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Living With A 90mph Sofa
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  • Braden Marcera
    Braden Marcera 7 minutes ago

    What's the best time to check the smoke at idle or while revving slightly

  • Lance
    Lance 33 minutes ago

    You said id never get to drive but now i have a p1 just because of this vid

  • macine 22
    macine 22 39 minutes ago

    Hello? Cock!

  • beny trucker
    beny trucker 42 minutes ago

    Can you do cheap super car challenge please

  • G Boss
    G Boss 58 minutes ago

    Love the 80s music when introducing the prelude

  • Stef Port
    Stef Port Hour ago

    990 pounds for a mercedes s 500? I bought a 1997 polo for 900 euro(800 pounds) without air con or power steering.In my country this would cost at least 10k pounds

  • Clive Adams
    Clive Adams Hour ago

    No. Just no, you do not suck diesel up a tube. Not even for laughs on YT. You forgot to add in the cost of injectors and fuel pumps which wear out a lot quicker on veggie oil along with other things that can have their life shortened like oil seals.

  • Rigo DaDrifter
    Rigo DaDrifter Hour ago

    I know I’m late.. But, I hope he’s racing with Paul Walker, Ayrton Senna, Dale Earnhardt, Niki, and all the other racing legends. R.I.P Andrew Lee

  • Saiesh Naidoo
    Saiesh Naidoo Hour ago

    Do a SUV next

  • YourAverageAussieYoutuber

    Am I the only who felt bad for Ethan in this one

  • Luke Probert
    Luke Probert Hour ago

    All 3 buy a car and top gear road trip them

  • James Smith
    James Smith Hour ago

    GREAT VIDEO. You need to do a Haynes manual for it.

  • silver crown
    silver crown Hour ago

    Where is Gareth potter now .. We never see him In the new videos...

  • Travis who?
    Travis who? 2 hours ago


  • aeliar
    aeliar 2 hours ago

    And still stock exhaust...

  • Pugest pug
    Pugest pug 2 hours ago

    Christmas in Australia is great because we don’t get snow so we can work on our cars

  • Frank T
    Frank T 2 hours ago

    I still have problems with this, there are so many scenarios where reality diverges from good sense. When you mix humans and machines something can always go wrong.

  • Lonath Senevirathne
    Lonath Senevirathne 2 hours ago

    Add some nice doors to that and.....voila

  • Jack Byers
    Jack Byers 2 hours ago

    One rotor per wheel. Wack.

  • Sam Dixon
    Sam Dixon 2 hours ago

    As a new follower of you guys. I must say I love the channel ha ha. I myself dabble a bit in crazy car buying. 6 months ago I bought an Alfa 166 3.0 V6 sight unseen for 300 euros. Engine would not turn over and I got it towed back to my place. Was just the starter motor. I have been driving it ever since ha ha. Almost a free car. I am tempted to also get a car for under 200 euros for a laugh. Although I live in the Netherlands and even old rubbish can be pricey here.

  • Ezequiel Ridolfi
    Ezequiel Ridolfi 2 hours ago

    CT people, I miss these kind of videos...

  • Sîdharth
    Sîdharth 2 hours ago

    Miles just proved it's name now

    THEBIGMEOW 2 hours ago

    Tesla : My auto drive works only on motorway. Mercedes : Please upgrade me you heard tesla.

  • Mazz Ali
    Mazz Ali 2 hours ago

    I liked the part where they made tea 😂

  • Sîdharth
    Sîdharth 2 hours ago

    Damn ... If maintenance is below 1000 euro then restore it.

  • Barry James
    Barry James 2 hours ago

    Carly doesn't do Ford. lol

  • Renato 10
    Renato 10 3 hours ago

    1:38 My favourite part. Hitting the windscreen.

  • chooselife3000
    chooselife3000 3 hours ago

    Far more wholesome relevant and enjoyable than watching unattainable supercar exotica !!!

  • Michael Massart
    Michael Massart 3 hours ago

    Unplugging somebody's hybrid at a public charging point

  • Pirated Tech Tips
    Pirated Tech Tips 3 hours ago

    that is what VTEC does!!

  • Ziko Pastoft
    Ziko Pastoft 4 hours ago

    I bought a Mitsubishi Colt CZ3 for 1600 pounds. In good condition and drives like a dream😁

  • Rajin Islam Dhrubo
    Rajin Islam Dhrubo 4 hours ago

    If e46 gtr was here .

  • Kevin Pratt
    Kevin Pratt 4 hours ago

    Se how far u can get on a full tank off fuel

  • Awesome Uploads
    Awesome Uploads 4 hours ago

    How tall is Jonathan?!

