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    Trump says "witch hunt', I say "If the broom fits, wear it".

  • Mike Bernier
    Mike Bernier 2 days ago

    All I can say is,"Give Trump some respect. Maybe because he is our leader. Do you read this Page? I lot of people don't watch your show because your an ass. Help Trump need your help and he's trying to save the USA. I think he's doing a good job with no help from the Dems. I don't watch your show any more. Trump jokes suck and so Do you.

  • Andrea Gastinato
    Andrea Gastinato 3 days ago

    Why has Colbert's show stopped posting the day after the show? So if you missed last night, too bad?!? Jimmy Kimmel has posted, Seth has posted! Why not Colbert? C'mon CBS get on your game and stop taking viewers for granted!!!

  • Blythe E
    Blythe E 3 days ago

    "trump is a Fake president". Not worthy of a capital T or a Mr. That about sums it up, a Fake man = Fake president. Surprised that his supporters and the establishment have not figured this out by now. Why is "it" still in office?

  • fri netik
    fri netik 3 days ago

    Oh my god, after the outros I despise your theme now. Just don't put anything. It's a short show split into a million segments. They don't all need outros. I pay for TheXvid Red to get rid of crap like commercials.

  • estewy
    estewy 5 days ago

    Suggestion: Could you indicate the order of the videos for each episode? See 'Full Frontal with Sam Bee' youtube channel: they add "Act 1", "Act 2" ... to the video titles for each episode.

  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 6 days ago

    Really digging this

  • Bob Trenwith
    Bob Trenwith 6 days ago

    You seem to be missing most of today's Intro.

  • Diego M
    Diego M 7 days ago

    what happened with trumps' salary finally? did he done it, or keep it all for his greedyself??? and still no impeachment....... and violating the constitution everyday...... and still making amercian democracy a joke!

  • Clixess
    Clixess 7 days ago

    This guy is really smart.

  • jon jessen-klixbüll

    Hi Steven Colberg. This can maybe help hollywood,: Jesus CM said (Luke 18:9-14): Two men whent to pray in church. The first man said to God: Thank you God I`m a famous and rich actor. I´m five percent better than all the not known people, and all the "normal" people on tv and most of all I pay taxes. The other man said: God have mercy to me an my family, we are only sinners. Who do you think, God liked the most. Your fiend jon jk, Denmark.

  • Dryson Bennington
    Dryson Bennington 7 days ago

    Energy for a strong...America Right now you won't find Rex Tillerson working` at the State Deparment or at the Bureau of Public Affairs.In neither departments you won't find Rex Tillerson combating the opioid crisi or planning team policies. You won't find Rex Tillerson promoting very important values or helping posts around the world where State Department employees are in dangerous pay situations without their families. You won't find Rex Tillerson addressing the challenges of sexual harassment because Trump has left that up to Stormy Daniels. But what you will find is a newfound source of energy that Trump has tapped into. Its called Firing Top Level Administrators that just wont suck Trump's %$@!...unlike Stormy Daniels. Trump's new found energy source is sure to put into place men who grovel on their knees before the Orange Lepper known as David Dennison. Energy that is sure to boost the status of Stormy Daniels so much that she has to return the 130k retainer fee that the Orange Lepper paid her for her troubles. With the new found energy that the Orange Lepper has discovered it is assured to Make America Great Again. America can be assured that none of us along with the rest of the world will ever know what the %$@! is going on while the Orange Lepper looks for his next oar house to frequent. This new energy will Make America Great Again...but only if you buy more Stormy Daniels porn tapes, balloons and invite her to your sons tenth birthday party So come on America lets Make America Great Again and insist that every one in Trump's administration is fired so that the GOP is not able to get anything done, the country is less secure and above all else The Orange Lepper is able to cover up his involvement with Russian oars so that Mueller will never find out that Stormy Daniels made The Orange Lepper dress up like Little Blow Me Peep. Stormy Daniels gives your bag firm deep support while you enjoy the comfort of her being on top...Stormy...the perfect caveman oar. Everybodies doing her....STORMY DANIELS....everyones doing herrrrr....she's open like seven eleven. Lets Make America a Oar Again....Let's make it a threesome...why not four....and even more. Ding.

  • Alus
    Alus 7 days ago

    awesome!! pls check out my covers on my channel!

  • Christopher Morris
    Christopher Morris 8 days ago

    Why not have clips of Jon Batiste and his crew playing during the break. Would love to see more of Maddie's guitar work.

  • chilo31416
    chilo31416 11 days ago

    Colbert is always crying about the Russians, but the Russians love the fact that idiots like Colbert are eroding the US from within. They have been trying to do this for decades and now they finally can see some good results from thier efforts. Colbert is a tool of the Russian, yet he is so stupid he does not even realize it. The FBS thanks Colbert, Great job making the US weak and divided again.

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 7 days ago

      Thumbs up. However, since laughing at libtards became the number 2 playground around here after Hockey and drinking beer, I found myself better divided than ever before, specially when the globalist demtards aren't following the Trump plans for the majority of them, hence why the banktards controlling the libtard media are such in fury, that the CIA is hiring serial killers in school to make sure that the people will vote for a globalist scumbag the next time.

  • Azimech_ 77 Industries

    Could you PLEASE stop playing that tune at the end of every clip? PLEASE.

  • Andrew Ossorguine
    Andrew Ossorguine 12 days ago

    Can we stop that band leader from squawking like a trained monkey? Does he think hes funny? He's not. he's annoyning

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 11 days ago

      what's a trained monkey? oh, the demtards. and who 'We" you're using here as if you're a part of the libtard group hidden behind this imbecile channel claimed as a humoristic place. It squawking inbreed soy faces trying to drum. If I had the time to enjoy the humor of the libtard, but everytime I see his face, I can't stop laughing at him.

  • ThisCrewWillDo
    ThisCrewWillDo 14 days ago

    Is it just me, or have the videos been striping like they're rendered in 1080i recently?

  • xpoztm
    xpoztm 15 days ago

    J Law is known to have a drinking problem. Colbert is a jerk providing her alcohol. Ratings before people's health. Like many old men, his goal was to get in her pants after show. Colbert, the new Bill Cosby.

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 15 days ago

      his alcohol is paid by the clintons. Since she have over 18 y.o., I doubt +*- in question is interesting in.

