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Jo Cox's Maiden Speech
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Benefit cap: Sally's story
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  • D Stew
    D Stew 8 hours ago

    John Bercow in the end did not carry out his duties impartiality like he was mandated to...that will be his legacy

  • tottenhammad1234
    tottenhammad1234 8 hours ago

    Bercow announces he will step down on october 31st TheXvid: HEY! I Know this guy

  • E A
    E A 8 hours ago

    2:45 A legend was born

  • Alan Roberts
    Alan Roberts 9 hours ago

    Berk & Co: Supplier of Pomposity and contempt to Her Majesty's Government

  • Laurence Of brexit
    Laurence Of brexit 9 hours ago

    I remember this!!! Didn't realise it was that long ago!

  • FReSh JiVE
    FReSh JiVE 10 hours ago

    Will always be remembered as a sad day in westminster

  • Zayne Sovereign
    Zayne Sovereign 11 hours ago

    From an Irish Republican who is anything but Britain's biggest fan - this fella is an absolute gentleman, a total legend.

  • M. F.S
    M. F.S 13 hours ago

    Blackford's a dick, isn't he? I wasn't aware that trying to demean and humiliate your opponents was an effective debate strategy. If it gets out some of his repressed anger, why not I guess? As the old adage goes, no need to be a professional or a gentleman when there's pleasure to be had!

  • ChiaroScuro - UK Band
    ChiaroScuro - UK Band 14 hours ago

    2:50 Should have yelled ORDAHH..!

  • TheMightyHarihar
    TheMightyHarihar 15 hours ago

    Evil knome is finally out, god save the queen.

  • K H
    K H 17 hours ago

    Bercow has been a extraordinary steward of the commons as speaker. He came. He saw. He ordered.

  • Colin Mitchell
    Colin Mitchell 22 hours ago

    Unfortunately he did not live up to that speech, he did not stay impartial. I can hear alot of people screaming Oooorrrdder but to coin the man himself, " I couldn't give a flying flamingo ........."

  • Thiago Torres
    Thiago Torres Day ago

    I didn't know Larry David was a MP

  • Chrissy The Conqueror

    The TheXvid algorithm at its best!

  • sexkev1001
    sexkev1001 Day ago

    What a shame he forgot his solemn promise to remain totally impartial. I, and many others, will not be sorry to see him leave office, but I hope his replacement really does know what being totally impartial means.

  • Natalie Mendelsohn

    wow, incredible. Sad to see Bercow going though, his family probably doesn't want to see him go through the oncoming Brexit chaos.

  • Neil Sharpson
    Neil Sharpson Day ago

    Fun fact, he's being pulled to the chair like that because the speakership is a traditionally dangerous role, with many speakers having been executed for angering the king.

  • Mickey Pearce
    Mickey Pearce Day ago

    He dragged that out.

  • susan ferrie
    susan ferrie Day ago

    What a balloon u are boris

  • nGon-
    nGon- Day ago

    Top 10 defining moments in British history

  • Hani Anwar
    Hani Anwar Day ago

    Look how the years have changed his face

  • celticman
    celticman Day ago

    The man with the gaudly necktie prevails! And Mum had bragging rights to be sure.

  • Michael Zheng
    Michael Zheng Day ago

    No matter you like him or not, John Bercow redefined the word “order” in his 10 years as speaker

    • James Cav
      James Cav Hour ago

      @Michael Zheng It would be more to your credit if you were able to explain to me how you define it as a joke...

    • Michael Zheng
      Michael Zheng 3 hours ago

      James Cav now before you act all smart about the English language, how is my original comment not a joke?

    • James Cav
      James Cav 5 hours ago

      ​@Michael Zheng Consider your use of 'redefined' and 'joke'. And I wouldn't quite say we're 'arguing' either.

    • Michael Zheng
      Michael Zheng 5 hours ago

      James Cav what do you mean?

    • James Cav
      James Cav 6 hours ago

      @Michael Zheng Looks like you're redefining words all over the place.

  • Knappa22
    Knappa22 2 days ago

    I couldn’t understand for a while why he was sitting on the labour benches. Finally realised the date - tories were in opposition!!

  • adamdrummer1991
    adamdrummer1991 2 days ago

    He spoke as if he’d swallowed a dictionary/thesaurus. He was, is and always will be an inspiration for public speaking as well as the political matters he has dealt with

    JONATHAN TAYLOR 2 days ago

    Thank god this man and his lack of impartiality will be gone after October 2019.

