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UP 1989 Trails on AASAM
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BNSF From the Drone
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  • Bimo putero santoso Bimo RF

    What kind of locomotive

    • Bimo putero santoso Bimo RF
      Bimo putero santoso Bimo RF 2 days ago

      How much is the car

    • Trains
      Trains 3 days ago

      Centennial UP 6936 the only remaining DD40X. Double engine on a single frame. 6,600 horsepower.

  • Denise Tindall
    Denise Tindall 9 days ago

    I like train videos on TheXvid 😁

  • vicki johnson
    vicki johnson 13 days ago

    OMG What a stunningly beautiful engine! So glad I found this video. Cheers from Adelaide SA

  • Luis Padilla
    Luis Padilla 14 days ago

    Shave and a haircut wow

  • Timothy A Fire Photography

    I want to see that locomotive so bad.

  • Nunster's Place
    Nunster's Place 20 days ago

    The problem with those DDAX40 engines is the trucks are junk from being worked so hard. And the cost to replace those huge trucks is too much. So that's why they are mainly show peaces now.

  • Jet Engine Thrust
    Jet Engine Thrust 23 days ago

    Nice catch, thanks for sharing

  • Jared Terman
    Jared Terman 28 days ago

    This engine is currently on display in N. Little Rock. It's an awesome engine, the size is unbelievable. As a model railroad enthusiast I have this in my collection, but to see it in person is great.

  • Daniel Walton
    Daniel Walton 28 days ago

    UP 1995 Will Take Care of This! While 3300 The United Way will Help out!

  • Paul Fisher
    Paul Fisher 28 days ago

    idiots giving idiots backing directions!!

  • West Texas Railroader

    Once again I find out something has come through my home town and I never know about it....first it was 844 now its 6936

  • rosesmellpoo
    rosesmellpoo Month ago

    Why does it look so new it's older than the other locos?

  • ToxicTommy
    ToxicTommy Month ago

    I was working at EMD - LaGrange when these monsters were built. Consider the problem of moving a 103 foot long (over the coupler pockets) locomotive down an erection bay where the columns were only 100 feet on-center. There was a lot of transitional technology in these units and they really didn't work out that well. They were a dispatcher's nightmare because even the UP had only a few turntables that could turn them and they were just too long for most wyes. Even the UP had limited mileage of track that could tolerate the long trucks. The air filtration was poor, and they ate power assemblies. They rode rough and the crews hated them. They were not as fast as you'd think as they had 88 MPH gearing. Two SD-40s were marginally better and when SD-40-2s came along the DDa40 was dead. Maybe somebody could take them on as an engineering project. Those eight-axle truck castings are national treasures. Single engine (around 4,000 HP), convert to AC transmission and have a good freight locomotive for straight runs. They seem to be in salvagable shape.

    AMERICAN GIRL Month ago

    Kansas City can screw up anything.

  • Kenney Mitchell
    Kenney Mitchell Month ago

    Why isn't she the lead unit!?

  • Frank Oranusi
    Frank Oranusi Month ago

    Nice horn

  • Nicky Gaming
    Nicky Gaming Month ago

    Is 6936 still in motion on the Union Pacific today? If not, why was it?

  • Erica Baker
    Erica Baker 2 months ago

    That was near the Eton Junction. The River and Marceline Subs feed into that junction. The Marceline starts in Fort Madison Iowa of the Chillocothe and the Hannibal and ends near downtown Kansas City. The River Subdivision actually belongs to the Union Pacific Railroad and comes off the Jefferson City and the Sedalia Sub at Cole Junction northwest of Jefferson City Missouri near Rock Hill Road and Cole Junction and East Cole Junction Roads. Where those two trains are is an important subdivision for Amtrak. The Southwest Chief out of Chicago runs the Marceline and the Missouri River Runner runs the River and Jefferson City Subs out of St. Louis. Where those two trains were is the beginning of the Kansas City Terminal which is connected to the BNSF Argentine and 19th Street Yards and the Union Pacific Neff, Armstrong, and 18th Street Yards.

  • Flying Eagle TV
    Flying Eagle TV 3 months ago

    That was a nice throw 😂

  • Union Pacific Fan
    Union Pacific Fan 3 months ago

    Great Video! I got the big boy and 844 at Tie Siding.

  • Union Pacific Fan
    Union Pacific Fan 3 months ago

    Chris S Great Video! I Just Subscribed!

  • Train Productions by iLoVeSD70Ace35

    This is in Rogersville, MO.