  • Eric Waldron
    Eric Waldron 15 days ago

    @Charbax you must understand that Mr. Colbert has writers and is a great persona; John Stewart is also a great guy, both whom have had writers. Yet I digress, He keeps the issues in the light with comedic relief, I do believe he has caused change. The only problem is @Charbax and also @Mr.Colbert. COLbuddiWart is a nice coined idea. It will live on for hundreds of years. We can make impacts greater than the oceans. #NASA #USA #AmendAmendmentsTwo

  • Drew Kramer
    Drew Kramer 15 days ago


  • Challenger revived Kh

    Whoever the moderator of this channel, we need to talk. Do not want any others to reply, only the Valid Moderator of Colberts channel need respond.

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 15 days ago

      You'll need to sent them money and prove affiliation with Russian Bots/Clintons to tell them how good your journey was.

  • TheBatchainpuller
    TheBatchainpuller 16 days ago

    Colbert, your cage is getting dirty

  • Lembu Abraxas
    Lembu Abraxas 17 days ago

    Hello Stephen. I think you should discuss this information...

  • Alan Marston
    Alan Marston 17 days ago

    I would really love to watch the show but... I am going into surgery on Monday and will not be able to watch the full show untell maybe Wednesday. And I am sorry to say at this time I personally do not have a buttload of cash to support CBS at this time.

  • DarkZero 2021
    DarkZero 2021 18 days ago

    Colbert is a cuck. Fuck him.

  • Hayden Toppeross
    Hayden Toppeross 19 days ago

    Hey we really appreciate the segments you put online from here in Australia! For the last week your vids have had the field order reversed though, somebody slap whoever is encoding them please.

  • Mark L
    Mark L 19 days ago

    You're an idiot. Baseball bats aren't made out of Steel. Neither are the other items mentioned.

    • Mark L
      Mark L 19 days ago

      The only other options you didn't mention would be high end kitchen knives. And i am pretty sure that you would not know steel quality standards, or what a rockwell hardness test is. In that You can test the hardness of anything, I believe that you need to do a Rockwell test on your skull. Because you may just break the machine.

  • ButtHurt Libtards Joy

    Libtards thinks that we are a whole bunch of racists. They did not ask us, they automatically suppose. It's very funny that Im out of a sudden supposed to be a racist. I feel like it makes libtards butthurt a lot. To be honest, It's the complete party on the republican channels of youtube, where jokes are linked up for an enormous laugh at democRATS leaving the sinking boat while they piss one last time on each others on programs like 'the views' and CNN, the clown news network trying to save the last couch in the hallway to the exit. We read so much jokes about the demtards, you are truly missing the party. I feel sorry for you guys.

  • Adhd
    Adhd 20 days ago

    the hell, yo. I was watching that...

  • Light of Day
    Light of Day 21 day ago

    PLEASE start reviewing the trolls on your channel.

    • pp rr
      pp rr 20 days ago

      The only troll here is you.

  • 227is314159265
    227is314159265 21 day ago

    can you make a playlist for all the monolouges

  • bricoleur vagabond
    bricoleur vagabond 21 day ago

    please talk about the prime minister of canada in this clip:

  • Julie Burns
    Julie Burns 21 day ago

    you wouldn't have a show without Donald Trump, you chump!

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 20 days ago

      hahahah, nope. Colbert would be paid the same amount of $ by the Clintons to promote how good she is, while it is exactly the contrary in reality. How old is this Colbert clown anyway? He looks like *_+. What he's gonna do with all his d*== owned money!? Buying an apple watch again!? Id wear my Rolex at the very least, not this apple thing!

  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid 21 day ago

    Subject: FedEx: End your partnership with the NRA Hi, I signed a petition to Frederick W Smith, CEO, FedEx, David Bronczek, President & COO, FedEx, and Alan Graf, Exec VP & CFO, FedEx which says: "Stop the immoral business alliance with the National Rifle Association. Join other corporations in putting the NRA on notice that it's time for a change." Will you sign this petition? Click here: Thanks!

    • Jim G
      Jim G 17 days ago

      Go back to your playpen.

  • Jack Coltrane
    Jack Coltrane 22 days ago

    *Americans still standing there DOING NOTHING!!!! WHERE ARE YOU COLBERT???? GO OUT AND PROTEST WITH THE STUDENTS ON THE STREET!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THINGS!!! Take your Late-Night companions, lay down your work, join the protest!!! This should be a movement by now, PEOPLE SHOULD FLOOD THE STREETS!!!! How do you think rights for Women & Black People have been pushed through??? People said, it`s enough!!!!! I`m from Switzerland, I can`t help the students, but if I would be American, I would have done more than you guys by now!!!!!*

  • David Huff
    David Huff 22 days ago

    Stephen please mention this to the President - Mr. President, today you told the nation's governors that you would have rushed in unarmed to aid students and teachers during the deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school. Sorry, I have to call you on this one. Not only would you not have rushed in, you proved many years ago, that you would have run the other way. I am a US Army veteran and served from 1968 - 1971. You had your chance to rush in armed, along with millions of other young Americans by way of the Draft during the Vietnam War. But you chose to get a doctor's deferment for bone spurs instead. It's always easy to act brave once the shooting stops.

  • llljjjyyyy
    llljjjyyyy 25 days ago

    Your interview with oliver stone was really unprofessional, represents one of the best propaganda comedy show ever. Bet you have not watch the documentary yet, Mr Sarcasm.



  • Angela Cowan
    Angela Cowan 26 days ago That name sound familiar.

  • 12s
    12s 26 days ago

  • Andrew Grant
    Andrew Grant 27 days ago

    Can Colbert, Noah, and Meyers please coordinate their vacations so we always have someone to make us laugh about our dysfunctional country. We really need it these days...

  • PringlesKing William

    Colbert is not funny anymore. He talks too much about trump and his segments are way too political.

  • sexyfatbastid
    sexyfatbastid 28 days ago

    Is there a reason the amount of videos on your playlist is 666 ??

    • Resit D.
      Resit D. 22 days ago

      Yes because after 666, comes 667 and after that 668 and so on

  • Cheryl Leighton
    Cheryl Leighton 28 days ago

    Stephen is so courageous....we need more voices like tired of the negative commentary!