  • Lynn Minmay
    Lynn Minmay 2 days ago

    He has lost lots of his hair since 2011.

  • Pablo
    Pablo 2 days ago


  • Terrapin alive
    Terrapin alive 2 days ago

    he looked so nice and humble...Ten years later he's hysterical

  • Ahmed Rafi Omar
    Ahmed Rafi Omar 2 days ago

    Bercow Begins

  • Andy G
    Andy G 2 days ago


  • AAron Thom
    AAron Thom 2 days ago

    Bercow is THE BEST and I don’t give a flying flamingo if anyone thinks differently 😂

    • Too gay to function
      Too gay to function 5 hours ago

      You’re perfectly entitled to your view... I don’t give a flying flamingo

    • Tony Mackley
      Tony Mackley Day ago

      Nor does he. No new dictator ever cares if anyone thinks differently.

    • Galgallo Yussuf
      Galgallo Yussuf Day ago

      I can't agree more bercow is the best

    • Mickey Pearce
      Mickey Pearce Day ago

      You spelt PEST wrong, but I agree.

  • Sam C 95
    Sam C 95 2 days ago

    I bet he referred back to this for his speech announcing resignation, there are a lot of parallels between them.

  • Nico Trinidad
    Nico Trinidad 2 days ago

    Man 2009 was a completely different time.

  • Jack Gittins
    Jack Gittins 2 days ago

    I was hoping he would open with ORRRDAAAHHHHH

  • Alec The Bunny
    Alec The Bunny 2 days ago

    Future traitor

  • Jenny Brock
    Jenny Brock 2 days ago

    I think the 'testing times' between this speech and his resignation speech are best illustrated by his hairstyle...

  • Aviix
    Aviix 2 days ago

    and then a legend was born!

  • NothingMaster
    NothingMaster 2 days ago

    Bercow is an honorable, entertaining legend. And his Ooooooooders are epic.

  • Elliot Sodergren
    Elliot Sodergren 2 days ago

    What a mistake they made...

  • Douglas MacRae
    Douglas MacRae 2 days ago

    Parliament doesn't care about us.

  • Jon Price
    Jon Price 3 days ago

    "Impartial"; well he did good right up till Boris's appointment as Prime Minister then he became Bias as hell. For a speaker showing bias, I think he did the right thing in going.

    • Matthias Darrington
      Matthias Darrington 14 hours ago

      Boris doesn't even have the support of a lot of his own party. The majority are against him and the speaker's position reflects that

  • Mani Rassai
    Mani Rassai 3 days ago

    The confidence was there right from the beginning, born a Speaker!

  • Mani Rassai
    Mani Rassai 3 days ago

    All those shoutings and screaming have taken their toll on his vocal cords in the last 10 years. He is definitely one octave higher in this very first speech as the Speaker, compared to his current vocal pitch in 2019!

    • Mani Rassai
      Mani Rassai Day ago

      @H3XBLXXD Let me guess how old you are, between 10 and 15?

    • H3XBLXXD
      H3XBLXXD 2 days ago


  • wartem
    wartem 3 days ago

    The club for mutual admiration

    SMITHY TV 3 days ago

    2011:Nope 2012:Nope 2013:Nope 2014:Nope 2015:Nope 2016:Nope 2017:Nope 2018:Nope 2019:Yeah lets recommend it when he steps down

    • E A
      E A 8 hours ago

      Probably the first time I see an old recommended video that makes sense.

    • Naenae Gaming
      Naenae Gaming Day ago

      I actually searched him being chosen after I found out he was stepping down, not being recommended to me

    • Bilal Khalid
      Bilal Khalid 2 days ago


  • iandhr1
    iandhr1 3 days ago

    As an American I always loved watching him preside over The House.

    • Daniel Patten
      Daniel Patten 17 hours ago

      @Macsen Wledig "females"

    • Macsen Wledig
      Macsen Wledig Day ago

      Females weren’t too keen on him being up there. But I suppose you only believe all women if those women happen to be useful politically, just as we witnessed with the jaw dropping clown show that was the Christina Blasey Ford circus. As you can see form the date, this wasn’t long ago, Bercow was in the sights of every feminist the length and breadth. But then, just like that - after a little abusing his powers and using parliamentary sovereignty as a means to destroy our national sovereignty, it all just went away.