  • JB
    JB 4 hours ago

    Why can't he pronounce the word double-you?

  • MadVulcan
    MadVulcan 4 hours ago

    *Cut to the chase!* [2:06]

  • ManIac 2
    ManIac 2 5 hours ago

    Can't even reach 450km in my jaguar s type with a full tank😂

  • Radu Patron
    Radu Patron 5 hours ago

    :))) so the BMW drivers are the same all over the world? in my country, romania, they dont have turn signals also. :))

  • Stanislav Stoyanov
    Stanislav Stoyanov 5 hours ago


  • Haydn Mccue
    Haydn Mccue 5 hours ago

    Please do a build series on this car

  • Helen Watkins
    Helen Watkins 5 hours ago

    Hiw much do the jag x types cost these days

  • Autofill 124 auto
    Autofill 124 auto 6 hours ago

    2k19 anyone? Remembering this legend 🖤🖤

  • Afnaan Anwar
    Afnaan Anwar 6 hours ago

    If you want to buy a car for very good price, goto West Kebab and you will get one.

  • William King
    William King 6 hours ago

    1985 Chevrolet van with 665,000ish miles on it, after it was sold the motor was put in a dirt racing car and is still a happy little 350😌

  • Elias Johansson
    Elias Johansson 6 hours ago

    Fill the fridge with candy up

  • Alex Richards
    Alex Richards 6 hours ago

    Agreeing with most of the top comments. My cheap car is my dream car and it gets treated as such.

  • Filipe Castro
    Filipe Castro 6 hours ago

    Crankshaft and Camshaft swap around 😂 Very good! Loved it

  • Jman2041
    Jman2041 7 hours ago

    **UPDATE** hes getting this shit together!!!! Go check that shit out!!!!!!

  • Justin Abbott
    Justin Abbott 7 hours ago

    He called that 300mph 3 years ago

  • Austrin Ivander Fanly

    trabant and cominturismo

  • Zach Zerrudo
    Zach Zerrudo 7 hours ago

    I have both cars. I have a 2014 GT-86, and a 2003 Celica GT. It stills run well and I maintained it well.

  • Razor's Edge
    Razor's Edge 7 hours ago

    The car stereo & speakers, AC & heater core unit, Airbags, Door cards, Carpets & head lining, Smaller/lighter lithium car battery, Engine trims, Drain the screen wash to minimal level, Replace exhaust & Cat system for a lighter setup, Windows for polycarbonate, etc... Loads of free weight reduction was left out.

  • Quickrallye
    Quickrallye 7 hours ago

    Did you enjoy your lunch?

  • Jonathan Gatto
    Jonathan Gatto 7 hours ago

    Those cars are more cruisers and not race cars

  • Random
    Random 7 hours ago

    For only 7k ????????? WTF

  • Lethal Boogers
    Lethal Boogers 7 hours ago

    this guy obviously doesnt know how to negotiate.

  • Darren Tylor
    Darren Tylor 8 hours ago

    It looks like an M-coupe... I think Toyota has spread themselves too thin with their hybrid and electric Prius and rav4... The last two retro remakes have not been true Toyotas...that would of course be the FRS (AE86) and now the Supra

  • Badar Shahzad
    Badar Shahzad 8 hours ago

    Production Quality has gone up significantly since the last time I was here

  • Sander Djupvik
    Sander Djupvik 9 hours ago

    Its a little older but the 16v that was in that Mercedes 190 2.3 or 2.5 liters

  • RBM R
    RBM R 9 hours ago

    What you ate there?

  • Jeremy D
    Jeremy D 9 hours ago

    its horribly complex to work on and looks like a used bar of soap. And costs as much as a Land cruiser.

  • Nobodyhere2002 DP
    Nobodyhere2002 DP 9 hours ago

    Ugly as sin Cool as fuck

  • Chace The Drummer
    Chace The Drummer 9 hours ago

    Uk driving tests seem pretty strict compared to the us

  • Sergio Beretta De menezes

    My mk1 golf velociti 800kg 100% stock. Take the interior out, put a big engine and two buckets you have a light af fast car 😉

  • harrimat100
    harrimat100 9 hours ago

    Dude.... There's a dorito engine attached to that turbo!

