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Jo Cox's Maiden Speech
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  • Rob Sanderson
    Rob Sanderson 5 days ago

    Great speaker

  • dumb void
    dumb void 5 days ago


  • Cosmos142857
    Cosmos142857 6 days ago

    At some point he became 'hairbrained'.

  • Chance Parker
    Chance Parker 7 days ago

    I believe he wore that tie on his final day.

  • Garfield JV
    Garfield JV 7 days ago

    Pure scotts elected nightmare!!!!

  • Toulla Komis
    Toulla Komis 9 days ago

    We will miss him even from CANADA as he steps down from parliament as I saw on a video sep 2019 John Bercow

  • Dorran Sultan
    Dorran Sultan 11 days ago

    What spins these fans?

  • Leonhard Rotch
    Leonhard Rotch 13 days ago

    "A new era of (peace and) ORDHA it begun" -501st journey

  • Hey Slick Hey
    Hey Slick Hey 13 days ago

    Stupid bell

  • OneDigitalSoul
    OneDigitalSoul 19 days ago

    50:54 onwards is hilarious 😂

  • BedsitBob
    BedsitBob 26 days ago

    If the BBC are not going to honour their promise to fund the over-75 licences, then the Government should put the Licence Fee back to what it was, and re-instate the Licence exemption for I-Player catch-up. At the moment, the BBC are having their cake and eating it. As for the Government's promise to fund it "for the life of this Parliament", that Parliament has now ended, so the promise was honoured.

    THETURKISHKEBAB1 27 days ago

    Why doesn't the bbc use advertisements to fund their service like every other television channel does. Just leaching off the british people now

  • Barry Day
    Barry Day 28 days ago

    The years haven't been kind to him. He has become a prematurely aged, aggressive and twisted little man. It's a pity he gave up his impartiality in an attempt to block Brexit because that will be what he is remembered for.

  • Ricardo Brands
    Ricardo Brands 29 days ago

    KLM KING LANDED ME! This is why I love my British Neighbours! And yeah our relationship trough the centuries have been 'special' XD

  • bikerjon1
    bikerjon1 Month ago

    Those "brave troops and veterans" told Churchill and the establishment to get stuffed in the post war elections. They wanted a land fit for heroes and their children. TORIES are Nazi scum. They sucked up to Hitler all through the 1930s. Even the Crown did it. And if they despised nazi so much why do they choose those uniforms for fancy dress?

  • John Mullen
    John Mullen Month ago

    Everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room. The entire discussion is based on the premise that the very existence of a "TV licence" were a foregone conclusion. Many countries get on just fine without even the concept a "TV licence" and have public broadcasting such as the US, Canada and Australia just for starters. The TV licence is nothing more than tax to the benefit of the greedy BBC and should be scrapped and not simply made "free" for some individuals. The BBC should be able to finance itself just like any other organisation rather than like a mob racket. In addition to the internet, there are thousands of television channels and not just the BBC. What makes them so special that one requires an extra "licence" just to consume their content, which nobody really asked for in the first place? I am no fan of Boris, but he is correct in his opinion regarding the TV licence.

  • Julien Pieraggi
    Julien Pieraggi Month ago

    50:19 rap battle

  • Behind the Truth
    Behind the Truth Month ago

    Climate change: china the biggest polluter... boycott China's goods until they get it under reasonable control.... and don't sell anything to them... though a lot will die early because of it....

  • TheLightSilent
    TheLightSilent Month ago

    WHY ARE UK CITIZENS PAYING FOR THE BBC WHICH IS USED BY NON UK CITIZENS?????????? Make others pay to use the service that are currently using the service and abolish that tv license which no one wants! people earning less then £25k a year should NOT BE FORCED TO PAY FOR THE TV LICENSE! specially if others in different countries used our bbc which we are paying for not them.

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley Month ago

    These corrupt and pretentious animals don't actually think they've done anything to me, and around the merry-go-round we go. I'm not going anywhere until this issue has been resolved, and an election won't wipe the slate clean.

