Yang
    Ming Hooi Yang 15 hours ago


  • Russell Avery
    Russell Avery 18 hours ago

    Still gives me goosebumps when it goes in....

  • Jackson Tyson DZ
    Jackson Tyson DZ 18 hours ago

    by Skying it Saved you time ! cheers

  • Veerapong Panuditheekul


  • Odinson Allfather
    Odinson Allfather 20 hours ago

    English girls look like lads lool Ugliest people on earth by far.

  • Sean MG2
    Sean MG2 21 hour ago

    3 in this team playing in the first team now

  • 諯潰
    諯潰 22 hours ago


  • Marko Jovanovic

    Kosovo is the heart of Serbia! Never forget 1389

  • Kieran robinson

    This was an unbelievable performance from joe hart !


    Euro 2020 Qualifiers Achei bem legal ! inscreva-se no meu canal que me inscrevo no seu! vamos crescer juntos. Obrigado

  • Martin Due簽as

    not bad for a newly independent country waging war on great i hope england go to the european championship 2020

  • Carl Willis
    Carl Willis Day ago

    I haven't seen my man sprint for about 3 seasons. Guys a walking sick note.

  • Dexterous Discourses

    U get a penalty! U get a penalty!!

  • Budi Yono
    Budi Yono Day ago

    And then germany goes to 2002 final wc,england?

  • Seosamh O'Fionnaghain

    Watch Bonney wee Scotland 湮更k堯湮遲湮更k堯湮遲湮更k堯湮 qualify for the Euro 2020 finals in March 2020 While Eire and North Ireland are sitting at home watching it all live on their Televisions!! Don't doubt me!! Bonney wee Scotland will be back on the major finals stage next year!!!

  • andi brahimi
    andi brahimi Day ago

    Is no one gonna talk how kosovo scoared in the first 35 seconds?

  • Ari utari
    Ari utari Day ago

    i can listen to lucy bronze talking for hours

  • dazzaburger
    dazzaburger Day ago

    This game makes me wonder what Owen could've been.

  • Harokc117
    Harokc117 Day ago

    so no one is going to talk about that Kosovo, Kosovo!! scored 3 goals against England. England better perfect their defense or they will be taking nothing home like always.

  • Vrysh r
    Vrysh r Day ago

    So everybody is gonna ignore Rashy singing the Lingard song at 5:03 ?T

  • I Komang Tri Nugraha

    4-2-3-1 Pickford Arnold Gomez Maguire Chilwell Rice Winks Sancho Maddison Sterling Kane My opinion for england starting lineup at euro 2020

  • 邽郱訄郇郋赲 Merton Hodges

    Rashford marque seulement les penalty

  • Shahid Latif
    Shahid Latif Day ago

    Maddison : I am a man utd fan Man utd fans: Maddison to utd let's go

  • Bob Keith
    Bob Keith Day ago

    Now this is content i like to see

  • Brad Haigh x
    Brad Haigh x Day ago

    Lads scared of heights but met him at Alton towers

  • Mostapha Ben Mahdi

    You now 1000

  • Wayne Wang
    Wayne Wang Day ago

    Chasing wind boy-Owen,due to him,I start to be a Liverpool Fan

  • sagar daniel
    sagar daniel Day ago

    That accent(Liverpool) I can't understand anything.

  • Jhoni Parningotan

    Best England squad

  • EgZoN Xoni
    EgZoN Xoni Day ago


  • C繳 Chulainn
    C繳 Chulainn Day ago

    I was at that game wed no spark ∴ upfront our youngest starting 11 showed big time but as always I enjoyed our fortress anfield YNWA

  • Madjid Idj
    Madjid Idj Day ago

    Les Allemands humili矇s d矇shonor矇s par les anglais 癟a restera en travers de la gorge pour les Allemands 癟a sera inoubliable

  • CPL little leaper7

    yesss wawaw up the owls

  • Anna Winters
    Anna Winters 2 days ago

    the way dele goes harty tell him歹

  • Balcan Stefan
    Balcan Stefan 2 days ago

    That's outrageous! Pay attention at 2:48 what Kosovo's keeper doing. It screams betting all the way. Football is not a game anymore! It's all about money. Also Michael Keane's pass to Kosovo's 1st goal. I wonder how come nobody opens up an inquest?

  • John Larey
    John Larey 2 days ago

    yes lads

  • yuvraj tiwari
    yuvraj tiwari 2 days ago

    how cheeky from sterling 4:05 chip pass........

  • cleon williams
    cleon williams 2 days ago

    England Euro 2020 Gk Pickford,Pope,3gk Rb Alexandra-Arnold,wan-bissaka Lb Shaw,Rose CB Maguire,Stones,Keane,Tomori MF Henderson,Dele,Wilshere,Mount, Barkley,Ox,rice,Grealish ST Kane,Rashford,Sterling,Abraham, My opinion wilshere the wild card...if he is fit fit fit hes world class

  • David Ellis
    David Ellis 2 days ago

    I downloaded the euro 2020 app its got highlights of all the goals, and it plays better than youtube, no adverts, and it gives you information on as many euro countries as you like.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 2 days ago

    48* Goals.

