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  • CommodoreMudkip
    CommodoreMudkip 46 minutes ago

    dele alli's was the worst, its the only clip here in which he had the ball in complete control yet still missed. most of the others are first time finishes

  • Dylan Craft
    Dylan Craft 46 minutes ago

    I don't think I ever saw that Aguero miss. Wow.

  • Yunus K
    Yunus K 47 minutes ago

    Man City are in a defensive crisis that’s all

  • rams s
    rams s 47 minutes ago

    Keith Chegwin is really funny here

  • ATP Synthase
    ATP Synthase 47 minutes ago

    Ultimately it's good news. He has been a world class keeper and saved us so many times and has won us games. He has had a dip in form but we are not in a position to get a keeper better than De Gea.

  • Almari
    Almari 48 minutes ago

    This was so cringy to watch 😲

  • Paul Moss
    Paul Moss 48 minutes ago

    "biggest spenders" and the room starts laughing. If you don't support United, you hate United. These idiots have the cheek to call United the biggest spenders which is totally out of context and not true to the real situation. United sold or released Lukaku, Herrera, Sanchez, Smalling, Darmian, Valencia, Fellaini and signed 3 PLAYERS. They get shafted by whoever they buy from and even then, the net spend equals lower than most clubs in the league. United are hated due to success they had over the past 30 years, that success was build on spending what they earn and having a brilliant record of bringing through youth. United also currently operate with owners that have taken over 1 billion £ of the clubs earnings and put it into their own bank accounts and other sporting franchises - imagine where they would be if they spent the money they earn... Now look at the likes of Chelsea or even worse, man city. A small club that constantly break rules and only spend money earned through a corrupted billionaire that decided to play real life football manager and just happened to pick man city, he could of bought anyone. Yet thick idiots laugh or hate on United... It's madness.

  • Tsantii96
    Tsantii96 49 minutes ago

    Ronaldo's was easily the worst one

  • Lucy
    Lucy 49 minutes ago

    I love Agueros miss because of the goal he scores after😁

  • Montezuma
    Montezuma 50 minutes ago

    It's not even the worst miss but Torres vs United is what I thought of when I read the title.

  • Mo Luther
    Mo Luther 51 minute ago

    This is just painful to watch

  • Fluxspiel
    Fluxspiel 52 minutes ago

    "Man City suffering a squad depth crisis"

  • Loop Type
    Loop Type 53 minutes ago

    Of course Ronaldo is on there, what a shite player 💩

  • NoMoreHideTheBall
    NoMoreHideTheBall 53 minutes ago

    Darren Bent is the worst in its context. Most of these bobbled up or the players completely lost concentration. Darren Bent had all the time in the world and headed it wide. The type of miss that gets you sold. If a striker cant score from that distance with his head, he's gone.

  • The GOAT
    The GOAT 54 minutes ago

    Pls change that awful music at least leave it out so that all we can hear is commentary. Only reason why i disliked

  • Kai Xx
    Kai Xx 54 minutes ago

    Didn't Bent's miss prompt the Redknapp line of 'my missus Sandra could have scored that'?

  • Daniel Gregory
    Daniel Gregory 54 minutes ago

    Jamie is an idiot it was an howler a stone wall penalty! Show him the Liverpool one from the other night see if he still has the same opinion VAR is a joke

  • Steven Hatton
    Steven Hatton 56 minutes ago

    I'd like to see a 'worst first touches in prem' video Or just show lukaku highlights

  • Hali
    Hali 56 minutes ago

    Delle Ali's is the funniest

  • TheBoredGuyFromTheUK
    TheBoredGuyFromTheUK 58 minutes ago

    *Can't miss if you don't shoot* 😉

  • The GOAT
    The GOAT 58 minutes ago

    Wow ronaldo is human

  • SOLO
    SOLO 58 minutes ago

    Arsenal were better than Barcelona at the time sol moved there

  • James Ware
    James Ware 58 minutes ago

    Soccer AM needs this guy on the show-Crossbar Challenge

  • Elvedin Krlic
    Elvedin Krlic 59 minutes ago

    Jaime caragher was excited while neville was thinking hell no

  • Lincoln Jacdonmi
    Lincoln Jacdonmi 59 minutes ago

    The music made this video even more jokes!

