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  • Bumba Saha
    Bumba Saha 21 minute ago


  • john eddy
    john eddy 33 minutes ago

    What a shame to a 80 years man acting like an uneducated Trump follower in the street. You suppose to be wise at 80, knowing what to say and to not say and also how to say it. You don’t deserve to be a pundit. This has revealed what you always think about people of colour and shows that you consider you so called black partner and mixed grand kids as inferior. Shame on you.

  • roll up
    roll up 54 minutes ago

    If he can play then plz somebody sign me too

  • Air Mart
    Air Mart 2 hours ago

    Everybody has to eat more bananas

  • Dimi Lavrov
    Dimi Lavrov 3 hours ago

    My hero forever.

  • Enzo10 Ocampo
    Enzo10 Ocampo 4 hours ago

    Maradona -GENIO -SUPERHEROE -VENGADOR -REVOLUCIONARIO -TALENTOSO -LIDER -INSPIRADOR En fin, Messi sera el mejor de la historia eso q no le quepa la menor duda a nadie, pero este tipo, ES UN GRANDE D10S❤️⚽

  • Dika Damar
    Dika Damar 5 hours ago

    Jancookkk stupid man!!

  • The ghost of Spookwagen


  • Mark Hooker
    Mark Hooker 6 hours ago

    Beatiful skill.

  • Emmauel Z
    Emmauel Z 7 hours ago

    🤔 Classic Italian.

  • Ahmad Faisal
    Ahmad Faisal 8 hours ago


    RORY GUUL 8 hours ago

    Racism will never go away. It's embedded in the foundation of Western society.

  • Dusty Scrolls
    Dusty Scrolls 9 hours ago

    Italians have always been stuck 20 years in the past.

    • Right Says Ted
      Right Says Ted 4 hours ago

      Dusty Scrolls Let's say 80 years in the past.

    • son vo
      son vo 4 hours ago

      La liga fans also threw bananas to Neymar and Alves. it happened everywhere

    • Tizio Caio
      Tizio Caio 8 hours ago

      the past is nice !

  • A ALS
    A ALS 10 hours ago

    Racism is everywhere. In some places you can say it. In some place you can't.

    • john eddy
      john eddy 36 minutes ago

      Yeah, but Italy is the most racist country in Western Europe. And this is due to the fact the majority of Italians are uneducated, close minded and backwards.

    • Jaymz Dawn
      Jaymz Dawn Hour ago

      No, racism is not everywhere...

  • Manuel Ciscato
    Manuel Ciscato 10 hours ago

    I'm Italian and I'm not racist, 70% of Italians are racist, against foreigners and even among Italians between north and south, Italy is very beautiful, fantastic places to visit and great food, the ruin of Italy is the racism

  • Light Sober
    Light Sober 10 hours ago

    lukaku => 🦍 lol 😂

    • SZ 1127
      SZ 1127 3 hours ago

      Light Sober disgusting how you would even post that! There is no place racism should ever be accepted or tolerated!

  • No Lan
    No Lan 10 hours ago

    Thats why the italian soccer is one of the worst ones

    • Alexis Coco
      Alexis Coco 3 hours ago

      Since you call it " soccer" you have no credibility to talk about this sport and about italian ..

  • Mj Noor
    Mj Noor 10 hours ago

    I heard laughter no one there was upset

  • Butters
    Butters 10 hours ago

    Italians are blunt and like to joke around and bust peoples balls. Lukaku will never be accepted by Italians if he is that sensitive

  • Giovanci Bravo
    Giovanci Bravo 11 hours ago

    italianos racistas

  • grbadalamenti
    grbadalamenti 11 hours ago

    Passarini slipped on the banana skin. That same banana he tried to hand to Lukaku! Back in 2014 it was Carlo Tavecchio that called black football players: 'banana eaters'.

    • SZ 1127
      SZ 1127 3 hours ago

      Disgusting behavior! Should never be tolerated anywhere👏

    SOLDIER Sz 11 hours ago


  • matias johnston
    matias johnston 11 hours ago

    It's just joke...getting banned over stuff like pathetic

      RORY GUUL 8 hours ago

      Haha what are you smoking?

