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  • Leonard Feuerstein

    Stones vs beatles

  • Eugene A. Schreder

    The Grimm brothers vs Walt Disney

  • Greenest Hue
    Greenest Hue Hour ago

    Karl Marx vs Hayek

  • The Awesome Brick
    The Awesome Brick 2 hours ago

    dora the explora vs indiana jones pls pls

    DUKESTAN 2 hours ago

    Please do Pennywise vs The Joker

  • ThatEazyRider
    ThatEazyRider 2 hours ago

    The 3.2k dislikes are from the triggered Catholics who realized Sigmund won.

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 2 hours ago

    The beat is fire I need the instrumental

  • Gina Stephenson
    Gina Stephenson 2 hours ago

    Tyra Banks VS the Hadid Sisters!

  • Yang2020
    Yang2020 2 hours ago

    Karl Marx vs Louis XIV of France.

  • Lin Can Park
    Lin Can Park 2 hours ago

    "you'd have just sprinkled magic water on my forehead" yooo this one got me dead af 😂

  • Peter A. Saltamachio

    benito mussolini vs julius caesar

  • //SuperAsh4U//
    //SuperAsh4U// 2 hours ago

    Shirley Temple vs. Annie or Judy Garland

  • TWD Industries
    TWD Industries 2 hours ago

    Scruff McGruff vs Smokey the Bear

  • Keysame
    Keysame 2 hours ago

    Thanos vs Andrew Jackson Also, nice

  • Jon Kelley
    Jon Kelley 2 hours ago

    Ginyu Force (DBZ) vs. Spirit Squad (WWE)

  • Azriel Sebastian
    Azriel Sebastian 2 hours ago

    One of the best ones recently 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏THE FUCKIN BARS MAN

  • Samantha Lord
    Samantha Lord 2 hours ago

    Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake!

  • Fandom Cake
    Fandom Cake 2 hours ago

    "Everything is sex to you" Yeah she wasn't wrong there. Sorry, Freud, but alot of your theories where disproven since.

  • monster Frisk
    monster Frisk 2 hours ago

    Mother Teresa didn't actually give people food and whatnot, because she believed that suffering was, quote, 'divine'

  • alma muerta uchiha
    alma muerta uchiha 2 hours ago

    kick it up a notch i feel like you guys are fallin off

  • ShortyTheDude
    ShortyTheDude 2 hours ago

    Frasier vs. Big Bang Theory (the shows). Smart and funny sitcom vs. "Smart" and "funny" sitcom.

  • Michał Dabrowski
    Michał Dabrowski 2 hours ago

    Iron Lady vs Iron Chancellor

  • Golden Blue89
    Golden Blue89 2 hours ago

    I am back with my suggestion of Tupac vs Bach. I suggested it a lot years ago, I also wanted to say thank you guys for doing my suggestion of Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill.

  • Steven McFly
    Steven McFly 2 hours ago

    This was amazing! Best one in awhile! Also ... GARFIELD -vs- HEATHCLIFF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GilbertTheWeird
    GilbertTheWeird 2 hours ago

    Kenny from The Walking Dead vs. Joe Dirt

  • Julia Nadeau
    Julia Nadeau 2 hours ago

    Wendy won, obviously! Better burgers and better rhymes both!

  • James Masters
    James Masters 2 hours ago

    This song should've been longer. Freddie Mercury was awesome in this. Frank you definitely lost. Freddie you definitely WON!!!

  • Stephen A
    Stephen A 2 hours ago

    Seinfeld vs Friends

  • Celia S. M.
    Celia S. M. 2 hours ago


  • TheGamingShark
    TheGamingShark 2 hours ago

    Joker Vs Pennywise John Wick vs Rambo Darth Sidious vs Lord Voldemort Harry Potter vs Luke Skywalker Judge Judy vs Simon Cowell Do one of these ERB CMON!!!

  • Vyacheslav Shin
    Vyacheslav Shin 2 hours ago

    Leon Trotsky VS Colonel Sanders

  • Prince Tails
    Prince Tails 2 hours ago

    Sonic vs Flash

  • maichiki yiist
    maichiki yiist 2 hours ago

    Fucking monchichis. I thought that nightmare in my life was over, now you're bringing it up again like this is the beginning of the sequel...

  • Darkness is Anonymous

    Who knew that Martin Luther King will b directing horror masterpieces.

  • Deeth Irteen
    Deeth Irteen 2 hours ago

    I'm still hoping for Rod Serling vs HP Lovecraft.