  • Bernice Liversedge
    Bernice Liversedge 28 days ago

    Watched your show last night and I must say Im disappointed. Your a comedian Stephen and I expect mischief from you but the behavior coming from Tom Hanks was so insulting. I used to think he was a fine actor but apparently hes just a dispicable son-of-a-bitch. I wont be watching him again any time soon. This attitude you people have towards the royal families is getting pretty tiresome. You bragged about your Constitution last night well that was written by my own family the direct descendants of a German Duke. He had a reputation for being a gifted linguist so the USA hired him to write the Constitution for them. He did and when he was finished they demanded he become a US citizen. I cant he said Im here to build a royal throne for Canada. So they murdered him. This is how you people have done business numerous times throughout history and yet you claim to be the best in the world? I think youve got some considerable growing to do.

  • Yirgamalabar
    Yirgamalabar 28 days ago

    No more videos?

  • N Robertson
    N Robertson 29 days ago

    Where are you ? week with No S Colbert

  • Jacques Swart
    Jacques Swart 29 days ago

    Where are the uploads yo?

  • ebattleon
    ebattleon 29 days ago

    No new updates since Valentine's Day what's up?

  • Tomy Sikes
    Tomy Sikes 29 days ago

    Hey you fukin Communist Stephen Colbert go to hell you dirt bag,, move to a Communist Country an open your COCK HOLSTER THERE LIKE YOU DO HERE

  • Tomy Sikes
    Tomy Sikes 29 days ago

    Stephen Colbert the Communist,,, what a dirt bag

  • RoninSaigoTakamori
    RoninSaigoTakamori 29 days ago

    Colbert, once a good comedian, now a libtard who has a hard on for Trump. I mean you obviously have a hard on for Trump, because that's all you talk about.

  • down under
    down under 29 days ago

    why is there no new videos ?

  • Bivens PC
    Bivens PC 29 days ago

    Where are the uploads?

  • Hattendorf&Oltrogge GmbH Hannover - Rollladen, Raffstore, Markisen, Smart Home Systeme

    Stephen-- where are you!? We desperately need your clear view and guidance in this strange world, whether you're currently meddling with Russians to get elected in 2020 then great but don't tell anyone, but me. CBS, feed us with wisdom!

  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid Month ago

    Subject: Politicians: Stop Taking Money from the NRA Hi, I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump which says: "Stop taking money from the NRA." Will you sign this petition? Click here: Thanks!

  • Becca bba
    Becca bba Month ago

    Why no uploads for Stephen Colbert or Seth Meyers for the last week? And for gods sake, why is Fox News suddenly showing up in the 'recommended' section -- I am signed in and I have never touched it or anything like it. It's almost as though someone is trying to replace Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers with Fox News -- what kind of 'algorithm' is that?

  • Linda Tate
    Linda Tate Month ago

    I just saw a teaser for your show tonight which may contain a spoof on Melania. Please don't ridicule her. Granted, her wisdom lacked something (a lot) when she married HIM, but she doesn't deserve mocking when her biggest ambition seems to be staying out of the picture.

  • nebuladark
    nebuladark Month ago


    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 11 days ago

      don't send us this **, we already have Trudeau the globalist puppet that is trying to destroy the syndicates and reducing the population.

  • Vishrut Khunt
    Vishrut Khunt Month ago

    you have got to see this

  • Strategic MesSager

    Finally a Teusday were you didn't upload any Trump news. I like your video's but I'm sure a lot of people, even you, Stephen Colbert, are getting tired of Trump. Just because a lot of video's of yours are about him doesn't mean you want to. I even saw an article once about gaming being better for happiness than social media. That came out shortly after the 2016 election.

  • Guy Peterson
    Guy Peterson Month ago

    Come back and gimme yo comedy you beautiful son of a beach

  • Guy Peterson
    Guy Peterson Month ago

    Where. ARE. YOUUUUUU????!!!!!!

  • lexas4
    lexas4 Month ago

    where is stephen?

  • Jim Von Stein
    Jim Von Stein Month ago

    ( my son performing one of my original songs,,,, he is also in the video (the guy in the black and white suits) and he produced it too,,,, thought you'd like it,,, being you're such a great musician, man I've heard you play, awesome!!!!

  • 308alaska
    308alaska Month ago

    Not a true American! Leave Please!

  • Christopher Seider

    Your a joke and nothing more than a liberal mouthpiece for a bunch of ignorant fools. Trump Nation!

  • Princess Boozer
    Princess Boozer Month ago

    How do I get tickets.

  • Scott Baska
    Scott Baska Month ago

    This behavior to me is bullying/harassment. If kids behaved like this in schools the would be suspended or expelled.

  • Dan Bennett
    Dan Bennett Month ago

    Millions love you, Stephen. You have the sharpest wit on late night. But please slow down with the drinking. You're showing some signs. God knows how you get through the day under the pressure of the show--again, it's brilliant, every night. But please don't pay that price.

  • Jon Obester
    Jon Obester Month ago

    As a musician, and also a sports fan, I wonder if there was ANYONE ELSE in the world who noticed that the chord changes in Pink's version of the National Anthem were pretty much a direct RIPOFF of the incredible rendition several years ago that Ms. ALICIA KEYS created on that white, baby grand piano, and for which she was not only NOT given credit by the announcers immediately afterwards, but was also somehow dissed by the mouth breathing knuckleheads later on. SHE should have gotten MVP for that because, I believe, that's what got to Colin Kapernick. He has never been the same since. Check it out on TheXvid. I am getting so sick of the NFL. Non-profit corporation my ass! I hope she sues the shit out of them. And for those of you who just are not into sports, I am sorry for you. It means either your Dad didn't work with you as a kid, or you just weren't very good. Or competitive. But at least try to follow the money, as you know there is a ton of it.

  • Eduardo Lazuardi
    Eduardo Lazuardi Month ago

    Is there anyway I can get a full/longer version of the piece playing at the end of each video? Like it and want to use it as my ringtone/alarm.

  • nouveau courteduree

    The 27th Jan. 2018, the Russian delegate made a joke about not making an intervention "this time" on the votes to find a singer to represent France at the Eurovision. I thought you would find it funny.

  • Emily Brennan
    Emily Brennan Month ago

    Really want you to come out with an Amazon Alexa app so I can listen to your monologue each morning in my daily flash briefing! It's a shame i can only listen to Trevor Noah...

  • theox 2000
    theox 2000 Month ago


  • Donnie Dunn
    Donnie Dunn Month ago

    Mr. Stephen Colbert, could you use your teams investigative skills to find out who the African America gentleman you see in the background at every Trump rally. He is the guy wearing the "Blacks for Trump" t-shirt. Same guy at every rally. I was watching the CBS commentators after the Super Bowl and guest who drifts across the screen in his t-shirt. WHO IS THIS GUY???