    VIRUS DDD 12 hours ago

    I personally think that he meant that lukaku is like a big gorilla , strong and unstoppable..but he said that without rudeness .. he was just praise him.. this is just misunderstanding, not racism at all.. if u read the subtitles in English, it sounds really bad.. but if u understand italian it sounds not bad at all..

    • Skinny
      Skinny 12 hours ago

      VIRUS DDD Totally agree, he just made a joke without thinking of the meaning

  • marvin silverman
    marvin silverman 13 hours ago

    *An Italian TV pundit has been suspended for saying that the only way to stop Romelu Lukaku is to give 'him 10 bananas to eat'* hahahahahhaha sorry I laughed!!!!

  • Eduard Bond
    Eduard Bond 13 hours ago

    Not suprised. Italy is the mos racist country in Europe. Full of fascists and they dont hide it anymore. Ill never put foot in that place.

  • Karl Fawcett
    Karl Fawcett 14 hours ago

    It is called a joke he is not racist he said he liked Lukaku as a player if people can't tell it was a joke they should die

  • Matthew Hughes
    Matthew Hughes 14 hours ago

    Causal racism lol

  • MrCarpio
    MrCarpio 14 hours ago

    Wonder what they say about asians over there...

    • marvin silverman
      marvin silverman 13 hours ago

      nothing!!! you think everybody in italy are as him??? sorry for my english

  • Luigi Pagliari
    Luigi Pagliari 14 hours ago

    Inspired by Leopold II of Belgium.

    • BPTB1
      BPTB1 47 minutes ago

      No, by Benito Mussolini.

  • Vic Vinegar
    Vic Vinegar 14 hours ago

    They love a bit of racism in Italian football.

    • john eddy
      john eddy 39 minutes ago

      Of course all Italians are like that. The last statistics show 75 to 85 percent (%) of Italians are racists. Black people are insulted, abused, attacked and beaten in the streets of Italy every week. Accept the fact bro and don’t defend discrimination.

    • Adil Jakatoore Ahmed
      Adil Jakatoore Ahmed 8 hours ago

      It's a joke mate lol

    • Manuel Ciscato
      Manuel Ciscato 10 hours ago

      Don't judge, we're not all like that

    • grbadalamenti
      grbadalamenti 11 hours ago

      Go search some photos of Anne Frank Romanista. You will learn a thing or two

  • tick games
    tick games 14 hours ago

    Just shows how dumb they are in some country's and cultures

    • Daniele Terazzi
      Daniele Terazzi 9 hours ago

      First of all, Italian culture is one of the richest in Europe, because of the huge quantity of different populations which followed one another during history. Therefore, before talking, I suggest that you should study a little bit of history, so that you understand what culture is and how richer Italian culture is than English one

      ALANSHEARERISGOD 11 hours ago

      I wouldn't go around calling people dumb when you can't even use apostrophes.

    • O Tedesc
      O Tedesc 11 hours ago

      That's pretty racist lol Hypocrisy at its best Pathetic how much of a hypocrite and racist you are by generalizing in such a drastic manner oml

    • Skinny
      Skinny 12 hours ago

      tick games Just because a person made a "racism" joke, then all italians are racist? You're the only one ignorant here ahaha

  • Fowzie Smith-Tahir
    Fowzie Smith-Tahir 14 hours ago


    • Skinny
      Skinny 12 hours ago

      Fowzie Smith-Tahir Shhhh stay in Africa, think about 1000 wars there, fix your country which sucks

  • Chris Kachima
    Chris Kachima 14 hours ago

    We shall win the quadraple THIS IS CITY

    • Not Yousuf
      Not Yousuf 9 hours ago

      Chris Kachima I just want to you to think about what you just said and then go back to the champions league. let’s be honest Europe isn’t made for you.

  • Jon Hernandez
    Jon Hernandez 15 hours ago

    The hype is real for Liverpool !!