  • Phil Dutton
    Phil Dutton Month ago

    The BBC and most of the printed press are very much weighted towards the Tory party. That cannot and should not be allowed.

  • The tourettes Gamer

    Anyone else pissed off with the BBC they have taken away my radio iplayer which is the only bbc thing I use making the fees pointless

  • Leanne Bishop
    Leanne Bishop Month ago

    My town Tennant Creek NT Australia I've been here for 39 years I am witnessing global warming climet change here every day for last three years about it's windy every day all day even at night more it's windy more now then not Windy less rain temp has gone up in summer from 41 to new level of 43 44 now trees and bush land is dieing around us global warming climet change is real alright it's here in Tennant Creek now every day

  • Leanne Bishop
    Leanne Bishop Month ago

    I will be writing up a global warming climet change atcion plan to follow one thing is wash all my rubbish in Cold water no hot water no dish washing liquid only if have to and chop up all my rubbish to tiny bits or smash small with 🔨 less rubbish and bags in land fill and using some containers bottoms for pot plants for hearbs small plants

  • frank brown
    frank brown Month ago

    Ain't it strange, that the politicians are pushing for the people to cut down on energy usage, yet every time you walk into a government building, the heat hits you in the face and almost rolls you over ?. Is this just another case of, "Do as I tell you, not as I do ". As a youngster, I saw winters where we had twelve foot drifts of snow in the hedge bottoms, and the snow persisted for months. Now, we get miserable wet winters with very little in the way of snow. Yet our leaders are quick to jump to the conclusion that it is human activity that is soley to blame. The climate has been in flux since time immemorial, witness the several ice ages that the planet has gone through, and the tropical phases as well. We aren't smart enough, and hopefully not daft enough to try to control the doings of the sun, which drives our weather, but we are daft enough to chemtrail our skies with substances which are a danger to human health, in our attempts to control the weather. Maybe we should never have developed intelligence. It will be the death of us all.

  • Ian Hornby
    Ian Hornby Month ago

    This man has the worst case of verbal diarrhea and arrogance than or any British parliamentarian of recent times. I and many are glad to see the back of him.

  • Andrew Barrett
    Andrew Barrett Month ago

    The King has no significance. They are inbredded.

  • Jesshwen Saravanan


  • struggle for peace

    As a great work for state

  • Yusuf Faisal
    Yusuf Faisal Month ago

    Well. I thought you would put it back on🔕or🇬🇧🔊

  • Tr .S
    Tr .S Month ago

    Im french, and love him

  • GSGH Workright
    GSGH Workright Month ago

    Kowloon (Acquired By Britain In 1860)(Prince Edward, Mong Kok, Yau Ma Tei, Jordan, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hung Hom, West Kowloon & Ma Tau Wai) Kowloon encompasses the northern part of Hong Kong, on the mainland across Victoria Harbour. Once a separate city, it was acquired by Britain in 1860 and returned to China with the rest of the colony in 1997. It’s now a shopping, arts and entertainment district. Stores line Nathan Road, while traditional markets offer goods from flowers and goldfish to clothes and jade. Kowloon - Acquired By Britain In 1860 (GSGH Workright North And East Hemisphere) - The Eight Or Ten Beatles Boys With TITHK Public Bus (CTB) With Navy Red Followed The TITHK Public Bus (NWFB) With The Navy Blues

  • Tungsten Kid
    Tungsten Kid Month ago

    I've never known a jew who I didn't like, except for Bercow, so good riddance to him..:)

  • Sairam Dodda
    Sairam Dodda Month ago

    well ending your family is like Jesus not marrying madam and uk losing one of the best gene from lord rama king of ayodhya

  • Yousef AD
    Yousef AD 2 months ago

    Season 1 episode 1

  • squizza28
    squizza28 2 months ago

    The worst two PM and opposition leader and speaker ever to have lived. None of them wanted to give the people what we voted for!!! Thank God two of them are gone, and the third will have gone on December 13.