  • Adam Van Meter
    Adam Van Meter Month ago

    just watched Rose Mcgowan interview. Stephen is a class act. What a professional. What a gentleman.

  • MyShreddedSanity
    MyShreddedSanity Month ago

    Um, so Jr. just admitted the memo is bullshit:

  • MindLiveTv
    MindLiveTv Month ago

    Love you

  • Jean Luciani
    Jean Luciani Month ago

    You sit on your Ivory Tower put Millions in your packet and are clueless as to the Hard Working Americans that President Trump has Helped with his Policies. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!! You are not even FUNNY!!!

    • Dan Bennett
      Dan Bennett Month ago

      So OBVIOUSLY Trolls. Russian or Domestic?

    • Alexander McLeod
      Alexander McLeod Month ago

      I agree he's not funny to me anymore. Mainly because the show is too trump focused & has become mean-spirited. I was about to unsubscribe but wanted to check if others felt the same as I do. What policies are you referring to, besides the tax cut which ultimately benefits the rich & corporations?

  • William McCann
    William McCann Month ago

    Please, PLEASE normalize the volume on your new outro. It's ear-shattering.

  • Benzizzz420 Charls

    Please address the outro music volume issue at the end of each clip...... i dont mind the "please subscribe jokes" or the music playing but it is way too loud at the moment... other than that, its a fantastic channel for a fantastic show. Thanks

  • Cindy Bagwell
    Cindy Bagwell Month ago

    Decided to watch a late show as its' been a while. So I go to my favorite network CBS and was disgusted that it was so political anti-Trump. Felt like I was at a H Clinton for President Convention. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE , CANT YOU JUST GROW UP AND HONOR OUR PRESIDENT AND COUNTRY. I know I'm just 1 person and the rest of the population may love CBS and The Stephen Colbert Show, but I really will go to NBC. I watch cable mostly anymore due to so called celebrities and anyone with a platform abuses it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#CBSSUX#SODOESSTEPHENCOLBERT

  • Gary Stewart
    Gary Stewart Month ago

    Your playlist are now unwatchable as the volume in between clips is 500% too loud.

  • Ashley Folsom
    Ashley Folsom Month ago


  • Robert Flannery
    Robert Flannery Month ago

    All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Vicious You're tweeting in your tower You do it every hour Oh baby, you're so vicious Vicious Lying like some puffy rug Watching TV like a drug Oh baby, you're so vicious When I see you coming I just have turn right around But your face is not as bad as its sound When I hear you bark from the screen I clutch at my gut, while turning green You puke out your trash that's so obscene Oh you're so vicious! Scarfing on a burger, Oh honey, meat is murder. Baby, you're so vicious Inspired by Lou Reed's Vicious.

  • David Choi
    David Choi Month ago

    What is with the insane volume for the song at the end of every clip?

  • Joseph New York
    Joseph New York Month ago

    I hate This guy. TRUMP 2020!!

    • jean PhnnnoPrivee
      jean PhnnnoPrivee Month ago

      no need for hate. I laugh at Colbert every single day. He's a big crying f-- m----- looking for his globalist paycheck, alias wikileaks 2016-17, everybody knows it now, except libtards that ignores it. Batista is a Capitalist p--- that knows all this, but money is more important to him. Glad you're from the intelligent side. A+ Unfortunately, I can't tell every single word, because it tells what these people really are, and It's rather shocking.

  • Michael Davidson
    Michael Davidson Month ago

    Dear late show online team. Your new end screen is too loud. I understand that perhaps the little end clips that Stephen taped got a little tedious after a while. With that in mind, I think the new static end screen is a good idea. But the music is nearly twice as loud as the general volume of the video proper. It's painful with headphones on. It is disturbing if anyone else is in the room with you. Please.... just turn the volume down.

  • Thomas Goldfinch
    Thomas Goldfinch Month ago

    PLEEEEZE read the comments under many of the video clips lately (a recent development as of the week of 1/21/18 and onward) and TURN DOWN THE OUTRO MUSIC'S SUDDENLY BLARING MUSIC! Many people I personally know are deciding whether to unsubscribe or not, and I've read video clip comments to that effect, too. I am SERIOUSLY considering unsubscribing because any enjoyment from every actual video clip's content is OBLITERATED AND FORGOTTEN by the extremely jarring BLAST of a horn section at an ear injuring volume! This is not rocket surgery, folks. (LOL?) This jolting change just started happening about a week ago, so find the idiot at the control board who made this LITERALLY ALARMING change for the worse, fire them, and then turn down the BLARING outro music's volume, PLEEEEZE? I'm not going to watch anymore of The Late Show's TheXvid videos for a week, and if that discombobulating blaring music is not corrected by then, I will unsubscribe for my peace of mind as well as the health of my inner ears! Regardless of how funny the nightly Dumpster-Fire-in-Chief jokes are, they're not worth going deaf!

  • Natshi1986
    Natshi1986 Month ago

    THANK YOU for having adjusted the volume between the videos and the music you added at the end, it almost blew up my ear drums at first and my speakers as well...

  • MacCloud
    MacCloud Month ago

    outro music is soooooooo much better in volume on the latest uploads, ty so much! <3 <3 <3

  • Thyroid Advice
    Thyroid Advice Month ago

    Love your show Stephen

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    Thank you for fixing the outro volume! :D

  • Kyle Major
    Kyle Major Month ago

    can whoever makes this content change the volume on their post clip send off. the music blows out my ears every time it plays it is a bit much. it would be nice to match the max volume of the episode or lover that music by half or something

  • George Schwenzfeger Jr.

    If someone from the show reads this, can you please fix the volume level of the latest outro? its 50% louder compared to the show itself and scares the hell out of me half the time. Love the show, and the fact you're on youtube!!

  • steve1978ger
    steve1978ger Month ago

    thanks for fixing the volume of your outro

  • Canadagraphs
    Canadagraphs Month ago

    After being 1 of your first 5K followers. Just unsubscribed. Will still watch your shows....... thru unofficial sources. I'll check back in a month to this channel (maybe) to see if you have PUBLICLY fired the fuy who purposefully tried to make me deaf & cause a heart attack with the air horn outro you have. People are unsubscribing over this.

  • Phillip Daw
    Phillip Daw Month ago

    Unsubscribing due to the ear-splitting outro music. Guess I'll stick to the pitch-shifted Colbert's out there until CBS lowers the volume from this literally painful level.

