Marcus Johns
Marcus Johns
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  • Dalinzco and Deveon

    were you on expelled

  • Bongie Tha Yung'N

    Nice work!

  • Logan Smith
    Logan Smith Year ago

    this is gonna sound really creepy but where do you live?

  • HoCoRydaaH
    HoCoRydaaH 2 years ago

    That moment when you try to Blackmail vine for 1 Million Dollars because your career is going nowhere.

  • Tate Buser
    Tate Buser 2 years ago


  • Liliana Crawford
    Liliana Crawford 2 years ago

    post a new video plz

  • Sabrina Spellman
    Sabrina Spellman 2 years ago

    Marcus come back

  • swiTcH-falcon small
    swiTcH-falcon small 3 years ago

    who watched his movie

  • A&A show
    A&A show 3 years ago

    Hey guys can you check out our TheXvid Channel and tell us what you think?

    • 雪 Nøva
      雪 Nøva 2 years ago

      dude,you're just asking them for views

  • Ivana Lutovac
    Ivana Lutovac 3 years ago


  • Corispec
    Corispec 3 years ago

    i loved your work in expelled i watch it every day

  • Beefy Boys
    Beefy Boys 3 years ago

    Hey i didnt know u were the kid on Punisher wow thats awesome

  • JC LB
    JC LB 3 years ago

    Hey Marcus, I nominate you for my Film a Fox challenge. Details on my vid.

  • joseph crowley
    joseph crowley 3 years ago

    Hey Marcus I know one as low as me has no write to ask. But where you in the movie expelled

    • swiTcH-falcon small
      swiTcH-falcon small 3 years ago

      +joseph crowley that movie is so awsome

    • Aric Jacobsen
      Aric Jacobsen 3 years ago

      You are not low? Marcus is a lovely guy but he is the same as us all. Please don't put yourself down.

    • imogen passee
      imogen passee 3 years ago

      yes he was in the movie expelled he played ben

  • Pia Laya
    Pia Laya 3 years ago

    Soo, looking forward to MarcusMonday ;)

  • jdred xiii
    jdred xiii 3 years ago

    #AskMarcus Hey, Marcus. If you were to pick a favorite viner yourself, who would it be?

  • eiqhtees
    eiqhtees 4 years ago


  • Kezia Melodia
    Kezia Melodia 4 years ago

    marcus, i cant wait for the next video. you are my favorite viner and now, my favorite youtuber too oHMYGOD

  • Lee Rosario
    Lee Rosario 4 years ago

    MARCOOSE! I'm onboard buddy

  • Khaoula Elfajry
    Khaoula Elfajry 4 years ago

    you viners help me get throught the day !!!! especially u Marcus thnks a lot

  • Katie Ford
    Katie Ford 4 years ago

    You're the best, Marcus! Stay cool and keep making vines! :D

  • VIdhata AKA VTDollaSign Talmage

    Not to be that guy but your rap battles are wack i would love to go toe to toe with you battling u say u want a famous person to battle you what about u battle a nobody that would make it intresting

  • Sydney Knauss
    Sydney Knauss 4 years ago

    Can you please make more videos?!!?!! I love your song videos. I think you'd be really good at making short-films too because you are a good actor from what I see. Please make more vids :) p.s. I love you <3 :D

  • marin socses
    marin socses 4 years ago

    Клёвый чувак:3

  • Rwndz
    Rwndz 4 years ago

    Why no more marcus?

  • Ant Man
    Ant Man 5 years ago

    is your channel done? if so thats sad.

  • Jessica Wolf S.
    Jessica Wolf S. 5 years ago

    As a Facebook/Engineer, I have to say: Posting Marcus's videos always receives a large amount of Comments & Likes. 50% Believe he is the next Jim Carrey.(Marcus- Keep up the wonderful job. You are the light of humor. You have mad talent, protect it. Other will try to limit you so never limit yourself. Originality is important & you got it) Regards - J.Wolf

  • rian vin zil
    rian vin zil 5 years ago

    THAx for all the awesome videos!!

  • Emily Garcia
    Emily Garcia 5 years ago

    U look like colton Haynes but a bit better looking XD

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 5 years ago

    Where did you find that dog or bought it

  • Anne Campbell
    Anne Campbell 5 years ago

    You really need to cone to the UK! :D

  • XEpicxShywolfX
    XEpicxShywolfX 5 years ago

    do you have an xbox im XEpicAphroditeX (i watch your vinesXD)

  • E Ece ARAS
    E Ece ARAS 5 years ago

    Perfect. You are very sweet.

  • Marissa Brooks
    Marissa Brooks 5 years ago

    Fresh Snips.. hilarious. A Johns Brothers Show would be awesome, please and thank you!

  • Katie The Wolfie
    Katie The Wolfie 5 years ago

    You beautiful human. HUG MEEE.

  • Brianna Pinkston
    Brianna Pinkston 5 years ago


  • Brianna Pinkston
    Brianna Pinkston 5 years ago

    Your an amazing, talented, singing person Marcus. Some people say that their your number one fan, well I'm your one number last fan ever cause I feel like each time see a vine of yours , people already like it and it leaves me thinking " I guess I'm the last one", but that's okay now,cause there's other too that are the same as me.