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton 2 months ago

    Environment crisis? 95% of Ocean pollution is created by non western countries. 85 million people are added to the 3rd world every YEAR. Yet we are told to use paper straws, use less transport, have less children, abort babies , accept massive amounts of uneducated migrants and other degrading things. What is REALLY going on?

  • charlie cheeseface
    charlie cheeseface 2 months ago

    John bercow...remainer...he didn't want brexit.. ..he actively tried to influence the squishing of brexit He's here promising to be impartial...he didn't stay true to his word.. Over 17 million people won a majority to leave the eu.he didn't respect that referendum in 2016..the democracy of the UK..

  • tea tev
    tea tev 2 months ago


  • tea tev
    tea tev 2 months ago


  • pocketpets
    pocketpets 2 months ago

    This fellow was adorable then and is adorable now.

  • Цика блять
    Цика блять 2 months ago

    John Bercow has changed the way we watch parliament. It makes us more interested because he is not only considerable to his interest but the House's interest as well. And whenever I hear the word "order", it reminds me of him. I am always grateful and happy because every word uttered by him speaks a magnitude of power and, will probably need us an English Thesaurus to understand xD. He will be missed tremendously.

  • y11971alex
    y11971alex 2 months ago

    And... hat!

  • elia de niro
    elia de niro 2 months ago

    🚧🇬🇧🇬🇧2019🇬🇧🇬🇧🚧Big Ben🚧🇬🇧🇬🇧2019🇬🇧🇬🇧🚧

  • ♡ M i c h u  p i c c u ♡

    O lord my headphones are up all the way (I knew it was loud cuz you can hear the mechanism from the BELLFRY!)

    • ♡ M i c h u  p i c c u ♡
      ♡ M i c h u p i c c u ♡ 2 months ago

      Yes thank you UwU

    • XBL
      XBL 2 months ago

      ♡ A y l e i g a c h a ♡ I remember you from London New Years 2012 Edit: I was FaZe XBL but I changed my channel name to XBL😅

  • Charlie travler
    Charlie travler 2 months ago

    SAY NO TO 5G!!

  • Charlie travler
    Charlie travler 2 months ago

    SAY NO TO 5G!!

  • Juan Gallego
    Juan Gallego 2 months ago

    It's funnier when the first video on the TheXvid suggestions is the verbal joust he had on his last day as speaker...

  • Nancy Hobson
    Nancy Hobson 2 months ago

    Order? Orderrrr! I am sure Berc should have it on his gravestone.And when he reaches the Pearly Gates there's going to be a riot up there so he can say Order! as he comes in

  • randomuploadsism
    randomuploadsism 2 months ago

    His voice has changed so much!

  • randomuploadsism
    randomuploadsism 2 months ago

    The first thing I notice is how much less colourful the MPS clothes were then

  • Michael Richards
    Michael Richards 2 months ago

    Oh what a Speakership career he has had! He has imposed order and discipline whilst giving a voice to backbenchers and ensuring Parliament remains a supreme force in British politics. He is admired in legislatures across the world and we will never see his like again.

  • I Spy
    I Spy 2 months ago

    Lying devious bastard.

  • Jordan-Marie Sunshine
    Jordan-Marie Sunshine 2 months ago

    The best speaker the house will ever see.

  • Toby Allen
    Toby Allen 2 months ago

    Oh my god in hindsight what did them bloody MPs do to elect John Bercow as speaker all them years ago

  • Andy Offord
    Andy Offord 2 months ago

    “Stand up” 😄😁😂😅

  • hamad5885
    hamad5885 2 months ago


  • Dan World
    Dan World 2 months ago

    i give you the wanker who ruined brexit lol

  • Tóth Balázs
    Tóth Balázs 2 months ago

    whats with the whole dragging thing?

  • Michelpp
    Michelpp 2 months ago

    He's one of a kind. The House will never be the same without him. He gave his blood, sweat and tears for the british democracy and the back benches on both sides.

