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California (Unplugged)
Views 1.4K22 days ago
Die A Little
Views 254KMonth ago
Views 696K4 months ago
11 Minutes (Kayzo Remix)
Views 11K4 months ago
Loner (Acoustic)
Views 19K5 months ago
Medication (Live In Atlanta)
Views 1.8K6 months ago
11 Minutes
Views 182K7 months ago
11 Minutes
Views 4.5M7 months ago
Views 408K8 months ago
Polygraph Eyes
Views 4.5K8 months ago
King Charles
Views 6K8 months ago
Views 2.3K8 months ago
Tin Pan Boy
Views 3.6K8 months ago
Views 276K9 months ago
King Charles
Views 99K9 months ago
Polygraph Eyes
Views 252K9 months ago
Tin Pan Boy
Views 124K9 months ago
I Love You, Will You Marry Me
Views 222K9 months ago
Tin Pan Boy
Views 1.2K10 months ago
King Charles
Views 88210 months ago
Anarchist (Unplugged)
Views 47KYear ago
Tell It Like It Is
Views 15KYear ago
Tell It Like It Is
Views 29Year ago
Views 80KYear ago
Polygraph Eyes
Views 43KYear ago
Views 109KYear ago
Views 399KYear ago
Doctor Doctor
Views 156KYear ago
Kill Somebody
Views 299KYear ago
Die For The Hype
Views 161KYear ago
Psychotic Kids
Views 435KYear ago
Views 451KYear ago
Tin Pan Boy
Views 25KYear ago
Falling Skies
Views 215KYear ago


  • Aqer
    Aqer 4 hours ago

    X D

  • Moutewehi Marshall
    Moutewehi Marshall 10 hours ago

    This is such a good song

  • Skylar Jackson
    Skylar Jackson 15 hours ago

    Wow there are way less comments than I thought there’d be. Anyway, I fucking love this

  • the life of a crafter !

    I love his music SO MUCH!💕

  • Remi Gacha
    Remi Gacha Day ago

    ONLY 36 COMMENTS??????

  • Kiara Scott
    Kiara Scott Day ago

    why are there more likes in some of the comments than actual comments any ways congrats Dom on the success and dating somebody as nice as halsy

  • Veronica y
    Veronica y Day ago

    I fooking luv ya 😞💕💖

  • Joseph Said
    Joseph Said 2 days ago


  • Caroline Ware
    Caroline Ware 3 days ago

    Wow, what an underrated masterpiece

  • Karma Trevino
    Karma Trevino 4 days ago

    31st comment No many people here :/

  • Hannah Ofarrell
    Hannah Ofarrell 4 days ago

    Most of the comments are people wondering why there's so little comments

  • Einhorn Glitzer
    Einhorn Glitzer 4 days ago

    His voice😻😻🖤

  • çâïtłïñ jøhñštøñ

    Sligo? Out of all places Sligo?

  • Savan
    Savan 4 days ago

    I love this song

  • lauren
    lauren 5 days ago

    He and Melanie Martinez should do a collab

  • The Ultimate outsider

    Voice of another dimensional life in a world of love 🖤

  • ツOi bb
    ツOi bb 6 days ago

    Only 47 comments? Would it be my chance to be present? ”Looking at my friend as I am dragged into detention: 00:00 *tentando fazer graça em outro idioma para ser notada*

  • Isabelle Miller
    Isabelle Miller 6 days ago

    ok im confused....this only has 30 comments...the fuq? this song is amazing bruv

  • Hrisi Lakova
    Hrisi Lakova 7 days ago


  • isa uzumaki
    isa uzumaki 7 days ago

    Amo essa música! É UM HINOOOO ♥★

  • isa uzumaki
    isa uzumaki 8 days ago

    Claro q eu asseito casar com vc! UwU

  • Idk Videos
    Idk Videos 8 days ago

    i love all of his songs!!!!!! <3

  • Helén Török
    Helén Török 10 days ago

    Sziasztok Török Helén vagyok:)

  • laura's not here
    laura's not here 10 days ago

    After seeing Dylan on the cover of this I need Wallows and Dom to collab, pleeease

  • Bryce bii
    Bryce bii 10 days ago

    Stop bein a TWATTY! :D

  • fried oreo
    fried oreo 11 days ago

    Aw thats amazing :))))