  • Peter Rumley
    Peter Rumley 59 minutes ago

    Bit unfair really as majority are bobbles so it's not really their fault is it

  • Kopi O kaww..
    Kopi O kaww.. Hour ago

    Now I know why all pundits are full of sh*t. Giving blanks opinion, talking cock like they've won many cups whereas the reality was none.. Suggesting bollocks. United was in good managerial hands under Jose.. Now look where they are now. Not getting any better but much much worse. Same pundits that were critical before and same pundits dare to give opinion today. But of course this has a commercial values but zero football benefits.

  • Chanah N
    Chanah N Hour ago

    Howler from Fowler 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. A
    Mr. A Hour ago

    I’m sure he’s going into a deep depression after that loss

  • The Pack Is Back

    The worst one was definitely Kanu. Just simply because it was West Brom 😂 *Boing Boing*

  • thaskoobz
    thaskoobz Hour ago

    I’ll never forget the rosenthal but For me, the Kanu miss was literally impossible not to score... yet he did! That’s got to be the one

  • Joab Williams
    Joab Williams Hour ago

    Just goes to show even the greatest of players can hav off day

    • Seaweed Biscuits
      Seaweed Biscuits 59 minutes ago

      An off moment, you can say. Aguero went on to score a hattrick against Chelsea after hi missed that tap-in

  • Djonesy
    Djonesy Hour ago

    Oh look Kane isn’t on here 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Jonathan Sweeney

    Nah man Ronaldo I can’t believe it lool till this day should been 3-1 away for United that day 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • KameronLC
      KameronLC 57 minutes ago

      Probably the worst one

  • Saurav Baral
    Saurav Baral Hour ago

    What's the music?

  • Bob Das
    Bob Das Hour ago

    Ohh dont worry they'll spend another billion to solve the problem sky sports are a joke agenda on pogba was already a joke thing and now on talks on city's squad depth crisis!!!!!! mentally retarded bunch of these Lfc fan

  • Ev Gallagher
    Ev Gallagher Hour ago

    You'd love to break Jamie Carragher's jaw.

  • jaz 32
    jaz 32 Hour ago

    thank you west ham for helping blackburn

  • Obi Smalls
    Obi Smalls Hour ago

    Henry still had soo much swag when he missed two of his open goals vs Chelsea and Aston Vill both in the 2004/ 2005 season.

  • Dave Choi
    Dave Choi Hour ago

    Just how did Kanu miss it's way harder to miss from that close then it is to score 😂

  • The57
    The57 Hour ago

    Came for Torres, Never forget 😂😂😂

  • E O'Brien
    E O'Brien Hour ago

    Neville running rings round Carragher here in terms of footballing knowledge. Used to getting rings round him though, the purse-thieving, bin-dwelling, benefits-cheating scouse sister shagger 😂😂😂

  • jjsteer91
    jjsteer91 Hour ago

    Something about Martin Tyler commentating at Highbury in big games in that 1998-2006 period. Amazing.

  • Gumption Bergmann

    Media are experts in winding readers and fans up, at some point you just have to look beyond all the crap around you, thats why all i look for is "confirmed". They want to bait players/managers/fans against one another.

  • Paul Davies
    Paul Davies Hour ago

    Keep pogba sell de gea

  • Kill Joy
    Kill Joy Hour ago

    Ronaldos was the worst, given his ability. Shocking miss

    • George
      George 46 minutes ago

      His ability now, not then

  • Roman Hoax
    Roman Hoax Hour ago

    *Absolutely shocking misses for sure, but a number of Premier league legends featured here just goes to show they are all human and make mistakes. Some of these misses are beyond belief though* 😂😂

  • FaTaL LG
    FaTaL LG Hour ago


  • Jack Darbyshire
    Jack Darbyshire Hour ago

    So stupid. They've lost 1 game. Played out of the back since pep came and won't two titles. Crisis apparently

  • Danny McArdle
    Danny McArdle Hour ago

    Nothing will ever top Kanus🤣

    • Dave Choi
      Dave Choi Hour ago

      That's what I thought it was harder to miss 😂😂

  • Will S
    Will S Hour ago

    Ronaldo's miss was incredible. Squared for him perfectly..