  • tha grumbie
    tha grumbie Month ago

    I'm surprised the outro sound was not fixed after the first day of it being bad. I don't think I can watch these videos anymore.

  • psidream
    psidream Month ago

    At the end of all of your videos, you have an ad for subscribing. Usually it's not an issue, but with the latest ad video that you've been using, it's much, much louder than the actual video. If you turn it up loud enough to hear the show, when it ends, it's cranked. Please fix this, or I will have to stop watching.

  • narfle
    narfle Month ago

    F#"¤%"W#¤ YOUR F#"W%"#¤% ENDING MUSIC VOLUME HIKE! "W#¤%%UY&%"/(&%¤/)(&)/(%¤/()%/()"=¤

  • Bruce Baker
    Bruce Baker Month ago

    Recently your outro music got REALLY FRICKIN LOUD. When the clip is words at volume 4...don't follow that, immediately and without warning, with a horn section blasting at volume 12. It's not rocket surgery. And you're not trying to tell someone about your brand of mustard while they've gone out to the next room during a commercial. People watch youtube with earbuds in. YOU try watching a few of your videos with earbuds. Then re-assign the intern who makes the youtube clips...and replace them with someone who gets "levels".

  • Suzanne Norvell
    Suzanne Norvell Month ago

    The new music at the end of the clips is EXTREMELY LOUD! I will have to stop watching because the blaring noise wakes the baby. It makes me not want to watch them anymore. Please fix.

  • Marc van den Bovenkamp

    Please stop the loud outro music! It is disrespect to the music and to everybody listening :(

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    MagneticFerret Month ago

    In case you hadn't noticed, you are deafening people with that outro shit. Rabble rabble rabble. Btw, its not exactly encouraging people to use those links to other videos now is it?

  • Mitch Elliott
    Mitch Elliott Month ago

    FIX your fucking audio at the end of the clip !! It goes from whisper segment to HOLY HELL LISTEN TO SOME THEME MUSIC !! What kind of idiots work there that can't mix the audio levels together ?

  • Sergio Quirque
    Sergio Quirque Month ago

    Fix that volume problem. No longer funny. And stop asking to subscribe, is unpleasant.

  • itchy robot
    itchy robot Month ago

    TURN THE FUCKING OUTRO MUSIC DOWN!!! YOU BROKE MY SPEAKERS YOU DICKS!!! WHO'S THE FUCKING CUNT IN CHARGE OF THE AUDIO? Each week your videos get more and more quiet, and now, the latest ones are super quiet but the end music is REALLY fucking loud! I had to crank the stereo just to hear what you were saying, then you blast the shit out of my audio gear with the outro music. You complete DICKS! There's complaints all over the comments (if you bothered to read them) What kind of shit show are you running? you make jokes about people not having their shit together and yet you can't even get your audio levels correct and you're breaking people's audio gear and losing subscriptions left and right... so what's your excuse for sucking balls? YOU OWE ME NEW SPEAKERS YOU FUCKERS!

  • steve1978ger
    steve1978ger Month ago

    PLEASE fix the VOLUME of your OUTRO

  • vibradiant
    vibradiant Month ago

    Just wondering why the Late Show theme music played at the end of segments is about three times the volume of the actual content in the segments, which means we turn it up to hear the comedy, and then get hit with a sonic sledgehammer at regular intervals? Is this a weird stab at practical jokes?

  • Jennifer Lawrence

    I am taking a break from watching this until you FIX THE CLOSING MUSIC. What the heck?

  • Brian Morin
    Brian Morin Month ago

    Why is the closing music SO LOUD?! the audio is soft, then BLAZES at the end. It's really fucking annoying.

  • TGMG
    TGMG Month ago


  • Zach McQ
    Zach McQ Month ago

    (Cue Sarah Mclaughlin music) Hi, I was once a normal American with ears. Now, since watching your latest videos, they constantly bleed and I can no longer listen to my uppity podcasts or go to concerts without an interpreter bc someone at your channel wasn't doing their job by normalizing the audio for your videos (esp the outro). your part, and stop senseless ear bursting by having your video/sound engineers do their part. Thank you and party on, Wayne.

  • Logan Anderson
    Logan Anderson Month ago

    can you fix your outro's, please? The volume is ridiculous, and the backdrop is pixilated. Go back to Mr. Colbert asking us to subscribe, or have Jon Batiste just yell "cold-blooded!"

  • Wim van Drongelen

    can you please regulate the sound levels at the end of every part of the show: IT'S FUCKING LOUD, MAN!

  • Brendan McIntyre
    Brendan McIntyre Month ago

    Could you please stop blasting theme music at 5 Trillion decibels at the end of the clips? Normalize volume please!!!

  • captainfarktard
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    Please turn down the music at the end. Seriously. It is REALLY annoying. You went from bad to worse.

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    Turn down the volume of the music at the end of the videos please. Like a lot.

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    *Your OUTRO music is way too loud. You're making me lose confidence in your intelligence. Please fix it!*

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    Hi Late Show! Could you be a dear and lower down the volume of the closing music of your future videos? Much appreciated!

  • Kotobukicho
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    OUTRO!!! Just fix it before my Japan neighbors call the police on me for noise violations--again.

  • Timothy Charlton
    Timothy Charlton Month ago

    Can you please tone down your outro music. It's way too loud for how quiet you have stephen.

  • Gio
    Gio Month ago

    FIx you outro music. my ears busted a nut.

  • Andre Dupre
    Andre Dupre Month ago

    The outro music on "The Secretive FBI Secret Society..." video is way too loud.

  • Walter White
    Walter White Month ago

    Yeah, the outro music is loud.

  • Fabian Pacifico Rojas Ferro

    The outro was fine until 2 months ago... 'Subscribe' ads or loud music just ruins the end of the videos...

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  • Indigo May Roe
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    Can you guys TURN DOWN THE END MUSIC on your videos. A day or so ago it went super loud. I'm going to stop watching your videos unless this get fixed.

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    Is someone in charge of the channel even reading comments? I almost lost my ear drums since they changed the outro music.

  • Timothy Ostrom
    Timothy Ostrom Month ago

    Is Colbert ever funny? Every time I've watched his opening monologue its just a pathetic rant against Republicans; especially our president. What a simple minded jackass!