  • Erin S
    Erin S 11 days ago

    So happy someone finally started making good music again. ❤️

  • Bartłomiej Kaczmarek

    Someone really close to me passed away just like 2 hours ago. This beautiful song helps a lot with my grief. I just died a little to survive. Now I need to cry a little to be fine. Thank you. <3

  • Wiktor Dałek
    Wiktor Dałek 12 days ago


  • Twoja Stara xd
    Twoja Stara xd 12 days ago

    I fucking love this song

  • sam hello
    sam hello 12 days ago

    Manchester is gonna be lit after dom playing this live in november

  • your boi
    your boi 12 days ago

    there is only 2 comments lmaooooo. anyway i love you YUNGBLUD you have grown so much i hope you become a big star and make your dreams come true!! <3

  • Bry Michael Crabtree

    This a fuckin banger

  • Aaron L.W.
    Aaron L.W. 13 days ago

    i have watched the series and got happy when i heard this in the series

  • Lazlo Hotty
    Lazlo Hotty 13 days ago

    Death: It's time.. ME: lol no Death: what why? ME: cant afford it :)

  • The Ultimate outsider

    Once again I’m soo fkng Impressed!! Hey, you 122 mental people! Wtf?!?! 🖤❤️🖤❤️🖤

  • The Ultimate outsider

    A TRUE PRODIGY ! I understand the meaning of every song on a deeper level! I can relate to myself in all his Words... HIS LIKE MESSIAHS OR SOMETHING🙏🌎🖤❤️ Yungblud for president‼️🖤♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️🖤

  • Blair montaperto
    Blair montaperto 14 days ago


  • Blair montaperto
    Blair montaperto 14 days ago


  • Cahid Mammadli
    Cahid Mammadli 15 days ago

    13 Reasons Why🥺😍❤

  • D3reN
    D3reN 15 days ago

    Great :D

  • Стеляна Паскова

    I love it!!!🖤🖤🖤

  • faith barnett
    faith barnett 15 days ago

    why is there only 23 comments tho

  • Keeley Barnes
    Keeley Barnes 15 days ago

    This songs picked me up out a bad head space time, so much love for your music🤙🏼

  • charlotte veiga
    charlotte veiga 16 days ago

    tellement doux <3

  • Klara Lüpke
    Klara Lüpke 17 days ago

    Released on my birthday and I love this version 🖤😅

  • Brooklynn Lackey
    Brooklynn Lackey 17 days ago

    Yesssssss I will marry you

  • Cameron Mayne
    Cameron Mayne 17 days ago

    He’s my MCM 🥰 I’m seeing him in Norwich 🥳

  • brain damage
    brain damage 17 days ago

    ok woah

  • Cyber wolf
    Cyber wolf 17 days ago

    why are there only 32 comments?! There should be so many more!!

  • Dimitris Petridis
    Dimitris Petridis 17 days ago

    thank you for your music mate <3 keep going <3

  • Cassiano Lima
    Cassiano Lima 18 days ago

    I'm loving this song even more ❤️

  • GachaxFennec
    GachaxFennec 18 days ago

    i love this guy, dom you're my favorite <3


    I repeat over and over... His voice😍😍😍love him!

  • Shane Low key hates me


  • softie
    softie 18 days ago

    love it !!

  • Anne Rodrigues
    Anne Rodrigues 18 days ago

    i love iit kisses from brasiil ♡♡♡

  • piece of shit
    piece of shit 18 days ago

    Why doesn't this have 1k views yet? Dom is amazing

  • Paula Harrow
    Paula Harrow 18 days ago

    I love yungblud ❤️❤️

  • taylor morris
    taylor morris 18 days ago

    You saved my life, when I was in my darkest days, I would go to your music to keep me here, I love you!

  • jessicajane mitchell

    This is amazing dom x

  • Sofy Flame
    Sofy Flame 18 days ago

    This is so beautiful 💖💗💓💞💕❣️❤️💟😍

  • lil shy
    lil shy 18 days ago

    27 comments... this song is fire!