  • Njii njii
    Njii njii 2 days ago

    Jody Morris, Mount, Reece, Callum

  • Norberto Alonso
    Norberto Alonso 2 days ago

    Con Kosovo se mandaron las mismas cagadas la defensa inglesa es horrible

  • Camilo De Los Rios
    Camilo De Los Rios 2 days ago

    That moment when you realize you have the same birthday as two great footballers

  • Jeta B.
    Jeta B. 2 days ago

    踢埠湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲湮更k件氦更遲綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅綾賅佞 Respekt to England Best Futboll 踝

  • FC Barcelona Kosovo

    Rrespect for England 恫惰osovo is with you every time .tony blair is our hero thanks england .

  • Squidy59870
    Squidy59870 2 days ago

    Yes jones the legend

  • Alia On demand
    Alia On demand 2 days ago

    MOTM I think goes to Raheem Sterling

  • Jamess
    Jamess 2 days ago

    Anyone else her in the background after harry Kanes. you scored in a game like that yet?

  • Kris Grym
    Kris Grym 2 days ago

    what a match !

  • Alessandra Berlusconi

    Can barely string a sentence together

  • Afet Ramuka
    Afet Ramuka 2 days ago

    Kosovo will win in prishtina

  • Suiblade
    Suiblade 2 days ago

    The ball looks so small in their hands

  • Wonskie Jaja
    Wonskie Jaja 2 days ago

    Englands are considered a giants and they got smacked by Croatia

  • TopTip
    TopTip 2 days ago

    Why has kane always looked like a 30 yr old

  • MiniDog
    MiniDog 2 days ago

    Rom璽nia 4-2 Anglia 踝痰湘痰湘痰

  • NPC #1734575
    NPC #1734575 2 days ago

    Ugbo should be back up to Tammy

  • John Bennett
    John Bennett 2 days ago

    Harry kane your the only one.tbe best is the best footballer ever

  • Bayu satrio
    Bayu satrio 2 days ago

    And still this German team went to the World Cup Final next year:)

  • Emmanuel C.
    Emmanuel C. 2 days ago

    Dans quelle ville se jouait le match ? Les anglais ont une d矇fense gruy癡re.

  • Porn Star
    Porn Star 2 days ago

    super eng

  • no name
    no name 2 days ago

    Its Serbia vs England not "Kosovo"

    • Football Winner
      Football Winner 21 hour ago

      no name Kosovo is Albania

    • no name
      no name 2 days ago


    • Dardania
      Dardania 2 days ago

      serbia is part og Kosovo.serbs are Karpatian tribes

    • no name
      no name 2 days ago

      @Football Winner what? I don't understand

  • Baked Salt
    Baked Salt 2 days ago

    2:32 well played Kosovo, but what was this Vojvoda!?

  • szewei85
    szewei85 3 days ago

    Haha what a thriller match

  • Yuxuan Li
    Yuxuan Li 3 days ago

    Really thought he was gonna be the next Defoe

  • ernie tab
    ernie tab 3 days ago

    Did anyone paid attention after the third goal Kosovo didn't push as much as they did first 15 min of the second half is that a respect to. England for being the best allie them and USA in post war era during the Kosovo war ????? Just saying maybe I'm wrong...Respect to England with love from Canada

  • stranger bown
    stranger bown 3 days ago

    Sterling might take a penalty shot

  • Hekuran Qaka
    Hekuran Qaka 3 days ago

    I HOPE he's not going to play against Kosovo in Prishtina because I'm sure we will need one point in the last match to make the Euro2020

  • Nick Cockayne
    Nick Cockayne 3 days ago

    And ten days later the Twin Towers came down. Crazy times

  • Chima Collins Priestly

    Look at that immense burst of speed from CHO

  • cooxn cooxn
    cooxn cooxn 3 days ago

    ulan kosova bile 3 att覺

    HWD YUSHA 3 days ago


  • Andrew Joyce
    Andrew Joyce 3 days ago

    Man city's best player and england's

  • MarkoGamerz
    MarkoGamerz 3 days ago

    Don't forget to stop by my channel

  • don't do drugs kids

    Well done England, 5:3 against such a football power like Kosovo, so lucky they didn' loose

  • Crazy Person
    Crazy Person 3 days ago

    Why wasnt lingard playing

  • JFNC
    JFNC 3 days ago

    Is not coming home, overrated folks.

  • Ali Demir
    Ali Demir 3 days ago

    Great muriq likeing futbol man muriq

  • 77777 Albanian G
    77777 Albanian G 3 days ago

    respect to Kosovo!!!

  • David Copson
    David Copson 3 days ago

    Under 21s featuring Danny Ings? He's about 57!

  • bro bro
    bro bro 3 days ago

    kosovo england chez repoblik??? 2020

  • bro bro
    bro bro 3 days ago

    england ,cheshka repoblik ? kosovo 2020 erop

    TACULAMANN 3 days ago

    Sterling 踝

  • 襤brahim G繹k羹
    襤brahim G繹k羹 3 days ago

    Bu 襤ngiltereden bir halt olmaz mal gibi oynuyor allah覺n gavurlar覺

  • Hasansio
    Hasansio 3 days ago

    Muriqi 200mn

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 3 days ago


  • Mandm Mehaan
    Mandm Mehaan 3 days ago

    Hes slow because of old age

  • yUtuPp Mann
    yUtuPp Mann 3 days ago

    I cant see Kosovo's three goals... Just showed two goals... Where is the 3.goals?