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  • Andrew Micallef
    Andrew Micallef Hour ago

    Pipercross: Performance air filters Matt: *IMPAIRMENT ENHANCERS*

  • bbogdanmircea
    bbogdanmircea Hour ago

    The French can for sure design cars!

  • Muzica Creștina de București

    How to Be A BMW driver ? 1 - Don’t fasten your seatbelt at all 2 - Don’t use indicators 3 - Wear glasses

  • Luc Jan
    Luc Jan Hour ago

    WoW! This is the only Peugeot I would like to have. Soooooo beautiful!

  • Yahya Safoury
    Yahya Safoury Hour ago

    Too long video!

  • Gaburieru fisshā
    Gaburieru fisshā 2 hours ago

    My sister had lymphoma:( she passed away last year you don’t have to say anything...

  • Chaack
    Chaack 2 hours ago

    This is how future should look like - retro looking cars with futuristic tehnologies inside, this car is just awesome.

  • Rocking in a free world

    This car as made the new defender look dated.

  • iain leake
    iain leake 2 hours ago

    Call it Churchill! The number plate is ncd (no claims discount)

  • katty chengappa
    katty chengappa 2 hours ago

    He's a LEGEND now he will race with another GTR that is PAUL WALKER ......Another legend.. Paul has a R34 and he has. R35😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Phillip Smalley
    Phillip Smalley 2 hours ago

    That is literally the coolestclooking car of all time!! Not bothered with all the high tech interior. Just want the aesthetics and a big v8 in the front

  • Pierre Thenot - MTB
    Pierre Thenot - MTB 2 hours ago

    Nissan IDX anyone?

  • AppleBottemGs
    AppleBottemGs 2 hours ago

    That helmet ant gonna do shit

  • Dariune
    Dariune 2 hours ago

    peugeot knows their customers are the worst drivers so they just hide the steering wheel away from them

  • Johnsxn17
    Johnsxn17 2 hours ago

    That car is so nice looking just take out the screens stick an engine in her gear stick and that's the best car ever

  • Niels Engelen
    Niels Engelen 2 hours ago

    Did tou drive or what

  • ducku justeen
    ducku justeen 2 hours ago

    Ba jim is that you

  • Table 55
    Table 55 2 hours ago

    Merci Peugeot pour avoir permis à carthrottle de présenter ce concept merveilleux! Je rêve de voir une 508coupé qui pourrait ressembler à ce concept

  • Alex Paxman
    Alex Paxman 2 hours ago

    I was liking the car until I saw ‘peugeot’

  • Shawnlize Leatherdale

    Why oh why would you want a turbo ? Other than to watch what happens when they blow up

  • ThatHistoryDude
    ThatHistoryDude 2 hours ago

    Sweet, but I live in Canada...

  • OC Rodriguez
    OC Rodriguez 2 hours ago

    Is it me or does this car looks just like the Nissan IDx Concept?? WTH??

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke 3 hours ago

    Cool looking car, I'm just not into Autonomous cars, I like to drive.

  • England explorer19
    England explorer19 3 hours ago

    This channel is pure shit I know we're that jimnys from it wasn't 500 quid

  • Rory the tiger
    Rory the tiger 3 hours ago

    You forgot the z20let out the astra

  • Paco Caddy
    Paco Caddy 3 hours ago

    Super 👍 😀 👍

  • Changa Carr
    Changa Carr 3 hours ago

    here ya go i got ya an offer bud

  • Grahame Rex
    Grahame Rex 3 hours ago

    Giulia QV sounds loads better and would blow the doors off the jag 🍀🤙🏼

  • Moug MeDuro
    Moug MeDuro 3 hours ago

    This looks strangely alike a Nissan IDX Nismo but without the livery and decals...

  • Masashi Iino
    Masashi Iino 3 hours ago

    Nice idx freeflo....wait wtf

  • Honda Jizz Spoon Gd1

    its french. it already has problems

  • Borneo Vet
    Borneo Vet 3 hours ago

    Whats the difference in your mind on an undercover cop car and a unmarked cop car then genius.

  • Gerardo Musano
    Gerardo Musano 3 hours ago

    In the future you will be' driveing a wheelchair when it comes real

  • KayshiAri
    KayshiAri 4 hours ago

    i like how the car looks but i'm not a fan of that steering wheel

  • VolV8
    VolV8 4 hours ago

    The rear side profile reminds me of Fiat 124. Sweet looking car all round.

  • MrOmsiFan
    MrOmsiFan 4 hours ago

    But after All its a french car...

  • BlackDragonGaming
    BlackDragonGaming 4 hours ago

    Miata gang

  • Gianluca S
    Gianluca S 4 hours ago

    Looks like the Nissan Idx concept from a few years back!! Love it

  • Erik
    Erik 4 hours ago

    from the side this car nailed the retro look so well I thought this was someones modded car before they got to showing all the future stuff. mad respect for the designer.

