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  • DannyRomanul
    DannyRomanul 25 seconds ago

    Interviewer; So Jurgen what's the best being a manager Jurgen: wow.... teh money

  • nick j
    nick j Minute ago

    20 years as a manager and never sacked

  • Lyall Williams
    Lyall Williams 2 minutes ago

    Gary’s reaction to Martial miss was all of our United fans total dickhead why in the world would you blast it so hard ? In such an important game if he finessed it like his debut goal against Liverpool we would’ve had a better chance to equalize

  • Graham Rogers
    Graham Rogers 2 minutes ago

    If Jürgen would give me just 0.25% of his weekly salary I could retire here in Thailand. Come on Jürgen you beautiful genius. You know it makes sense!

  • The Game
    The Game 6 minutes ago

    Watch my video's about young upcoming football players in europe.

  • Skywalker1
    Skywalker1 7 minutes ago

    Stop whining Ian! He's injured because he didn't take care of himself before and after games. It's only him to blame himself. Only loser points finger to others.

  • amir shake
    amir shake 8 minutes ago

    Keane is talking balls. OGS is not a good manager. We cant afford to leave that guy in united for another year. I hope PP leaves the club to win trophies

  • Hendra Hendarin
    Hendra Hendarin 10 minutes ago

    Respect and fairplay to Neville

  • Maro Maro
    Maro Maro 11 minutes ago

    Mohamed Salah 👑

  • sidharth gautam
    sidharth gautam 12 minutes ago

    I didn't realise 10 mins just went by listening to this man, there is something just special about him

  • hen ko
    hen ko 12 minutes ago

    Haha. Watching Keane crumble after being questioned why does Ole deserve time.

  • Muz Azham
    Muz Azham 13 minutes ago

    unpopular opinion: I quite like this Manchester united squad. I feel like this is a proper learning young squad trying to be the best as they can. Granted they are not Man city or Liverpool, but they can get the job done at times.

  • Aza Iqbal
    Aza Iqbal 19 minutes ago

    I feel sorry for Gary... this utd team are so poor.

  • OMGz1122
    OMGz1122 20 minutes ago

    Was Gary Neville the boss of Carragher? Why is he not allowed to speak?

  • Ryan Richardson
    Ryan Richardson 20 minutes ago

    Its my dream to be a football manager one day

  • Hossam ElGebeily
    Hossam ElGebeily 21 minute ago

    No one: I LOwVE THIS GAME!! Evra:

  • Ardian Firmansyah
    Ardian Firmansyah 23 minutes ago

    Enakno olehmu ngombe vil nevil 😂

  • O Hann
    O Hann 25 minutes ago


  • クレムマイケル
    クレムマイケル 25 minutes ago

    the people who ruined the world wear tie!

  • Katteenn
    Katteenn 27 minutes ago

    Andy Serkis anyone??


    ??? 1:54 ? ??????

  • Ramzi Hammoud
    Ramzi Hammoud 31 minute ago

    Lets dominate it one year first !

  • Rollin' not Strollin'
    Rollin' not Strollin' 32 minutes ago

    As a City fan, I do really like Jurgen. He's a lovely, jolly man. 💙

  • coldbeatle89
    coldbeatle89 34 minutes ago

    I love this man.

  • เคซี คาลีลาย

    Look in my eye!!! neville's hahahaha 😂😂😂

  • Jin J
    Jin J 36 minutes ago

    Woodward is an idiot! How do you loan out sanchez, pay for his wage and can’t bring him back when you need him. Can’t make a decent deal and is just full of himself.

  • Pratama Sykes
    Pratama Sykes 36 minutes ago

    Klopp for the kop, He born for liverpool, every single person in Liverpool support him from owner staff and all the fans around the world, nobody People can't like him. The Humble men

  • Deivi Ponce
    Deivi Ponce 37 minutes ago

    Who cares about legacy and records cant we just focus on a great team winning the leauge and enjoy it

  • Keiron Hunter
    Keiron Hunter 40 minutes ago

    Obviously it’s the money what a man he is

  • Handy Manny
    Handy Manny 40 minutes ago

    How many years was United Chairman David Gill on the English FA Vice President seat? That helped!

  • agsotonukable
    agsotonukable 41 minute ago

    I love his attitude, not smart enough, not enough space in his brain to think beyond the next match or it they can be caught up in the league 🤣 Klopp has been and continues to be a breath of fresh air and has lit up the Premier League since his arrival. Congratulations to Klopp and LFC.

  • chef dennis
    chef dennis 42 minutes ago

    Carragher get out of man utd issues...

  • Sharky & George
    Sharky & George 44 minutes ago

    hello Liverpool fans, I am from Serbia and I love football I play a lot of football manager and as much as I love Liverpool as a club and their fans, for years I never liked any players in your team. so what Klopp did with all of them, for me is just insane. I am actually a Manchester fan, but the football Liverpool play at the moment is just beautiful to watch. I am talking about tactics and teamwork.and that is a proof that football is much more than Ronaldo or Messi.I wish all players that play in the same club have same salaries, I wish every player fight for their teammates like Liverpool players do. until the rest of their life they will all be proud of the time they spent together. that is the most important thing and not money. and whenever I watch them play I feel like they are dying one for another. That's what football should be all about.

