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Black Ops 4 is DYING...
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Playing Minecraft in 2019...
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RIP Supply Drops...
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10 YEARS on Youtube...
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Chinese COD is Going GLOBAL!
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The NEW "Call of Duty Cycle"
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Call of Duty Mobile...
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BALD WRAITH (Apex Legends)
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Apex Legends Addiction...
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BIG CHUNGUS! (Apex Legends)
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Black Ops 4 BROKE my PS4...
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TOP 10 PLAYS! (Black Ops 4)
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I Messed Up...
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  • soggy BANANA
    soggy BANANA 2 minutes ago

    I honesty want you to make more vids with her

  • matt Levy
    matt Levy 25 minutes ago

    Or buy a PC

  • Gavin Topper
    Gavin Topper 29 minutes ago

    Why do I enjoy Merk hitting easy feeds on cod mobile so much

  • Le'lands Lounge
    Le'lands Lounge 31 minute ago

    I can smell th me weed through the phone

  • Uh No
    Uh No 35 minutes ago

    Family friendly much

  • The Greek Hijacker
    The Greek Hijacker 38 minutes ago

    Merk still doesnt know he is playing mostly with bots in Cod Mobile

    CHIKENNUGGT 39 minutes ago

    i wonder if where they got the new map idea from

    UNKNOWN TITAN23 40 minutes ago

    For the love of goobgoblin play another map other than killhouse

  • Uncle samsonite 69_420
    Uncle samsonite 69_420 44 minutes ago

    Imma get the exo xbox 2691

  • Spah of Baguettes
    Spah of Baguettes 53 minutes ago

    2:41 merk is vonderhaur

  • lol
    lol 55 minutes ago


  • Daren Courtney
    Daren Courtney Hour ago

    You still play a mobile game on pc oh lord

  • BlockBoiPoc
    BlockBoiPoc Hour ago

    I have both the PS4 & Xbox One & if im in a good place in life holiday 2020 I’ll prolly get both them to

  • CHAMMA AKA jessie the drawer :p

    That rain forest guitar is better known as the fAzE bOoCe guitar

  • Crash Plays
    Crash Plays Hour ago

    This is the best intro ever

  • Tonzim Gamer
    Tonzim Gamer Hour ago

    agre with you, you should test RPD with long range scope.

  • iDEaXANA
    iDEaXANA Hour ago

    You were playing against mostly bots btw

  • chaos_knight_xy
    chaos_knight_xy 2 hours ago


  • Abdulaziz Alshehri
    Abdulaziz Alshehri 2 hours ago

    Play bo4 man

  • Zvrqah
    Zvrqah 2 hours ago

    Ima stick with my Atari 2600.

    FSGXDELTA 2 hours ago

    Fortnite Died a long time ago just give up already

  • H4R3Z Official
    H4R3Z Official 2 hours ago

    He says Fortnite isn’t playable yet people be makin’ vids already bout the new map taday.

  • KILLER-KAKE101 Roberts

    Why playstation why would you make the controller like that just why

  • clay kirby
    clay kirby 2 hours ago

    Why does merk only have 4.04 million subs??!??

  • Cut Throat
    Cut Throat 2 hours ago

    When are you gonna try battle royale on cod mobile

  • shan ahmedh
    shan ahmedh 2 hours ago

    My God it's actually bots at the start. You don't play against real players until level 10

  • A Trap
    A Trap 2 hours ago

    Man im just tryna play my Sleeping Dogs on the PS5

    BIG FUBA 2 hours ago

    No one likes Xbox

  • Colin Lake
    Colin Lake 2 hours ago

    You should play the br mode it's hella fun

  • Godzilla Fanboy
    Godzilla Fanboy 2 hours ago

    I'm not getting the game back so yeah.

  • Alex The memelord
    Alex The memelord 2 hours ago

    Your poor fingers

  • TheCornBeefEater !
    TheCornBeefEater ! 2 hours ago

    Should have played ghost

  • Shoop the troop Guy
    Shoop the troop Guy 2 hours ago

    I wish the war machine was that good in bo2 zombies

  • Commander squints
    Commander squints 2 hours ago

    Is merk is just going play mobile until the new cod

  • exempt tuna
    exempt tuna 2 hours ago

    fortnite is garbage

  • TheRealDepth Gaming
    TheRealDepth Gaming 3 hours ago

    We NEED This in cod Mobile

  • sup sup
    sup sup 3 hours ago

    merk should start playing ranked and show those how to to play cod mobile

  • LuckyNorway
    LuckyNorway 3 hours ago

    Should i buy Modern warfare on PC or ps4?