  • *
    * Hour ago

    The first one is by far the worst Honourable mention to Dele Alli

    • Raph Clark
      Raph Clark 58 minutes ago

      He scored already in that match so it wasn't important

  • Liverpool fan we can’t Win the Premier League

    As a Liverpool fan our fans are all chavs

    • Joshua Sinclair
      Joshua Sinclair Hour ago

      Liverpool fan we can’t Win the Premier League u have no life

  • F M D
    F M D Hour ago


  • Ryan Ryan
    Ryan Ryan Hour ago

    That was a good laugh. Thanks for that yeah thanks.

  • Michael Barrymore

    Most of these players were premier league legends. Just goes to show that we can all make mistakes

    • Carl Rees
      Carl Rees Hour ago

      Not really surprising since the more often you get yourselves in these goalscoring positions the more chance there is you'll have one of these horror misses.

  • KeepieUppie10
    KeepieUppie10 Hour ago

    Ayew (West Ham) double miss against Liverpool in 2017. Hit the post twice.

  • Google Google
    Google Google Hour ago

    EA are arseholes for not giving Viduka or Kewell or Cahill an icon card...

  • A.
    A. Hour ago

    Kdb v chrlsea ?

  • Carl Rees
    Carl Rees Hour ago

    The Shearer miss wasn't that bad, it was a miss-hit & wasn't a few yards out with an open goal like most of these. I've seen a few that didn't make this list much worse.

  • VideoJunkie
    VideoJunkie Hour ago

    As a man u fan having david de gea is a MUST. Without him we will lose every game. Lets face it. He is one of the best goalkeeper in the world. Our defense is not that great. Instead of talking about his £290,000/week salary. You should be talking about £300,000/week that man utd STILL pays to alexis sanchez even though he's on loan to inter milan. WTF???

  • Dean Tandy
    Dean Tandy Hour ago

    Kanu against boro will always be my favourite since im a boro fan

  • Corey Rawlinson
    Corey Rawlinson Hour ago

    Why are there so many Liverpool FC misses!😭😭😭😭😭😭 (If u didn't all ready guess I'm a supporter.)

  • Upload - Paul
    Upload - Paul Hour ago

    It’s our midfield lads, no discipline defensively. Just look at the last chace Watford has, Xhaka and Willock half jogging back and even Torreira ‘s half arsed effort. Not good enough. It’s not the back 4’s fault they are being left so exposed. Emery should sort this out, he’s not capable though. His Sevilla team was the very same.

  • Milk Float
    Milk Float Hour ago

    My 86 year old great grandmother could have put all these in the back of the net.

  • ExplosiveLemonz
    ExplosiveLemonz Hour ago

    and here is the league's all time top scorer 0:40

  • Thomas Black
    Thomas Black Hour ago

    The first person you thought was Torres even though he wasn’t in the title

  • Chris Dove
    Chris Dove Hour ago

    I know it wasn't in the prem, but Giggs vs Arsenal comes to mind...

  • Joshua Heasman
    Joshua Heasman Hour ago

    Fabregas, Catona and ozil has the highest assist per game stats. 0.359 Catona 0.354 Ozil Fabregas 0.343. Beckham at 4th on 0.302. It would be interested to see the positions those assists came from; but I would imagine Beckham had more in wide channels. But perhaps it's not quite so clear cut as you wou ld first think. Aye.

  • J B
    J B Hour ago

    I'm here getting withdrawals waiting for fifa 20....

  • Monkey D. Blaze
    Monkey D. Blaze Hour ago

    To be fair Darren Bent was just representing his last name. True Class!

  • Worldwide Remix
    Worldwide Remix Hour ago

    Fury got robbed Wallin has a chin

  • Hawwaa
    Hawwaa Hour ago

    We’re all human but Jesus, these are shocking 😂😂😂

  • Steven Hatton
    Steven Hatton Hour ago

    Torres miss against united is one that sticks out in my head.. A five year old girl blindfolded could score that.