    • Gio
      Gio Month ago

      lol fuck of wanker go watch fox news if your not satisfied

  • misterfunnybones
    misterfunnybones Month ago

    Turn down the volume on the outro...we can hear it in Canada! (that means it's really loud, sorry, eh?)

  • grausamkaarka
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    I absolutely need to weigh in on the outro volume issue. I nearly fell from my chair! Use the same loudness settings as in the rest of the video asap.

  • Daniel Coleman
    Daniel Coleman Month ago

    Just like everyone else has said, please turn down the volume on the ending music on your videos now. I'm so glad they enacted laws to address this on TV, please follow suit.

  • Mitch Elliott
    Mitch Elliott Month ago

    Wow !! someone in the sound dept needs to learn how to balance the audio between the clip and the sound bite at the end. Quiet to HOLY SHIT MY SPEAKERS !!

  • The Reason Project

    FIX THE AUDIO!!! A clip finishes, and then the show id tag on the end blast so loud that the neighbours complain! I'm sure any TV production intern you have can do it, if you're to cheap to pay for a decent audio editor. The pros shouldn't be putting out worse work than the average TheXvid Creator.

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy Month ago

      The neighbours complain because they know you're an * that listen to Colbert.

  • Paavi Paavali
    Paavi Paavali Month ago

    Please please PLEASE lower the volume on this new outro on every video! It's killing everyone's ears and speakers!

  • Christopher Johnson

    TURN DOWN THE OUTRO MUSIC!.... sorry my ear drums burst so I couldn't tell that I was yelling

  • MacCloud
    MacCloud Month ago

    fyi a bunch of your new videos have outro music thats super compressed and needs toning down. whoever mastered that music should be shot, its a disgrace to your production values.

  • Justin Tippens
    Justin Tippens Month ago

    Can you not raise the volume at the end of the video when promoting your show. Its blowing my damn ears out at work....

  • jean PhnnnoPrivee

    Dems Caved.

  • jean PhnnnoPrivee

    Im so happy that Trump won. I can laugh at you all a lot of times during the days. You are all probably with a gin flask, grumpy, petulant and crabbed, needing a paid troll like Colbert to tell you lies to rise you moral. If Trump win again in 2020, I think the libtards are going to quit their jobs and become homeless asking for crystal Methylone and screaming helplessly to the sky. It will be so hilarious that a new dictionary word might be created. Libtardious.

  • Vicki Neumann
    Vicki Neumann Month ago

    First things first, call your late night show "Late Night Trump Bash by Colbert. Second thing, Run for President, you have all of the answers, bashing Trump has been funny for awhile, now it's just old. Do you any have new material?

  • NetherStray
    NetherStray Month ago

    Put the Russia Week playlist in chronological order! It's all mixed up.

  • Slamz Dunk
    Slamz Dunk 2 months ago

    Can you get Jon to do a little number or something for the outro? It's fits perfect for him.

    • ozwolf01
      ozwolf01 Month ago

      Now that there is a musical outro, could you turn it down to match the volume of the segment? Preferably before I lose hearing in my left ear...

  • Linda Fifer
    Linda Fifer 2 months ago

    You bring nothing to late night television. Why don't you find new material and face the fact the Trump won. All your BS is getting really old so shut the Hell up.

  • Michael McCormack
    Michael McCormack 2 months ago

    Colbert, you are a completre A-Hole. Your constant haranging of the President is unwarrented, mean spirited and untrue. You make me sick and I will not watch your deliberately unpatriotic, America hating show.

  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid 2 months ago

    Subject: Stop the deportation of Joel Colindres, a working father of 2, who has lived in the US for 14 years Hi, I signed a petition to Christopher Cronen, ICE Field Office Director, Todd Thurlow, ICE New England Field Director, and 3 others which says: "Stop the deportation of Joel Colindres, a working father of 2, married to a US citizen for 8 years, who has lived in the US for 14 years. Review his case for a legal stay and keep Joel home." Will you sign this petition? Click here: Thanks!

  • LS Quigley
    LS Quigley 2 months ago

    To the Late Show and Stephen Colbert (the person), I have absolutely enjoyed the past few years of your show, and your type of horseplay is much akin to what we grew up with in my family. Stephen Colbert (the character) is much like my brother; handsome and full of guile. And just like my family, the comedy has grown bawdier and the content more grave. You push the boundaries with CBS like we did with our parents, until they finally relent and laugh along with us. Now, there was something that Stephen (the person) said in a 2012 interview in Talks at Google that caught my attention. "It's satire by comparison, rather than satire by deconstruction, if you can understand the difference there. I'm falsely constructing the satire, as opposed to deconstructing other people's behavior." That deconstruction is much the way that sarcasm is often a cruel humor, based on uplifting people by first degrading them. Set the bar low, and it will be easy enough to walk over. Constructive satire I take to mean building upon the clarity of how utterly ridiculous anything can be; by taking two aspects and putting them together to make something greater and funnier than the sum of its parts. Recently, with the current political events, it seems like we are adding more and more to the mound of... let's say rubbish and ending up with a deeper hole. It would seem that the seat of Stephen Colbert's (the character's) brand of humor has become more deconstructive over time, that it has shown signs of weathering in this toxic climate. It still functions as a chair, but all the varnish has been stripped right off. Don't get me wrong, I still love the humor, and I think this represents the way many of us feel. I just thought that you, Stephen Colbert, the person (and his Late Show troupe) should be aware of this shift in satire; to deconstruct the things you've said in the past and compare them to the values you have now. Maybe that adirondack on stage needs a new paint job. Or maybe you love the well-earned patina. Just don't get slivers in your asshouse. With love, LS. Quigley

  • Ron Coleman
    Ron Coleman 2 months ago

    TheXvid has introduced a new monetization policy which is unfair, discriminatory and exploitive toward small creators. TheXvid will continue to make money advertising on these videos, but will not pay these creators for their work. I would urge Mr. Colbert to move his videos to Vimeo or some site which does not follow these discriminatory practices.

  • clumsiii
    clumsiii 2 months ago

    Hey you got a great band. Incredible! Put up some vids of of JB and Stay Human! I wanna see their live shit!!!! Hot shit yow

    BASRI GEO 2 months ago

    subcribe dulu

  • Mark Obert
    Mark Obert 2 months ago

    I would love a mailing list that would send me the links of the opening monologue in proper order.

  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid 2 months ago

    Subject: Help Jorge Garcia Return to His Family in Lincoln Park! Hi, I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Donald Trump which says: "Stop separating families! Allow Jorge Garcia to return to his family in Michigan and pass the Dream Act now." Will you sign this petition? Click here: Thanks!