    • Macsen Wledig
      Macsen Wledig Day ago

      As an Englishman I would love to see him doing the old Tyburn jig

  • shadow ak
    shadow ak 3 days ago

    My nan and grandad are both house bound we try and take them out as much as we can but as I work 40 hrs and my mother works 40hrs a week its come to were both us have to take it in turns in sleeping at there bungalow we get no help at all we had professional careers at one point but they did not do a good job if it wasn't for there tv they wouldn't no what day it was. Also as my grandad was in the army I would think they would help them but the council and the government don't give a toss all they want is our money and most mos are a waste of time the public have lost confidence in the government they cant even sort out Brexit let alone organising a piss up in a brewery

  • JOHN Riley
    JOHN Riley 3 days ago

    Bercow is thinking great more tax payers money for me

    • Matthias Darrington
      Matthias Darrington 14 hours ago

      You don't get paid more as a speaker. You probably get less because you can't pass bills hence cannot be lobbied

  • Christopher Thorkon

    His voice is so smooth and so is his face. Now, thanks to his very hard work, both are very rough.

  • John Deltuvia
    John Deltuvia 4 days ago

    And he thought the House had faced the most testing times just before he was elected. Little did he know what was coming.... :D

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper 5 days ago

    "We have faced quite the most testing times" If only he knew.

    • Shaun
      Shaun 12 hours ago

      Without fact checking, I'm guessing he was on about the expenses scandal?

    • rmilrta
      rmilrta Day ago

      Probably best he didn't. But I thank him for standing up for Parliament.

  • Jimmy Kouba
    Jimmy Kouba 5 days ago

    Will miss his way of saying "Order". Hearing his speech for the first time I have to say, he did what he promised. Best to John on his new journey.

  • Togg Tlas
    Togg Tlas 5 days ago

    There's no point of having PMQ's when nobody cares about them not sticking to the questions. Corbyn: So what about the government's plans to combat climate change? May: Your party is racist. You hate jews. I demand an apology for your racism!!! ..... That was not the question. You can't just ignore a question by screaming "Racist!".

  • Kunta Kinte
    Kunta Kinte 5 days ago

    They have obviously all been sprayed with ant pheromones and are being controlled by the giant ants..🎃🎃🎃🎃🎍🎍🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐝🐝🐝🦗🦗🦗🐜🐜🐜🐜🐛🐛🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  • John Radu
    John Radu 5 days ago

    PM will put 25 new police on the street, and They will not be paid because there is no this new police will do voluntary work... The PM BOJO IS A LIAR . Boris is better for You to QUIT. GO HOME ...IN USA....🤣🤣🤣

  • James Fox
    James Fox 6 days ago

    Now that is how a speech of the highest order is given. What a decade with his powerful persona maintaining decorum. His exit speech was just as moving, perhaps even more so. British elegance.

  • fail4free
    fail4free 6 days ago

    Boris Johnson is a terrible representative of this country.

  • R Kittilsen
    R Kittilsen 6 days ago

    A Romanian jew. Anglizised the surname to bercow from Berkowitz.

  • Megan Goldsney
    Megan Goldsney 7 days ago

    Johnson is enjoying himself way too much lol

  • J. Lahtinen
    J. Lahtinen 7 days ago

    And he did as he pleged. He's been a highly principled speaker with great integrity. Sorry to see him go. His OOOOORRRDEEERRRRR! will be missed!

  • Deano14397
    Deano14397 7 days ago

    Best speaker ever

    • HePPS
      HePPS 2 days ago

      Betty Boothroyd who?

    • Joseph Simmonds
      Joseph Simmonds 2 days ago

      Deano14397 looool don’t need any help from remainer scum like yourself

    • Deano14397
      Deano14397 2 days ago

      @Joseph Simmonds No why do you need some help?

    • Joseph Simmonds
      Joseph Simmonds 2 days ago

      Deano14397 you only know one speaker don’t u 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

    • Deano14397
      Deano14397 5 days ago

      @Andy JS Fair comment..

  • Stuart Donnelly
    Stuart Donnelly 7 days ago

    How to buggerup a major country with a Long and (mostly) honorable history in one vote, He is now saying he is leaving, 9 years too late

  • Nicholas Newman
    Nicholas Newman 7 days ago

    Goes to show, you cannot demonise all Conservative MP’s.

  • i s
    i s 7 days ago

    In fact, the Wahhabi Islam, on which the Saudi state is based, is the main reason of racism, extremism, hatred, fighting Christians and Jews, and world terrorism. Greetings from Amman.