  • Pizza P
    Pizza P 2 hours ago

    I ain’t watched an erb vid in a minute the last one I watched was Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney

  • Boodle Turkey
    Boodle Turkey 2 hours ago

    Please do Lara Croft vs Nathen Drake:) Maybe do a cameo by their respected voice actors if you guys do it? Thank you:)

  • Evan Pangaribuan
    Evan Pangaribuan 2 hours ago

    *Can you do these ideas to your videos?* Chat Noir meets Nightwing Ladybug meets Spider-Gwen Chat Noir meets Dabi Ladybug meets Momo Yaoyorozu Deku meets Spider-Man Hiro Hamada meets Amadeus Cho John Wick meets Punisher Ultraman meets Ant-Man Aru Akise from Future Diary meets Norman from The Promised Neverland Art the Clown meets Pennywise Chat Noir meets Damian Wayne Chat Noir meets Stain Chat Noir meets DareDevil Ladybug meets Spider-man Ladybug meets Peni Parker Shouto Todoroki meets Prince Zuko Chat Noir meets Meliodas John Wick meets Léon the Professional Bill Cipher meets Thanos Bill Cipher meets Kyuubey Chat Noir meets Randy Cunningham Bill Cipher meets Pennywise Bill Cipher meets Kyuubey Pennywise meets Kyuubey

  • Mohamed Khalfallah
    Mohamed Khalfallah 2 hours ago

    Can we get Gedafi vs England queen

  • MazK Avidstar
    MazK Avidstar 2 hours ago

    That attack on whoopi dAMN 😂

  • Oh Baka
    Oh Baka 2 hours ago

    Guy won 0:58 💀

  • Martin Fischer
    Martin Fischer 2 hours ago

    Mononoke vs Kiki vs Nausicaä vs Sophi vs Chihiro The Ghibli battle!

  • Leo Ornstein
    Leo Ornstein 2 hours ago

    1:49 sick flow

  • TheMorgwhhlshilth
    TheMorgwhhlshilth 2 hours ago

    Muppets Animal vs the cookie monster

  • Patty Ice
    Patty Ice 2 hours ago

    Good gosh, Irwin's lines were genius. Lol.

  • fullwerkes
    fullwerkes 2 hours ago

    Jordan B Peterson vs Cathy Newman

  • BJ 6
    BJ 6 2 hours ago

    Osama vs obama

  • Klaede
    Klaede 2 hours ago

    "your chastity vow redundant" Bruh

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs 2 hours ago

    *Your chastity vow redundant* I know he’s just calling her ugly, but bruhhh.

  • Steven Neighbors
    Steven Neighbors 2 hours ago

    I think we need a Betty White vs someone but I can't think of anyone for her to face because Betty would beat them all

  • Pranav Krishna
    Pranav Krishna 2 hours ago

    Mother Teresa can go fuck herself

  • SilentKiller Gaming
    SilentKiller Gaming 2 hours ago

    John wick vs agent 47

  • Martin Fischer
    Martin Fischer 2 hours ago

    Terminator vs Rambo vs Indiana Jones vs John Wick vs Mad Max vs Oh Dae-su (old boy original)

  • Loag Lewis
    Loag Lewis 2 hours ago

    ferdinand magellan vs dora the explorer?

  • groovybaboon1
    groovybaboon1 2 hours ago

    Sci Fi Peeps! Rod Serling vs. Gene Roddenberry vs. George Lucas vs L Ron Hubbard!!!!

  • DancerOfOblivion
    DancerOfOblivion 2 hours ago

    Arthas, the Lich King, vs Sauron, Lord of the Rings.

  • Julia Nadeau
    Julia Nadeau 2 hours ago

    Comrade Che won, cause he actually succeeded in bringing about a revolution. Guy Fawkes was caught before he could even light the fuse!

  • Blob Li
    Blob Li 2 hours ago

    Otto van Bismarck vs Margaret Thatcher .3.

  • Silent Silvia
    Silent Silvia 2 hours ago

    Love these battles, where both are fire. Fast, clean, to the point, no bs, only strong lyrics.

  • Steve Campbell
    Steve Campbell 2 hours ago

    Mother Teresa smashed him. You guys are crazy good, I hope you do ERB for many years to come.

  • Kxng Tony
    Kxng Tony 2 hours ago

    Harry Potter vs Percy Jackson

  • Zechariah Ong
    Zechariah Ong 2 hours ago

    this combo seems.... questionable... although the one thing they have in common are people who turns out have their extremely dark sides... that overrides any good..

  • LordKensis
    LordKensis 2 hours ago

    Dante vs Dan Brown

  • Radomir Isaev
    Radomir Isaev 2 hours ago

    Mr. Bean vs «Charlie» Chaplin

  • Joseph Harrison
    Joseph Harrison 2 hours ago

    Just do it, guys. Thatcher vs Bismarck. Also, Freud won. But that's just my atheist ass talking.