  • Marc Stutzel
    Marc Stutzel 2 months ago

    Trumps Cognitive Scam This test is easily studied/practiced for and says nothing about his severe emotional issues. ie a sociopath can pass this. The naming part especially will give SC a mile of his serious jokes. MSMD

    CLAWSEWITZ 431 2 months ago


  • headsupjg
    headsupjg 2 months ago

    I just watched the episode which aired on 01/15/18. I live in Hawaii and was woken up by the emergency alert which you parodied in the Don Ho sketch. I appreciate dark humor but I was upset by that sketch. The actual alert was a deeply traumatic experience which continues to resonate and your treatment was ill-conceived and hurtful. I'm a fan of the show but whoever wrote and approved that sketch for air should also be temporarily reassigned... to sensitivity training.

  • bruce wightman
    bruce wightman 2 months ago


  • GaslightAlley
    GaslightAlley 2 months ago

    Please, please, please post videos of musical performances in 1080 HD. Thanks!

  • Shawn Nash
    Shawn Nash 2 months ago

    I want to give my sincere apologies to all I'm not rascist I wanna reach out to trump and let u know thanks for having my back I really suck at navigating through my internet I'm a really slow typer I have always built with my hands I'm gonna watch my mouth and try to be a better person so on immigration people from hayti appoligize to u all back to the nation I'm so slow and this makes me feel dumb thanks trump and the people trump it up have a good night this is crazy for me to accept I have my family thinking I'm crazy happy Martin Luther King day trump it up I've never done this I build things

  • Constant EFX
    Constant EFX 2 months ago

    Hey Stephen, why won't you bring in a real First Nations person of this continent to have an opinion of Trumps remark about shithole country I'm sure we have lots to say in a comedy sketch

  • Eric B.
    Eric B. 2 months ago

    Liberal propaganda. Every so called comedy show is now just an arm of the liberal seek and destroy machine. everything politicized, nothing can be done without making it about Race or without hating conservatives, libertarians, and Trump. liberal media are intolerant, hateful, liars painting all conservatives and libertarians as racist bigots. Is it not the same as racism its self? Painting an entire group of people with a broad brush? no different in my opinion.

  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest 2 months ago

    Colbert is a stone cold killer when it comes to late night shows.

  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid 2 months ago

    Subject: Congress: Reject Trump's racism Hi, I am an immigrant, a former White House aide, and a Haitian-American. Yesterday, in a moment of unbridled racism and during a meeting concerning changes in immigration policy, Trump referred to my homeland, El Salvador, and African nations as "shithole countries." Trump's recent comments just prove what we’ve already known for a long time: that the man who occupies the Oval Office is indeed a racist. Trump has always been a racist. He started his business career as a racist. He started his political career as a racist. Now, in the White House, he is using his racism to drive his policy. Will you stand with me and call on Congress to reject Trump's racism and all the policies that stem from it? That's why I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate. Will you sign this petition? Click here: Thanks!

  • Ron Powell
    Ron Powell 2 months ago

    Say "In Sean Hannity" really fast.

  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid 2 months ago

  • Pickle Gaming
    Pickle Gaming 2 months ago

    try and go a day without mentioning trump. it would be impossible

  • Victoria K
    Victoria K 2 months ago

    Please continue bringing us some laughter in this horrendous time in our lives and human history. Don't even bother with the comments left by Trumptards below. Most of them are Russian bots anyway. Go Colbert!

  • Jeannie Michelle Phillips

    It could be funny if you take all of Donald Trump Cartoons and put them in a playlist together. Here is something to think about, which of the 9 levels of Narcissism is Trump on? Could he have all 9 Levels?

  • Silver Wolf
    Silver Wolf 2 months ago

    Hey Stephen, have you heard about the giant Q Anon conspiracy making the rounds on you tube. Trump's tin hats are going nuts over it. And although I can't prove it, I swear to god that this Q anon poster is the Donald. Is there anyway that you can look into it. Q Anon makes some INSANE CLAIMS... such as HRC has been arrested and is sitting in Gitmo for her role in the "pizza gate" scandal. It's crazy. I would love to know it Trump is Q.

  • Claudia PM
    Claudia PM 2 months ago

    the movie "The Rock" (with Connery, Harris and Cage) there is one part strongly resonates with the current DT`s presidency holding the US citizents hostage "This isn't about terrorism, this is about justice..." In there any terrorism like in DT's presidency going on?

  • Jens Söderberg
    Jens Söderberg 2 months ago

    Wonderful show, and thank you for putting this on you tube. But I'm getting so annoyed by the please subscribe pasted at the end so I unsubscribed from this channel. Please reconsider pasting that segment to end of the videos.

  • bricksandhammers
    bricksandhammers 2 months ago

    Could you make the playlist as you upload the videos? There's literally an option to create one as you upload the videos, why don't you use that?

  • Willie G
    Willie G 2 months ago

    How do you block from showing as recommended across devices including smart tvs?

  • Lisa Cooper
    Lisa Cooper 2 months ago

    Another boring show tonight- at least I guess it was. I had it muted, and I could still tell what the entire monologue was about. Trump bashing. Seriously, we get it- you hate the president and you seem to believe you are a important political figure, or that your opinion matters. PLEASE, get over it and yourself and start being original. But hey, at least you live in a country where you can publicly trash the leader of the country, and live to tell about it. And you whine because he tweets about you.

    • thepsychologistvjdj
      thepsychologistvjdj 2 months ago

      aaand, i was right again

    • thepsychologistvjdj
      thepsychologistvjdj 2 months ago

      coldsort always seems to have the most notorious abusers on his show, often just before they get busted. such as ... (see recent interviews)

  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid 2 months ago

    Subject: Help immigrant families who fled violence and disaster! Hi, I signed a petition to The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate which says: "The Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program allowed me to stay in the United States to seek safety from violence from in El Salvador where I was born. As a working mother of four children who were born in the United States, I am calling on Congress to find a permanent bipartisan solution to protecting the 320,000 immigrants with TPS. Please sign my petition to ensure families like mine are not ripped apart and sent back to nations devastated by disasters and genocide.Will you sign this petition? Click here: Thanks!

  • Rudy Sarcasm
    Rudy Sarcasm 2 months ago

    Why is this fucknut still on tv? Everyone I know hates this leftist loser.