  • Roger Lorente
    Roger Lorente 7 days ago

    22th June 2009, one date will remember for life! Thank you for all moments especially the funny moments in the parliament and the most typical phrase "Ordeeeeeeeeeeer"😁😁😁💪😎😊 10 years and 2 months later you leave the chamber with your big bag of memories and the lots of laughs you leave to the people Thank you for the best speaker in Britain Parliament, John Bercow 2009-2019

    • Roger Lorente
      Roger Lorente 2 days ago

      Okaaaay! But for me is the president lmao 😁

    • ByNextus
      ByNextus 2 days ago

      Speaker, not president. Lmao

    • Joseph Simmonds
      Joseph Simmonds 2 days ago

      Roger Lorente president?? You what mate looool

  • Naenae Gaming
    Naenae Gaming 7 days ago

    We know why you guys are watching this now. John Bercow is stepping down.

    • Nyal Burns
      Nyal Burns 11 hours ago

      Naenae Gaming Nar got recommended

    • Qsie
      Qsie 11 hours ago

      thank you, naenae gaming

    • Chris VB
      Chris VB 11 hours ago

      Hear hear! Here here!

    • kamaeq
      kamaeq Day ago

      Yep, showed up in my recommendations. Actually having watched some of the sessions streamed online over the last few months, I've been impressed with Speaker Bercow's performance of his duties in this small slice of his career. Now, seeing the date on this video, I congratulate him on his decade plus of service as Speaker, especially during this meltdown of the entire parliamentary system in the service of overturning a direct referendum authorized by this current parliament that is sh*tting all over the majority of their own citizens. If I were him, I'd quit too.

  • F FEI
    F FEI 7 days ago

    As a chinese guy, I wanna tell you that BBC is a racial supremacist organisation that makes race propagandas (but not for whites, for another group of Majority)

  • Fenian Milner
    Fenian Milner 7 days ago

    Moggs and Johnson: it's free real estate

  • Fenian Milner
    Fenian Milner 7 days ago

    The first question set the tone for the rest of this Q&A

  • mofal
    mofal 7 days ago

    Englands version of jerry springer

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace 8 days ago

    JRM couldn't care less about the less well off or primary carers. Just lookup his voting record. He's a Victorian throwback and would most likely like things regarding employment and workers rights to record to those times

  • Eric Davidson
    Eric Davidson 8 days ago

    Repeal the bill and any others that try to delay brexit

  • huashui wanfeng
    huashui wanfeng 9 days ago

    Good materials for learning English, very gentle manner.

  • John Bradley
    John Bradley 9 days ago

    I'd volunteer to report to the prison room in Elizabeth Tower until the 1st of November, and emerge a hero! Hashtag No Extension. Hashtag Brexit Means Brexit. Hashtag Crush the Saboteurs. Hashtag Free Boris Johnson.

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 10 days ago

    The honourable lady wants travellers at the end of her road

  • Jay Dobbyn
    Jay Dobbyn 10 days ago

    Zero hour contracts is not a wage raise

  • ياسين الباسل

    i wish to have like this parliament in Morocco

  • Jay Dobbyn
    Jay Dobbyn 10 days ago

    Best transport lol 😂 much needed money for the public services!?

  • Sandra Pisu-Jocic
    Sandra Pisu-Jocic 10 days ago

    We have so problems problems. Sory Lorenz Uni speaker??? From Nieder Lande say Serien what is this. Helma Lorenz from Holland. Uni Hallo Koenig wir haben so Probleme der Lorenz im Prisidium ist nicht nett, er hat Probleme. Please bring razio. Humanizmus hep please Lorenz has a operation herzkateter. Ich weiss zu wenig von den Koenigen. Sie sprachen von Serienmorde in dieser Welt. EWG Helf uns!!!! Wy hate us so. We are the Confessing church and only want the best and not sect, wild marriage, etc. Gio p look all day what make Niederlande. I think he is not may brother. He is 79 go in the Woffahrt and becom e not my brother to bak. We are Zwillinge i am 68 Oktober 69 70 He hanuar 03. 01 this is not my brother but he play this and bring character assassination

  • Sandra Pisu-Jocic
    Sandra Pisu-Jocic 10 days ago

    Hallo Koenig wir haben so Probleme der Lorenz im Prisidium ist nicht nett, er hat Probleme. Please bring razio. Humanizmus hep please Lorenz has a operation herzkateter. Ich weiss zu wenig von den Koenigen. Sie sprachen von Serienmorde in dieser Welt. EWG Helf uns!!!! Aire, Aire

  • Johnny Feve
    Johnny Feve 11 days ago

    Sky Australia says it all about parliament a truth... Somes all these up...