  • Joel Ullberg
    Joel Ullberg 15 hours ago

    It was so casual and just high prasie and then the racist came out

  • Sebastian Ingrosso
    Sebastian Ingrosso 15 hours ago

    We Unite Against Racism 💪🏿💪🏾💪🏽💪🏽💪🏻

    • SZ 1127
      SZ 1127 3 hours ago

      Sebastian Ingrosso 👏. Just went through something similar today at my football match and very sad people still think like this!

  • Ron Harris
    Ron Harris 15 hours ago

    Thanks Europe and keep up the great work and soon all of the best players will in the MLS, keep the racist activities flowing.

    • Meme Loving Cunt
      Meme Loving Cunt 12 hours ago

      If that was the case there wouldn't be one black player in Russia. Which isn't the case.

    • Master Of Disaster
      Master Of Disaster 14 hours ago

      @Ron Harris Europe bans Bananas? Truth hurts? Upset and emotional and triggered? Get off those opioids dude... This is becoming a bit weird...

    • Ron Harris
      Ron Harris 14 hours ago

      Master Of Disaster the truth hurts and you are just upset and emotional and triggered. I just want you to fact check my statements. If Europe bans bananas you wouldn’t be in this situation right now

    • Master Of Disaster
      Master Of Disaster 14 hours ago

      @Ron Harris Yawn...

  • Naxn
    Naxn 16 hours ago

    That is the reason I dont like italien football that much. RACISM

    • j man
      j man 15 hours ago

      You must not like a lot of football leagues then

  • Hadi  Hassan
    Hadi Hassan 16 hours ago

    Who was surprised?

  • Mark Woodward
    Mark Woodward 16 hours ago

    Bit racist but the media do overreact as usual. 😐

    • grbadalamenti
      grbadalamenti 10 hours ago

      It is not racist as Lukaku is allowed to play football with fellow italian football players and is paid hefty money for that. It is XENOPHOBIC language in TV as Lukaku is compared to a dangerous gorilla, ready to kill you unless you distract him with bananas. Question is: do you really think Lukaku would stop playing if you threw him a banana?

    • Mark Woodward
      Mark Woodward 14 hours ago

      @Master Of Disaster theirs worse things going on in the world than a this ffs. If I get racially abused I just man up and carry on with life.

    • Master Of Disaster
      Master Of Disaster 15 hours ago

      @Mark Woodward So how can you say media overreact?

    • Mark Woodward
      Mark Woodward 15 hours ago

      @Master Of Disaster the comment doesn't say racism is OK. It's not OK obviously.

  • C C
    C C 16 hours ago

    I’m moving to Italy 🇮🇹. America is about to become Mexico 2.0 I the next 20 years.

    • Botanist 95
      Botanist 95 10 hours ago

      @C C What about all the white American school /synagogue /Church /cinema shooters etc? & paedophiles?

    • C C
      C C 11 hours ago

      marvin silverman of course we do. Look at any crime statistic in the US. Black men are 7% of the US population and they constitute over 50% of the murders in the US. People like to claim America has a gun murder problem, but when you look at the statistics, it’s a black and Hispanic murder problem. The demographics of America are becoming more and more black/Hispanic, and less and less White. I’ll make a prediction right now that when white people become a minority of America’s population, the country will descend into crime and poverty.

  • XxKian02RxX
    XxKian02RxX 16 hours ago

    I mean why does Italian TV look like Sky Sports in 2004

    • Sanya Chirpas
      Sanya Chirpas 10 hours ago

      Those are pathetic tiny channels followed by 3 or 4 crazy fans

    • Folgore 20
      Folgore 20 13 hours ago

      You mean bad

    • FreshEnd98
      FreshEnd98 14 hours ago

      XxKian02RxX its not a serious channel. Its a smaller channel not like sky sports italia or premium sports

  • El Françès
    El Françès 16 hours ago

    Il a forcé la...Comment il peut dire ca passe crème ?

  • Just Aria
    Just Aria 16 hours ago

    That's racist but funny too

  • Trumpet Music
    Trumpet Music 16 hours ago

    Bonucci is like; "it was Lukaku's fault"

  • principe solitario
    principe solitario 16 hours ago

    è il sosia di Zapata dell'Atalanta, questi hanno qualcosa in più… Si, 30 cm di pura nerchia...