  • Julie Stanescu
    Julie Stanescu 9 hours ago

    How can you be scared if you haven't taken it to it's limits

  • BlueBlockHeads
    BlueBlockHeads 9 hours ago


  • Ghost 27
    Ghost 27 9 hours ago


  • Bob Hans
    Bob Hans 10 hours ago

    Oakleys, nice

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 10 hours ago

    Pretend to be Mike buy a car and ask to fix it up. Then sell it and always start 2k higher and inevitably accept 1k less lol. If possible more with Edd you guys worked well together. Great episode

  • Darren Byrne
    Darren Byrne 10 hours ago

    Double clutching it in heaven no doubt RIP my friend

  • Vicente Romano
    Vicente Romano 10 hours ago

    Mitsubishi pajero. Pajero in Spanish (at least in Argentinian Spanish) means a person who wanks excessively. So that's a Sealy name for an SUV. Cheers from Argentina

  • Nick van Betuw
    Nick van Betuw 10 hours ago

    I Luv MG TF 😍

  • Takiaine
    Takiaine 10 hours ago

    2:39 "Good feeling as sex" Oh so you have tested it right?

  • Danielle Georgia
    Danielle Georgia 10 hours ago

    Don't forget the Toyota MR2-SPYDER

  • kosmosleha
    kosmosleha 10 hours ago

    Damn depreciation...its monetary depreciation. You get paid the same, but buy less with it

  • kos mos
    kos mos 11 hours ago

    That is best vw engine ever built now new engines and other bullshiet can suckkk 1.9tdis dickk fakkk u all

  • Furness Prime
    Furness Prime 11 hours ago

    Why are cars so cheap over there? The economy must be very different to where I am from.

  • Tony Wellington
    Tony Wellington 11 hours ago

    this guy is a MEGA TOOL

  • kyle hackney
    kyle hackney 11 hours ago

    What kind of question is that of course the M3 is going to win

  • Joanna
    Joanna 11 hours ago

    I mean she's nice and all but how about turning this one into a beauty?

  • sebastiaan martens
    sebastiaan martens 11 hours ago

    You kind of made me dislike my Jaguar s type...... This looks way better inside.

  • GameFreak Plays
    GameFreak Plays 11 hours ago

    Fxx sounds like a whining devil baby

  • Benjamin Malito
    Benjamin Malito 12 hours ago

    Honestly I think the gt86 looks best with em

  • R Hall
    R Hall 12 hours ago

    go on at least change the oil! poor thing haha

  • MacjustMac
    MacjustMac 12 hours ago

    9:17 there's having little rips on your jeans as a fashion statement, and then there's having a rip in your jeans so you can get started quickly.

  • tone167
    tone167 12 hours ago

    Bodge it up and see if you can sell it to Mike Brewer for a profit.

  • Daniel Arias
    Daniel Arias 12 hours ago

    I can’t wait to buy this & get hella hot girls in it😩😩😩😩🤪

  • M. Hafiz Ishak
    M. Hafiz Ishak 12 hours ago

    Non-UK resident here, how is the car just costs £250?? Is there a catch? Where I'm from the cheapest used car costs 100 times more expensive than that! 😒

    • I like JDM cars
      I like JDM cars 7 hours ago

      Probably because there imported and customs dont forget tax so probably thats why

  • Bob Hans
    Bob Hans 12 hours ago

    Pop up headlights

  • Woodsie
    Woodsie 12 hours ago

    It’s a shame. This channel comes up with good ideas but the bloke is so annoying to watch 😵 (Not in this vid so much tbh)

  • Gamer21 Awesome
    Gamer21 Awesome 12 hours ago

    U guys don't know crap about cars, wow lol

  • Anthony !
    Anthony ! 12 hours ago

    3.000 For a 330? Try like 5.000 for the cheapest one in the Netherlands with 300.000 km or 186.000 miles on it. 9.000 For an M3? Try 20.000 for the cheapest one in the Netherlands with 230.000 km or 143.000 miles on it.

  • Supra
    Supra 12 hours ago

    Why am i watching this? I dont even have a license yet

  • Daniel
    Daniel 12 hours ago

    Forgot these things existed

  • Mohammed Tarabain
    Mohammed Tarabain 13 hours ago

    Does anyone know the website they find their cars with?

  • Heath's Music
    Heath's Music 13 hours ago

    The headlights on some cars today are getting dangerous... cruising along a country road a few nights ago and it seemed like one of the on-coming traffic had their fog beams on so i kept flashing. then suddenly they flashed me back and it proper fucked me over i couldn't see jack shit.

  • Benjamin Small
    Benjamin Small 13 hours ago

    Can we do a cheap hot hatch/ sports car for 3000 pound or less

  • Dominador Parinas
    Dominador Parinas 13 hours ago

    1:00 the best way to embarass your self