  • Peo Fr
    Peo Fr 11 days ago

    Incredible is this usual that people scream and cheer??? Sounds awful. You britons are weird.

  • Niranjan
    Niranjan 11 days ago

    please kick out that balled dick head (on right side of screen) from Parliament .

  • DoubleM-K Gaming
    DoubleM-K Gaming 11 days ago

    Boris is a clown..

  • einberg bu
    einberg bu 12 days ago

    i watch this for sleep

  • Dream State
    Dream State 12 days ago

    No mention of criminal blacklisting, a slow sneaky cull, driving home rule English out of their careers, hones and country....yet....not until after Brexit. I would like to see troops evict the networks of globalist criminal usurpers and traitors, not civil debate. That is how it was settled last time parliament was besieged.

  • Mr. White
    Mr. White 12 days ago

    Labour will never get my vote again! I can't believe that I would actually vote Tory over Labour but I won't vote for any party that refuses to respect the democratic will of the people. I voted to Remain but we lost the democratic vote and the UK must leave the EU, deal or no deal. That's what the people of this increasingly pissed off country voted for. Labour and the Lib Dems (The Limp Undemocrats) are both a complete write-off as far as I'm concerned. My top three parties of choice now are 'For Britain', 'UKIP' and if worst comes to worst, the 'Brexit Party'. They are the only parties that respect the Great British public and the democratic vote to leave the EU. I'm sick of Remoaners dividing our country labelling Leave voters as racists or claiming that they didn't know what they were voting for. If Remain had of won in the referendum the Leavers would have respected their choice and we wouldn't still be wasting time on all of this nonsense.

  • Justo Talkalottashit

    LOL the september 4th video has the comments disabled

  • Spartan Group
    Spartan Group 12 days ago

    Tony Benn must be turning in his grave that his son is a traitor

  • Dick Hill
    Dick Hill 12 days ago

    I don’t know about entertaining, but it’s very heartfelt! In the US, one person speaks (often for Hours) and everyone sleeps without a peep and often many or most of them don’t even show up

  • Frank Brown
    Frank Brown 12 days ago

    Isn't Boris a sack of wind and piss ?

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 12 days ago

    Why does Boris do the things he does?

  • Raymie Deans
    Raymie Deans 12 days ago

    stick these lying kaniving bastards on the Jerymy Kyle-o-meter. see whats what?

  • FIGS
    FIGS 13 days ago

    Boris Johnson

  • Snowdenbleep
    Snowdenbleep 13 days ago

    Quite terrifying that Johnson is capable of making such an impressively passionate speech advocating values and ideas which he has already worked so hard to undermine. The UK is setting its self up to be sold wholesale to US big business, the city of London banking sector is already being poached off by Macrons' aggressive financial politics and to top it off Frankfurt is competing with the french to take over Londons mantle. A truly morbid time for British politics.

  • scottthefunk
    scottthefunk 13 days ago

    We need an English Parliament, the Scots have one, the Welsh have one. Even NI have one..all ties with EU would cease FACT! That's a huge part of the job done. ENGLISH PARLIAMENT.

  • joe Hersey
    joe Hersey 13 days ago

    Do not trust this man, he is in it for himself, more than anyone.

    • John Richardson
      John Richardson 4 days ago

      No more than any other MP. Anyway, you're a bit late to that debate lol

  • DPL Productions
    DPL Productions 13 days ago

    What the hell is going on in Britain? Watching what is happening from the other side of the planet I am stunned that any citizen of the UK wants to be governed from off shore, and basically by Germany. Are the young not even taught modern history? Give up the Pound? Throw open your borders? We sent our finest young men twice in the last hundred years and lost hundreds of thousands from Australia to help save the UK from what a very large percentage of the population now seem to want to force on everyone else. Traitors to everyone who died defending freedom. Traitors to yourselves. Insanity is all it can be called. If the UK wants to plummet down to third world standards of living, remain in the EU. Politicians who are in favour of remaining are the biggest traitors of all. Refusing to accept the will of the people must be an offence that warrants criminal charges, Give in and all of you will give up your freedom and never get if back. Remember, no one is desperately trying to jump aboard the cars and trains heading into Europe from the UK.

  • Safa Safa
    Safa Safa 13 days ago

    T May the most stupid donkey in the world.