  • Alana Fussing
    Alana Fussing 18 days ago

    Love it! Love you! Thank you for your music it means a lot to me 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • unicorn jelly-fisch
    unicorn jelly-fisch 18 days ago

    I love YUNGBLUD so much🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 I'm so foooooking happy I found all his songs! it's pure masterpiece... I can say that he, his energy, his style, his music... I love all about him, because HE IS FOOKING YUNGBLUUUUUUUUUD 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 ALL BLACK HEARTS LOVE YOU SO MUCK🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Yajayra Jezebel Abaroa Gutiérrez

    I lovvvvvve it!! I enjoy its style and his voice is awesomeeee, i believe that is completly autentic. This song makes me feel like someone can understand me <3 😍🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 Fuckn*h love yaaaaaaaaaa #YUNGBLUD

  • Isaa Mitsuko
    Isaa Mitsuko 18 days ago

    this is so Crazy🖤🖤🖤

  • Emily Sosa
    Emily Sosa 18 days ago

    Why is there so little likes ?? Like this is fucking great!!

  • andre azinheira
    andre azinheira 18 days ago

    You really should come to Portugal :)

  • andre azinheira
    andre azinheira 18 days ago

    This is so good

  • Key-iya
    Key-iya 19 days ago


  • Ash Gir
    Ash Gir 19 days ago

    I love the original but this one is my favorite 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Isabel Dűhr
    Isabel Dűhr 19 days ago

    I love this version just as much as the other one

  • Paulina Torres
    Paulina Torres 19 days ago

    4th comment (love u yungblud🖤🖤🖤

  • Sophie Keeley
    Sophie Keeley 19 days ago

    Ugh I love it 🖤

  • Hey Hunny
    Hey Hunny 19 days ago


  • Inky XO
    Inky XO 19 days ago

    i need a guitar tutorial

  • Gabriela Zayas
    Gabriela Zayas 19 days ago

    Why the heck does this only Have 27 comments ia

  • Risomardasilva Silva

    I LOVE YOOOU♥♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♡

  • Risomardasilva Silva


  • Risomardasilva Silva


  • Aislinn Davis
    Aislinn Davis 20 days ago

    it's crazy to think it's been over a year since the first time I heard this, thank you for making music that matters, music that makes a difference, I could never fully explain to you how much the art you make touches my heart, you are brilliant

  • Andzia Inna niż inne

    “I don’t understand” why is there only 30 comments

  • Tereza Chalupova
    Tereza Chalupova 20 days ago

    In which episode was this song ?

  • Lol God
    Lol God 20 days ago

    Lmao I am the third comment

  • ErlKingg
    ErlKingg 20 days ago

    oh wow i was actually pretty early

    • ErlKingg
      ErlKingg 20 days ago

      This is now my favorite song from yungblud btw XD

    ISHIDA 20 days ago


  • Caitlin Behan
    Caitlin Behan 21 day ago

    only 28 comments huuhhhh wtf he is better then 28 comments

  • ALEC
    ALEC 21 day ago

    *_All I wanna do is kill somebody, kill somebody..-_** Oh wait, wrong song. This is the next level* 🔥🔥

  • Muffy iSymphony
    Muffy iSymphony 21 day ago

    His look is awesome, but his music sucks ass. Sorry.

  • nia
    nia 21 day ago

    yungblud is obviously awesome music wise but apparently personality wise too! what a cool dude <3

  • gacha strenger chachou

    Y love you😁😁

  • løst clīkkīê
    løst clīkkīê 21 day ago

    I like the song but not the fact that it’s for this show. But that’s just me and my personal feelings towards this series


      Same tho, the show is such a bad representation of mental illness making it seem like suicide happens for revenge and to get back at others. And now apparently the show is a murder mystery? It's honestly ridiculous

  • Rose Torgerson
    Rose Torgerson 21 day ago

    This is so underrated!!!!!!! Show him some more love

  • Je suis juste moi
    Je suis juste moi 21 day ago


  • VolpZ_Graphics
    VolpZ_Graphics 22 days ago

    really good

  • Ninister L
    Ninister L 22 days ago

    I love yungblud so much and this song is amazing , I’m just sad that it’s in 13RW , that show is so insensitive and romanticises depression, anxiety etc. It led to suicide and Makes depression seem like a beautiful thing when in reality it’s terrible, I’m pretty sure that anyone with a mental disorder would agree with me (yes I have several mental disorders and this show upset me so much by the way they portray suicide , depression etc)

  • Моника
    Моника 22 days ago

    mcr vibess

  • Kaitlynne Lianne
    Kaitlynne Lianne 22 days ago