  • Mahdi Mohammad
    Mahdi Mohammad 3 hours ago

    Play club penguin

  • TheRealDepth Gaming
    TheRealDepth Gaming 3 hours ago

    Don’t take this as I’m hating but where are the subtitles and the pictures and gifs you would put every now and then but things never stay the same...

  • Water Guy
    Water Guy 3 hours ago


  • Alex
    Alex 3 hours ago

    If merc put the time he puts into cod all into fortnite he'd be an above average player at the very least

  • Jason Wu
    Jason Wu 3 hours ago

    m3rc: fortnite is back also m3rc: jk imma play CoD mobile

  • TBTDygo 123
    TBTDygo 123 3 hours ago

    I wished fortnite died

  • Legends of Speed
    Legends of Speed 3 hours ago

    Anyone notice that he is on his girlfriend/wife’s account

  • BeRuHen
    BeRuHen 3 hours ago

    So i needa know merk...u really using mouse and keyboard on a MOBILE GAME cuz 1:04 really has me right now.

  • Unknown Ninja
    Unknown Ninja 3 hours ago

    White people

  • Ryan Woodward
    Ryan Woodward 3 hours ago

    Fortnite is the absolute worst battle royale game ever without a doubt hands down.

  • TWK F.B I
    TWK F.B I 3 hours ago

    That happen cause of China there event was 18 hours after we did

  • Exody TV
    Exody TV 3 hours ago

    its called mobile for a reason ur overusing bruh

  • Jeremy Buck
    Jeremy Buck 3 hours ago

    If there’s no supply drops, what is the point of the COD points you get when you pre order the game?

  • JumpySquirrels
    JumpySquirrels 4 hours ago


  • Mason Hazelwood
    Mason Hazelwood 4 hours ago

    If there's no supply drops in MW 2019, how do you get guns or do you have all the guns already

  • I’m Thinking
    I’m Thinking 4 hours ago

    Xbox 5 and PlayStation scarlet

  • SkyZhakarov
    SkyZhakarov 4 hours ago

    2:18 that literally defines tf2

    ZOMBIE SPOOK33 4 hours ago

    Brayden lives in your old house?

  • Zion Molina
    Zion Molina 4 hours ago

    More Roblox when?

  • vSoNxmb-
    vSoNxmb- 4 hours ago


  • FPSLowAF
    FPSLowAF 4 hours ago

    8k at 120fps? PC hasnt got there yet so i doubt console would

  • Mekhi -_-NobleYT
    Mekhi -_-NobleYT 4 hours ago

    U also play with all NPC players until level 7

  • Scar Games
    Scar Games 4 hours ago

    Aw-50 = Ax-50 ??? 2019 lol

  • Joaquín Casas Cortés

    Oh look, playing a mobile game on pc and doing good, WhAt A sUrPrIsE

  • Storm Roeloffs
    Storm Roeloffs 4 hours ago

    Are we ignoring the fact that Eric is playing a mobile game with mouse and keyboard against mobile players????

  • Aly Mata
    Aly Mata 4 hours ago

    I miss this game soo much. I always want to come back! This is my second favorate cod game.

  • bj warford
    bj warford 4 hours ago

    Merk u should play rust

  • Squid
    Squid 4 hours ago

    I have a pc why am I watching this lol

  • Command Z
    Command Z 4 hours ago

    also watch his - Call of Duty Mobile KNOCKOFF! - video

  • British games
    British games 4 hours ago

    all of they are not Soviets so why say communist

  • Ryan Rich_
    Ryan Rich_ 4 hours ago

    I wanna see how bad you are on mobile

  • Cryptiid
    Cryptiid 5 hours ago

    Waiting for my refund from epic..