    • Willy C.
      Willy C. 11 hours ago

      @grbadalamenti comunistaaaa!!1!1!!1!!!11 -ironia-

    • grbadalamenti
      grbadalamenti 11 hours ago

      A uno così l'INPS dovrebbe devolvere tutta la sua pensione in trivellazioni di pozzi per l'acqua in Africa. Tiè, vecchio rimbambito, vatti a mangiare le banane a casa loro, qui in Italia al massimo una scatoletta di tonno alla mensa dei poveri!

    • Willy C.
      Willy C. 11 hours ago


    • Fabrizio Gamba
      Fabrizio Gamba 14 hours ago


    • MARCUS 8473
      MARCUS 8473 14 hours ago


  • rey acht
    rey acht 16 hours ago

    Italy racist people

    • Ident Dis
      Ident Dis 10 hours ago

      And what's bad about that?

  • Marco
    Marco 16 hours ago

    And even today i’m ashamed to be italian. Just another day in the Office

    • Alexis Coco
      Alexis Coco 4 hours ago

      You are not real italian , just a coward who want virtual Likes

    • Michele Bisetti
      Michele Bisetti 9 hours ago

      Peggio della vergogna c'è il non avere dignità, rinnegare le proprie origini per qualche like di stranieri che fanno i razzisti con noi per un vecchio scemo è davvero tanto patetico vergognati di questo

  • grE68
    grE68 16 hours ago

    Some italians have an inferiority complex towards Germany. They should because Germany is paying their bills.

    • Andrea Agosti
      Andrea Agosti 11 hours ago

      +grE68.. which bill Germans pay to italy? Italy is a net contributor to the EU budget. Now, don't talk non sense if you don t know what you are talking about

    • Skinny
      Skinny 12 hours ago

      grE68 What the hell?? That makes no sense ahaha you're a fart

  • Rene Weiss
    Rene Weiss 17 hours ago

    If you're black or brown forget about going to Italy, they are still living in the past. I'm hoping it will change one day but for now stay away...

    • BPTB1
      BPTB1 40 minutes ago

      Rene Weiss Damn right. Because of my job I lived in Italy for a period in the 90's and I had to run for life two times cause a group of Italian fascists wanted to lynch me cause I'm black. Italy is a scary country if you're black.

  • Ace Boogz
    Ace Boogz 17 hours ago

    The face of 80% of Italy smh

  • Lorenzo Manzi
    Lorenzo Manzi 17 hours ago

    We're not like that.

    • Alexis Coco
      Alexis Coco 4 hours ago

      We are like this ... Siamo cosi

    • Alexis Coco
      Alexis Coco 4 hours ago

      @Petrousho Messi Fan siamo cosi

    • Petrousho Messi Fan
      Petrousho Messi Fan 12 hours ago

      Sì ma poiché siamo rappresentati da gente stupida come lui tutti pensano che siamo razzisti

  • Marele Adrian
    Marele Adrian 17 hours ago

    Where is the racism? Banana is healthy for us

    GOCHUPUNCH 17 hours ago

    Just shows how racism is so deeply ingrained. Mind boggling and sad really.

  • Виктор Балан

    Он все правильно сказал про эту обезьяну!!

  • Не Надо Стесняться

    Stupid man

  • Muhammad Ikhwan
    Muhammad Ikhwan 17 hours ago

    Serie A Italia itself a racist League ever in Europe!!! From supporters down till this fckng pundit. UEFA should punished Serie A to not be able controlled the racist marks!

    • Manuel Picetti
      Manuel Picetti 15 hours ago

      Look at your country. You are probably from a country with no respect and no rights for the women so stfu

  • 88Nantes88 Gustavo
    88Nantes88 Gustavo 17 hours ago


  • Max Payne3
    Max Payne3 17 hours ago

    E dai e un complimento a Lukaku.

    • grbadalamenti
      grbadalamenti 10 hours ago

      Anche dare una pacca sul culo prosperoso di una donna è un complimento. Stranamente, ultimamente non gradiscono più!