  • corinto martins
    corinto martins 2 months ago

    Tá bom!🙂

  • Christian Garvin
    Christian Garvin 2 months ago

    He lied he was very opinionated and biased against Brexit

    • Freakson
      Freakson 2 months ago

      @Christian Garvin I'm not a pro eu muppet

    • Christian Garvin
      Christian Garvin 2 months ago

      @Freakson Google it mate I'm fed up of writing a list of reasons explaining myself to pro eu muppets

    • Freakson
      Freakson 2 months ago

      I'm not British but I'm curious what benefits in your opinion would brexit bring to UK?

  • Ashleigh J
    Ashleigh J 2 months ago

    The motherf***king EYES, b**ch!

  • pookie
    pookie 2 months ago

    the election of john bercow in 2009, heralded the election of the greatest showman and i mean that in a serious way. Very serious in the way he dealt and how he with others in parliament, he was a mafia guy, robust, bullying and unforgiving of anyone who was not on hard ground against him. my reflection of this person, is one of disgust, his egoisim knows no bounds. from the bottom of his heart i hope he finds redemption

  • Josef
    Josef 2 months ago

    I was just interested to know if John was also dragged to his chair.

    • elucidate
      elucidate 2 months ago

      The funny thing is, at the beginning, it was John who was doing the dragging. 1:55

  • Chrissy The Conqueror
    Chrissy The Conqueror 2 months ago

    Who's back to this now, too?

  • Shane F
    Shane F 2 months ago

    had a great way with words!

  • Joel A
    Joel A 2 months ago

    A promise to be impartial? That turned out to be nonsense

  • lepen
    lepen 2 months ago

    He wasn't impartial though, Orderrrrrr

  • Zippy Mo
    Zippy Mo 2 months ago

    I used to tune into BBC Parliament just to hear John Bercow speak. He will be missed.

  • Tom Brien
    Tom Brien 2 months ago

    Was this filmed on a 3310?

  • Qmentis
    Qmentis 2 months ago

    Obviously permed his hair in later life. Good riddance.

  • Andrea Napoli
    Andrea Napoli 2 months ago


  • Hitler Cat
    Hitler Cat 2 months ago

    impartial my arse!

  • Collin Willoughs
    Collin Willoughs 2 months ago

    A great man.

  • Aleksander Blinn
    Aleksander Blinn 2 months ago

    Lion bar snickers bar or a mars bar

  • Israel Agyeman-Prempeh

    Who’s here from the new speaker’s election

  • Andrei Ulchianu
    Andrei Ulchianu 2 months ago

    How are the other televisions make money then? BBC does just the same really.... they could survive without us paying the licence, make enough on adds and if the government love it so much why don't they fund it?!

  • mr mr
    mr mr 2 months ago

    Wanker then, still a BIGGER WANKER NOW.

  • Bobo Smash
    Bobo Smash 2 months ago

    One of the worst decisions ever made in that house of horrors to elect this self opinionated communist.

  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Andrew Wooldridge 2 months ago

    ORDER ORDER -- O R D E R The Proceedings then Shortly Retire and wait for Big Mouthed Berk-Cow To Be Ever So SELF OPINIONATED AND Obnoxious - Oh Dear i've Said it .... !

  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Andrew Wooldridge 2 months ago

    The Speaker is SHORT and Cannot Proceed with the Proceedings because he is a Short Arse

  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Andrew Wooldridge 2 months ago

    The Speaker is Proceeding in a Shortly Direction and Will START Proceedings Shortly !

  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Andrew Wooldridge 2 months ago

    The Proceedings Cannot START Without Da Speaker .... (?)

  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Andrew Wooldridge 2 months ago

    Speaker Shortly will START PROCEEDiNGS (!!)

  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Andrew Wooldridge 2 months ago

    The Proceeding Will start Shortly ??????? (!)

  • Savage Barry
    Savage Barry 2 months ago

    And just like that, the 1st season started!

  • Rob Black
    Rob Black 2 months ago

    Worst fake actor in the House of Traitors ever. Mocking the masses. The whole place should be razed to the ground with the shysters still inside.

  • Gordy Brody
    Gordy Brody 2 months ago

    If they only knew what a Quisling they had voted for...