    • LosPoderes7
      LosPoderes7 52 minutes ago

      @Your dad ffs 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Steven Hatton
      Steven Hatton 59 minutes ago

      @dagnut I understand what your saying but Spolier alert.. He is a pro

    • Steven Hatton
      Steven Hatton Hour ago

      @LosPoderes7 yeah to be honest it does stick cos I'm a United fan there prob is worse misses just personally speaking that's one that sticks out in my head mate.

    • Your dad
      Your dad Hour ago

      Steven Hatton why would you say a 5 year old girl blindfolded? Are you trying to turn me on or something? Because it’s worked

    • Ali
      Ali Hour ago

      @LosPoderes7 nah it's mostly cos when Torres missed that, it was memed to no end

  • Graeme Baird
    Graeme Baird Hour ago

    Chris Iwelumo still stands as the worst miss I’ve seen.

  • BD Wednesday
    BD Wednesday Hour ago

    Best thing West Ham have ever achieved in the PL.

  • Bat Taz
    Bat Taz Hour ago

    Theyll never get that close again. Ole is at the wheel. MUFC R. I. P.

  • Cian Mulvey
    Cian Mulvey Hour ago

    Only if we could remain in the title race until the final day this season...

    • Bat Taz
      Bat Taz Hour ago

      Which title? Top 6 or Top 10? Thursday nights will be costly.

    VIPER Hour ago

    should dis be on the history channel

  • Bailey_ 8731
    Bailey_ 8731 Hour ago

    Literally why are all our best players getting injured kmn, next it'll be tammy

  • cheetah8667
    cheetah8667 Hour ago

    Pep should have bought Luiz at 8 mill was a snip..thought Pep was a genius guess not..Luiz always makes a impact..

  • Relevance
    Relevance Hour ago

    Do y'all always make these decisions based off 1 close and fairly well played game with a few mistakes?

  • Invincieblez Music

    The juju Miklosko put on that goal was strong

  • Joshua Heasman
    Joshua Heasman Hour ago

    Just goes to show how under rated Kompany was. "He's just a leader" . No he was a solid defender.

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper Hour ago

    We lose a game now we got crisis oh plz

  • Shivay Gour
    Shivay Gour 2 hours ago

    These guys would make a good couple

  • Kanya
    Kanya 2 hours ago

    No spine.

  • Hleketile Chauke
    Hleketile Chauke 2 hours ago


  • Hleketile Chauke
    Hleketile Chauke 2 hours ago

    Ffs they only lost one game 🙄🙄🙄

  • Carl Kelly
    Carl Kelly 2 hours ago

    Goal kicks should be booted up the field stop all this pass from gk nonsense

  • Sunny
    Sunny 2 hours ago

    Neville’s deluded when it comes to United. They could be bottom of the league and he still wouldn’t criticise Solskajer

  • Ben shawyer
    Ben shawyer 2 hours ago

    beautiful ..... Can we get lasagne gate next ?

  • Mn B
    Mn B 2 hours ago

    Stones just isn't a leader. Still looks and reminds me of a 20 year old with potential but the reality is he now in his mid twenties and should be turning into a real leader with a bit of a aggression and responsibility for results but it isn't happening. Half asleep half the time.

  • the awakened ONE
    the awakened ONE 2 hours ago

    I just read the comments then watched the video and phoned me mate dave wee chatted a long time before I noticed I forgot to put the bins out awk well at least they won't find her for another week 😜😜😜😜

  • Amann
    Amann 2 hours ago

    Im not listening to Gary anymore why should we listen to an ex player who yes was good for us but did a madness in Spain who failed as a manager????

  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig 2 hours ago

    Back when the league looked a lot more English

  • dz power
    dz power 2 hours ago

    They should be used to it by now agguerrrrrroooooo last min goal !

  • PermanentMerka
    PermanentMerka 2 hours ago

    Man United have a 18 year old in jimmy garner destroys him in every area of football. England place in future is his. Ridiculously talented never seen a better reader of game and has a right foot that reminds me of Gerrard

  • Chris Dalby
    Chris Dalby 2 hours ago

    Ludo! Ludo! 🤲🤲

  • Ganners
    Ganners 2 hours ago

    State of that pitch