  • rafael Nadal
    rafael Nadal 47 minutes ago

    Top 6 liverpool best strikers of all time sadio mane Mohamed Salah Fernando torres Luis Suarez Daniel Sturridge robbie Fowler

  • Juo H
    Juo H 48 minutes ago

    City fan here, this man is the boss! The two teams will go down in history, we can only look back 10 yrs from now and go ‘wow what a rivalry that was’

  • Kwame Asiamah
    Kwame Asiamah 50 minutes ago

    I never really liked football that much but this man is making me love it

  • Alana Gallagher
    Alana Gallagher 53 minutes ago

    I thought Stevo was a west ham fan 🤨

  • Isaiah Marmon
    Isaiah Marmon 56 minutes ago

    Keane defended solskjær

  • simonanthony81
    simonanthony81 Hour ago

    come on guys pay respect to the commentators here, yes they are paid well but they all do a decent job.

  • Bingo Circus
    Bingo Circus Hour ago

    I feel sorry for Nick Hornby. Arsenal aren't doing too flash. They have their equilibrium at 10. About right.

  • Daniel Kiersnowski

    Plz never leave! What a legend!

  • Bingo Circus
    Bingo Circus Hour ago

    could Klopp do a Keegan?

  • Bingo Circus
    Bingo Circus Hour ago

    3 words to describe Klopp?

  • Andy Kurmann
    Andy Kurmann Hour ago

    such a down to earth man.. naturally a super nice individual. I hope he stays until he retires from football

  • myokable
    myokable Hour ago

    next Matt Damon n jimmy kimmel

  • one indicators
    one indicators Hour ago

    Jurgen Klopp's speech style already looks like a professor so it's natural that Liverpool right now is the best team in the world now

  • East L
    East L Hour ago

    Thank god it was at 12pm Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Clockwork Man
    Clockwork Man Hour ago

    fairplay to liverpool, its your time now

  • 7Seven7
    7Seven7 Hour ago

    Gary was talking about how no one haa improved and bes right except Rashford is the only one improving (hes Uniteds golden boy) And Scott McTominay sort of has But yeah we need to improve.

    • hen ko
      hen ko 12 minutes ago

      As a United fan I agree the problem is going to take several years. I will take the bad times as long as we don't panic buy and sign more prima donnas who want to play for

  • Wozza XAYASANE
    Wozza XAYASANE Hour ago

    Centre back said calm the fux dwn Captain said woo woo Manager said slow it down only 20sec Brazilian keeper said Fux dat Egyptian King said Fuxx MunU haha xD

  • Philip Merewood
    Philip Merewood Hour ago

    Great pantomime!

  • jamielovesjayne
    jamielovesjayne Hour ago

    For once I completely disagree with Roy. Embarrassing. Ole got relegated with Cardiff.

  • Supono Mulyadi
    Supono Mulyadi Hour ago

    Don't sell mo salah booosss😊😊😊😊

  • Rs Sr
    Rs Sr Hour ago

    I wish he came after Arsene... :(

  • Bingo Circus
    Bingo Circus Hour ago

    What's the best thing about being manager of Liverpool? The money. This is before Liverpool make a statue of him and give him the keys to the city (not sure what that means exactly, but it's happening). Klopp is a legend of Liverpool

  • I'm Watching YOU

    Not a Liverpool supporter but it would be great if Liverpool win the league by five points knowing they took five off of United and United finished 5th a point behind 4th knowing it was the point they took off of Liverpool 😂

  • Ivrish con-Abarth

    Didn´t Carra say anything before Mo´s goal? Neville got the "foul" right, VVD just jumped, which is what you do when you try reach the ball with your head!

  • Some Won
    Some Won Hour ago

    I bet Henry regrets these

  • zapp99
    zapp99 Hour ago

    Sourness is right. Focus on winning the league season after season, the rest of the cups are just icings on the cake (well maybe except for the UCL cos we're talking top teams given just a shot or two at each other!)... Anyway if you can win the league season after season, you won't be too far away from being in the mix with the usual top tournaments.

  • P Kim
    P Kim Hour ago

    Props to Gary Neville for always staying neutral (on the mike). Professional.

  • internet champ
    internet champ Hour ago

    Put a spitguard on Carragher when he starts to kick off.