  • Flavio De Felice
    Flavio De Felice 18 hours ago

    (they fired him immediately)

  • SigneN-Formaldehyd-Planteøstrogen-Soja#1-dræ'

    That's effing hilarious.

  • Rattenhoofd
    Rattenhoofd 18 hours ago

    The very definition of casual racism. He obviously has a very high opinion of Lukaku, and just doesn't understand why saying something about bananas would be so horrible.

    • ShadyRestRetirement Home
      ShadyRestRetirement Home 2 hours ago

      @Andy Landa and that isn't a racist assumption you just made? So much hypocrisy over race, seems its fine to say what you like about white people whilst playing your victim card.

    • ahmad awang
      ahmad awang 4 hours ago

      what bananas got to do to stop lukaku from scoring goals? this is clearly racist statement.

    • Telcontar1962
      Telcontar1962 10 hours ago

      @Master Of Disaster See you are a comedian. Someone totally out of their depth intellectually but feels a sort of moral superiority because they've made an infantile remark. If you're from the UK, please don't tell me you had a state education. I'd hate to have been extorted for something you did not receive.

  • tom domagalski
    tom domagalski 18 hours ago

    Is that some old Italian folk tail? It contained a lot of details. Or did he write it himself?

    • D C
      D C 14 hours ago

      tom domagalski Northern Italy local TV show full of mad commentators.

  • 2019: Time to Make Canada Great Again

    How in the world is this racist? Do non-black people not eat bananas? Please enlighten me

    • grbadalamenti
      grbadalamenti 10 hours ago

      What you witnessed is not racism, but XENOPHOBIA, as the Italian WHITE old man describes BLACK Lukaku as a gorilla, dangerous and ready to kill you unless you distract him with some 10 bananas you might keep ready under your shirt. So much for the fairplay in sports!

    • j man
      j man 15 hours ago

      @N i c e ! how old are you if you can't figure it out

    • N i c e !
      N i c e ! 16 hours ago

      I seriously don't understand. Is it something to do with plantations?

    • FB Short Films
      FB Short Films 17 hours ago

      2019: Time to Make Canada Great Again Do you live under a rock?

  • ThatBritishDude
    ThatBritishDude 18 hours ago

    He had us in the first not gonna lie.

    MDX MDX 18 hours ago

    2019: welcome to italy... che vergogna mondiale. Menomale che l‘hanno buttato fuori. Sarebbe da prendere a calci nel sedere. Ignoranza totale in un mondo che è gia partito tanto tempo fa. Bruttissimo gesto!

    • Skinny
      Skinny 12 hours ago

      MDX MDX Commenti sotto ogni video di questo fatto, ti hanno morso la coda percaso? Stai a cuccia dai

  • DisobeyToday
    DisobeyToday 18 hours ago

    Jokes about white people = you're a funny guy Jokes about black people = you deserve death

  • Hypnotic J
    Hypnotic J 18 hours ago

    10 bananas hidden under the wig

  • Aniello L‘Africano
    Aniello L‘Africano 18 hours ago


  • Muhur Geaf
    Muhur Geaf 18 hours ago

    that is what everybody excpect from facist Italian. I am not surprised at all

  • Alex de'La Rosa
    Alex de'La Rosa 18 hours ago

    Passirani, che testa di c*zzo mangiausèi.

    • Lio Wright
      Lio Wright 4 hours ago

      @Michele Bisetti no a todos porque no todos ustedes son asi pero si una muy buena percentual porque nos demostraron hasta los jugadores italianos que son racista. y hasta la aficion cuando pita a un jugador de su misma seleccion italiana dandole del mono y come banana. Y todo solo porque no tiene el color de piel de ustedes. En todo esto me estoy refiriendo a Moises Kean.

    • Michele Bisetti
      Michele Bisetti 9 hours ago

      @Carolina Gozalez ¿Por qué ser italiano significa para ti? ¡juzganos a todos por un viejo imbécil! Diría paradójicamente por qué lo encuentro decididamente racista, ¿sabes?

