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  • Kyle E
    Kyle E Year ago

    Hey Grifball, is your account inactive now? :(

  • Snipers
    Snipers 2 years ago

    Someone tell me, is he still copyrighted? Or did he start a new channel?

  • TheXtc1rush
    TheXtc1rush 3 years ago

    I take that this channel is dead :(

    • Snipers
      Snipers 2 years ago

      Hey, is that strike permanent?

    • Anttac221
      Anttac221 3 years ago

      +TheXtc1rush no. a dumbutt copyright striked him, look above you noob

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox 4 years ago

    Just saw rwby episode 4 need that song soon, really good

  • Grifball25
    Grifball25 4 years ago

    Message to subscribers: I uploaded a lyrics video for "Time to Say Goodbye" but it was removed. I don't know why though because there were other videos for TTSG that were untouched. Because of this, I received a copyright strike and lost the ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. This means there will be no 10 hour videos for a while. Sorry guys....

    • Pale Captain Wolf Kayls
      Pale Captain Wolf Kayls 8 months ago

      Unfortunately, not only did this strike cost him the 10 hour videos, it also costed him his life. Apparently.

    • Broken Rose Productions
      Broken Rose Productions Year ago

      May I use Red like roses 1 & 2 for my dance group?

    • Scott Musselman
      Scott Musselman 2 years ago

      +Grifball25 Hey! Sorry for public post but I couldn't see any other way of contacting you. My company is very interested in discussing a business opportunity. Is there an easier way to communicate?

    • Snipers
      Snipers 3 years ago

      +Grifball25 Hi! I found your channel not that long ago! Is that strike a forever thing?

    • Cobi Lancaster
      Cobi Lancaster 3 years ago

      Wait, just because you lost the ability to upload 10 hour videos doesn't mean you are no longer allowed to upload music videos. Cmon plsssss.

  • Rwbsona44
    Rwbsona44 4 years ago

    new Rwby son call Time to say goodbye

  • JibberJoness
    JibberJoness 4 years ago

    4,000 subscriber! (:

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 4 years ago

    Do a 10 hour version of "Agent Tex" from season 8 of Red vs Blue

  • InfernumLupus
    InfernumLupus 5 years ago

    Is it possible for you to do a 10 hour version of monster by imagine dragons?

  • InfernumLupus
    InfernumLupus 5 years ago

    Is it possible for you to do a 10 hour version of imagine dragons monster from infinity blade 3?

  • This is Haloprov
    This is Haloprov 5 years ago

    Can you do The RVB Season 11 Trocadero "Contact" in 10 hours?!

  • Lie Ren
    Lie Ren 5 years ago

    So is there going to be an actual dvd release like with RvB? Because if you do I will be first in line anywhere it releases to pick up at least one copy. XD

  • bosz sam
    bosz sam 5 years ago

    could you make the red like roses past 1 & 2 10 hours video?thanks

  • Korrie Erick
    Korrie Erick 5 years ago

    will you get Red like roses part 2 please?

  • NextBigSportsGuy
    NextBigSportsGuy 5 years ago

    I love your videos because they're the classic style that youtube has gotten away from. I hope more people than just i see that and subscribe to you.

  • Mr. Waterplant
    Mr. Waterplant 5 years ago

    RWBY this will be the day by jeff williams 10 hours please!

  • Nick25
    Nick25 5 years ago

    I know that this is and odder one, but can you do a 10 hour version of Big Prize from season 6 reconstruction?

  • Mar
    Mar 6 years ago

    Plz do the track song "twins" for ten hours, PLZ