  • Genre Type beats

    At this rate teams might aswell forfeit...... SMFH

  • oliyad kumsa
    oliyad kumsa Hour ago

    Lol they changed the title after a lot of comments sky sports becoming more and more boring this video’s title was ‘’is cavani going to sign for man utd

  • noname mr
    noname mr Hour ago

    Poor Neville 😂😂

  • Dany Heatley
    Dany Heatley Hour ago

    sad to see that mercenaries have taken over the game

  • Zuhdi Za'aimuddin

    what is keane smoking? united should be above leicester and chelsea? seems there is still deluded united fans out there

  • Shawn Seegulam
    Shawn Seegulam Hour ago

    This was awesome from both it has to be said. YNWA JC!!!! 👍🤙👏👏👏❤☝️

  • Mo Gold
    Mo Gold Hour ago

    Gary Neville aged 10 years in only 90 minutes.

  • YNWA
    YNWA Hour ago

    We admire and respect Klopp all the way from Qatar 🇶🇦

  • Dan Smith
    Dan Smith Hour ago


  • Enzo Begzino
    Enzo Begzino Hour ago

    He is cut from the same cloth as Sir Alex. Dare I say by the time his career is finished he could go down as the greatest to ever do it.


    Now man united is flooded with players who only plays for money even some of them are not even worth of it....

  • Melda hatake
    Melda hatake Hour ago

    🤣🤣🤣💰💰💰 *the money*

  • engineer cctv
    engineer cctv Hour ago

    Great manager and a true human.. love and respect Bangladesh.

  • Juliyati Juliyati

    16 points ahead now ! 21 jan 2020 YNWA

  • Gaudet
    Gaudet Hour ago

    Cry, cry... poor ManUtd. It’s as if the sky is falling with ManUtd not at the top. Who cares?! When Liverpool was mid-table a few years ago, no one was claiming the apocalypse was coming. Good riddance to Sir Alex’s team.

  • Alex McShane Hill

    Johnstone has been awful last few games last two goals we conceded he’s pushed them into are net and then Hegazi and Townsend are not even championship level players

  • Dodge the Badger

    I dreamt of play g football with Salah the night before and we argued who played on the right wing... I went on the left and took my Albion top back off him!! 😂

  • Noor Benalee
    Noor Benalee Hour ago


  • UKbeats
    UKbeats Hour ago

    I love Jurgen so much! ♥ Best manager in the world ♥

  • Suzaidee Mohd Shom

    I love his dedication. Even wearing a suit to him is a distraction from his focus towards the game. This guy is a pure minimalist 😆

  • BSK 1
    BSK 1 Hour ago

    Neville looks absolutely sick all the way through this!!!! He’s fuming watching this Man Utd team

    NOBBERT Hour ago

    Rooney's goal for me, full on argument with the ref and all his anger just smashes the ball brilliant but only an Italian could score DeCanio's goal ha

  • Faghrie Daniels
    Faghrie Daniels Hour ago

    Captain Plod

  • Andries aja
    Andries aja Hour ago

    Now I know the face of the commentator on the left side

  • jason c
    jason c Hour ago

    I'm still a liverpool fan that refuses to say liverpool have won the league, intill I see that trophy in the hands of Jordan Henderson lifting it up I wont believe they have

  • John Baker
    John Baker 2 hours ago

    How can you have commentators that are so biased? Like how can anyone listen to them knowing they will play favorites

    FÚTBOL & JUEGOS 2 hours ago

    The Best coach in the World!

  • Bingo Circus
    Bingo Circus 2 hours ago

    That second goal for liverpool, is a goal. Keeper bottled it. Unless you want to revisit every single time that happened in the history books. Would be interesting to find out the scores of previous games, and negate every time a keeper lost his bottle.

  • Scott Freeman
    Scott Freeman 2 hours ago

    Thanks from a Fulham Fan

  • Blue Fantasy
    Blue Fantasy 2 hours ago


  • dawa liverpudlian
    dawa liverpudlian 2 hours ago

    Professional is what sums this up. So much passion for their club and yet in that moment it just takes few seconds for them to actually let their bias aside. The best two pundits.

  • Bingo Circus
    Bingo Circus 2 hours ago

    Look on Neville's face when Sallah scores, priceless. YNWA

  • Danny Kamis
    Danny Kamis 2 hours ago

    Keane thinks cara is a scouse kent!!

  • The Avenger
    The Avenger 2 hours ago

    Who's here after beating Man utd? this is surely our year In Sha allah

  • Bingo Circus
    Bingo Circus 2 hours ago

    Pecking order of commenting seems to be A ---> B --->- C .... and C--->B---->A in other words, there is a preference to the commentary of what a ex Man Utd favours.

  • Justin Beck
    Justin Beck 2 hours ago

    Neville’s headshake after the wijnaldum offside goal made me laugh so f*cking hard

  • Liam Walker
    Liam Walker 2 hours ago

    Personally I would sell pogba it’s best for all parties, it’s best for pogbas career, it’s better for man united to get him out the dressing room to much negativity seems to come out plus the could use the money to improve the front line and midfield

  • Ryan Spangler
    Ryan Spangler 2 hours ago

    Liverpool FC, league winners this year! Congrats to us, since you lot of putzes can’t be honest or congratulatory

  • Wayne Teo
    Wayne Teo 2 hours ago

    Wake up!!! M.U IS NO MORE!!