    • Carolina Gozalez
      Carolina Gozalez 14 hours ago

      Italianos siendo Italianos ! Cuál es la novedad ?

  • gigi giggio
    gigi giggio 18 hours ago

    If this is what you say when you want to praise him, what the heck would you say if you hated him with a passion?

    6.3B Views 18 hours ago

    stupid Italians can suck on pizza

  • სავსე მთვარე


  • Mohammed Ismail
    Mohammed Ismail 19 hours ago

    LOL hahahahahah

    • The Liquidator
      The Liquidator 12 hours ago

      That guy probably thinks you have sex with goats . You shouldn't be laughing

    • The machine
      The machine 17 hours ago

      Botanist 95 There was subtitles mate

    • Botanist 95
      Botanist 95 18 hours ago

      Lol do you even understand what's going on in the video? you dumb Muhammadon!!

  • Clicca qui per vincere soldi

    Italians are black

  • A Divinis
    A Divinis 19 hours ago

    so if I say "the french eat frogs", or "the italians eat pizza" I'm racist

    • Gary Taylor
      Gary Taylor 13 hours ago

      What a dumb f@#k you are my friend.

    • Sexual Chocolate Robbie
      Sexual Chocolate Robbie 16 hours ago

      Terry Fisher what if he said 10 chocolates?

    • A Divinis
      A Divinis 17 hours ago

      @Terry Fisher he's a 2nd generation immigrant. Being belgian (or French, Dutch, etc.) is much more than being born in Belgium.

    • Terry Fisher
      Terry Fisher 18 hours ago

      But he is Belgian...not really famous for eating bananas the Belgians

  • Sibulele Sbu
    Sibulele Sbu 19 hours ago

    Pep we won't relax until the last game . Playing mind games here. Liverpool looks strong and balanced and hes trying to get to their minds because he sees with the level of determination and focus Liverpool have they don't stand a chance.

  • Mohammed Ismail
    Mohammed Ismail 19 hours ago


  • Gio 92
    Gio 92 19 hours ago

    Dimostrazione che la stupidità non ha età. Anzi.

    • Lio Wright
      Lio Wright 4 hours ago

      WUOOO che battaglia di commentari epica 😂

    • Gio 92
      Gio 92 10 hours ago

      @Skinny certo che tua madre e tuo padre potevano perderli due minuti in più, deficiente.

    • Skinny
      Skinny 10 hours ago

      Gio 92 Bravissimo Dottore Magistrato anti-mafia con la foto profilo standard blu di TheXvid. Non perda nemmeno tempo a rispondere a noi comuni mortali su TheXvid, se ne vada direttamente affanculo!

    • Gio 92
      Gio 92 11 hours ago

      @Skinny la mia non è una foto blu, semplicemente l'avatar standard di TheXvid per i suoi account, e preferisco non curare questi aspetti piuttosto che perdere tempo a mettere una foto che comunque non identifica (quando si dice "metterci la faccia"!). Non sono nient'altro che un cittadino onesto, tenga il sarcasmo per casa sua. Per finire, Gio sta per Giovanni e 92 per l'anno di nascita: non era difficile arrivarci, suvvia.

    • Skinny
      Skinny 11 hours ago

      Gio 92 Ok "Gio 92" con una foto profilo blu, menomale che abbiamo Lei in Italia, Dottor Magistrato anti-Mafia. Balbetto perfino per averLa incontrata casualmente nei commenti di TheXvid! Un forte abbraccio e buon lavoro!

  • Sinjin Smyth
    Sinjin Smyth 19 hours ago

    he meens da energie in te fruits of banana. no racismo. non è razzista

  • lochyes
    lochyes 19 hours ago

    When will these racists learn, it's fried chicken.