  • Gurdeep Rai
    Gurdeep Rai 4 months ago

    The dd40ax is a nice looking locomotive that Union Pacific made

  • UnionPacificFan-Aiden Smith

    My dad was the conductor on the first portion before they did the crew change in that yard

  • SparXz478
    SparXz478 4 months ago

    at approx 3-30 what are the cars (rolling stock) they look 3 or 4 story's high. we don't have them in the uk lol ;-)

    • SparXz478
      SparXz478 3 months ago

      @William Hernandez ok ty for the info

    • William Hernandez
      William Hernandez 4 months ago

      SparXz478 they’re called autoracks they transport vehicles

  • Independence Railfanning

    Idiot is right. Some people don't know what damage trains can do

  • chris chris
    chris chris 4 months ago

    Bnsf 7577 1st gen K5HL horn

  • chris chris
    chris chris 4 months ago

    Bnsf 7546 1st gen K5HL horn

  • dxroadduke
    dxroadduke 4 months ago

    Imagine if UP ran 6936 here along with the Big Boy... 😯

  • Daniel Anderon
    Daniel Anderon 4 months ago


  • Will The Thrill
    Will The Thrill 4 months ago

    It’s wonderful that at least 1 big boy is running again

  • ThePhantomGamer
    ThePhantomGamer 5 months ago

    The first clip I knew what happened. The engine sounded like it was down a cylinder from the engine cause it sounded like it

  • sc0tte416
    sc0tte416 5 months ago

    I wonder how those 4 axle bogies would do on a tight curve section or switch

  • Danielle Williams
    Danielle Williams 5 months ago


  • CTB rail
    CTB rail 5 months ago

    wow you are so lucky to see that working!!!!

  • Steven Tate
    Steven Tate 6 months ago

    Too bad they didn't have the 6936 be the lead train

  • Kelly Phanh
    Kelly Phanh 6 months ago

    The gevo on the es44dc k5hl was a pretty good catch

  • WR Productions
    WR Productions 6 months ago

    That's awesome

  • AverageMaddox
    AverageMaddox 7 months ago

    Ace's are my favorite engine type!

  • Trevor Brown
    Trevor Brown 7 months ago

    We’re both 645’s running?

  • Southern pacific 4449 Freedom train

    They have not been taking care of this do you see all that rust

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 7 months ago

    It needs to be bigger.

  • Siryn
    Siryn 7 months ago

    I have always wondered, what is that diamond or house shaped plate on the rear rails of the engine?

    • Siryn
      Siryn 7 months ago

      @MiniMe943 Thank you so much. I had always wondered what they were since I was little and never really had an answer. I had never seen them on any other engine before.

    • MiniMe943
      MiniMe943 7 months ago

      Siryn It’s an external sandbox. The DD35s also had them because they were unreliable, and this was blamed on sand getting into the electrical gear. So they moved the sandboxes to the walkways.

    • young nourthfolk southern railfaner
      young nourthfolk southern railfaner 7 months ago

      She's a buet

  • CSX & Amtrak Railfan
    CSX & Amtrak Railfan 7 months ago

    Those are some invisible rail cars! Nice!

  • Denise Tindall
    Denise Tindall 8 months ago

    I like train videos on TheXvid 👍

  • fiberrabit
    fiberrabit 8 months ago

    Should be leading!

  • Donald Swink
    Donald Swink 8 months ago

    The train that had 2 locomotives was longer than the one who had 4

  • Donald Swink
    Donald Swink 8 months ago

    That train is not going 70, more like 55.

  • ToxicTommy
    ToxicTommy 8 months ago

    Know what I hate about railfan video? Most of the video is just run-of-the-mill rail cars. This video should not have gone beyond 15 seconds.

  • ToxicTommy
    ToxicTommy 8 months ago

    2015 video. I wonder if the tests worked out satisfactorily. Haven't seen any widespread railroad adoption of natural gas as fuel. Trucks are going that way.

  • Independence Railfanning

    I saw the same thing earlier this year at this same spot

  • Shane Groth
    Shane Groth 9 months ago

    I have the HO scale 6922 Big Boy Union Pacific

  • James Burnside
    James Burnside 9 months ago

    That is one big engine indeed first video Ive seen of it in service. Liked Sub hope you do too

  • James Burnside
    James Burnside 9 months ago

    Cool video

  • James Burnside
    James Burnside 9 months ago

    Great video Fantastic

  • christopher coleman
    christopher coleman 9 months ago

    nice horn i think it,s a kcll 5

  • Carmichael Train Production Channel 327

    Nice view, I bet the signals has been removed!

  • Carmichael Train Production Channel 327

    Look at the Smoke stake!!

  • The Busterdog
    The Busterdog 9 months ago

    The second train to move is obviously destined for Wal-Mart and Target.

  • The Busterdog
    The Busterdog 9 months ago

    Damn long train.

  • steve elliott
    steve elliott 9 months ago

    whats with the endless horn blasting for no reason ?

  • Jim Larrison
    Jim Larrison 10 months ago

    I thought you lived in blue springs mo

  • Jim Larrison
    Jim Larrison 10 months ago

    You live in Iowa now?