  • Amy Wangsgaard
    Amy Wangsgaard 5 years ago

    I wish your other videos weren't private, I want to watch them.

  • freesh avocedoo
    freesh avocedoo 5 years ago


  • Casual Apples.
    Casual Apples. 5 years ago

    dude your awesome!!!

  • Niki AA
    Niki AA 5 years ago

    PLEASE come to DC! And when's your new video gonna be posted?

  • Hellen
    Hellen 5 years ago

    I love youu! Omg, I love your vines..and your laugh, and your hilarious reactions <3 I wish I could meet you! <33

  • MsShootingstar77
    MsShootingstar77 5 years ago

    Marry me?? :D Kiss from Croatia! :*

  • LeeAnn Wyatt
    LeeAnn Wyatt 5 years ago

    you're so freaking hot marry me already. You have abs, a million dollar smile, you can sing. JUST MARRY ME ALREADY

  • SxC Robbie
    SxC Robbie 5 years ago

    sommmmebody's been DRINK-iiing

  • Brianna Pinkston
    Brianna Pinkston 5 years ago

    Your a super awesome guy Marcus!

  • Francesca Sack
    Francesca Sack 5 years ago

    love your vines and came to see you youtube..but; think you may mean 'improv' not 'improve' on your description; like improvisation :) :) goodluck

  • Ciara M.
    Ciara M. 5 years ago

    I know this boy in real life we went to the same school he is sooo fine in real life! For real nice body and everything.

  • Ina S.
    Ina S. 5 years ago

    You are amazing... I mean you're so funny and creativ and your performance in the movie "The Punisher" were so great!!

  • Tegan Fordham
    Tegan Fordham 5 years ago


  • Zoe Moore
    Zoe Moore 5 years ago

    I love your vines!! But could you keep them on vine?! It annoys me how that's what most of your videos are. Why did you delete so many of your other videos??

  • Daisy Gonzalez
    Daisy Gonzalez 5 years ago

    marcus johns !!!!!!!!!!

  • Greda Bread
    Greda Bread 5 years ago

    YOU are GOING to be brace yourself and get yourself a great manager & financial advisor!!! I am a 47 year old mom of 2 daughters and have watched all your vines and you are F-U-N-N-Y! Brace yourself - it is coming!! God Bless You!!!

  • Nadia Baig
    Nadia Baig 5 years ago

    I've watched all you videos in like two days. My favorite one was when your dad tapped the breaks xD Awaiting for more videos! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  • Shelby Taylor
    Shelby Taylor 5 years ago

    So I saw a vine and was like, "Oh I recognize that place." Then I saw you're from Sofla and I was like "Oh right, I grew up there!"

  • Bianca Schärer
    Bianca Schärer 5 years ago

    dude, you are so crazy, keep on going! :-) and by the way - cool parents! greets from switzerland

  • sam mcg
    sam mcg 5 years ago

    Can I just say how IN LOVE I am with your videos??

  • Cantika Ahmad
    Cantika Ahmad 5 years ago

    hey do u have any instant messaging like kik or something like that?:) please share here:( i'm really in love with your vids in vine btw:) and please follow back my twitter @cantikkaa thank u;)

  • Hemi Ramsamooj
    Hemi Ramsamooj 5 years ago

    You are one amusing man. Keep it up! :)

  • Jonandtan69
    Jonandtan69 5 years ago

    i love you

  • Sara Lapointe
    Sara Lapointe 5 years ago

    please marry meee :p

  • LaraRachel1
    LaraRachel1 5 years ago

    Just discovered you today. I have internal bleeding from laughing.

  • Harrison Richards
    Harrison Richards 5 years ago

    huge fan of you now. I reckon your the best vine guy out there

  • kylaawild
    kylaawild 5 years ago

    love your vines(: always make me laugh. whens the next youtube video? hopefully soon! k bye(:

  • Makaveli Rocky
    Makaveli Rocky 5 years ago

    Impressive videos ! Love your videos ! :D Keep Up The Good Work ! :D ;))

  • John Calvin
    John Calvin 5 years ago

    hey i like u r vids... i just have one question why are u subscribed to asianetindia?? i'm from india btw

  • Priscila Loch
    Priscila Loch 5 years ago

    I think you are very talented in many ways, you have no idea of how hard I laugh at your vines! you seem like a great guy. Wish you the best Marcus!!

  • Alyssa Trujillo
    Alyssa Trujillo 5 years ago

    Can I just say you are awesome. You really seem like a great guy haha can I meet you I WANA MEET YOU DUDE

  • Jenny Porres
    Jenny Porres 5 years ago

    Not sure how creepy this is but I just went through all your vines and most of your youtube videos and you're one talented guy! I was just wondering, are you studying film at FSU?

  • JEfilms11
    JEfilms11 6 years ago

    Waiting patiently for your new videos bro