  • Zombie Head
    Zombie Head 4 hours ago

    For some reason the front end immediately made me think of the BMW 2002 from a distance, but as other comments said, if modern cars were give their retro throw back designs, things would be so much different.

  • M G
    M G 4 hours ago

    Id drive this as a normal car even

  • silly illuminatus
    silly illuminatus 4 hours ago

    Tell me that doesn't look like a vintage mustang(from 2070, of course)

  • Pascal Jean
    Pascal Jean 4 hours ago

    "I must stroke Phil"

  • 999CATZ
    999CATZ 4 hours ago

    is that some design from the nissan concept car?..

  • Richard Gray
    Richard Gray 4 hours ago

    When you arrive at a 4 way stop simultaneously with 3 other cars , who pulls away first?. The BMW.

  • Benas
    Benas 4 hours ago

    Not everyone needs a fully autonomous mode. Just put a nardi wooden steering wheel on and sell it

  • Nexus Productions
    Nexus Productions 4 hours ago

    The right mix between retro and modern Sick.

  • Liam MacDonald
    Liam MacDonald 5 hours ago

    It looks very much like the Nissan IDx concept.

  • Josh Story
    Josh Story 5 hours ago

    Nismo xd?

  • Che1seabluesdrogba11

    Damn it bought it was iDX

  • Kanzaki Miyamoto
    Kanzaki Miyamoto 5 hours ago

    Man, people these days... Do you know freaking hard is it to maintain your car and yet you're just saying "It'S JUsT a CaR~" so goddamn casually?! You probably have never cherished your own sh!t, haven't you?

  • Malcolm Pritchard
    Malcolm Pritchard 5 hours ago

    Wow think it’s one of the best electric cars I’ve seen 👍👍👍

    ECTOPOWER 5 hours ago


  • Izmam Rahman
    Izmam Rahman 5 hours ago

    Just import the car piece by piece easy

  • Miguel Mc
    Miguel Mc 5 hours ago

    I want the seats, I want the car I want... I want it all

  • Peter M
    Peter M 5 hours ago

    Ok, I don't want to ruin the joy. Peug makes great engines, I can't argue with that. But when someone mentiones Peugeot, all kind of electrical faults comes into my mind straight away. So, the top manufacturer of awful electronics just built a concept fully electric car... LMAO I guess it will brake down after every mile. :D

  • Emmanuel Jensen
    Emmanuel Jensen 5 hours ago

    your also supposed to forget how to use a turn signal

  • Shaista Waqar
    Shaista Waqar 5 hours ago

    I looks like R31 gtr

  • IOUaUsername
    IOUaUsername 5 hours ago

    Of course this is a thing of beauty. Unfortunately they won't make it. They're just teasing us like they did 10 years ago with the 908 V12 concept. There hasn't been a Peugeot sports car in such a long time, only hot hatches that have been getting less hot with every passing year. And no, the RCZ doesn't count as it was just a not very hot hatch.

  • Naseeb Naushad
    Naseeb Naushad 5 hours ago

    i like how it looks like an old school car.😍

  • Mark Macpherson
    Mark Macpherson 5 hours ago

    I suppose the next problem is working out where to put the Air Bags ??

  • Stalker
    Stalker 5 hours ago

    Glad I live in Aus where you can drive any old shit heap as long as it's registered.

  • Austin Cooper
    Austin Cooper 5 hours ago

    Listening to Denton talk makes me want to buy a knackered RX-8. Massive respect.

  • Your worse enemy
    Your worse enemy 6 hours ago

    this video can easily be the start of a gay porn move

  • drumboarder1
    drumboarder1 6 hours ago

    fuuuuuck those steering wheels.. hit a bump and it slips out of your hand? FUCKIN GOOD LUCK GRABBING IT AGAIN!

  • arealbigboss
    arealbigboss 6 hours ago

    autonomous cars are gay, but that thing looks cool as shit

  • Tahir Shafique
    Tahir Shafique 6 hours ago

    Well done you😂

  • RepentUK LondonWatchman137

    "Driving A Condom With A Hole In The Bottom "🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mynameis63
    mynameis63 6 hours ago is NOT the coolest thing ever! Now hear me out.. cool, but the thing is..autonomous..electric, and all these driver aids....that shit marks the beginning of the end for our beloved personal use motorcars. The crazy part is..killing off internal combustion engines is going to hurt the environment to a degree....Plant life need the co2 for food..they strip the carbon molecules thereby releasing the oxygen into the atmosphere. Also, what kind of ecological mess will be created when all these teslas and crap start reaching the end of their duty cycle...where you gonna put that dead 900 kg battery unit? Maybe we can store them at prince Andrews back yard...once all the buried things there presently get removed I mean..;) too soon??>?