  • PullMaste r
    PullMaste r 5 hours ago

    Mr Merc watching You COD Mobile lmg video inspired me to go top mw2 on pc and take marathon (unlimited sprint) stopping power and commando ( no fall dmg) RPD grip and a spas12 and Im decimating . Not really but Im having a lot of fun ! Tnx for the idea!

  • Shermar Williams
    Shermar Williams 5 hours ago

    Play the new apex event it’s crazy fun and boucy scary XD

  • A Warden
    A Warden 5 hours ago

    Everyone talking bout Fortnite but merk..... Tf is your beard???

  • Thomas Hurley
    Thomas Hurley 5 hours ago

    It's quite simple. They said they won't be using supply drops. But they will almost definitely have a battle pass equivalent

  • liam johnson
    liam johnson 5 hours ago

    Y my fav youtuber talking about fortnite? Wat is life anymore

  • Vicente Castañeda
    Vicente Castañeda 5 hours ago

    We don't wanna SEE FORTNITE

  • Stanley Hudson
    Stanley Hudson 5 hours ago

    Stanley doesn’t like Fortnite all about MW2

  • swaggin gaming
    swaggin gaming 5 hours ago

    what emulator do you use murky poos

  • JerryAnimations
    JerryAnimations 5 hours ago

    This maybe the best intro I’ve ever seen in my entire life.XD XD

  • xKCAZxLeader
    xKCAZxLeader 5 hours ago

    last second title change I see

  • Stanley Chen
    Stanley Chen 5 hours ago

    My connection to codm on game loop got terminated help

    SAVAGE420KILLERx 5 hours ago

    Y is cerinna in the thumb nail I prolly buchered her name

  • One thicc Bih
    One thicc Bih 5 hours ago

    Ps5 gang

  • Bailey Orr
    Bailey Orr 5 hours ago

    Some dude did the snoop dog dance and some kid turned to his mum and screamed "MUMMY MUMMY ITS THE FORTNITE DANCE"

  • Skippy Luid
    Skippy Luid 5 hours ago

    Some kids in my class were talking about fortnite and the whole class called them virgins

  • Nerdyy
    Nerdyy 5 hours ago

    Why is everyone so bad on your matches but a bunch of gods when I play on my phone?

  • King_gengar 123
    King_gengar 123 5 hours ago

    “No one slides it’s a mobile game” uhh all the sweats do

  • Tekunin Megpoid
    Tekunin Megpoid 5 hours ago

    4:58 What is that sound effect? lol

  • Danny Fahrenheit
    Danny Fahrenheit 5 hours ago

    Disappeared like Vonderhaar

  • IGotMcDonaldWifi
    IGotMcDonaldWifi 5 hours ago

    I like how you’re getting these “feeds” yet you’re playing on Mouse/Keyboard vs kids on phones. Literally takes no skill in this game if you use a mouse and keyboard

  • Red Ned
    Red Ned 5 hours ago

    I feel like xbox will start great and then get worse. Playstation started good an got worse this generation, and Xbox started good and got worse during the 360.

  • Chuck Harris
    Chuck Harris 5 hours ago

    Who cares about fortnite or whatever... what we should be caring about is how m3rks bead is coming Along 😩

  • Furkan Çevik
    Furkan Çevik 5 hours ago

    i use the same lmg in killhouse, i got 6 or 7 nukes it's so easy you just spawntrap

  • cereal
    cereal 5 hours ago

    Once the video ended I realised that's cod mobile and not modern warfare

  • Luke Stedifor
    Luke Stedifor 5 hours ago

    You’re a scumbag for playing CoD mobile on pc

  • Prince_7557
    Prince_7557 5 hours ago

    I want a controller that shocks me while playing games I feel that would be fun

  • that guy
    that guy 5 hours ago

    No, bad, away demon

  • VGwas
    VGwas 5 hours ago

    Is he merk using a controller? he is soooo goood

    • VGwas
      VGwas 5 hours ago

      Never mind, playing on pc

  • TheShadowMaster
    TheShadowMaster 5 hours ago

    If you want to play against actual real players you have to play ranked... Public Multiplayer has bots... and yes there's a A.I mode but if the play doesn't have any attachment or no perks 90% of the time they're bots.. bcuz real players come with at least one perks

  • KrustyDustyDonut
    KrustyDustyDonut 5 hours ago

    Go for a nuke (20 gun streak)