  • Féthut Laphaite
    Féthut Laphaite 19 hours ago

    Pauvre Italie, c'est de pire en pire. Le racisme de ce vieux monsieur est tellement minable ! Mais il reflète tellement une partie de l'Italie actuelle, malheureusement. L'être humain est parfois si inhumain... Pardonne si tu peux, Monsieur Lukaku, moi je te regarde avec le respect qu'un homme doit à un homme, et aussi qu'un supporter de l'équipe de Belgique doit au plus grand centre avant de notre histoire. Continue à être toi même, une belle personne, ne tombe pas dans le piège que te tendent ces salauds fascistes, et n'oublie pas qu'en Italie comme partout il y a aussi des gens bien. Viva Lukaku, viva una umana Italia

    • Féthut Laphaite
      Féthut Laphaite 5 hours ago

      @THE Caballo THE Caballo je vais souvent en Italie. J'aime l'Italie. Petit, j'avais des amis italiens qui vivaient en Belgique, ils sont devenus belges depuis bien sûr. Car oui, je suis belge et pas français, Monsieur Caballo 😙. Tu vois, francophone ne veut pas dire français, mais bon, il y a des gens qui décident pour les autres de ce qu'ils sont à leur place... Mes copains d'origines italienne (années 60) ont été victimes du racisme de certains belges, car des salauds et des cons il y en a partout. Après, la guerre était finie depuis 20 ans seulement, mais ça n'est pas une excuse. Tous les italiens ne sont pas fascistes, heureusement. Il y a des racistes partout et dans tous les pays, dire le contraire est raciste, car justement un homme est un homme, quel que soit sa couleur ou son pays. Là, je parle de l'Italie parce que dans le sujet traité ça se passe en Italie et qu'actuellement en Italie ça dérape vers l'extrême droite, point. En France et en Belgique aussi, les extrêmes montent, dans le monde en général les gens ont peur et se referment. Content? Et donc, vive l'Italie, le monde et Lukaku. Ah oui, vive la Belgique aussi, tant qu'on y est. Ciao Caballo, mon frère sur la terre.

    • Féthut Laphaite
      Féthut Laphaite 6 hours ago

      @josscheng tu sais mon gars, c'est pas parce que j'écris en français que je suis francais. Bonne journée.

    • josscheng
      josscheng 10 hours ago

      @THE Caballo Un supporter français de l'équipe de Belgique ? C'est qui le vieux grincheux ?

    • THE Caballo
      THE Caballo 17 hours ago

      Féthut Laphaite Jaime comment les francais pensent toujours qu’il n’y a jamais eu aucune racisme dans leur pays et blâmes les autres . C’est pas trop le cas quand je demande à des Camerounais , Algérien etc. Et ils me raconte des histoires on parle ici pas mal plus qu’une commentaire par un vieux grincheux

  • makedon makedonov
    makedon makedonov 19 hours ago


  • Nahid Muzammil
    Nahid Muzammil 19 hours ago

    You had us in the first half

    • Hassan A
      Hassan A 17 hours ago

      Nahid Muzammil thats what Watford said to Arsenal

  • Joel Ackon
    Joel Ackon 19 hours ago


  • tgroupy
    tgroupy 19 hours ago


    • SZ 1127
      SZ 1127 3 hours ago

      tgroupy 👏. Yes that behavior is truly disgusting!

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  • Kinitomarios Lix
    Kinitomarios Lix 23 hours ago

    When i see bendner i have that instant clicking habit

  • Mohammed Alkubaisi

    Why there's people dislike this??

  • Ishak Aman
    Ishak Aman Day ago

    This guys is obsessed with Liverpool

  • Vinotinto NYC
    Vinotinto NYC Day ago

    Suarez shared the Golden Boot with Ronaldo, though. Convenient of you to leave that out. 00:20

  • Moyo Simboti
    Moyo Simboti Day ago

    Obsession with liverpool

  • mae
    mae Day ago

    Poundits: what do LIVERPOOL need to do to win the league.? LFC haters: they need to pull an invisible LIVERPOOL: HOLD MY FUKN BEER!!!

    • Not Yousuf
      Not Yousuf 9 hours ago

      I think you mean hold my ribena

  • Indraneel Mukherjee

    Kaka was fast once upon a time, but this is insane.

  • Gooner-KIRK
    Gooner-KIRK Day ago

    Hes a yead and a half older then me and he looks like my dads age