  • Nuno Torpedo
    Nuno Torpedo 2 months ago

    Why did you remove the video of Chris Thile singing "My Oh My" with the Stay Human band? I loved so many things about it. I used to watch it several times every week. Now I can't anymore and this makes me really sad. Please put it back on

  • Ramzi Alsharif
    Ramzi Alsharif 2 months ago

    The mistake in the American system is to give foreigners numbers in social security as citizens A new system must be updated and foreigners should be separated from citizens Even those seeking immigration are placed in a system other than social security The title (non-American) is specified and social security is separated from the categories of immigration, employment, study or refuge . This is to protect America from terrorism and extremism and even the US Treasury....

  • Vincent Cournoyer
    Vincent Cournoyer 2 months ago

    🎷 🎺 🎸Hello! Your show is, without a doubt, my favourite one on American TV. Just one thing though : I think everyone could use a little more jazz! That hot Stay human groove would keep me from freezing to death alone on this huge, empty and cold land we call Canada. 🎵

  • Patty Dehaan
    Patty Dehaan 2 months ago


    • Silver Wolf
      Silver Wolf 2 months ago

      If that is what you think then why are you watching his videos? Oh, and he didn't make hate fashionable, that was Trump.

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 2 months ago

      I listen to 1 movie/year. I'm not brainwashed, duh, There was a movie a few years ago, Every humans on earth were sterilized and only 1 baby was born in the world. War worldwide was happening. This might end up like this. It might also ending up with a nuclear bomb into the yellowstone supervolcano and say bye bye to the world we live in. They will kill us no matter what. First fight might be against libtards, but the end is far worst.

    • ButtHurt Libtards Joy
      ButtHurt Libtards Joy 2 months ago

      he's paid by terr* to say those things, It's a job. The job consist to lie to the public for them to prepare for a terr* (generally a democrat since 2016) to win the future election/wait what they can do to the current elected person, in the name of cancer and population reduction. It's truly the job for someone that believes in the globalist way, into massive population reduction as the only left solution. Big brains are at the top and It is the only left solution they have in mind. Those libtards were voting for some1 hoping they would kill them, the voters, in the end. Put 1 baby per couple worldwide or go to jail for 99 years without possibility of parole with cop check up every houses and properties, facing civil war against the libtards who oppose this, then save the world.

  • Tony Jackson
    Tony Jackson 2 months ago

  • Richard Barr
    Richard Barr 2 months ago

    Totally despise the guy. How he has any viewership astounds me.

    • Light of Day
      Light of Day 2 months ago


  • TheDidgeKid
    TheDidgeKid 2 months ago

    Subject: Stop reckless new plans for coastal oil and gas drilling Hi, The U.S. Department of Interior announced they would open up nearly all United States waters to offshore oil drilling. Most parts of the outer continental shelf would be opened-rolling back existing protections, putting these sensitive marine environments and the species that live in them at risk of death or injury. Sea otters, orca whales, leatherback sea turtles, and dozens more marine mammals, reptiles, birds, and fish already subject to threats from deadly fishing nets and ocean pollution could be put in extreme peril under Secretary Zinke's plan. Tell Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke that you do not support reckless oil and gas drilling and that he should focus his energy and time on finding clean, renewable energy sources and safeguarding our nation's wildlife and wild places. That's why I signed a petition to Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior. Will you sign this petition? Click here: Thanks!

  • Hannelore Gibbons
    Hannelore Gibbons 2 months ago

    since Donald is so great in giving others names, how about calling him the "pilsbury doughboy. That what he reminds me when I see him golfing

  • mikean1123
    mikean1123 2 months ago

    little orange riding hood you sure are colluding good your everything that the big bad wolff could want...

  • raceforpride
    raceforpride 2 months ago

    Abuse of Power? Colbert would have been canceled if not for President Trump, only Liberals are watching his constant Trump put-downs. CBS should compare Dave's ratings to Steve's and admit they screwed-up. Steve should join the Circus where all the other clowns are, Oh, the only place is McDonald's, cause the real circus retired.

    • Light of Day
      Light of Day 2 months ago


  • Mitch Elliott
    Mitch Elliott 2 months ago

    It's funny when Stephen makes fun of Kim's hair and then you know that Stephen's hair style on the show is a joke too... because... DAM Colbert's hair is straight out of a mall's stylists magazine that expired back in the 80's.

    • Light of Day
      Light of Day 2 months ago


  • Deane TR
    Deane TR 2 months ago

    Ed Sullivan and Johnny Carson are probably turning over in their grave for the amount of days you don't post in an era when everyone posts online everyday!!! What kind of shameful, awful horrible profiteers allow you to go on vacation and not work more days than the most awful US President in history? It's so horrific that you care so little about the quantity of your work, let alone the defense of your own country in its darkest hour. Seriously, you've brought so much joy to this horrendous injustice/downfall of our nation, yet you work less hours than the sociopath who thinks he runs this country. Shame on you!!!! You're fast becoming part of the fat cat greed, rather than all of us in the deepest of despair, those of us in the deepest of need for a little humor to help us cope with so much despair. All we want is few jokes to help us through so much awful and how many days have you actually done your job in the past month? You're a total and absolute complete disgrace... Why are you so lazy? Please wake up and smell how bad you really smell right now!!!

  • david sandz
    david sandz 2 months ago

    I dont understand why I receive, daily, ALL my subscriptions except Stephen's...erratic and/or occasional best describes the 'regularity' now, the end of the old year and the beginning of the new....nothing.....with no explanation...I really like the show but am becoming more and more pissed off...Does Stephen just have loads of holidays without telling anyone?

    • Light of Day
      Light of Day 2 months ago


  • Don Jeffries
    Don Jeffries 2 months ago

    Hey Colbert! How does it feel to be the puppet of George Soros and the far left. It is to bad that you do not have a mind of your own. If they where to cut the strings that control you you would come tumbling down. Get ready you will fall hard and it will be funny.

    • Light of Day
      Light of Day 2 months ago


  • Jaime Moores
    Jaime Moores 2 months ago

    Jessica??? I will murder her in a shallow grave if this continues! -Her boyfriend!! :3

  • Christopher B Murray
    Christopher B Murray 2 months ago

    Please consider booking Roy Zimmerman to do his "The Sing-Along Second Amendment."

  • Cheryl Leighton
    Cheryl Leighton 2 months ago

    why no monologues for Steven Colbert, Trevor Noah, and Seth Myers,,, bring the current night back PLEASE!