  • Carlos Navas
    Carlos Navas 6 hours ago

    Oh my life!! Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance predicted it!! Unbelievable, that is beautiful!!

  • Terra-lightning
    Terra-lightning 6 hours ago

    I wish I could get my hands on a kid that easily...

  • Ultra hazzard drifter

    The mk2 is still more expensive

  • manager96ful
    manager96ful 6 hours ago

    it reminds me bmw e21

  • Matthew19002
    Matthew19002 6 hours ago

    I'd love to have a car to just looks like this, I don't really need the screens but I love the retro interior and the aggressive serious exterior. I'd take one even if it was a standard with a V8 and actually if there was an option I personally would prefer it. Next problem... I can't even afford a new car.

  • Smoothmicra
    Smoothmicra 7 hours ago

    Yawn, another concept car that will never be mass produced.

  • K1ll5w1tch_93
    K1ll5w1tch_93 7 hours ago

    the exterior looks really good, the futuristic stuff inside though is a bit too much for me.

  • Paul Sherrard
    Paul Sherrard 7 hours ago

    Gilles Vidal and his team have knocked it out of the park!

  • Kushal P
    Kushal P 7 hours ago

    Why is the stearing wheel on the right side?

  • Jimmy_Jay7
    Jimmy_Jay7 7 hours ago

    Not even joking if they make a car like this that even looks like his I would want to buy it

  • Phillip Biros
    Phillip Biros 7 hours ago

    Why tf does this have a dislike?

  • Troy Smith
    Troy Smith 7 hours ago

    Could be your breath blowing back into your face that's the smell

  • Anadel Ponseca
    Anadel Ponseca 7 hours ago

    It looks like an Nissan s16 Alex.

  • Ankur Singhal
    Ankur Singhal 7 hours ago

    I don't get it, Why would petrol heads be excited by this ?? I am a petrol head and the only reason I disliked that car was because it does not have a petrol engine !!!

  • 420apache657
    420apache657 7 hours ago

    wheres the SUV version with very thick pillars and poor visibility

  • VGAPR Garage
    VGAPR Garage 7 hours ago

    That’s the Nissan prototype

  • icewalow_ come_
    icewalow_ come_ 7 hours ago

    My toughts on that concept car. Pros: it looks hella cool, its electric, it (will be) capable of driving on its own / assist while driving Cons: probably hella expensive, too many screens, kinda strange seats I hope they manage to bring a simmilar looking, reliable car on the market for a affordable price. But there is still a lot they could improve in my opinion. Cut down on features no one really needs. Less features, lower price, less stuff that can break, lower maintaince cost, happier customer, more long-time sales. I'm even satisfied with an electric car, that does 0-100kph in around 12 seconds, so you have to use less copper for the engine. Maybe even make the battery pack modular. For example there are 4 battery compartments. You can buy the car with only one filled and if you need a bigger battery later on, you can either rent (for a day, week, month) or buy more battery's to increase the range of the car if you need it. Most of the time, a car is not beeing driven that much per day and a small battery is enough.

  • JPBD 1990
    JPBD 1990 7 hours ago

    I love Alex, but the Alex/jack/Ethan trio is 👌👌👌 GIVE US MORE. MOORRRREEEE

  • Chris Nahts
    Chris Nahts 8 hours ago

    10:02 he sounds like jp from grandmas boy

  • Greg Wayne
    Greg Wayne 8 hours ago

    It looks almost exactly like the 2014 concept Nissan DXi Nissmo. Which I was very disappointed when they didn't go ahead with it's production. Check out how close these are:

  • Benjamin E.
    Benjamin E. 8 hours ago

    You should do something with the car at the end

  • prac2
    prac2 8 hours ago

    you named your car colin?

  • Victorzilla 280z
    Victorzilla 280z 8 hours ago

    Looks like the Nissan IDX

  • stabbawivagun
    stabbawivagun 8 hours ago

    Jobs a gooden pmsl

  • Nathan Cook
    Nathan Cook 8 hours ago

    Pre-Luda Chris?

  • Maria Janette Lagar
    Maria Janette Lagar 8 hours ago

    Did you really left him behind Luca:where am I again

  • Silas Mayes
    Silas Mayes 8 hours ago

    The wheels look similar to the ones on some newer Hondas.

  • Mr Poopy Butthole
    Mr Poopy Butthole 8 hours ago

    Ight who’s gonna LS swap it

  • aRustyPatina
    aRustyPatina 8 hours ago

    The ONLY Peugeot I ever wanted!!

  • Arastia Creations
    Arastia Creations 8 hours ago

    My mom: "Why would you buy a broke down car?" Me:

  • Cliffy Shine
    Cliffy Shine 8 hours ago

    I don't like electric cars. But man this car is beautiful. That is the most beautiful car design i've seen in some time🥺😍🤤