  • Jim Larrison
    Jim Larrison 10 months ago

    I was walking along the tracks and saw some of the remaining debree it is still along the tracks somehow

  • Steven Tate
    Steven Tate 10 months ago

    Would of been cooler if 6936 be the lead train

  • Leelee F
    Leelee F 11 months ago

    Hey Chris remember me? its been 5 yrs

  • Hivolt Arc
    Hivolt Arc 11 months ago

    Man, that is one big boy. Wait...

  • Nick Klein
    Nick Klein 11 months ago

    Thanks for posting, nice catch. I've yet to get out towards Truesdale, I usually don't get out past Wentzville on that District.

  • Delay In Block Productions

    Catch of a lifetime!

  • watthederp
    watthederp 11 months ago

    What an absolute unit.

  • 4 gauge
    4 gauge 11 months ago

    I wish that Kato would build a"N"scale DD-40EX with dual motors and 4 flywheels.

  • Train World Studio
    Train World Studio 11 months ago

    whats the crossing street called

  • Pcorf Creations
    Pcorf Creations Year ago

    2:55 Cannot beat the sound as those EMD 16-645E3A engines power up. A very iconic locomotive sound.

  • Martin Bigg
    Martin Bigg Year ago


  • Gray Iain
    Gray Iain Year ago

    I wouldn't mind seeing what a seismometer registered when that DD40AX revved up (5:07). can't have all that horsepower go into forward movement: there's gotta be some ground-shaking show-off too. Seriously, that DD40AX is huge. You see those SD-70s (or whatever was in front of it) and they look big (for us Aussies we have to go to the iron-ore mines to see anything like that size) but then there's this shiny double-loco-in-one breathing down their necks, reminding them of their place.

  • PascackValleyRailfan

    Great catch! Sub back.

  • Joshua Barnett
    Joshua Barnett Year ago

    It's hard to believe two of these steam trains where double headed .

  • Steve Boyko
    Steve Boyko Year ago


  • Tulyar 10
    Tulyar 10 Year ago

    The 6936 was designed to run intermodels at high speed. Working heavy freights at slow speed would damage the traction motors, that is why AC units have been such a success. SP ran a heavy train over Tennessee Pass using six AC4400s and speed fell to 1 mph but the ACs kept going. A lashup of DC traction motored units would have had most of its motors burn out. That is why Railroads use mainly AC units for heavy hauls. Hope this info is of help.

    • Boater Illinois River
      Boater Illinois River 3 months ago

      Tulyar 10 Three Phase Traction Motors inherently are synchronized, and reduce wheel slip without wheel slip control. Additionally the AC Motors require less maintenance. Motor “Burnout” is directly proportional to the amount of cooling air delivered to the motor and the class of insulation regardless of motor type AC or DC.

  • Daniel Anderson
    Daniel Anderson Year ago

    p5 horn

  • Александр Морозов

    Wow seper video.

  • Railfan Bryan
    Railfan Bryan Year ago

    Liked and just subscribed! You should subscribe to my channel if you want to!

  • Jesse Anderson
    Jesse Anderson Year ago

    Those DDA40 were amazing units. My personal Favorites were the ones in the old Burlington Northern "mean green" paint scheme, but this one in "lemon bolt yellow" is stunning. I can't believe they only made 28 of them and only 25 were actually sold.

  • s0nnyburnett
    s0nnyburnett Year ago

    Feels like a school bus.

  • Franklin Neely
    Franklin Neely Year ago

    What was wrong with it

  • joshua darden
    joshua darden Year ago

    We had this train come to our Depot last year

  • JJRicks Studios
    JJRicks Studios Year ago

    WHOA! What. A. Catch!

  • Grandpa Rails
    Grandpa Rails Year ago

    Love that steam!

  • Grandpa Rails
    Grandpa Rails Year ago


  • herschie91
    herschie91 Year ago

    I was at the Illinois Railway Museum last week and saw one there. That thing is absolutely humongous. I couldn't believe how big it was.

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia Year ago

    Pinche yonke nunca salio de los patios

  • Andrew Beeman
    Andrew Beeman Year ago

    So i hear in this video shes not being just towed shes actually running and MU in the consist which is badass. UP has a list of all their current roster locomotives in the Special Instruction book that we get yearly and the DDA40X and the EMD E9s are still listed as usable locomotives and has all their specifications

  • Jessie
    Jessie Year ago

    Unbelieveable how large that locomotive is.

  • Sirens Of Kansas

    I went to union station and saw that F unit I almost blew up

  • pooli ramesh
    pooli ramesh Year ago

    Beautiful engine

  • fritzb43
    fritzb43 Year ago


  • D R
    D R Year ago


    MICHAEL GLASS Year ago

    Loooooooooooooooove your video.

  • Midwestern Railfan

    Nice catch with the Savanna and Atlanta heritage unit.