  • Janina Denise Torralba

    Mother Teresa had the better verses, but Sigmund Freud delivered better burns. She deserved those. That said: Hiro Hamada (Big Hero 6) vs. Edward Elric (FMA)

  • roesben8k
    roesben8k 2 hours ago

    sigmund won

  • Kamil Mrozik
    Kamil Mrozik 2 hours ago

    Stalin vs Predator

  • Kaleb Koho
    Kaleb Koho 2 hours ago

    This might be my favorite ERB beat ever

    MEGAX MESS 2 hours ago


  • Ravenheart
    Ravenheart 2 hours ago

    Damn, Mother Theresa! He's going to need therapy after this!

  • thunder bear courage

    Both were evil, but that bitch was way more evil than that man.

  • Tony Bonnick
    Tony Bonnick 2 hours ago


    BRING BACK JARJAR! 2 hours ago

    Mother Teresa obviously won

  • Chuck Freaking Norris

    Next do me vs myself *I'll win*

    • Harold The Tree
      Harold The Tree 2 hours ago

      Chuck Freaking Norris already did you years ago

  • Liam Brown
    Liam Brown 2 hours ago

    Anjese Bojaxhiu, also known as mother Teresa, was a disgusting human being. She travelled the world spreading the propaganda of the Roman Catholic Church, denying healthcare to the poor and dying because she personally believed that suffering brings one closer to Yahweh, laundering money for violent dictators, and intentionally spreading disease and perpetuating poverty from Ireland to India via campaigning against contraception, birth control, legalized abortion, and so forth.

  • Jackson Hawkins
    Jackson Hawkins 2 hours ago

    A couple of ideas - King Arthur vs Link - And something with The Powerpuff Girls, TLC, and Destiny’s child

  • 슈퍼팬깝도이
    슈퍼팬깝도이 2 hours ago

    why do u always choose like lame ass low key B evel popular people from the textbook lol

  • J D
    J D 2 hours ago

    Joker (Cesar Romero) vs Joker (Jack Nicholson) vs Joker (Heath Ledger) vs Joker (Jared Leto) vs Joker (Joaquin Phoenix)

  • Shana P
    Shana P 2 hours ago

    Now that was just beautiful

  • 10oRD
    10oRD 2 hours ago

    - Robert E Lee vs Rosa Parks - John Wilkes Booth vs Lee Harvey Oswald - Judas Vs Benedict Arnold - Dr Mengle vs Dr Phil - Kermit vs Yoda - Palpatine vs Voldemort - Megatron vs Skelletor - JFK vs Princess Diana - Karl Marx vs Rockefeller - Oppenheimer vs Dr Frankenstein

  • The Overcharged Doctor


  • Real Obiewan
    Real Obiewan 2 hours ago

    No one wins when you're choosing between a nun's beliefs and a complaint department that talks back. WINK! Am I right!? Ted Nugent vs Ringo Star? Musicians, but ones all 'kill it if it looks tasty', and the other was all peace and hippie. You decide. This was probably better on paper. Keep up the good murderings. Cheers fuckers n fuckettes. Peesh!

  • Pursuant Spy
    Pursuant Spy 2 hours ago

    Thatcher v bismark

  • Corporate Gunner
    Corporate Gunner 2 hours ago

    Please make this: Pines Twins vs Calypso Twins

  • Zenna Mans
    Zenna Mans 2 hours ago

    Stan Lee vs Walt Disney

  • Socrates
    Socrates 2 hours ago

    this battle proves that Peter is the perfect person to play any character with a beard and receding hairline.

  • Joschka Kokoschka
    Joschka Kokoschka 2 hours ago

    Germany vs. France (Bismarck, Wilhelm II, Hitler, Adenauer) vs. Louis XIV then transitioning through revolution to Napoleon, Charles De Gaulle)

  • CreepeRiuz gaming
    CreepeRiuz gaming 2 hours ago

    Yu-gi-oh vs UNO ?

  • ejaybugboy3
    ejaybugboy3 2 hours ago

    The Joker vs. John Wayne Gacy. Clown killer vs. Clown killer. Please

  • supreme potatos
    supreme potatos 2 hours ago

    wendys won

  • chris ferguson
    chris ferguson 2 hours ago

    Who won? YAWN!

  • user73o1u 81716
    user73o1u 81716 2 hours ago

    best on 1.25x speed

  • Chase Moy
    Chase Moy 2 hours ago

    Pepper Potts (Iron Woman) vs Margret Thatcher (Iron Lady)

  • Carson
    Carson 2 hours ago

    Sam Walton vs Jeff Bezos

  • Aaron Rayner
    Aaron Rayner 2 hours ago

    Lara Croft vs Indiana Jones

  • Anthony Derderian
    Anthony Derderian 2 hours ago

    Ross Perot vs Bob Ross

  • Mitchell Hill
    Mitchell Hill 2 hours ago

    Have Mick Jagger vs Sammy Davis Jr....could be interesting

  • Niklas
    Niklas 2 hours ago

    King Arthur VS Beowulf

  • Brandon FoFrizzle
    Brandon FoFrizzle 2 hours ago

    Alton Brown vs. Guy Fieri